Supacell (2024) s01e02 Episode Script


- [Dionne] Michael!
- [dramatic music playing]
- [Michael grunts]
- [Dionne screaming]
[Michael] Dionne.
Hey, D.
[Dionne breathing shakily]
- [Michael] Wait.
- Stay away from me!
Hey, come here. D.
You're all right. Hey.
- Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Shh.
- [dramatic music continues]
You're all right.
Your eyes turned yellow,
and then you disappeared.
[Dionne] You were gone.
You saw me disappear?
- Did you see my body leave?
- [shakily] You were gone!
What happened? How did you do that?
- Okay.
- [Dionne] Michael!
- Tazer
- Michael, where did you go?
[Michael] Andre
Michael, can you tell me
what happened? Please!
Michael, I was stood right there,
and then you disappeared!
How did you do that?
Who Who Who are these people?
[softly] I went to the future.
[dramatic music intensifies]
[both breathing heavily]
[siren blaring]
[epic music playing]
- [door closes]
- [AJ] Dad, should I save you some wings?
[Andre] Yeah, I'll be out in a minute, AJ.
[sighs softly]
[music intensifies]
- [epic music continues]
- [men cheering]
It's Usain Bolt.
- [laughter]
- Come on, another one. Come on.
Come on.
Oh. What the fuck?
Hey, mate, that smells lovely.
[chuckles softly]
[Rod] Wanna try some proper
ten out of ten though?
[inhales deeply]
See what you think of that.
[chuckles softly]
[chuckles softly]
- [man] It's beautiful. What is it?
- Yeah. It's Cali Kush.
Ten out of ten. Crème de la crème.
Two puffs of this,
you'll be seeing the Loch Ness monster.
[both chuckling]
Here, how much does a train ticket cost
from here to London?
I think about 70 quid.
I've got a deal for you.
I'll give you five of these for 75 quid.
- [Sabrina] Kevin.
- [Shar] Is he dead?
Kevin. Are you okay? Say something.
- Kevin!
- [tense music playing]
[sighs] Brothers get knocked out
every day, B.
- He'll be a'ight. You
- Can you stop?
[siren blaring]
Not everything's a joke.
Police? Sabrina, we don't need to be
around for that.
- I can't just leave him like this.
- [tuts]
They're gonna have questions.
Have you got answers?
- [Sabrina] Kevin, sorry. I didn't mean to.
- We need to go.
[siren continues blaring]
[Shar] That's what I'm saying.
Can't be letting these man take the piss.
[laughs] He was out cold.
Man was seeing stars and shit.
Wait, what did you hit him with?
I didn't touch him.
[somber piano music playing]
[car door closes]
[somber piano music continues]
[Michael] The fact that you're here
means you can stop this.
You can save her.
[breathes heavily]
The ones in the hoods did this.
You being here's an advantage.
It's a head start to find them
before they do, before it's too late.
[epic music playing]
Hey, hey, relax. Calm down. Control it.
Hey, control it. Are you listening to me?
Tazer, Andre, Sabrina, Rodney.
Tazer, Andre, Sabrina, Rodney.
Those are their names.
You can't let the hoods get to them.
You need all four.
If one dies, she dies.
[music ends]
[thunder rumbling]
[sad music playing]
[keys jangling]
[thunder continues rumbling]
Oh, fuck, Mike, man.
What the fuck you doing here?
Do you know what time it is?
I couldn't sleep. Um, I just needed
I needed someone to talk to,
but I couldn't
I couldn't tell Dionne.
Tell Dionne what, bro?
[car horn honks]
I know the day she dies.
[sad music continues]
This must sound crazy to you.
- [music ends]
- [exhales shakily]
But when have you known me
to make things up?
I don't think you made it up.
I just think you just had
one of them mad dreams.
- You know the ones that seem crazy real
- It's not a dream.
Dionne saw me leave.
I felt the heat from the fire.
Those things in the hoods
- If they come, I don't know what I'll do.
- No one's coming for you.
Okay, well, let's uh
let's just dissect this a little bit.
Let's say that was you.
You saw the future, your future self.
Can you do any of those things
you said you saw him do?
Now, you said you saw him teleporting
and freezing and whatnot.
Can you do any of those things?
No, I haven't tried.
Okay. Well, try now.
Yeah, go on. Just any one of those things.
[clicks tongue] All right.
[exhales deeply]
[sighs in frustration]
[Micheal] Okay.
[breathes heavily]
[dramatic music playing]
[sighs in frustration]
You see?
You said people come after you
for your powers,
but you ain't got any powers,
so no one's gonna come after you,
and no one's gonna kill Dionne.
- This weren't no dream.
- [friend] It wasn't real, Mike.
It was just an extreme case
of pre-wedding nerves.
You just got engaged, bro. It's normal.
She's gonna be fine.
And you're gonna get married,
and I'm gonna be your best man.
And you're both gonna live
till you're old and gray.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- [Michael] Yeah.
- Let's get a drink, man.
- [cork pops]
[drink pouring]
- [laughter]
- [Chucky] Look at you lot, bruv.
Asking man about "Opp Block." It's coming
out soon. You are too katty. Chill out.
You lot are real life trolls.
I see you commenting about the TBs.
Calm down. Your boy Tazer tried to move
like Krazy Kraze and got himself sauced.
[laughing] He got bored up, I can't lie.
That's what I heard anyway.
Tried to move like Krazy Kraze
and dem ting there.
Even Skreamer. Alie, though.
Oi, Skreamer, bruv.
Oi, Skreamer, up on that guy
[kisses teeth] Fuck all this, man. Listen
I need to tell you something
before I tell the rest.
- [tense music playing]
- Yo! Hey, mandem.
- [Chucky] 666, fuck the opps all day.
- Check this.
- Slide on them TBs.
- [Skreamer kisses teeth]
Pow. Outside.
Tazer, I got him down, man.
You know the vibes. Free Krazy.
- Is that now?
- [Skreamer kisses teeth]
Posted five minutes ago.
Messaged the girl,
she said it just started.
Where's the rest of them?
The rest of them man
have gone to the next location.
You know how paranoid Chucky is.
He ain't trying to leave the bits.
So, what are we on?
["Lean Wit It" by Abra Cadabra playing]
Bow, bow, four opp blocks, went purgin'
Lurkin', spin it and burst him ♪
Who's that chillin'
On the opp block district? ♪
Come like the opps ain't learnin'
He ain't who he says he is in his tracks ♪
Lil prick 'cah I know him in person
He can tweak on the net ♪
'Til we catch him and hurt him
Burn him, close them curtains, pull up ♪
Squeeze on it, lean wit it
Don't get seen wit it, you likkle idiot ♪
More time, we don't take time
When it's on top ♪
Steppin' out daytime or the evenin' ♪
How you leavin' to the .9 milli sweets
At them? Back in the block ♪
My uncle's reachin' it, told him
I don't bang guns this evening ♪
He said we got too much rappers
And not enough slappers ♪
He's a little liar, liar, liar
Pants on fire ♪
Like he never got shot out his attire
Chest shot ♪
Make it leak like juice on the opp block
When they get chopped like fruit ♪
[song ends]
[Skreamer] Where the fuck are they?
[Twosie] Fuck that, man's going live. Uh?
Man's on the opp block,
but I can't see no opps.
Tell them Sixer pussios
[singing] We're outside ♪
[Skreamer] Some joke ting.
This block's vacant.
Message the ting, see where they are.
- Already have, man. She ain't replied.
- [Tiny] Who's this Veronica chick anyway?
You sure you can trust her?
She might be tryna line us up.
For this dick?
- Come on now, man.
- [Twosie] She loves these rounds, man.
Ay, who's that?
Yo! Come here, man.
Hurry the fuck up.
Walk over there, fam.
Right here, man.
- Got a slipping Sixer over here.
- I'm not a Sixer.
What you doing round here then?
I just live in the estate,
but I'm not a part of them.
If you're from here, you're a Sixer.
- I'm not a Sixer.
- Shut up, man.
You're making my video boring.
Furthermore, say "Tower Boys run shit."
- What?
- Brudda, are you deaf, blud?
Tower Boys run shit.
Move forward, man.
All right, dun know.
Buss a one-two star jump as well. Go on.
- 'Low that, man.
- Fucking jump.
[Tower Boys laughing]
Hey, I can't hear you.
Tower Boys run shit. Yeah.
- Louder.
- Tower Boys run shit.
[both] Tower Boys run shit.
- Yes, all right.
- Stop jumping, man.
Nah, Taze, let him say
"fuck Sixers" first, man.
Fuck all that.
We ain't come here to bully civilians.
[siren wailing in the distance]
I like this jacket you've got on,
you know?
It's sick, innit?
- [Twosie] Mmm.
- I've seen it somewhere before.
- Let him go.
- ["Talk Yo Shit" by Digga D playing]
- Five K for the jacket, 6K racks ♪
- [Twosie] Lucky you.
Socks from Primark. You know the vibe ♪
I dunno who you're looking at.
- ♪talk 'bout Jizz, let me talk my shit ♪
- Bro, talk yo shit ♪
Skid like Tokyo Drift
All my whips like a 100 quid ♪
Bro, talk yo shit ♪
I knew I'd seen that jacket before!
That's him and Chucky!
[Twosie] Where you going?
- [Tazer] Don't run!
- [Twosie] Ay, come here, blud!
Come here, you Sixer pussy!
[Tazer] Ay, Twos, grab him, man!
- [Twosie] You pussy, come here!
- You man, now!
[action music playing]
Ay, fuck it, go!
[Sixers clamoring]
- [car alarm beeping]
- [yelling]
[music intensifies]
[Sixer 1] Ay, come back!
[Sixer 2] Ay, what the fuck?
Ay, Taze, man!
[Chucky] Ay, Tazer!
Stop right now!
- [Sixer 3] Pussio!
- [Chucky] Ay, Tazer!
- [Sixer 4] Come.
- I'll gut you!
[Sixer 1] Hey, mate, are you mad?
- [Sixer 2] Wagwan? What you saying?
- [Sixer 5] Cheff him.
- [Sixer 3] Wagwan?
- [Sixer 6] Where you running to?
Where you running to?
You're trapped, look.
[Sixer 5] Chucky, chat to my man.
- [fence rattles]
- [laughs]
[Sixer 7] Tazer, you pussy.
I'm on you, bruv.
Fucking hell, Tazer.
Making me run like that.
- What's the matter with you?
- [exhales]
Thought Veronica was gonna line me?
You're insane.
Look at you now, blud, you're trapped.
[dramatic music playing]
[Tazer exhales]
I ain't the one that's trapped.
- [knife swishes]
- [Chucky] Shut up, man!
This guy's fucking crazy, blud.
- [Sixer 5] Hey, juj!
- [Sixer 8] Fucking hell.
[Chucky] What the fuck? Where'd he go?
[Sixer 6] Behind you. Other way!
- [Sixer 9] Where the fuck is he?
- [groans]
- [Sixer 7] Let's go!
- [Chucky] Come out!
- Fuck!
- [Sixer 1] Let's cut, man!
- [groans]
- [Chucky] Tazer, come out! Blud! Tazer!
- [Sixer 2] Chucky!
- Tazer, come out!
Fuck! Ay, Skreamer, you fucking pussy!
- [groans]
- [Sixer 9] Ay, help me, man!
[knife rattles]
[Chucky continues groaning]
[epic music playing]
[Sixers groaning]
Let's go before the feds come.
[siren wailing]
[mysterious music playing]
[indistinct police radio chatter]
["Dobale" by Shaybo playing]
Dobale, Dobale ♪
The queen has entered ♪
[Shar] Is this the first time
you're calling in sick?
[Shar] And they still ain't promoted you.
So how you feeling though?
Hope you're not
still thinking about last night.
- Of course I am.
- Why?
The bitch hoe said the medic checked him.
He's gonna be fine. What's the problem?
The problem is I threw him.
Oh my gosh, Sabrina,
stop with all that, please.
- It's not possible with your small self.
- I told you. I didn't use my hands.
- Do you hear what you're saying?
- You think I wanna be saying it?
Eyes rolled back like The Undertaker
Fuck that hater ♪
- I wish Mum and Dad were here.
- I'm sorry you're stuck with me.
They're probably awake now.
- I'm finished anyway, so you can call
- No.
I don't wanna worry them.
And you know I love it just being us.
It's just sometimes being the oldest,
the one who's supposed
to look after everyone,
sometimes I need someone to let me know
everything's gonna be all right.
I was fighting
With these bitches in stilettos ♪
Everything's gonna be all right.
I was fighting
With these bitches in stilettos ♪
I cannot believe
That you trying to try it with me ♪
Can't you see that he buy me
Shiny diamonds for free ♪
Always looking sexy
And, baby, I'm looking clean ♪
[Andre] Do you wanna go and check Game
if they got any of those PS5s in stock?
[chuckling] Are you serious?
[chuckling] Come on.
- Balling out today.
- Yeah.
[AJ laughing]
- Excuse me.
- [man] Yo!
Can I ask who your Internet provider is?
- Uh, BT.
- Ah, BT.
[man] What you saying, likkle man?
You good?
[AJ] Yeah, I'm good.
What's that? Shopping, yeah?
- [seller]45, something like that?
- [man] Take my number, innit?
Yeah. All right.
- With fiber, we give you £25 a month
- [man] Anything you need, hit me up.
for 120 megabytes per second.
How does that sound? If you just bear
[Andre] One second.
- One sec.
- [Andre] Let's go.
- What you saying, likkle man? Easy?
- Yeah.
- Who are those guys?
- Some guys from my area.
- I know them. They're cool.
- They don't look cool.
- Why'd you take his number?
- He said take it just in case.
- [Andre] In case of what? Dre.
- In case, you know
[clicks tongue] Guys like that won't bring
nothin' positive into your life.
They're gonna use you.
Right? They look for boys like you
to go sell their drugs,
go hide their weapons.
Look, man, I know I ain't been
the best dad in the world.
But I will always
have your best interests at heart.
They don't.
So anything you need,
you come to me for that, understand?
Yes, Dad.
Look, delete the number
from your phone, please.
All right.
[dramatic music playing]
Come on.
Bang. I take off, mate.
Speed of light like that, mate.
- Oh, yeah?
- As fast as lightning. It's mental.
- [friend chuckles]
- [Rod] What?
All right, hang on, wait there.
I got proof.
Look. Look at that.
Look at it properly.
What's that fucking say?
Edinburgh Waverley,
a train station in fucking Scotland.
- You can Google it.
- Yeah. Yeah, I see it.
You see it,
but you still don't believe me, do you?
So you tell me then, mate,
how the fuck did I get to Scotland?
You was in Wales
meeting a bird off Tinder
What you fucking going on
about Tinder for? Fucking Tinder.
You're not getting the point.
I fucking ran. I ran to Scotland.
- And I done it in like a minute.
- Do it again then.
All right.
You ready?
Stand back a bit, Spud.
I don't want you to get hurt, do I?
[epic music playing]
[Spud laughing]
- No.
- Fucking hell, Rod.
That was super fast.
I weren't expecting that.
It was different last time.
I was like lightning.
I'm telling you. Super powered shit.
- I'm gonna be late.
- Hurry up. We got customers waiting.
- I'll be as fast as lightning.
- [laughs sarcastically]
Oh, you all right, babe?
Hey, listen, the name's Rodney,
but you can call me "handsome."
Get with me, you'll never come here again.
I'll be the only benefit
you're gonna need, trust me.
[car lock beeps]
[Rod] Is that yours?
- [car door closes]
- All right.
[car engine starts and stereo playing]
Nice car.
Shit. Fella. No, no, no.
Sorry, mate, I was just o
[epic music playing]
[chuckles] Sorry about that, fella.
I'm leaving now.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- [Dionne] You just getting up?
- I was more tired than I thought.
- Sorry, I had to file a few reports.
- I'll take that.
- I left as quickly as I could.
- Yeah.
You could've stayed.
You didn't have to leave.
I couldn't even concentrate
after everything you told me,
everything I saw.
I know this sounds
[breathes deeply]
I think we should go to the police.
[chuckles wryly]
- And say what?
- Everything.
You've got powers,
people are coming after you.
I haven't got powers.
- I saw you disappear.
- Yeah, well
[exhales] I don't know.
I tried to use it. It didn't work.
I haven't got any powers.
We're okay. It's fine.
What do you mean you tried it?
Listen, let me show you something.
I found the perfect venue for the wedding.
We can do the church service
and the reception there. It'll be great.
This is really nice, but we're not talking
about the wedding right now.
[exhales] Mmm.
Okay what?
Where you going?
[R&B music playing]
[reporter] urgent appeal for witnesses
after five men were stabbed
in South London earlier today.
One of the victims was critically injured,
the other four received serious wounds.
[knife swishes]
The men were attacked in Camberwell
by the same unidentified knifeman
- [suspenseful music playing]
- Tazer, let's cut!
[reporter] Detectives say they believe
the incident was gang-related.
- They're urging anybody with information
- [music crescendoes and stops]
[Michael breathing shakily]
Babe. What's Are you
Michael, you're shivering.
Babe, what's wrong?
- [shivering]
- It's okay.
[continues shivering]
Okay, okay. Look, I'm here.
- You're fine.
- [suspenseful music playing]
Babe, look at me.
Look at me.
[Micheal breathing heavily]
What's wrong?
[suspenseful music playing]
Monsters in my head ♪
Really want me dead ♪
I ain't 'bout to let them have opinions
On my breath ♪
And I ain't 'bout to get
No sticky fingers on me ♪
Just get me an address
I left my feeling somewhere else ♪
I don't wanna talk about it
Keep it to myself ♪
If it ain't my brothers
I ain't needin' no one's help ♪
'Bout to get medieval
With the sweepers, I'm on stealth ♪
Better speak to someone else
They never saw me cry, my son came ♪
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
- Taze!
- What you telling me, little man?
- You good?
- Yeah.
- Where you get those?
- [woman] Romey!
What have I told you
about opening the front door? Get inside.
Come in, Tayo. He's out on the balcony.
Romey! Put that down!
[Romey] No!
[door closes]
[song playing over headphones]
Your mum let me in, man.
I've been calling you though.
You don't wanna pick up?
[exhales smoke]
Are you human, cuz?
As far as I know.
Humans can't do what you can do.
So what if I'm not human? Huh?
You don't wanna fuck with me no more?
[motorcycle revving in the background]
[kisses teeth]
Brudda, even if you was an alien,
I'm still fucking with you.
What you talking about?
Come on, man.
- Thanks for coming back for man as well.
- Normal, man.
These times you didn't even need me.
What, let me see that again though.
[breathes shakily]
- Yo, Taze?
- [Tazer] Here, bruv.
Fuck. No. Ay, you can't do that.
[laughs] Ay, do you know how mad that is?
How long you been doing that for?
[Tazer] First time was like a week ago.
I was in my room,
my eyes just started tingling.
I checked in the mirror,
there was nobody there.
Ay, that's some vampire shit.
Fucking hell.
How come you never told me though?
I wanted to make sure
I had it under control.
I was gonna tell you yesterday.
[Skreamer] Say no more.
[Tazer] Ay, listen, Skreams,
this ting here, this is a game changer.
See the way I got down Chucky?
No one can fuck with us no more.
Sixers, GSN, the olders, no one.
No one don't fuck with us now.
Then why the fuck have I got
these stitches in my stomach? Huh?
Think that'd happen to Krazy?
And why the fuck are we always broke?
Robbing delivery drivers and shit,
that's dead.
We need to be making real P's.
Real P's?
What you talking about, trappin'?
We ain't no drug dealers, Taze.
Come on, man.
This ting here is taking us
to the next level.
Make whatever Kraze did
look like some baby ting.
And when we lock down South,
then we take East,
then we go North, then we go West.
Anybody gets in the way,
they get put down like Chucky did.
Money, power, and respect.
It's all there for the taking.
[epic battle music playing]
[Skreamer chuckles]
Money, power, respect.
This is our town, bro.
[phone buzzing]
- You?
- Move that from me, man.
[Twosie] Move that, yeah?
Fam, I've got shots waiting.
How long these man gonna be?
[phone buzzing]
[Twosie] Look, there they are.
- [Tiny] Why you so happy? Wagwan?
- [Skreamer] Wagwan?
What up, bro? Look, what's going on?
Why we here?
Hurry up, bro. What's that silent shit?
[phone buzzes]
- [whoosh]
- What the
- What?
- What the fuck is in this weed, bro?
- [Tower Boy] Skreams.
- Is it me or the weed? Let me know.
Oh my God.
Bro. Tazer, the ghost, man.
The ghost, blud. Are you deeping it, fam?
- [Skreamer laughing] This guy.
- [Twosie] Are you deeping this, cuz?
- 'Cause I am. Bro.
- [Tiny] Bro. Bro.
Yeah, God, blud. Oh sh
Yo, Taze, quick one.
- How much questions you gonna ask, bro?
- Just one more.
Go on.
Why didn't you use your ghost thing
that night Chucky stabbed you?
I tried.
It didn't work.
- [Twosie] Fuck.
- I can control it now though.
- [Tiny] If Chucky dies
- It's one-nil to us.
Standard. But nah,
I was gonna say that's a free kill,
'cause you know feds can't nick a ghost.
[chuckles softly]
Ay, listen though,
with Chucky gone now, them Tilbury kats
ain't got nobody feeding them.
- [phone buzzes]
- Bro, this phone's been blowing off.
Them man are starving out there.
That's why we need to jump on that.
[Twosie] Ooh, brudda,
moving food on the opp block's
a bit risky though, innit?
Kraze did it.
Supplied our block and theirs.
That's Kraze though.
Kraze is just a guy. [chuckles]
Tazer's a ghost.
I hear that, but youse lot
ain't exactly trappers of the year, so
- Deffo robbers of the year though.
- Come on. You dun know.
Gotta hit that, cuz.
That's why we got you though, no?
You can teach the mandem how to pattern.
Say no more. My guy only does bits though,
so we're gonna need proper weight
if we're gonna do this ting right.
And the food's got to be
eight out of ten minimum.
Tiny, your cousin still shot for Masher?
[Tiny] Yeah.
- Bell him up and tell him we want a box.
- A box? A whole one?
[chuckling] Yeah, a fucking whole one.
Do you need us to write it down?
Shut up. That's like 40 bags.
You know we ain't got that.
But we got the clientele.
He just needs to give us some days, innit?
[exhales] All right, I'll call him now.
[chill music playing]
[women chatting indistinctly]
- [ducks quacking]
- [music ends]
[birds chirping]
We used to walk through here
every day after school, do you remember?
Look, D, I just wanna go home,
to be honest.
I know.
We'll go home in a little bit.
I thought we should get some fresh air.
[soft music playing]
[Dionne] Look.
Don't "what?" me?
What? Oh, you you don't remember?
[chuckling] Why
Why have you got a blank face?
I remember.
So, what do you remember?
It's where I asked you
to be my girlfriend.
It's where you asked me
to be your girlfriend.
[soft music continues]
[children shouting in the background]
[Michael exhales deeply]
I was gonna propose right here, you know?
Mm-hmm. Had it all planned out
and everything.
But then I got worried
because it gets a bit noisy here.
- I just wanted it to be
- I would've said yes to you anywhere.
I've never thought about my future
and not seen you in it.
[Michael exhales]
[Dionne exhales]
Be honest with me.
Are you telling me everything?
Of course.
Well then, why do you need to find
the guy that stabbed you?
Whatever that was, that was not déjà vu.
'Cause he's the only one I can find.
But why do you need to find any of them?
I don't get it.
The powers are gone. You're fine.
Why poke the bear?
Why can't you leave it alone?
- Why can't you
- I can't. [sighs]
I can't.
[soft music playing]
Let's go.
[ducks quacking]
[drill music playing]
Yeah, man's with Tiny.
He's saying it's cool,
we can use his stepdad's car.
He's not my stepdad.
Isn't he giving your mum
the most severe backshots of all time?
- Shut up.
- Pretty sure that's your stepdad.
Yeah, yeah, he is.
Well, ask him.
What do you want, chips? That it?
[siren wailing in the distance]
- All right, say no more, bruv.
- What's he saying?
Saying he don't wanna be late
for Masher still.
Do you think Masher's gonna give us days?
- 'Cause I wouldn't if I was him.
- [chuckling] Neither would I still.
- Excuse me.
- Who the fuck are you?
- What do you want, cuz?
- No, no, no.
That's that delivery driver
from the other day, bro.
Yeah. Look, I didn't mean to scare you.
Ain't no one scared of you.
You're a delivery driver, blud.
I ain't see no parcels here,
so what the fuck you doing round here?
Uh, I wanted to know if it was cool
if I could speak with Tazer.
[suspenseful music playing]
What? You fucking mad?
Are you on to Tazer?
- No.
- You got a problem with Tazer?
No, no. I just wanna speak with him.
- I just wanna speak with him.
- What do you think, bro?
I think it's cool, man. Just 'low him.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Twosie sniffs]
- What do you wanna chat to Tazer about?
- It's kind of private.
So, um
[Twosie] Mm-hmm.
Hey. Look, no. Hey. Hey, I was
Hey, wait. Wait, no. Hey, wait.
Wait. Hey, wait, please. Please! Please!
You're pissing me off, you know.
Big man ting, bro.
Sorry, I just [sighs]
I just need his number.
[laughs] All right, you know what?
I can't be giving out
a man's number like that.
So just take mine,
and I'll pass on the message, yeah?
- Yeah, that's fine.
- [Twosie] Sound fine?
- That's understandable. Yeah, yeah.
- [Twosie] Great.
[Michael] What's the number?
One hundred.
One hundred pounds for my number.
Good luck finding Tazer, G.
[Tiny laughs]
- Yeah.
- [Twosie] Sweet.
- I've only got 60.
- Yeah, that'll do.
Here, type your number.
[Michael exhales]
[phone keypad clacking]
- [Twosie] Mmm.
- Michael, yeah?
- [line ringing]
- [phone ringing]
Yeah, that's me.
Save my name as Twosie, yeah?
- Twosie, yeah?
- [Twosie] Yeah.
Nice doing business with you, G.
[car engine revving]
- [tires squealing]
- [epic music playing]
- [Tiny] Sixers!
- Oh shit!
[gun firing]
- [Michael groans]
- Tower man? You're a Tower man?
- [Michael] I'm not in any gang business.
- [Sixer] What you doing with them?
- I came to speak to Tazer.
- [Sixer 2] Shut up.
- [Sixer 1] Tazer?
- That's your boy, yeah?
- I don't know him like that.
- You've told me that. Bun him.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Fuck it.
- No, please!
- [gun fires]
- [music stops]
- [whirring]
[siren wailing in the distance]
- [Michael groans]
- [gasps] Oh, oh!
[Michael breathing heavily]
What happened?
I thought the powers were gone.
[epic music playing]
- [Sixer 2] That's your boy?
- [Michael] No.
- Fucking bun him.
- [Michael] No.
- Fuck it.
- No, no. Please!
[gun fires]
[epic music slows down]
[breathing shakily]
[breathing heavily]
[mysterious music playing]
[bullet rings]
[continues breathing heavily]
[gun fires]
[breathing heavily]
[Tiny] Ay, where's Taze?
Think the Sixers got him?
- Fuck them Sixer youts, man. [sighs]
- [Tiny kisses teeth]
Don't watch nothing, man.
We're gonna slide right back. Trust me.
And don't even worry about Taze.
He can look after himself.
That's him.
You sure you don't want me to come?
I know him a little bit.
- I might be able to speech him.
- Nah, it's cool.
Me and Twosie got this. Come we go, man.
[car doors open]
[car doors close]
- [Twosie] Wagwan? Masher, you good?
- [Masher] Get in the back.
Oh God.
[car door opens]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
Ooh, this car's hard, man.
Under the seat.
[switchblade clicks]
[kisses teeth] Gimme that, blud.
Don't know what you're doing.
[Skreamer sighs]
No, fuck that.
Yeah, it's proper still.
What you sayin'? How many days we got?
So, what, you youngers come with no bread?
Are you serious?
That's a lot of weight.
Thought man could get five days.
You man think 'cause you know my worker,
I'm gonna tick you a brick? [kisses teeth]
Joker. Ay, yo, put my tings back.
[kisses teeth]
- Get out my fucking car, man.
- Relax, bro.
Listen, I'm not your fucking bro,
do you understand?
Right now, you man are wasting my time.
Get out my fucking car.
What? What?
- Come, Skreams. This is long.
- Listen to your fucking bredren.
Fucking jokers.
Come and shut my fucking door, blud.
[Masher] Fucking nerds.
[car engine starts]
[car departing]
- [door closes]
- [Tiny] I take it he said no.
Should have stabbed him in his neck.
- [Tazer] We'll deal with him later.
- What the fuck?
But first, we got to move this product.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- [Tazer] Yeah?
- [Skreamer laughs] Trust me.
- [Twosie] Who's the youngers now?
- [Tiny] Let's go, man.
- Come, let's go.
[Skreamer] Rev that
and go back to the block. Yes!
- Hurry up and start the car.
- [engine starts]
[Dionne] Michael? Michael?
[sighs in relief] Thank you, God.
What happened? [exhales deeply]
You were telling me
how the guy nearly shot you,
and next, you just passed out.
I'm pushing you, shaking you.
You wouldn't wake up.
No, it's fine. I'll go back tomorrow.
Hopefully he knows the others
- You can't go back.
- What are you talking about?
If the powers are real, everything he said
about the future is real too.
You were fine. You were fine.
It feels like every time you go round
that Tazer guy, something happens.
It's like it triggers it.
I just think you need
to just stay stay away from him.
Then we can see.
Maybe the powers will go away again.
No, D, you don't understand.
These powers are a part of me.
Ever since the first day of the déjà vu,
I knew something changed.
- Okay, listen to me.
- I could feel it.
Listen. Listen to me. July 9th.
- [soft piano music playing]
- What?
The date that you wrote
next to the list of names.
The date that you traveled to
Yeah, what about it?
Well, we know that you're fine,
at least till then.
Listen, you just stay away
from the estate,
we just wait for a few weeks,
and we just see
if the powers go away again.
- I don't think that's a good
- You don't know!
[shakily] Let's just see.
I can't lose you.
Michael, I cannot lose you.
[soft piano music continues]
[Michael softly] Hey.
You're not gonna lose me.
Promise me you're not gonna go back
to that estate.
Say it, Michael.
I promise.
- I promise.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right.
[piano music intensifies]
I gotta be up in a few hours,
but I can take the day off work.
No, it's fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, you go to sleep. You go to work.
I'm fine.
- [kisses] Love you.
- [Michael] See you in a bit.
I love you.
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- [sighs]
[phone keypad clacking]
[phone beeps]
["Warm" by K-Trap playing]
You nevеr beat the mash off one hand ♪
After the bootin'
Your hand's all tremblin' ♪
Too much cap I'm hearin' ♪
[song continues]
- [Twosie] Bro, come on.
- [Tower Boy] Taze ain't on that, man.
[breathes deeply] Fuck it, innit?
[Skreamer] What? Oh shit!
- Taze, ay, yo.
- [laughing]
- Man said Tazer.
- [Tower Boy] Yeah.
Oi, nah.
[Twosie] Nah, but deep it.
That was the easiest move ever.
- [Skreamer] Yeah.
- Man didn't even have to touch him.
We should've though, man.
This guy here wanted to kill him, blud.
Washed olders still think they run shit.
Rubbed-out olders.
Well, if that's washed,
I'm tryna be washed,
cuh dem diamonds were dancing on the man.
[all laughing]
- [Twosie] Oh my God.
- You can get all of that now.
- [man] Wagwan?
- [Skreamer] What you saying?
[Twosie] Oh shit!
Taze, ay, yo.
- [woman] Dots.
- [Dots] Wagwan?
- What you saying? Everyone litty?
- [Skreamer] What you saying?
- [Dots] Come on.
- Oi.
Just gave out the samples
to my ten most fussiest kats, bro.
- Told 'em to rate it.
- What they say?
[all cheering]
- [Tower Boy] Taking over. Take over.
- [Dots] They were going nuts.
Said it's the best thing I gave them.
- Buzzing.
- Buzzing.
Man was there frozen for like two minutes.
- [Skreamer] Had to slap 'em awake.
- You know dem ones.
What you saying, Tiny? You good?
Why you so vexed? What's going on?
You don't like money?
["Secret" by M24 playing]
Why didn't you tell me the full plan?
- Hmm?
- Bro. 'Cause we knew that you wouldn't
Yo, chill, man.
Come here.
[song fades]
[Tower Boy 1] Zoot. Fuck the zoot, bruv.
[Tower Boys chatting indistinctly]
Listen, I didn't tell you
'cause I knew if I told you,
you wouldn't have lined it up.
[dramatic music playing]
That's my cousin, Taze.
It's just gonna come back on him.
Bruv, nobody can prove it was us.
And if anybody tried to talk wicked on us,
or your cousin,
I'll put them down, nothing long.
Listen, bro, nothing is coming in between
what we're about to do, yeah?
- Come on, bro.
- [sighs]
Yeah? Yeah, I see the smile there.
What you telling me, bro? I see it.
- Money, power, respect.
- That's what I'm talking about, bro.
- [all] Money, power, respect.
- [hip-hop music playing]
- [Skreamer] Ay, hear what I'm saying.
- [Twosie] Buzzing on one.
Hear what, let me get a bottle,
though, man! Live!
[car approaching]
- [Tower Boy 3] Opps!
- [Tower Boy 4] Mandem.
[tires squealing, engine stops]
[Tower Boy 5] Who's pulling up
on the block?
- [Tower Boy 6] Who's this?
- [tense music playing]
[Twosie] Who the fuck is that, man?
[Dots] Who's that?
[knife swishes]
- [Tower Girl] That's the washed olders.
- [Tower Boy 7] Old man.
- Yo.
- [Tower Girl] Don't these lot have kids?
What you saying?
Man lined up already, yeah?
Ay, Mash, who can I discipline first, cuz?
- All of them, bro.
- Yeah?
All of them.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Skreamer] Oh shit.
You try rob me, Tayo?
[Tower Girl 2] Oh my God, that's Kraze.
[suspenseful music crescendoes]
[rhythmic epic music playing]
[music continues]
[music ends]
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