Supacell (2024) s01e06 Episode Script


[action music playing]
[electrical crackling]
[dramatic whoosh]
[echoing] Rah!
Here, Michael,
how many powers you got, mate?
Be careful. Don't know how long
I can hold them for.
[action music playing]
Fuck it.
No, Tazer! Don't!
- [Tazer groans]
- [whoosh]
[Rod] Shit.
- [Tazer breathes heavily]
- [music fades]
- Why the fuck you bring me here?
- You was gonna kill it.
- What the fuck?
- I can explain. Let me get the others.
- [action music playing]
- That's all right.
I reckon we can take 'em.
- [whoosh]
- [Rod groaning]
[Sabrina whimpers]
[screaming in pain]
[action music intensifies]
[Sabrina breathing heavily]
[Rod continues groaning]
- Get back!
- [hunters groaning]
- [glass shatters]
- [bench cracks]
[hunters continue groaning]
[Sabrina breathes shakily]
[Rod groans]
[action music playing]
- [music crescendoes and stops]
- [hunter grunts]
[Sabrina exhales shakily]
[echoing] Come on.
[Rod screams]
[Michael exhales]
Hey. Is he
- Is he gonna be okay?
- [Sabrina exhales]
- Hey, Sabrina, snap out, and do something.
- [yells] Just give me a minute!
- [Michael] All right.
- [Sabrina breathing heavily]
I don't know.
Hey, you're gonna be all right, man.
You're gonna be okay.
[footsteps approaching]
He needs to get to a hospital right away.
His burns
They're healing.
[Rod] Oh yeah.
You should get some baby oil
and really get stuck in.
You can heal?
[Rod yelps]
You're gonna be all right, man.
Yeah. You didn't know that
when you and your mate fucked off, did ya?
Shit. [whooshes]
[Rod] Oh, mate.
Sorry, you ain't got any spare clothes
or anything, have ya?
[Michael] Yeah.
[Michael grunts]
[somber music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[sighs deeply]
- [computer beeping]
- [indistinct chatter]
Play it.
[keyboard clacking]
[boss] Closer.
[computer beeping]
She did that?
[man clears throat]
We sent her image off
for facial recognition.
We're awaiting the results
to build a profile.
So yesterday's operation was a failure?
- Our job
- [boss] I know what your job is.
I hired you.
Don't stop that video again
unless I tell you.
[keypad beeps]
How are they finding each other?
[mysterious music playing]
Someone must be helping them.
["Für Elise" playing]
[playing "Für Elise" on keyboard]
[plays wrong key and stops]
[continues playing "Für Elise"]
[plays wrong key and stops]
[bangs table and exhales in frustration]
[Mr. Johnson] Hey, baby girl.
- [Jasmine] Daddy?
- [Mr. Johnson] Yes, baby, it's me.
- [Jasmine] Daddy, when can I come home?
- [Mr. Johnson] Soon, baby, soon.
[Jasmine] You keep saying that, but when?
They make me use my powers all the time,
even when I'm tired.
Daddy, please. It hurts.
- They're hurting me, and when I
- [call disconnects]
[Mr. Johnson] Jasmine? Jasmine!
After that tape, she nah call again.
Here, let me, um
Let me help you. Write down your address.
I can take it to the police.
- I won't say your name,
- No. Police cyaan help.
The police don't have the power.
What does your man have?
[siren blaring in the background]
What power him have?
He can teleport.
He can freeze time.
Him have multiple powers?
Dat mean him can bring Jasmine back easy.
- I don't I don't know if he can
- No, mi now pay money if mi have to.
Mr. Johnson,
you don't have to pay me any money.
If you just write down the address,
I'll speak to Michael.
I'll see what I can do.
- But I can't make any promises.
- [Mr. Johnson exhales sharply]
Ashington Estate?
I know this place.
I used to have clients there. It's
Mr. Johnson, it's been empty for years.
They're knocking it down
and rebuilding it.
Look how long dem been saying dat.
You don't tink it's weird
how nuttin get knocked down?
Me and Sharon
been trying fi a child fi long.
[breathes deeply]
Have three miscarriages
before Jasmine come.
I love her so much.
Sometimes, I get overprotective, you know?
I just need to know where she deh.
Just to be safe,
I buy a tracker from Amazon.
One small little ting.
Put in her schoolbag. She don't know.
Di day when she go missing,
I follow di tracker,
and it tek mi deh, to di estate.
[somber music playing]
- Was she there?
- No, mi never see her.
But mi see her bag
just lying pon di ground.
And then mi phone ring.
Dem tell mi fi turn round and go home.
Them? Who's them?
The people that took her?
Dem say if mi don't do it,
Jasmine ah go dead.
- How did they know you were there?
- I don't know. But dem know my face now.
Mi cyaan risk it and go back.
But dem don't know yours.
And dem don't know your man.
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone buzzing]
[phone continues buzzing]
[Michael] This is Michael's phone.
Please leave a message.
[Dionne breathing shakily]
[keypad clicking]
[line rings]
[phone rings]
- All right, Dionne?
- [Dionne] Hi, Mum. You all right?
Um has Michael come to see you?
[Tina] No, he isn't. Why?
Is everything all right?
[Dionne] Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
Um, his battery's dead, and I just thought
that maybe he'd, uh
maybe he'd just stopped by at yours.
It's fine.
He'll probably be home in a minute.
[Tina] Okay, darling.
Well, call me if you need anything else.
All right.
- Bye. Bye, darling.
- [Dionne] Bye.
[breathing shakily]
[keypad clicks]
[Michael] This is Michael's phone.
Please leave a message.
[suspenseful music playing]
There's nothing there.
[man on television] Today,
you've come to one of the
Yeah, so then there's
there's been no change then?
[man on television]
If you play your cards right
All right.
Well, I'll be over to see him anyway.
You all right, mate? I'm Rodney.
- Where am I?
- [Sabrina] At mine.
What time is it?
- Nearly four.
- [Sabrina] Four in the afternoon?
- Yeah.
- [Sabrina] That can't be right.
[Rod, faintly] The powers
take a lot out of you.
You kind of run out of juice. Speaking of
[Michael] Hey, can I borrow
someone's charger, please?
- Ay, who the fuck are you?
- [tense music playing]
Get the fuck off me!
- [Rod] Relax!
- [Tazer] Watch it!
- [Dionne] That's enough!
- [Rod] Relax!
I get it. It's a lot.
But this is my house.
I don't mind you being here
even after you put a gun to my face,
but you're not gonna start
any trouble here. Do you understand?
You should actually be thanking Michael.
Because if it wasn't for him,
we wouldn't have been there to save you.
[Tazer sighs]
Those were the hooded things
you were talking about?
[Michael] Yeah. At first,
I thought they was trying to kill us,
but I was wrong.
- They're trying to take us.
- [Dionne] Take us where?
I have no idea.
Look, I don't know who they are,
but what I do know is that they're
after us because of our powers.
I've seen them twice before.
The other day with Rodney when they tried
to attack him, and the first time,
in the future.
[eerie music playing]
Hey! Hey!
- [banging]
- Let me out!
Hey! Let me out! Hey! Let me out!
[door buzzes]
[door closes]
- [knocking on door]
- [boss] Could you let them in, please?
[door buzzes]
[Jasmine] Stop dragging me.
You're hurting my arm.
[boss] Good morning, Jasmine.
[door closes]
[Jasmine breathing deeply]
[mysterious music playing]
[dramatic whoosh]
[breathes deeply]
[Jasmine breathing deeply]
Thank you.
[Jasmine sobbing]
[door buzzes]
[door closes]
It's good to meet you, Andre.
[Andre struggles]
You're probably wondering
why you can't break out of those handcuffs
like you did this cash machine.
Well, circumstances
may seem contradictory,
but we don't mean you any harm.
Could you just undo Andre's handcuffs
and wait outside?
[handcuff unlocks]
Thank you.
[door buzzes]
Now, the injection we gave you,
it works as an inhibitor.
It prevents you
from activating your strength.
[Andre sighs]
Look, man, look, if you want the money,
I'll give you back all the money.
- Please, I just I just wanna go home.
- Shh.
You're not in trouble.
We don't care about the money you stole.
In fact, we're happy you took it
because we probably
never would've found you.
[breathes deeply] So, what do you want?
I want to offer you a job.
A well-paid one,
so you won't have to break
into cash machines.
What type of job?
I want you to use your strengths
to bring in others like yourself.
You'll be on a regular salary,
and on top of that, you'll get a bonus
for every one you bring in alive.
[inhales] How much for them dead?
'Cause your people tried to kill me.
A human with supacell is not as easy
to kill as a regular human.
- S Supacell?
- Mmm.
So that's what this is?
[breathes shakily] So why do I have it?
Well, at least one of your parents
has sickle cell,
or they both had the trait.
And supacell is a mutation of sickle cell.
It's very rare, and even if you have it,
it can lay dormant in your body forever.
But it can also awaken,
given the right conditions.
Close proximity with another
activated supacell is most common.
Speaking of,
have you come across
any others with special abilities?
In particular,
any of these four individuals?
It's vitally important
they come in immediately.
Never seen any of them in my life.
They're very dangerous, Andre.
We just want to help them understand
and control their abilities.
And once we feel
that we've achieved that goal
and they're no longer a threat
to themselves or to others,
then they're free to go.
So you're helping them?
And you, of course,
you will get the same help.
But being an agent,
you won't be confined to these premises,
so you'll be able
to spend more time with your son
[tense music playing]
[dramatic sting]
In the future, we're a team.
We was getting ready to fight them.
Future me said they'd come for us.
He said we can stop them
if the five of us stick together.
If you're against them
why didn't you let me kill them?
Because no one needs to die.
We can stop them
without having to kill them.
We don't have to cross that line.
Once the five of us are together,
we can overpower them.
So, where's this Andre guy?
He was on his way to meet us,
but he never showed up.
- His friend thinks something happened.
- Those things might've already got to him.
- Yeah, it's possible, but we don't
- But what?
You said we need five.
There's only four of us.
Andre could be anywhere.
We just need to find him
The only person
I'm trying to find is my sister.
You, where's Craig?
- Krazy, or whatever you call him.
- I don't know where he is.
Do you know where he lives?
Where he hangs out?
[phone buzzing]
- [Dionne] Where you going?
- [footsteps receding]
[Sabrina] Excuse me!
[Krazy] Tayo, you're not crazy.
[exhales] You're not crazy, Tayo.
Though seeing you bringing
these little tramps to my mum's yard
is gonna make me show you what crazy is.
I'll start by shooting your gran
in her forehead repeatedly.
Come here and say that! Huh?
- Why you hiding? Let's settle this now.
- Link me.
A-Town, 8 p.m.
And try know, Tayo, if you ain't there,
plan your gran's funeral from now.
[tense music playing]
Was that him?
[music fades]
Was that Craig?
I need to know where he is.
- Move.
- You're not leaving until you tell me.
- [tense music playing]
- [Michael] Hey, hey, don't do this.
[sighs] Okay, don't do this. All right?
I nearly died trying to save your life.
I never asked you to.
Who raised you?
I hope those things come back for you.
- Yeah, so do I.
- Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Let me get your number.
- Here, take mine.
- [Michael softly] Yeah, please.
[keypad clicking]
[breathes deeply]
Krazy said he's at A-Town.
- [epic music playing]
- A-Town? What is that? Where is it?
[camera clicking]
[vehicle approaching]
[camera continues clicking]
[brakes screeching]
Yo, what you saying?
What you taking a picture of?
You want a picture of me?
Hey, you look good, though.
What's your name?
Sorry, I'm not interested.
Oh my Blud, did you hear
- [Rod] You sweet?
- [Michael] Yeah.
[phone dinging]
[exhales sharply]
[line ringing]
[phone buzzes]
- [Dionne] Michael?
- [Michael sighs] Yeah, hello, D.
Where are you?
I've been calling since yesterday.
Yo, fuck Michael.
Can't you see I'm tryna chat to you?
- Hey, Dionne, who's that?
- [Braggs] Ay, Michael, fuck you, blud.
Where have you been?
- [Braggs] Yo.
- Can you just leave me alone?
- Shut up about leave you alone.
- [tense music playing]
- Are you fucking deaf? Yo!
- [Dionne] I said, can you leave me alone?
Dionne, where are you? Dionne.
- [Braggs] Yo.
- [phone ringing]
[music intensifies]
- [Krazy] Link me in the A right now.
- Cool.
- [Michael] Tell me where you are.
- What?
Dionne, tell me where you are.
- [engine revving]
- [Dionne] I'm at the, um
- [Michael whooshes]
- [music stops]
He's starting to make
a bit of an habit of that, ain't he?
- [breathing shakily]
- [vehicle approaching]
[breathing heavily]
Hey. Hey, who was that? You okay?
[Dionne] I thought they had you.
What is this place?
What you What you doing here?
[sighs] I was looking for you.
I think that's the place
they take people with powers.
[suspenseful music playing]
[keypad clicking]
[sighs] This place doesn't exist.
I should've known he was lying.
Look, I don't know if he's waffling
or not, but A-Town is a real place.
- It's not coming up anywhere online.
- Yeah, it's 'cause it's a nickname.
They call it that
'cause anything goes down there.
So where is it? What's the actual name?
It's the old Ashington Estate.
- [computer beeping]
- [agent talking indistinctly over radio]
- [alarm buzzes]
- [automated female voice] Facial match.
Facial match.
Facial match.
[man] While the agents are recovering,
I need you to get us more time.
Retrieve all the assets today.
But, sir, we
Yes, sir.
I checked online, there's definitely
something dodgy about it.
All recent pictures have been removed.
There's no information
about the company that bought it.
There's no CEO, no trading history,
no financial records.
It's like the company doesn't exist.
I shouldn't have told you
not to go back to the estate.
I was just scared.
[Michael] Yeah, um
I shouldn't have lied.
Do you know how it feels when
the man that you
the man that you love
proposes to you,
wants you to be his wife?
And then the next minute,
he just acts like you don't exist.
It feels like the powers came,
and all of a sudden, I wasn't good enough.
[Michael] No, that's not it, I swear.
- We should put the wedding on hold.
- What?
You need to figure out
if this is what you still want
- This is all I want.
- now that circumstances have changed.
Think about the people you could help.
I don't care about those people.
I'm not a superhero.
- You could be.
- I don't want to be.
- Think about the lives you could save.
- The only life I'm tryna save is yours!
I don't need saving.
[Michael sighs]
Michael, you're gonna have to talk to me.
What is it?
[Michael sighs]
[somber music playing]
July 9th
It's not the day I went to the future.
It's the day
It's the day you die.
[somber music continues]
[softly] What?
[tense music playing]
[door banging]
[music intensifies]
[television playing indistinctly]
- [boss] Find me his location.
- [woman] Yes, sir.
[man clears throat]
The address was empty.
[indistinct chatter in the background]
[boss] It's not your lucky day, is it?
[siren blaring in the background]
[Dionne] I was thinking about
how you could wait so long to tell me,
but then
I put myself in your shoes.
There's never gonna be a great moment to
tell someone when they're gonna die, so
it's okay.
You said the people in the hoods do it?
Yeah, that's what he said.
- What did I do to them?
- You didn't do anything.
I always thought
I was gonna grow old like
- Like my grandma.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, you are.
You are gonna die old, yeah?
I'm gonna make sure of it.
[breathing shakily] Everyone has a date.
Knowing mine, at least I get to prepare.
[somber music playing]
I get to say goodbye to my mum.
I can make sure
that I don't waste one moment with you.
Let's get married, but like tomorrow.
[chuckles] Let's just go away
somewhere nice.
Hey, hey, no, no, no, we don't need to,
all right? I found them.
I found them.
If you're right and Andre's in there,
I'm gonna go in there and get him out.
It's just that everything you said
about the future has come true.
- So why would this be different?
- No, it's different.
It's different
because I went to the future.
I don't even think he can do that,
future me, I don't think he can do that.
I've stopped Tazer and Rodney
from getting taken.
There's this thing
called the butterfly effect, all right?
- [Dionne] Michael.
- No, listen. Listen
[Dionne] Michael!
[music fades]
- I don't wanna die.
- [softly] You're not gonna. You're not.
- I don't.
- You're not gonna die.
D D, you're not gonna die.
- But if this is God's will
- [Michael] There's no God.
'Cause if there was a God, he wouldn't
take you away from me, D. He wouldn't.
- [Dionne sobbing]
- He wouldn't take you from me.
He wouldn't take you from me.
- [melancholy music playing]
- [Dionne sobbing]
[Dionne continues sobbing]
[vehicle approaching]
[Rod] Answer your phone, man.
If I knew you was here,
I wouldn't have called you so much.
- You all right?
- Sorry, I didn't know you was calling.
What do you mean you didn't know?
How'd you know to meet us here then?
[Michael sighs] I didn't.
I came here for Dionne.
She reckons the old Ashington Estate is
where they've taken people with powers.
- If that's true, Andre will be in there.
- Why would they take them to A-Town?
What? A-Town's the Ashington Estate?
According to Tazer, Craig's in there,
which means Sharleen could be too.
Yeah. I reckon we jump in
that lovely little motor of yours
and catch them slipping.
What do you reckon?
D, I reckon you should just go home,
and I'll meet you there.
No. I don't wanna be by myself.
And I wanna help.
Plus, we both know today's not my day.
Guys, sorry to break it up,
but who's driving?
- I don't mind doing it if no one wants to.
- That's fine.
- Me and Michael will sit in the back.
- [Rod] Yeah? After you.
[car door opens]
[somber music playing]
[music fades]
- [engine stops]
- [car door opens]
[car door opens]
[Sabrina] Maybe there's another entrance.
[water trickling]
Look, it's a dead end, mate.
Get back in the car.
[gate scraping and rattling]
[tense music playing]
[siren blaring in the distance]
[tense music continues]
[man 1] Yo, I need something.
[indistinct chatter]
[man 2] No fucking time-wasters.
P's up front, yeah?
[woman] Hey.
- [Michael] What is this place?
- [Rod] Welcome to A-Town.
Absolute dive.
Yeah, I'll stick it here.
[object rattling]
- Hey. You all right?
- Yeah.
["2man Step" by DeeOrSlim playing]
It's a two man step
Me and KZ, uhh ♪
Lewisham, brikky ♪
[Braggs] What you saying?
We're all ready, yeah? Come on.
Bro, I see you.
It's not that hot ♪
Fuck it, do him with the flicky then
They can step with 50 men ♪
- [woman] Two. Thank you.
- [man] All right.
Man. Hey
Move, man.
- Fucking joke ting. Mmm.
- [Braggs] Ay, yo, AJ, lock off shop, man.
- It's that time.
- Joke ting, fam.
- [Braggs] To light up this Tazer yout.
- All right, the shop's closed. We're done.
- The shop's closed. Closed.
- [woman 2] I ain't got mine.
[AJ] Off you go.
- [Braggs] Yeah?
- [AJ] Joke ting. Hurry up, man.
- Silly. Silly. Silly.
- [Braggs] Yeah? AJ, you know.
- Hey.
- Ay, that's my likkle young G. Watch him.
Hey, do you recognize any of them?
That boy looks so young.
Fucking recruit 'em
from the womb nowadays.
Maybe there's another part.
Like another entrance
where people with powers are kept.
A-Town's just a drug den, mate.
Mr. Johnson was so sure
this is where they took Jasmine.
- ["2man Step" continues]
- [tires squealing]
What do you mean
I don't ride for my team? ♪
It was me that made beat
It's a two man step ♪
Me and KZ, uhh ♪
Lewisham, brikky then ♪
[Masher] Wagwan?
[Braggs] Wagwan?
Hold my thingy then
We got beef, but it's not that hot ♪
- What you sayin', you good?
- Yeah, man. 'Course.
- [Masher] Wagwan?
- [door opens]
- [Masher] What you man saying? Ready?
- [gangster 1] Come on, you know my ting.
Krazy, man. Make sure. I need to put
that Tazer yout in the ground today.
That's him.
- Who's that over there in the blue BM?
- [Braggs] What, is that a gyal?
- [tense music playing]
- Who is that?
[door opens]
Who is that?
You should go with them, babe.
They might need you.
- All right, just stay in the car, please.
- Okay.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
[action music playing]
[door closes]
Where's this bitch going?
[Braggs] She's nice, but who's them
two fucking youts, blud? What the fuck?
- [Masher] What, nobody don't know them?
- [gangster 2] Mad.
[Braggs] Why's she walking
with confidence like that?
- [Masher] Crazy.
- What the fuck's going on right now?
[gangster 2] Who the fuck are these?
- [Braggs] What the fuck? You crazy?
- Where's Sharleen?
- You're fucking done.
- I'm not gonna ask you again.
[gangsters clamoring]
[gangster 2] What the fuck?
- [gangster 3] Look at her fucking eyes!
- [gangster 1] Her eyes! Shit! Let's cut!
- [whoosh]
- [gangster 4] Fucking hell, blud!
- [gangster 5] Witchcraft!
- [gangster 6] What the fuck?
[Braggs] Ay. Ay, move, man!
- Boys, we just got here.
- [cars departing]
[Krazy groans]
[Michael] Hey, hey.
He ain't gonna be able
to tell you anything if you kill him.
He took my sister.
[Krazy groans]
[Tazer] You said A-Town at 8.
Fuck are you waiting for?
He hasn't told me where she is yet.
[electrical buzzing]
[electricity firing]
- Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
- [horn honking]
[suspenseful music playing]
Do it.
- [Tazer grunts]
- [Rod] Watch out!
[Michael] No!
[breathes heavily]
[somber music playing]
[Rod and Tazer breathe shakily]
[epic music playing]
Michael. Michael. Michael, get up.
Michael, get up.
- I reckon I can run us out of here.
- I ain't running nowhere.
- What's the point? They'll find us again.
- [Rod] Just giving you the option.
[music continues]
Craig, if I was you, I'd come over here.
Those things behind you are dangerous.
[Krazy] Dangerous?
[chuckling] Dangerous?
Dangerous like you, Sabrina?
Or dangerous like me?
What the fuck?
[Sabrina exhales sharply]
[electricity fires]
[Sabrina grunts]
[epic music continues]
No. Leave him! Leave him!
Leave him alone, please!
[Dionne groans]
[Krazy grunts]
[fireball whooshes]
I can't wait to try that one.
Ah. You thought you lot was the only ones.
You're babies.
We're the fathers.
Where's Sharleen?
They took her.
They thought she was the one
with the powers.
But it was you all along, Sabrina.
But hear what I'm saying.
I'm sure we can come to some sort
- Bruv, do you ever shut up?
- [Krazy groans]
- [hunters 1 and 2 groan]
- [hunter 3] Got ya.
[hunter 3 grunts]
[Rod groans]
[breathing heavily]
[Tazer breathes heavily]
[Krazy sniffs]
[Sabrina breathes heavily]
[Tazer yells]
Where is he? Where'd he go?
[fireballs firing]
[epic music continues]
[fire roaring]
[Krazy] Where's the goggles?
Find me the goggles.
Find them.
Oi. Open the portal. Let me get him in.
Where's the fucking goggles?
Can't see him without them.
- [Sabrina breathes shakily]
- [Krazy] Give me the fucking goggles.
[Sabrina screams]
- [hunter 4 groans]
- [bricks clatter]
[Sabrina grunts]
[epic music continues]
[hunter 4 struggling]
[Sabrina gasps]
[hunter 4 coughs and chokes]
[hunter 5] Karla!
- [screams]
- [wind blowing]
[Sabrina gasping]
[wind whooshing]
[Andre] Ray said to bring them in alive.
- [Sabrina groans]
- [Andre] She can't breathe.
[hunter 3 chuckling]
[Sabrina gasping]
[blade swishes]
[Sabrina groans]
[hunter 5 choking and gagging]
[dramatic music playing]
[music intensifies]
[electrical buzzing]
- [hunter 3 yells]
- [electricity fires]
Ay, yo. Ay, open the portal, man.
Let me get him in. Come on.
Is anyone listening?
Can we open a portal, please?
- We'll come back for the rest.
- [hunter 3] Kraze, he's right.
We can't go back empty-handed again.
- Look, we can't take what we can't see.
- Shut the fuck up.
I'm here.
I thought you wanted to settle this. Huh?
You like playing ghost, innit?
I can make you one permanently.
You're a big man
for hide-and-seek, you know. Tayo!
Where are you? Pussy!
[electricity firing]
I thought I raised you better than this.
We don't hide, blud.
- Huh? Huh?
- [blade swishes]
[Andre groans]
[music continues]
- [portal buzzing]
- [Krazy] Brudda, what the fuck you doing?
- [Tazer screams]
- [music stops abruptly]
[Michael groaning]
[Michael grunts]
[low mysterious music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[Michael whooshing]
Dionne. Dionne, Dionne, Dionne.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, you okay? You okay?
What happened?
Oi, what happened?
I was I was trying to stop them
from taking you.
Listen, I'll take you to a hospital now.
No, I'm fine.
You need to help these guys first.
No. Listen, it's not safe here.
Get in the car and go home.
- [Dionne] I'm fine.
- Dionne, just go, please.
- Please.
- Okay.
All right.
- Come. Go, go, go.
- Be careful.
[low mysterious music continues]
[Andre groaning]
Hey, Andre, it's me. It's Michael.
It's the guy on the phone.
What you doing with these people?
They're dangerous. They ain't no good.
- That's what they said about you four.
- No. No, they're lying.
They're lying, Andre. They're hunting us.
We're just protecting ourselves.
Look, I didn't want any part
of this shit, man. I'm flat out.
Yeah, I needed the money,
but they threatened me.
- They threatened me with my son. Yeah?
- [Michael] Okay. Okay. Okay, I understand.
So join me.
Join us, and together, we can stop them.
We can put an end to this.
[sighs] I can't control it any longer.
You're supposed to be with us.
I've seen it.
[both breathing heavily]
Ah, shit.
[Michael yelling]
[action music playing]
[hunter 3 grunting]
Oi. Come here, bruv.
Yeah, run then.
Run, you prick.
Ain't fucking working, is it, bruv?
Come on.
[Krazy grunts]
- [Dionne screams]
- [thudding]
- [breathing shakily]
- [Tazer coughs and groans]
[Krazy grunts]
Leave him alone!
Leave him alone!
He's just He's just a kid!
He's just a kid!
- [Tazer grunts]
- [Krazy chuckles]
I told you, don't miss.
[action music continues]
- [both grunt]
- [Sabrina groans]
- [hunter 3] Dumb bitch.
- [softly] Fuck.
[Tazer groaning]
Is this the infamous Tazer blade?
- How much blood you spilt with this?
- [Tazer choking]
It's only right your blood touches it too.
Ay, yo, the boss wants them alive, bruv.
They can go in alive.
- Take them.
- [kisses teeth]
But you're going somewhere else.
The fuck you doing?
[Andre screams]
- [epic music playing]
- [Krazy groans]
[hunter 3] You fucking snake.
[Andre continues groaning]
Hit him!
[Andre grunts]
[hunter 3 groans]
[music fades]
[Andre continues groaning]
[hunter 3 groans]
[hunter 3 exhales and kisses teeth]
[suspenseful music playing]
[softly] Shit.
Ay, what? You think that's enough?
[Sabrina screaming]
[scaffolding clatters]
[Sabrina breathing heavily]
[Rod whooshing]
You all right?
[Sabrina] Yeah.
Lucky you got involved back there.
I was about to do him.
- [somber music playing]
- [Andre breathes heavily]
[Michael whooshes]
Hey. Hey, hey, D, you okay? Are you okay?
- Look at me. You're safe now.
- Yeah. Okay.
- You're gonna be okay. I found them.
- [Dionne] Okay.
[Andre groaning]
Put pressure on the wound.
It will stop the bleeding.
[somber music continues]
- [Andre groans]
- [Sabrina] You'll be all right.
Thanks. Well, I guess we're even now.
- [Krazy exhales]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[Michael] We're good. All right?
Let's get out of here.
He's getting up. He's getting up.
[Michael] What?
All right, just stay in the car, okay?
Stay in the car!
[Krazy groaning]
[breathes sharply]
- [Michael whooshes]
- Hold on. I ain't got no power left.
I ain't a threat,
and this shit ain't personal.
Sabrina, I can take you to Shar.
But without me,
you ain't seeing her again.
How you gonna take us to her
if you don't have powers?
They gave me a device.
It's in my back pocket.
Trust me, I can open a portal.
There's people in there that need saving
since you lot love playing heroes so much.
they had your mother in there for years.
She tried to escape.
They killed her.
You're lying. He's lying!
How the fuck am I gonna lie? Huh?
You wanna go there.
I need to take you there.
It's a fucking win-win.
Yeah, he gets paid,
but there's no guarantee you'll get out.
Let's just see if this device is working,
and then we'll figure it out from there.
Sweet. I'll get it.
Hang on. It's just a phone.
- [action music playing]
- [Rod and Michael groan]
[Andre groans]
[Dionne screaming]
[Tazer groaning]
[music stops]
Tell your mum I said wagwan. [chuckles]
[Tazer continues groaning]
[somber music playing]
[Michael groaning]
[breathing heavily]
[crying] Michael.
- [Krazy whooshes]
- [Dionne yelping]
[Michael screams]
D! [screams]
[Michael whooshes]
[Krazy coughs]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [exhales sharply]
- [Michael whooshes]
- [screams]
- [Krazy groaning]
[Michael screams]
[breathing heavily]
Why'd you do that?
He was He was gonna kill us all.
I had no choice. He was gonna kill us.
I had to rewind time
'cause he was gonna kill us all.
How am I gonna find Sharleen now?
All right, look,
we're all together now, all right?
So, Mike, just, uh, I don't know,
do your time-travel thing
and maybe we Mike! [whooshes]
- [Michael grunts]
- [gun fires]
[glass shatters]
That was lucky. [chuckles]
[Michael groans]
[dramatic music playing]
[Michael] Dionne!
Hey, hey, hey, wait. Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
[Dionne choking]
[Michael] Hey. No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no. Dionne.
[exhales sharply] It's gonna be okay.
Hey. Help!
- Help!
- [Rod whooshes]
[Michael] Hey, Dionne. No.
No. No, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, Dionne, we're gonna make it.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no. Help her!
Fucking do something!
- [Dionne continues choking]
- No, no! No, no, no, no.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Stay with me, D. No. Stay with me.
Please do something! Do something!
[breathing heavily]
No. Dionne, stay with me.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
- Stay with me, please, Dionne. Dionne.
- [Dionne groans]
[Michael] Dionne.
[crying] Please, somebody do something.
Do something.
No, Dionne, no.
[dramatic music crescendoes]
[dramatic whoosh]
[music fades]
[train passing]
[horn honks]
[indistinct chatter]
This is it. Right over here.
Right here.
- [knocking]
- Why are the doors shut?
- [woman 1] Hello.
- Hi. Look, so sorry, ladies.
- But we're closed this evening.
- [woman 2] But we normally come
Come tomorrow, cocktails on me, okay?
- [woman 1 sighs]
- [woman 3] Oh no.
- I know. Sorry. Tomorrow, I promise.
- It's all right.
- There's a bar that way.
- [Gabriel] Okay.
[woman 4] Okay. Let's head to a bar.
[women continue speaking indistinctly]
[Spud] You know when you go invisible,
how does it feel?
[Rod] Bloody hell, are you still talking?
Here, take that.
- [Spud] He can go invisible.
- [Rod] Yeah, I know, mate.
He's a pal of mine.
[footsteps approaching]
Hang on, one sec, mate.
[dramatic music playing]
[music crescendoes and falls]
I appreciate you for coming.
Yeah, 'course, mate.
Well, I mean,
it's a bit soon though, innit?
- It's only been a few days.
- The sooner we get this done, the better.
I thought you said nothing can be done
once a person's gone.
I'm not trying to bring her back.
- [low dramatic music playing]
- I know she's gone.
I'm going to the future.
Finding out who's behind this.
Who hired Krazy
and the rest of them to come after us.
Who took your sister.
[music intensifies]
Who murdered your mother.
Who's threatening our lives
and our families.
Who this Ray guy is.
Who really took her from me.
I'm going to the future,
getting all the information I can,
and when I come back,
they're all gonna fucking pay.
[lights buzz]
[epic music playing]
[Michael whooshes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[fire crackling]
[computer beeping]
[agents speaking indistinctly over radio]
["Für Elise" playing]
["Für Elise" stops]
- [lock beeps]
- [door opens]
- [continues playing "Für Elise"]
- [door closes]
[door opens and closes]
[somber music playing]
[door buzzes]
[door closes]
[Krazy chuckles softly]
That was close, Ray.
I thought I was a goner.
You were.
You had maybe one breath left.
Well, I appreciate you for saving my life.
You won't regret it.
[inhales deeply]
What's the boss saying?
- [door buzzes]
- Well, you can, uh
Well, you can ask her yourself.
[door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
[inhales sharply]
- I know I fucked up.
- [Victoria chuckles]
- But next time, there's no way
- [Victoria] Next time?
Next time?
You remember I took you out of prison?
You remember
I allowed you to sell your drugs?
I saved your life on multiple occasions.
Now, Craig,
what did I get in return?
[tense music playing]
[Krazy breathes deeply]
I need one more chance.
- [Victoria] Mmm.
- I know what I'm dealing with now.
Well, Krazy
so do I.
- My activation's one of a kind.
- [door buzzes]
No one else can do Ray, talk to her!
Give me one more chance!
[door closes]
- [door buzzes]
- [Krazy] No one else can do what I do!
- Give me one more
- [gun firing]
[elevator beeps]
[Ray] It's, uh
It's fully updated as as requested.
You know he's not the only one
who failed me, don't you?
Against my better judgment,
I allowed you to do things your way.
now we do things my way.
[elevator beeps]
[epic music playing]
[music fades]
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