Supergirl (2015) s04e14 Episode Script

Stand and Deliver

Previously on Supergirl We need humans protecting humans.
I mean, when the Founding Fathers said, "All men are created equal.
" They meant men.
They didn't mean some roach from the vacuum of space.
How would you like to be my next Director of Alien Affairs? I wanted to pitch you a story.
It's about L-Corp.
My source caught rumors of a "black budget.
" If I'm supposed to fight, I need to know what I'm capable of.
Who put wood chips in my coffee cup? I thought that's what Dryads ate.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] Manchester is baiting me.
I want to be a man of peace, but every fiber of my being is fighting against that.
Are you considering picking the sword back up again? Where's my ring? [MANCHESTER] This is the era of the Elite.
Cat in a tree, bank robbers, all yours.
But the racists, the fascists, the Children of Liberty That's our department.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Clear eyes, full tums, can't lose.
Just so long as after this hater goes down, we get back to the real task at hand.
This is the real task at hand.
Real small task is right.
Friends, I promise tonight's job will very much be in the spirit of our revolutionary mission.
Now, let's sync our watches, so we can meet up you know where, you know when.
[COCKS GUN] - See you on the other side.
- Mmm-hmm.
Maybe a little snack first.
Were you going after that nice lady? Girl's gotta eat.
- [GRUNTS] - [GROANS] [MENAGERIE GRUNTS] - Where are the Elite? - Like I'd tell you.
Tell us or eat this.
Hey, Dreamer.
I thought that you said being a superhero was about showing strength.
Well, I meant more "hands on hips," not "screaming in face.
" Gotcha.
The Elite can't run forever.
Tell us where they are, and we might go easy on you.
If you touch one scale on my body, my friends might transport you to a Fifth Dimension of pain.
Last chance.
Where is Manchester? [BEN] It is with great humility that I accept this presidential appointment as your new Director of the Bureau of Alien Affairs.
This appointment will signal the dawning of a new day.
A day in which human beings need no longer live in fear of aliens or their random acts of [PEOPLE SCREAMING] Say cheers to my little friend.
How's it looking out there? [QUENTIN] Supergirl.
You saved our lives.
There! [MORAE GROANS] Time to go, mate.
- What? But I nearly got him.
- Nearly will have to do.
[EVE] Hi, Mr.
Hey, Eve.
Thanks for coming in.
Coffee, two sugars, just how you like.
You remembered.
Thank you, that's very kind.
Hey, anything for my favorite ex-boss.
Don't tell Ms.
Grant I said that.
- I most certainly will.
- [BOTH LAUGHING] So what did you want to see me about? Uh, I just wanted to ask you a few questions, if that's okay.
[CLEARS THROAT] Please, um So, uh, a few weeks ago, I had a report put on my desk, um [CLICKS TONGUE] That detailed a black budget at L-Corp.
Normally, I would be digging into this myself, but I figured with the nature of your relationship there You figured you'd ask me first? It's probably easier.
[SIGHS] Um Obviously, this is something I'm going to have to talk about with Ms.
But there's nothing to worry about.
The black budget is a tool we use to shield proprietary science from our competitors.
So nothing's off? Mr.
Olsen, you and Ms.
Luthor are in a rough patch.
[CHUCKLING] Look at it out there.
Lena's trying to help make that reality better.
Still, with her approval, I will email you the budget, so you can see for yourself.
But I promise, we're one of the good guys.
- Thank you, Eve.
- Of course.
I was just informed that you're refusing to test my volunteers.
Is this true? Yes.
The serum's purification level is still below 90%.
At this point, human trials are too great a risk.
- I disagree.
- Well, that's not your decision.
Tensions in this nation are high.
To keep the peace, I need my soldiers to be as strong and as fast as they can be.
I need them super.
And I understand that, but rushing science is not the answer.
Time is a luxury we do not have.
Don't you think I know that? I want this serum as quickly as you do, but I refuse to rush anything that may kill your agents.
Soldiers take risks every day.
I just need more time.
But remember, you were hired to do a job.
Do it.
Luthor, I need to tell you something.
Eve, can we discuss this later? Today, this is the only thing that matters.
I circled the Earth twice east to west.
North to south for me.
And? No sign of the Elite anywhere.
I should have dealt with this Manchester business when I had the chance.
You brought him to the police.
What more could you do? Now, the Elite is as bad as Lockwood and his Liberty fanatics.
Look, all that matters now is that we find them and we end this.
A classic superhero speech.
Just, first, we should really do something about Menagerie.
There's only so much footwear advice I can take.
Gucci all day and Prada all night.
You can't do this.
Supergirl left us a present.
And a note.
Says, "You're welcome.
" Well, she did manage to take down one of the Elite and stop Lockwood's assassination in a day.
Then it sounds like you've got some breathing room.
Which is a good thing.
The president asked me to reassign you to a security detail.
Security? Whose? [BEN] Mine.
But please don't worry, Director Danvers.
I, uh [CHUCKLES] I come in peace.
Guard Ben Lockwood? You can't be serious.
The president doesn't joke.
Lockwood is a murderer.
The only ones that should be watching over him are prison guards.
Director, you swore to keep this country safe.
Protecting Ben Lockwood does just that.
Now, extremists are out to kill him.
And if they succeed, we will have a revolution on our hands.
There are other qualified agents.
No one has more experience dealing with hostile extra-terrestrials than you.
And the president knows it.
If you've got an issue doing your job, you need to take it up with him.
Well, looks like you're stuck with me.
[BEN SIGHS] Press conference at 10:00.
Shall we? [SIGHS] Does it usually take this long? The dreaming? Her handling of the dreamscape is getting faster, but the Elite could be anywhere.
Have you told her she doesn't have to wear the suit in private? [LAUGHS] It's just a phase.
I did the same thing when I became Supergirl.
I practically slept in my suit.
And, I mean, let's face it.
The suits are pretty cool.
J'onn, the Elite really seem to be getting to you.
What's wrong? Manchester brings out feelings in me that I haven't felt in a very long time.
I don't like feeling like this.
Like I could lose control.
And I just don't know where it's coming from.
We all have people that push our buttons, J'onn.
It's natural.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] Yeah.
[SCOFFS] Manchester gets under my skin.
Well, good thing Martians have thick skin.
So, we have teams set up at your D.
and Collinwood residences, and I should be getting an update every hour.
I have to say, it is so great to finally have a human in charge of the DEO.
I mean, the idea that an alien would be running the very department in charge of policing aliens.
Did you hear that from the DEO agent that you turned into a terrorist? Uh, no, from the president.
I know that you think that I'm a monster.
But half of England said the same thing about Winston Churchill before World War II.
So, I guess we'll just wait and see.
History will prove me right.
[REPORTERS CLAMORING] Director Lockwood, how are you going to stop domestic terrorism? Will the Children of Liberty retaliate? Well, I'm great, thank you for asking.
Listen, I don't really want to talk about the Elite or their assassination attempt on me last night.
Instead, I would like to discuss with you what I was prevented from announcing.
My drive to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act.
- [CAMERA CLICKS] - Because, for too long, alien criminals have come down to this planet, and they have been given amnesty.
They've been given protection, when we are the ones that need protecting.
We are the ones who have been suffering, not them.
With the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act, I propose that we send these invaders back to the planets that they came from, allowing us to finally live in peace.
[CAMERAS CLICKING] I would like to invite you to a rally tomorrow in the main concourse of this very building, where I will share with you what I intend to share with Congress.
He can't do that.
Tell me Ben Lockwood cannot repeal a congressional act.
No, but he can try and sway the will of the people.
Well, he's just begging the Elite to take another whack at him.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] Which is why we have to find them before his rally.
- If only we knew where to look.
- [SIGHS] The balcony.
Across from the Alien Affairs building.
The same place as last night? I saw it in my dream.
And returning to the scene of the crime is a classic bad guy move.
- [HALEY] Agent Dox? - Yes, ma'am.
Since Director Lockwood's little announcement, a pro-alien march has been organized to counter his rally.
Someone going by "AmericanAlien" is at the center of this one.
I need you to hack into the message board and see if any extremists will be showing up to stir the pot.
You want to stop the march? No.
But with Lockwood amping up his base and the Elite amping up theirs, this whole event could turn into a powder keg.
Well, whoever this AmericanAlien is, their website is superbly protected.
He or she must be a highly intelligent cryptophile.
- This may take some time.
- Just do it, Dox.
- Damn it.
- Dreamer said they'd be here.
Dreams are interpretive.
Maybe something about them is here.
Part of them is.
A Morae's claw.
You can use that to track the Morae psychically, right? Yeah.
[MANCHESTER] Bloomin' heck, man.
- [HAT] Bloody hell.
- Well, isn't this a sight? Yeah, a giant wall of ice.
Now, where did your pal Mxy say the key was? He didn't.
What? [MORAE CHITTERING] "Under the doormat"? Right.
No, not gold, it's dwarf star.
Weighs around 500,000 kilos.
These little bad boys will do the trick.
[GRUNTING] You're very welcome.
Now can we please get something for Mo's mitt? Of course we can.
Oh, I wager we can find whatever we want in here.
[KARA] You texted me.
What was so important? I am going to kill Ben Lockwood.
That? That was the emergency? Emotional emergency, yeah.
I hate him.
Well, you and a lot of people.
Not "a lot of people" have just been put in charge of his security.
I was.
- What? - Yep.
By order of the president.
- Oh - I don't know what I should do.
Especially when I should be out there tracking down Manchester and the Elite, who I'm pretty sure are still targeting him.
Well, I'm sure Supergirl will find him, and before that rally, so you don't have to worry about Lockwood.
Yeah, but how can I, with a clear conscience, protect a man who is causing so much pain in the world? You're a hero, Alex.
Heroes make tough decisions.
Well, that's not very helpful.
[LAUGHING] I mean, it's your job, right? - Right.
- You keep people safe.
And like it or not, protecting Lockwood at that rally will keep all of those people safe.
Human and aliens.
I thought that was good advice.
I don't know.
Well, it is, it is.
It's just exactly what Haley said.
[CHUCKLES] Join me.
I can't.
I have a deadline.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, fine.
But I call the potstickers.
- What? No! - All of them.
- Mmm-hmm.
- That's ridiculous.
[HAT] All we're saying is, if one of us is rotting in a cell, it ought to be a priority to get her back.
And all I'm saying is, we'll fetch Menagerie as soon as we find what lets us get around Supergirl, so we can snuff Benny boy.
This is the belly of the beast, bound to be the seeds of her destruction somewhere.
Or, we just use this.
Taking down Supergirl and killing Lockwood don't win hearts and minds.
But this, this'll let us activate all our alien brothers and sisters.
And we can do even more with its little brother.
"Meh"? What about the revolution? Killing Lockwood is the revolution.
They take one of us, we take one of theirs.
You loved Fi like blood, right? Don't you wanna see her murderer go down? Yeah, but that isn't what we set out to do.
We're supposed to be changing the world, not acting suicidal to settle old scores.
Back home, when the gang found out you and Fi were otherworldly, I stuck up for you, at great peril.
And you can't do the same for me? That's different, and you know it.
Nah, mate.
The only one that's different now is you.
[MORAE CHITTERING] Come on, Mo, we've lost this one.
[GROWLING] Well, I hope you find what you're looking for.
And choke on it.
[SIGHS] I can feel the Morae, but I can't see her.
Something's blocking me.
I have an idea.
[MORAE CHITTERING] I don't quite get what you're saying, but I hear you about Hat.
Too many cooks spoil the broth.
[BLOWS] Hmm.
[CHUCKLES] That's keen.
[GASPS] We need to get Supergirl now.
Something tells me the thing we're looking for is right around this corner.
Manchester! It's over! Yield or die.
Just take it down to, like, a seven.
Yield or else.
[SNARLING] That's new.
[GROANS] Fun toys she's got here.
This ends right now.
You got that right.
Manchester, no! [MORAE GROWLING] The mouth on that one, honestly.
Any movement on our AmericanAlien or their website? None.
Their online fingerprint is generic at best.
Unidentifiable at worst.
Without knowing their key, accessing the message board is next to impossible.
And the march's head count? Hovering just over 1,000.
We need to get agents on the ground for it.
Do we? In thinking of peaceful protests, might we consider the success of the Women's March, the Million Man March, the Freedom March? Tiananmen Square, the Bonus March of 1932.
For every success story, there's one of lives lost.
This march is filled with nearly 1,000 aliens or alien allies, which fall under our protection.
And if anything goes wrong, it's on us.
Organize a team.
Very well.
I shall update Agent Reiff on AmericanAlien's profile.
There's no time for that.
I want you to lead it.
- Me? - Yes.
Danvers has a team at Lockwood's rally.
You two should coordinate.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] Still can't believe it.
Thank you.
He just ran straight into the room.
- He wouldn't stop.
- What was in there? A baby sun-eater.
It feeds on the chemical mass of small stars, so it's basically a living bomb.
Oh, J'onn It's strange.
I've always been able to sense Manchester, feel his rage, his anger, but I can't anymore.
It's almost like a weight has been lifted.
- I almost feel - [DREAMER] Relieved? Sometimes we don't realize the impact people have had on us until they're gone, for good or bad.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
Both of you.
Maybe now he can find some peace.
Still, the Hat's out there, and we have a job to do.
I may not have a totem, but I can still try searching for him psychically.
What about us? We monitor the news and see if anything pops up.
[JAMES] I was hoping to speak to Trent Miller.
He's a forensic accountant.
He's looking into a budget for me.
Oh, is that right? Uh, well When he gets back, can you just have him give me a call on this line? It's James Olsen.
- Thank you.
- Mom, the march will be safe.
I love you, too.
[SIGHS] Nervous about covering the march? I'm fine.
No, it's okay if you are, Franklin.
[FRANKLIN SIGHS] I mean, we are living in crazy times, right? It's just important to remember what we do here every day.
Reporting on events like this, taking the risk to show all sides, and showing the humanity there, that's nothing less than heroic.
I mean, think about it.
You fight injustice with your fists, you can help one, maybe a dozen people.
But good journalism, that can impact millions.
It's why we became journalists in the first place, right? Yeah.
- Thanks, Mr.
- No problem.
- Franklin.
- Yeah? You need a photographer? [NEWS ANCHOR ON TV] Thousands of aliens and their supporters have turned out in the streets of - Brainy.
- Greetings.
Why are you in your suit? Breaking it in.
I have nothing.
Hat must be hiding in the Fifth Dimension.
The energy there makes him untraceable.
[BRAINY] Yes, I heard about Manchester's passing.
Um, the Legion ring he took, my ring, was it Oh, well.
That's put to bed now.
Ah, yes.
It's the march today, isn't it? Will you all be joining? You know, I think we could all use some peaceful protest today.
- Yeah, I'll be there.
- Wonderful.
- Kara? Nia? Uh, Dreamer? Yes, I definitely think we should be there - Huzzah! - to patrol.
- What? - Dreamer stands with Supergirl.
Just gotta stretch first.
Oh, right.
Um, Kara, uh, a word? I think it would mean a lot to have Supergirl march today.
I wish I could, Brainy, but I think it's more important for me to patrol in case anything gets outs of hand.
They won't.
I am AmericanAlien.
Hashtag AmericanAlien.
You You organized it? When I lost my Legion ring, I realized how much I depended on it for strength and confidence.
I thought it's what made me a hero.
But not having it these past few days has made me see it wasn't my ring that gave me strength.
It was fighting alongside all of you, helping to make the Earth a better place.
In times like this, change won't come from someone with a ring or a cape.
It'll only come when each one of us answers the call to stand up and be heard.
El Mayara.
Stronger together.
Just because we're superheroes doesn't mean we forget who we are.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, Brainy.
The risk is too great.
[DREAMER] Ready.
Supergirl may be a symbol, but, more importantly, she's a citizen of Earth, like the rest of us.
Remember that.
[CROWD APPLAUDING] [ALL CHEERING] [CAMERAS CLICKING] We are gathered here today to unite.
To unite as human Americans to take back our great land, and that all starts with the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act.
[CROWD CHEERING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [HALEY ON RADIO] Agent Dox, sitrep? I have the team running perimeter checks.
And I am in a prime location to run interference.
[MAN 1] Roaches get crushed.
- [MAN 2] Roaches get squashed! - [HECKLERS SHOUTING] We've got some hecklers on the south end, alongside the march.
En route.
[QUENTIN] Go home, aliens! Your planet called! Go home! We don't want you! Supergirl.
What are you doing here? We're here to show our support for the repeal of Alien Amnesty.
But that amnesty is what gives these aliens their rights.
Why should they get any rights? They're just here to hurt us.
They're not Look at them.
They're not here to hurt anyone.
Most of them are fleeing war and violence, just like I did when I first came to Earth.
They're not like you.
You're a superhero.
No, you're wrong.
I am just like them.
[CAMERAS CLICKING] Were you aware that these aliens intend to march on this rally today to quiet us, to silence you? Do they have the right to do that? [ALL] No! [BEN] Okay.
I didn't think they had a right to do that.
But, hey, we're all learning.
We're learning.
We're slow, but we're learning.
We're learning from them.
We're learning that it is us or them.
Us or them.
[CROWD CHANTING] Us or them! Us or them! Us or them! Supergirl.
It's Kara Zor-El, citizen of Earth.
Nice to have you with us.
Me, too.
Thank you both.
[ALL CHANTING] Us or them! Us or them! Us or them! Us or them! Amnesty is not the same thing as empathy.
Allowing these aliens to come to our world is not an act of kindness, it is an act of species-wide self-sabotage.
If we do not repeal the Alien Amnesty Act, they will not be our undoing.
We will have done that to ourselves! You see? Right there.
Us or them! [ALL CHANTING] Us or them! Us or them! Us or them! [BEN] What are they doing? They have come to take your planet from you.
Well, today Today, we say no! Today, we take our planet back from them! [GLASS SHATTERS] Stay peaceful.
Don't stoop to his level.
Us or them! - We need to get you off the stage now.
- Where's the threat? [GRUNTS] You are the threat.
Get him out of here.
Take him someplace safe, away from here.
Mmm, love the smell of revolution in the late morning.
Makes me glad to be alive.
- Thanks for coming back for me.
- Of course.
We really tricked them into thinking you walked into that sun-eater room.
Plus, you were there for me in my time of need back home.
Least I could do is return the favor.
Just glad you've come around to my way of thinking.
Shall we? [CROWD CHANTING] Us or them! Us or them! Us or them! Us or them! Us or them! Aliens of this world, these pigs want to kill you.
And what? You're gonna take it lying down? Oh, no.
I say it's time we rise up and take them to the slaughter.
So find the nearest alien-hater, and kill them! [CROWD SCREAMING] The revolution is now.
Take your power back.
Come on! Hat must have saved Manchester in the Fortress and then hid in the Fifth Dimension.
That's why I couldn't sense him.
- Then where's the real Manchester? - Close.
Given the strength of the signal, the broadcasting radius must be less than a city block.
Brainy, Nia, you clear the area.
- I'll handle - Leave Manchester to me.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ TAKES OFF] Right, like I said.
J'onn's got Manchester.
I'll find Hat.
Time for a costume change.
Bloody brilliant.
[MANCHESTER] Always one step behind, J'onn.
You can see me.
Manchester! [CLICKING] Whoo-hoo! One for you.
And one for you.
And one for you.
Hello, Hat.
We meet again.
Well, if it isn't the Ringless Wonder.
[BOTH GRUNTING] You don't need a ring when you have friends.
So where are your friends now? [GROANS] Nice work, Brainy.
Now get him to the DEO, and then help me get as many of these people to safety as you can.
Go back to your planet, roach.
No, please! Get out of here.
- Thanks, uh - Dreamer.
Nice to have another superhero in town.
Is this where you tell me Fiona wouldn't want to see me this way, and that my soul's still worth saving? No.
I think you're glad Fiona's gone.
What? With her out of the way, it gives you an excuse to do all this! This is for justice! You have the same excuse, too! Your wife, your daughters.
[MANCHESTER CHUCKLING] Maybe you just need to lose more.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ GRUNTS] More! - [GRUNTS] - More! [GRUNTS] More! - [GRUNTS] - [GROANS] [J'ONN J'ONZZ YELLS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] I think we're seeing each other much clearer now, J'onn.
No, thank you.
[NIA] I think if it hadn't been for Manchester, the march would have been a success.
Even if it wasn't, amidst all the fighting, I could feel people coming together.
- We changed some minds.
- And some hearts, too.
I mean, even in the protests in Gotham and Metropolis, no one got hurt, people respected each other's differences.
Even yesterday, I saw some real moments of humanity.
Like in your photo, Mr.
It always amazes me how one image can change the conversation.
[KARA] Exactly.
I heard, in the elevator this morning, someone say that your photo moved them so much that they're going to volunteer at an alien outreach center.
It feels good to be a part of the progress, but the real credit goes to Supergirl and her new sidekick.
I'd love to get an exclusive with them if I could.
Sidekick? I'll get right on that.
- Thanks.
Olsen? You need to see this.
Sure thing.
- [WHISPERING] "Her new sidekick"? - I don't know.
- Me? - I didn't tell him.
Oh, and as a result of yesterday's demonstration, the president and I, um, think it's best to hold congressional hearings - [KARA GASPS] - on the matter before we take any further steps.
Thank you very much.
We did it.
We stopped the repeal.
For now, at least.
The power of the press is an amazing thing.
So is the power of the people.
It's good to see you back in the DEO.
It's good to be back, Colonel.
Lockwood is a bureaucrat with power he doesn't understand.
Not only does that make things dangerous, - it makes our job difficult.
- Yeah.
But you were a good solider yesterday.
Putting your duty above your politics.
Not many would have been able to do that.
Thank you.
From all that mess comes something positive.
Looks like AmericanAlien was one of the good guys after all.
- She's very - Confounding.
[BOTH] Yes.
Your ex is pretty good with a camera.
I read the tabloids.
There is a civil war brewing.
I can smell it in the air.
But there might be hope for the country yet.
Seems time is on your side for now, so take the night off.
Well, I guess tomorrow's another day.
Tomorrow may be too late.
Where are you, Manchester? Maybe you just need to lose more.
You can't change me.
Today, I find you like a Manhunter.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Okay, wait, wait, wait.
You have to go back to the part where you strong-armed Ben Lockwood.
- Oh, my gosh.
You so have a bloodlust.
- Please.
Oh, I mean, I don't know, the whole thing was crazy.
You know, I've never been through something like that before.
And I know that Supergirl and I haven't really been on the same page lately, but, you know, seeing her out there at that march hand-in-hand with everybody else, I was inspired.
To rough Ben Lockwood up.
[LAUGHING] No, no.
No, it was, you know, I I followed my beliefs, not the rules.
And it felt really good to take a moral stance.
Yeah, I think everyone at that march felt that way.
[ALEX] Mmm-hmm.
Seeing all those people come out to have their convictions heard.
- And James's photos.
- Yeah.
Seeing people who'd been fighting helping each other, that was It just goes to show, no matter who you are, alien, human, superhero, every action counts and every voice matters.
And who knows, maybe the good guys will win in the end.