Supergirl (2015) s04e13 Episode Script

What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way

My name is Kara Zor-El.
I'm from Krypton.
I'm a refugee on this planet.
I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin.
But my pod got knocked off course.
And by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman.
I hid who I really was until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world.
To most people, including my adoptive sister Alex, I'm a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media.
But in secret, I work to protect this planet I call my home from anyone that means to cause it harm.
I am Supergirl.
[KARA] Previously on Supergirl I'm here to offer you a government contract.
We need to make the US military as powerful as our alien adversaries.
I am never going to agree with you sharing your research with the government.
- I think you should leave.
- So, that's it then.
Your powers give you the potential to be a great hero.
But you still have to learn how to control them.
What I need is for you to help me train.
Long live the Legion! Letter for you.
- From who? - [GUARD] Manchester Black.
The PATRIOT Act only protects human life.
Lockwood can't be charged under it.
Get the White House Counsel to sign off, now.
[BEN] I stand before you a free man, ready to continue to serve this great nation.
[COINS CLINKING] [MAN] Cheers! You work in the prison.
- Your name's Danny.
- What did you say? [MAN] Do you like surprises, Danny? No, wait! [DANNY SCREAMS] [KARA] Hot off the laser jet.
Let me guess, this is your sixth article - on Lockwood since he got out of prison? - [SIGHS] - New angle? - Nope.
But people need to be reminded, you know, that that he's a murderer.
- There's that.
- [SIGHS] Feels like I'm screaming into the void, but You wanna save that void screaming until after we eat? - James.
- Hey.
Lunch Oh, my God, lunch.
I totally forgot.
- Bad! Kara is so bad - Okay, you're embarrassing.
- [LAUGHS] Let's go.
- [NIA] Hey Are we still on for the, um, research trip? Things have been so busy with all the Lockwood stuff that I totally forgot we have an appointment with the city auditor.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
You're only human.
Uh, I'll call you later.
Well, I guess I'll get a move on, too.
I Work has been crazy with Lena moving into the DEO this week.
It's - That was I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
I No kid gloves needed.
Okay, I'll see you soon? I hope so.
This came from a friend at NCU who applied for like a medical study a few months ago.
He didn't get picked up, but That address is to an L-Corp subsidiary.
I know you said that my source for that last article was wrong, but you think it's worth taking a second look? [NIA] Did I cover okay about training and everything? - Did I blow it? - No, no! I'm still getting used to the lying to Alex, too.
And don't worry, you'll get better at the whole "sneaking out" thing.
The key is subtlety.
Case in point.
Hi, Brainy.
[SOFTLY] It's Barney.
- Barney? - Yes, Barney.
[NIA LAUGHS] Thought it best we keep a low profile, considering where we're going.
Welcome to the Fortress of Solitude.
I mean, it sure beats the hell out of your loft.
Hey! That place is rent-controlled.
- [LAUGHS] - And this works great for training.
Plus, you have Kelex, too.
I did not know we would be receiving guests.
You have a robot? [KELEX] Caretaker Android Mark IV with many other functions.
Kelex, this is Nia Nal.
Give her anything she needs.
And I think Lois already introduced you to Brainy, right? - Hello, Kleenex.
- It's Kelex, Querl.
Don't you have to dust the cosmic anvil or something? Okay Holler if you need me.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] It's been weeks.
And now you agree to see me? Why now? [MANCHESTER] Well, let's just say prison has changed me.
So, be honest Whatcha think of the hair? Look, you lost someone.
I know how that feels.
Let me help you.
You think I'm good deep down, eh? Well, it's a bad time to be a good man.
Take you, for instance.
If it weren't for your bloody promise, I believe you could solve all the worlds problems.
You just need motivation.
We go way back.
'Ello! Why are you doing this? I wanted to thank you in person.
I was thinking small.
Hell-bent on getting Lockwood.
Petty revenge.
But I've got bigger fish to murder.
And you can't stop me, old man.
Don't do this.
Thanks for the chat, mate.
- Cheered me right up.
- [DOOR OPENS] [RINGING] Shall I teleport us out, then? Ah, not yet.
Gotta make another stop.
I can't take us anywhere I haven't been before.
- We'll have to do it the hard way.
- [GUARDS SHOUTING] When's that ever stopped us? All out of guns? Thought you'd like something dashing.
[GUARD 1] Freeze! Down on the ground! [ALL GRUNTING] [GUARD 2 GROANS] Naughty.
Hey [GROANS] So, what's important enough for you to jeopardize our thrilling escape? [HAT] A bloody jacket! Why? [MANCHESTER] It's dashing.
[MANCHESTER LAUGHS] Long time no see.
Who's Clockwork Orange? What's the line? "No man is a failure" "who has friends.
" [GROANS] [PANTING] I thought we captured you.
She says that was a different Morae.
They all look alike to you.
There you are.
Nice to finally meet you.
Menagerie? Thought you could cut off the head of the snake.
We're tougher than that.
Ah, ah, ah, ah! - Let him go.
- [MANCHESTER] Why would we? It's war.
You know those alien-hating racists been comin' out their hidey holes? - We're gonna make them dead.
- [BODY THUDS] Right then [J'ONN J'ONZZ] Manchester! I'm gonna find them.
Not without me.
You have anticipatory dreams, I have differential calculus.
Both are predictive, but We have to be adaptive, too.
[NIA GROANING] I learned that from my friend Val.
One of your Legion friends? So him I'm allowed to know about? Brainy, you knew one of my descendants in the future, but you won't tell me a thing about her.
But if I knew the full scope of what she could do Absolutely not! Yeah, we could create a paradox, - destroy the very fabric - Fabric of space-time.
Where have I heard that before? [SUPERGIRL AND J'ONN J'ONZZ LANDING] What is it? What's wrong? [J'ONN J'ONZZ] Pull up the footage.
This is live.
We want to send a message.
[MENAGERIE] Low angle? Are you insane? What? [MENAGERIE] We are live from a secret army base where mercenaries torture aliens when they get bored.
They killed four of ours, so we killed one, two Thirteen of theirs.
[MANCHESTER] From now on, we terminate prejudice with extreme prejudice.
[ALIEN GROWLING] [GROANS] Like and subscribe! I'll track them.
Kryptonian technology is far superior to Earth's.
With, of course, the clear exception of Kelex.
I've seen hats like that before.
They use Fifth Dimensional energy.
[ALEX] We're trying to keep up, but they are just moving so fast.
Outmatched by a freaking hat.
I'll talk to the Joint Chiefs, see if they want us overseas.
I'll handle that.
I need to also make sure Ms.
Luthor is settled in.
- I can take that off your plate.
- Okay.
Where's the gel electrophoresis apparatus? That would be in that room, third cabinet on the right.
Well, this used to be my lab.
I'm glad it's in good hands.
It's just for a couple of weeks.
Unless you wanna change that combat suit for a white coat? May I? Okay So, you are reducing mitophagy and increasing mitochondrial efficiency at the same time.
That would give muscle cells the potential to Okay, wait.
That conversation at Thanksgiving, that wasn't theoretical? You're giving people powers.
Management is such a waste of your talents.
Lena, this is huge.
And it's dangerous.
I mean, we need to up your security.
We need to make sure that your reports are put on a protected server.
I'm not going to be writing any reports.
What do you mean, you're not? You made a deal with the government.
The deal was nonreciprocal.
It's for products, not procedures.
Which is a good thing, because I don't trust governments as a rule.
I'm the government.
Well, I sure hope that's not true.
Alex, it's not personal.
I promise.
[SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] Ben Lockwood? Wow.
Hey! Welcome to D.
Yeah, who should I make it out to? The guy whose phone calls you been dodging.
Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't [CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY] realize.
It's all good.
I'm Cooper, serving the Children of Liberty in our nation's capital and areas surrounding.
Right on.
Three fingers.
We've been keeping Liberty's torch lit, so to speak.
You know, taking care of things while you were Well, you know.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Came to say, I'm on the ground with the boys.
And they don't love your conduct of late.
Well, I got good news for the boys.
I'm about to meet with the President of the United States.
Manchester Black is running free, and you're here with the suits on Capitol Hill? - Wait.
[STAMMERS] What? - You didn't know? Yeah, he broke out.
This is exactly my point, Professor.
Okay, when this whole thing started, you were downright scary.
And now? [SCOFFS] I got a dog back home, Max.
Great dog.
The day we neutered him, he didn't bark the same no more.
Nobody is gonna follow this.
Put his on my tab.
[NEWS ANCHOR] Who are Manchester Black and his cohorts? To some, they are terrorists.
To others, they're a force for good, fighting against alien discrimination worldwide.
[MANCHESTER] Every action has an opposite and equal, yeah? This Earth first "Liberty" crowd, they hurt aliens.
And what, they don't think we'll hurt them in kind? That's London.
[BRAINY] And it looks like they stole the crown jewels to make a bigger statement.
[MANCHESTER] Why? 'Cause Supergirl says that's not the way? Supergirl's like a folktale.
In theory, comforting, noble.
In reality, [SCOFFS] ill-equipped and clinging to ideals of a time long past.
When they go low, she goes high.
We put them six feet lower.
- [APPLAUSE] - We're through giving these devils the benefit of the law.
Supergirl's done.
This is the era of the Elite.
- [CROWD CHEERING] - [PUNK MUSIC PLAYING] Now, if I flatter myself, my guess is the Girl of Yesterday is watching somewhere, hands on her hips in the name of justice, or she can come meet me face-to-face.
Come alone.
I hope you can make it.
That's what you're all about, right? "Hope"? Now, for a commercial break.
You cannot trust him.
It'll be a trap.
Wouldn't be the first one I've walked into.
He didn't even say where to meet.
That flash at the end of the message had an image coded in it.
A map only I could see.
Superliminal stimuli embedded in structured light.
I don't want to be impressed, but Where does he want to meet? Manchester, England.
Guess he wanted home court advantage.
How long till dawn? Three hours, 21 minutes, 15 seconds.
So we wait.
And then I'll deal with them.
Used it to sign the Labor Relations Act.
Your dad was a union man, right? Oh, yes, sir.
Through and through.
Yeah? Come on.
Uh, Mr.
President, while I'm here, um [STAMMERS] I speak for a lot of people, a lot of good people.
People who are interested in service.
- And so, I was thinking - Service? - Uh - What are you saying? Well, you know how effective my people can be.
And with the world where it is today, and with the Elite being out there Hmm.
I want you to deputize the Children of Liberty.
What? [LAUGHING] I like your show, son, and I'm glad I could help you out with the pardon, but I've got the situation pretty well in hand.
- [CAMERA CLICKING] - All right? All you gotta do is look pretty for the cameras.
Nice suit, by the way.
I've made up my mind.
You can't convince me to change it.
I know you better than that.
Just don't let him bring you down.
Manchester got to you, didn't he? At the prison.
[SIGHS] All I've wanted to do since my father died is honor him.
Live by his example.
And you have.
But I'm struggling, Kara.
There's a duality in me that's at war.
I want to be a man of peace just like my father, but every fiber of my being is fighting against that.
Being a Manhunter was part of my nature.
Are you considering picking back up the sword? I made a personal vow I wouldn't take that lightly.
Well, if you choose to join the fight to bring the Elite to justice, I'm sure your father would understand.
Even Myr'nn joined the fight against Reign.
Manchester is baiting me.
We're connected somehow.
I think he can feel the rage that lies within me.
The rage born of the massacre of my family.
One thing's for certain, Manchester was a test for me.
But whether he's a test of my resolve, or just a mirror showing me that I cannot walk my father's path, I just don't know.
You will find clarity, J'onn.
I know you will.
Thank you.
Do you want me to come with you? I think I need to do this alone.
There's a reason he brought the fight to me.
I'm the symbol.
He wants this.
Kelex? Nia Nal, it's nice to see you without that bore Querl.
This star has died.
And there, a new one emerges.
So, you know about this stuff.
Other systems? Planets? If I'm interpreting your intimations correctly, you seek information on your species.
Shouldn't you ask your pompous Coluan friend? Brainy wants to keep all that under wraps.
But if I'm supposed to fight, I need to know what I'm capable of.
The only other person who could've told me is gone.
Your timeline is likely extra-Lorentzian, and not as subject to paradox as one might think.
But there are still risks to divulging this type of information.
Well, Supergirl said anything I need, didn't she? Those were her orders.
Then tell me about Naltor.
Tell me about everything I can do.
You could have just used the door.
And you could stop killing people.
Please, but no tricks.
If anything happens to me, the Morae will start killing.
So, what? We're just gonna sit here and do the diner scene from Heat? Ah, no, no.
Ah, Pacino, De Niro, they came alone.
They're just for my protection.
[UPZIPS BAG] It's a little gaudy for me.
Hey, that's my fee.
I thought you were all about your vendetta.
Ben Lockwood, Fiona.
Why do you think I came here? Brought her things to her family.
Lockwood's time will come.
But this is about me and you.
You won't join us, and I can't beat you.
So, let's make a deal.
I accept your surrender.
But I can stay out of your soup.
Cat in a tree, idiot in tights, bank robbers, all yours.
But the racists, the fascists, the Children of Liberty, that's our department.
I won't let you keep killing people.
Oh, like your government intends to kill people? You really don't know, do you? Next week, your beloved government is launching a satellite that will shoot down any alien spacecraft trying to enter our atmosphere.
That's impossible.
I have it on good authority.
Hat kidnaps secret agent types, learns what they're up to.
That's why we formed this band of merry men.
[CLEARS THROAT] Sorry, merry people.
Why should I believe you? Talk to your mate, Baker.
You know, the bloke who just pardoned the grand bloody wizard of the Children of Liberty.
Ask him 'bout Operation Claymore.
And then ask yourself, what if it were your ship they were blowing up? You came here in a rocket.
Child in a basket, you know? Real Moses stuff.
Here's your chance to tell the bosses to "let your people go.
" Or us plagues'll do it for ya.
We need to talk.
I will not apologize for protecting my country.
But that's why you have me.
That may have sufficed for Olivia Marsdin.
Not anymore.
Everyone involved in Claymore, everyone that works at that satellite base is at risk.
The Elite are going to attack.
If I closed every military base that might be threatened, I'd have no bases left.
And last I checked, I don't answer to you.
Will you answer to your electorate the first time Claymore shoots down an alien ship that means us no harm? It's wrong.
Innocent people will die.
Do not interfere with that satellite! This is a mistake, Mr.
[WHOOSHING] Go to scrambler code 1-8-7.
General, move the Claymore launch up to tomorrow night.
And double the guard at Devil's Tower.
It was fine.
It was a photo op.
I wore the suit and [STAMMERS] Yeah, that probably was a little bit much.
There was this guy at the hotel who, uh Doesn't matter, Lydia.
Um [EXHALES] You know what, sweetheart? I I just keep hearing Dad's voice in my head, and he's telling me that I'm an idiot for rubbing elbows with all these politicians when I started the Children of Liberty to help people.
Real people.
Am I still doing that? Or, um [SIGHS] Yeah.
Anyway, uh, how are you doing? How's George? I wanted to talk to you [VOICEMAIL BEEPS] Your message has reached its limit.
[DIAL TONE] [SIGHS] Come on.
Come on.
Bad astral projection.
You went behind my back.
You took advantage of that simpleton Kelex.
And now you're astral projecting.
That jumps months of training.
I know, I'm sorry.
I just I move too fast 'cause that's what I do.
I push myself and I take on more than I can handle.
My mother always said it.
But that's what heroes do.
Leaping before one looks is part of the job description.
- It backfired.
- Yes.
But next time, you shall fire forward.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] I didn't know you made house calls.
Your place is great.
I'm here about Operation Claymore.
The President is planning on launching a satellite array that will blow up any alien spacecraft entering our orbit.
What? The DEO's supposed to be the first line of defense against invasions.
I mean, not some giant gun.
- Is that even legal? - I don't know.
But I do know it's immoral.
But everything I do means something to people, so If I stop the satellite, I'm aligning myself with the Elite.
And then on the other hand, if I let the launch happen, what does that say to the Children of Liberty? Why does it feel like there are only two choices? And aren't you on your own side? Yes.
[SIGHS] Alone.
- Sometimes it feels like - Screaming into the void.
That's something my sister said.
Look, you can only do what you feel is right.
Come with me.
Talk to the Marine Corps.
You're the Director of the DEO, throw your weight around.
If I show up, I would jeopardize my position and the whole organization would be at risk.
I can't.
I understand.
[WHOOSHES] I'm just saying maybe a prison dye job wasn't the best move.
Nor is base dealing, mate.
Needed a third king.
- Gin.
- Thought you'd never ask.
[MORAE CHITTERING] What's that, girl? Trouble at the old mill? Right.
You called it.
Girl of Steel went straight to the President.
Idiot moved the launch up to tomorrow.
Base is in Wyoming.
Devil's Tower.
How did you know we were comin'? Fish and chips and tracking devices.
- This ends now.
- [MORAE GROWLING] You're still outnumbered.
Count again.
[HAT] Who's this, then? You have the Elite I have super friends.
Oh, crap! [J'ONN J'ONZZ] I got you.
[GRUNTS] Ouch! Oi! Go after the Martian.
[CHUCKLES] I built the gloves to harness raw dream energy! So, yes, it's quite "rad.
" [GROANS] [J'ONN J'ONZZ] You're safe now.
Get out of here.
Turn the other cheek.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Director Danvers? I did what I thought was right.
- J'onn - The satellite.
- [MORAE GROWLING] - [SOLDIERS YELPING] - How'd you know where I - Dreams.
Differential calculus.
[GASPS] Where's my ring? Sleight of hand, fam.
Like me.
You see I'm just a distraction.
Wait Where's the Morae? [ROARS] Brainy, they started the launch.
The controls are destroyed.
I can't do anything.
[MANCHESTER] Well, that was the plan, wasn't it? [COMPUTER] Launch initiated.
- What did you do? - Picked my own target.
1600 Penn.
The White House.
Your government, on fire, hoisted by its own petard.
As soon as it reaches orbit, it will fire.
There's a reason it's called "playing God.
" It's fun.
[ALEX GRUNTS] Wanna make me the happiest man on Earth? [PANTING] [BOTH GRUNTING] Ah [CHUCKLES] There you are, J'onn J'onzz.
Nice to finally meet you.
I know why you called me, now.
You have a death wish.
[LAUGHS] [COMPUTER] Satellite has reached orbit.
Firing in seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
You okay? That ring was mine.
And I lost it.
Look, if you've taught me anything the past couple of days, it's that setbacks will make you stronger.
It's not about how your ring was stolen, Brainy.
It's about how we're gonna get it back.
Thank you, Nia Nal.
How's your head? Don't worry about it.
Just don't tell the President.
You were never here.
You did a good thing, destroying that satellite.
Well, I couldn't have done it without that suit.
But the Elite are still out there.
Oh, we'll get 'em.
Um Look Officially, I know that we're not really supposed to communicate.
And I'm not saying that you can just show up whenever you want.
But, you know, occasionally, from time to time, - maybe, uh, we can - Kick ass the way we used to? Something like that.
I would really like that.
Well, uh, wish me luck.
I gotta go see a guy about a satellite.
- Good luck.
- [GRUNTS] That satellite array was created to protect Americans.
Not to mention that it cost $2 billion! And now it's gone.
And here we are.
Yes, here we are.
As well as your staff, your loved ones Thanks to me wasn't leveled by a weapon of its own government's creation.
Come on, you can tell me.
Hmm? You hated that satellite.
You're a superhero.
There had to have been a way to stop Claymore without blowin' it up.
No, you did it because you wanted to.
I assure you, sir, there was no other way.
[WHOOSHING] Colonel, a word? It's not a good time.
The next time the government institutes a secret extraterrestrial defense program, I would appreciate being part of the conversation.
Operation Claymore should have been DEO purview.
If I'm not briefed on matters of national security, - then I can't do my job.
- Just a moment.
I didn't know.
Sorry? President acted against protocol.
I was never informed.
So, that results in a 2% increase in - [GASPS] Oh, my God! - Jeez.
[STAMMERS] Um, what happened? Oh, it It's fine.
Um [BOTH BEEP] I think you're right.
There's something wrong with this government.
I thought you were the government.
No, I'm your friend.
And right now I have a hell of a lot more faith in you than I do in them.
So, whatever you need, I'm here.
That I can trust.
Come back tomorrow, we'll give you the real tour.
[PRESIDENT BAKER] Ben! I'm glad you made the second trip.
I really appreciate it.
Of course, Mr.
[PRESIDENT BAKER CHUCKLING] Lotta things going on today.
Lotta moving parts.
Hmm, I can believe it, sir.
Of course, you do.
Belief, loyalty.
It's important, hmm? Maybe not to certain caped individuals.
See, I've been thinking, Ben I may not be able to deputize all of your Children of Liberty, but I can deputize one.
How would you like to be my next Director of Alien Affairs? What? - Wow.
- Mmm.
Uh We could use a man like you.
A man who knows what he is.
"An asset to this administration.
" It's unbelievable.
Yeah, the President is making some very strange decisions lately.
The Lockwood appointment, satellite - How do you - Brainy told me.
- We get brunch.
- Cute.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
My instincts were all over the place on this one.
Didn't know which way was up.
Still not sure if I do.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
I got this story I'm not sure if I should pursue myself.
How'd you figure it out? Examined my motives.
Made sure the decision I was making was for the right reasons and not the selfish ones.
I guess that's all we can do really, right? Yeah.
Speaking of which, I've got another article to write.
Type fast.
Super speed.
Hey, um That source that you were mentioning, do you think that he'd be willing to speak on the record? You all saw the exact same thing I did.
We need boots on the ground, - not wingtips on a dais - [BEN] Gentlemen.
Sorry, I didn't realize that we were meeting until My fault.
Must've forgot.
These here are all the folks that've been holding the fort down in Well, let's see.
Nor'east, Carolinas, Gulf, New Mexico.
This is Ben Lockwood.
I'm sorry, is it Is it Director Lockwood? This kinda looks a lot like, uh, my mask, Coop.
Well, we're all Agent Liberty.
It's like you said, isn't it? Doesn't matter who we are.
Doesn't matter who leads.
Sure, um Except I think it might.
"Agent" means you act.
We're all feeling like you're all talk, no action.
The Children of Liberty need a leader who inspires them.
Someone strong and powerful [GROANING] [PANTING] Is anyone else entertaining a change in leadership? No? Good.
Let's proceed.