Super Monsters (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Once in a Blue Moon ; Zombie Eyes Surprise

1 We're Super Monsters The Super Monsters Sun down Monsters up! Looks like we’re almost ready for our blue moon party! Whoo-hoo! Very exciting! Everyone volunteered to help.
Drac’s in charge of the twinkle lights.
On it! Bats.
Katya’s making the punch.
My mom let me borrow her cauldron! And her recipe book.
Now I just have to decide what kind of punch to make.
Ooh, there are so many choices! Looks like you have a lot of fruit to choose from, too.
Let me know if you need any help.
I do love raspberries.
Oh, I could make raspberry punch.
That’s a great idea! Lobo’s grandmother baked cupcakes for the party.
Is the party starting now? Is it? Is it? The party will start when the moon turns blue! It’s not quite time for the blue moon, but it is time for something else! Oh, look, look, look! Come on, Katya! Sun down Monsters up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! Super Monsters! Come on, you guys! Yeah.
Here you go! - Hi, Katya! - Hi, Zoe! Whoa! What is that? It’s a blue moon mosaic for the wall! A mo what? A mosaic.
It’s a picture that’s made by using small pieces of colored objects, like little stones or scraps of paper.
It’s perfect for the party! You’re making punch, right? I am.
I just have to decide what kind to make.
Do you have any lemons? You could make lemonade! Lemonade! Great idea, Zoe, thanks.
Everybody loves lemonade, and Igor loves raspberries I have a great idea! I’m gonna make lemon raspberry punch! Okay.
We need lemons and raspberries.
Mmm mmm yum! You’ve gotta try one of my blue moon cupcakes! Mmm.
Yum! Delicious! These will taste great with my lemon raspberry punch! Oh Oh.
You don’t like lemon raspberry? Um.
It’s okay But I really like orange punch.
It’s just like lemon raspberry punch, but with oranges! And, uh, no raspberries.
Orange punch is really, really, really, really yummy! It would taste amazing with my cupcakes! What to you think, Henri? Wouldn’t orange punch taste great with Lobo’s cupcakes? Orange punch.
Definitely! A little higher, please! Hi, Katya! We’re decorating the ceiling to make it look super spooky for the party! Very scary.
Is that for the punch? - It is! - Oh Oh, wait.
Don’t tell me.
You don’t like lemons or oranges or raspberries? No.
I like 'em all! - Phew.
- But I like apples even better! Apples? Hmm.
Looks like the cobweb decorations are almost done.
Is that the fruit for your punch? Well, I thought I’d make lemon raspberry punch.
Sounds delicious! But then Lobo said he really likes orange punch.
And Frankie likes apples the best.
I see.
And now you can’t decide which flavor punch to make? They all sound good to me! Sometimes, the more choices we have, the harder it is to make a decision.
Really hard.
Maybe it would help to sit down and make a list of all your choices? It can help you to think through what you like most about each one.
Great idea! Hmm Yes! Ta-da! Ta-da! Wow! Blue stars for the blue moon! They’re so pretty! I do have talent if I say so myself.
And I do say so.
Oh, your twinkly lights look great, Drac.
Thanks, Katya.
But, all this flying is starting to make me thirsty.
What kind of punch are you making? I’m making lemon raspberry punch.
I was hoping for pineapple.
You like pineapple punch? I do! Pineapple punch is delicious and it’s fun to say! If you’re taking requests, I’d like peach punch, please! Oh! You could make pineapple peach punch! Whoa! Esmie was right.
When you have a lot of choices, it helps to make a list.
I could make a lemon raspberry punch because Igor likes raspberry and Zoe likes lemon.
But Lobo likes orange and Frankie likes apple, Drac likes pineapple and Cleo likes peach.
Oh, Henri, I want to make a punch that everyone will like.
You finished your mosaic? I love it! It’s so cute! Thanks, but I need your help to hang it on the wall.
I have just the spell.
That spot on the wall is looking bare, let’s hang Zoe’s picture there! Oh! Thanks, Katya! Now I’m ready for the party! Whoa! Are you gonna use all that fruit? No.
Not all of it.
But I could - Really? - Really.
I made a decision! My mom has a recipe for Everything Punch.
Everything? Uh-huh.
It’s a fruit punch that uses every kind of fruit that you have.
- Sounds delicious.
- It is! Do you need any help? Nope.
Now that I’ve made the decision, everything else will be easy! Here it is! Huh? Blueberries? Oh, great idea, Henri! If I use the blueberries, plus a little blue magic I can make the Everything Punch turn blue.
A blue moon punch! Come on, magic, on the double, make this fruit punch boil and bubble.
Everything Punch is delicious, it’s true, and I’ve decided to make it blue! Wow! Looks like everything’s ready and the blue moon is here! It’s time for the party to start! - It’s here! - Let’s start! Party time! Let's kick off the party with a delicious snack.
Lobo made special blue moon cupcakes! And Henri and I made blue moon punch! Mmm! Sorry.
Mmm mmm! Delicious! Mmm.
That's the best punch I've ever tasted! Thanks, Miss Esmie! That was the best blue moon party we’ve ever had! I really liked Lobo’s cupcakes.
And I really liked your blue moon punch! So tasty! - Awesome! - Yeah! So great! Thanks, everybody, it was fun to make once I finally decided what to make! And I’m glad you made it blue, because I like my blue lips and my blue tongue! Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! Super Monsters! Bye, Daddy! Hi, Igor.
You sure look excited! You’re right, Zoe! Super excited! Because Esmie and I have a surprise for our Super Monsters.
I love surprises! What is it? If we told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? Maybe the surprise is that we’re going swimming! Or maybe the amusement park! Maybe it’s a surprise birthday party for me! Uh wasn’t your birthday last month? It was.
But I think my birthday should be celebrated every day, with cakes and parties and presents.
- That would be fun! - And it would definitely be a surprise! It’s our favorite time of day! Sun down Monsters up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! Super Monsters! Okay, everyone.
It’s time for your surprise! It’s a new game, just for Super Monsters.
Igor and I have hidden a different box for each of you.
Each box has a prize inside.
Wow! You’ll each take a turn as you use your monster powers to find your box.
Now, let’s see Who’s going first? Zoe? Me? Okay.
Hmm Hmm I see it! Whoa! It's a kazoo! - Thank you! - You're welcome, Zoe.
Let’s have Drac go next.
Yeah! Hmm, if I was gonna hide a box for the flying-est vampire kid in class, where would I put it? Oh! Found it! Oh, I wonder what’s inside.
Well, those are definitely vampire fangs, so I know it’s something for my tooth! How exciting! Hmm I think it’s Uh, maybe it’s Oh, it’s a fang brush! Oops.
I didn’t mean to do that.
Sorry, Drac.
It's okay, Zoe.
Whoa! Thanks, Esmie.
Thanks, Igor.
I like having a clean, shiny fang.
Hey! Those bricks weren’t here before.
This is gonna be awesome, I can tell.
Okay, uh, lightning bolts and pencils.
Just I can guess this I almost have it I A giant eraser! What a great prize! Oh, bats! I spoiled the game No, you didn’t, Zoe.
I still got to smash things.
And I still get to keep the eraser, right? Of course, Frankie.
We picked it out just for you.
Okay, Katya’s next.
Miss Esmie, could I wait outside? I don’t want to spoil any more surprises.
Sometimes it can be hard to control your powers.
Especially when you get excited.
Why don’t you stay here with us, and we’ll try taking a deep breath and looking away if it feels too exciting.
Okay? Okay.
Magic wand before my eyes, show me how to find my prize! Deep breath.
Look away.
This is so exciting.
I can’t wait to see what it is.
Deep breath.
Look away.
A book of spells! Oh, I did it again! Sorry.
Don’t worry, Zoe.
I have to practice my magic all the time and I still make mistakes.
And I practice controlling my strength, and I still break things.
A lot of things.
Thanks, guys.
Okay, Lobo.
I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait! I wonder where your box could be? Aw! This is gonna be so great.
Hey! Yay! At least that’s one surprise I didn’t spoil.
My turn! I just love prizes.
And surprises.
And prizes that are surprises.
Huh I wonder what's inside.
Deep breath, don’t look.
This is such beautiful wrapping paper.
Deep breaths, don’t look.
Whoa! What do you think it is? Don't look Oh! It’s a coloring book about ancient Egypt! Zoe, want to color with me? Huh? Where did she go? Oh! She went this way! Deep breath Ew! This is the smelliest, stinkiest closet I’ve ever been in! We found her! But the door’s locked.
I’ll go look for the key.
Hopefully Zoe can survive smelling your stinky old shoes until you get back.
Zoe, please open the door.
I’m gonna stay in here until I can keep from spoiling everyone’s fun.
- But you didn’t spoil our fun.
- You just got really excited.
It happens to all of us.
Well, if Zoe’s not coming out, we have to find our way in.
It’s monster mashing time! Oh, goodness.
Told you I have trouble with my strength.
It’s okay, Frankie, you didn’t mean to.
No, he didn’t.
And you didn’t mean to use your zombie vision to see the prizes in the boxes.
You’re right! I didn’t.
Frankie and I both need to keep practicing our powers, until we can control them better.
We all do.
I know a way we can practice our powers and have fun too! Let’s play hide-and-seek! - Okay.
Who’s gonna be it? - You are! You can try and find us without using your zombie vision.
It’ll be good practice.
I can do that! Or at least I’ll try.
Everybody ready? One, two, three Hmm Magic and stardust, glimmer and gleam, make me so I won’t be seen.
Nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come! Katya, why aren’t you hiding? I am.
I’m invisible.
- Uh-uh.
- Oh! I really do need to practice my magic! Hmm Let’s see.
That big fort was built by a very strong monster.
Awesome Found you, Frankie.
Streaks of light! Someone’s moving very fast.
- Got you, Lobo! - That was fun! - Whoa.
- What a pretty statue.
It's almost as pretty as Cleo.
You really think I'm pretty? Got you, Cleo! No, no, Glorb.
Not now.
Go away, buddy.
Go away.
Found you, Drac! - You had a little help from Glorb.
- I did! I followed Glorb and found you! But I didn’t use my X-ray vision, not even once! - Good job! - You did it! - Yeah! - Way to go, Zoe! Sun up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! Super Monsters! All right!