Super Monsters (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Meet the Super Monsters; Vampires Don't Dance

1 [THEME SONG PLAYING] We're Super Monsters The Super Monsters [IGOR] Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! - Hi, Frankie.
- Hi, Katya.
- Hi, Mr.
- Hello, Katya.
There you go.
Nice and tight.
Thanks, Dad.
Good night, Drac.
Be a good boy and have fun in class.
Bye, Dad.
Goodbye, Drac! Look, everybody, my tooth's coming in! [CHUCKLES] Looking good, Drac.
Yes, I am.
[HORN HONKS] Did you hear? There's a new girl starting school today.
- Really? What kind of monster is she? - I don't know.
- What's her superpower? - I don't know.
Well, what do you know? I know she's here.
She's coming up the steps with Igor.
Why don't you come inside and say hello to everyone? Hello? Hello, Zoe.
You're just in time for our favorite part of the day.
[ALL] Sun down Monsters up! [CHUCKLES] Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! - Zoe! - [ALL] Wow.
- [ALL CHUCKLE] - [FRANKIE] Hey! - You're a zombie! - That is so cool! Hi.
I'm Katya, this is Henri.
- I'm Lobo.
[LAUGHS] And this is Glorb! - [GLORB CHUCKLES] All right, kiddos, what would you like to do first today? Story time or play time? - Play! - [DRAC] Sure, let's go play! - Story time! - [LOBO] How about a treat? We should ask Zoe.
[GASPS] Huh? Where'd she go? I think Zoe needed a little fresh air.
Should we go outside and join her? - Oh, yeah.
- Sounds fun.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Outside, outside, for sure.
And remember, kiddos, the first day of preschool can feel a little scary.
So, while we want each of you to get to know Zoe and make her feel welcome We shouldn't all surround her at once.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
- [DRAC] Okay.
I know it can be hard getting used to new places and new people.
They all seem nice, there's just so many of them.
[CHUCKLING] Oh, don't worry, Zoe.
We'll help you get to know them one at a time.
You know, Igor and I have been wondering what to do with this boring white wall.
At my house, our walls have pictures.
Maybe if this wall had a picture, it would look better.
Oh, and maybe if you do something familiar, you'll feel better.
Wow! You're a really good flyer.
Do you know that bats are the only mammals that can fly? That's why vampires have batwing-shaped capes.
You sure know a lot about vampires.
At my house, we have a lot of books about vampires and other monsters.
We have a lot of monster books here too.
Really? Oh, yeah.
There's lots of things to learn in preschool.
Monster things, and human things too.
You just have to give it a chance.
I want to, but it's all so new and kind of scary.
You know, on my first day of preschool, I was so nervous, I flew right into the trunk of that tree! [GIGGLES] [KATYA CHUCKLES] That's not so bad, Drac.
On my first day of preschool, I turned myself into a frog.
Katya, you should show Zoe your butterfly spell.
Great idea! Flitter, flutter, glitter eyes, let's make some pretty butterflies.
[GIGGLES] [GASPS] That was beautiful! [GIGGLES] Thanks.
Did you know it can take a caterpillar a whole month to turn into a butterfly? Hey, Zoe, wanna play chase? [GIGGLES] I don't think so.
You're too fast for me.
[WHISPERS] New places always make me itchy.
So, I like to run around and smell every inch of a new place, and when I know what it smells like, then I feel like I belong there.
[INHALES DEEPLY] Maybe you should try that? Thanks, Lobo.
[INHALES DEEPLY] It does smell nice here.
There's lots of nice things about preschool, Zoe.
My mom and dad said preschool would help me learn to be a better monster.
Preschool helps us learn to control our monster powers.
So we can grow up to be the best Super Monsters we can be.
I'm definitely getting better at controlling my super strength.
- [THUD] - [CRUMBLES] But sometimes I still break stuff.
[GROANS] That's why we had to get a new wall.
I broke the last one.
It's okay, Frankie.
You didn't mean to.
Were you nervous on your first day of preschool too? No.
I really like meeting new people and new people like meeting me.
Tag! You're it.
Catch me if you can.
- [LOBO HOWLING] - [ALL LAUGHING] [CLEO] Here I come! Better run fast! [LOBO] Missed me! [ALL GRUNTING] - Tag, you're it! - [FRANKIE] I got you! [ALL CLAMORING] [LOBO] You're it! You're it! [ALL CHEERING AND WHOOPING] - [CLEO] Missed me! - [FRANKIE WHOOPING] [ALL LAUGHING] [ALL LAUGHING] Zoe's nice, but I still don't know what her superpower is.
Hmm she can't fly.
She doesn't have magic.
- And she's not super strong.
- Or super fast.
- [GASPS] She's smart! - But that's not a superpower.
Is it? Maybe Zoe doesn't have a superpower.
A lot of monsters don't.
Really? Huh.
You know, I don't care if she's just a regular monster.
I'm still going to be her friend.
- Oh, so am I.
- Me too! Definitely.
Zoe's our new friend, no matter what.
And I'll be her best friend, because I'm the best Super Monster.
I can't help it that my wind power is better than your flying.
It is not.
Flying is the best monster power.
- And I'll prove it! - Ooh! Hey! [COUGHS] [ALL LAUGHING] I think it's time to ask Zoe to come join the rest of the class.
I've got this.
Feeling better? [ALL LAUGHING] [ALL EXCLAIMING] [HENRI YOWLING] [ALL CONTINUE LAUGHING] [CHUCKLES] You guys look so silly! [FRANKIE] Huh? Hey, where's Zoe? [ZOE GIGGLING] - [STAMMERS] I hear her - But I don't see her.
So how can she see us? [IGOR] Well, kiddos, now you know what Zoe's monster power is.
Zoe has X-ray vision, which means she can see through solid objects.
I didn't know zombies could do that.
That's almost as cool as flying! - Can you see us right now? - [ZOE] I can.
How do I look? [ZOE] You look great, Cleo.
You just have a little leaf - right here.
- [ALL GASP] - Perfect! - [ALL] Wow.
You can see through walls? You can walk through walls! Mmm-hmm.
All the zombies in my family have X-ray vision.
And most of us can walk through walls too.
But my grandma says it's better to use the door.
[ALL CHUCKLING] Now that they've seen your zombie powers, I think everyone would like to see your painting too.
[ALL GASP] Whoa! Zoe, you're amazing.
[GIGGLES] Thank you.
[CLEO] It's beautiful! - Just like me.
- [GIGGLES] Oh, Henri, look.
Zoe painted your picture.
[MEOWS] [PANTING] [ALL LAUGHING] [GURGLING] You're a super painter.
And super nice.
Thanks, everybody.
I was nervous when I got here.
Everything was so new and different.
But you're all so nice.
And I had so much fun! I really like it here.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [ALL] Sun up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [ZOE] Hi, Daddy! - Bye, Zoe! - See ya! - Bye! - See you later! Bye, everybody.
See you tomorrow.
[SNEAKERS SQUEAK] A-ha! Good evening, Lobo.
Hi, Igor! [ROARING] - [TOYS SQUEAK] - [LAUGHS] Hi, Katya! Look, I drew a picture for you.
Ta-da! It's you and me! Whoa! Thanks, Zoe! Thanks! Third cubby on the right! [BOTH GIGGLE] [GRUNTS] [CLEARS THROAT] Aw, man! Thank you, Frankie.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] - [SQUEAKING] - Lookin' good! Gather around, everyone! It's almost time.
[SQUEAKS] Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [CHUCKLES] Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! [GIGGLES] Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [EXCLAIMS] [STRAINING] [SCREAMING] - [GRUNTS] - [SNARLS] - [GRUNTS] - [YOWLS] Hmm has anyone seen Drac? [WHOOPING] Look at me! Drac, please come down and join us for circle time.
How do you like these circles? [WHOOPS] [ALL LAUGHING] [CHUCKLES] I have something to show everyone.
Gotcha, Igor! Drac is back! - [SWING MUSIC PLAYING] - Ha! Charleston.
Oh-ho! - [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] - Twisting.
Whoa! Nice moves, Igor! [CHUCKLES] Appreciate that, Drac.
[GRUNTS] That was just a little something to get you ready for your special assignment.
Ever since she was a little girl, your teacher, and my granddaughter, Esmie, has loved dancing.
It makes her feel wonderful! While she's out running errands, I thought you could surprise her with a special dance of your own! [HOWLS] Dance, dance, dance! I love to dance! - Um, Igor? - Yes, Katya? I want to do something nice for Miss Esmie, but I don't know how to dance.
Uh, me neither.
[CHUCKLES] Don't worry.
We're all going to learn and have fun together! Dancing is a great way to keep our bodies healthy [WHOOPS EXCITEDLY] and get our wiggles out! [ALL LAUGHING] Okay, kids.
Everybody up! Oh, this might be really embarrassing.
Not a chance! I'll show you how it's done! [EXCLAIMS] Even my moves have moves! Oh, Drac, you seem to be very enthusiastic about the assignment.
I could use a special helper.
I'm your guy! Okay, kids.
Watch what I do and follow along.
- [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] - We start by stepping left, then right.
Left, then right.
Left, then right.
Left, then right.
Left, then right.
Guess my shoes are a little slippery.
Oh, you'll get the hang of it.
Now, let's all clap and stomp to the beat.
Now add the step to step.
And now we'll add a little spin! [WHOOPS] Round and round we go! - Whoa! - Oh, no! [CHUCKLES] I got ya! That's it, kids! Keep practicing! I'm going to get the stage ready for the show! Oh! And feel free to put your own spin on it! [LAUGHS] "Spin on it!" Oh, boy, I crack myself up! In your places, everyone! Just follow me, okay? Here we go! Right, then left.
And right, and left.
And right, and left.
And right, and left.
[GASPS] My favorite ball! - [CLEO] And left - Whoa! - [GRUNTS] - Oh! Blocks! [PANTING AND GRUNTING] [LOBO LAUGHS] You guys! We're supposed to be practicing! Drac! What are you doing up there? Why go right and left when you can go round and round? - [SIGHS] - [GLORB GRUNTS] [GASPS] We have to practice if we want our dance to be good for Miss Esmie! Maybe a little magic might help! It's monster magic time! Sprinkle of light and a wiggle of nose, help us monsters dance like pros! [YOWLS] - [MEOWS] - [CHUCKLES] - [ALL LAUGH] - Oh, bats! Would you please pay attention to me? [PANTING] [SIGHS] Come on, everybody, the only way we're going to get better is if we try hard.
We need to practice.
- Let's take it from the top.
- [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Step left, step right.
Step left, step right.
- Whoa! - [ALL GRUNT] [GROANS] I can't do this! It's okay, Drac.
It was an accident.
It's not okay! I'll never ever be able to do this! Great! What are we going to do now? Oh! We can't do our dance without Drac! Yeah, we need all of us to dance for Esmie.
We've got to find Drac and get him back on track! - Not in there.
- [LOBO] Not here either! Found him! Go away! Come back, Drac.
We need you! I'm not dancing! But it's not as fun if we all don't do it.
Did you know dancing can affect your brain and positively alter your mood? Uh she means once you start dancing, you'll feel better.
It doesn't have to be perfect.
Right, Cleo? Oh, right! You shouldn't give up on something until you've really given it a try! Esmie's done so much for us.
I guess I could try a little harder to do something nice for her.
[ALL LAUGH AND CHEER] [CLEO] All right! We can do this! First, you've got to feel the beat.
- You can do it! - [THUDS] I feel it! I feel it! - Lobo to your left - Zoe to your right.
- Lobo to your left - Zoe to your right.
[GROANS] You've got it, Drac! You're doing it! Don't forget to hold hands! And we bow! Great job, everybody! [LAUGHS] Marvelous job, kiddos.
Esmie will be so surprised! [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] [GASPS] She's here! She's here! She's here! She's here! Everybody ready? It's show time! [CHUCKLES] Almost there.
[GIGGLES] What are you guys up to? [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [THUDDING] Whoa! [MUSIC STOPS] - Bravo! - [LAUGHS AND WHOOPS] - Fantastico! - All right! You guys were incredible! I can't believe you did that all for me! That must have taken so much practice! Uh, maybe just a little.
[ALL LAUGHING] I had so much trouble learning to dance, it made me feel bad.
Aw, that's called being frustrated, Drac.
It was frustrating to try to learn something new.
I'm used to being good at stuff! It was frustrating not being good at dancing.
Thanks for helping me try.
That's what friends are for! It just goes to show you what you can do when you put your mind to it.
Good for you! [ALL] Whoa! Sun up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [CHUCKLES] Well, time to get ready to go.
Your parents will be here soon to pick you up.
Aw, can't we just dance a little bit more? [EXCLAIMS] Told ya! Even my moves have moves! Well, maybe just a little more.