Supergirl (2015) s04e15 Episode Script

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Previously on Supergirl Look what they did to Lex? He could have fixed this planet for generations.
Lex went insane.
[KARA] The Staff of Kalar.
The staff of your god H'ronmeer is a psychic weapon.
I was just informed that you're refusing to test my volunteers.
I want this serum as quickly as you do, but I refuse to rush anything that may kill your agents.
I just need more time.
Where are you, Manchester? Today I find you like a Manhunter.
[GUN FIRES] [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] [LEX] "Against other things, it is possible to obtain security, but when it comes to death, we human beings all live in an unwalled city.
" Do you know who said that? Please, Lex, you don't have to do this.
I'm doing this for us, for the entire human race.
Listen down below.
[PEOPLE SHOUTING DISTANTLY] They're already cheering.
And it was Epicurus, by the way.
An aphorism 230 years old, and yet still as apt as ever.
You sound like a freshman philosophy major and you're gonna kill millions of people.
The world can't live under a red sun.
Neither can Superman.
You see, Sis, we as a people have become soft and fat, - and stupid.
- [HELICOPTER HOVERING] [OFFICER OVER LOUDSPEAKER] This is the Metropolis Police Department.
Surrender! - [DEVICE BEEPS] - [LOUD EXPLOSION] [PEOPLE SHOUTING] Where was I? My God, Lex, you killed them.
Oh, that's right.
We must put faith in ourselves, but instead, we look up to him, with big glassy eyes because we think he's invincible.
It's my duty to dispel the world of that notion.
And when he dies, they will finally wake up and see him for what he really was, a false god.
At least he's a good man.
[YELLS] He is not a man! I was the Man of Tomorrow, not him! Not him! So it's all ego, then? No, it's science.
I want to see if the Kryptonian pretender can bleed.
- Even gods can die.
- [DOOR BURSTS OPEN] You'll see.
Everyone will see.
And then, they're gonna thank me.
[SIRENS WAILING] [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] A stroke, huh? You wanted to see me in person that badly? [COUGHING] What can I say, Sis? I missed you.
[BEEPS] James! Oh, my God.
They call this a mercy furlough.
Thank you, Officer.
That'll be all.
[LEX] They never let me out of their sight.
As if I'd run away like a dog set loose from his leash.
Well, you would.
Of course, I would.
[CHUCKLES] But I can't.
I'm numb top to bottom.
My guts are in knots, there's blood in my Okay, that's enough.
I'm dying.
I know.
That's it.
You know? Well, you've only mentioned it at the start and the end of every phone call for the last six weeks.
I'm not used to needing help.
It's weak, pathetic.
I'm pathetic.
Your white blood cell count has stabilized.
You're not gonna die today.
I won't die tomorrow either if you finish the Harun-El serum.
I'm not risking human lives on an experimental untested drug.
What was the point of pulling strings to get you DEO resources if not to test your drug on humans? I didn't ask for that.
And if Colonel Haley knew you were behind it She doesn't.
No one does.
Except the person whose strings you're pulling.
But now I wonder if you didn't wanna just pull up a front-row seat to watch me wither away and die.
I'm not the one who accidentally poisoned myself with Kryptonite in a quixotic attempt to kill an invincible man.
And while I do find the irony that you now need black Kryptonite to cure yourself just delicious, you are my brother, Lex.
I do want to save you.
Besides, how can you pay your debt to society if you're already dead? [CHUCKLES AND COUGHS] Hmm, now there's my sister.
Lena, Mr.
Luthor, I'm sorry to interrupt That's okay, honey.
I'll take a flat white.
And you can call me Lex.
It's easier to write on the cup.
[SIGHS] What is it, Eve? It's James.
I heard what happened at CatCo, and I wasn't sure.
No one else was hurt, just James.
- Is he all right? - [KARA] They're about to operate, but his, um, his spine was badly injured.
We don't know what's gonna happen.
Okay, where is he? He's upstairs, but they said he can't have visitors yet.
Well, I'm not a visitor.
I own this hospital.
Little boxes, comrade.
[KARA SIGHS] What exactly transpired? All I know is that he was shot in his own office from behind.
They used a hollow-point bullet.
It splintered.
Who would so something so horrible? Someone without a soul.
This has to be Manchester Black.
At the march, he threatened me.
He swore to come after me and my family, everyone I care about.
Seems he started with James.
We have to find him.
Stay with James.
He needs his friends right now.
I'll find Manchester.
This ends today.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [ALEX] Lena, I'm so sorry this is happening, but you and I both know the limitations of modern medicine.
I mean, even best case scenario would leave James paralyzed.
Your serum could heal him entirely.
Or it can kill him.
[ALEX SIGHS] I can't summon a breakthrough through sheer force of will.
Then how is it that every time I've seen you work under pressure, you have done exactly that? Lena, you have all of L-Corp, and you have the DEO at your disposal.
I mean, there must be some resource that you're not utilizing.
Keep me updated.
[INHALES DEEPLY] [EXHALES] I found Manchester.
He's done something terrible.
I can sense it.
- I'm coming with you.
- All right.
Where are you going? After Manchester Black.
He's the one responsible.
Well, be safe.
Kara and I can hold down the fort.
No, I, uh I I have to go to CatCo.
Now? I mean, James is your best friend.
He would want to know that someone could be there if he couldn't.
What if something happens? I'll be back soon.
[SUPERGIRL] What is this place? [J'ONN J'ONZZ] This is where my father died.
- Supergirl! - [SUPERGIRL] I'm on it.
Hello, J'onn.
How are you capable of this? When you broke into my mind to stop me from killing the Lockwood brood, you opened up a motorway.
It goes both ways.
So, whenever you poke around in my mind I can poke around in yours.
So, I did.
And lookie what I found.
Your peoples most powerful weapon.
You don't know what you're toying with.
Oh, but I do.
I dug deep into your mind.
And the ground.
You call yourself a man of peace, Martian, but your god was one of wrath! You burned my father's grave to teach me a theology lesson? [LAUGHS] You forget H'ronmeer's punishments.
You're a hypocrite.
Wake up, man! It's time you followed the true righteous path.
And we can put a stop to the hate that's burning this world up, just like it burned up Mars.
We can stop it together.
I heard everything.
J'onn, what did he mean when he said "the punishments"? Have you ever noticed that her eyes seem to follow you everywhere? Lex Lex, it's worse than I thought.
If we don't help him, James is gonna die.
[SCOFFS] Why do you even care about Jimmy? I thought you two broke up, and good riddance.
I pushed James away because if he found out about us working together, it would destroy our relationship.
[LAUGHING] And now, you're asking me to work with you to save him? You were right, the irony is delicious.
Help me fix the Harun-El, and I can save both you and him.
I haven't been able to separate the drug's more curative properties from its extra-normal ones.
Super powers.
Sounds less silly the more you say it.
Try it.
Its super powers is what makes this drug so lethal.
Okay? The powers need to be isolated and dosed out.
And you have more experience working with Kryptonite, in all of its forms, than anyone else.
So, please help me.
You trust me? Would you trust me if I did? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] But I need you, and that's enough.
Lex and Lena Luthor, teaming up to save Superman's best pal.
What would Mother think? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [NIA SNIFFLES] My dreams are failing me.
I should've seen this coming.
What good am I as a hero if I can't even protect the people that I love? What about my powers? Of deduction.
It should've been I that predicted this.
A backlash always follows a political success like the march.
And Manchester is still in possession of my Legion ring.
He could use it to fly into CatCo undetected.
I am to blame.
Are you guys all right? Mr.
Olsen is stable.
We were able to remove a significant amount of shrapnel from around his cervical vertebra, but I have never seen a normal bullet cause this much damage.
We've placed him in a medically-induced coma.
To reduce swelling, of course.
There are going to be some decisions to make.
Who is next of kin? Well, there's There's no family present, but I can act as next of kin.
We need a family member.
Look, I'm FBI, and I have extensive medical training - Sorry, without a court order - [KELLY] I'm next of kin.
Sorry, I just got off a red-eye.
I'm Kelly Olsen, James's sister.
Did you say FBI? Are you Kara's sister? Yeah, um, I'm Alex.
It's nice to finally meet you.
I wish it was under better circumstances.
I'd like to see James, right away.
- Absolutely.
- Okay.
And these people are family, too.
Make sure they have access.
It really is a remarkable substance.
- [LEX GRUNTS SOFTLY] - It started with mice.
[CHUCKLES] Sure, a supraprimate.
It's like you're running a lab out of a Wikipedia handbook.
No wonder you're so behind schedule.
Are you going to taunt and provoke me the entire time? This is how we've worked together ever since we were kids.
You propose a theory, I tell you how wrong you are, and it drives you to be better.
And you call that working together? [CHUCKLES] [COUGHING] You're You're brilliant and driven and defiant.
Always were.
You just needed someone to defy.
Are you actually taking credit for my success? You were always driven to impress me.
[COUGHING] And if I would've given you an inch, if I would've thrown you a "good job" or cried out "that's wonderful" every time you showed me one of your toys, do you think you would've been as successful as you are [WHEEZING] [COUGHING VIOLENTLY] Oh, well, that's unfortunate.
We need some water in here.
Lex, just breathe, okay? - [WHEEZING] - Thank you.
- [GLASS SHATTERS] - He can lap it up like a dog.
- How dare you! - It's okay, Sis.
[LEX GRUNTS] I'm used to it.
I'm not very popular in prison.
What I was trying to say is you were wonderful.
You always wowed me.
Look at you.
You made Kryptonite.
Even I couldn't do that.
I'm proud of you.
Let's get back to work.
[GRUNTS] This sentimentality will kill me faster than the cancer.
H'ronmeer tested the Martian people in many ways.
And when they failed him, they were punished.
A god of wrath.
[SIGHS] We can't just track Manchester.
We'll have to find him another way.
The sacred symbols.
Your Bible.
Maybe they can tell us what Manchester is planning to do next.
[SIGHS] The symbols are full of tales of H'ronmeer's vengeance.
When he would use violence to enforce moral law.
Manchester can use the Staff to recreate the punishments, one by one.
[SIGHS] All because I let him into my head.
All to force me into violence.
You told me yourself you thought Manchester was a test.
Don't let him bait you.
Let's find him and let's stop him.
[SIGHS] Yes.
Alex, it's me.
I'm just checking in on James.
Call me back, okay? Eve, what's wrong? I understand you wanting to save your dying brother, no matter what he did.
But now we're giving him full access to everything in order to save Mr.
Look, I care about James, too.
But I just wanna make sure that you're not gonna let your sympathy jeopardize everything that you've been working toward.
Eve, I know what my brother's capable of more than anyone.
But I truly believe his lone scheme right now is just to live.
I don't think he can imagine the world without him in it.
Okay? Come on, let's get back to work.
What's going on? He's making a mess of your floor.
I'll have you arrested! Don't blame him.
He knows not what he does.
He's on a government salary after all.
Give me the keys.
- You can't be serious.
- Give me the keys now! It's your funeral, lady.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] How's he doing? Still unconscious but that means he's healing, so I'll take it.
Thank you for giving us access.
James means the world to us.
Of course.
James has always been more of a "chosen family" kind of guy.
Speaking of, where is your sister? [HEART RATE MONITOR BEEPING] [KELLY] We need help in here! He's coding.
Get them out.
[NURSE] Pressure's dropping.
Bring in the crash cart.
He needs to be intubated.
[SIGHS] Your brother's bleeding internally.
Surgery poses a great risk to James's spinal cord, but if we don't operate, he'll continue to bleed out.
- He might die? - Correct.
- Yeah, let's do the surgery.
- We'll prep him right away.
Look, there is another option.
It's a better one.
Lena's working with the government on an experimental drug that could heal James entirely.
Why does that sound too good to be true? Because it's not ready yet.
But I spoke to her, and she said that she just needs a few more hours to render the drug non-lethal.
You're proposing that we hold off on James's surgery, risking his life for hours, only to administer a drug that might still kill him? The operation is gonna be invasive, and it's gonna be traumatic to James's entire system.
He will be lucky if paralysis is his only after-effect.
You haven't seen Lena work.
I have watched her do incredible and impossible things.
I understand that you trust this woman, but I don't know her.
All I know is that she and James had a messy break-up, and that her family has done some terrible things, many of them to my brother.
Those things have nothing to do with Lena.
That doesn't mean I'm willing to put my brother's life in her hands.
I just want what's best for James.
So do I.
[MACHINE BEEPING] [LEX] BPM's 92 and rising.
What was that tutor's name? - Krinick.
- Yes.
Yes, that's right.
Okay, injecting now.
If I misquoted my Salutati, 124 and rising, she would make me stand in a corner and repeat, "I do not like myself" in perfect Latin.
[SPEAKING LATIN] No wonder you became a sociopath.
If the Latin fits.
143 and rising.
Pull back on the drip just a touch.
No, that's how we lost the last one.
- That was a tad, not a touch.
- You call that scientific? Do you want this to succeed or not? Pulling back a touch.
[LEX] 165.
- It's dropping.
- The tumor's reduced by half.
BPM's still a little high.
No, the heart's still beating.
[BOTH] We've almost got it.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] You should take that.
Is James okay? [ALEX] No, Kara.
James's life is at stake and you left me here alone.
And he's heading into surgery again.
What? Why? [ALEX] He's bleeding internally.
And his sister wanted the doctors to operate Hang on.
Kelly's there? What is happening? You would know if you were here.
We all need you here, Kara.
He's headed into a very dangerous operation, and you may never get to say goodbye.
Where are you, exactly? CatCo? Because I called there, and they said that you haven't been there all day.
I'm I'm helping J'onn with a lead.
J'onn needs a reporter to help fight Manchester Black? I mean, what are you gonna do exactly? Gonna interview him? No, it's not [DOCTOR] The operation's about to begin.
I have to go call Lena.
Good luck with your investigation.
[LINE DISCONNECTS] [LENA] We're so close.
At this point, it's 99% non-lethal.
It doesn't matter now.
James is in surgery.
So, why are you still here? I can't help James now.
Did I ever tell you about my dog, Ignatius? Before you joined our family, he was my closest companion.
And when I was seven, he had to be put down.
If you're gonna continue to compare James to your dying dog, I'm not sure I'm gonna be amenable to your point.
I wanted to be there for the procedure.
But Mother insisted that I go on a business trip with Father.
She thought I was being too sentimental.
That's our mom.
That's my mom.
A trip with Father, that sounds like something that ordinarily would've pleased me.
But on this particular trip, he brought a woman with him, and insisted that she go everywhere with us.
[CHUCKLES AND COUGHS] So, here I was, seven years old, dog dying, Father ignoring me.
Is there a point to this story? At first, I swore to loathe this woman.
How dare she take my father from me at the moment I needed him most? But I couldn't keep my promise.
Because she was wonderful.
She was so kind to me.
On the day they put Ignatius down, she embraced me, and sang me this beautiful Irish song.
By the end of the trip, I wished that she was my mother.
But she wasn't your mother.
She was yours.
I want you to know with certainty that while I came from poison, you came from love.
And if the rest of this family stands steadily in darkness, you will always fall into the light.
I knew that from the moment I met her.
[WHEEZES] Jimmy needs you now, Lena.
It's James.
You can send the guard back in.
[SIGHS] Kara, how is Alex Dead, like me.
You stood idly by, J'onn.
[ALEX] You just sat there, and you waited.
And you prayed.
And you just sat there.
[BOTH] While they came for us! You're not real.
- We are.
- So real.
Manchester, show yourself! We're the ones you couldn't save.
Who you wouldn't save.
[BOTH] Just like your own daughters! [GRUNTS] Alex! No! Alex! [SHOUTING] Kara! No! - [J'ONN GASPING] - J'onn? J'onn? J'onn! Hey! Hey, I'm here.
It's me.
You're okay, you're safe.
[GASPS] Manchester was trying to show me what could happen if I continue to sit idly by.
I have left you and Alex alone to face dangers.
Is choosing the path of peace worth it if it means I could lose everyone I care about? After what happened on Krypton, the way my mom stood by and did nothing, I've always sworn that if I can act, I will.
But until you took your vow of peace, I didn't truly understand that simply by standing with someone you can make them feel braver.
J'onn, the only reason Alex and I can face danger the way we do is because we know you're standing by us.
In whatever way you choose.
Thank you.
What should we do now? Well, clearly, Manchester wants you to hunt him, so he can exploit your psychic connection and attack you, and we've just been playing into his hands.
So, maybe the best thing to do now is let him come to us.
It's a peace offering.
I'm sorry about before.
I was out of line.
You care about James.
That's nothing to apologize for.
Well But I will take it.
- Oh.
Jell-O really is the perfect hospital food.
It's a metaphor for trauma.
[SMACKS LIPS] If you shake it, it wobbles, but it still holds its form.
If you dig in too deep, it's never the same.
You don't seem to be wobbling very much, given the circumstances.
- Military? - Psychologist, yeah.
[ALEX] Mmm.
I have pretty much seen it all.
Plus, this is the 12th time that I have visited James in the hospital.
- Wow.
- You know my brother, he's always running off and diving into something dangerous.
It was the way he coped when things got hard at home.
If you just keep running then you don't have to stop - and feel how much you're hurting.
- [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [KARA] That sounds familiar.
- Kara! - Hi.
[KELLY] Oh, it's been forever.
Sorry it took me so long to get here.
You were where you needed to be.
- I am now.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] I am going to go and find more snacks.
Yeah, I'll come with you.
- Okay, cool.
- J'onn, by the way.
[KELLY] Oh, cool name.
- French? - [J'ONN] Close.
So, you came.
I did, and I brought a whole bunch of excuses with me.
But deep down, I think I just couldn't bear standing by doing nothing.
It's scary, feeling helpless.
- It's terrifying.
- Yeah.
But being here with you isn't nothing.
It's everything.
Come here.
[LENA] Kara, Alex.
- Where is he? - Um - He's this way.
- Yeah, this way.
Are you okay? I would be better if I could just get a Choco! I usually get along so well with machines.
[SNIFFS] He's gonna be okay.
It's not just James.
Only months ago, Supergirl nearly died.
And don't even get me started on the AI plate that has forced me to just give up my entire existence! Have I mentioned that every single one of my ancestors is evil? And Mon-El, well, he was always a bit dismissive.
Microaggressions are their own form of trauma.
[STAMMERS] I'm I'm sorry.
I think I think this event has forced me to process every difficult thing I have ever experienced.
And I still can't even get a Choco [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] Power surge? Manchester's at the dam.
It powers the whole city.
With the Staff, he can wipe it out.
Let's go.
James! He's in the middle of surgery! [MALE DOCTOR] Where are the backup generators? [FEMALE DOCTOR] Should be on right now.
[MALE DOCTOR] We can't finish without power.
He'll bleed out.
Manchester! [MANCHESTER] Well, well, it's about time.
Come and get it, Martian of peace! [ELECTRICITY SURGING] The dam's cracked.
He's gonna flood the whole city.
This war is mine.
[KELLY] I picked the safe option.
This isn't supposed to happen when you pick the safe option.
Kelly, look, no one could've predicted that this was gonna happen.
You made the best decision that you could for your brother, and Lena's drug wasn't ready then.
But it's ready now.
Now, look, I know you have 1,000 reasons to not trust Lena Luthor, but I'm not asking you to trust her.
I'm asking that you trust me.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
[EVE] Hi.
Sorry, didn't mean to eavesdrop, nasty habit, but I heard what you just said.
I brought the drug, just in case.
We have to find Lena now.
Damn it! [BOTH GRUNTING] Stop this madness! You'll kill thousands of innocent people.
This world is already tearing itself apart.
If you want to stop that, don't fight me.
Join me.
[J'ONN GRUNTS] [YELLING] What I'm about to do is absolutely illegal.
Any witnesses will be considered accessories to a crime.
- [MALE DOCTOR] Miss Luthor.
- Leave now before I fire you.
[HEART RATE MONITOR BEEPING] [PANTING] If you don't stand up and fight, you'll lose everything.
Run! No.
[JAMES GROANS] You're beautiful.
Where's Manchester? Let's go see James.
Aw, you never invite me to visit.
How else was I gonna meet your friends? They're pretty great, by the way.
One of them even saved your life.
Yeah, about that - Thank you.
- I'm just glad you're okay.
Besides, Supergirl was the one that found you.
You should be thanking her.
I know you just came back from the dead, but you're about to wish that you didn't because I called Mom.
I think that's our cue.
[JAMES] No, she Don't leave me alone.
- Good luck, honey.
- You've been there for me.
Hey, Mom.
You should give that ring back to Brainy.
He'll be happy to see it.
I'm not ready to explain how I got it.
James is okay.
The whole city is okay because of you.
Yeah, but at what cost? Manchester is dead.
I know you're trying to follow your father's code, but what happened today doesn't change who you're trying to be.
But I don't know who that is, Kara.
One thing I do know, I am not a man of peace.
[BRAINY] If I may - We don't need to talk about it.
- I must.
Even if it hurts.
A wise man once said, "Relationships based on intense experiences never work.
" What are you The wise man is Keanu Reeves.
A truth-teller is there ever was one.
It pains me to say, you and I we can never be together.
[SIGHS] All right, well, if Keanu Reeves says Don't speak.
It only makes this more difficult.
Whatever you say, wildcat.
You know, most bad kids burn ants using a magnifying glass.
But not you.
No, you would build ant hills out of mud and twigs, to scale.
It would take you hours, sometimes days.
And then, you would trick the ants into thinking they were going home.
They would follow the maze you laid out and walk right into an open flame.
I'm sorry, exactly what are you accusing me of? The power in the hospital didn't go off because of the attack on the dam.
You did that.
And I know because the L-Corp foundation has its name on every scalpel, bench, and backup generator in the place.
Quite the philanthropist you've become.
[COUGHING] There were children in that hospital, Lex.
You took advantage of the attack on the dam to kill the power, while James was on the operating table.
You risked his life and the lives of countless others just so I would be forced to test the Harun-El.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Aw, you figured it all out.
Well, mostly.
You missed one big thing.
Yeah, the story about my mother was just another lie to manipulate me.
No, that was true.
That's what made it so effective.
But I also had Jimmy shot.
Unfortunately, that wasn't as effective a cattle prod as I'd hoped.
You are sick.
I'm dying.
This horrible cancer is eating me up and you are sitting pretty on the very thing that could cure me, and you wouldn't even test it! God knows I'm not going to test an experimental, lethal drug on myself, so you needed a nudge, and a test dummy.
Well, it worked.
James is gonna live, and you're gonna rot.
'Cause I will never, never give you the cure.
Take him away.
Lena Lena, I I'm disappointed that this is your reaction, but I'm not surprised.
Which is why I had someone give me the cure ten minutes ago.
[BONES CRACKING] - You're dead.
- No, you're dead.
No! [SHRIEKS] Image inducers.
I have to say, I was skeptical, but they really do come in handy.
Miss Tessmacher! Eve.
Sorry, not sorry.
- How long? - Forever.
- It's nothing personal.
- [GUN COCKING] - [GUARD] Mayday, Mayday.
Individual one - [GUN FIRES] Mmm.
That won't be necessary, Miss Tessmacher.
My sister may be happy to let me die, but I have no intention of killing her.
[OTIS] Are you sure about that, boss? She's a real smarty two-shoes.
It's like food in your teeth.
You're gonna thank me one day.
Everyone will.
I'm sure of it.
[WHIMPERS] Stay here and take care of her.
Yes, Mr.
Freeze! Indeed.
Nice to finally meet you.