Supergirl (2015) s04e16 Episode Script

The House of L

1 Previously on Supergirl [LENA] You risked his life and the lives of countless others just so I would be forced to test the Harun-El.
[LEX] So you needed a nudge, and a test dummy.
Well, it worked.
James is gonna live, and you're gonna rot.
'Cause I will never give you the cure.
[LEX] I had someone give me the cure ten minutes ago.
[LENA] Eve.
- How long? - Forever.
[LEX] Stay here and take care of her.
Nice to finally meet you.
[WATCH CLICKS] [GRUNTING] You have powers? I have powers.
[GRUNTS] [COUGHS] You had a good run, but this time, the planet hits back.
How are you doing this? How do you think I did it? I'm Lex Luthor.
[GRUNTS] [BAILIFF] Raise your right hand.
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? [LENA] I do.
One disagreement over his obsession and he shut me out.
Threw me out of the company and himself into his crusade.
He killed people.
Luthor kept offering Superman a place in his organization.
Of course, Superman knew who he was.
And Luthor didn't take the rejection well.
He used to say we were "burdened with excellence," and it was just me and him against the world.
And if I'm honest with myself, I believed him.
I was blind enough to think that he wanted a partner But he wanted a pet Kryptonian.
but he wanted a sycophant.
He kidnapped me.
And I have 16 scars from the torture.
I have submitted our every correspondence into evidence.
Enough smoking guns for an army.
Plus, when he turned the sun red, I was wearing a wire.
Luthor, you are charged with murder, ecoterrorism, and crimes against humanity.
Since you have chosen to represent yourself, have you anything to say before I render the verdict of this court? [INHALES DEEPLY] Superman made me do it.
[PEOPLE MURMURING] [BANGING GAVEL] [LEX] This is a paradigm shift.
Aliens are among us.
And for the rest of human history, there will only ever be "before Superman" and "after.
" I am protecting mankind from an extinction event.
And if this pearl-clutching jury of my peers wants to put me behind bars for it, they are welcome to try.
But know this.
I will always have my thumb on the scales.
Alexander Joseph Luthor, [CLEARS THROAT] You've been found guilty on all counts and will serve 31 consecutive [CLEARS THROAT] life sentences.
[COUGHING] Maybe we should make it 32.
[CHOKING] And now [ALL COUGHING] The end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend I'll say it clear I'll state my case of which I'm certain [PEOPLE CLAMORING] [EVE] Mr.
Luthor! Sorry.
Luthor! Mr.
Luthor! I traveled each and every highway And more much more than this I did it my way [INAUDIBLE] Yes, it was my Wow.
[CHUCKLES] Nice prison you got here.
It's for conjugal visits.
But still, after this, it's back to concrete and iron.
Sounds lonely.
Stryker's is a Petri dish.
Bottle city.
I've even managed to teach some of the inmates chess.
I like mentoring.
It's a waste.
You're a once-in-a-generation mind and the only man standing between us and total annihilation.
You know, I used to write you letters.
I read them.
You're literate for a Manson girl.
You are not Manson.
And for the record, I'm not just some girl.
I've got degrees from Yale in literature and physics, and I am a former Junior Miss North Carolina.
I don't need your resume.
Although I may know someone who does.
- Ms.
Tessmacher - Eve.
Tessmacher, I need you to do me a favor.
What do you know about CatCo magazine? Their circulation's down? Jimmy Olsen works there.
He's been a thorn.
But he's connected to the second Kryptonian.
And I happen to know that Cat Grant needs a new assistant.
A woman of your talents would have no problem finding a job there.
Consider it done.
But you do know there's a lot more that I can do And you will.
We're gonna make you undeniable.
Did your husband enjoy those Knights tickets? Oh, yes.
Courtside? He felt like Nicholson.
And, uh, the other inmates, they seemed to like all that lobster you trucked in.
Lobster's 18th century peasant food, only fit for the indentured and the incarcerated.
I, uh, didn't know you did artwork.
It's just geometry.
Hannibal Crossing the Alps.
[WARDEN] So, what's it, like, represent? Boredom.
[SIGHS] Can I help you, Warden? Sorry.
You have a call from the Kaznian Embassy.
[BOTH SPEAKING RUSSIAN] to need to leave for 72 hours.
What? [CHUCKLES] You can't just Your mother still lives at 245 Maple Drive, right? Bingo night every Friday at St.
Joseph's? We wouldn't want that awful Betty Byrom woman to finally have a chance at winning.
Would we? Seventy-two hours.
How are you gonna leave without Leave that to me.
I'll need my effects and my tailor.
Oh, and my jet.
Rook to E-8.
Queen to H-5.
Bishop to G-6.
Queen to H-8.
My name is Lex.
Alex? Sure.
I can show her how to master her powers and help you contain her.
I know you're the man for the job.
Lex Luthor.
Foremost specialist on everything Krypton.
You will make her Kaznia's weapon, hmm? She'll hate whomever you want.
Operant conditioning is a specialty of mine.
But you'll need to follow my instructions to the letter.
Can't break a Kryptonian, but maybe we can bend one.
And for this? Money, as discussed.
He's not as liquid as he used to be.
I warn you, you are only a consultant.
Cross my heart.
That's the one who made her uncomfortable.
Get rid of him.
I will reassign him elsewhere on the base.
She will not see him again.
She can see through walls.
[BOTH SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Did they teach you any English? Little.
Are you angry at me? For saving a child? No.
You did the right thing.
I heard pain.
I did not know my strength.
Would you like to? [RED DAUGHTER GRUNTING] Alex, your name is only thing I remember.
[GRUNTING] Let's just say we were besties.
[BOTH SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [WATCH ALARM CHIMING] I'll tell you everything soon.
Time's up and I have to go.
Go on.
You need to see the world as they do.
[LEX SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Mmm! Pennies from heaven.
How does this happen? Clone? I think I know.
It's called Harun-El.
Black Kryptonite.
It splits Kryptonians in two.
Supergirl must have come into contact with it.
She's a blank slate.
Doesn't share Supergirl's memories.
We don't know exactly how this works, yet.
"We"? It's Lena, and she has more.
I told you I'd be more useful at L-Corp than CatCo.
And how is my darling sister? Obsessed.
About to have a breakthrough with the Harun-El.
But she hasn't produced results yet.
See that she does.
So do I stay and hang with the commies? What? No, you're driving.
Oh, sure.
So what's the play? Paper tigers.
Um Chinese idiom.
Paper tigers threaten, but are destroyed easily.
Kaznia wants to move on the US.
They're crazier than Russia.
They wanna bring back the glory days of the Soviet Union.
So you wanna help them? I don't care about their politics.
Regimes change.
Kings die.
But if Kaznia attacks America, and I foil the attack, America will hail me as a hero.
To do that, I'm gonna need patsies in both the East and the West.
So, Otis, fetch your sister and find me a real American.
Someone charismatic, a radical.
I think I know just the guy, Mr.
Name's Ben Lockwood, seems smart.
I'm glad someone does.
[OTIS] Wait.
Where are you going? Back to Stryker's.
Prison's the best alibi the world has yet devised, and I'm about to need a lot of alibis.
The USS Yosemite moved closer to the Kaznian Sea today, placing pressure on an already volatile area.
Critics of President Baker, who took office two weeks ago after President Marsdin's resignation, are questioning his decisions Alex.
[LEX] When I was a boy, I learned this game from a grand master, Anatoly Karpov.
That's how I learned to speak your language.
Seems fitting that it should teach you mine.
I think your books handled that.
Have they? Okay.
Philip of Macedon.
Ruled from 359 BC until his assassination.
Father of Alexander the Great, your namesake.
Philip had a small power base.
He wanted to build an empire.
But, in the end, we only have one lifetime.
Alexander inherits his father's work, but he does more than Philip ever could have dreamed.
He conquers the world.
This appeals to you? You sound like my sister.
You pay attention.
You remind me of her sometimes.
I used to think we were inseparable.
That we were going to change everything.
What happened? People disappoint.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Not bad, though.
You've read that one more than the others.
Why? It's beautiful.
I, uh I think that's the word.
The language It's hard to even imagine the world that way.
I didn't give it to you because it's pretty.
This is a book about vapid, profligate fools.
Money is always acquired at someone else's expense.
But you have money.
You must.
The way you come and go I do.
Because it is their weapon.
The way their world works.
Read it again.
[KETTLE WHISTLING] Thank you, Mikhail.
Your mother.
She's She's working? Yes.
I'm sorry you have to be alone so much.
I'll try to visit more.
The night she saved you, why were those men attacking? They were thieves.
It is just me and my mother.
[LEX] Why? My father was a bad man.
He left us.
I had a bad father, too.
What did yours do? He stayed.
I used to pray for a hero like the one you got.
Took a long time, but here you are.
[RED DAUGHTER] Sorry, Mikhail.
[MEN CHATTERING IN RUSSIAN] I don't understand.
Why we are in such a hurry? [EXPLOSION] What is that? - We got to get you inside.
- [THUDS] [GROANING] What is happening to me? There's only one thing on this Earth that can hurt you, and the Americans just seeded the skies with it.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] You will never feel like this again.
- I will protect you.
- [GROANS] But there's something we have to do first.
Your flesh is weak.
It's the only time we can do this.
[GRUNTS] Someday, you may have to match her.
Who? [BEEPING] It's time for you to know your full truth.
You are strong.
You are Kaznia.
But you are also something more.
That green flash you saw, it's poison to your species.
Made of fragments of your home planet.
You are one of the last daughters of Krypton.
Krypton? You will usher in a new era of peace.
Nations unlike Kaznia who believe in greed will rise against you.
And its greatest champion will stand between you and your work.
[BEEPING] [BOTH SPEAKING RUSSIAN] You need to keep your accent.
Why? You want me to go to America.
You're not ready yet.
Yes, I am! I want to see it.
I want to know more.
Who is this Supergirl to me? Why does she look like me? Put simply, your sister.
She has usurped your position in the world.
Taken from you.
Like your Lena.
[SIGHS] Maybe you should see more.
[SIGHS] National City.
You know Kaznia, Krypton.
Now you need to experience Babylon.
[SNAPPING FINGERS] Hey! Kid! What's your name? Linda.
Linda Lee.
Well, Linda Lee, why don't you go on and get us some more of this? Of course.
What did you see? A pig trough.
One of the men had a pin with the AmerTek insignia.
They make weapons.
America's exports, movies and bombs.
Kaznia suffers so that Americans can live like this.
And Supergirl defends those men? Yes, because she's soft.
Accustomed to a certain lifestyle.
You wanna understand her? This is the place.
This is where Supergirl lives.
Or, as some know her, [GRUNTS] Kara Danvers.
One day, you may have to be just like her.
Move like her, think like her.
So, what do you see? She likes comfort.
She's undisciplined.
All of this is for her? She is like a princess in a tower.
And on a reporter's salary.
[KEYS JANGLING] Someone is coming.
I thought you were in Smallville.
I mean, I specifically remember you asking me to take care of your leafy dependents.
Yeah, yes.
Uh, Smallville.
Yeah, I, uh - I - Oh, you didn't cancel your vacation, did you? I told you that I would hold down the fort at the DEO.
I mean, but you are missed.
Of course, I didn't cancel my vacation.
I I just I I forgot my journal.
[CHUCKLING] Look at me.
Silly writer, without her journal.
Okay, well, good.
Well, you should You should be going, right? Yeah, okay, okay, I will.
Thank you, Alex.
- Bye.
- See ya.
[IN RUSSIAN ACCENT] Kara Danvers has an Alex, too? You have a lot in common except for what counts.
Field trip's over.
I have to go back to - To prison.
- Yes.
Go back to Kaznia.
Make sure you weren't seen.
No one can know that you exist.
[KARA] Ms.
Grant only threatened to fire me six times today.
I think she's warming to me.
Lena doesn't realize how much potential she has.
I hope now at least the world will.
Lena Luthor.
[CHATTERING] Kara! What are you doing here? I thought you were on vacation.
[IN AMERICAN ACCENT] I, uh I had to help Alex with something.
Sorry to interrupt.
You're needed in Lab C, and it can't wait.
I'm sorry, but when you get back, maybe a girl's night? Big Belly Burger.
Like your birthday, last year.
Hello, "Kara.
" Or should I say, Privet? There is no way Alex sent you to L-Corp.
What are you doing here? [IN RUSSIAN ACCENT] I wanted to meet his sister.
Okay, well, you met her, so now get back to your nesting doll.
I'm not ready.
America is unsavory, but I'm not so sure it is bad as Alex thinks Oh, no.
No, no, no.
You are not gonna go all apple pie-eating, flag-waving, Philip Jennings on me.
Kara Danvers wants to do good.
She has compassion.
She has friends.
And Lena is one of them.
Why is that? [SIGHS] We've got a problem.
Your little project's got a mind of her own, and she's about to star-spangle you right out of world domination.
Panic is a bad color on you, Ms.
I can fix this.
You and Otis will have to go to Kaznia.
What? What for? Because that's where the thing she loves most is.
And she's gonna be ever so sad when the Americans take it away from her.
Hey, kid.
[BANGING ON DOOR] Hey, sailor.
[GRUNTS] [ELECTRONIC VOICE] Missile engaging target.
The greedy Americans.
[EXHALES] Don't do this.
Listen to me.
Luthors bide their time.
This is just an American [MEN SCREAMING] [ALARM BLARING] - [MAN] Please, stop.
- No! You could have compromised all of our work.
- They killed Mikhail! - What is one life? One life is nothing next to the world! You risked everything, and you did not listen to me! You don't give me commands.
I am helping you.
They saw your face.
If you were identified, the world would hunt you down! I'll make this look like an accident.
Sabotage, friendly fire.
I will clean up your mess! Is that what you think of me? That I am some pet you clean up after? Of course not.
Some soldier then? Alexander's conquering army! What am I? Why am I here? Why does Kara Danvers have an Alex? And why is she friends with your sister? That's what this is about.
This is about Lena.
I thought you were stronger.
But people disappoint.
I'm done here.
So I believe in second chances, but if you see a bald guy Any bald guy.
You lie on the floor.
You pretend you're dead.
[IMITATES DYING GASP] Okay? [MEN CHATTERING IN RUSSIAN] What? What kind of illness? [GRUNTS] - [EVE] Lex.
- [LEX] We pushed her too far.
Maybe the Black Kryptonite caused unchecked cell growth.
- That'd be cancer-symptomatic.
- Lex.
Could be a telomere problem.
We need to stabilize the senescence - Lex! - What? Oh, right.
The Harun-El.
It made her.
It might stabilize her.
Bring it to me.
It's not ready yet.
Lena's trial still has a 100 percent mortality rate.
- Then I'll solve it.
- The girl is dying.
What do you suggest I do? She is everything I have worked for.
She's a A miracle.
The skies opened up and gave her to me.
I I can't lose her.
I have an idea, but you're not gonna like it.
- What we - You're right.
I have to give myself cancer.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That is not what I was gonna say.
No, you were going to tell me that I need to work with Lena.
And you're right, except she won't buy it.
She'll never work with me, but she will save me.
- No, Lex.
- [GASPS] I hate what you've done with the place.
I'll be direct.
Black Kryptonite.
The Harun-El.
You have it, and I need it.
You know it doesn't grow back hair.
Don't be pedestrian.
You're a Luthor.
I seem to remember some disagreement on that point.
Not from me.
I swabbed your cheek the day after you moved in.
I've always been interested in our genes.
So that's your plan.
Come here to talk about our drunk father? What's next? You tell me you love me? Love is valueless.
I respect you.
You don't get to do that.
You can't just come in here and take what you want.
Lena, I'm a hologram.
I can't take anything.
But I get it.
You don't wanna give up your research.
It's cozy, the comfort of obsession.
I'm not like you.
I wanna help people.
I'm people.
And you're using the black rock to make super soldiers.
Who is that helping? I've had some time, done some thinking, - some leaf-turning-over - It's a big leaf.
Don't do what I did.
Don't harm when you could heal.
Oh, I just realized you haven't asked me why I need the black rock.
I assumed homicide.
Just the opposite.
I'm dying.
[COUGHING] [LEX] Take care of her.
[GRUNTING] Well Here goes everything.
- [BEEPS] - [MACHINE WHIRRING] [LEX PANTING] Alex? I thought you were gone.
Well You made me very, very angry.
But I promised that I wouldn't let you get sick again.
You saved me.
I had a lot invested in you.
[EXHALES] And I shouldn't have left the way that I did.
[EXHALES] This is not about Lena.
This is about you and me.
Can you forgive me? Supergirl acts on her emotions.
It's selfish, ugly.
I will not be her.
I will be me.
I will be disciplined.
I will follow you and destroy her.
Do you remember that story about Alexander the Great and his father? I remember.
You thought I was Alexander.
But I'm Philip.
I only get one lifetime.
But you're forever.
My gift to the world, my legacy.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [CHUCKLES] [PANTING] What's wrong? It's Lex Luthor.
He's free.
I tried to stop him, but he got away.
- What? - [JAMES] Lena.
Does she know? I don't know.
[ALEX] Okay, I will find her.
You get J'onn and find Lex.