Supacell (2024) s01e01 Episode Script


[cell door opening]
[suspenseful music playing]
[electrical buzzing]
[football commentator] takes the shot,
and it's 1-0
- Shit! Shit!
- [alarm blaring]
Alpha, with me!
Come out, or we'll shoot!
Rover, take the right!
- Move in!
- [groaning]
Come on, each side, each side!
Move! Move!
[suspenseful music intensifies]
- [beeping]
- [automated female voice] Access denied.
[guard] Move in! Go!
- [beeping]
- [automated female voice] Access denied.
[alarm continues blaring]
[guard] Don't move!
[dramatic whoosh]
[birds chirping]
- [gun fires]
- [gasps]
[guard] Target down.
Confirmed, target down.
[eerie music playing]
I used to take that 17 ♪
I used to take that 177 ♪
From Deptford down to Peckham ♪
Them days the buses started
Bending like Beckham ♪
I was so broke, I was stressing ♪
Told me you could give me a pound
Cuz, I'll link you in a second ♪
Dreams of me driving in a Bimmer ♪
So when I got my first drop top ♪
Excuse me, beautiful,
can I have a word, please?
I can't. I've got a boyfriend. Sorry.
Oh yeah? I'm not surprised,
gorgeous woman like yourself.
- Are you sure we can't be friends?
- My boyfriend's my best friend.
- I'm not looking for any more.
- Okay.
[car revving]
Your boyfriend's a lucky man.
I'm the lucky one.
Well, we seem to be going
in the same direction, so fancy a lift?
I promise, no funny business.
Oh, hey.
- Uh, whose car is this?
- Yours.
- Stop being silly.
- I'm being serious, D. It's your car.
I went in there just to have a look.
And next, they're offering me keys
for a test drive.
I was gonna decline at first,
but then I thought,
"Look how long we saved for our mortgage."
- Those were some hard times. Yes?
- Yeah, I
So now I think it's time
that we treated ourselves a little bit.
Oh, babe. A treat like this
is just gonna put us
- back in that same position.
- No, it's fine.
Don't worry about this.
Have a little seat.
- Have a seat, babe. Get a feel for it.
- Oh my gosh.
[man] Look, sit down. Look at you.
It suits you. This is your color.
Look at the way
the blue is matching your skin.
Babe, this is so nice,
but we can get a car another time.
[man] No, it's fine.
I'm telling you, I've done the maths.
That's not even including my overtime.
- Didn't you get a "D" in maths?
- [man] Wow. I mean
- Shots fired.
- I'm playing.
Babe, I'm just saying
that maybe I should do the maths.
Okay, you do the maths.
You do the calculations, figure it out,
and then you'll see that we're good.
I'm telling you.
Since we've got this brand-new motor,
we might as well give it a test.
- You know what I mean? See what it can do.
- Can I drive?
- ["Bounce" by Ms Banks playing]
- Oh sorry. You wanna drive?
- I wanna drive.
- [man] After you, milady.
Come drive your new car.
Wait, let me get the door for you.
Pretty girls like you
shouldn't be opening no doors. Look.
Come drive your car. Look at you. Mm-mmm!
- [woman] Oh, this is terrifying.
- [laughing] Yes!
My babes, you know? Boom.
Start the engine up. Get a feel for that.
- Yeah. Feeling it, innit?
- Oh my gosh.
I know you're feeling it.
I'm telling you, this is you.
I can't Oh!
["Bounce" continues]
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You're welcome.
Your body language tell me
That you mean business ♪
[engine revving]
Run track, work it out
We doing fitness ♪
Ay ah, I want it all day ♪
Ah ♪
Monday to Sunday, ah ♪
Why'd you do this to your hair?
I don't like it.
- Seriously. Start combing it out.
- [son] Mum, I I like it.
I'm tellin' you, it don't look good.
- How you doing, son?
- [son laughs] Dad.
- Sick, sick. I'm doing good. Yeah.
- [mum] AJ.
Go get a refill.
I need to talk to your dad.
Go on.
Look, I really
I really appreciate you doing this,
yeah, 'cause I've I've missed him loads.
What's he doing with his hair as well?
He trying to twist it or something?
[laughter in the distance]
- This it? Yeah?
- Aisha, man, come on.
- AJ. Come here.
- Aisha, Aisha. Be calm. Look, plea
Look, I had to take out a payday loan
just to get that, man. I [inhales]
I've maxed out my cards. I got bailiffs
knocking on my door. I'm trying.
You need to try harder, because £150
every three months is not going to cut it.
I know it's not enough. I know that.
But I'm working now.
I get paid on Friday. Soon as it comes in,
I'll give you as much as I can.
But please, just bear with me
right now, man. Let me see him.
Please, Aisha.
Are we going?
[waiter] Here you go. Enjoy your meal.
Nah, I am.
I'll see you in a couple of hours.
Be good for your dad, yeah?
[AJ] Yeah.
- All right, Dad?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
- Want some of my chips?
- [dad] No, you go ahead, man.
- All right.
- [dad] Do your thing.
- I've got something for you.
- [AJ] Mmm?
Yeah. I think you might like this one, I
I know you was complaining last time
I saw you about your phone and that.
Ah, Dad.
[dad] It's the latest one.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. I got a free upgrade.
- [laughs] I've got a new iPhone.
- Yeah. [laughing]
- Thank you. Thank you, Dad.
- Oh, come on, man.
["Yeah Yeah" by Aidonia playing]
[female DJ] Make some noise
if you're repping West London!
And is South London here or what?
[crowd cheering]
Everybody shout! Yeah yeah, yeah yeah ♪
[female DJ] What? Hey!
Turn up! Hey!
["Yeah Yeah" continues inside]
[woman] Tazer.
You guys never said you was coming.
Why do we have to say?
You got opps in there?
There's no one like that in here.
- ["Talkin the Hardest" by Giggs playing]
- So can we party then, man?
[crowd singing] Tauntin' the market ♪
Everybody wants to know where
'Walk In Da Park' is ♪
Walk in the party, sporting Armani ♪
Half of the crowd's
All snortin' my charlie ♪
[man] What's he doing here?
Time to sort the punani ♪
Chicks lookin' at me like
"Talk to me darlin'" ♪
Jheeze ♪
Hollering at man ♪
Winking, smiling and wanna attack man ♪
I think these lighties
Loving my Black gang ♪
Everyone's suit
Same color as Batman's ♪
Flippin' like a quarter a brick ♪
Bag 28 with a thought of a jib ♪
Anybody thinks
They can talk to my clique ♪
Will end up covered in red
Like a portion of chips ♪
Pour me a drink, big fur jacket
That's the thoughts of a pimp ♪
I used to be quiet
Did that sort anything? ♪
So I had to run riot
When I bought me a ting ♪
Walk with my ting ♪
Peddlin' morphine ♪
Dem times deh
I was lickin' out more green ♪
["Bong Bing"
by Laa Lee & Cristale playing]
Step dem rolling
Money I fi mek dem trolling ♪
Anyweh mi step more gyal ♪
Ooh! Ooh.
- Calm. All right.
- [laughs]
["Bong Bing" continues]
- Ooh, what's your name?
- Veronica.
What you trying to do after this?
- I guess we'll see.
- Oh, I like you, you know.
The Sixer boys are outside.
They're saying if you don't go outside,
they're gonna come inside.
Bong bing ♪
[man] Open the door.
- [DJ] You can't go there.
- Shut up.
- [music stops suddenly]
- Bro, chill.
- [knocking]
- [all clamoring] Oi. Oi, Tazer.
- [man 1] Pussio.
- [man 2] Open the door.
- Ay, Tazer.
- These youts are the wettest youts.
Look at the window.
I swear that's Tiny. Ain't that Tiny?
[man 2] Open the door, man.
There's a bagga them.
[suspenseful music playing]
[man 3] I ain't on this.
[man 4] Ay, Taze,
there are too many of them, my bro.
I'm just saying we wait here
till the rest of the mandem come.
[man 1] Oi!
[banging on door]
Ay, come out.
Ay, Tazer. Fucking nerd.
I'm gonna carve a six
in your forehead, you know.
- Come outside, bro. I thought you was bad.
- [banging]
Them Tower Boys are the wettest youts.
Ay, Tazer.
You're nothing like Krazy,
you fucking pussy.
Taze, don't let man draw you out.
- Let's just
- [kisses teeth]
wait for the rest Oi, Taze.
- Fuck's sake.
- [Tiny] Come.
Fuck, man.
Come, man. These Tower youts
don't want no smoke.
- [man 5] Shook Tower heads. Soft niggas.
- [man 6] Come on, G.
[men 5 and 6] Fuck you.
- Waste of time.
- [epic music playing]
- Ay, Skreamer, tell him.
- Ay, yo, yo.
[man 6] Ay, look,
my man come out the house.
- Ay, what?
- [Tiny] Taze, wait, are you sure?
- Taze, let's cut. Tazer, let's cut.
- What?
Thinks he's Krazy. Are you mad?
- Ay, let's go, man.
- Ay, Tazer, let's cut.
Go on then!
- [Tazer groans]
- [screams]
- Fucking pussy.
- [Tazer groans]
- Chuck, feds!
- [siren wails]
- [woman] Oh my God! He stabbed Tazer!
- [clamoring]
[groaning] Fuck.
- [woman 2] Take the knife! Take the knife!
- [woman 1] Tazer's been stabbed!
- Stop recording. What you doing?
- [woman 3] Oh my God.
- [woman 1] Oh my God, this is so fucked.
- [somber music playing]
- [music fades]
- [knocking]
- [man] Hello, mate. How's it going?
- How you doing?
- There you go. Just sign there for me.
- [alarm beeping]
You might wanna hurry up, man.
You got something burning over there.
- Cheers. See you.
- Nice one.
[birds chirping]
[knocks on door]
- [woman 1] Let me get it.
- [woman 2] Go on then.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [woman 1] You okay?
- [man] I'm good, thank you.
- Thanks.
- Yep. Just let me scan this, please.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Just sign here.
- Of course.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Are you sure you don't need anything else?
[man] I'm fine, thank you.
[sighs] Do you think he's gay?
It's not even 9 a.m.
- The early bird gets the worm.
- [woman 2 chuckles]
And that was one sexy worm.
[chuckling] I'm done.
[woman 1] I thought
you didn't start until 12.
[woman 2] I'm going in early to help out.
You and I both know you can go in early
as many times as you want,
they're never promoting a Black woman
when they got white people to choose from.
I'm going in to help out my patients.
Besides, it's not about
the color of your skin.
It's about who's the best person
for the job.
- Or at least it should be.
- [woman 1 chuckles]
Right, so that's a double-glazed set
with a screen protector.
Ooh, oh, the Venetian frames,
are we are we still interested?
Oh, the light does come through
beautifully in the summer.
Yeah. So we should add that?
No, no, no, thank you, Ben.
Yeah, sure.
All right, we'll talk soon.
All right, ta-ra. Bye.
"Ta-ra. The light comes through
beautifully in the summer."
- [laughing]
- Bro. Ay, how'd you do all that, man?
Gotta do what you gotta do, innit.
Nah, J, you came through for me
on this one, man.
- Oh, brudda, don't mention it, man.
- Nah. I'm getting to see AJ 'cause of you.
- I'm just glad it's all worked out, fam.
- Worked out?
- You ain't gotta be thanking me.
- Worked out?
If you would like to do overtime,
put your sticker on the board,
once you've finished your call.
- No, I'm good, bro.
- That's all me.
- Hey, handle that, man.
- All over that. Trust me.
[keyboards clacking]
- Andre.
- [Andre] Yeah.
Can I see you in my office, please?
- [employee 1] Hold on a sec, let me check.
- [employee 2] Yeah. That's what I thought.
The new owner requested a DBS
for all employees.
Your one came back today.
Gav, man, I'm
I'm just talking on the phone, man.
Andre, you're a you're a hard worker,
and, I mean, your numbers are great,
but a decision like this,
you know, it's out of my
[door opens]
Yo, Dre.
- [chair clattering]
- Yo, yo, yo. Bro, what happened?
Bro, what happened?
[whiteboard clatters]
[employee 1] Sorry.
Yo, Dre. Dre, what happened, bro?
You said it was just a formality, yeah?
That they wouldn't check.
Wait, they checked your DBS?
[Andre sighs]
Bro, that's Normally, they never look
into these things, fam
I just got him back, bro.
I just got him back.
What's Aisha gonna say now?
You know her, man.
What's she gonna say now?
- Bro, man, I
- Fucked up, man.
You all right, boys?
Look, I couldn't help but notice
you seemed a bit stressed, mate.
Don't worry though.
I've got the perfect thing for you.
Look at that. Cali Kush, 10/10.
Fat bags, nice and fluffy. Have a sniff
Nobody wants your stupid, fucking weed.
Fuck off.
- [intercom dialing]
- [man on intercom] Hello?
Hello, mate. Uh, I've got a parcel
for number nine. They're not answering.
- Is it all right if I leave it with you?
- Is it food?
Yes, it's a Morning Fresh package.
Sorry, I can't take food deliveries.
Ah. Okay, uh, can you just let me in?
I can leave it at their front door.
You can't enter the building
without authorization from a resident.
- Sorry. Bye-bye.
- [scoffs]
All right, mate. Cool. Sweet. Sweet.
[bassline music playing]
All right, mate? Morning Fresh.
Geez, do you smoke
a bit of the old reefer?
Listen, I've got Cali Kush in me pocket.
Ten out of ten stuff, yeah?
Can't go wrong with this one, bruva.
- [courier] Sorry, mate, I don't smoke.
- Neither did I till I started.
I'll tell you what, I'll give you
a promotional offer, three for 25.
Can't go wrong.
Can't say fairer than that. Shake me hand.
Nah? Take me number?
- All right, mate. Go on. What is it?
- Top man. All right.
- All right, 077
- Yep.
- 009-00983.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Cool.
- [dealer] Perfect.
- That's it?
- Perfect. Save that under "Rod."
- No problem.
- Any time's a good time. Bell me.
- Sweet, man.
- [Rod] Bell me. All right.
All right, love?
How's it going? You okay?
[J] My bredrin's got
a little delivery company.
I can give him a shout.
He might have a little work.
- [courier] Nice one.
- [Andre] No worries.
["Smile" by Wizkid feat. H.E.R. playing]
[diner] I told you.
I told you it's got flavors.
Oh, excuse me, we have
a strict dress code here, sir, so
What, you don't allow middle-class men
to enter in their work uniforms?
Middle class? Middle class where?
- You f
- [laughing]
- Let me get us a table.
- No. I can't stay. I'm still on route.
- But listen, I need a favor from you.
- Mmm.
I'm looking for a restaurant
for me and Dionne this Friday.
But all the places
I've been trying to call are booked up.
- What's wrong with here, bro?
- Nah, this place is lovely, man.
- But I just Nah.
- What? You don't like the decor?
- Maybe. Nah, it's fine.
- The smell? I'm joking, bruv.
What's the occasion? Anniversary?
Yeah. Look at this. Boom!
[hushed scream]
What? What, Big Mike's
about to pop the big question, yeah?
- [Mike] Yeah.
- [friend chuckles]
To be honest though, this is long overdue.
You've been with her since what,
since Year 10?
- Year 9.
- Year 9.
Year 9.
I always knew she was
the woman I was gonna marry.
[chuckles softly]
[Mike] Right now, it feels like
the perfect time, you know?
We've got the house,
we just got a car, we're happy.
We've always been happy,
but happy without the stress, you know?
[kisses teeth] I know them ones.
Loving make me feel amazing inside ♪
- I'm so happy for you, Mike, man.
- Oh, thanks, bro.
You know what? I know this dope restaurant
as well, super romantic,
and the owner is a friend of mine,
so he'll make sure everything's patterned.
Shoot it to me on text. I gotta go.
- You out?
- Yeah, hospital. Thanks again.
Man like Mike.
[both laughing]
- Big up Mumsy.
- [Mike] Of course, man.
[woman] Oh, how's your sister doing?
[nurse] She's fine. Same old Shar.
[machine beeps]
The other day when you wasn't here,
that other nurse took nearly an hour
to take my blood.
- [nurse] I'm sure it wasn't that long.
- It felt like it.
I think she just enjoyed stabbing me.
[nurse laughing]
- You're too much.
- [patient chuckles]
How've you been, love?
How's that gorgeous boyfriend of yours?
l tell ya, if I was ten years younger,
you'd be in trouble.
[laughs] Yeah? Ten years?
I think I'm in trouble now.
I've seen the way he looks at you.
- I told him off for it too.
- [laughs]
I'm not letting him anywhere near you.
[both laughing]
Hey, do you know what room Tazer's in?
Sorry, Tayo Amusan.
How do I spell his last name?
Man, she's peng, you know?
Big man ting.
He's in room 109.
Excuse me, though, nurse.
I also do have a problem.
I tend to have a really big swelling
in between my legs whenever
- Stop fucking about and come, man.
- [all laughing]
[machine beeping]
What you saying? You cool?
[Tazer] It's light.
Yo, Taze,
we just wanna say
we're sorry that we left you.
There was too many of them.
- It's cool.
- [friend] It's not cool, Taze, man.
All this to prove what?
You're as hard as Krazy?
[kisses teeth]
Fuck it though, man. Whatever, man.
Next time, if you're jamming,
I'm jamming with you.
We die together, you feel me?
You man are on your own
with that dying shit still.
[all chuckle]
Listen though, with Krazy gone,
Chucky thinks the Sixers run shit now.
We're next in line.
And all this partying shit
I ain't partying again
until Chucky and them Sixer pricks
are off the board. Yeah?
- All right, cool.
- Say nuttin', bro.
[telephones ringing]
[announcer] Smoking is
not permitted anywhere
at any time in the hospital building.
and give him a call back.
[friend 1 laughing] That was you though.
[friend 2] So you got jokes, you dickhead?
- Man, can we get a one food?
- Yeah, come then. Swear
Your nan would be so happy you're giving
her ring to a woman like Dionne.
Mum, there's some people
gonna pop by and talk to you.
- Who?
- [knocking on door]
Remember the people I was talking about
from the sickle cell center?
[woman] Hi, Michael.
[Michael] Hi.
I brought my colleague Victoria along.
She's been in the organization
much longer than I.
And she can answer any questions
that you might have.
- Hey. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Michael.
- And you must be Tina.
- [Tina] Hi.
You know my name?
Oh, your your son's told my colleagues
a lot about you.
I'm so I'm sorry, Michael,
I don't have my notes,
but are you
a sickle cell warrior yourself?
- Oh no, no.
- Oh no, not even the trait.
Oh, one of the lucky ones.
- He's blessed.
- [Victoria chuckles]
[Tina sighs]
So tell me about this place.
Come on, sit down. I don't bite.
[Victoria and Tina laughing]
[Victoria] Well, um
Well, Tina, we're from an organization
called Health & Unity,
where we specialize in sickle cell care.
We have a number of care centers
all over the world,
but we just opened
our first one in London.
All our staff are fully trained
so that each patient's individual needs
can be met.
And they have
the newest transfusion machines,
which means that we can cut
the procedure down by 50%.
At Health & Unity, our priority
is for patients not to be in pain
for a second longer than they need to be.
So at the first signs
of discomfort or crisis,
we can offer the relevant opioid.
So no more waiting hours in A&E,
begging the doctors to give you something
like you're some kind of junkie.
These people,
they understand sickle cell properly.
We really do understand the burden
of living with sickle cell,
and we don't think that anyone
should have to carry that burden alone.
Anyway, it's all in the leaflet.
And if it's something
you feel you're interested in,
or if you have any questions,
please contact me.
- [Michael] Thank you.
- [Victoria] Nice to meet you.
- Likewise. Thank you so much for coming.
- [Tina] Thank you very much for coming.
[door opens]
What do you think?
["A Little Bit of Luck"
by DJ Luck and MC Neat playing]
[man] Here you are.
[Rod] Cheers.
Whoa, what's all this?
What'd you do, rob a piggy bank?
You're taking the piss, ain't ya?
It's all there. I think.
["A Little Bit of Luck" continues]
- Bruv, you're 50p short.
- Look, I'll pay you back next time.
- I promise.
- Oh, you will?
- [customer] Yeah.
- All right. Open your hand.
[exhales] Thanks.
That's for you. I'll give you one more.
- Hang about, can't I get the bag with it?
- Yeah, it costs 50p.
- You serious?
- I'm serious.
Deadly serious. Serious as cancer.
- Sweet.
- Sweet, bruv.
Listen, don't be too sad.
I love you lots.
- See you later.
- Sorry about that, mate.
- It's just business, innit?
- Yeah.
[siren wailing]
[R&B music playing]
[Rod] Day's nearly done,
and this is all we got to show for it.
[man] Is that it?
Yeah, don't forget this
from your lanky twin.
[man] He don't look like me, bruv.
Might as well have just stayed in Tescos.
I even took your advice.
Tried using me charm
to make a few customers.
I approached everyone
with a fucking heartbeat today.
"Do you wanna buy? Do you wanna buy?"
I looked like a fucking drug pest.
It's gonna be all right. You've got this.
Mate, it's easy for you to say, all right?
You can go home if you want.
[employee] Ready.
Come, Rod.
Don't order apple crumble.
Get some proper food, please.
- Come on.
- [son] That's what I want.
- No, you can't have apple pie. Crumble.
- Then can I have that then?
[mom] Come on, get something proper.
[woman, muffled] I need
to make my call, please!
I wanna make my call!
[muffled] I wanna make my call!
I need to call my mum and dad, please!
[footsteps receding]
[somber music playing]
[Dionne] They still haven't found
Jasmine Johnson.
I mean, it's been a couple months.
I haven't heard anything on the news.
Yeah, well, unfortunately,
unless you look like Madeleine McCann,
the most you're gonna get
is a post on Facebook.
- [Michael] Mmm.
- We're seeing her mum tomorrow though.
Terry thinks she had something
to do with it, but I don't know.
I just I don't get that feeling.
Well, I reckon
you're a good judge of character,
and you should trust your gut.
- That's nice.
- [Michael] Yeah, it is.
[man on television] connection
I felt with this person.
What do you reckon?
- Think he'll stay with her?
- [Dionne] Nah.
The person
that I'll be pairing with is Karen.
- [Michael] Not Karen.
- [Dionne] My gosh, look at her face.
Is she crying?
Oh man, they need to stop putting
Black women on these shows, you know.
Unless they're gonna put men in there
that find Black women attractive,
'cause that's just out of order.
[woman on TV]
The new couple's possible choice
Babe, I was thinking, um,
we should go out on Friday, you know?
Out to eat somewhere nice, dress up.
[romantic music playing]
What's the occasion?
There's no occasion.
Just because it's Friday.
Like that, yeah?
Yeah, like that.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. All right. Whatever.
- Cool, it's a date.
[chuckles] Okay.
[drill music playing]
What you man listening to?
Chucky just dropped a track dissing man.
Bare cap, but it's wavey though.
[Chucky] I'll turn that Sixer Tilbury
Estate with the brucky ♪
Ran down Twosie, ran down Skreamer ♪
- Cheffed up Tazer, I left that bloody ♪
- Turn it off.
- You know I'm crazy, alie ♪
- Alie? ♪
- Oh chill, bro.
- Don't fucking tell me to chill.
♪try me, today mans with ♪
A man spilt my blood
and you're here dancing to it?
[man in background] It's crazy. It's mad.
- My bad, bro. My bad, bro. I didn't
- Shut the fuck up.
[friend] What the fuck's wrong
with you, man?
[Tiny] Twosie, man,
why you always doing this?
[dramatic music playing]
["For Me" by Happi playing]
[cellphone dings]
[Dionne] Oh my gosh.
Babe, I just got the flowers.
They're so beautiful.
You should've seen the girls' faces
when they read the card.
"Flowers just 'cause it's Friday."
I know you're at work,
but I just wanted to say I love you,
and I'm looking forward to dinner later.
All right, bye.
["For Me" continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
I'm seeing the look in your eyes
Girl, you know that you done for ♪
[suspenseful music continues]
Really I'm lying girl you know
I just want your number ♪
["079ME" by B Young continues playing]
'Cause we both know the answer ♪
- [engine turns off]
- [parking brake engages]
[Twosie] What you saying? You cool, G?
[Twosie] You know the price, yeah?
[exhales] Price?
The price to deliver parcels
on this estate, you idiot.
- I didn't know there was a price.
- Are you new or something? What's this?
Yeah, this ain't my regular route,
so you know
We take the deliveries
to the door for you.
Look, for a minor service charge
of £50 a parcel
But suttin' big like that?
Looking at about £100, big man.
I haven't got any money, so
Sounds like a "you" problem, bro.
No money, no entry.
Brudda, where you going?
You asked for money.
I haven't got the money.
- I'm just trying to do my job.
- Brudda, fuck your job.
Fam, you fucking stupid?
[action music playing]
- What the fuck you doing?
- [knife swishes]
[man] Taze, man!
- Taze, you merked a civilian!
- [Twosie] Go, fam!
Yo, fam! Yo, Taze, run!
Ay, bro, we gotta go, man.
[tragic music playing]
- Come, bro.
- Fuck!
[Michael breathing heavily]
♪from somewhere, maybe ♪
Really I'm lying, girl
You know I just want your number ♪
In your eyes
Girl, you know that you done ♪
[handbrake engages]
[man] Taze, you merked a civilian!
[Twosie] What you saying? You cool, G?
You know the price, yeah?
[man] The price to deliver parcels
on this estate, you idiot.
Didn't know there was a price.
[Twosie] Are you new or something?
What's this?
Yeah, this, um
This ain't my regular route.
[Tiny] We take the deliveries to the door.
Look, for a minor service charge of £50
a parcel, but suttin' big like that?
Looking at about £100, big man.
I ain't got any money.
[Twosie] Sounds like a "you" problem, bro.
No money, no entry.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Brudda, where you going?
- I'm leaving.
[man] Taze, you merked a civilian!
- Not with a parcel. That's staying here.
- Okay, wait, look.
All right?
I didn't know there was a fee. Okay?
Next time I come back, I'll pay it.
I promise. I'm just
- I'm just doing my job. Look, boys
- Brudda, fuck your job.
[Tazer] Hey, 'low him, man.
- [kisses teeth]
- [thuds]
[Tazer] But that was your warning. Yeah?
Now you know.
- Next time, step correct.
- All right, yeah.
- Come.
- [man] Fuck's sake.
[Twosie] Nah, Taze, man.
Dinner's on you, you know?
Since you wanna be giving
free food away, man. Come on, now, bruv.
[calm music playing]
[machinery whirring loudly]
[car engine sputtering]
Piece of sh
[phone beeps]
[line ringing]
James. What's happening, mate?
You all right?
- [man] Rod, you on your way?
- Yeah, bruvva.
I'm having a proper mare with this car.
It ain't even starting.
- Why don't you get on the bus?
- Nah, I can't really get the bus, mate.
It's proper stinky stuff this, man,
you know?
It'll stink the whole bus out.
Ain't worth it for a tenner.
Tenner? I said I want ten balls.
- Do you want this money?
- Yeah.
Well, I need it in the next 15 minutes.
Serious, Rod, if you're not here by then,
I'm gonna find another dealer.
[upbeat music playing]
Hold that bus!
[epic techno music playing]
[birds chirping]
[wind whooshing]
[object rattling]
Excuse Sorry sorry, miss, um
Where where am I?
You're on Queen's Drive.
Um, sorry, uh,
where's that?
What, as in like, Scotland?
Do you know any other Edinburghs?
Because I don't.
[epic music playing]
[music fades]
["Deh Deh" by Wauve playing]
[door opens]
- Are you cooking?
- Can you knock?
I'm going out,
so you're gonna have to sort yourself out.
I been missing
Your body, your body, oh ♪
Go baby ♪
[Shar approvingly] Mm-mmm!
- Where you going all dressed up?
- Kevin's taking me out.
- Ugh. Why you still seeing him?
- I'm not seeing him.
We're in a relationship. He's my partner.
Not that I expect you
to know the difference.
Uh, excuse me.
I was on and off with Craig for two years
before he went to jail.
And he's saying he wants to marry me
when he gets out.
Marriage, yeah?
Mm-hmm. Ring on it.
- So you're gonna wait 35 years for him?
- Obviously not.
Anyway, Kevin's gonna be here soon,
so you need to be an adult
and cook your own food tonight.
Cook? [chuckles] When there's Uber Eats?
'Cause your body loco
You got me controlled ♪
Girl, that your mo ♪
[vehicle passes by outside]
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
- [Shar] I thought you was going out.
- I am.
[Shar] Are you okay?
I'm fine. Can you just leave, please?
- What's wrong?
- Can you just get out?!
He stood you up again, didn't he?
Last time, it was a family emergency.
So, what type of emergency
is it this time?
He didn't say.
How'd he sound on the phone?
Did he sound genuine?
He texted saying he can't speak right now,
but he'll call later and explain.
How is it that he can text you,
but he can't pick up his phone?
That's not weird to you, sis?
It could be anything.
He could be with the police.
He could be hurt.
Or in between some dutty gyal's crutch.
He wouldn't do that.
- Let's go to his house then.
- What?
Let's go to his house
and see if he's there.
No. I'm not just gonna show up
at his house. I'm not that girl.
I am.
We go there, he's not in, cool.
At least we can cross it off the list.
[breathing deeply]
[AJ on phone] Dad, you're taking long.
I'm hungry.
Don't forget the burger sauce, please.
It can't just be on the side.
It's got to be all over.
I'll see you in a minute.
[phone beeps]
I'm trying to get there
as fast as I possibly can.
I was actually there.
They said the card machine is broke
so I had to come to the cashpoint,
get cash out.
Yeah? I'm I'm here. I'm here now.
So I'm just gonna get this out, and then,
um, I'll see you in a bit. All right.
[ATM whirring]
[keypad beeping]
[ATM beeping]
[line ringing]
Come on, John. Come on, come on.
[John] This is John's phone.
Leave a message.
Bro Ay, listen, bro.
They They They ain't paid me.
John, they they haven't
They haven't paid me.
Regardless if they let me go, bro,
they gotta pay me
for the hours that I've worked.
[tense music playing]
AJ is at home right now,
and he's starving, bro.
He's expecting me. Yeah?
Just pick up your fucking phone.
[music intensifies]
[building creaking]
[ATM beeping]
[camera whirring]
[preacher on TV] God can only help you
if you're willing to help yourself.
You cannot just make a wish
and then be done.
He is not a genie.
He is not a genie in the lamp.
Whatever you are willing to do,
he will do triple.
So if you're doing nothing,
he will do triple nothing.
- Hallelujah!
- Thank you.
[preacher] Do you understand
what I'm telling you? Eh?
Take that off and come back.
I want to talk to you.
Yes, Grandma.
[preacher] Get on your knees.
You must pray
What is this?
I fell over and cut myself.
Come here.
[preacher] Faith is the key
that unlocks the miracle.
Tayo, do I look stupid to you?
[preacher] Faith is the key
that unlocks the miracle.
No, Grandma.
[Grandma] Hmm.
Every day on the news,
I see Black boys like you
killing one another.
Don't you know you're brothers?
You want to end up
like that Craig you used to follow,
sitting in prison?
[snapping fingers]
That is not your own.
I promised your mother
I will look after you.
- I told her that I would make sure that
- Grandma.
Why do you always
have to bring up that woman?
"That woman"? Is she not your mother?
No, she's not.
[somber music playing]
A mother raises her kids.
She doesn't walk out on them.
I know she'll come back someday.
I pray for her every day.
Don't waste your prayers on her.
And you don't have to worry about me.
I'm not gonna end up like Craig.
Can I go now, please?
[somber music continues]
He always keeps the lights on.
It doesn't mean he's in.
- [Shar] Do you have a key?
- No.
- I thought he was your partner.
- He is.
But no one gets keys to a man's yard
after a few months.
[chuckles] Talk for yourself.
Do you see his car anywhere?
He doesn't have a car.
Why you going out with a man with no car?
I've got my own car.
[kisses teeth] Just knock on the door
and see if he answers.
No, I'm not doing that.
Fine, I'll do it.
Just leave it. He's clearly not in.
I can't believe
I let you talk me into this, man.
[kisses teeth]
[Shar] Look.
Come on.
[doorbell ringing]
[siren wailing in the distance]
Thanks. I'll take it in.
[delivery man] Thank you.
[exhaling deeply]
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
We're asking the fucking questions, yeah?
- Don't look at me like that before I
- Let Let me just talk to her.
I'm Sabrina, Kevin's girlfriend.
- Are you serious?
- What'd I tell you about
- Can you wait in the car, please?
- What do you mean, "wait"?
- [R&B music playing in the house]
- Fine. But if you need me, call me.
I've been with Kevin for nine months.
- I've been with him for two months.
- [Kevin] Who you talking to out there?
- Your girlfriend.
- Oh, Sabrina.
You are full of shit.
[somber music playing]
Why would you just turn up like this?
[Sabrina breathing shakily]
[Kevin] Where you going?
I'm talking to you.
Come here. Yo, I'm talking to you.
Where yo
- Leave me alone!
- [Kevin groans]
[glass shattering]
[Sabrina whimpers]
[breathing heavily]
[slow piano music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Dionne] Thank you.
Dad says déjà vu is God's way
of giving you a second chance.
This time's different.
- 'Cause I could feel the knife in my
- Don't.
The thought of that
makes me feel really sick.
[waiter] How is everything?
- Really great. Thank you.
- [Michael] Fine, thanks.
- [waiter] Would you like any desserts?
- No, none for me.
Can I try the chocolate cake, please?
- [waiter] Of course.
- Thank you.
[slow piano music continues]
It's nice to see you smiling.
Yeah? You make it easy.
- Here you are, madame.
- Oh, that was quick.
"Will you marry"
Oh. Oh my gosh.
I think he's given me the wrong cake.
- One second. I'm Excuse me.
- Babe, wait. Hey.
[Dionne] Sorry, guys. Excuse me.
[romantic song playing]
Babe, this is
[Michael breathing nervously]
No matter what type of day I'm having,
I know I know everything's
gonna be all right because I'm
I'm coming home to you.
Dionne, I love you so much,
and I'm probably messing this up, but
You're doing fine.
I just wanna come home to you forever.
[laughs and cries]
[Micheal] So,
Dionne Ofori
Oh my God.
[Michael] Will you
[breathes deeply]
Will you marry me?
- Yeah.
- [Michael] Yeah?
- Yes. Yes!
- Yeah?
- Come here.
- [applauding]
[man] Congratulations.
["Brown Eyes" by Bellah playing]
[Dionne laughing]
We're close but we can get closer ♪
I know some things we can do ♪
I don't say much 'cause it's all over
Over my face ♪
I don't usually speak my mind ♪
[Michael] Babe, do you want me
to run you a bath or something?
[song continues]
[both breathing heavily]
I want you ♪
- More than I've wanted anybody else ♪
- [Dionne moans]
So touch on my body, boy
You not anybody ♪
Like how you talk about it ♪
The sound of your voice enough
Just to get me started ♪
[Dionne moaning]
I know what you like
And we gon' do it till the morning ♪
[Michael moaning]
Michael, your eyes!
[breathing shakily]
[wind blowing]
[bird squawks]
[breathing shakily]
[softly] What the fuck?
[wind howling]
[bird squawking]
[epic music playing]
[man] Get ready!
[knives swishing]
[music intensifies]
[electrical crackling]
[electrical crackling]
[epic music continues]
Ay, yo.
You look like me.
Why do you look like me?
Because I am you.
[music intensifies]
[Rod grunts]
- [nervously] Oh shit.
- [music stops]
You're in the future.
[epic music continues]
[music stops]
[birds chirping]
[Michael] What the fuck?
Hey, what was all that?
Hey, wha Hey.
How How did you do that?
How did you bring me here?
It happens three months
after you proposed.
- Maybe if you haven't proposed yet
- I got engaged today.
What does that have to do with anything?
[somber music playing]
No, no. This This
This can't This can't be real.
[breathing shakily]
This is only a
This is only a few months away.
Hey, the fact that you're here
means you can stop this.
Means you can save her.
[somber music continues]
[music ends]
["Supa Sale" by Rapman playing]
I used to take that 17 ♪
I used to take that 177 ♪
From Deptford down to Peckham ♪
Them days the buses started
Bending like Beckham ♪
I was so broke I was stressing ♪
Told me you could give me a pound
Cuz, I'll link you in a second ♪
Dreams of me driving in a Bimmer ♪
So when I got my first drop top
Was like finally I'm here ♪
Driving up and down trying to impress ♪
Any pretty girl with a bat
"Excuse me, that's a nice dress" ♪
That's taught me how to hustle ♪
I was so skinny back then
Fam, I didn't have the muscle ♪
But I had the heart of a lion ♪
And I heard God loves a trier ♪
So me, I was trying ♪
Everybody knows up and down
On them back roads ♪
If I get pulled
Yeah, you know how that goes ♪
I was trying to come home
With a fat load ♪
I was trying to pay the school fees
I wasn't trying to be El Chapo ♪
Always wanted more for myself
I was trying to be great ♪
It was more than just wealth
I had a bunch of goods ♪
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