Super Monsters (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Safety Fur All ; Even Monsters Need Manners

1 [THEME SONG PLAYING] We're Super Monsters The Super Monsters [IGOR] Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! - [LOBO] Whoo-hoo! - Hey! - [PANTING] Let's go, go, go! - Lobo, you know the rules No running in the classroom.
It's not safe.
[GROANS] Oh, sorry, Esmie.
- [CLEO GRUNTS] - Sorry, Cleo.
Why are you so excited, Lobo? Haven't you been to Funland before? Uh-huh, sure, lots of times.
But now I'm finally tall enough and I get to go on all of the rides! I don't think we'll have time for you to ride all of the rides tonight.
[GROANS] Look! It's time, it's time, it's time, it's time! Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [CHUCKLES] Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! So, can we go now? Please? I haven't explained what we're doing tonight.
We're having fun! Fun, fun, fun! At Funland! - What else do we need to know? - [CHUCKLES] Yes.
But we're also going to practice following some simple safety rules.
Safety rules? But I'm a super-fast Super Monster! If I run into a safety problem, I just run away from the problem.
No running inside, remember? [GRUNTING] There are rules even the biggest, scariest, grown-up monsters have to follow to stay safe.
Even you, Lobo.
[CHITTERING] Glorb wants to go, too! - [CHITTERING] - [IGOR CLEARS THROAT] Tonight, the safety rules are simple.
Rule number one, we stay together at all times.
Rule number two, you only go on the rides you're allowed to go on.
Okay, got it, got it! Got it, got it.
Let's go, go, go! [HOWLS] [ESMIE] Lobo? [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] Right.
Rule number one, stay together! [CHILDREN LAUGHING AND CHATTERING] - Whoa! - Look at all this! [ALL CHEERING] Let's go on the bumper cars, where it's okay for me to bump into things! - Hmm to the right.
- Yay! [KATYA] How about the spinning teacups? - [ZOE] To the left.
- [PANTING] I vote for the roller coaster because you get to flip upside down! How about we go one by one, and each of you picks a ride we go on? Six rides for six Super Monsters.
Aw but I wanted to go on all the rides.
[CHITTERING] I'll choose first, because I like being first.
Let's try the canoe ride! Okay, let's go! Let's go! [HOWLS] Did you hear that, Henri? We're going to splash through the water in a canoe! [WHIMPERS AND YOWLS] Henri doesn't like water.
Do you want to stay up there, Henri? [MEOWS] Okay, I'll come get you before we leave! - [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - [GASPS] Come on, Super Monsters! The canoes are waiting! [PANTS] Yes! [HUMMING] [MAN] All aboard! Ready! I'm ready.
Glorb's ready! We're ready! The ride doesn't start until we're all safely in the canoes, Lobo.
Yay! [HOWLS] [ALL LAUGHING AND EXCLAIMING] Okay, how about you, Zoe? Where do you want to go next? - [ZOE] Maybe the zip line? - [PANTING] - Or - [GROANS] The teacups? [WHIMPERS] While they're talking about what ride to go on, we could already be riding another ride.
[CHITTERING] You're right, Glorb! We'll go so fast, they'll never even know we're gone! [LAUGHS] And with my nose, we'll never lose them! Whirly Whirl, here we come! Here you go! [HOWLING] [LAUGHING AND SNIFFING] There they are! [CHITTERING] [HUMMING] You were right, Glorb! Nobody even noticed we were gone! We're going to be able to go on every ride in the park! [ALL LAUGHING] [KATYA] Oh, wow! [CHUCKLES] And six! That's everybody.
[LAUGHING] Whoa! [LAUGHING] Here you go! [LAUGHING] There they are! - Now where is - Lobo! I'm here! And I'm tall enough to ride! Hmm [ALL LAUGHING AND EXCLAIMING] Yep! [GRUNTS] Uh, sorry, kid.
I'm closing the Ferris wheel while I go on my lunch break.
[GROANS] - Just got to finish unloading it, dude.
- [LOBO] But - I have to ride the Ferris wheel! - [CHITTERING] Sorry, you're gonna have to wait until I come back.
Those are the rules.
[CHITTERING] Sorry, Glorb.
We have to follow the rules.
[CHITTERING] [CHITTERING] Mmm? [GASPS] Glorb! What have you done? The ride's stopped and the attendant's gone to lunch! Oh, Glorb, I'm so sorry.
You wouldn't be stuck up there if I'd listened to Igor and stayed with the group.
- [CHITTERING] - It's gonna be okay, Glorb.
I'm gonna find the others, and we'll get you down from there! [SNIFFING] [SNIFFING] That way! Let's see.
Lobo hasn't had a chance to choose a ride yet.
- Lobo? - [LOBO] I'm here, I'm here.
- But I wasn't here.
- Huh? I'm sorry.
I just really wanted to ride all the rides, and Glorb did, too.
So we left the group, even though we weren't supposed to, and now, Glorb's stuck on the Ferris wheel.
And he's scared.
[ALL] We have to help him! - Yes, we do! - Poor Glorb.
Drac, could you fly up to the Ferris wheel and let Glorb know that help is on the way? On it! Hi, Glorb.
We'll get you down.
Don't worry.
[CHITTERING] [GRUNTING] It won't move! It's okay, Frankie.
I'm going to spin the wheel like a windmill! [EXCLAIMING] Hey! A little warning next time.
Oops! Sorry, Drac.
Hang on, Glorb! It's time for some magic! Flim, flam, flee, set Glorb free! And bring him back, right next to me? - [MEOWS] - Hi, Henri.
- Did I wake you? - [SNORES] [IGOR CHUCKLES] The attendant is back! He'll start the ride! Uh-oh.
The key Uh It has to be around here somewhere.
Ah-ha! Whoa! [LAUGHING] I wish I had x-ray vision! [ALL] Yay! Excellent work, everyone! [CHITTERING] [CHUCKLES] It's okay, Glorb.
You're safe now.
I'm sorry I didn't follow the rules.
I just wanted to try and go on all the rides.
But then, Glorb got stuck and [SIGHS] and that would never have happened if we'd stayed with the group.
[CHITTERING] Glorb says he's sorry.
He shouldn't have gone on the ride when you told us not to.
The rules aren't meant to keep you from having fun.
The rules are made to keep you safe.
[BOTH] Mmm-hmm.
There's time for one more ride.
What'll it be? [ALL] The Ferris wheel! [ALL CHEERING] - [CHITTERING] - It's okay, Glorb.
I‘ll stay down here with you.
I can ride the Ferris wheel next time.
[ALL CHEERING] [ALL CHATTERING INDISTINCTLY] [ALL] Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [ALL LAUGHING] Hello, Lobo.
Oh, these look delicious.
[LAUGHS] Thanks, Miss Esmie.
They're for our potluck dinner.
I helped decorate them! Don't they look fancy? - Hmm.
They certainly do! - [CAR HORN HONKS] I can't wait to see you at the potluck tonight, Mummy.
It's going to be so much fun.
I can't wait either, Princess.
Now, remember, there are going to be a lot of people at the potluck, so be sure to use your very best manners.
I will, Mummy.
Because [BOTH] Good manners make a difference.
- Mmm-hmm.
- [CHUCKLES] Exactly.
Thank you for the ride, Mummy.
You're welcome, Cleo.
- Ah! [CHUCKLES] - Wow! Oh, I love potlucks! It's fun when everyone brings something to eat and we all get to share.
I brought cupcakes! Yummy! I brought fruit salad.
My father's making his famous Transylvania Ghoul-ash.
It's fang-tastic! My dad and I made Monster Mashed Potatoes.
I got to mash the potatoes and everything.
I love being able to mash stuff.
- [ALL LAUGHING] - [IGOR] Well, kiddos, it's not quite time for the potluck, but it is time for sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [CHUCKLES] Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! This potluck dinner is the perfect time to show your parents all of your favorite things about preschool.
I can't wait to show my dad our awesome playground.
Whoo-hoo! [LAUGHS] I wanna show off all my mad flying skills.
- [SING-SONG] Uh-huh! Oh, yeah! - Lobo and I are going to do a dance.
[SING-SONG] Dance, dance, dance! I love to dance! Whoo! - [BOTH LAUGHING] - What about you, Frankie? I wanna show my dad Zoe's artwork.
He's gonna love it.
Aw, thanks, Frankie.
And I know my dad is gonna love our kazoo band.
[KAZOOS PLAYING] [DRAC WHOOPS AND LAUGHS] How about you, Cleo? What do you wanna show your mummy? Why, you guys, of course.
I've told my mom all about you.
Wait, isn't your mom, like, a real-life queen? Uh-huh.
Why? Uh, I've never met a queen before.
What if I mess up? [CHUCKLES] You won't.
Aren't you worried we'll embarrass you? I mean, what do I say? What do I do? Do I bow? Do I curtsy? Aw, you don't have to do any of that stuff.
- We don't? - No, you just have to be polite.
Mummy always says that good manners make a difference.
So we just have to remember to say please and thank you and we'll be okay? Of course.
Oh! I know a great game that can help! Okay, this game is called Monster, May I? You have to say please and thank you or you don't move forward.
Now, this is the starting line.
And that's the finish line? I win! Lobo! I haven't even explained the rules yet.
Oh, right Sorry.
The way to get to the finish line is to take turns asking, "Monster, may I please?" I'll be the monster and you have to ask me for permission to move each turn.
Oh, I get it.
Monster, may I please hop like a bunny? Yes, you may.
[EXCLAIMS] Thank you, Cleo.
- You're welcome, Zoe.
- I like this game.
- No problemo.
- Fun! [CLEO] Just remember, if you don't say please before you start and thank you when you finish, then you have to go all the way back and start over.
Monster, may I fly a loop-de-loop over that tree? Oh, almost forgot.
Please? Yes, you may.
[LAUGHS] Easy-peasy! That was breezy! Uh, not so fast, Drac.
What? I crossed the finish line.
So I win, right? [ALL] You didn't say thank you! - [ALL CHUCKLING] - [GROANS] Sorry, Drac, you gotta go back.
- [CHUCKLING] - [ALL LAUGHING] [ALL] Monster, may I please Bunny hop! [EXCLAIMS] Monster stomp! Leap wolf! Cat jump! Loop-de-loop.
Whoo-hoo! Yes, you may.
- [ALL] Thank you! - You're welcome! [GASPS] Monster, may I please - Yes, you - [ALL EXCLAIMING] [ALL LAUGHING] may.
[LAUGHING] Well, your game was a great way to help everyone remember to say please and thank you.
But there's more to good manners than just saying please and thank you.
Like, knowing how to behave when you're eating.
[CHUCKLES] Indeed! And I think Esmie has a plan to help with that! [ALL GASPING] Wow I thought we could have a pretend tea party to practice eating.
But I don't need practice eating.
I eat every day! [SLURPS AND CHOMPS] See! No problem! Um, Lobo? I think your pretend eating When you sit down at the table, the first thing to do is take your napkin and Like this, right? [GRUNTS SOFTLY] Uh not exactly, Lobo.
- [ZOE CHUCKLING] - Very creative, but not quite, Zoe.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, check it out.
[GROANS] [ALL LAUGHING] Come on, you guys.
We're practicing for Cleo's mom, remember? Thanks, Katya.
Okay, when you sit down, your napkin goes in your lap.
Uh Got it.
Oh Esmie, would you care for a cookie? Thank you, Cleo.
Mmm-mmm! Um, Esmie? Not everyone has their food yet.
Oh, sorry, everyone.
Cleo's right.
It's polite to wait until everyone at the table has been served - before we start to eat! - Mmm-hmm.
Now, that everyone has their food, it's okay to start eating.
[CHOMPING LOUDLY] Um, Frankie, even though it's only pretend food, we still need to remember to chew with our mouths closed.
Oh, right.
Thank you, Cleo.
[CHEWING SOFTLY] Thanks, everyone, for practicing so hard.
My mom is going to be really impressed with your manners! I think all the parents will be impressed.
Oh, dear, speaking of parents they're going to be here any minute! And we haven't finished getting ready.
- I've got this.
- On it! Let's go! Whoo-hoo! [WHOOPS AND PANTS] Classroom table, oh, so small Time to grow up, big and tall! Whoa! Yes! [LAUGHING] [CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah! [ALL SIGHING] [DOORBELL RINGS] [GASPS] It's the queen! - Everyone act fancy.
- [LAUGHS] Hello.
You must be Frankie.
May I take that from you, Your Highness-ness-ness? [ALL GASPING] - Thank you.
- Uh - Uh - [GASPS] Whoa [EXCLAIMS] - Yes! - [ALL CHEERING] I'm Lobo.
Nice to meet you, Your Queenliness.
- Hi, I'm Katya.
And this is Henri.
- [MEOWS] Welcome, Your Majesty.
I am Drac.
And I'm Zoe.
We're really happy to meet you.
It's very nice to meet all of you, too.
You all have such lovely manners.
Thank you, we've been practicing! You have? Cleo says that manners are important to royalty! Well, Lobo, good manners are important for everyone, not just royalty.
It's a nice way to make other people feel welcome and show them that you care.
- Uh-huh.
- [DOORBELL RINGS] [FRANKIE CLEARS THROAT] Welcome to the Pitchfork Pines Parent Potluck dinner.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] - [KAZOOS PLAYING] - [LAUGHS] I'm so glad you got to meet my friends, Mummy.
Me, too.
The Super Monsters all have super manners, - and they made me feel super special.
- [ALL LAUGHING] [CHUCKLES] [ALL] Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! - [ALL LAUGHING] - Great job, everybody.