Supergirl (2015) s04e10 Episode Script

Suspicious Minds

My name is Kara Zor-El.
I'm from Krypton.
I'm a refugee on this planet.
I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin.
But my pod got knocked off course.
And by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman.
I hid who I really was until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world.
To most people, I'm a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media.
But in secret, I work with my adopted sister to protect this planet I call my home from anyone that means to cause it harm.
I am Supergirl.
Previously on Supergirl I talked to the DA, James.
I traded information, she dropped the indictment.
You lied to me.
People feeling inferior is what makes them join these hate groups, then we could level the playing field.
- Did the Harun-El do this? - It made the heart invincible.
My family, they're from a planet called Naltor.
Once in a generation, some of our women, they can dream the future.
We need to know your secret identity.
I'm sorry, sir.
I can't give you what you want.
Then, I thank you for your service, but you're dismissed, effective immediately.
[GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [BEEPING] [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Push yourself! And three, two, one - Recover.
- [BOTH PANTING] It's a great workout, huh? Ooh! Yeah.
So good.
I can feel the burn.
I needed this.
It's been too long since we've hung out.
- Yeah, I know, you've been so busy.
- Yeah, I know, I I get so deep into these projects where I'm working alone, without any sounding board or support.
Yeah, working alone can be tough, but exciting, too.
My cousin's worked alone for years, and he was telling me about it the other day.
It was inspiring, actually.
And you have James to talk about everything with.
I'm sure that's nice.
Well, not everything.
Well, you know how James can be.
You guys haven't made up since Thanksgiving? You should talk to him.
He might be more open-minded than you expect.
And if he's not? I'll beat him up for you.
This is McAllister.
Backup needed! [KARA GROANING] Kara, you okay? Ugh, cramps.
Really bad.
I'm gonna I'm going to go ice it.
- Okay.
Sir? Sir? Colonel McAllister? [BEEPING] [TIMER BEEPING RHYTHMICALLY] [BEEPING RAPIDLY] [ALIEN GROWLING] [SUPERGIRL GRUNTS] She has a concussion and two broken ribs, but no internal bleeding.
[HALEY] I'm surprised to see you here, Supergirl.
I thought the President was pretty clear when he dismissed you from the DEO.
Colonel, I didn't come here because of the DEO.
I came here because there were people who needed help.
If Supergirl was the first one on the crime scene, then maybe she can help us figure out who did it.
There was another body right there, a Colonel McAllister, but he was dragged overboard by an alien.
What kind of alien? It was a shimmer of refracted light.
So, all you have to contribute is a shimmer? [BRAINY] To be fair, Colonel, that's more information than we would have had otherwise.
I'm sure I could help with evidence, I just I haven't had a chance to look around.
Thank you, but this is a DEO crime scene now.
You've contaminated it enough already.
If it weren't for me, there wouldn't be a crime scene to begin with.
If I hadn't come here, a bomb would've blown this ship to smithereens, and all the SEALs would've died.
I don't have time to argue with you.
I have to locate the murderous alien you let escape.
So, move aside.
That is an order.
Just because I don't work at the DEO anymore, doesn't mean I'm going to stop being a hero.
No matter what you say.
Oh, hi, sorry.
We're not quite open yet Brainy.
Hello, J'onn.
- So, this is your new business.
- Mmm-hmm.
Some would say launching a PI shingle is a bit old-fashioned.
But, then again, you are very old.
[J'ONN CHUCKLES] You know, Brainy, in the last couple of months, I've had the chance to help people, humans and aliens who can't go to the police.
I've been trying to carve out a path ever since I left the DEO, and, yeah, this feels about right.
Speaking of leaving the DEO, I'm here to talk about Supergirl.
She's going to require backup, resources, a girl Friday And I believe you are just the girl Friday for the job.
I could pay you cash in advance.
I can't take your money for that.
Why not? Do you want more? I have more.
No, Brainy, I can't take your money for that.
Put it away, put it away.
Look, if Supergirl needs me, all she has to do is ask.
But, since you mentioned it, I'll let her know that I'm available.
Thank you, J'onn.
[J'ONN CHUCKLES] No problem.
Uh, Brainy, you, uh, dropped something.
- No, that was there - No, you dropped it.
You'll send me the bill, then.
I had hoped that after she was fired, Supergirl might limit her heroics to stopping runaway trains and saving kittens from trees.
That was naive.
The most powerful alien in the world is out there, and she clearly has every intention on making our lives more difficult.
The President should never have dismissed her without a contingency plan.
And I've never heard of a shimmering alien, have you? No.
But, then again, I'm not familiar with every cataloged alien life form.
Priority one for you is to ID and neutralize the creature who was behind the attack.
Meanwhile, I'm going to interrogate Agent Wolf.
Why are you interrogating Agent Wolf? I'm going to correct the President's mistake and make sure Supergirl listens to us from now on.
How are you going to do that? [SIGHS] Supergirl is an annoyance, but she's no genius.
At some point during her time here, someone must have seen something that's a clue to her secret identity.
And all I need is one loose strand, and I'll unravel this mystery.
Alright, I'll make this quick.
You are the only agents that know Supergirl's secret identity, and Colonel Haley has only one focus right now, that's to uncover it.
Once she has Supergirl's identity, she believes she can reassert control and keep Supergirl in line.
Keeping that information safe means that if Haley confronts you, you will be lying to a superior officer.
None of us wants to compromise Supergirl or you, Director Danvers.
I can't ask you to do anything against your moral code.
But I am asking that you deeply consider the situation we are in together.
I'll do whatever I can to protect Supergirl.
Same for me.
If confronted, we could use our RTI training.
If not, we vow to remain silent.
Thank you.
Director Danvers.
Colonel Haley.
Are you and these agents working on something specific? Uh, debrief on the morning's attack.
Interesting place for a debriefing.
Agent Lawrence, I need to speak with you.
Everyone else, dismissed.
Well, that was a close call.
What is RTI training? - Resistance to Interrogation.
- Oh.
I don't need that.
I've recently restructured my neural network to form many small compartments for storing sensitive information.
Why does that not surprise me? If I so desire it, I can shut down all access to one or more compartments for a designated amount of time.
I'm sorry none of you share the same capacity.
Of course I'm doing everything I can to keep Supergirl safe.
I know you are, Brainy.
I have a sense she needs more support out there.
Kara and I, we're still partners, despite Haley.
- [EXHALES SHARPLY] - In fact, she just texted that the Coast Guard has no record of that cargo ship.
Which means that we're going to have to talk to that Navy SEAL she saved as soon as she wakes up.
Yes, about that.
The Navy SEAL was taken out of DEO custody and has Well, how shall I put this? Disappeared.
What do you mean, "disappeared"? [BRAINY] There's no record of where she was transferred or whose custody she's in.
That's odd.
Okay, well, then let's start looking into McAllister, find out what he I was unable to locate Colonel McAllister in the government database, none in black ops either.
Okay, so there's no cargo ship, our only witness has disappeared, and there's no record of McAllister, who we know was killed on that ship.
[KARA] Sounds like a cover-up.
There is no records of anything.
So maybe they were trying to use that bomb - to, you know, destroy all the physical evidence, too.
- Mmm.
Why do people cover things up? They should just know that we're going to figure it out.
Yeah, well, speaking of which I hate to bring this up because I don't want to upset you any more, but Haley, she's on a mission to find out who Supergirl is.
[KARA SIGHS] It's not enough that I got fired? Well, she wants to know your identity, so that she can use it to keep you in line.
So, please, stay off of her radar.
So anyway, the clue trail has gone cold.
Not necessarily.
I mean, you were the only one that saw what the alien looks like.
Right, the shimmer.
But no one at the DEO has heard of an alien like that, right? Maybe it's time we talked to somebody who was at the DEO before either of us were.
[LENA] Knock, knock.
Hey, Lena.
I know you've been wanting to connect, but I've been stuck inside myself and I haven't been available.
No, it's okay.
I get it.
You're always working.
I am.
But I've also been absent, and I'm here to change that.
So, just tell me what's on your mind.
When you told me that you How you helped me with the indictment, I jumped on my moral high horse and I rode it into the sunset, and I felt pretty justified about being angry.
But after everything I went through with the Children of Liberty, I had to rethink some things.
I read your article.
I understand what you went through.
I left some things out.
Like how I condemned the woman I love for selling out, or what I perceived to be selling out, but when I was forced into the same position, I did the same thing.
No one will blame you for that, least of all me.
It's not blame, it's just When Agent Liberty wanted me to break the law, when he wanted me to blow up the monument, I was willing to.
Because you wanted to save someone.
Just like you saved me.
I get it.
Sometimes the ends do justify the means.
I want you to know something.
I understand what it means to make hard choices, and I've been wrong.
You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that.
No, I don't.
How much does it mean? Um - About this much.
- Oh, okay.
- Nia Nal.
- Brainy? - None other.
This is a nice surprise.
How are you? I am calling to find out about food, and your interest in it.
Uh, I'm definitely interested in food.
Would you like to eat some? Now? Like, on the phone with you? What? No.
In person.
And I am thinking at a public place where food is served to other people who also appreciate it.
You mean, a restaurant.
Brainy, are you asking me out? Yes.
- The answer is yes.
- Excellent.
See you soon.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] Hello? You hung up before we could make a plan.
Don't you think we should pick a time and place? - Yes, of course.
- Agent Dox.
I shall return to this thought in a few minutes, Nia Nal.
- Wait, wha - [HANGS UP] Brainy? Yes, Colonel Haley? I need to speak to you about Supergirl.
Follow me.
- Wow.
- [J'ONN CHUCKLES] J'onn, this is great.
Oh, thank you, Kara.
I got a really good feeling about this place.
[KARA SIGHS] Look, this is the only thing you need to know you've moved in.
[CHUCKLES] So, shimmering aliens and a non-existent cargo ship.
Sounds like the plot of a spy novel.
Did it ring any bells? No.
But, lucky for you, I did keep files from my entire tenure at the DEO.
I guess I had the foresight to know that this might come in handy.
[KARA] You kept so many records.
Ha! This is Alex's background check from when she first started at the DEO.
[J'ONN CHUCKLES] Look at all those parking tickets.
She's looked out for me for so long.
I thought my leaving the DEO would give her a break, but she's still protecting me against Haley.
Protecting you is in her DNA.
Here's a transfer form for aliens of unknown origin.
Aliens called Morae.
Morae? [CLEARS THROAT] I've never heard of them before.
"Morae have a natural cloaking ability useful for surprise attacks.
" Oh.
Oh, it says they're invisible, but I saw a shimmer.
Maybe they're invisible to everybody else except you because of your X-ray vision.
Who did the requisition? Uh A General Alfonso Tan.
I think I saw that name earlier Where did I Here it is.
"General Alfonso Tan, Chief Commanding Officer of Project Morae, handed over control in 2012 to A Colonel Randall McAllister.
" That's the guy who died on the boat.
So he does exist.
This is proof that there was a cover-up.
The question is, why are they covering it up? I don't know.
It was a top-secret program, most of it's redacted.
We should talk to General Tan.
He might be able to explain.
Wait a second.
General Tan and McAllister weren't the only ones on this project.
There's another name Colonel Lauren Haley.
Brainy, hey, are you okay? I was once interrogated for 18 straight days on the planet Venegar by Ik'Lofrai'iork, the emerald bloodeater.
And let me tell you, Colonel Haley would give that ten-eyed beast a run for his money.
But you didn't tell her anything, right? Eh, there was nothing to tell.
She just kept asking me about Supergirl's identity.
So, you used your brain compartmentalizing thing with Kara.
What does Kara have to do with anything? Is this permanent or are you going to remember that she's Supergirl soon? Kara? Your sister with the glasses? [CHUCKLES] Good one, Director.
They don't even look anything Oh.
Yes, my compartmentalization was on a timer.
- Okay.
What's up? Okay.
I have to go.
Hey, just maybe sit down.
Did Haley see you leave? No, she's too busy interrogating agents.
She's always so self-righteous, but if we find out that she's been involved in this, I might not have to work with her for very much longer.
- Let's just hope Tan has some answers.
- [DOOR OPENS] Follow my lead.
What are you doing? Henshaw? Supergirl? You need to leave.
I'm Director Danvers of the DEO.
We have some questions for you.
I'm not answering any questions.
What is Project Morae, and why are you and Haley covering up McAllister's death? It's top secret, Henshaw.
That means none of your business.
Out of my way.
You're not going anywhere until you tell us what you know.
If you want to get out of here, then you're going to have to tell us the truth.
Fine, we found the Morae as children.
Their cloaking ability is beyond any technology we've ever seen, so we took them and we trained them.
Trained them for what? To protect our nation, they're security assets.
You mean assassins? You trained alien children to be killers? And they were amazing.
Like no unit I've ever seen, 100% success rate.
And now they're coming for me.
- Why did they go bad? - Because we tried to kill 'em.
The President sent down the order to cut ties with all alien personnel, so I gave McAllister the order to neutralize them.
The cargo ship was an ambush.
Yes, but the Morae saw it coming.
So they fought back, killed the SEAL team, and escaped.
But they were soldiers.
They were your allies.
They're not human.
They're killing machines.
- And they can't be contained.
- [ALIEN GROWLING] - [J'ONN] Do you see anything? - [SUPERGIRL] There's two of them.
- Stay here.
- [ENGINE STARTS] [TIRES SQUEALING] Tan, we can protect you.
Don't run.
[COCKS GUN] Alex, stay next to me.
- [ALEX] Do you see anything? - Just give me a sec.
[ALIEN GROWLING] [GRUNTS] [PANTING] Okay, I don't see anything, can you? No.
No, not even a glimmer.
[GROANS] - [GROANS] - [SIGHS] [J'ONN] Tan, stop the car.
I'm an alien.
I worked for the government, and they turned on me, too.
But killing the people that hurt you won't do any good.
[SIGHS] Let's get it back to the DEO.
No, no, no.
We don't want to hurt you.
No Haley.
- General Tan is dead.
- What? Tan is dead, and if you hadn't lied to me, we could have saved his life.
What are you talking about? Project Morae.
The Morae killed McAllister, and then they killed Tan.
Why are you covering this up? I'm not covering anything up, Danvers.
I haven't had anything to do with the Morae for years.
You expect me to believe that? You think I would knowingly impede an investigation? I've never worked with any Colonel McAllister, and when Supergirl described the aliens as shimmers, I took her at her word.
Because of her X-ray vision, Supergirl sees shimmers, while the rest of us see nothing.
- So, the Morae are loose? - Yes.
Tan gave an order to neutralize them, but they fought back, and they escaped.
Now we almost captured one, but then it killed itself at the mention of being brought back into your custody.
What did you do to it? Standard protocol with tender-age aliens.
Trauma as a method of discipline and obedience.
We knew that if they feared us, they would obey us, and they did.
What kind of trauma? Your sense of outrage is misplaced, Danvers.
They aren't humans.
But they are sentient beings, aren't they? I mean, they killed McAllister and Tan for vengeance.
I mean, none of what you've done, it strikes you as wrong? How do you think we keep this country safe? Every soldier in every war has had to do things they considered awful.
Now this is reality.
Sometimes reality is messy, and it's ugly and uncomfortable.
And you end up doing things you thought you'd never do.
If what you're telling me is true, the two Morae that are left are going to come for me next.
Prepare the DEO for an assault.
Now, let me get right to the purpose of this meeting.
A meeting? I thought we were on a date.
A date? This isn't a date.
If it were a date, we'd be doing something fun, like paintball or an escape room.
Well, now I feel like an idiot.
I'm just confused.
I never thought anyone as beautiful as you would be interested in someone like me.
Well, I'm not sure that I am interested in you.
Clearly, I've made a mess of things.
Not my intention.
But the thing I came to talk to you about today is important.
Should I proceed? Yeah.
Yeah, I mean, I'm curious It's Supergirl.
Since you're now using your dreaming abilities, I thought that you may be interested in joining her on her many crime-fighting and/or planet-saving adventures as sort of a friend.
A Super friend.
Oh, um Brainy, what happened in Collinwood was I think that was more of a one-time thing.
But you were so good at it.
I'm not even really prepared to discuss this.
I was on a dark path.
I was arrested, and I was given a choice to change and to use my intellect in the service of good.
At first, I didn't want the responsibilities or burdens of a superhero.
But I did choose.
And I haven't regretted it.
You are a hero, I know it.
This binder contains some costume ideas and some code name possibilities.
Please think about what I've said.
I can't believe you're trying to make a souffle.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who is trying? I will have you know that I won the Kappa-Pi-Tau bake-off in college, okay? Your fraternity had a bake-off? Well, we raised a lot of money for charity, and technically, it was a fratority.
No house.
Oh, God, you are such a nerd.
Guilty as charged, but somebody else is working on a science experiment when we're supposed to be having a romantic make-up dinner.
So, what's so important anyway? Okay, so you know how you said you were going to be more open-minded about the things that I sometimes do? Yeah.
And I meant that.
Okay, so I was using a biolistic delivery system in order to rewrite DNA, so I could cure cancer, ALS Basically, all disease.
When, out of nowhere, I had a penicillin moment.
It's a lucky break.
At first, I thought it was just a side effect, that we had made the heart invulnerable, but then I realized that I could use the delivery system in order to enhance human powers.
What do you mean by "enhance"? Do you remember the hypothetical discussion we had at Thanksgiving? Yeah, about giving humans superpowers? Strength, speed, invulnerability - But that's impossible.
- Yeah, I thought so, too.
Until I saw it with my own eyes.
Hold on.
Are you telling me that you've achieved this? I'm close.
Okay, and I know there are going to be questions about its applications, which is why I was dying to tell you, because I need you, James, okay? I need you as the angel on my shoulder, so that I can determine the right course.
Do I have your support? Yes.
[EXHALES] The building is hermetically sealed.
Perimeter alarms are active.
If the Morae enter, we will hear about it.
So, what happens when they do get in? How do we see the invisible? Well, the Morae's natural cloaking ability does not interact with light, however, we will flood the corridor with mist and activate a grid of light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation.
Laser beams? Good, you're familiar with the technology.
Once the Morae disrupt the lasers, I will fire at them with this bad boy.
Is that a paintball gun? Yes, which will be loaded with these phosphorescent pellets.
Once they are marked That makes the Morae easy targets.
It's good thinking.
Well, obviously.
And, of course, if all else fails, there's always Plan S.
All right, everybody.
Set your stun guns to level four.
That's just enough to injure them, so they uncloak.
We're not using stun guns.
We're using real guns.
The use of lethal force is against DEO policy.
I'm sorry, Director, but those were Colonel Haley's orders.
After everything that happened with Tan this afternoon, [SCOFFS] I was ready to walk, but, out of duty, I stayed.
To protect her and this place.
But, look, I can't work with her anymore, Kara.
I hear you.
Look, we have a completely different value system.
I do not condone her methods.
I would give my life to save this country.
You know that.
But I cannot be part of a DEO that has someone like Haley in charge.
She has no morality.
There's no line in the sand.
I'm gonna resign, Kara.
Okay, Alex, you can't leave the DEO.
I can't stay here.
You are its moral center.
The agents need you.
The country needs you.
Without you, Haley would go unchecked.
Every time I see her, I just wanna let loose.
You would flatten her if you did.
Then I would be court-martialed, and she would win.
I'm not gonna let her win.
Alex, you are the most fearless and determined person I know.
I'm sorry I can't be there to do this with you.
Even when you're not here, I know you've always got my back.
Plan S.
[SIGHS] Colonel Haley.
I'm so sorry, Director Danvers.
You had me fooled, Danvers.
I thought you were a soldier.
But then I find this out.
All the lies you must have told.
You have undermined everything that we stand for, all to protect your own sister.
[ALARM BLARING] They're here.
Alright, everyone, listen up.
Everyone, lock and load.
These creatures, they're hunters.
They will not hesitate to kill any of you.
The moment you see a disruption in the lasers, open fire.
All right, let's go.
Let's go.
Remember there are two Morae in the building.
Easy, everyone.
We should still see them coming through the mist.
If we have each other's backs, we're going to get through this.
Take them alive if you can.
[ALIEN GROWLING] Fire! Hold fire.
Did we get it? Stand down, Danvers.
[GROANING] I got him.
Over here.
One down.
[GROWLING] Oh, sprock.
It's there! Everybody, close ranks.
Help me get Dox back.
Fall back! [AGENT] Do you see it? I can't find it.
It's on us! No.
Go, check the agents.
I know who you are.
And from now on, you will do exactly as I order.
Exactly when I say.
She just saved your life.
Did I give you permission to speak, Danvers? You're lucky you're not in handcuffs for violating Article 90 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Your command is now mine.
Kara Danvers' life is over.
A member of the press working out of a secret military operation.
I'm going to recommend to the President we immediately conscript you back into service.
And if you have any reservations about obeying, you think about what would happen if your enemies found out who you are.
Your friends, your family, everyone you care about would have a target on their back.
I had to.
- She found out.
- Found out what? She knows I'm Supergirl.
- You two okay? - We're okay.
I did that.
- Did she tell anyone? - No.
J'onn, we called you here because You want me to wipe her mind.
Erase everything she knows about Supergirl.
Invading someone's mind is a form of violence.
I did it with Manchester, and I really shouldn't have.
- We'll find another way.
- [ALEX] Yeah.
I'll do it.
Of course, I'll do it.
I didn't realize quite how permanent that paint was going to be.
Well, if this is the only lasting damage from yesterday's attack, then I will take it.
There's that, and I badly bruised my tailbone when I fell over the balcony.
Is that why you're walking like that? - Don't laugh.
- It's a bruise? - My pain is at a seven.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong? I didn't know they had those on Earth.
It wasn't in the database.
What is that? That creature is a Vertullarian.
A Truth Seeker.
[HALEY] Well, now that we're done with the excitement from yesterday, we can carry on with the investigation into Supergirl's identity.
By the end of the day, I'll get her.
[J'ONN] There's no way to deceive a Truth Seeker.
It has one function, to expose lies.
Anyone who knows Supergirl's secret identity is at incredible risk.
J'onn can't erase Haley's intention of finding her identity.
What we can control is her access to the information.
So, we wipe the minds of everyone at the DEO who knows I'm Supergirl.
Just like with Haley, I'll go in and erase every memory they have that connects Kara with Supergirl.
Are you okay doing that? They've given their consent.
They want to protect you.
I have to be mind-wiped, too.
What? No, I have to.
No, it's out of the question.
Look, even if I could beat the Truth Seeker, there'd still be a danger that I would slip up, you know, with a text or just sharing information or simply the fact that you are my sister and I love you.
So, you'll be smarter and more careful.
If Alex's mind isn't wiped, there is a 100% certainty that Haley will still discover your secret identity.
I just came back from a world where you didn't know who I was.
I'm not doing that again.
- There's no other way.
- There is.
You can quit.
Just leave.
Get out of there.
- Kara - Haley's not a danger to you - when you don't work there.
- I can't quit.
You said it before.
I have to stay, and I have to fight this from within.
Who am I without you? The whole reason I became Supergirl was It was to save you.
And I'm still gonna be the reason.
I'm still gonna be me.
And you're still gonna be Kara, my sister.
I just I won't know that you're Supergirl.
I'll have to lie to you every day.
It's not a lie.
It's It's keeping a secret.
And I'm giving you permission.
Now let me save you this time.
What's up? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I can talk about Mom's birthday.
Nothing important.
You ready? [SIGHS] Everything's gonna be okay.
I can't.