Supah Ninjas (2011) s01e06 Episode Script


Hold it right there.
Put the case down and turn around.
What are you? You have no idea.
- Ah three-day weekend.
I dare you to find three more beautiful words.
In the English language.
Maybe "mr.
Halle Berry.
" Remember what grandfather said? "ninjas don't take vacations.
" Sure, but maybe we could do our ninja work.
And catch this new robo-dactyl movie.
Everybody's talking about.
Half robot, half pterodactyl.
This time, man is the one who will go extinct.
Ahh! - No, robo-dactyl.
Don't hurt me.
You wonder why nobody sits with you guys at lunch.
I'll catch up with you guys later.
Got to talk to Mr.
About some extra credit that I missed.
That guy's a weirdo.
If by "weirdo" you mean "genius," Then I wish I was a weirdo.
Wish granted.
Uh! I Ahh! Hey, Mr.
" Amanda.
My favorite student.
How's the arm? Oh, it's fine.
You know, the kitchen can be a dangerous place Especially when you leave the stove on.
I wanted to talk to you about the extra credit point.
On today's test.
You said it was cellular mitosis, But I think it might actually be meiosis.
All my students should share.
Your passion for science, Amanda.
Biology is, after all, the study of life.
And all its wonderful mysteries.
Did you know that insects are in many ways.
Superior to humans? They have perfect immune systems.
I'm sorry.
I know I can be a bore.
A little bit.
Well, I'd be happy to take another look.
At your extra credit, But now if you'll excuse me, I have a little experiment I've been working on.
Oh, no prob.
Thanks, Mr.
" Click! Hey, guys.
You're just in time.
Oh, is it real housewives of empire city? That's The assailant's target: A chemical known as cerium 131.
Made here at mayview pharmaceuticals.
But what has authorities most perplexed.
Are his glowing red eyes.
Glowing red eyes? Shh! This is it.
We have, um Do you want me to look into the camera? No? Okay.
I assure you're doing everything we can.
To resolve this matter.
This chirp doesn't stand a pants.
I mean, this perp doesn't stand a chance.
Can I have a do-over? No? Okay.
Bet you didn't think your dad was a tv star, did you? You were really Difficult to put into words.
I can think of a few.
Well, I've got it recorded.
So we can watch it again and again.
Come on, guys.
We've got some investigating Toto do, Starting with this red eye character.
Hey, Mikey! Cousin Conner.
What are you doing Man, it's so great to see you, Mike.
What's it been? Two years? So how's life? Is High School fun? Have you cracked that bed-wetting problem? Owen, what's up? My man, there he is.
Dude, robo-dactyl, that movie is amazing.
And the best part is, When you find out the scientist.
Is actually a bad guy working for robo-dactyl Ahh, spoiler! Well, hello, there.
Let me guess.
Your father was a thief.
Um, excuse me? Because he stole the sparkle from the stars.
And put them in your eyes.
Really? That's best you've got? Ooh.
I like that.
I'm going to call you "jalapeno.
" Go ahead.
Call me jalapeno.
Let's see what happens.
I wouldn't poke the bear.
Uh, so what brings you to empire city? My parents are going on a cruise.
They're doing a whole second honeymoon thing.
You guys ever been on a cruise? I have! Played shuffleboard.
Had carrot cake for the first time.
Now, I know what you guys are thinking: Carrots, cake don't go.
Not true! I would have told you earlier.
That he was spending the weekend with us, But it would have ruined the surprise.
SoSurprise! Man, you sure have a lot of toys for someone in High School.
Me, I like computers.
But not books, Unless they're about zombies, wizards, or zombie wizards.
Your room sure is smaller than mine.
Yeah, it's staring to feel that way.
What are we going to do? We can't get into the dojo with him snooping around.
Let's just tell him to go to the movies across town.
And pick us up some movie tickets, And then not show up.
We can't ditch him.
It'd be mean.
Hey, Amanda.
Your haircut.
It wouldn't be my first choice, But it sort of works for you.
Hey, Conner.
Want to go see a movie? What happened to "we can't ditch him; it'd be mean"? You diss my hair, and I go to the dark side.
Me too, sister.
You must be patient with Conner.
He is, after all, the grandson to my beloved sister, akiko.
He can be kind of annoying, grandpa.
Even so, people are often more complicated.
Than they appear.
You must try to keep an open mind.
How is it coming, Amanda? I can't any info on the cerium 131 chemical.
Mayview pharmaceutical's system.
Is protected by some pretty heavy duty firewalls.
You can't hack in? No.
I could plant a transmitter on one of their computers.
Could be heavily guarded.
Even better.
I'm in.
We're ninjas.
We're not afraid of anything.
Ah! Spider! All right.
Let's get out of here.
That's it? You're done? I'm that good.
Someone's coming.
Hey! Hold it right there.
Oh, you got to be kidding.
What is he? I don't know, but I'm going find out.
Come on.
Let's dance.
Ah! Huh! Ah! Mind if I cut in? Ahh! It takes two to tango.
Man, five years of ballet, And that's the best I could come up with? Just go.
Ah! Ah-ha! Ah! Crash! Amanda, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Well, I'm fine, too, fukanaga.
Thanks for the Man, is that gross.
Looks like I broke a nail.
Do you need a bandage or some gauze.
Or maybe a blindfold for me? Amanda, you should really get that looked at.
I'm fine.
A little aloe and it'll heal right up.
Okay, but you can't We are so busted.
Hey, Conner.
Uh, it's not what it looks like.
Yeah, there is definitely not a secret dojo.
Under Mike's bed.
Connor, we Connor? Oh, man.
Check it out.
Little man sleeps with his eyes open.
That is all kinds of creepy.
Oh, hey, dad.
Don't "oh, hey, dad" me, mister.
You ditch your cousin at the movies.
And then you sneak back in the middle of the night.
With your friends? Amanda, Owen home.
And now you woke Conner up.
Are those satin P.
S? No.
Only the tops, though.
I don't believe in bottoms.
- Ooh.
- Just stay down, please.
I'm sorry, dad.
I'm sorry, Conner.
I promise it won't happen again.
You bet it won't.
Because if it does, you're grounded For a month.
That's right.
Officer dad in the house.
I'm going to be the first ninja in history.
To be grounded by his dad.
Connor's the worst.
- Mm-hmm.
You must not be so quick to judge.
Or you will miss what is underneath.
Um, guys, we still have to deal with a deranged psycho.
Who's turning himself into a red-eyed super freak.
Did you find anything? Well, I tapped into mayview's records.
Of everyone that's worked with cerium 131, And get this A Dr.
Benjamin arneson was fired two years ago.
For conducting illegal experiments on himself.
Maybe this arneson guy's red eye.
Why don't you two pay him a visit.
And see what you can dig up? I want to go to the science lab to analyze the residue.
On red eye's fingernail.
How are you going to get into the school? It's a holiday.
One of the benefits of writing for the yearbook.
What are the others? Free yearbook.
Well, Connor's got to go with you.
What? Why me? Because Owen and I will be in our ninja suits.
we don't get Conner Conner we don't get Conner we don't get Conner .
Zap! Ah Do you hear that? It's like a buzzing sound.
Oh! Stay calm.
They're just insects.
I'm 71% positive that none of them are poisonous.
Only 71%? - Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, man.
Of all the ninja adventures we could have had this week.
And we got stuck with the insect man.
It could be worse.
We could be listening to Connor's story.
About the time he lost his retainer.
The retainer was there in the salad bar.
The entire time.
So are you and Mike dating? Wait what? No, we're just friends.
Why would you say that, Conner? So Do you like younger men? Take this and go roam the halls for a while.
I've got to take care of some schoolwork.
Got a lot of bieber on here, jalapeno.
Just go.
Keep your eye out for anything suspicious.
Are you kidding? Everything in this apartment looks suspicious.
Ahh! Oh.
Fake bugs.
Says here arneson was using cerium 131 Modified with insect DNA? That must be what he's injecting himself with.
He's turning himself into some kind of super human Goo man.
That's even creepier than Conner sleeping with his eyes open.
This arneson guy is really obsessed with Mr.
This is Bradford.
Arneson is Bradford? Bradford is red eye.
That's weird.
It's more hemolymph than blood, But that would make red eye part Insect.
Bradford? You're red eye? How could you? You wouldn't understand.
No one understands, Especially those fools at mayview.
Ah! I was trying to create a better world, A world free from diseases.
I was on the verge of a cure for all illnesses.
A panacea using cerium 131, Mixed with insect DNA.
But I used too much.
My present state is Merely a Miscalculation.
A miscalculation? Look at you.
You've turned yourself into a a monster.
Two years of work.
It all comes to this.
Here's your extra credit.
Boom! Amanda! You have no idea what you're doing.
Said the man who turned himself into a bug.
oh, yeah, girl when I look at your eyes I want to be like, shorty - Guys! - Amanda! We got good news and bad news.
The bad news is, our teacher is an insect monster.
Who wants to kill us.
Good news? Biology most likely will be canceled.
I know about Bradford.
I have his formula.
We need to find Conner and get out of here.
Amanda, your arm.
Aww We do not have time for this.
You scream at a little spider, But that nothing? I'm screaming on the inside.
Come on! Connor? Amanda, are you okay? Whoa.
I think I have whatever Bradford has.
He must have infected you.
This is really going to wreck my status as a cheerleader.
Yeah, at least you get that free yearbook.
Uh, quick in there! You can beat this, Amanda.
You can beat this.
You're strong.
You're a ninja.
Just breathe.
I can't You're squeezing me too tight.
Oh, sorry.
I think he's gone.
Thanks, Mike.
Although I think you might have broke a rib.
You would have done the same for me.
Oh, ghght.
Let's go get Conner.
Connor? It'd be bad if we left him here with Bradford, right? Yep.
That would be so wrong.
Oh, no! Hey! Ah! Okay, bug man.
Prepare to be squashed.
- Good one.
- Thanks.
I've been holding onto it for a while.
Huh! Ahh! Ow.
Yah! Yah! Ugh! UhAh! What we need is a really big rolled up magazine.
Maybe if we turn on the lights, He'll run under the fridge.
Ahh! Mr.
Bradford, you leave me no choice.
Ooh! Amanda! Ah! Don't do it, Bradford! This all started With my trying to cure disease.
But all I did was create a new one.
No! The infection It's leaving her body.
He was helping her.
I spent the last two years of my life.
Trying to find the antidote.
If I could use it on anyone, I'm glad it was on you.
But what about you? You were always my favorite student.
I guess hologramps is right.
Underneath Mr.
Bradford's goo-man exterior, He is a good man.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Me too.
But why do I have this weird feeling.
That we're forgetting something? Hello? Is anyone there? I'm still stuck in the locker.
Jalapeno! Jalapeno? I'm sorry we didn't get.
To spend much time together, Conner.
It's okay.
I know I talk too much sometimes, But I'm just nervous around my big cousin.
I really look up to you.
Hey, listen Next time you're here, We'll go the movies, just you and me.
That'd be great.
Wait! My parents called, and they said we're moving here.
Isn't that awesome? I'm really proud of you, Mike.
That was a nice thing to say.
Thanks, dadad.
Did he just say he's moving here?