Supacell (2024) s01e05 Episode Script


[tense music playing]
[all breathing shakily]
Where's Krazy?
- [Andre] Fuck this.
- [safe clatters]
[gun loads and fires]
[bullet whistling]
[bullet ricocheting]
[action music playing]
[Andre grunts]
[Tazer groans]
- [gun creaks]
- [Shar breathes shakily]
- [Sabrina] Come, let's go.
- Are you sure?
Come on, let's go! [whimpers]
[Skreamer] Yo, Taze!
You cool?
[music stops]
[Skreamer panting]
Krazy weren't here.
[Twosie] Fuck.
[kisses teeth] Fuck, man.
- [Skreamer] Fuck.
- [Dots] He's gonna come after us now.
- Who the fuck done this?
- [Dots] Ay, come, man!
[sirens blaring]
I think you need to see this.
There's been a stage three activation.
It seems four of our targets
have come into contact.
[suspenseful music playing]
All right, Mum, just
just hang in there, all right?
I'm sorry. I should've been here sooner,
okay? But I'm here, I'm here.
[Tina groaning]
Huh? What do you need? What you need, Mum?
Look, let me get the nurse, okay?
They're gonna come and attend to you.
- [Tina continues groaning]
- Hey, come on! Come on!
[heart monitor beeping rapidly]
- Just talk to me.
- [door opens]
- [door closes]
- Okay. Help! Come on, help!
- How many times do you need me to buzz?
- [nurse] Wait outside
- I can't leave! I'm staying!
- [nurse] Sir.
- Come on, let's go!
- I need you to wait outside.
- Okay, Tina, I'm here now, okay?
- Get off me.
Mum, I'm outside, okay? I'm outside.
- I'll be getting you some oxygen, okay?
- [Tina panting]
- Where does it hurt? In your stomach?
- [Michael] Just hang in there.
Mum, Mum, I'm outside!
I'm outside!
[Tina crying]
[sad music playing]
[Tina continues crying]
[heart machine beeping]
[sobbing] Why the fuck
did you have to go there on your own?
These fucking doctors are saying
you might not wake up.
I should've fucking been there.
[sobbing] Spud, I'm so sorry.
[announcer] Please remember
to use the sanitary dispensers
when traveling around the hospital.
[door closes]
[Rod] Excuse me, um, I
I saw you last night.
You're like me.
Please, not here.
- I've got an important meeting today.
- [Rod] I'm not here to hurt you.
Look, I just, um
[inhales sharply]
Me mate he's in he's in Room 207,
and the doctors are saying
he might not pull through. All right?
So if there's anything you can do,
you know, to help him,
look out for him, or whatever,
I'd appreciate it.
I promise you we'll do everything we can.
[agent 1] Talk to me.
[agent 2] FR has come back with a profile
on one of our targets.
[agent 1] Just one?
- Yes.
- [agent 1] Run it again.
[computer beeping]
T, Alex, let's go.
[female agent coughs]
[agent 1] I want eyes on him all day.
Let's see if he leads us to the others.
Would you like us to observe the assets?
[dog barking in the distance]
[door opens]
All right, Mum? [chuckles]
[liquid pouring]
[inhales deeply]
Nice place you got here, Mum.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
You look good.
- Changed your hair.
- [chuckles]
[sniffs] You should've text
or called first.
We could've gone for lunch or something.
We can have lunch now.
Gregg will be back with the kids soon.
Maybe another time, eh, Rod?
Well, I'm here now,
so I might as well just wait.
You know how Gregg feels.
Mum, fuck Gregg, Mum.
[breathing heavily]
I I'm different now.
Yeah, I'm I'm making money, yeah?
Serious money.
I can rent us a place.
You don't have to stay here anymore.
I'm not a prisoner here, Rod.
I love Gregg.
Doesn't it matter to you
that he's a racist?
[Mum] Oh, he's not.
[Rod] Huh?
Then why is it he took Rachel and not me?
Look, it's all right.
Yeah, I'm
[inhales deeply]
I'm not angry anymore.
Me getting a hostel at 16,
it was actually a good idea. [chuckles]
Would've just been nice
to see you a bit more, Mum, that's all.
[kisses teeth] Um
Spud stays with me most nights,
so I ain't been alone.
[Mum] I always knew you two
would look after each other. [chuckles]
He's in hospital now, Mum.
- [Mum gasps softly] What happened to him?
- He's in a
[inhales deeply] He's in a coma,
and I don't know.
I don't know. He's in a
He's in a bad way, like.
I'm sorry, love.
He's such a sweet young man.
Look, Mum,
what about if I just stayed here, like?
Only Only until he gets better.
Till then, I'll I'll pay my way.
All right? You can tell Gregg.
Look, I'll be like a tenant.
You can't stay here, Rod. I'm I'm sorry.
Please, Mum. Just until he wakes up.
[Mum] I'm sorry, no.
[somber music playing]
[phone ringing]
[phone clatters]
[glass shatters]
[breathing heavily]
[man] Yeah, and I thought
that it made a lot of sense.
[phone beeps]
But of course, you know,
the doctors nowadays they know so much.
Yeah, I know.
[man] But I feel very confident.
It's a big decision.
[man] So I need to feel confident
about it.
Might be some reservations regarding
[voicemail] You have one new message.
[Dionne] Hey, I've been calling you.
I got your message.
You said Mum had a crisis. Is she okay?
Just call me back when you can please.
I hope you're all right. Love you.
[keypad clicking]
[Dionne] Hi, this is Dionne Ofori.
Please leave me a message
and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible. Thanks.
[voicemail beeps]
Hey, uh, D, I just woke up.
I'm still at the sickle cell center. Um
Yeah, they looked after Mum. She's
[sighs] She's gonna be okay.
Uh, sorry I missed your call.
[inhales] D, I'm sorry for everything.
When I get home, we
we need to talk.
There's something I need to tell you.
[TV playing indistinctly]
[gate closes]
Dad, it's me.
[knocking on door]
Why you not opening the door?
Dad, I know you're in there.
I can hear the TV.
[male presenter] to me now,
with her new book, Susan
- [AJ] Have I done something wrong?
- Your new publication is
I've been calling you.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
[kisses teeth]
Man, open the door, man!
- [TV continues indistinctly]
- [AJ kisses teeth]
[line ringing]
[phone ringing]
[exhales] D'you know what?
D'you know what? Forget it.
D'you know what? I don't even care!
[woman on TV] Now you start to see your
[phone buzzing]
[Krazy] You should know better
than to take a shot at the king and miss.
[suspenseful music playing]
If I was you, I'd go and check on Nanny.
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[Nanny groaning]
[Nanny crying]
[groans] Tayo!
[yelps] Oh, my arm!
[crying] Oh, my arm!
[line ringing]
Hello? Yeah, my grandma's hurt.
She needs an ambulance now.
First of all, we wanna make sure
you're okay and you're feeling better.
I'm feeling much better.
Thank you, matron.
[matron] Great.
What was it that caused you
to run out in the middle of a shift?
I got some news from my boyfriend
the night before that messed me up.
I thought I'd be okay,
but as the day went on, I felt worse.
I know it was very unprofessional,
and I shouldn't be bringing
my personal issues into work,
but I promise it will never happen again.
Taking everything into consideration,
we've decided that
Can I just say
I don't think my most recent
one-off action should take precedence
over all the hard work
I've put in over the last two years.
I'm never late. I'm actually in early
most days to help out my patients.
And I don't even get paid for it.
I don't expect
You should get paid for it.
Look, your early starts and late finishes
haven't gone unnoticed.
All the doctors constantly request you,
and all the patients love you.
In the future,
if something's happened outside of work,
you're not feeling up to it,
call in and let us know beforehand.
I will.
[man] With that being said,
we'd like to offer you
the position of senior nurse.
[exhales sharply]
[tearfully] Thank you.
- ["Slow Motion" by AMARIA BB playing]
- [moaning]
Tighter than tight, gyal, obviously
Wetter than di pipes, Titanic, baby ♪
Siddung, siddung pon body, yeah ♪
Pum pum fat, ah muss ah porridge
Yeah, yeah ♪
Tighter than tight gyal, obviously ♪
Wetter than di pipes, Titanic, baby ♪
Ah, you say you like di slow motion ♪
[song fades]
I missed you.
You missed me?
Or you missed my dick? [chuckles]
I mean
All jokes aside, though,
I'm happy you weren't there yesterday.
I think they would've killed you.
[breathing deeply]
I wish I was there.
D'you know who they were?
Some people who won't be around
much longer, trust me.
[phone buzzing]
[car horn blaring]
[Shar] Where you going?
And who's beeping like that?
[kisses teeth]
[Shar] Really?
Why the fuck are they outside my house?
- They're my business associates.
- What business you got with them?
Sharleen, move.
No. You're not leaving with them
after you just fucked me. Am I a dickhead?
I've already told you, move.
My shop ain't been open,
and you know how much money I'm losing.
I don't give a fuck about your money.
- [gags] Get off.
- Care what you're spending it on.
[Shar gasping]
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[line ringing]
Guess what. I just had a meeting
[Shar] This prick thinks
he can put his hands on me.
- What? Who?
- Craig.
- He strangled me.
- He did what?
I'm sick and tired of guys
thinking they can put their hands on me
whenever they please.
I'm fucking sick of it.
Sharleen, just
[knife swishes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Shar] Oi! Where you going?
[line ringing]
[Gabriel] Mike, how did it go
with Sabrina?
She's not interested.
- [Gabriel] Oh.
- Uh
[Gabriel] Mike, man.
I'm gonna tell Dionne everything
when I get back home.
You sure you wanna do that?
[Michael] Yeah.
[sighs deeply] She deserves to know.
It's one thing to keep it from her when
I thought I could save her, but now, I
And I nearly lost Mum last night.
It would've been both of them.
You all right, bro?
No, I'm not.
It's like I'm watching
a person I love drown,
and no matter how hard or how fast I swim,
there's nothing I can do to stop it.
I've got all these powers.
There's all these things I can do,
but what good are they?
[Gabriel] Mike, man.
How am I gonna do it?
How am I gonna tell her
that she's only got three months to live?
[Gabriel] Mike. Look, Mike,
maybe we can just
I don't know, just
[melancholy music playing]
Mrs. Johnson?
How you doing today? You okay?
The social worker.
Yeah, I'm not here
in any official capacity.
- I was hoping I could talk to you about
- Order something or leave.
Does Jasmine have a power?
Or a gift?
Mrs. Johnson, my fiancé has one too.
I just need to know
if he's gonna be all right.
[softly] They took her.
[man] Sharon.
[siren blaring]
What's he doing?
[man locks door]
You see, if your man have powers,
dem soon come fi you too.
Who's "them"? Where
Where do they wanna take him?
Look, mi talk to dem once pon di phone,
and dem tell mi if mi inform di police
or di authorities,
then dem ah go kill Jasmine.
And now you want di police
come sniffing around here,
putting my daughter's life at risk.
No, the police had a report
that you guys filed.
- We never report to no police.
- [Sharon] I did.
I had to do sumting to try and bring
her back after you make dem tek her.
Tek her? What could I do, Sharon?
Tell me. Huh?
[sighs] You said your fiancé had a power.
What is it?
Maybe he can use that
to bring Jasmine back.
Do you know where they took her?
Why? Why did they take her?
[reggae music playing in the background]
I have sickle cell from mi born.
[tense music playing]
And one day, Jasmine just
She touch mi,
and her eyes lit up,
and now mi no have sickle cell no more.
- She can heal?
- [knocking]
- When are you gonna be open?
- [Sharon] Open the door.
[door opens]
[Dionne] Gimme a call
if you hear from Jasmine.
[melancholy music playing]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Dionne] Hey.
I came back as soon as I could.
Is Mum all right?
Yeah, she's fine.
What happened?
She hasn't had a crisis in ages.
I don't know.
But they're looking after her.
She's gonna be okay.
[sighs] Thank God.
I don't know how to say this, so
Before you get into all of that,
I've got something I need to tell you.
- [Michael] That can wait.
- No, it can't.
That little girl, Jasmine Johnson,
she didn't run away.
She's got powers.
And there are these people that took her.
And I found this guy online,
he's also got powers,
and the same people took him.
- [Michael] Fuck's sake.
- I'm scared.
I told you to leave it alone.
- I told you to leave it alone.
- [Dionne] No, you didn't.
You barked an order at me
and expected me to sit
like I'm some kind of dog.
You're not telling me everything,
and I don't know why.
That's what I'm trying to tell you now.
No more secrets.
- When I went to the future
- [knocking]
- Are you expecting someone?
- [Dionne] No, it's probably just a parcel.
- Let me get rid of them.
- Wait.
I'll just get rid of them.
[Rod] Oh, uh, is Michael there, please?
- [Dionne] Who are you?
- [Rod] Sorry, I'm I'm Rodney.
[Dionne] Rodney?
- Easy. What's happening?
- [Michael] What you doing here?
- [Rod] Remember you sent me that text?
- Yeah. What's up?
Well, I've got some good news for ya.
Do you wanna do this in private?
[Michael] One minute.
- Michael.
- [Michael] Please.
Yeah, bro, last night I found
them other three you're looking for.
- What?
- [Rod] Yeah, swear to God.
They all had them
fucking crazy eyes like we do.
One of them's a bird
who works at the Belgrave Hospital,
the other one was a fucking street kid,
and the last one was a big strong geezer.
In fact, we leave right now,
I can take you straight to him.
- To Andre?
- If that's his name, yeah.
Where'd you see him?
Why you even helping me all of a sudden?
- If you ain't interested, bruv, I'll go.
- Okay. Look, I am.
- Yeah?
- I am.
- All right, we gotta go now.
- Now?
- Mike, I'm not stuttering, mate.
- Fucking hell.
Wait here.
[door opens and closes]
You've just been lying to me.
You've been out there doing God knows what
with all these people on your list,
while I've just been sitting here
thinking that you're safe at work.
What else are you hiding from me, Michael?
Will you just tell me everything
so I feel like less of an idiot?
I've gotta go with Rodney.
- Are you joking?
- [melancholy music playing]
Listen, D, when I get back, I promise
I will explain everything to you.
You promise? Like you promised before?
[breathes deeply] I've gotta go.
Michael, please.
[melancholy music continues]
I'm sorry.
[exhales deeply]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[electronic beeping]
[suspenseful music playing]
[siren blaring]
Is she all right?
Man's nan, you know, that's fucked.
[Dots] We're fucked, man.
So, what, is he just gonna come
to all of our houses now?
- We've gotta tell our mums to move?
- [Skreamer] No.
Fuck that.
Is man some dickhead or something?
Hear what I'm saying, innit?
Go to the other bandos.
- He has to be at one of them. You feel me?
- Nah.
Nah, he wouldn't be there.
He knows he crossed a line.
But I know somewhere he might be.
[laughing] No, you don't get it.
You don't.
Oh shit. Ay, that's Veronica.
Who? Where? What?
Bro, the girl in the blue tracksuit.
She lined us up with them Sixers.
I beg you pull this car over.
- [Skreamer] Fucking bitch.
- Pull over for what?
- We got hot shit in the car.
- [Twosie] Bro.
Pull the fucking car over!
Fuck's sake.
- [man laughs] Um, yeah.
- Think she's grating. She don't like me.
- No. Nah. Nothing.
- You just said it.
- I knew she was talking about me.
- [Twosie] Ay, yo, Veronica.
Yo, V.
Come on now, man, tell me
you didn't line us up with them youts.
Yeah, I set you up, and what? [chuckles]
What you gonna do?
I'm a raasclaat Six chick.
Chucky's coming out hospital real soon.
Try know all you Tower men are about to
- [Skreamer] Oh!
- [Twosie] Oh shit!
[dramatic music playing]
- [Dots] Yo, Tazer.
- [Veronica yelps]
Chill, bro.
Ay, Taze.
[Dots] Ay, Tazer, stop.
- Ay, Taze. That's enough.
- Get the fuck off me!
[Twosie] Chill.
- [Tazer] Fuck off!
- [Dots] Stop.
- [Skreamer] Not here.
- [girl] What the fuck? V, talk to me.
V, talk to me. Oh my God.
Someone help! Someone help me!
- I'll get help. I'll get you help.
- [Veronica groaning]
[Tazer breathes deeply]
[urban music playing]
- You sure this is the place?
- [Rod] Yeah, 100%.
I sell to half the people in the building.
I see him coming out all the time.
Here you are. That's his mate. Here
Here, go on. He'll know where he is.
Come on.
Hey. Hey, how you doing, mate?
You all right?
- Yo, what's up?
- Yeah, man.
- Have you got a mate called Andre?
- Andre?
- Nah, I don't know no one by that name.
- Bollocks.
Short, dark-skinned, stocky guy.
Come on, I see you with him all the time.
Nah, sorry, I dunno
who you're talking about, bro.
He's fucking lying.
- [kisses teeth] Shut up, man. Dickhead.
- Hey.
[Rod] Listen, I know you know
who I'm talking about.
He's like us, but he's strong.
If you don't tell me where he is,
I'm gonna fuck you up.
[Michael] Hey, hey, all right.
- I don't know who you're talking about.
- Hey.
Look, your friend is in danger.
Some people are after him
because of what he can do.
Now, we can help him.
Give me your number,
and I'll give it to him
Oh, right, so you fucking do know
who he is then, yeah?
No, give me his number.
All right.
[keypad clicking]
[line ringing]
[dramatic music playing]
This phone is ringing out.
How do I know this is him?
What do you mean? No, that is his number.
Look, there's there's me and him.
There's me, and that's my boy.
I don't know why he's not answering,
but I'll get him to call you back.
[line continues ringing]
- It's him.
- [Rod] I told ya.
Does he live local?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? What's his address?
- Allow it. I can't give you the address.
- What do you mean, "allow"?
I can't give you that, man.
Look, that's my darg.
I'll get him to phone you back later,
trust me. Today.
Make sure you do.
This is a matter of life and death.
Yeah. And if we don't hear from him,
you're gonna have to get a new job
'cause I'm gonna be coming here
every fucking day until I see ya.
Bro, I swear on my life, man,
I'll get him to phone you.
Can I go now?
Hurry up.
So, what now?
[Michael exhales deeply]
[keypad clicking]
[line ringing]
[phone buzzing]
[Shar] This is Sharleen. Leave a message.
Shar, where are you?
I hope you haven't done anything stupid.
Call me back.
I'm worried.
[Twosie] These houses are nice, bro.
It's kind of bait around here though, man.
They probably don't even have
Black people around here.
You see that yard over there?
- That's Krazy's mum's yard.
- Oh shit.
- That's demon time, you know?
- [Dots] His mum?
So, what you man thinking?
We run up in there, smack her about
till she tell us where he is?
Yeah, fuck it. Come, let's go.
Fam, I was joking.
You're a sick fuck, honestly.
You wanna be smacking mums about?
That's dead.
- These times, you just moved up a chick.
- What? You fucking all right, bro?
- She lined us up. That's different.
- [Skreamer] Brudda, fuck his mum.
Long as she tells us where he is,
she ain't got no problem.
- I am not troubling man's mum.
- [kisses teeth] Stay in the car then.
I'm staying as well, fam. I can't lie.
Mums are off-limits, fam.
But nans ain't, nah?
Of course they are,
but we ain't fucked like him.
- That's the difference.
- [kisses teeth]
- He checks on her every day.
- [suspenseful music playing]
All we have to do is wait.
[dog barking in the background]
[music intensifies and fades]
So, what now, then?
Um, we just wait here
and wait for him to come back.
Just wait here, yeah?
What a genius plan that is, Mike.
What's your plan, then?
- I ain't got one.
- No, no, no, no, no, what's your plan?
Because you've got
the exact same information I've got.
- So what's your genius plan?
- All right, I'm just joking.
No, I'm tired of everyone expecting me
to have all the answers.
All right? I'm a delivery driver,
not fucking MI5.
- Sorry about that.
- That's all right.
- [woman] Hey, it's heavy, this bag.
- [man] I'll grab it off you in a minute.
[keypad clicking]
Ain't you got his number?
- His friend's number, yeah.
- All right, well, give him a bell.
He's blocked me.
A hundred missed calls a day
ain't for everyone then.
[laughs] Look, sorry, bruv,
but you do lay it on a bit thick.
Listen, uh Mike,
when we find the other three, I
I need you
to do something for me, all right?
Yeah, what?
[Rod] My mate, Spud, he's
He's been beat up pretty bad, and
Well, the doctors are saying
he might not pull through.
And I was just kind of hoping
that maybe you could, you know,
rewind time back a little bit,
you know, before it happened.
- So that's why you decided to help me.
- Yeah, we're helping each other, ain't we?
- Listen, I don't know if I can.
- [Rod] You can try though, can't ya?
Look, I'm not being funny here, mate,
but this ain't some stupid random
superhero mission, yeah?
This is me trying to stop
the person closest to me from dying.
What the fuck
do you think I'm trying to do?
[dramatic music playing]
Listen, I ain't told you everything.
[dramatic music continues]
[electrical buzzing]
[female agent] Should we engage, sir?
[agents speaking indistinctly over radio]
[agent 1] No. But keep the agents
watching the estate.
I get it now, why you've been
so obsessed with finding us all.
What did she say when you told her?
[man 2] You got that new gym membership.
Fuck me, she don't know?
I don't blame you, mate.
I mean, I couldn't do it.
Hey, if Spud's right
about that butterfly thing,
you've probably added on years.
[phone buzzing]
- It's Andre.
- Yeah?
Michael speaking.
I heard you was looking for me.
Yeah, listen, if you just meet up with me,
I can explain everything
in full detail, all right?
[shakily] What do you want from me?
[agents speak indistinctly over radio]
[agent 1] Find out who's on the other end
of that phone.
[female agent] Yes, sir.
Should we inform Ray?
What'd he say? Bro, where you going?
He said he can't talk on the phone.
We gotta meet up so we can see
what this is all about.
[John] This sounds like a setup.
Yeah, well, I'll be down for anything,
whatever they wanna try.
Whatever it is,
I'd rather deal with it now
than when I'm on the street with AJ.
- I'm not putting his life at risk.
- Yeah, bro, I hear that, but
Ay, you ain't even opened
the safe yet, fam.
[siren blaring in the background]
[tense music playing]
[Andre] All that for nothing.
They must have cleared it
before you got to it, man. Shit.
Listen, all right, bro, it's minor.
Bro, I'll I know someone.
I can pattern this.
Pattern who, John? Pattern who?
- Bro, it's gonna be cool.
- How? How's it gonna be cool?
I'm I'm broke, bro. Broke. Yeah?
I just got AJ back. Just got him back.
You gonna pay Aisha?
You gonna pay my rent?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
That's what I fucking thought.
[footsteps receding]
[melancholy music playing]
[phone dings]
[keypad clicking]
[phone beeping]
Mrs. Johnson?
[door closes]
Mrs. Johnson, it's Dionne.
[keypad clicking]
[phone ringing]
Mr. Johnson, I'm not here
to cause any trouble.
Your wife contacted me in regards
to my fiancé, so that's why I'm here.
It's mi text you from her phone.
I knew you would come.
[breathes deeply] Look, I didn't waan say
nothing to Sharon,
'cause I don't waan get
her hopes up too high.
I know where dem tek Jasmine.
Same place dem ah go tek your man
if dem find him.
- Where?
- [Mr. Johnson] No.
Before mi tell you,
look, mi ah beg you ah favor.
Please, I need you
to help bring mi daughter back.
Mi ah beg you.
- [Twosie] Here, cuz.
- [Skreamer] Love, my bro.
[lighter flicks]
I swear down someone's watching us
from that window.
[chuckles] You're high, bro. 'Low it, man.
[siren blaring]
[Tazer] That's his mum.
[Skreamer] Hmm?
What, can you man hear them sirens?
[sirens continue blaring]
- [tense music playing]
- Ay, let's go.
- [engine starts]
- It's not for us.
Who the fuck else is it for?
Fuck, man.
- Bro.
- [Dots] Shh.
- What you doing?
- Fuck, man, it's a dead end.
[Tazer] Ay, give me your guns.
Now! Give me your guns, man!
Fuck's sake.
[Twosie] Go, go, go.
[tense music intensifies]
[officer 1] Shut the door.
Stay in the vehicle.
- Shut the door. Stay there.
- I'm too high for this shit, man.
I'm telling you, bro, I'm too
What the fuck, bro?
- We'll buss it after
- Fucking idiot.
- Bro, give it to me. Give it.
- Fucking hell, man.
- Shit.
- [Twosie] Where you gonna put it, bro?
- [officer 1] Come out with your hands up.
- [Dots] What we gonna do?
[officer 2] Get out of the car!
[officer 1] Out the car!
Get out of the car. Quickly now.
- All of you. Hands off the wheel.
- [Skreamer] Get off me! Fuck off! Get off!
- [officer 1] Hands off the wheel.
- [Twosie] Ay, calm down, bro. I'm moving.
[Skreamer] Fucking hell!
- [Dots] All right!
- Calm down.
- [Skreamer] Fuck!
- [officer 2] Hold still.
[Dots groans] Flip, man. My wrist.
- [officer 3] Don't move.
- [Twosie] Idiots, bro.
- [officer 2] Anything?
- [Skreamer] Ay, stop that, man.
- [officer 1] It's clean.
- [Skreamer] Exactly, it's clean, you hear?
- [officer 2] Shut up.
- [laughs]
- [officer 3] Stay there.
- Ay, let us go.
- [officer 2] Shut up.
- [Skreamer] Fuck you.
- Get off.
- [officer 4] Quiet.
- [Twosie] What's this about?
- [Dots softly] Oh fuck.
- [Skreamer kisses teeth] Fuck's sake.
- [officer 4] Shut up.
- [officer 2] Shush.
- [officer 4] I said shut up!
[tense music playing]
[dog growls]
- [dog barking]
- [officer 1] Check it out.
- Got something. Get 'em in the van.
- [officer 2] Up.
- [Skreamer] Get off.
- [Dots] What'd we do? It's not ours.
[Skreamer] You put it there.
Trying to frame us.
[officer 5] Looks like the dog's found
something. We're taking them in.
[Dots] Come on.
- [officer 4] Right, in the van.
- [Dots] It's not ours, though.
[melancholy music playing]
[kisses teeth]
[music fades]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Is this guy coming or what?
[tense music playing]
[Michael sighs]
[Andre chuckles]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Andre] What the fuck?
[music intensifies]
[epic music playing]
[Andre groans]
- [man grunts]
- [Andre groans]
[siren blaring]
[epic music continues]
[labored breathing]
[electrical crackling]
- [intense electrical buzz]
- [Andre groans]
[music stops]
[Michael] This is a joke.
[keypad clicking]
[line rings]
[John] Hello?
Yeah, Andre's supposed to be meeting us,
but he's not answering any of my calls.
Wait. He should've been there by now.
He lives five minutes away.
He left home an hour ago.
When was the last time you saw her?
Kayla, can you fucking concentrate
please? This is important.
Furthermore, just give me Craig's number.
What about his address?
Someone must have it.
[loud knocking]
[suspenseful music playing]
One second, that might be her.
Get Temi to call me.
[phone buzzing]
[shakily] One second.
Temi. Yeah, have you got Craig's number?
Yeah, yeah, Krazy. Krazy.
[breathing shakily] What?
Okay, call me back as soon as you get it.
Look, I don't mean to be rude,
but what are you doing here?
- You You said we can come.
- Because you said it was urgent.
[Michael] It is.
Look, I I don't know for sure,
but we think Andre might've been taken
by those hooded things.
So that means any one of us
could be taken next.
Who's "us"?
Everyone in that house yesterday
with the yellow eyes.
Who's the kid with the gun?
[tense music playing]
[alarm blaring]
[metal object rattling]
[music fades]
[heavy breaths in the background]
[tense music continues]
- [whooshes]
- [guns fire]
[music intensifies]
[heavy breathing]
[Tazer groaning]
[orb whooshes]
- [knife swishes]
- [grunts]
[man groans]
[music intensifies]
[breathes sharply]
[Tazer groans]
[electrical buzzing]
[energy rings]
[epic music playing]
[epic music continues]
[music fades]
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