Super Monsters (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Borrowed Trouble; Spell Help

1 [THEME SONG PLAYING] We're Super Monsters The Super Monsters [IGOR] Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] Good evening, Frankie.
[CHUCKLES] Ready for school? Ready for another fun-filled night at preschool, Frankie? Uh, sorry, Esmie.
Just a minute, please? I'm almost to level eight.
[CLEARS THROAT] Frankie? Uh, sorry, Dad.
[GROANS] Hello, Frankie.
Are you being a little monster? [CHUCKLES] Oh, come on, kiddo.
The sun's going down.
Time for school.
Hey! This is like that Stack The Stuff game that I play on my dad's phone! I'm almost on level eight.
I love that game! I'm only on level four.
[LAUGHS] Esmie! Esmie! Look at me! Look how high I get! [CHUCKLES] That's very good practice, Drac.
What we do is, see how many times we can go down the slide, front-ways, not backwards, then we run around, go up the stairs, touch the bar, then shout the number.
Whoo! One! Uh-oh.
Looks like it's our favorite time of the day! [RINGS BELL] [ALL LAUGHING] Okay, Drac, I think it's your turn to get us started.
[CHUCKLES] Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! Esmie, look! Whoo-hoo! [LOBO] Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! [GRUNTING] One.
[LAUGHS] It looks as though Frankie and Katya are making a Super Monsters version of their favorite game.
After art time, we're all going to the park for play time.
[ALL] Yay! And we'll all remember to, one [ALL] Have fun! And, two [ALL] Stick with a buddy! [LOBO] May I have the black crayon? [DRAC] I need another black crayon! Zoe? Do you want a crayon? No, thank you.
I really like using paint.
I can pretend I'm doing a painting for the monster museum! I'm finished! Can the two of you play until the others have finished? Uh-huh.
Your wand looks so cool! Can I try it? No, sorry.
My mom says I'm not supposed to let anyone use my wand.
But I'm not anyone.
I'm your friend.
Well, I don't think I'm supposed to I just want to see it, I promise I won't break it! [GASPS] Frankie! Frankie.
Katya's not sharing! Sharing is important, but if it's something that's special to someone, it's okay if they don't feel like sharing it.
You understand, don't you? Uh, I think so.
Katya, why don't you put your wand away for now and get your snack bag, okay? All right, kiddos, we're walking two blocks to the park.
And when we get to the park, will we follow all the rules? [ALL] Yes! Oh, and what are we going to do most of all? [ALL] Have fun! Come on, Frankie.
Oh, no.
Katya forgot her wand! I should bring it for her.
[ESMIE] Come on, Frankie! Uh, Katya doesn't want anyone to touch her wand.
But she might be sad if she doesn't have it at the park.
She'll be happy if I bring it for her.
Coming, Esmie! [DRAC SCREAMS] - [LAUGHS] - Oh.
Is that Katya's wand? Yeah, I thought she'd want to have it at the park! But then I forgot.
[GROANS] You should go give it to her.
I will.
How do you think she makes it work? I don't know, but you should give it back.
I will, right now.
Is there, like, an "on" button? It's not like a gadget.
It won't work without Katya controlling it.
Oh, it must be fun to be a witch.
Abracadab - [CRACKLING] - Uh-oh.
[GROANS] We better tell Katya.
I think I can fix it.
- Talk later, Frankie! - [HORSE WHINNYING] Right now, we need a corral for these horses! What's a corral? Whoa! A safe place with a fence or walls.
We need somewhere safe to put all these horses.
- You need to start stacking things! - Stacking things? Yes! Big things! Like you're going for level 20! Oh, I get it! Thanks, Igor! [GRUNTING] Super Monsters! Get the horses over to Frankie! [GRUNTS AND LAUGHS] Whoa! Good girl.
[PANTING] Whoa, horsey.
Hello, Mr.
Gopher, look how big you are.
[HORSE WHINNIES] [GRUNTING] [ESMIE PANTING] - [GRUNTS] - [HORSE WHINNIES] [HORSE WHINNIES] My wand it's broken! Did your mom ever teach you what to do if your wand breaks? She did, but I can't remember! It's okay, Katya.
Just take a deep, calm breath and try to remember.
But sometimes I have trouble with the accent.
[GASPS] I got it! I don't know how, but fix it now! [SQUAWKS AND CHIRPS] [SQUEAKS] [NEIGHING] [CHUCKLES] I did it! Of course you did.
[ALL CHEERING] [FRANKIE] Katya I I I'm so sorry! I should've never taken your wand without your permission.
And I definitely shouldn't have played with it.
I know you won't ever do it again.
- I won't! - Uh [GRUNTS] Frankie? Oh.
Good stacking, Frankie.
Here, this is for you.
Wow! But why are you giving me a present after I broke your wand? Because you're my friend and I know you won't ever do it again.
Oh, I won't! It's okay, you have my permission.
Thank you, Katya.
[YOWLS] [YOWLING] It's okay, Henri.
[CHUCKLES] We all make mistakes.
- Right, Katya? - Right, Frankie.
[ALL] Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [ALL LAUGHING] [ALL LAUGHING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [KISSES] Bye, Mom! [KISSES] Bye, Katya.
Be a good little witch today.
I will.
And remember, a good witch [BOTH] Is a helpful witch.
See you in the morning! [SIGHS] She's so amazing! Some day, I want to be a super witch just like my mom.
Then you'll love our field trip to the library.
Huh? What does the library have to do with being a witch? Well, at the library, you can learn all about wonderful witches and helpful spells.
[GASPS] That's just what I need! Everyone ready for the field trip? I love field trips! And I love libraries.
Uh, what's so great about a library? They're filled with books! We can learn about magic.
And monsters! But I haven't learned to read yet.
That's okay, Lobo.
They have lots of picture books.
[GASPS] I like pictures! Then I think you'll like the library.
We'll get you a library card.
But the sun's about to set, so before we go Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! I look even better as a monster than I do as a girl.
I wish I could see myself in the mirror, 'cause I'm pretty sure my fang's coming in! [CHUCKLES] Soon, I'm gonna have two fangs, just like my dad! [EXCLAIMS AND GRUNTS] [CRASHING] Oops.
[HUMMING] Frankie, would you like some help? [MUFFLED] Uh, no, I don't need any help! Whoa! [GRUNTS AND SIGHS] Okay, maybe just a little help.
I can help you, Frankie.
I know the perfect spell! Ping-pong, ding-dong, toys go back where they belong.
- Thanks, Katya! - You're welcome, Frankie.
All right, it's time to leave for the library! We're going to walk there, so make sure you can see me or Igor the whole way.
We don't want anyone to get lost.
Ooh, I can help! Everyone, grab hold of my wrap so we stay together.
Great idea, Cleo.
[ALL] Whoa! Um those are a lot of stairs to climb.
I can help! Let me help! I really, really wanna help! Up, up and away, take us to the library today.
Whoa! We're on the roof! [GASPS] Sorry! I was just trying to be helpful.
Thank you for trying, Katya, but now we need to find a way down.
I'm sure I can do it right this time! [ALL EXCLAIMING] Let's see if we can find a way into the library without a magic spell.
A really good witch could do it, no problem.
There's a staircase on the other side.
I just need to go inside and unlock the door.
Oh! Thank you, Zoe.
That was very helpful.
- Wow.
Thanks, Zoe.
- Great job, Zoe.
Thank you, Zoe.
[HENRI MEOWS] I wanted to help, but I only made things worse.
How will I ever be a good witch like my mom if I can't be more helpful? [COUGHS] Oh, there's no way I can read like this! Hi, Cleo.
Can I help you get rid of that dust? That's okay.
I got it.
Much better.
- I guess she doesn't need my help.
- [MEOWS] [MAN OVER HEADPHONES] I will now teach you how to say "hello" in Mandarin.
Ni hao.
Now you try it.
Ni hao.
Zoe likes to learn new words.
What am I gonna learn here at the library? And then the good witch turned everyone in the kingdom from frogs back into humans! Oh, would you like to join us? I'm reading a story about a very helpful witch! No, thanks! [KATYA] That is a very good story, but I don't want to hear about a helpful witch, I want to learn to be one! [GASPS] Whoa! I'm just not getting it! Shouldn't the book be upside down, too? Huh? [GRUNTS] Oh, now I get it! [CHUCKLES] Thanks, Katya.
That was really helpful.
I like being helpful! Come on, let's see if anyone else needs our help.
See ya! Oh, these are all good books about helping.
Here's one about bathing your cat.
Oh, what is that? [GASPS] It would be so helpful if I cleaned that spot.
And I already know a cleaning spell, I just have to remember the words Flim, flam, zeen! Or is it "mean", or "gleam"? Oh, I know! It's "bean"! Make this spot, um, clean! [GASPS AND SHUDDERS] I hope nobody saw that.
That would be so embarrassing.
Flim, flam, bean, make this spot sparkle and sheen! Oh, that's not good! Flim, flam, bean, don't let this pile lean! Oh! Uh, at least it's not leaning! Uh, flim, flam, bean, make this pile leave the scene! [GASPS] Run! Oh, no, what have I done? That's a really good question.
I thought you were gonna read a book like the rest of us.
I just wanted to be helpful and clean the spot on the floor.
But the spot became a pile of beans, and then a hill of beans, and then a giant tower of beans, and I'm so sorry.
[GRUNTS] It's okay that you made a mess.
I make them all the time! [GRUNTS] We can help you clean up! And we can do it fast! [GRUNTS] Oh, this looks interesting [CHUCKLES] Who wants to book me? Coming right up! [GRUNTS] - Whoa! - Oh! Got it! [GRUNTS] Let me take care of that.
Whoa! [CHUCKLES] All right.
Got this.
Whoa, that's a lot of books.
Slow down, guys! All right.
Yeah! That's right.
Yeah! [CHUCKLES] Thanks, you guys.
I'm so embarrassed that you had to help me fix my mistakes.
Katya, I know how much you like to be helpful.
But, sometimes you have to be willing to ask other people to help you.
I should have asked for help the first time the spell went wrong.
Instead, I just made it worse.
I just wish someone could help me remember the words to the spell.
Then I could finish cleaning things up.
How about this? It's a beginner's guide to helpful spells! [GASPS] That's it! That's the right spell! Thank you, Zoe.
This is just the help I needed.
Flim, flam Oh, yeah, "flean" not "bean"! It's time for this place to get clean! [ALL CHEERING] - [DRAC] Good job, Katya.
- Hooray! Everything's clean and back to normal.
[CLEARS THROAT] And just in time, too.
[ROOSTER CROWING] [ALL] Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [ALL LAUGHING] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]