Supacell (2024) s01e04 Episode Script


["All Gone" by Kingsbury playing]
[vehicle engine whirring]
[siren blaring]
They're probably going to the club.
[breathes shakily]
How can you be so calm?
And how did you do that?
Your eyes were like
- Can you turn the music up, please?
- ["All Gone" playing louder]
Can you fly as well?
No. I can just move things,
like I told you I could.
- I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
- It's okay.
- We need to get our stories straight
- It's okay.
What do you mean, "It's okay"?
When we get in, I'm gonna get changed,
I'm gonna go down to the police station,
and I'm gonna hand myself in.
I'll make sure they know
you were just a victim.
- You're not fucking handing yourself in.
- I killed a man.
God, you didn't kill a man,
'cause last time I checked, men can't fly.
[shakily] If you didn't get there
when you did
Questioning my dreams ♪
I wish I knew why everything's ♪
Someone's gonna be out there
wondering what happened to him.
It's not gonna be hard to pin him to us.
Everyone saw us sitting with him
and you talking to him all night.
We don't know what people saw.
He was gonna kill us. It was self-defense.
You protected me like you always do.
You can't hand yourself in.
[sniffles] I don't know
what I'll do without you.
[somber music playing]
Right, right. Listen, look, I don't know
about all that future stuff. Yeah?
All I know is, you text me saying
you want a couple balls,
you wanna meet in the park.
I get to the park,
and there's some fuckin' hooded thing
throwing fire at me, all right?
Looks like a fucking setup to me.
I know. Okay? I know what it looks like.
I saw that thing in the future,
and now it's here.
It's after you because of your powers.
That's not the only one. There's more.
But if the five of us are together,
like I said before, we we can stop them.
Nah, nah. Everything you're talking about
sounds a bit like a "you" problem.
- Yeah?
- No.
For all I know, they're after you, not me.
I appreciate you saving me back there,
but, you know, you're asking for too much.
- [phone buzzes]
- Listen, my Uber's here.
- Hey, hey, you're not listening to me!
- Whoa, whoa, slow down.
- Slow down.
- Please, just hear me out. Please.
As long as my power comes back,
I don't give a shit.
- All right.
- They can all come.
- I'll run rings round the lot of them.
- I understand.
- Out me ways.
- Rod, Rodney, Rod, Rod
- Rodney, please.
- [door opens]
[electronic music playing]
[door closes]
[dramatic music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[birds chirping]
[siren blaring in the distance]
[breathes deeply]
- Do you need some help, Dad?
- No, I got it. I'm fine.
- Thank you very much.
- Mm. Okay.
Let me just help you, man, 'cause you're
just all over the place right now.
- You're annoying, you know that?
- [laughing] You're poor at this.
- Ay, Dad?
- What?
What's prison like?
You're caged in like an animal.
You get told what to do
and when to do it. It's hell.
Know what the worst part was?
Wait, nah. No girls, innit?
[chuckles softly]
That was you.
Yeah, there was no you, man.
You was young.
Your mum started seeing Dwayne.
I thought by the time I come out,
you'd start thinking he's your dad.
You know, that was
that was the hardest part for me.
Nah. I like Dwayne, innit,
but I always knew my dad was
- [Andre chuckles]
- Yeah?
- You're a man now, innit?
- I've always been a man, Dad.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
Better hurry and go to school
before your mum starts cussing me out.
All right. I'll text you later.
All right. Ooh, AJ.
Booked tickets for that new Marvel movie
you wanted to see.
- 4D, moving chairs and that.
- That sounds lit.
- Yeah? All right.
- Yeah.
- Grab your bags. Let's go. Hurry up.
- All right. Bye, Dad.
[door opens]
Be someone today. Yeah? Make me proud.
[door closes]
Oh yeah. Okay. It's looking all right.
- [knocking on door]
- Ugh.
What you forget, man?
Huh? Remind me to cut you a key.
Mr. Simpson?
Yo. What you do
- Yo, come out my house.
- We're from Newman's Enforcement Group.
We've sent multiple emails
regarding an outstanding debt.
I don't care about your letters.
Come out my fucking house.
That won't happen
unless we receive some sort of payment.
Do you have the funds
to pay off this outstanding balance?
Don't care for it.
[exhales sharply]
Wanna check next door?
I'll have a look in here.
Telling you to come out my house,
you don't wanna listen.
[dramatic music playing]
[knuckles crack]
Please be aware
we're allowed to use reasonable force
if we feel like we're in any danger.
- Yeah?
- Mr. Simpson, we're warning you.
- You're warning me, are ya?
- [knuckles crack]
[AJ] Dad?
- What you doing here?
- Forgot my coat.
- What's going on?
- Don't worry.
Listen, I can make payments online.
I can sort out
Sorry, it don't work like that.
We need to take cash payment.
- You've had plenty of time.
- How much do you owe?
AJ, I said I've got this.
Don't worry about it. Yeah?
Take this. It's brand new.
I got it the other day.
What you doing?
- Ay
- There's receipts and clothes in a bag.
- I bought that stuff for you.
- I've got trainers.
- Give the boy back his phone.
- I'm afraid not, sir.
Are you deaf? Give the boy back his phone.
Give us the cash we're owed.
We'll walk out of here. Job done.
Just let them have it. I don't need it.
[bailiff] Just listen to the boy.
All right.
All right.
[object clattering]
[Andre] That should cover everything.
Now, you give the boy back his phone,
you give him his stuff,
and you both get the fuck out of my house!
[bailiff] Receipt will be posted to you.
[door closes]
[melancholy music playing]
[door opens]
[AJ] Are you all right, Dad?
[melancholy music continues]
[inhales deeply]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[officers speaking indistinctly
over radio]
[melancholy music crescendoes and fades]
How can I help?
I have some information
on the crime that happened
last night outside the Onyx Bar.
What was the crime?
It's mu
At the Onyx Bar?
The one in Brixton?
Yes, officer.
[indistinct conversations
in the background]
I've got a woman at my desk
who says she has information
on a murder that happened last night
at the Onyx Bar.
- [officer 1] Murder at the Onyx Bar?
- [officer 2] Yes.
[officer 1] I just came from there.
Nothing more than
a drunk and disorderly callout.
- Who'd you talk to?
- [officer 2] The woman there in
Come off of my shop!
Mrs. Johnson, we just need to ask you
a few more questions.
- You deaf?
- Terry.
Mrs. Johnson, we're so sorry.
We're not trying to upset you.
- We just wanna help you find Jasmine.
- You can't help her.
We can. There's things that we
You can't. You're just a social worker.
You haven't got any power.
There's quite a lot we could do
to help you if you'd help us
Terry, we need to leave.
Mrs. Johnson,
once again, I'm really sorry.
We're not trying to upset you.
We just wanna help.
[chair clatters]
[Mrs. Johnson] Unuh, close mi door!
- [Spud] Is that him?
- [Rod] Yeah.
Michael, Spud. Spud, Michael.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Michael] Nice to meet you.
[indistinct background chatter]
Can we, uh,
go somewhere to talk in private?
It's all right. He's told me everything.
Thanks for saving him.
Oi, listen, you need to be thanking him
'cause he's the only reason I'm here.
[keypad beeping]
- I know we got off on the wrong foot.
- I'll say.
I know you said
you weren't interested, but that
That thing ain't just gonna go away.
Rod said the thing that came after him
didn't have a face.
Nah, I said I couldn't see his face, Spud.
Reckon the government sent it?
I don't know who sent it,
but I know those things are coming back,
and they ain't coming back alone.
That's why I want Rodney to help ya.
You find the others you're looking for,
you can fight them like the Avengers.
Don't mind him.
He reads a lot of comic books.
What was it like in the future?
Did Rodney look different?
Did he have any new powers?
Nah, he looked the same.
He could just run real fast
and throw electricity.
You hear that, Rod? Throw electricity.
Yeah, yeah, cool story,
but my power still ain't come back yet.
It might just take a little bit longer.
But I saw you with them.
Yeah, in the future.
- Maybe it's the butterfly effect.
- [Rod] Not this shit again.
Basically, you going to the future
could've changed everything
that was meant to happen.
Everyone you came into contact with,
their paths could be different now,
and everyone they meet, the same.
Like, if you never went to the future,
I wouldn't be sitting here right now.
[Rod] All right, all right.
You'd probably be in Number 10
advising the prime minister, innit?
- [Spud] Yeah, you never know.
- [Rod] Yeah, fucking on, mate.
What about if someone's supposed to die
in the future? What
- They might not now.
- Everybody dies.
Yeah, I meant they might die sooner
or later than they was going to.
[dramatic music playing]
All I know is that if I wasn't there
for you when I was,
you wouldn't be here today.
And all I'm asking for in return
is that you help me find the others
so that when those things come back,
we have a chance.
Look, mate, you
you seem like a decent guy,
and, you know, I am genuinely sorry
if I come across rude last night,
know what I mean?
Don't worry about it.
It's water under the bridge.
I can't help you with what you're
trying to do though, mate.
Listen, I've got me own stuff
going on right now.
I hope it all works out for you though.
Honestly, I I do.
Come on, Spud.
Here you are.
It was nice meeting you.
[softly] Yeah.
[Spud] You should've helped him.
[Michael sighs]
[melancholy music playing]
[engine stops]
[suspenseful music playing]
[birds chirping]
[suspenseful music continues]
[exhales deeply]
[music crescendoes and stops]
Shar, wake up.
- [Shar mumbles]
- Wake up. His body's gone.
- What you talking about?
- Kadeem. His body's not there anymore.
Of course it's not.
The police would've taken that, man.
[Sabrina] No.
There's no sign of a crime scene.
How do you know that?
I went back there.
Why would you go back
to the scene of the crime, Sabrina?
Are you listening? There's no body,
which means there's no crime.
- He might not even be dead.
- You said he was.
He didn't have a pulse.
So either someone came and took the body,
or people like me,
we have a different type of DNA.
I don't know.
[shakily] If he's alive,
what's stopping him from coming after us
and finishing what he started?
Shar, look. Look at me.
If he is alive and he's stupid enough
to come after us,
then I promise you, next time,
I'll make sure he's dead.
We can never tell anyone
about what happened last night.
- Okay?
- [softly] Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
[phone ringing]
- Dre.
- [AJ] I've been calling all day.
How comes you weren't picking up?
Sorry, man, I've been, um [sighs]
busy sorting some stuff out.
I was only calling to see
if you was all right, like.
- I know the bailiffs took all your money
- But they didn't.
I've still got more money in the bank,
mate. Yeah? Don't worry about that.
I'm not. It's just we was meant
to go to the cinema today.
Like, it's fine if we don't.
We can go after you get your job.
Look, I told you
we're gonna go as planned, all right?
All right.
I'll be waiting in the shops, yeah?
All right. Look, man, I gotta go.
- [AJ] Ay, Dad?
- Yeah?
Good luck for your job interview.
[Andre chuckles softly]
Cheers, man.
Look, I've I've gotta go, man, yeah?
All right, bye.
[man] So, Andre, tell me,
why should you be my next supervisor?
Well, um, I've been selected team leader
at my last job on multiple occasions.
I work hard.
I'm I'm happy to come in real early,
leave real late.
I do whatever it takes
to get the job done. [chuckles]
You've got a lot of experience
in customer service.
Looks like you've worked everywhere
but not for very long.
Is there a reason
you've never held a position long-term?
Yeah, um
I've got a criminal record.
I don't declare it,
and usually when they find out,
they they let me go.
Can I ask what for?
Intent to supply Class A drugs.
Look, I know what you're thinking.
Yeah? But I promise you, I promise you,
I am not now,
nor have I ever been a drug dealer.
I I was 18 years old,
I was driving to work,
and I see a guy that I went
to school with that I ain't seen in years.
So I wind down my window.
I say "Hello." He says it back.
Then he asks me
if I can drop him up the road.
So we're driving, and
and we come across some police checks.
And they decide that
they wanna check me, him, and the car.
They do that,
and then they say they wanna search it.
I thought, "Fine, okay." You know?
And then, um they search it
and they find a whole heap of drugs
under the back seat.
Long story short, they were his,
the guy that I picked up.
You know? And he denies it.
I deny it, but because it's my car,
I get charged and sent to jail for it.
And I I know you're thinking why didn't I
just tell the police they were his.
Look, trust me,
part of me wanted to do that.
But, you know, there's this whole
unwritten rule of no snitching
that was just running through my head.
You know? And I figured I was innocent,
so I just thought it would just, you know,
just work out in the end, you know?
But it didn't?
Look, I I
I never tell anybody any of this
[inhales deeply]
especially not my future employer.
But you know what, man?
I'm just tired of waiting to get fired.
You seem all right.
I just wanted to be honest
this time, you know?
["Tingisha" by Alboom playing]
Tingisha ♪
Tingisha ♪
What's wrong?
Tingisha ♪
I didn't get the job, man.
[chuckles] Bro, man,
you're like the Black Hulk.
You're upset they won't let you
stack their shelves?
It would've been some kind of income, man.
It would've been something.
You know how it feels to be a parent
and not being able
to provide for your son?
The other day,
AJ says he wants to get a job.
Yeah, that's my 15-year-old son, man,
saying he wants to get a job
to go get some money
'cause he knows I ain't got it.
Yo, what's up
with the cash-machine money though, bro?
It's all gone, man. It's all gone.
- Just bust open another one then.
- I ain't I ain't doing that.
Yeah, I ain't going back to prison.
I'm not leaving him again, man.
Not this time.
[breathes deeply]
[sighs] So come on, man.
You brought me all the way out here, man.
What's up? What you got for me?
Yeah, yeah. Look, yeah,
I got something for you.
All right, so you know I like to indulge
in a little narcotic relaxation,
just every once in a while?
[tuts] Every once in a while?
Anyway, my regular guy was away, right?
So a friend of a friend
gave me another number.
So I phoned him now.
Gave me a password, bro.
I know. I was baffled as well.
Then he text me an address.
So I went there now.
Dre, you would've thought drugs were legal
with how them men
were going on in there, bro.
You walk into one room, it's all ket.
- Another room and it's all weed.
- All right, so what's your point, man?
[John] All right, yeah, so they never had
what I wanted, right?
So I waited for them to bring it back in.
Me being me,
I'm watching where they've gone now.
They've gone into the back room
and opened the safe.
Brudda, there was drugs
and money in there.
I'm talking like
30K cash strong just sitting.
So I'm thinking, bro,
with what you could do,
you could go in there and take that, easy.
You want me to go rob a trap house?
Look, bro, you're always talking about
how much you hate drug dealers.
Now's your chance
to stick it to them and get paid.
[phone dings and buzzes]
[Andre breathes deeply]
What if they got guns?
I didn't see any.
But, bro, ain't you like bulletproof now?
I ain't trying to find out, man.
Nah, def. Yeah, no, fair enough.
Fair enough.
I'm just thinking, bro, look,
it's just the way them man go on, bro.
They go on like they're untouchable, fam.
Like nobody would dare try them.
And obviously, no normal person would,
but, brudda, you ain't normal.
[dramatic music playing]
I'm gonna go take a piss, brudda.
I'm coming back. One sec.
[Gabriel] Yo.
- [exhales] So what's he saying?
- He's not interested.
[Gabriel] What?
Even after you saved his life?
Wait? You didn't just tell him
about Dionne, did you?
Do you think I'm stupid?
I never said that, bro.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
- [phone buzzing]
- Yeah, nah. It's cool, man.
- Look I know you're going through it.
- [phone clicks]
These people could've been anywhere
in the world, so to find two
Nah, nah. I think they're from London.
South London specifically.
Why you think that?
Well, Taze and Rodney are from South.
He only gave me their first names.
He wouldn't
I wouldn't do that
if they were all over the world.
[Gabriel] Hm.
All right? They have to be in my vicinity.
Look, well
Look, you're a delivery driver
that delivers to the South.
Look, why don't you search
your work database of the names,
and then, you know, knock on some doors
and just see who opens?
- Yeah, I know it's a long shot, but
- Ain't no database.
You literally just pick 'em up
and you drop 'em off.
The parcels come labeled anyway,
and most of the time they don't even have
names on them, just initials.
[phone buzzes]
So, what now then?
[man] Michael, I've been more than fair
and understanding, but enough is enough.
If you're not here within the hour,
loading your van,
then you can find somewhere else to work.
- Yeah, I gotta go work.
- [Gabriel] Yeah.
["Blame Brexit" by Potter Payper playing]
[horses neigh]
[children speaking indistinctly]
I grew up on 110s and Avirexes ♪
Where it's snowin' all year
But it ain't festive ♪
Add a quid on the brick
And just blame Brexit ♪
We ain't bringin' out hammers
That we ain't tested ♪
You could never be my wife
Get your brain tested ♪
We ain't family, ain't brothers
And we ain't bredrins ♪
[birds chirping]
You're late.
[song ends]
What was it your mum used to say?
You don't respect someone's time,
you don't respect them.
She was such a bless woman, man
before she went mad and that.
I don't think she liked me, though.
She didn't.
[Krazy] I proper felt for you
when she went missing.
It's why I stepped up like a big brudda.
What? You still pissed about your bredren?
- The doctor said he might not walk again.
- He's breathing.
You know how the game goes.
Someone had to hold it.
He didn't do anything.
But you did.
It's cool. Masher's gonna cover that.
I say moving forward,
we put all that shit behind us.
Let me level with you.
I need my young boy back with me.
About to make some serious money.
What you saying, my brudda?
Ready to take over the world?
You're not my bruvva.
You just made me do shit
you didn't wanna do yourself.
That's fine. I get that.
It's part of the game.
You shot my bruvva.
- And I can't forgive that.
- Who gives a fuck what you forgive?
I just came here to tell you,
the next time I see you,
I'm gonna kill you.
[dramatic music playing]
[horses nicker]
[Krazy] Not if I kill you first.
[dramatic music continues]
[phone beeps]
Dad, where are you?
I'm waiting by the shops.
[phone beeps]
[girl] You're still holding onto it.
You're always eating sweets.
Chill, likkle man.
- What's good?
- Nothing, man. I just finished school.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm going your way still.
What, wanna lift?
- Oh, nah, cool. Thanks though.
- You sure?
All right. Say nuttin'.
[indistinct chatter]
[phone buzzing]
[inhales sharply]
Dad? You know if you don't hurry up,
we're gonna miss it.
Oh shit. Um, look, man, um
Dre, can we can we do this another time?
'Cause, um I'm honestly
a little bit busy right now.
But you said we would still go.
Yeah, I know.
Something came up, man, and, um
- Look, I'll make it up to you, I promise.
- Whatever.
[indistinct chatter]
- Yeah. Ay, it's poppin'.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, all right but trust me.
- Yo.
- [AJ] Can I still get that lift?
- Yeah, course. Jump in, man.
Ay, message my man and tell him
I'm coming for that now, innit.
[line ringing]
From hell I act composed
So you'd never tell ♪
Stay grindin', but the grind is basic
This year ♪
What you saying? Tryna make some money?
Constant phases, cutting basic tracks
Don't mean you trap ♪
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
All right, just need to make a quick stop
round the corner, innit.
[John] Yo, you good?
Yeah. Come on, man, let's go. [sniffs]
["One Way" by Suspect OTB playing]
[continues sniffing]
Powered by the street ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Road rage like "you what, mate?" ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Road rage like "you what, mate?" ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Niggas grew up the wrong way ♪
Only showed us that trap pays ♪
All we knew was that gunplay ♪
Partying on a Sunday ♪
On the strip, moving mad bait ♪
Oh shit, there's the squalé ♪
Wrong way down a one-way
Never knew a nigga had dreams ♪
[Braggs] In a bit.
True say I did it with ease, though ♪
I remember times
No one would fucking listen ♪
Had to get myself up and out the kitchen
No more Pyrex vision now ♪
[man] Take this.
- [John] Hey, what's going on?
- [dealer] What you telling me?
Usual, yeah?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Can I get one more of them as well?
- [dealer] Just one gram.
- [John] Yeah.
- [dealer] Is that all?
Nice one.
Road rage like "you what, mate?" ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Road rage like "you what?"
Like "you what?" ♪
- [song ends]
- [door closes]
[Braggs] Yo, hold that.
Don't even look inside.
[engine starts]
[John sighs]
[door closes]
[Andre sighs]
[John sighs]
So what do you think?
- Bro, it was mad in there.
- Bro, I told you.
- I ain't seen no guns in there.
- Nah, neither did I.
Neither did I.
- Did you see the safe, though?
- [exhales sharply] Yeah.
[breathes deeply] Yeah, I noticed that
they didn't come out the same way we did,
so, I mean, there must be
another entrance, man.
There must be, bro. Must be.
So, what you thinking?
We can do it tonight.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that's calm.
Yeah, that's calm.
[exhales sharply]
Just sign here.
[device beeps]
[parcels clattering]
[action music playing]
[parcels clattering]
[music stops]
[epic music playing]
[Michael exhales deeply]
[doorbell ringing]
[music crescendoes and stops]
[woman] Oh, uh, you came quicker
than I thought you would.
- Do you need me to sign?
- Yeah. Uh
[softly] Sorry.
- Okay. Okay.
- [device beeps]
- [Michael] Just sign here, please.
- Okay.
- Okay, bye.
- Yeah.
[melancholy music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[line ringing]
[phone buzzes]
[music fades]
- [phone ringing in the office]
- [indistinct chatter]
You were gone before I got up.
Yeah, um I had a lot to do today.
Do you have anything else to say?
What do you mean?
What I mean is you were disrespectful,
you didn't apologize,
and then you just left.
So this is what we're You're not gonna
Where did you go, Michael?
[exhales deeply] I went to Gabriel's.
You serious?
Yeah, but like, not
not for what you think, though.
You really went out to party
when you knew how I was feeling?
[melancholy music playing]
You know what? I'm I'm not I'm
I'm not doing this with you.
I'm at work, so you
I'll talk to you
when you get home or whatever,
unless you go to Gabriel's,
I don't know. See you later.
D. Dio
[phone beeping]
[line rings]
Hi, this is Dionne Ofori.
Please leave me a message and I'll get
back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.
[siren blaring]
[Masher] Must be Braggs, bro.
Can only be Braggs.
I don't need excuses.
I need accountability and a solution.
[door opens]
[door closes]
You said you wanted to see me?
You been dipping your hands
in the P's, bro?
No way.
- Come on, man. You know I'd never.
- So why is your bud numbers so light?
Bruv, there's this new shotter
taking everyone's kats.
Says he'll get to them in five minutes.
And if he doesn't, he gives it for free.
Bare man left just to try it out.
So what, you're gonna let
some new shotter come round
and take all your kats?
Is that what you're on?
There it is. Come on. Race faster.
- Average.
- Come on.
- Come on. Hold it out. Another win.
- [phone ringing]
- [Spud exhales]
- Bruv, we're losing thousands right now.
- Get in there.
- Come on.
- Yes!
- It's a fucking fluke, innit?
Nah, don't try that, Rod.
I won fair and square.
Fuck the game, bruv.
We're bleeding.
If we don't think of something soon,
we're gonna lose all our customers.
If this speed don't come back,
we might as well smoke
the fucking gear ourselves.
[phone beeps]
I reckon you should've helped
that Michael guy. He seemed all right.
Give it a rest about him.
Fucking Mystic Mike. "In the future"
Story's a load of wank.
I don't think it was. I think it was true,
and it would've helped a lot of people.
- Yeah, you go help him then.
- [phone continues ringing]
[ringing stops]
[phone beeping]
[phone ringing]
Yeah, we're not doing
five minutes or free today.
You want how much?
Ten balls?
All right, where are you?
Yeah, yeah, I know. Yeah.
All right, it'll take me,
like, 20 minutes to get there.
All right. Send the address,
and I'll leave now.
All right.
All right, see you in a bit.
He's on his way.
[phone ringing in the background]
[indistinct chatter]
[keypad clicking]
- [Terry] Dionne.
- Yeah?
[Terry] Guess who I spoke to just now?
- [Dionne] Who?
- Jasmine Johnson.
What? How?
You were right.
The mum wasn't responsible.
It was Jasmine who left
and doesn't wanna be found.
I went over there to try
and smooth things out from this morning.
Apparently, she calls home
same day, same time, every week
to reassure her parents she's okay.
- While I was there, she called.
- Did she say where she was?
[sighs] I tried everything
to get it out of her.
You know, reassured her
she's not in any trouble,
and everybody misses her,
but she just kept saying she's okay.
There was one thing that Jasmine said
which struck me as kind of weird.
I said that if she comes home,
we can help her
with whatever she's going through,
and she said she's gonna come back
when she's normal.
[tense music playing]
[man panting in video]
Something's chasing me.
I think it's after me
'cause I can do this.
It's all hooded up,
and it's blowing wind out of its hand
[tense music continues]
[footsteps approaching]
- [cell door buzzing]
- [door opens]
- Back up! Back up!
- Stay out!
[inmate] Get off of me! Hey, let me out!
- [guard] Get down!
- [inmate screams]
- [Jasmine breathes heavily]
- [inmate continues screaming]
- [cell door buzzing]
- [door opens]
- [guard 2] Come here!
- [Jasmine] No!
- Get down!
- Get away from me!
[crying] No! No! Let go of me!
[tense music playing]
[gas hissing]
[breathes deeply]
[music fades]
[footsteps approaching]
[keyboard clacking]
How do I look?
- Where you going?
- To get a draw.
Why can't you just stay away from him?
You can do so much better.
- [knocking]
- I just
[knocking continues]
[Shar] Let me go upstairs, see who it is.
Don't open the door.
[knocking continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
[knocking continues]
Excuse me.
[dramatic music playing]
Yes. This is my package
that you just left on the floor.
You got powers.
Yeah, you can fly.
No, I can't. Can't.
Yeah, I've seen you. You can move things
without touching them.
How do you know that?
[epic music playing]
I saw you in the future.
- So you were gonna leave me?
- No, Shar
Sorry, I know this isn't a good time,
but I really need to speak to you.
Please. Just for a second.
Shar, wait.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to do the right thing.
The right thing was to abandon me?
You couldn't tell me to my face?
Just some dusty little letter?
No, that's why
I couldn't go through with it.
- Hey, sorry.
- Don't touch me.
Don't fucking put your hands
on my sister, you weirdo.
Sorry, I didn't mean to. All right?
I just need to talk to you.
It's urgent. It's a matter
of life and death. Please.
I don't want this, and you're telling me
people are gonna come kill me for it.
Are you really listening to this guy?
He's chatting shit.
I swear to you, I'm not.
How do you think I know you've got powers?
How do you think I even know your name?
You're the delivery guy.
It's on the parcel.
To think I was
gonna give this guy my number.
I'm going to pick up. Are you taking me?
No, I'm not taking you to that place.
If you really wanna smoke, call someone
and tell them to bring it to you.
Fine, I'll go alone, which is how
you wanted me to be anyway.
[footsteps receding]
Okay, I'll take you.
No, no, no, Sabrina. Wait, wait, wait.
- I've got questions.
- All right.
- Give me your number, I'll call you.
- [Michael] No.
I know what I'm saying
sounds crazy right now, yeah,
but you have to believe me.
Um, how about I come with you? I'll answer
all the questions you have. I promise you.
But you just have to hear me out.
[siren wailing in the distance]
[Tazer] Yeah, he's good still.
Just a little bit scared, that's all,
but he's calm.
He's gonna be fine.
What else did he say?
He wants you lot to go see him, innit?
I wanna see him, man.
I say we try tomorrow
when his mum's not there.
I can't go through that again.
[Skreamer kisses teeth] Yeah,
Tiny's mum don't play.
Yo, Taze, you still donate blood and that?
- Sometimes. Why?
- [Twosie] Cool. Hear what I'm saying.
This new sickle cell center
just opened up.
They're paying man two bills
for their blood.
- [Skreamer] Two?
- [Twosie] Bloodclaat, yo.
They can have all mine for that still.
Yeah? How much they paying you?
- Nothing.
- [Twosie] You've been getting bumped.
- This guy's been getting bumped.
- [Dots] This guy.
He's been getting bumped, man.
- [phone buzzing]
- [Dots] Who's this?
Yo, Squeaks. What you saying?
You need more already?
You sure?
Well, how many man?
All right, cool. Say no more. Love.
- [phone beeps]
- Ay, Krazy's at the big house.
How many man?
Masher and three others in the back,
and like four man
controlling the other rooms.
- [Skreamer] No lie.
- [Twosie] Ooh! Finally.
Starting to think
we copped these for no reason.
Ay, put that away, man.
What's wrong with you, man?
- All right.
- [Skreamer] Shit.
[tense music playing]
Let's go.
[Dots] Ay yo, Taze, Taze.
This is crazy though, bro.
You sure your powers are working?
Cuh we can't just roll up and
[epic music playing]
[exhales deeply]
[softly] I say you just go over there
[breathes deeply]
[exhales sharply]
[siren wailing in the distance]
John, if anything happens to me, yeah,
I need you to look after AJ.
Bro, what do you mean
if anything happens to you, fam?
You're gonna be fine.
You understand? You got this.
Phone me once you're done, yeah?
All right.
[epic music playing softly]
Look, I saw it.
I saw in the future that you could fly.
- I can't fly.
- Are you friends with Kadeem?
- Who?
- Sharleen, stop.
You think it's random he turns up
after what happened yesterday,
and he's talking about flying?
Listen, I don't know what you think
this is, but try know,
we'll deal with you the same way
we dealt with that dirty rapist.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Shar] Yeah, this left,
then your first right.
Right, Sabrina.
[music fades]
I don't know anyone called Andre.
- Well, maybe you should come with me
- Ain't coming nowhere with you.
We don't know you.
Sorry, she's right. I can't help you.
[phone ringing]
[Tina groaning]
- Mum?
- [melancholy music playing]
- [Tina] Michael! Michael!
- Mum?
- Mum, is it a crisis?
- Michael [cries]
- Mum, is it a crisis?
- [Tina crying]
All right, just hold tight. I'm on my way.
I'm on my way.
Does your mum have sickle cell?
- Our dad has sickle cell. We understand
- What the fu [gasps]
[siren blaring outside]
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
[Spud on voicemail] Oi, Rod,
someone called for ten balls.
I told him the deal ain't on today.
He said he's happy to wait.
I'm meeting him at the Linford warehouse,
so I'll take the car.
I know you need rest
so you can get your speed back.
I'll sort this out
so you can go and save the world.
- Muppet.
- [phone beeps]
Fucking pussio. Huh? Think you can
sell weed without man's permission?
[Spud] I won't do it again. I'm sorry.
Think you can sell flipping weed
without man's fucking permission?
Mind my crep, man.
- [drill music playing]
- That's way too light.
Come on, I know you can do better.
[Sabrina] Can you hurry up?
I wanna get out of here.
Much better.
So where is he? Is he here?
[action music playing]
- [Tina groaning]
- Okay, look, let me get the nurse, okay?
I'm sorry, okay? Breathe, okay?
Breathe, breathe, breathe. Help!
[man] Cheers, mate.
- What the fuck do you cunts think this is?
- [gun fires]
- [Skreamer] Sit down, pussy.
- [guard groaning]
What's going on?
- [drill music continues]
- [Braggs] What was that?
[gun cocks]
Probably them lot fucking about.
Handle your business, bro.
[Braggs] Look at him.
I'd fucking love to suck
your pretty mum.
Fuck you do
[action music playing]
[Tazer] I'm going after Krazy.
- [gangster 1] You man mad?
- [gun firing]
- [Dots] Oh shit!
- Are you man fucking mad?
[guns firing]
Oh shit, fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
What the fuck, bro?
- [guns firing]
- [glass shatters]
- Bro, I've got a plan, fam.
- What?
- You go first, innit?
- [action music continues]
- Fuck it.
- [guns firing]
- Pussio.
- [guns firing]
[table clatters]
[guns firing]
Ay, Braggs, come, let's go.
- Dickhead.
- [Masher] Ay, you man, come. Hurry up.
- [bullet ricochets]
- Who's blasting at man?
[gangster 2] Fuck knows,
but I ain't got no mash.
[Masher] Ay, that must be feds, blud.
[Sabrina and Shar yelp]
- [gun firing]
- [gangster 2] Masher!
[Mo Gilligan on TV]
"You take out the rubbish."
"Me? Take out the rubbish?"
"No, I could get murdered."
[audience laughs]
"By who? The rubbish-man murderer?"
[audience laughs and cheers]
And also
[line ringing]
[voicemail] The number
you have dialed is unavailable.
- Please leave a message after the tone.
- [phone beeps]
Spud, where are you, mate?
Supposed to be back ages ago.
If you're still at that address,
just wait for me.
- I'm coming there now, all right?
- [whooshing]
[guns firing]
- [Shar] Fuck. Fuck.
- [Sabrina screams]
Which way is it?
[Shar] I don't know.
- [Sabrina] We gotta go!
- [gun firing]
- [breathing shakily] Shit.
- [door bangs]
- [Shar screams]
- [gangster 3] Fuck.
- [grunts]
- [glass shatters]
- [gun firing]
- [Shar] Craig!
Craig! I need to check if he's okay.
- Come on.
- I need to check if he's okay.
- [Sabrina] Sharleen, come on!
- [whooshes]
- [Rod] Shit! Spud!
- [Sabrina] Sharleen.
- Where is he? Where's Craig?
- [Sabrina] Come back.
He's not here.
- I'm not leaving till I know he's okay.
- [Sabrina] Let's go.
[Shar breathing shakily]
[epic music playing]
[music fades]
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Road rage like "you what, mate?" ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Road rage like "you what, mate?" ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Niggas grew up the wrong way ♪
Only showed us that trap pays ♪
All we knew was that gunplay ♪
Partying on a Sunday ♪
On the strip, moving mad bait ♪
Oh shit, there's the squalé ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Never knew a nigga had dreams, though
True say I did it with ease, though ♪
I remember times
No one would fucking listen ♪
Had to get myself up and out the kitchen
No more Pyrex vision now ♪
More like cheques
And we're skipping clouds ♪
At this rate ♪
Little man'll never have to worry
About his pops, I'll be sitting down ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Road rage like "you what, mate?" ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Wrong way down a one-way ♪
Road rage like "you what?"
Like "you what?" ♪
Drive-by and I'm speeding ♪
Lights shine on the ceiling ♪
Forgot to have dinner this evening
'Cause time flies when you're eating ♪
Must be the books that you're reading
The idolizing and preaching ♪
Women's world, we don't watch niggas
Soon as I get the money, I'm leaving ♪
[song ends]
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