Supah Ninjas (2011) s01e10 Episode Script


Amanda, hold on! Next time, let's drive.
Just hold on.
Ah! Save yourself! I'll never let you go! No No! What did you get for the last question? I got "war and peace.
" Really? I got negative 6.
I don't think we're doing the same homework.
Hi, guys.
Funky fukanaga.
Intergalactic con.
Do I want to know what that is? Uh, yeah.
It's only the coolest raddest most-awesomest.
Sci-Fi convention ever.
You know those words don't go together, right? I'm going this weekend with my dad.
You want to come? I'm not really into science fi.
- Sci-Fi.
That too.
So what's so great about this convention anyways? Well, people love it because they get to dress up.
And be something they're not for a weekend.
We get to dress up as ninjas every night.
Well, others aren't so lucky.
Yeah, I don't know if "lucky" is the right word.
But the right word does start with an "l" And end with an "oser"! Hey, humans.
Psh! She stole your fist bump.
I lent it to her.
Ooh, cool shirt.
Intergalactic con rules.
I'm going with some friends.
Are you going to be there? Uh, ye.
I'm going with my da Friend.
I'm going with my Martin.
Maybe I'll see you and your Martin there.
Bye, Julie.
Strong opening.
Weak finish.
- So Julie's really into sci-fiction.
- Right.
Won't happen again.
Uh, what are you doing? Packing for intergalactic con, duh.
I see you didn't leave any room for your dignity.
Mike, I'm sorry.
I'm really, really sorry.
Did you break my collectable Godzilla? Yes, but that's not it.
I have to cancel our trip to intergalactic con.
I just got assigned to protect a witness against the mob.
Come on! Stupid mob.
Hey, I read about that witness.
His name'sBurke Pratt, right? He's a computer genius who stole secrets from the mob.
Yeah, he sounds like a real genius.
Pratt's testimony makes him a prime target.
Which is why I have to get him to trial safely.
You're theOnly one protecting him, dad? Well, any more security and it would look too obvious.
No one will ever suspect he's being transported by train, Plus there's a federal Agent on board for backup.
I'll be fine, son.
I know.
We have to protect my dad.
The last two witnesses who went up against the mob disappeared, Along with the cops guarding them.
Authorities suspect the work of a hit man they call "x.
" Wow.
These villain names keep getting shorter and shorter.
So how are we going to find this "x" dude? I mean, I'd assume he's a dude.
That's a nasty scar.
He should really get that looked at.
If Burke Pratt is such a key witness, Chances are pretty good that "x" will try to take him out.
Then we have to be on the train to stop him.
I hate trains.
I don't like riding on anything you can't steer.
Remember, where the ninja hide in the shadows, "x" hides in plain sight.
Use this knowledge to your advantage.
Oh, we'll use it, all right.
We'll use it all over that guy.
Or something like that.
We'll work on that on the train.
Don't worry about a thing, Burke.
You're perfectly safe here.
It's Mr.
Pratt to you.
Only my friends call me Burke, and I don't have any friends.
Might explain why someone's trying to kill you.
Look, I'm a really big deal.
The mob is after me so I don't understand.
Why they sent just one cop to protect me.
Hey, if you don't put your mind at ease, There's also a federal Agent on the train.
Okay, should you be telling people this? Oh, there he is.
How's it going, Agent hanson? Shh! Uh? Did you hear that? I think there's someone on the roof.
There's no such thing as roof people.
Who said this is the safest way to travel? We got to figure out which cabin my dad's in.
I'm on it.
Ahh! Ahh! There's someone right outside the window! Okay, you really need to calm down.
There's absolutely nothing to worry about.
But Hmm? Oh! Oooh! Ugh.
It smells like wet socks in here.
I was going to say "a gym locker.
" I was going to say your room.
Guys, what are we going to do? We can't move through the train dressed as ninjas.
Maybe we could have thought of that.
Before we jumped on top of a train.
It's colonel matetum from outer space pirates.
That's right.
This train makes a stop at intergalactic con.
What's he doing talking to a robot? He's allergic to metal.
I have an idea.
You look great.
I look pink.
Now, just remember, I am Captain plutonius, And you're electronia.
Together, we keep the galaxy safe from the evil Dr.
Sorry, my intergalactic undies are riding up.
This is really not my thing.
That's totally something electronia would say.
I want off this stupid train.
- But you're yip-yip.
And what do I do? You're trusty and loyal, And you're my best friend.
Oh, and you fetch.
So basically I'm just a dog.
No, no, no.
You're not just a dog.
You're a space dog.
You're lucky you're not a space fire hydrant.
Okay, here's my dad's compartment.
You keep an eye on him in here, While Amanda and I look for "x.
" Great.
So now I'm just a guard dog.
Stupid tail.
Oh, tickets, please.
Oh, ah, tickets? We we we left them in our other clothes.
Passengers without tickets get thrown off the train.
But someone has to save the universe.
From the evil Dr.
Have fun at intergalactic con.
All sorts of people are into Sci-Fi.
Come on, we gotta find that "x" scar on somebody.
Should be easy.
Or the opposite of easy.
Ben, in here.
It's yip-yip.
Give us a "yip-yip.
" I'm really not in the mood.
You gotta scratch him behind the ears.
Yes! Will you please stop with the flashlight? It's not a flashlight.
It's a crystal-powered titanium-plated photon sword.
Give me that! Sorry.
My bad.
No "x.
" - A lot of moles, though.
- Yeah.
So besides the fact that she loves pink, What else can you tell me about electronia? Well, electronia enjoys rockets, lasers, and tennis.
How do you play tennis in space? - Don't over-think it.
Looking good, electronia.
Well, you'd have to look good.
When searching for the evil Dr.
You know, I could help you find Dr.
After all, I am Mr.
You are.
Thanks for the offer, Mr.
Amazing, But electronia's suit is made out of pure electronium, Which is deadly to you, So you should stand as far away as possible.
You know, for safety.
But I'm wearing the protective amulet of kavusi.
Dude Seriously, get lost.
All right, fine.
I'll see you in the stars, babe.
You know, this Sci-Fi stuff isn't so bad after all.
I know how we're going to find "x.
" Attention! People of earth, I am electronia, princess of zadok.
- You're not really a princess.
- Whatever.
I claim this train planet on behalf of my kingdom.
Now bow before me.
You're good.
All clear, princess.
Hey, this is kind of fun.
It's like discovering a whole new side of myself.
Space There's a lot of it! Electronia doesn't say that.
- Don't over-think it.
- Yip-yip.
That's gotta stop.
Can I have my sword back? Nope! - Yip-yip.
I'll be back, Burke.
Uh, Mr.
I'm just going to get a snack.
Someone on this train is out to get me, And you're leaving me alone? Cop of the year, everybody! Cop of the year! Don't worry, I'll lock the door behind me.
Now, try to get some sleep.
Cop of the year.
Huh? Help! What's going on out there? Ahh! Oh, stop! Man, I hate trains.
- I know you.
- I can explain! - You're yip-yip.
I am.
Do you mind, I just gotta get a picture of you.
Thanks so much.
My son loves you.
Space squirrel.
Ah! What the Sorry.
Stupid tail.
Captain plutonius, I ththink this might be Dr.
Negative, electronia.
Pew! Dr.
Nucleon must be a different passenger.
So plutonius and electronia, what's their story? Are they, like, a couple? Um, well, plutonius is in love with electronia, But she has no clue.
Why doesn't he just tell her? He was going to, But before he got the chance, Electronia was sucked into a black hole.
That doesn't sound good.
Plutonius tried to hold on to her, But she told him, "forget about me.
Save yourself.
" He was dragged in with her.
Because he'll never let her go.
He sounds like a really special guy.
Well, she's a really special girl.
Guys! Guys! Hello? Yip-yip.
What? Yeah, hey, what's up? "x" just attacked Burke.
I stopped him you're welcome but he got away.
What did he look like? I couldn't see his face.
But now, we definitely know he's on this train.
What? Are you telling me we could have kept in our ninja suits.
And you dressed me up as a dog? Uh space dog.
Hey, my dad sent me a picture of him and Yip-yip.
Don't ask.
Oh, you're such a cute puppy.
Wait a sec.
You guys see this scar, right? How could you miss it? The conductor is "x.
" Tickets, please.
Are we speeding up? I think so.
You okay, Owen? - You kneed me in the yip-yip.
Guys, we have a problem.
The train is still accelerating, and we're coming up on a bend.
It's gotta be "x.
" He couldn't get at the witness, So he's going to try to derail the train.
Ah, one more reason I hate trains.
We have to get to the engine room and stop him.
Oh, please tell me we're not taking the roof.
It'll be faster.
I never get what I want.
We're speeding up.
We'll be there any minute now.
The train is out of control.
I'm not going to make it, and it's all your fault.
That's enough.
I'm sick of you yelling at me.
I had to give up taking my son to intergalactic con.
Because of you.
Personally, the people there creep me out, But he loves it, and that's what's important.
My dad would never do something like that for me.
Well, I'm sorry.
You know, I think there's a lot more going on.
Than your fear of being killed.
By a highly skilled untraceable assassin.
Whwho's probably on this train.
Slow down the train, or we'll slow it down for you.
My bad.
Ugh! You guys go after "x I'll stop the train.
I have no idea how to stop a train.
Come on, Owen.
You can do this, buddy.
It's just like a video game.
Who am I kidding? It's nothing like a video game.
It's worth a shot.
Amanda, hold on! Ah! Thank you, nerds! Next time, let's drive.
Just hold on! Ah! Save yourself! I'll never let you go! No! No! I'll never let either of you go.
Good dog.
What? Good dog.
Hey, "x.
" Next stop, prison.
It's time to get your ticket punched.
I got nothing.
What? I almost fell off a train.
Ahh! You just stepped in some serious doggy doo.
Ahh! Ah! That's me! Oh, sorry.
Ahh! Ahh! Ooh! My eyes! Aww.
Don't be such a baby.
You really know your way around a curling iron.
Not sure that was a compliment.
Come on.
Let's go.
Thanks for listening to me, Martin.
Any time, Mr.
Call me Burke.
Hey, Agent hanson.
Yeah, I left my cell phone off.
Burke was trying to sleep.
"x" knocked you off the train? I didn't check any luggage.
Uh Oh, yeah, don't worry.
I'm pretty sure I just caught him.
We can take the next train home.
What are you talking about? We're going to intergalactic con.
Who am I? Just remember to stay close.
A lot of these guys have never seen a girl before.
- Mike? - Julie? You've been on this train? Ah, yeah.
You guys look fantastic.
Hey, a bunch of us are heading to the convention center.
You guys want to come? Uh, you guys go ahead.
Uh Are you sure? We can all go together? No, really.
It's okay.
I'll catch up with you later.
But I'll find you in there.
I'll never let you go, electronia.
Thank you, plutonius.
All hail, electronia.
As your loyal subjects, it would be our honor.
To escort you to the intergalactic convention center.
What the heck? Follow me, boys.
A little to the left.
Ah, yeah, right there.