Supah Ninjas (2011) s01e05 Episode Script


And so this guy is staring right at me, and I'm all I will karate chop your face right off, buddy.
And then bam, I karate chopped his face clean off.
You really do that, Frank? Well, no, but it totally could have if I wanted to.
Hey, you hear something? Hey, buddy, you can't Ugh! That's it.
Ahh, I can't take it any longer.
How long do we have to stay in these stupid poses? Discipline is often the difference between victory and defeat.
A great ninja can remain frozen in one spot for hours.
My dad must be the greatest ninja who ever lived.
I don't get it.
'Cause his dad sits in a recliner all day, and he stays still.
I'm sorry.
I mean to say that joke is as dead as your grandfather.
Too soon? Attention, all units.
Armored car robbery outside empire city national bank.
All units respond.
Another armored car robbery? That's the second one this week.
Says here it was a group called the subsiders.
They attack in broad daylight.
Witnesses say they just disappear into thin air.
In front of hundreds of people? How are they pulling that off? They have to be going somewhere.
I say we walk the crime scene the exact time.
The robbery went down, see if we can find anything.
You guys see anything, any obvious escape routes, secret doorways.
I got nothing.
Owen, how about you? Mmm Nothing here either.
Why do you sound Are you eating? Uh, no, I've got cold The flu.
It's my asthma acting up.
I can't believe you.
Come on.
We've been here for hours, which reminded me of all our late-night stakeouts, which got me thinking about steak, which led to cow, which led to chicken, which led to dog, hot dog.
According to police records, this is the exact time the last armored car was hit.
Hello, beautiful.
Yeah, it's new.
It's got a GPS locater on it, so don't even think about taking it.
Whoa, whoa, first, I have never taken anything from you.
You just loaned it to me without knowing.
Second, besides your mp3 player, your bathrobe, and you power juicer, what have I ever borrowed of yours? You have my power juicer? Dude, I need that to power juice.
Uh, guys, they're doing it again.
- Owen, wait.
- We can't just let them go.
We're out of uniform.
What are you doing? And now I'm just talking to myself.
We can't do this, not in public.
Well, I know I can't do that.
James? Maybe it wasn't him, Owen.
I think I know what James looks like, Mike.
I just can't believe he's robbing banks.
So who is this James guy, anyway? A kid from the neighborhood a few years older than me.
His family was kind of messed up.
Anyway, one summer, Mike broke his leg, was completely useless, so James and I hung out.
He taught me everything, even my unstoppable jump shot.
Yeah, it's pretty stoppable.
Believe it or not, back then, people didn't always get my humor.
We still don't.
He got beat up a lot.
Well, at least James had my back.
I had a broken leg.
At the end of the summer, James kind of disappeared.
Hey, look what I found.
It's a map of an abandoned subway line.
Those tunnels weave all throughout the city.
In fact, some of them connect to this very dojo.
Really? Grandpa, why didn't you tell us this before? I don't tell you everything.
The dojo holds many secrets.
You will learn them when you are ready.
These tunnels line up perfectly.
With the locations of the robberies.
So the subsiders are getting away by going down, not up.
What are we waiting for? Let's go down there and get James out.
If he's in trouble, I need to help him.
Before the cops find him Or worse.
We can't just go into the sewers blind, Owen.
It's a maze down there.
Yeah, and you get lost going from lunch to p.
Okay, okay, I get it.
It's not like I'm gonna go into the tunnels alone.
Yelling jajames' name.
Okay, nothing to be afraid of here, Owen.
There's no such thing as a mutant rat king.
Who lives in the sewer.
That was just I a movie.
Ahh, rat king.
Ahhhh! See, nothing to be afraid of.
All right, listen up.
When this hood comes off, somebody is in for a serious butt whooping.
Hey, guys.
How's everybody doing today? What you doing down here? You some kind of cop? No, man.
Teen cop.
That's like a bad tv show.
I was at the atm when you guys took down that armored car.
By the way, someone here owes me 20 bucks.
The truth is, I like your style, all that jumping and climbing and flipping.
And I love your mask, very phantom of the opera, but in a good way.
Okay, it's official.
I'm hanging with you guys.
I hate to be the one to break this to you, but all positions are currently filled.
Get rid of him.
I know him.
His name's Owen.
He's cool.
Right, Owen? Yeah Yeah, I'm cool, real cool, other-side-of-the-pillow cool.
You don't look cool.
Well, how about now? Or maybe you'll like my kanye.
Back off, viper.
If he was a cop, why would he come down here alone? The last time I checked, you weren't our leader.
The last time I checked, neither were you.
Okay, but I'll be watching.
Yeah? Well, that makes two of us.
You should have come down here, man.
No, I shouldn't have hit that chair.
Nice to see you, James.
I don't go by James anymore.
It's spider now.
Spider? Don't tell that's 'cause you eat bugs.
You always were funny, man.
Don't forget devilishly handsome.
Hey, Amanda, do you know where Owen is? I haven't seen him all day.
Oh, no.
What are you gonna do? Do you need someone to escort you to the little boys' room? But it's Tuesday Taco Tuesday.
He never misses taco Tuesday.
Even that time the bee stung him and his head swelled up.
Something's wrong.
You know what's wrong? This.
This is what's wrong.
That's just mud, right? Yeah, sure.
Hey, moss and Toad.
The little guy is roach.
That's rat.
Hey, rat, give me some cheese.
Anyway, how'd you end up down here? I was fed up with life up there.
You know, playing by everybody else's rules, people in my face all the time.
I hated it.
Then the subsiders found me.
They gave me a new name and a new home.
And taught me that the only way to truly be free.
Is to upset the social order.
It's freedom in chaos, Owen.
Yeah, that's good and all, but the real reason I came to talk to you was Holy mother of awesome.
Is that a chocolate fountain? Ohhh.
Still no answer.
I bet he went down there.
We have no way of knowing that.
Look, if he doesn't show up by nightfall, we'll go searching for him.
Look who it is, Mr.
action guy and his Nemesis Gary.
"Oh, Gary, I'm gonna fight you.
" "No, we can avoid fighting with an open discussion.
On our feelings.
" Sorry, looks like Gary need to talk.
It's not Gary.
It's Steve.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying the best I can.
Why can't you just think of me as one of the guys.
Maybe it's the lip gloss Or the lips.
What? Look, it's just not the same without Owen here.
I don't know why, but it feels like the stressful force.
Has been magically lifted from my life.
I was starting to get this bulging vein on my forehead, and everything smelled liked burnt toast, but now I feel Fantastic.
I just can't help thinking Owen's out there alone In trouble.
This place is off the hook And the chain.
I told you.
We can do whatever we want down here, man.
Okay, so what's next, another game of foosball, some ping-pong.
Is that chocolate fountain still running? I was thinking we play a different kind of game.
Well, I'm up for anything.
What is it with you guys and hoods? Oh, that can't be good.
Initiation time.
Congratulations, your first bank.
Isn't this great, Owen? This is what it's all about.
Yeah, robbing banks is fun.
Chaos rules.
Owen, are you okay? Owen.
Hello? Yeah, I'm so glad we're robbing first day bank, guys.
That'll teach 'em not to offer free checking.
Hey, stop talking, and start trashing.
You don't have to tell me twice.
I was born to trash.
I taught the trashman to trash, so watch out.
233 main street right next to the laundry mat.
It's trashin' time.
It's the cops.
Let's bounce.
What the? Ninjas? Ninjas? Oh, man.
That is so weird.
What are ninjas doing here? What do you say you guys drop the cash? What do you say you come and get it? Argh.
Owen, what are you doing? - Just go with it.
- Go with what? Dude, why are you doing this? I'm taking you down, ninja man.
Ahhh! I'm really sorry about this.
Forget it, man.
Keep the power juicer.
Noooo! Mike.
Are you okay? Depends on how you define "okay.
" I can't believe Owen would do that to you.
Yeah, I don't get it either.
He'd never try to hurt me.
He must have had a reason.
Oh, great; I lost my new phone during the fight.
Unless Owen took it.
He really doesn't stop taking your stuff, does he? No, that's not it.
Give me your phone.
Owen knows my cell phone has a GPS locater.
He's leading us right to the subsiders hideout.
Way to go, on.
I was wrong about you.
Maybe you are subsider material after all.
That's what I'm talking about.
Nice to see you come around.
Breaking the law rules, and you can quote the trashman.
We're not happy with "the trashman"? Well, why don't you guys go to work on it, while I talk to spider.
I was thinking something like the jackrabbit.
- Hey, we've got to talk.
- No, cobra.
Now, look, spider Wait, cobra? That's awesome.
Hold on, James, spider, whatever you want to be called, I used to look up to you.
Now you Rob banks and beat people up.
That's not living free.
That's being a criminal.
James, he was my idol, but spider, he's just a thug.
It's not too late.
You can still come back with me.
What's that noise? Sound like cell phone feedback.
It's coming from him.
Uh that's funny.
Cell phone feedback.
That is a hoot.
That's really, reallyFunny.
Okay, let's get this over with.
I can't believe that you'd do this.
All that stuff about you looking up to me, it was all a lie.
Viper was right.
You can't trust anyone up top.
I wasn't lying.
James, think about it.
You can trust me.
I've been waiting to do this since you first got here.
And I've been waiting for you to chew on a breath mint.
Since I got here.
Now, if you don't mind, I'm trying to talk to my friend.
Mm, back off, viper.
He's trying to destroy everything we built here.
You're weak if you don't see that.
I thought we were brothers.
I was more a brother than you'll ever be, Courtney.
Wait, your real name's Courtney? Whoo! What up, Courtney? You're dead.
Hey, guys.
Nice place.
I bought you a gift, my foot.
What's up, fellas? These guys again.
Take 'em out.
That jumping around stuff was cute at first, but now it's just annoying.
Ahhhh! Let's go.
This place is coming down.
Is that all you got? What are you waiting for? Let's finish this.
Don't rush me, Courtney.
Discipline is often the difference between victory and defeat.
I don't know why, but that's what they say.
What? Augh! I guess hologramps is right.
Staying frozen in one spot does work.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, ou know you can come back up with us.
You could be James again.
I don't think I'm ready yet, Owen, but maybe one day.
I still have to teach you my unstoppable hook shot.
Yeah, you' have to do that.
They're getting away.
Oh, I don't think they'll be getting too far.
Come on.
We don't have much time.
Thank you, anonymous, whoever you are.
Guys, from now on, what do you think about calling me cobra? Jackrabbit? The trashman? No? Fine, cobra it is.
Man, I'm glad you're home, Owen.
Amanda tried playing action figures.
Don't tell me.
She had them discuss their feelings.
What's that, Gary? You're right.
They are insecure.
Oh, and he wants me to let you know.
That he likes the name Gary better than Steve.
You guys smell burnt toast? Marty fukanaga in the house.
You okay? You startin' to get this bulging vein on your forehead.
I love you, Marty.
Ah, let me show you how to do this.
Ahh! Ugh! - Uhh-ahh! - Ow.
You're planning to tell them, aren't you? In time.
Will they be ready? They will have to be.