Super Monsters (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Monsters at the Museum ; Lost and Furry One

1 [THEME SONG PLAYING] We're Super Monsters The Super Monsters [IGOR] Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [MIMICKING VEHICLE NOISES] Whoa! [GRUNTS] Oh, no! - [CRACKLES] - Uh But I [EXCLAIMS] Oh, dear.
Maybe it'll be okay.
Let's let it dry for a bit.
Uh, oh Come paint with us, Frankie.
It'll cheer you up.
[GROANS] Oh! [GASPS] Oops.
Don't you worry.
We'll get this all cleaned up.
Oh! But first you know what time it is! Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [ESMIE] Tonight we're all going on a field trip to the museum! [ALL CHEERING] As a monster, it's important to learn about all the different creatures that live in our world.
But before we go, let's get everything cleaned up! [ALL AGREEING] Okay, okay! One I'll clean up the paints! [GRUNTING] [GROANING] It's okay, Frankie.
It was just an accident.
I know what'll cheer you up.
I'll fix your game gadget! Dancing pixels, glowing light, bring Frankie's gadget back to life! [GADGET LAUGHING] Sorry, Frankie.
Guess I'll have to work on that spell.
[HORN HONKS] - The bus is here! - [ALL CHEERING] [ALL] Whoa! Welcome to the Museum of Natural History! Yay! [HOWLS] I'm Mr.
Gabmore and I'll be your tour guide! And this is Dippy the Diplodocus! Whoa! What superpowers did she have? This dinosaur weighed more than five cars! Dippy could crush everything in her path! Uh, sorry.
No touching, please.
We wouldn't want to accidentally break anything, would we? Uh no.
No, we wouldn't.
[CHUCKLES] Excellent! Let's get started! [GROANS SOFTLY] Whoa! These statues are so cute.
I bet you'd have fun running in the forest! [CHUCKLES] Uh, no magic please, Katya.
Those statues need to stay put.
[GROANS] Hey, check me out! I found my pack! [HOWLS] Me, too! [LAUGHS] [GASPS] - Boo! - [GASPS AND YELLS] Oh! - Uh - It's okay, Frankie.
I caught it.
Come on, everyone! There's so much more to see! Next stop, the butterfly exhibit! [ALL GASPING] Wow! [ALL GIGGLING] - [SNEEZES] - [ALL EXCLAIM] [GROANS] Mastodons are in the genus Mammut, distinctly related to elephants, that inhabited North and Central America during the late Mesocene Frankie? What's wrong? Talking about it might make you feel better.
Come on.
We don't want to miss anything.
They fed on a mixed diet obtained by browsing and grazing with a seasonal [CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] - [ROARS] - [EXCLAIMING] [ALL GASPING] [ALL SIGHING] [SIGHS HEAVILY] Whoa! [GROANS] [YELLS] [ALL] Oh - [ALL GROANING] - Sorry, I didn't mean to scare him! I was just playing.
I think Frankie's been having a hard day.
We have to find him! Hmm, let's see Esmie and I will look on this side of the museum.
Drac, you check outside.
The rest of you can cover the rest of the museum.
And, uh tidy up a bit, please.
[ALL AGREEING] Katya, have you got a spell that can fix this? Right! No problem.
I've got this.
At least I think I do.
Hmm Okay.
Let's try Bones of ages on the floor, connect to make a dinosaur.
Yikes! That's not what's supposed to happen.
Um, let's try again Skeleton that grew and grew, now change into something new! Oh, no! Something else new! Oh, come on! [BLOWS AND CHUCKLES] Frankie! Are you in here? Ooh, these statues are so cute! [GIBBERS] [CHUCKLES] [CLEO] Katya! What? I just wanted to play with it for a minute.
- [SOFT GRUMBLING] - Huh? [ANIMAL NOISES] But now, everything else wants to play, too! [BARKING] Sorry about that! Did you find Frankie? Uh nope.
But I found something else! The butterflies from the exhibit! We need to get them back inside.
It's working, Cleo! It's work Whoa! [GRUNTS] Good job, Super Monsters! Now let's find Frankie.
Frankie? What're you doing in here? I'm trying to cool off.
We've been looking all over for you.
What's wrong? Aw, come on, buddy.
You can tell me.
It's just lil' ol' me.
See? You [SNIFFS] You got hungry and went looking for a snack! Hmm you needed some exercise! [WHISPERING] Did you need to let out a big burp? Lobo! Okay, okay.
You want to go home? A-ha! You want to go home, 'cause Because I ruin everything! Well, what do you mean? The owl, the butterflies, the dinosaur bones I just look at something and it breaks! [GROANS] It's like my body just does whatever it wants.
It's frustrating! And embarrassing Frankie, you never would have knocked over the skeleton if I hadn't scared you.
- Yeah, it was an accident.
- We all make mistakes.
Remember when I tripped and fell into your birthday cake? [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
That was pretty funny.
You were covered in frosting.
It was delicious! [SLURPING] [LAUGHS] Aw, you know what? I do feel better.
I guess it does help to talk about it.
Sometimes feelings get too big to handle all by yourself.
We're always here for you, Frankie.
Hey! We didn't get to say goodbye to Mr.
Oh, goodness! You don't think he's still On it! [CHUCKLING] Now how do I get down from here? - I got ya.
- Whoa! [CHUCKLES] Oh! Thank you, Drac.
Thank you, Mr.
Your museum tour was really fun.
I can't wait to come back! - [GASPS] Really? - Really.
[CHUCKLES] Bye! [EXCLAIMS] - [ROOSTER CROWING] - [ALL] Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [BELL RINGING] - Hello, Lobo.
- Hi, Esmie.
Hi, Igor! Wait till you see what I brought for show-and-tell! Ah sounds very mysterious.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Who wants to race? - I do! Me, too! [MIMICS ENGINE REVVING] Hey! Where'd it go? [CHUCKLES] Looking for this? Thanks, Esmie.
The sun is setting.
And that means Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [CHUCKLES] Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! Is it time for show-and-tell? Whoo-hoo! Is it? Is it? Show-and-tell is exciting, isn't it? We get to share things that are important to us and learn interesting things about our friends.
We have other fun activities planned for tonight, too! An art project and a trip to the park.
Wait till you see what I brought! It's really, really, really, really, really, really special! Well, since it's something really special, you'll want to be sure that you're really careful with it.
I will! [WHISPERING] It's in my pocket.
Mmm-mmm-mmm, yum! Lobo, if you want to tell me what you brought for show-and-tell, I promise I won't spoil your surprise.
Okay! It's really awesome.
Wow! A whole silver dollar! Oh, look! My favorite cookie! It's time for show-and-tell! Yay! [HOWLS] First, I mix the dirt up a little then I water it, and then [ALL GASPING AND CHUCKLING] Baseball's extra fun when you can fly.
[GASPS] I brought my super cozy, extra fuzzy wuzzy favorite slippers! Aren't they snuggly? Um, Zoe? We can't see through the box like you.
Oops! [CHUCKLES] [ALL GASPING] [DRAC] They're so soft! My turn? Yes, Lobo, it's your turn.
We can't wait to see what you brought.
I brought a real live silver dollar! I earned it cleaning out fur brushes.
[GASPS] Where'd it go? Why don't you check your backpack? [GROANS] Hey! Here's that cool rock I found at the park! That is a nice rock, but I think you were looking for your silver dollar? [CHUCKLES] Oh, right.
It's not in here! Would you like me to help you look for it? No, thanks, Esmie.
I'm sure I can find it by myself.
Well, when you do, we'll have the rest of show-and-tell.
[GROANS] I wish I could remember where I put my silver dollar.
Would you like us to help you look for it, Lobo? I could do a finding spell.
No thanks, Katya.
I'm sure I can remember.
[MEOWS] All right, everyone, it's time to go to the park! [ALL] Yay! Whee! [LAUGHS] [KATYA GIGGLES] Whee! Hooray! [LAUGHING] You're good at yo-yoing, Lobo.
[EXCLAIMING] Oh, oops! Here, I'll unwind you.
- [GRUNTS] - Whoa! Whoa! [LAUGHS] That was fun! Where did my yo-yo go? Can I play with your bat, Drac? Uh, sure.
But try not to lose it, okay? I promise I'll be careful! Oh! This flower is the same color as my favorite crayon! [BUNNY SQUEAKING] Hello, bunny! Where are you going? Calling all Super Monsters! It's time to walk back to school.
Bye-bye, bunny.
Oops, I'd better find my yo-yo.
Where's my yo-yo? And where's Drac's bat and ball? Oh, no! First, I lost my silver dollar, now I've lost my yo-yo and Drac's bat and ball! Time to go, Lobo.
[ALL LAUGHING] Oh What's the matter, Lobo? I lost my yo-yo and Drac's bat and ball.
But I don't want to tell Drac.
It will make him sad.
I know you feel bad, Lobo, but you have to tell Drac.
It's important to keep track of your things and your friends' things as well.
Drac I lost your bat and ball at the park, and I'm really, really sorry.
Oh, no! And I lost my yo-yo and my silver dollar, too.
Well, maybe if we all look together, we can find everything.
That's a great idea, Drac! Let's all try to help Lobo and search together.
Like a treasure hunt.
Nothing up here.
Not here.
[ZOE] Hmm.
Not behind the wall.
[GRUNTS] Not under the chair.
Not here, either.
Uh, I'm trying really hard, but I can't remember where I put my silver dollar.
Maybe you need a remembering song.
Let's see Stop, think Take another look In a drawer or in a nook On the roof or on the floor You can sniff out What you're looking for Stop, think Take another look In a drawer or in a nook On the roof or on the floor You can sniff out What you're looking for [SNIFFING] Peanut butter! I remember that I had a peanut butter sandwich for my snack [CONTINUES SNIFFING] and I showed Cleo my silver dollar while I was eating it! [CHUCKLES] My silver dollar! Now, let's go back to the park and look for Lobo's yo-yo and Drac's bat and ball.
Let's look over here.
Stop, think Take another look I remember Frankie pulling the yo-yo string, me spinning On the roof or on the floor The roof! Maybe it's not on the ground.
Ha! I found Lobo's yo-yo! Thanks, Drac! Now, I'm going to find your bat and ball! Stop, think Take another look In a drawer or in a nook On the roof or on the floor You can sniff out What you're looking for Hey, I smell something furry - A bunny! - [SQUEAKING] Wait! I remember I dropped the bat and ball when I saw the bunny! And I remember I found an orange flower the exact color of my favorite orange crayon before I chased the bunny! And here's Drac's bat and ball! Oh, thanks, Lobo! Lobo, I'm really proud of you for taking the time to think through all the steps you took before so you could remember where you left Drac's bat and ball.
From now on, I'm going to be more careful and pay attention to where I leave things, so I can find them again later! [ROOSTER CROWING] [ALL] Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [ALL LAUGHING AND CHATTERING INDISTINCTLY] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]