Supergirl (2015) s04e09 Episode Script

Elseworlds, Part 3

My name is John Deegan and I'm from Gotham a city in grave need of heroes.
As a doctor at Arkham Asylum, I did my part by protecting this city from the criminally insane.
[ELECTRICITY BUZZING] The world didn't understand my methods, so I worked in secret until, one day, when a cosmic being recognized my potential and gave me the chance to be something greater.
Someone greater.
Now, I am Superman.
[BRAINY] Previously on Arrow and Flash The world thinks that you're Oliver Queen and that I'm Barry Allen, and I would really like to know why.
[BARRY] So what's our next move? We're going to Gotham City.
Who are you and why are you helping us? Kane.
Kate Kane.
[GARRICK] He calls himself the Monitor.
He's been unleashing the Book of Destiny across the multiverse to test different Earths.
[THE MONITOR] A crisis is imminent.
Someone is coming.
Someone far, far more powerful than myself.
I mean to prepare.
He did it again.
He rewrote reality.
[WHOOSHING] [ALL] Superman! There's no place you can run where I can't find you.
It's over.
What're you talking about? Clark, it's us.
Barry and Oliver.
Oh, I know who you are.
Your confusion lies with me.
The Monitor gave you the book back? And showed me how to really use it.
You can't just write yourself as a hero.
It doesn't work that way.
Doesn't it, though? You were struck by lightning.
I was given the book by a higher power.
Both random acts of chance.
But this, this is my destiny.
So much more than becoming the Flash was ever yours.
People don't become heroes because of circumstance.
They become heroes in spite of circumstance.
You're just a cheap knockoff.
Oh, I'm anything but cheap.
And just wait till you see what other fun changes I've made.
To your family, your friends.
There is no safe harbor for you.
This is no longer your world.
I have an idea.
Idiot, I'm bulletproof.
I know.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING] [BARRY] You wanna be Earth's hero? Save the children or stop us.
Your choice, Superman.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING] [PANTING] Being bad makes me feel bad, man.
The crane gag was harmless.
It would've landed in an empty parking lot.
Still, man.
I don't know.
Just doing something like that on purpose, I think I'm gonna puke.
I'm [GAGS] - [POLICE SIREN WAILING] - No, I'm okay, I'm okay.
We need to find out how extensive this reality-change is, and we need to get off the streets.
Come on.
[BARRY RETCHING] I can't get anything coming up.
I can't Wait up.
I have a plan.
- [JOHN] Congratulations, sir.
- The way you caught that crane, like it weighed nothing.
Very, very impressive.
The fugitives escaped! Sir, we are quite sure you will bring them back to justice.
No one can escape Superman.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] You really think so? Sir, you are far too powerful.
Ah, you're right.
You're right.
[SYSTEM BEEPING] Sir, the pipeline.
Must be subject one.
She's been making noise all morning.
- I'll handle this.
- No! You stay on Allen and Queen.
I'll handle her.
[DOOR OPENS] I know the real man who wears that glyph.
It's not you.
You're not Superman.
And yet, I am all that you once were.
No offense to Barry Allen, but as a hero, you You are so much more than just faster than a speeding bullet.
So, you're imitating my powers and my family crest, but not my gender? - Too afraid to be a woman? - Oh, I'm not afraid of anything.
The Book of Destiny revealed to me all there is to know about Barry Allen and Oliver Queen, but for you and this Man of Steel, there was nothing.
Nothing but the android you fought in Central City.
It's It's as if you don't exist in this world.
That's why you locked me up and dampened my powers.
I don't know who you are.
I don't know how you got here, but none of that matters because I am now you.
New and improved.
And you will never see the light of day again.
I'm gonna stop you.
There's nothing to stop.
I am the hero this planet needs.
- [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] - [GROANING] Thank you, Agent Danvers.
These cells are patrolled 24/7, so don't get any bright ideas, or you will end up hurting in a very painful way.
The only way out of here for you is in a casket.
Wait! Alex.
Oh Oh, you think you know that agent.
You see, I scrambled the reality of everyone on this Earth.
No one is who they were.
But [LAUGHS] I guess even rewritten destiny has a way of playing jokes.
You be a good prisoner, or I kill her.
- You're a monster.
- No.
I'm Superman.
- Okay, we - Get Cisco, breach to Earth-38, find real Superman.
That's the plan.
As long as this Cisco's willing to help us.
The last alternate version of Cisco I met was not super-helpful.
Who knows how he's been rewritten this time? [THE MONITOR] Gentlemen.
It's time we talked about your destiny.
Must confess my interest is piqued.
You possess neither power nor abilities, yet still managed to outwit an opponent with the powers of a super man.
It's just one word, "Superman.
" What is this? Hmm? If you're testing us, then let us get back to it.
Oliver Queen, a man who channels his hubris and anger and calls it strength.
Are you truly that eager to die? No.
Not eager.
But willing.
Ready to.
There might be hope for this universe yet.
If that's supposed to be a pep talk, I've had better.
Self-sacrifice alone will not see you through this trial.
Survival will only be found by knowing your true self, or this world will be doomed, like all the others.
Okay, that's enough.
Well, that was very glass-half-empty.
We need to find Cisco.
Okay, well, if us good guys are bad guys, stands to reason that our good-guy friend is now a bad guy.
You're CCPD.
Where do criminals hang out in this city? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] - Are they all afraid of us? - Go with it.
- This is a terrible idea.
- You keep saying that.
[BARRY] And yet, here we are anyway.
- We need allies and resources.
- [SCOFFS] Oh, my God, the Trigger Twins.
Sorry, I'm just a huge fan of your criminal history.
You guys are my heroes.
Well, not heroes.
Can I get you guys something? Apparently, we need allies and resources.
We're looking for Cisco Ramon.
You mean the boss? Sure.
[BLOWING] [CRACKS SOFTLY] Well, that's not nothing.
How do you know my name? I'm not from this Earth.
Where I come from, we're sisters.
[SCOFFS] You? You are as despicable as they come.
I mean, the stories of all the twisted things that you've done Alex, I know things look one way to you, that I look one way to you, but the way things are, it's not real.
Not really real.
And if you just let me explain, I can tell you You are dangerous, and you are clearly crazy, and I have work to do.
No, wait.
Wait, just let me explain.
I can tell you everything.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [OLIVER] We need to talk.
Make an appointment with my assistant.
I should have an opening around "go screw yourself.
" Cisco, we need your help.
I don't know who you think you are.
But around here, people call me Mr.
You got a problem there, Mr.
Ramon? Case in point.
Jimmy, I think the Pet Shop Boys here need an education in how things work around here.
I don't think that should be a problem.
They don't call me Superman's worst pal for nothing.
Okay look we don't want any trouble.
We just have a business proposal for Mr.
Business proposal.
I'm gonna pass.
You see, I like watching my people put a beating on other people.
So So, I guess we got that in common.
We've got this, right? Totally.
[BOTH GROANING] Is now an okay time to ask for a selfie? Stop.
Jimmy, what are you thinking? What, are you gonna kill 'em here, now? Gary's still cleaning up from the last mess you made, Clockwork Orange.
Do 'em out in the alley.
All right, come on.
Let's go.
Wait, wait! I knew your brother.
Dante! Stop.
Hold up.
[PANTING] How do you know Dante? It's a long story.
If he were here, he'd tell you to listen to our proposal.
[WHISPERS] What's our proposal? How'd you like to get rid of Superman? All right, I've got ledgers to keep and miles to go before I sleep, so talk fast.
But first, we need to know if you can vibe.
- Can I vibe? - [BARRY] Teleport.
Open a breach.
You can still do that, right? Rhetorical question.
How do you think I got into all those bank vaults? But you, you didn't know that.
You came in here not knowing if I could do what you thought I could do.
That's very risky.
We're kind of desperate.
Please keep giving me more reasons to not do business with you.
All right, listen.
You could use your powers for so much more than breaking into bank vaults.
Go back to the part about taking down Super-dick.
That's the part I wanna hear.
We're gonna get to that.
For now, I could teach you how to use your powers to get to a whole different Earth.
A whole different Earth.
Tell me more.
The big guy is out, - chasing down a lead on the Twins.
- Ah.
You know, Diggle can monitor these sorry sacks from upstairs.
- Why don't you take the night off? - [ALEX] It's okay.
I still have some work to do.
You know, that's the third time in just as many weeks I've told you to go home, and you've turned me down.
You know, this sorry little pout's really bringing me down.
So, why don't you want to go home? Boyfriend troubles? - [ALEX] No.
No boyfriend presently.
- Boyfriend? Hmm.
I thought you were dating that dweeb in IT.
Not impressed, by the way.
Okay, it was a couple of dates.
And now he's dating Pam in HR.
Boy's got a type.
Also not impressed.
You need to leave this place.
You've got to get a life.
Look, I love what I do.
The work is important.
[KILLER FROST] Well, now you sound like the big guy.
And you and I both know I don't mean that as a compliment.
Look, I'm sure the work we do for the city is great, but half of what we do around here is really just to prop his ego up.
[SCOFFS] Truth, justice, and the American way? More like me, myself, and I.
Hmm, yeah.
All work and no play doesn't just make a girl dull.
It turns your heart to ice.
And trust me, that ain't fun.
I appreciate the offer, but I'm gonna stay just the same.
Suit yourself.
- Oh, thank God we're here.
- Yeah.
- Only took 17 tries.
- Yeah.
Oh, I see.
You're a comedian.
Hey, guess what.
Your friend is a comedian.
Still Barry? - Oh, no.
We - No.
So it's fixed.
That's great.
Eh Oh, no.
Kara? Mr.
Am I supposed to believe this guy is Superman? What, did you get him off the street? You don't even look like him.
Hey, uh, what's this? Yeah, you, uh You really shouldn't touch that.
Hey, you could throw a party with this thing.
Get some party favors.
You know, I know a guy.
Look, everything is back to normal.
Well, not everything.
Where's Kara? [BLOWING] - [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] - [GROANING] Alex, please.
Stop! He warned you.
I promise I won't try to escape again.
[SPEAKING JAPANESE] [GROANING] How do you know that? [PANTING] Alex Danvers taught it to me.
I told you, I'm not from this Earth.
The Alex on my Earth spent a summer in Nagano with Jeremiah and Eliza when she was six.
She was homesick.
And a girl from the village helped her sneak down to one of the temples one night.
She wrote a note, and she put it in a crack in the wall, hoping it would come true.
I was seven, not six.
And that little girl in the village, she taught me that rhyme.
- It means - [BOTH] "Pinky swear.
" And my Alex taught it to me the first night we snuck out together to go flying.
My Alex was always drawn to service.
So it's not surprising that you care deeply, so deeply, about this world and all the people in it.
But on my Earth? Alex doesn't just have a job.
She's in charge of a place like this.
She's in charge? She's a leader who is just and proud.
When someone tells her to do something she knows is wrong, she gives them hell.
And she does what's right.
She doesn't have powers like I do, but she's a hero.
And she has the biggest heart of anyone I know, even though she doesn't always like to show it.
And she has good friends.
A real family of support that she's created for herself.
And she doesn't hide who she is.
She wants a wife.
And kids.
She's optimistic that she could have it all.
It's not an "if.
" It's a "when.
" - She sounds pretty awesome.
- She is.
And I know I'm not your sister on this planet.
I guess my pod didn't land here, but You're still that person.
I can tell.
I know it.
Superman rewrote this reality to make us all his prisoners.
I think you're smart enough to see through him.
If I were to let you out of that cell, you'd, what, stop him? Pinky swear.
He's changed all of Central City.
Maybe even the whole world.
Everybody thinks he's you, and we're bad.
I mean, I am bad.
Bottom line, Kara is nowhere to be found.
[BARRY] If we get the book back, we should be able to rewrite reality again.
Yeah? And how you gonna do that? You got a magic pen lying around somewhere behind these ice walls? It's not a pen.
It's just the mind.
I've encountered books like this before.
The author writes things into existence through sheer force of will.
But changing the story comes at a cost.
Do you have any idea where the book is? If I were him, I'd keep it somewhere secure enough to also hold a Kryptonian.
That place is under lock and key.
I did time there once.
- Hey.
So did we.
- We did.
What did you do? Did I say you could touch me? Did I say he could touch me? I missed that part.
- I have to go.
- You have to go.
[GASPS] Well, well, well.
A traitor in our midst.
You know, when I said you should get out there and start dating, Danvers, this isn't quite what I had in mind.
I warned you.
No, I tricked her into opening my cell.
- We don't know each other.
- Yes, we do.
She's my sister.
Well, then you can burn together.
Nice suit.
Doctor, can I have a word please? Well, that's my cue.
I'm out.
You ladies have fun.
[BOTH GRUNTING] - Go get the book.
- Yes! Alex, you're here.
What are you doing here? - [GRUNTING] - A badass in every reality.
Got it.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
He's not actually bad.
- No? - No, he's fine.
- No - No, I'm good.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
- Badass.
It's fine.
- Sorry.
It's okay.
Where would Deegan, um Superman keeps something valuable? Anything of importance to him, he keeps in a place called the Fortress of Solitude.
I'll take you there.
I just came from the Fortress of Solitude.
[GRUNTING] [PILOT] Mayday! Mayday! We've lost control.
I can't hold it.
We're going down! [GASPS] [GROANING] Bizarro! How does it feel to be the villain for once? [PANTS] This isn't a fortress of anything.
This is the time vault.
It's unlocked.
[BARRY] All right, well, how does one go about rewriting reality? Well [GRUNTING] [GASPS] [ALEX] You must still be weak from The Pipeline.
Are you okay? I don't know how Deegan did it.
Well, can I suggest that whatever it is you need to find out, we do far away from here? - [BARRY] Clark knew how to do it.
- I'll get this to him.
[KARA] Superman.
Clark, we need you to open this.
Fix things.
He's doing it.
[GROANS] Make him close it, or I snap his neck.
No! Then your friend dies.
- Not if I kill you first.
- Oliver, don't.
Not to save me.
You don't have to do this.
You don't have to channel your darkness.
You can overcome it.
You can be different.
You can be better.
Maybe that's it.
Maybe that's the Monitor's test.
[EXCLAIMS] [GROANING] You really look just like him.
I hope that's where the resemblance ends.
So he really rewrote the world with that book? He rewrote my life? Yeah.
It's funny.
Because I feel like this was always me.
But I guess everybody does, right? This is you.
Someone who is willing to stand up for what's right.
I mean, after all of this goes back to normal, that'll still be who you are.
Your sister is a very lucky woman.
I'm a lucky sister.
Save the world.
What's happening? Deegan must be rewriting reality again.
Or destroying it.
There might be a way to slow him down.
We literally slow down time.
Come on, that's got to be like only the fourth most crazy thing you've heard in the past three hours.
How do we slow down time, Barry? If Supergirl and I travel around the globe in opposite directions at just over mach 7, we should be able to create enough centrifugal force to slow the Earth's rotation.
And everything else.
Rip the book out of Deegan's hands, and everything goes back to normal.
We can do this.
You both die.
When I opened the book, I watched both of you die, doing exactly what you're talking about.
[BOTH SCREAMING] If it's in the book It's destiny.
I believe Clark.
We have to try something.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Where are you going? I have an idea.
Just [SIGHS] get the book.
And Barry and Kara? We need to hope destinies can be rewritten.
[PEOPLE SCREAMING] Novu! I know you're in there, you son of a bitch! I'm not afraid of you.
I'm not impressed by you! Stop with these games, and show yourself! So much passion.
And hubris.
To think, that if you just yell loud enough you can command a god.
You're not a god.
Yet, there isn't a name for what I am, so I suppose "god" will have to do.
Your time is limited.
I'm not sure what little remains is best spent making demands of me.
I already told you what you had to do.
I know what happens to Barry and Kara.
And now you're here in the faint hope I can alter it.
Well, you just said you were a god.
Now, I don't think you're testing us to see if we're strong enough.
I think you're testing us to see if we are good enough.
And I don't think, in any of the universes you've tested, that anyone has ever stood and confronted you like this.
You are the first in a multitude.
I'm not who you need! You said I'd pass the test if I knew my true self.
My true self is filled with darkness.
But Barry and Kara are different.
They inspire hope.
They inspire people because they are the best of us.
And if this test of yours is gonna kill our best chance at stopping this crisis, well, as gods go, you're not a very smart one.
The universe is a complex piece of machinery, and balance must be maintained.
One change requires another.
How would you propose I keep the balance? [GRUNTS] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [SIRENS BLARING] You can't just wear that symbol on your chest and call yourself a hero, Deegan.
Our powers amplify who we are.
And the way you've been using yours tells me you don't have the mettle for this.
No, you're wrong.
I didn't think big enough.
[PANTING] I won't make that mistake again.
[SCREAMING] [GROANING] You see? There is no defeating me! I am the master of this world! Blah, blah, blah.
That's a bit much, don't you think? Honey? Yes, dear? An enormous robot with the powers of Superman.
This is exciting.
Thank you for including me.
I'll protect the civilians.
Finish this.
- It's over, Deegan.
- [DEEGAN] No! I decide when the story ends! I liked you better in blue.
[YELLING] [YELLING] [YELLING] - Told you you'd catch me.
- [CHUCKLES] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [SCREAMING] Barry and Kara, you had more faith than I did.
Well, I don't Kara as well as I know Barry, but when things get tough, he doesn't slow down.
He digs deep and runs faster.
That's my cousin to a T.
[BOTH PANTING] Then you know why I had faith in them.
Does the book say anything about what I should do with this? Amazo's motherboard.
[CHUCKLES] So this is kind of becoming an annual thing, huh? - God, I hope not.
- [LAUGHS] Is that a [GASPS] Are you smiling? I kind of like you guys.
- Don't tell anyone.
- [LAUGHS] I hope to see you all again soon.
[SUPERMAN] Preferably without giving Lois another reason to dive headfirst into danger.
- I dive where you dive, babe.
- Hmm.
Cisco, would you do the honors? Anything for my favorite Kryptonian.
That's right.
I have a favorite Kryptonian.
A good choice.
Well [SIGHS] Until next time.
Peace out from your favorite Kryptonian.
[LAUGHS] Wow, you did so much work while I was gone.
This place looks amazing.
Yeah, well, I wanted to make sure it was all good for Ma.
So, uh, Brainy and J'onn went back to National City? Duty calls.
Well, I hope you realize that being a part of the DEO or not being a part of the DEO, you don't need an organization to keep the world safe.
And no matter the universe, you and Alex, you'll find a way to have each other's backs.
Yeah, you're right.
Like, you really are so much stronger than me, Kara.
Every time we're together, I see it.
- Mmm - Which is why I know what I'm doing is okay.
What are you doing, Clark? [LOIS] You need to stop beating around the bush.
People like people who are direct.
What is going on? I told you we had a lot of fun on Argo.
- Lois.
Lois - We're all adults.
Are you having a baby? - [CLARK CHUCKLES] - Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Yes! [SQUEALS] Congratulations! This is so great! I'm so happy for you.
And the safest place for Lois to be is on Argo.
When the baby starts kicking Oh, yeah, that would be awful.
[LAUGHS] So, you're gone another nine months? Uh A little longer than that.
Look, this fight, it It reminded me of everything that I could lose.
But the only reason I feel safe hanging up my cape for a while is because of you.
The world doesn't need Superman if it has Supergirl.
It's actually probably a bit safer.
- Oh.
- A study out of Harvard last year said that women respond better than men - under competitive pressure.
- [KARA] Huh.
We are better in a crisis.
More apt to ask questions before punching.
- Hmm.
- Not that you are not totally terrific.
Bottom line, the world is safe with you.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
Honestly, the world might be fine with just Kara Danvers.
Your cousin ain't half bad.
- What? - What It's burning.
Oh! Oh, no.
- [SIZZLING] - [LOIS COUGHING] Next time, use your heat vision.
- Oh, you're right.
- [COUGHING] I'm sorry.
I just wanted tonight to be special.
Why? Because I want every night to be special.
I mean, with you.
But also special - [LAUGHS] - forever.
With you I'm so bad at this.
What did I tell you in Kansas? Be direct.
[CHUCKLES] [SIZZLING] [CRUSHING] Lois Lane - That's all I had to say? - Yeah.
I like this direct thing.
It's nice to be able to feel the effects of alcohol again.
Super speed has its pluses and its minuses.
[OLIVER] Always hungry.
I was burning holes in my shoes.
You're not gonna miss anything about it? There were a few times where I was running so fast, it was like things were standing still Everything just felt really clear to me.
I'm gonna miss that.
- Flashtime.
- What? That's just what I call it.
You really have a name for everything.
So I feel like I should be thanking you for something.
The Monitor.
- You talked to him, didn't you? - Mmm-hmm.
You got him to change our destinies somehow.
You and Kara changed your destinies, Barry, by being the heroes that you always have been.
Hey, I've been you.
I lived it.
I felt it.
You're a good man.
[SIGHS] So are you.
Even if you don't want people to believe it.
I'm not as good as you think I am.
But because of you, I think I'll get there someday.
- Should we hug it out? - No.
And I really mean it this time.
Twice, you've made me hug you.
- No.
- All right.
Okay? I mean it.
I will propose a toast.
To appreciating what you have, however long you might have it.
I thought you were done with us.
[BATWOMAN] Wishful thinking.
I just came from Arkham.
Tell me this deranged doctor of yours isn't going to be a bigger problem.
Deegan? Why? Because I hear he's made a friend.
[INMATES CLAMORING] [MAN] Don't worry, Doctor.
Everything is as it should be.
The stage is set.
Worlds will live.
Worlds will die.
And the universe will never be the same.