Supergirl (2015) s05e11 Episode Script

Back From the Future - Part One

Come with me if you wanna live.
- Ta-da! - [NIA.]
Oh - [ALEX.]
You okay? Your candy tray awaits, milady.
Okay, guys.
I appreciate the breakup feast, but I'm fine.
And deny us a night of guilt-free chocolate? I don't think so.
I think it's good Brainy and I broke up.
I'm being honest.
Look Brainy clearly has some emotional complexities that I wasn't aware of.
And whether that's because of the personality inhibitors or not, it's better to know now.
Well, I will be honest.
I am a bit worried about Brainy.
I mean, it must be so strange to have your whole self just shift like that.
So, how's it been at the DEO? Can't believe Lex owns it in this universe.
Employees get stock options and four weeks paid vacation.
But no beach vacation can mask evil.
Just wish we knew what he was up to.
Ooh, you're welcome for the breakout, by the way.
You know, I figured I would save my thanks until after I heard your proposition.
Hmm, that's a bold stance from a guy who got himself arrested, what, 16 hours after coming here from another Earth? So, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
Aw, that's very kind of you.
And since you know so much about me, why don't you tell me who the hell you are? The name's Lex Luthor.
That's a weird name.
No weirder than Toyman.
That was your father's name, wasn't it? You need to think bigger.
Like your dad.
He was gonna be the biggest toymaker of all time.
Just moved into virtual reality, but, mmm, his partner stole his patent, right? Right, and then he snapped.
People say he went on a rampage.
I say that they had it coming.
And then, [CLICKS TONGUE.]
he killed himself.
Wouldn't you like to show them how wrong they were? That's what I was doing.
What you were doing was getting caught.
But with my resources, you could make the Schott name synonymous with genius and chaos instead of failure and who? I have something for you.
The National City Toy Convention.
And, as a bonus, I believe an old friend of yours, Chester Dunholtz, will be there.
Well, it has been a pleasure doing business with you, Winslow.
Oh, and one more thing, whatever you do, make it splashy.
If we're gonna build you a legacy, it's gonna need to survive well into the future.
Just the Luthor I was hoping to find.
Did you look for me in my office? Where I said I would be, working on Non Nocere, waiting for you.
Ooh, right, sorry.
Something came up.
This new universe has shifted the frequency of Q-waves.
I'm back at square one.
I needed your help.
I understand, but we have bigger problems, like Leviathan.
You undersold them, sweet Lena.
He's right.
Leviathan is the greatest threat of our time.
Agent Dox is assisting me with a project.
You know he's friends with Supergirl, right? [BRAINY.]
There's no need for concern.
Since I removed my personality inhibitors, I run on logic only.
And my calculations tell me that, at this time, Lex Luthor is on the right side of history.
Can you promise me no one will get hurt? I promise no one will be harmed.
Especially if you help us.
As with the Q-waves, the recent fusing of the universes might have shifted what Andrea Rojas knows about Leviathan.
If there was some way of - finding out - You want me to talk to Andrea? It won't do any good.
She's not gonna tell me anything.
We're not friends.
The Lena I know wouldn't let a little thing like friendship get in the way of saving the world.
And as a thank you, I can guarantee you a source of Q-waves by the end of tomorrow.
Well, if you will excuse me, I have to get my beauty sleep.
They're unveiling my new action figure at National City Toycon tomorrow.
I anticipate many photo ops.
There are so many.
I expected to be a collector's item.
- Kara Danvers? - There he is.
How did I get so lucky that CatCo would send their Pulitzer winner to cover the unveiling of my little trinket? We are the lucky ones, Mr.
And who is this new cub reporter? - William Dey.
- Mmm.
I covered your Kasnian victory for The Times of London.
I remember that piece.
You called me fat.
I believe it was bloated ego, and in reference to your victory parade.
Oh, yes! That was a good parade.
Oh, shame Supergirl couldn't make it.
Ah I bet your editor would have loved a twofer.
Say, she's a friend of yours, isn't she, Ms.
Danvers? I mean, how would Supergirl feel about these action figures? - Two heroes saving the world.
You know what? I'm more interested in how you feel, sir.
Uh, in a word, valiant.
Luthor, is it true you plan to develop Shelley Island as an energy source? This planet is in an energy crisis.
I'm just trying to do my part.
Is that why you attempted to take over Rogers Engineering? You wanted to get into biomechanics, but Russell Rogers refused to sell, and he disappeared.
You don't know what happened to him, do you? No.
And this has been a delight.
I have a very busy day.
Why don't you take one of these, on the house? - Uh, Ms.
Danvers, a quick word, please? - Yes, I'll be right back.
This was supposed to be a puff piece.
Why did I just get Frost/Nixoned by a Boy Scout? Since I have been on this Earth, I have done nothing but protect and serve.
Judging me for the crimes of another Earth's Lex, well, that's not fair now, is it? I'm gonna find out what you're doing at the DEO.
So much moxie! Let me make myself clear.
If young Woodward decides to proceed with his Lexpose, it will prove very, very dangerous for his health, off the record.
- Have a nice day.
Kara Danvers is Supergirl.
- Give me that.
- [SIGHS.]
Supergirl, there's an armed sniper at the toy convention.
- I'm already there.
- Great, we're almost there.
I'll look for him.
We need this place evacuated and locked down.
We do not wanna cause a panic.
Does this feel like Like Toyman.
They're bombs.
[MAN 1.]
He's got a gun! [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
[MAN 2.]
Up there! Up there! - Wait, that looks just like - Winn! But how? Oh, no! What? Winn? What are you doing here? Saving Chester Dunholtz and my future.
Have you seen Toyman? - Uh - The shooter! The guy wearing my face! - I've got him.
- [SIGHS.]
Oh, come on, come on! Damn it.
Brainy, I need you to lock on to every traffic camera in National City, and please, please find this guy.
Winn, stop.
Okay, just breathe for a minute, okay? We're gonna find the other you, and then we'll stop him before he hurts someone.
- We always do.
- Yeah.
I came back to this moment to catch him.
You should have.
He's right.
I should've caught him.
By now he could've hurt someone, and if he hurts someone, I don't think you understand.
My life is over.
Everything! I will lose everything.
My wife, my daughter.
You have a wife? And a kid? Oh, my God, yes.
Uh That's my wife, Aila.
Mary is gonna be two in April.
They're beautiful.
- It's so good to see you.
I mean, I might've missed you, like, just like a little bit.
Yeah, me too.
- But just - Yeah, well, I missed you, like, a lot.
- It was really hard leaving you guys.
So, what happened? [SIGHS.]
Well, I'd just finished putting Mary to bed.
And then somebody's knocking on the front door, and I'm thinking, please don't wake the baby up, and then Aila is arguing, suddenly, with whoever it is, defending me.
So I run down there to see what's happening, and it's the time cops.
Accusing me of killing Chester Dunholtz on this date, at this time.
But you didn't do it.
I told them that.
But they had my DNA to prove it, so I'm thinking, "Okay, this must be some type of, you know, doppelganger person with my father's sick, twisted brain.
And now, if this Toyman kills someone, I will never see my family again.
They'll put me in jail, or worse, it's gonna affect the timeline.
And I will have never met Aila.
Or my daughter.
Okay, all right.
We'll just Okay.
Well, there must be something, right? I mean okay, this person.
This person was found lurking near Dunholtz, so maybe they were working together.
You know? I mean, we've got a face.
Can we get an ID, Brainy? Yeah, I'll, um, I'll go to the DEO and start cleaning up the image to ID it, tracking it.
I'll, uh, also put Winn's ship in the DEO hangar for safekeeping.
No, no, no, I do not want the Legion ship anywhere near Lex.
You know what? I've got an idea.
I'll just have to call an old friend.
Lex as in Lex Luthor, the hero? Why would you not want the Legion ship near him? Uh, Lex is not a hero.
We're just gonna have J'onn just bring you up to speed on exactly what happened.
Thank you for seeing me today.
I wanted to apologize to you for how I treated you after you took my mother's medallion.
After all these years? Why now? Andrea, I know about Leviathan.
Lena I wanted to explain everything to you for so long.
I know how dangerous Leviathan is and how terrified you must've been.
And I understand now that you never wanted to betray me.
No, it's been so hard.
I knew I had to protect you.
I'm so relieved that you know the truth.
So am I.
And anything Leviathan has asked you to do, we will figure it out together.
They've never asked me to do anything.
All these years, and not a word? They said they would call on me, but they never came.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, it's you and me again, okay? You jump, I jump.
If Leviathan calls you, you come to me, okay? I can't lose you again.
Andrea knows nothing.
Seems on this Earth, post-Crisis, Leviathan hasn't activated her yet.
But don't worry, if they do, I'll be the first person she calls.
J'onn? We're here.
Oh, this is nice! Very Sam Spade.
Never realized J'onn was such an avid reader.
Where is he? [J'ONN J'ONZZ ON INTERCOM.]
I'm up here.
Is that a secret elevator? Don't push.
What is this place? In a minute.
First I am so sorry.
But we will find this other you and stop him.
You always give the best hugs, papa bear.
Okay, J'onn.
Just - You gotta tell us about this place.
- Yeah! Well, in the wake of Crisis, Kara, Kal-El, Barry, Kate, we established a headquarters from which to fight crime.
Oh, in the future they call it a Hall of Justice.
I like that.
I thought since Luthor Corp now owns the DEO, National City could use its own collective.
A headquarters to keep this city safe.
To work outside of corporate and government oversight.
Whose interests might not always side with justice.
- So, like S.
Labs? - Or the Arrow bunker.
Place for my super friends to work, whenever they should need it.
What are you gonna call this? I was thinking The Tower.
- Cool! - Absolutely.
So, tell me what I missed with this whole Crisis thing.
Not tell you.
- Show you.
- Ah.
But I must warn you.
The truth of the old Earth could be quite upsetting.
Uh, not more upsetting than what I'm already dealing with, so [CHUCKLES.]
how bad can it be? [GASPS.]
- Okay, get it out.
Get it all out.
It's okay.
Whoa! Uh, so, wait, Lena killed Lex? And then he came back to life? And James runs a small town newspaper and mentors children? That's adorable! [GASPS.]
And you! - You were, what, you were Russian? - Yes.
But that wasn't really me.
And so evil Lex now owns the DEO? Yeah.
Oh, but let me tell you about the doppelgangers who came through a wormhole [VOMITING.]
Not a bad picture of you.
I don't understand.
In every simulation I ran, we always apprehended Toyman.
He never got away.
What I don't understand is why you're here and the Legion ship is not.
Director Danvers thought it would be safer to secure the ship at a government black site three miles south of the National City border.
Thank you.
And once I get there, how do I access what the ship knows about Leviathan? There is a panel on the right quadrant.
You have Winn Schott's DNA from his hair.
That's all you'll need.
Now, our mission is over.
Call off Toyman.
Does he look like my personal attack dog? He's underground.
Toyboy is smarter than we gave him credit for.
Toyman will strike again.
Then get out there with your little do-good crew and take care of it.
Hello, National City! [CHUCKLES.]
Well, by now you might've heard that my splashy show at Toycon caused, well, a little bit of ruckus.
J'onn, can you track his location? [TYPING.]
He's blocked his IP address and signal.
Whatever technology he's using, it's something that I've never seen before.
And I have got a bigger bang in mind.
Now, tell me.
Have you ever been so unfairly wronged that it just made you wanna burn it all down? Well, I have.
And I'm angry.
Someone hurt my family and they destroyed my father's good name.
- Look at that.
People are supporting him.
- He's collecting followers.
So, I have the target, I have the method, and what I need now is you.
Give me the will.
Like me, subscribe, share, follow me, and once I reach [IMITATES DR.
one million followers, [NORMAL VOICE.]
you will see a fireworks display like never before.
So, let's play to win! Huh? [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Until next time.
I am hashtag Toyman.
Uh, guys? If he wins, I'm dead.
I can't believe all these people are rooting for violence.
Well, the anonymity of the internet brings out everyone's basest instincts.
Sure, but how would those people feel if they were the target? Unfortunately, this is a distinctly 21st century problem.
By, what, 2126, anti-trolling legislations are in place around the world.
- Stopped World War Three.
- Huh? I should not have told you that.
I'll go sweep the city.
See what I can find in the real world.
If you need me, just call.
J'onn, that's genius! Director Danvers, I got your call.
Yes, this place is genius.
Brainy, I'm glad that you're here.
Look, the Toyman is using some sort of IP address blocker from his world, and we just can't I know.
I've been trying to track him from the DEO.
Have you had any luck identifying Toyman's accomplice from that image? The image was too obscure to get a clear ID.
Well, we might have something on board the Legion ship that can help enhance the image - [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
- I said I'd do it.
And I will.
Andrea needs me.
I have to go to CatCo.
I'll call you if anything pops.
- Kara.
- Huh? I think there's a connection between Lex and Toyman.
Actually, yeah.
Um, - I need to talk to you about that - When the DEO put Toycon on lockdown, Lex had just slipped up.
Okay, I believe that Lex is not who he says he is.
But that means we have to be smart, because if he's dangerous, we can't just go around making baseless accusations Kara, we're reporters.
We dig into hunches, no matter the risk.
When I call you in for a meeting, I expect you to come directly to me.
- Mmm-hmm.
- William, I need you with me today.
My father's alma mater is honoring the family for our advancement in tech and entertainment.
I'm going to announce the next phase of Obsidian VR at the event.
Obsidian Platinum will be like nothing anyone has ever seen before.
William, I want you to cover it.
- I'd rather not - That's a great idea.
- Thank you, Kara.
- It's a good idea.
And I have something special for you too.
You were friends with Winn Schott when he worked for CatCo, before disappearing two years ago, right? Uh, yes.
Mmm, bet you never thought he'd reappear with such an evil splash.
I'd like an exclusive.
No! Um, I'm sorry.
No! That is not the Winn Schott I know, and I will not give a platform to a madman.
Toyman already has a platform.
His video went viral across five continents in under an hour.
We have to capitalize on that kind of traffic.
We don't have to promote bloodshed for the sake of your bottom line.
Actually, according to your paycheck, yes, you do.
William, be ready in an hour.
Kara, get me that exclusive.
You should see me now, Father.
Ha! On our Earth, they called you a psychopath, but here, they cheer for me.
And yes, it may be too late for you, Father, but soon I will accomplish what you could not.
What you always dreamed of.
I will live forever.
Wait, this is the superhero-level stuff I have been waiting for.
Wait, Nia, Nia, wait, come here.
Winn, this is Nia.
- Hello.
- Whoa, Nia.
As in Nia Nal? Yeah? [CHUCKLES.]
Wow, wow.
This is incredible.
Holy Hi.
I'm sorry, your great, great, great, great, great bunch of greats granddaughter, Nura Nal, is, like, one of my best friends and, like, the most kick-ass Legionnaire.
That's crazy.
Tell me everything.
Does she look like me? Okay, wait.
Let's save story time until after we catch the bad guy.
Well, anything to help.
Once he's hit a million followers, he's promised to strike.
So, you'll have to work fast.
She can do it.
Um, right.
So, are there any markers, any specifics I can keep an eye out for? [ALEX.]
All we know is that he wants attention.
Not you.
Get out of my head, jerk.
- [ALEX.]
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
What did you see? - Nothing.
Literally nothing? That seems unlikely.
I saw a tiger.
Um, let me.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
It's just my mind's been a little messy lately.
It's okay.
Do you mind telling me exactly what you did see? It's just that Nura taught me how to interpret dreams.
I'm kinda like her Watson.
I saw my ex-boyfriend turn into a tiger and attack me.
Wildcat was my nickname for Brainy.
- Oh, I know.
I just thought I was better than letting him get in my head.
You know, I can't tell you a whole lot about the future, but I can tell you that you, Nia, are a powerful woman.
You see this? So, I'm the only human Legionnaire, so when I got my Legion ring, they had to soup it up with, like, some cool powers.
- Is that dream energy? - Yeah.
So, Nura and I, we fashioned the ring's abilities after her and your powers.
Never let anyone make you question your own worth.
And that is patented Nura Nal advice.
She would kill me if I didn't give her credit.
Thanks, Winn.
- You're right.
- I know.
I'm gonna try again.
You must be such a great dad.
I try.
- Oh.
It's, like, the hardest thing that I have ever done.
- I bet.
- I'm not kidding.
Yes, it's like, I became a dad, and suddenly my heart was just on the outside of my body.
You know? She's also my greatest accomplishment, my little Mary.
She's my legacy.
Did you name her after your mom? Well, it was either that or Winifred.
Kara was an option.
- What? - Yeah, Aila pushed for it.
But if I'm being honest, um, in the future, Kara isn't exactly what you would call an original name choice.
What are you talking about? [IN POSH BRITISH ACCENT.]
Parents naming their children - after the legendary Kara Zor-El.
- Oh, my gosh.
- No, I like Mary.
Yeah, me too.
Besides, I'm not too hot on my own legend right now.
Lex threatened to kill one of my co-workers if I don't stop him from investigating Lex.
So, either I go against my journalistic ethics or or I put William in danger.
Don't know how to tell you this, but you put me in danger, like, every day.
No, no, don't say that.
No, you did.
No, listen, it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter though.
Because I knew that you were always gonna be there to protect me.
You're Supergirl.
Being in your orbit, it's inspiring.
Oh, oh, oh, why didn't I think of this before? Toyman! He said that he is doing everything for his father.
But his father didn't exist on this Earth.
But mine did.
And so, if I was gonna go be inspired by my father, where would I work? [BRAINY.]
We're too late.
If Toyman was here, he's gone now.
I think I found something.
Andrea and her father? My dad had a board just like this for Dunholtz.
So, on Toyman's Earth, the Rojases must've had something to do with the fall of Winslow Schott, Sr.
We have to get to CatCo.
We have to warn Andrea.
She's not at CatCo.
She's at National City University with William.
Home of the Tigers.
Wow! Aren't you handsome? We're connected now, aren't we? Precisely.
I'm now directly linked to your consciousness.
Then you know what I want.
Give it to me.
I know you.
How do I know you? Search for this woman.
Of course.
At Obsidian, we staked our reputation on pushing technology to the limits.
Imagine a world where, after you've come back from work, you slip on your Obsidian Platinum contact lenses, and suddenly you're on a Tuscan villa, surrounded by your beautiful vineyard.
You set a large family table out on your verandah where you let the wine from your own label flow.
Later, you can bottle the wine from your vineyard and sell it for real money.
With Obsidian Platinum, you will never again have to choose between your life and your dream.
- You can always have both.
Smile! [BEEPING.]
Kitty number two! [SNARLING.]
Will, where are you? [WINN.]
I got him! My powers can do that? Go after Toyman.
I've got this.
Here, kitty, kitty cat.
Are you trying to tame a robot tiger? [GRUNTS.]
If the chair fits.
Stop! Says who? Whoa, where did you come from? Yet another Earth? [WINN.]
Actually, no, this is my Earth.
This is my life, and you are really messing it Whoa! Give me the trigger.
Uh, well, that would be no fun.
Is the bomb in the van? - Hmm.
- Listen to me, I know what it feels like to wanna protect your family.
Believe me, I do.
But you have also got to create your own legacy.
This is my legacy.
You've seen the people.
They adore me.
Dude, this isn't love.
No, you're just a cheap thrill for them, all right? Give me, give me the trigger.
It's a dead man's switch for a dead man, like me.
Just stop that.
You could still change.
All right? You are not Toyman.
You say that name Toyman with such disdain, but you, you do not understand.
Toyman is eternal.
Have you seen William? He was supposed to be here.
I ran diagnostics.
We lost no civilian lives to any of Toyman's attacks.
Well, that's good news.
Speaking of news, I wonder what the news is like in the future.
Hey! [SIGHS.]
It's all over.
Have you looked at the wanted poster? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
It's gone.
I know.
Will, where are you? You're not gonna believe what I saw.
You were supposed to be at the university, and you weren't.
I know how important this story is to you, and that you won't let anything stand in the way of you getting it, even me, but I also know that Lex would sooner take someone out than let a headline be run that threatens his reputation.
- And I'm not - Which is why I have been thinking, we should investigate Lex together.
There's safety in numbers and and if we share information, we have a better chance at exposing him, once and for all.
You mean we'd be like - partners? - Exactly! Yes, who would have each other's back.
Well then, partner, I think you need to see this.
My sister showed me this hangar before, it's - high government security.
How did - Lex get in? - He paid off the guards.
He's got a plan.
And we need to find out what it is.
Well, he didn't see you, did he? - Of course not.
- Good.
I was careful.
So, do you wanna take a look at the rest of my notes? Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.
I totally forgot what time it is.
I have to go.
- Big date? - The biggest! It's game night.
You should come.
Uh, nah.
- You know, I'm not very good at games.
- That doesn't matter, it's Besides, I have dinner waiting for me, so No! - Mmm-mmm? - Uh-uh.
Under no circumstances will I let you stay here and eat that Well, that's the saddest sandwich I've ever seen.
- Come on.
- No! That stays.
- Okay.
Is there not a game night that you should be attending? Oh, there is.
But I don't really stand much of a chance without my Trivial Pursuit partner.
Sadly, I cannot partake.
J'onn has asked me to upgrade the diagnostic system.
No, he didn't.
What is going on? Hmm? Dude, I saw the way that you looked at Nia, when the tigers attacked.
That fear of losing someone that you love.
I've had that same look on my face since I got to this time.
So, tell me the truth.
I have lied to everyone because I'd I've had to work with Lex Luthor.
I helped Lex bring you back for the sake of the future.
- That was you? You - Winn - No, no, you risked my life.
- I - Brainy, my family! - I had to, I It was imperative that Lex get information from the memory cube on your ship.
I did the calculations.
I knew no one would die.
That we would catch Toyman, the The one thing I didn't account for was Lex himself.
He's, he's chaos incarnate.
He's completely unpredictable, and I I don't know if I can control him.
Winn, I I'm so sorry.
Another Brainiac told me that it was absolutely critical that I help Lex in complete secrecy.
But I hate it.
I hurt Nia.
And all I want is to be close with her again, but I have to be cold.
And I'm terrified that I'm becoming the bad guy.
You must hate me.
You're right.
I should hate you.
But everything worked out, so I guess I don't.
In a way, you kinda helped me.
Growing up, I was constantly burdened by my father's crimes.
You know, son of a madman.
Pretty sure everybody judged me for it.
Everything I've done in my life has been in defiance of that.
Joining the super friends, running out to the future with Legionnaires to fight your cousin and stop him.
But all that kinda pales in comparison to saving my own future.
Plus, I got to see some old friends.
You still consider me a an old friend? Yes, Brainy.
I do.
Oh, shoot.
I'm running late.
Uh, you sure you don't wanna come? I have work to do.
Pick it up.
Press the button.
Now, think of what you want.
As promised.
They do exist on this Earth.
All we had to do was bring them to this time.
Happy birthday, Christmas, and New Year, little sis.
- Thank you for going to Andrea today.
What are partners for? If only Mother could see how nicely we're playing together now.
Let's not ruin the streak.
- [ALL.]
I don't know how she's doing it, but she's cheating.
Check her sleeves.
I saw something.
Aw, there's our girl.
She's feeling better.
But, like, for real this time.
A lot better than you at Jenga.
Okay, well, wait, 'cause it's my turn now.
Ready, set - [ALEX.]
She's terrible.
- [ALL.]
Go! - [ALEX.]
She's terrible.
She's terrible.
- Dude! - [ALL BOOING.]
The point is for the tower not to fall, am I wrong? Marty, is this how you play in Metropolis? - [WINN.]
No! - Love your glasses, by the way.
Thank you! These, they're prescription.
And those are the rules, but, uh, we play that if it falls, we take a shot, so I'm just gonna [ALL LAUGHING AND EXCLAIMING.]
Wait, wait, wait.
A toast, a toast.
To new friends.
- [ALL.]
- [KARA.]
And to old friends.
May they always find their way back to us.
- Aw! - [ALL.]
[MAN 1.]
That's the last of Toyman's evidence.
[MAN 2.]
Let's lock it up for the night.
Let's play to win! [CONTINUES LAUGHING.]

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