Supah Ninjas (2011) s01e02 Episode Script


Please, don't hurt me.
I have a family.
Shh! Ooh, that's gonna leave a nasty little mark.
Hostage eliminated.
Hostage eliminated.
Loser, loser.
Thank you, Yamato.
Your point has been made.
You hesitated.
Why? I-I didn't have a clear shot.
Did you not have a clear shot, Hmm, Or a clear mind? Emotion can be the enemy of the ninja.
If your judgment is clouded, You are at a disadvantage.
And it could've led to someone getting seriously hurt, Like Amanda, or even worse, me.
Please don't tell me you didn't throw.
Just because I'm a girl.
No way.
You're a girl? I didn't even notice.
Yeah, fukanaga, That's what every girl wants to hear.
You know what I'm thinking right now? That we're gonna miss the movie.
If my dad doesn't hurry up? Not quite.
I'm thinking that if you.
Pulled your head out of your dojo, Told Amanda how you felt, You'd be seeing this movie with her.
I told you.
I'm keeping it professional.
I've decided to move on.
- That's what you said about Mr.
Sleepy night-night blankie, But I know you're still hidin' them under your pillow.
Sorry, boys, I hope you understand.
Police business.
No problem, dad.
What's going on? Oh, last night, the museum was robbed.
Witnesses describe a woman in a tight red leather body suit.
Who uses deadly handcrafted weapons.
Authorities are calling her Katara.
Sorry, I didn't hear anything.
After "tight red leather body suit.
" Well, another rare exhibit is being brought in, And they've asked yours truly to head up security.
Wow, nice job, dad.
Come on.
Come on.
Maybe I could be of some assistance, ma'am.
Oh, thank you, officer.
Just jobbin' my do.
I doing my job.
You you okay? Sure.
We trained for this at the academy.
Maybe there's someone you can call with a spare key.
Like a husband or a boyfriend.
Or a life partner? Hey, it's 2011.
I'm afraid not.
I'm still single.
I'm almost there.
You know, if you could just reach that Right yeah, okay.
Right there.
You did it.
My hero.
Oh! Sorry.
My mistake, I They're perfect for each other.
I'm Catherine.
Catherine sharp.
Martin fukanaga.
My son Mike and his friend Owen.
Emphasis on the "his.
" Hi.
Well, you're wife is very lucky.
To have such a gentleman for a husband.
Um, actually my wife passed away several years ago.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
Look, is there some way I can thank you for helping me? I mean, I would even if your wife was alive, Although I'm glad she's not.
I didn't I didn't mean it like that.
I just meant I'd like to repay you.
For being so handsome helpful.
I could go for some frozen yogurt.
Dad, you like yogurt.
- I do, but non-dairy.
I'm lactose-intolerant.
So am I.
Nicely done, ninja.
Okay, we've been up here for two hours, It's cold, and I can't feel my toes in these ninja booties.
Katara struck three cities, Each time hitting more than one gallery.
Based on her past scores, this is her most likely target.
Well, museums bore me.
Owen, we're on top of one, not in one.
So did your dad follow in the fukanaga tradition.
And not call Catherine again? No.
Matter of fact, they're going out again.
Sweet, yo.
Man's a player.
You seem pretty cool about your dad dating again.
Yeah, it's time.
My mom's been gone for five years.
He deserves to be happy.
Guys, over there.
Give it up, Katara.
I've got you.
Don't drop me.
Nice catch.
Museums still bore you? Not this one.
Agh! You just got burned.
She's gone.
Good, because I was getting tired of those knives.
Got it.
Uh, Catherine? I couldn't remember if I was picking you up.
Or you, me.
- Uh - You.
You were picking me up, weren't you? - Yeah.
- Oh.
Now I just look desperate.
Okay, I, um I'm gonna I'm gonna go home and feel mortified.
Hold on, it's okay.
Come in.
I'll grab my coat.
Hey, Mike, nice to see you.
You too.
Uh Oh, thanks.
Everything all right? Sure.
All set.
So who's dating what now? Run that by me again.
My father is dating Katara.
Catherine is Katara.
You're kidding, right? She showed up last night with a burn on her leg.
In the exact same spot Katara was burned.
That's it? That's all you got, matching boo-boos? I'm telling you, it's her.
Mike fukanaga, this is not training.
You must concentrate.
I am concentrating.
Your opponent would disagree.
Move aside, dust bunny.
Doesn't anyone care I pushed my dad into dating a knife-wielding assassin? I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Owen.
You cannot intercede in your father's relationship.
Based only on matching boo-boos.
I didn't hear anything after "I agree with Owen.
" Mike, it's possible that seeing your father.
With another woman.
Is bringing up some complicated subconscious emotions, Latent feelings of hostility.
You're a little weirded out.
She could've just said that up front.
Ninjas got to learn to simplify.
Am I right, hologramps? I find it helps if you talk to them slowly.
That was close.
She's Katara.
Mike, I'm glad you're here.
Catherine's been nice enough to make us dinner.
I'll go wash up.
This is only for family.
Oh, I get it.
We'll catch up with you later.
You understand.
You're not going anywhere.
And that's when I knew the man loved spoken word poetry.
More than he loved me.
You are a delight.
You know, Catherine, My man Martin may look all soft and doughy, But he's all business when it comes to business.
So, Martin, Being a police man must be very exciting.
Yeah, it's fun knowing you probably caught the right guy.
As a matter of fact, I recently was given a very important new assignment.
Really? But it's a secret assignment, so you can't talk about it, Because it's a secret.
I think we're in safe company, Mike.
So there's been a series of burglaries.
So tomorrow night, I'm heading up a security detail.
At the empire museum.
Ooh, sounds dangerous.
I hope you won't be alone.
Oh, no, no, no.
There'll be five of us, Officer sandusky, penwell, ross Thud! Ow! Sorry, dad.
Okay, enough talk.
Dad! What was that? Sorry.
I-I thought you were choking.
You have got to chill.
Lucky shot? She nailed the fly from 10 feet away.
What are you doing? This is not the time to check your makeup.
It's Catherine's.
If you want to find out about another woman, Search her purse.
Oh, no.
She is Katara.
I hope you guys are still hungry.
Ooh! Sorry.
Seemed to be the only option.
Right, it was very Very stealthy of you.
- Brownie? - Love brownies.
Nothing? How could the police search Catherine's apartment.
And find nothing? We used the address we found on her license.
She must have another hideout.
That's too bad.
I used my best anonymous tip voice yet.
I need to speak to burglary homicide, baby.
I need to right now.
Perhaps next time you might allow Yamato to try.
Hello, police? There's a woman with large knives.
Threatening the neighbors.
Please hurry.
And scene.
That's not bad.
I have to tell my dad he's in danger.
His security detail is tonight.
You want to tell him how you know? "oh, hey, dad, nice shirt.
And by the way, I'm a ninja.
" I don't care.
It's my dad.
I have to protect him.
Of course.
But you also must protect your identity as a ninja.
Revealing that would only serve.
To further cloud your father's judgment.
Your grandfather's right.
This woman's in his head, Mike.
He's definitely not thinking straight.
She knew how he felt, And she played him like a fiddle.
A sad, lonely, pathetic fiddle with a badge.
A powerful opponent.
Will always learn where you are most vulnerable.
And turn it against you.
You must now find Katara's weakness.
And use it to defeat her.
Right on, hologramps.
We'd be lost without you and Yamato.
I don't sound like that.
Do I? Smack! Okay, folks, right this way.
Follow me, please.
Dad, can we talk? What's up, Mike? I'm running a little late.
I think you should stay home tonight.
Forget your assignment.
What? I need help with my homework.
You need my help with homework? Actually, I'm not feeling very well.
Really? You don't look sick.
I need you to stay away from Catherine! All right, Mike.
What's going on? I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have pushed you into dating so soon.
You know, I thought this might happen.
Catherine is the first woman I've been with.
Since your mother.
Yeah, that's it.
I'm not emotionally ready for this.
I thought I was, but I'm still young and vulnerable.
Oh, Mike, what you're feeling is perfectly normal, But my relationship with Catherine.
Is a long way from serious.
It's still very new.
So new.
Look, I promise we'll talk about this in the morning.
What if there is no morning? Don't leave me alone.
You will never be alone.
You always have Mr.
Sleepy night-night blankie.
Keep your eyes open.
No way anyone's getting in here tonight.
Yes, sir.
Martin fukanaga.
Rosso? All clear on the East wing.
I hate that.
It's always right after someone says "all clear" That something bad happens.
It's the kiss of death.
- Kiss? - What are you talking about? That is so not relevant.
What does that have to do with anything? Can we just focus on work? Okay.
What's going on with you two? You've been acting weird all day.
What? Okay.
But I'm watching you, fukanaga.
Catherine, what are you doing here? How'd you get in? One of your officers was kind enough.
To let me see you, Although I did have to convince him.
I made you cookies.
Oh, that's really sweet, But you can't stay.
It's too dangerous.
I'm sorry I broke the rules.
One cookie, then I'll go.
What do you think? Mm, it's a good cook I really liked you, Marty.
Something's wrong.
It's too quiet.
There's no way Katara could've gotten in.
The alarm's are still up and running.
Unless she's already in.
Martin fukanaga.
Signs says don't touch the artwork.
Another reason I don't like to go to museums.
More knives.
That's it.
That's her weakness.
No, no, no! I am not a fish! Let her go, Katara.
Happy to.
Right after I walk out that door.
I don't think you want to take the chance.
Of hurting your friend here, do you? My guess is you care a great deal about her.
The question is, What do you care about, Katara? Catch! No! Seriously? How'd she She's gone.
She makes a mess, And we're stuck cleaning it up.
And we were never here.
He should lay off the donuts.
Time to go.
Rosso? Still all clear, sir.
Been quiet all night.
"I hope you understand.
"I couldn't pass up the chance "to study in Paris.
Under renowned chef beya yonce.
" Wow, that sounds impressive.
She really liked you, dad.
Yeah, it still would've been nice.
To say good-bye in person.
How about you and me grab a burger, Marty? I'll keep an eye out for single moms.
Chef beyonce? It was really sweet of you, Mike.
So Just checking about the other night.
The other night? You know, when we Oh, yeah.
Of course.
It was just business, right? Yeah.
Well, I got to go.
See you tomorrow.