Supah Ninjas (2011) s01e09 Episode Script


Please! Drop the purse.
And turn around through your hands in the air.
Hey easy now I want you to put down that Doll.
What's that? That's what I thought, too.
Bam! Fantastic.
Oh, I always wanted policemen for my collection.
The woven rope challenge.
Is an exercise in control.
You must find a way to free yourselves.
I'll give you 5 bucks if you untie us.
Come on, owen.
He's a hologram.
What's he going to do with 5 bucks? I do have expenses.
Will you quit moving around? You're making it worse.
Remember, the more you struggle, The tighter the ropes will get.
Nice of you to join us.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I just got caught up with something after school.
Cameron took you out for chili fries again, didn't he? He never takes me out for chili fries.
Maybe because you're not the one dating him.
Perhaps we should take a break.
Before you both turn blue.
I also make balloon animals.
Okay, so we need to figure out a way to patrol tonight.
I'll meet up with you guys after the game.
The game? I have to cheer, remember? We don't have a mission.
Do we have a mission? Please leave me out of this.
You know what? Don't worry about it.
It's all good, 'cause owen and I will have our own mission, A mission of fun.
You mean watching cartoons and eating cereal? Ah! That's what we tell you we do, But we do so much more.
Do you have a fever? You bet I do.
Fever for a good time! Mike, I think you should go lie down.
Yeah, lie down For a good time! Where you going? Ha.
We can't be out of cheesy chips.
There's no way we can be out.
Oh, why is my whole world falling apart? Okay, we both know this is not about cheesy chips, right? You're in love with amanda, And now you're afraid you're going to lose her forever.
Look, all I want are some cheesy chips.
They're so pretty and they smell so good.
Okay, okay.
This is about cheesy chips.
But it's about time you realize that you gotta let go.
The cheesy chips are dating cameron.
The cheesy chips have a life.
But why? Why do they have to have a life? I don't know, man.
That's what the best chips do.
One day they get taken off of the shelf, And it breaks your heart.
Hey, dad.
Everything okay? Officers grasso and sandusky disappeared last night.
What? Yeah, I can't believe it myself.
But don't worry.
We'll find them.
We think the crime may be linked to some disappearances.
Reported around the city.
What's that? Hair.
We found it at one of the crime scenes.
Let's hope the lab comes up with something.
You ready to go? Just one minute.
I left my sweater in my locker.
So how's it going with cameron? It's amazing.
He's super sweet.
We're meeting up for pizza later.
He is really cute.
You know, if you ever get rered of him, I would be happy to take him off your hands.
- Kelly! - I'm kidding.
You guys are super bffs.
Do you know who that is? Doubt it.
He's in the band.
Do you think they'd talk to us? You're right.
Probably not.
Ah! Oh! What's happening? Whoa.
Go team! How fun.
My very first cheerleader.
I can't believe her.
First amanda's late for practice, And then she goes awol after the game.
What did cameron say again? They were going out for pizza but she never showed up? And that's the other thing He keeps texting me like we're buddies.
That's weird.
Her locker's open.
I don't like being here at night.
It's creepy.
You don't like being here during the day.
Creepy then, too.
Stop mocking me.
Oh, don't be picking up random hair.
That's disgusting.
It could have lice or something.
Doesn't have lice.
Hey, this looks like the hair in my dad's police report.
I think amanda could be in trouble.
Still no match.
I don't think it's even registering as human.
It could be fibers from a really ugly sweater.
I saw some kid wearing one the other day.
Oh, right.
It was you.
Hold on.
I got it.
What do you do down here when we're not around? Online poker.
It is a form of meditation.
You will understand when you are older.
What in the world is that? Cedric.
And he's in the dojo why? He's very valuable.
Check this out.
His mane and tail are so lifelike.
I knew I'd seen this hair somewhere before.
It's doll hair.
Okay, the action figures I kind of get Kind of! But why do you have a unicorn doll? Because he begged me for it.
For his 9th birthday.
It took months to find one.
Cedric was the first toy of my collection.
He was made by spielmacher, One of the finest toy companies in the world.
He's so rare.
And now I'm embarrassed for everyone.
This place is a dump.
Are you sure about this? Are you kidding me? I've always wanted to come here.
The spielmacher factory was shut down years ago.
That's why their toys are so collectable.
Why would anybody build a house indoors? Allergies? Strange.
No glass.
Yeah, fukanaga, that's the strange part.
I'll circle around.
Oh, this is perfect.
I'm starving.
What the Oh, that's just cruel.
What? Hmm.
What did you do? You broke the house.
It wasn't me.
Let's get out of here! It's like a giant dollhouse.
This place is amazing.
That's officers grasso and sandusky.
Why are they walking like that? Unbelievable.
Just some people watch just about anything.
Hey, look.
There's amanda and kelly.
jam, say what, say what jam, say what, say what we're in the groove, we're on the move we're gonna prove we jam that's right, we jam .
That was so much better.
You're so cute.
- You're cute.
- No, you're cute.
We're cute! What are they doing? Oh! I'm waiting for a pillow fight.
It's bound to happen.
- No, you're pretty! - You're prettier! You're so pretty! Will you come on? Ready? Okay.
jam, say what, say what jam, say what, say what - we're in the groove - Say what? It's catchy.
that's right, we jam - That's really cute.
- Yeah.
Don't look now, but there are two totally cute boys.
Sneaking into our room.
Oh, you're right! One for you; one for me.
There's something really wrong here.
Yeah, or something really right.
I can't believe it ninjas.
I must collect all two.
We need to get out of here.
Get out of here? Why would we want to do that? I have no idea.
It's those collars.
Someone's controlling them.
We need to get 'em off.
Oh! Oops.
- Okay, don't get your pom-poms in a bunch.
Whoever programmed those collars.
Put in a self-defense mechanism.
I think it's working.
This ninja's so tall and strong.
Ah! Okay, it's settled.
We keep the collars on.
How did that Come on.
Don't be shy.
Ninja dance party.
Really? Maybe we can dance them out of here.
That was that was nice.
I really like this song.
Me too.
You know, you're really cute.
You know, this might not be the best time to mention this, And you're kind of dating cameron, But I've been crazy about you ever since the fifth grade.
You're all I think about.
Really? Yeah.
So you want to be my boyfriend? Yeah.
Dinner time! Come on.
You can sit next to me.
This would be a lot more romantic.
If the food wasn't plastic, If I didn't have on a mask, And you weren't acting like a giant toy.
Hey, you're new here, aren't you? What gave us away? Don't worry.
It's safe.
For some reason, this collar stopped working.
What's going on here? There's this crazy dude who makes us live in the dollhouse.
But I found a way out.
We have to go.
We don't have much time.
Okay, but we can't leave without the cheerleaders.
We'll make a break for it right after the dessert course.
Yeah, 'cause we wouldn't want to miss that.
Shh! Don't say a word.
Who are you? Call me dollhouse.
dollhouse, dollhouse, he's our man if he can't nab 'em, no one can go, dollhouse .
This is the best day ever.
Come on, fukanaga.
Use your moan and cut us out of here.
I can't reach it.
So what do we have here? Uh, hmm.
Don't worry; We can have it removed.
Actually, I like everything just where it is.
Yeah, doc, we feel fine.
You can give us lollipops, stickers, and send us home.
And what fun would that be? Oh, don't come near me with that thing.
I'm all good with the bling.
Well, how do you feel now, ninja? Ooh.
Ah! I feel mighty with my impressive ninjutsu style.
Ah! Ah! Oh, gosh, these darn twist ties.
Come on.
Yeah, I hate those things, too.
When I got my first edition space rogers action figure, It took me hours just to get him out of the box.
No! No! Oh, why'd you take him out of the original packaging? He would be worth a fortune by now.
Yeah, I know, but I was too excited.
I just couldn't wait to play with it.
I totally know what you mean.
And the funnest part is making it do whatever you want.
You think I could play with you? Really? Ah, I mean, I-I-I-I I've never had a playmate.
Never? My mom always said that I didn't need any.
The dolls are my friends.
And now I just add more and more.
Ah! Ah! I can be your friend.
That sounds doable.
What's this? Oh, you still require adult supervision.
It's okay.
They're nice.
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight .
You know, I never had a ninja boyfriend before.
Look, amanda, If we get out of here, Everything's going to change.
I want us to be together.
Amanda? Who's amanda? This is wrong.
Wrong? But we're so cute together.
No, this isn't real.
I wish it was, but this isn't you.
Boring! Who cares if it's real? Let's see if my new ninja's any good.
After my striking cobra, I will follow up with my laughing crane of sadness.
Yay! Here, ninja.
You control the ninja, And I'll try to rip his head off with my guys.
Aren't they awesome? I call them ginormicus the deadly.
GoGinormicus! GoPhil! Two against one? This isn't fair.
My toys; my rules.
GoDollhouse! Ugh.
- I will flex my pecks of steel.
Commence fighting.
I like having you as a friend.
tear him to pieces, twist and shout take his heart and rip it out go, dollhouse .
Isn't that a little harsh? Nah.
You think you can destroy me? I trained for this my whole life.
Ugh! Oh! I have no fear of pain.
Or injury.
Ooh! That will leave a mark.
I'm afraid this will as well.
All right, dollhouse.
Playdate's over.
Ooh! Ahh! UhDuck! Swing up.
Swing down.
You're doing it wrong.
Stop! Override.
What? It's me.
You fool.
My tiger claw will make a kitten out of you.
What? Get him! Spielmachers.
He's their son.
No, don't touch that.
I thought you were my friend.
Dollhouse, what you're doing is wrong.
You can't control these people.
They're not toys.
But if I don't they won't do what I want.
It doesn't matter.
You have to let your friends be who they are.
You're just trying to trick me.
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay! What's going on? What are we doing here? Will somebody tell me.
Why I feel like I've been in a bad kung fu movie? Don't worry.
I'll explain everything later.
Well, maybe not everything.
Hey, guys.
I just wanted to let you know.
That I may be a little late for study group tonight.
I have got some explaining to do wiwith cameron.
No worries.
Take all the time you need.
Really? Really.
Hey, I love that song.
Me too.
What's with the change of heart? You know, this whole dollhouse thing got me thinking.
Maybe it is time I let go.
Hi, mike.
She called me mike.
Last time I checked that was your name.
Well, fukanaga, what are you waiting for? - Hi.
- My name's julie.
That's what I was going to ask you.
I figured.
Hi, I'm mike.
I know.
I just said, "hi, mike.
" Right.
You read comics? Some.
Mostly vintage.
The jack kirby caveman stuff is the best.
I love jack kirby caveman stuff.
Where did you get that? Some vintage shop.
Where the heck did that come from? Ha-ha!