Supergirl (2015) s05e13 Episode Script

It's a Super Life

Previously on Supergirl I can't help thinking that if I had done things differently with my friendship with Lena, maybe things would have turned out differently.
There's no way of knowing.
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm confused.
This is your all-powerful Fifth Dimensional stalker? No.
I don't know who this is.
I am Mr.
Mxyzptlk, just as I'm sure that you, Kara Danvers, are Su Get in here.
Thank you so much.
I can't just come in anymore.
I have to be invited.
Tell me who you are and what you want, now.
I'm your one true love, your soulmate, your one true 'pairing' as the kids say.
My name is Mxyzptlk, and I love you, Kara Zor-El.
If you Aw, come on.
If you are Mxy, then why do you look like this? Okay, I only took on that other form and sophisticated accent to impress you.
But it worked.
You caught me.
Tricked me.
No, I followed the rules.
You say your name backwards, you go back to the Fifth Dimension, no questions asked.
Ah, I miss that hair.
I really, really do.
But now, I can't use any of my powers, except to help those whom I have wronged.
Oh, how sad for you.
A tragedy of Shakespearean proportions, I agree.
But great news.
You're the last one.
What could I possibly need your help for? I killed my brother for you, for our friends! Don't you understand what you've done? Your best friend thinks that she is your enemy.
And the worst part It's your fault.
You hid the truth from her.
You let her find out from that sadist, Lex, and now, you think she could be capable of anything.
- What's your point? - My point, toots, is this.
I am offering you a do-over.
Hmm? I could send you back in time.
Wouldn't you like to be able to tell Lena that you're Supergirl on your own terms? Wouldn't you like to see what the world would look like if you controlled the narrative? Haven't you hurt enough? Hmm? I get it.
You don't trust me.
Okay, but how's this? Ready? Now, by Fifth Dimensional law, I am required to give you this recording of me saying my name backwards, in case you ever need to banish me to my Fifth Dimension, - which I know that you - Kltpzyxm.
I'm not a villain.
You shouldn't have treated me like one.
Hey, girls.
What's going on? You're not seriously thinking of doing this, are you? What if I could change things? If I told Lena that I was Supergirl before Lex, maybe she would have reacted differently.
I mean, isn't that worth a try? Changing history to save a friendship? - Kara, I don't I don't know.
- No.
This is changing history to save history, 'cause Lex and Lena are planning something horrible, and we are no closer to finding out what that is.
And when the fight comes I don't know if I have what it takes to stop her.
Kara are you sure you can trust Mxy? No.
But the tape recorder worked.
I I could always just use it to get him to go away.
All right, listen to me.
If you really think that this is your best chance to set things right with Lena before she hurts somebody then do it.
Uh How do I do this? Um - Oh! - Oh, God.
Thank Zook you changed your mind.
Yes, I'm still working on eavesdropping.
That's a problem.
Okay, uh, before we do this, Mxy, I need your word that if things go sideways, you'll put it all back to normal.
I am court-ordered to do so.
Now, no shade to the Super Friends, but it tends to work better when it's just me and the subject.
So, do you two have any plans? - No.
I don't think so.
- No.
No, we were just gonna What Where did they go? Oh They're in their happy place.
Magic rules! Game on, Danvers! All right, so, how does this work? I will show you relevant parts of your life.
You'll tell me when to pause, I will snap, like thus, sending you back.
You will change history.
Once you have confronted Lena, you will come back, we will watch from your loft and the safety of your couch.
If you are comfortable with the domino effect I will then snap again, at which point, it will become reality.
- Okay? - Okay.
So, three years of friendship.
Where did it go wrong? Well Uh-huh.
When Lena told me that she knew I was Supergirl, - she was furious.
- Yeah.
- She said I made a fool out of her.
- Uh-huh.
She was humiliated.
Okay, so, we're looking for a moment where you made your best friend feel like a big, dumb idiot.
Yeah? - In so many words.
- Okay.
Well, we have an embarrassment of riches.
Get your seatbelt back on.
I'm gonna land this plane.
- Oh, yeah, this is a good one.
- Oh.
Kara? Kara? God, I hate flying.
- Oh! - Ugh.
This is awful! - I'm awful! - You're awful.
I was just agreeing with you.
I would never say that.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay.
- Oh, okay.
- Ah.
Let's go to before Mercy attacks.
- Right there? - Mmm-hmm.
- You sure? - Yes.
Don't mess it up.
To be honest, I didn't have much faith in politicians to begin with.
I just don't think any of them can be trusted.
Don't look so scandalized, Kara.
You know how cynical I can be.
Is everything okay? You shouldn't have to be so cynical.
You're good and righteous, and and the tragedy is, the world has made you cynical because you've been betrayed so many times.
By your mother, by your brother and now, by me.
What are you talking about? I'm not who you think I am.
I'm Supergirl.
I never meant to deceive you.
I just didn't know how to tell you.
You stay here.
I'll deal with this.
Lena? What happened? Where'd she go? Ah.
Events are unfolding differently now.
Oh, boy.
Um, I need to catch up.
Ah, there she is.
She went to Metropolis.
Oh, my God.
She went to see Sam.
So, Kara is Supergirl? Yeah, I know.
My head's kind of spinning.
When you were Reign, and I made Kryptonite to stop you You know, in response, Supergirl was so horrible.
And then, Kara was the same.
She was so kind and supportive.
But it made me think, which was the real Kara? And if the real Kara thought I was a villain then maybe that's all I really am.
No, Lena, no.
How could you ever think that? Lena, you made Kryptonite to split me from Reign and to save my life.
You were never the villain.
You were always the hero.
Thank you.
I really needed to hear that.
The Lena in this timeline might never forgive me.
She might even hate me.
You know what? You know what? If Sam stops her from going down a dark path, I can live with that.
Except you literally can't.
What do you mean? Oh, my God.
This is the night Agent Liberty poisoned the air with Kryptonite.
Uh, you know what? Maybe we should shut this off.
- Huh? - No, no, no.
Lena saved me the first time.
She might hate me, but she'll save me again.
She wants to, but she'll never make it in time.
Hey, Kara.
I'm sorry I missed Thanksgiving.
We're just We're so lost without you.
I am so lost without you.
Happy late Thanksgiving.
Can you please turn it off? - I can't watch any more of this.
- Just stop it! That was horrible.
Obviously, you don't want to stay dead.
- No! - No! No, I have to go back further.
I get it now.
I get it now.
My dual identities made Lena think that she couldn't trust either side of me.
I was a hypocrite.
Okay, so, when exactly did this Kryptonite-fueled tete-a-tete happen? Ah It was It was, uh, just after we found out Lena was housing Reign.
Lena, the Worldkillers are coming.
- We have to get you some place - Mmm - Skip forward.
- Skip.
You are never going to make Kryptonite ever again.
- You really do have a God-complex.
- See, there.
- This fight is what I'm trying to avoid.
- Mmm-hmm.
So, go back.
I need you to find out if there really isn't any Kryptonite left.
Kara, you're asking me to betray somebody that I really care about.
I never should have done that.
- Uh, yeah, it has to be before this.
- Yeah, hang on, before.
We have to go back further.
- Here.
- Yep.
My friend came to me.
She was alone and afraid.
I had to do something.
I need you to level with me.
Do you have any more Kryptonite? - This is it.
- Mmm-hmm.
This is the moment that Lena started to distrust Supergirl.
- This is when I have to tell her, so - Okay.
Mmm Beam me up, Mxy.
You don't have a catchphrase? We'll work on that.
'Girl power!' No.
My friend came to me.
She was alone and afraid.
I had to do something.
That feeling of needing to protect your friend, no matter what the world thinks I understand that more than you know.
You once told me Kara Danvers was your hero.
I never told you that.
I told It's me, Lena.
I've always been Kara.
Kara, how could you? I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
Three weeks ago, I found out that Sam, one of my closest friends, was a homicidal Kryptonian.
I went through that terror alone.
I risked my life day after day for weeks because I believed that I was the only one who could be trusted to protect her, to save her.
I could have used your help.
I would have used your help if you'd bothered to tell me the truth before now.
If you'd trusted me then, I wouldn't have had to go through that danger alone! I'm so sorry, but I thought I was protecting you.
But now, we can we can move past it and work as partners.
You expect me to be your partner after this? When all you've done is prove to me that you can't be trusted at all? Oh, no.
I - I forgot.
- Yeah.
- The Worldkiller started an eclipse that day.
- Mmm-hmm.
- So, you forgot the forgot the eclipse - and then, you also forgot the Kryptonite bomb.
You know what we're not gonna do? We're not gonna rely on your memory anymore for maybe, like, big, important details.
Just sayin'.
We got to try something else.
- How about here? - No! No.
Just let this play out a bit, - because in the original version of events - Mmm-hmm.
Lena helped me and the DEO to fight the Worldkillers.
- Okay.
- I know she's upset right now, but she's gonna help us.
Welcome to the bizarro version where she does not help the DEO, - right right here.
- What? Oh, God! No.
If Lena doesn't help us fight the Worldkillers, then - Yep.
- Wait, wait, wait.
You're skipping a lot! This is all exposition, so much exposition.
Hold on! Was that Mon-El? Yes.
- So, he didn't go back to the future? - No.
Of course.
If we didn't defeat Pestilence, - then he would have been there with us - Uh-huh.
when we went to Sam's mom's house.
Can you Can you snap me in there? I want to get his perspective.
I never understood what you saw in him.
You need to leave for your own safety.
I I won't leave my daughter.
I failed her when she was a girl.
I refuse to fail her again.
Well, is there at least a safe place for you to hide? There's a safe room.
I'll wait there.
- We should take up defensive positions.
- No, wait.
Um I need your advice.
I finally told Lena I'm Supergirl.
How How did she take it? Not well.
And I don't blame her.
I mean, I'm supposed to be her best friend, and I I lied and betrayed her just like everyone else in her life has.
So, what do I do? You know, Lena and I have a lot in common.
We've both been betrayed by our own families.
And when the people who are supposed to love you the most let you down, it just makes you feel so so vulnerable, you know? But my mother and the Luthors, they betrayed Lena for their own selfish reasons.
They They wanted to take advantage of her.
You lied to to protect her.
Because she's your friend.
Now, I know Lena's hurting right now, but once she understands that she'll forgive you.
I hope you're right.
But I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself.
You know it's okay to mess up, right? No matter how many mistakes I've made, you've always forgiven me.
You should, uh, know that you deserve the same compassion that you show others.
Reign will be here soon.
We should get ready.
Did you miss me? Sam! Sam, no, this isn't you! I know you're in there, I know you are! No.
You really thought you could stop me, Supergirl? You can't even protect this one pathetic human.
Oh, Sam No.
But I can.
Because this is the tool I use to bring Reign out and bury you down.
Come back to us, Sam! I will kill you all! No, you won't.
Sam! Sam! Lena.
What happened? Sam, it's okay.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Oh, Sam, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You did it! You saved Sam.
Yeah, and I did it without Kryptonite.
No! Fool! I am a Worldkiller.
And I cannot be stopped! No! Sam! No! No! No! Sam! No, please! Come back to me, Sam! Mxy, they're all dead.
Please, get me out of here.
Then she was never angry about hypocrisy.
She was angry because I never shared my identity with her in the first place.
So, you know what that means? We have to go back to the very beginning.
Give me a date and a time, I will make it so.
- Um, let me think.
- Uh Hang on a second.
It's just, it's buffering.
This happens sometimes.
It's the interdimensional Wi-Fi.
You know what? It doesn't even matter.
I've got your entire friendship on BetaMyx.
So, when did the two of you become friends? Uh It It was Right after Lena moved to National City.
You have had a lot of adventures.
"Lena," please.
It's good to see you again, Miss Danvers.
- If I'm calling you "Lena" - Kara - Oh, it's too - Anything? - Too soon.
- Too soon.
I wrote a scathing article about your device.
Mmm Getting closer.
I would hate for you to give me these emails out of some misplaced sense of friendship.
This was right before Lena and I really became friends.
See, she's about to say, I didn't come here to make friends.
She didn't wanna let anyone in, and then, when she did, I made the mistake of not letting her in, too.
This time, I'm gonna do it right.
Bye! I didn't come here to make friends.
I wanna show you something.
Listen, I'm really busy, so, if we could just It's you.
- Kara Danvers is Supergirl.
- Yeah.
Can't believe I was fooled by a pair of glasses.
Don't worry, a lot people are.
Oh, God, I have to recall all those alien detection devices 'cause they clearly don't work.
You're not angry? No, it's incredible.
I mean, you're incredible! But Why are you trusting me with such a big secret? You barely know me.
Because I know that what you want more than anything is to do good.
And I know it's hard for you to trust people, but I need you to know now, without a doubt, I trust you.
My cousin, your brother, they got it wrong.
Imagine what we could do together.
A Luthor and a Super, working together as a team.
If we were partners, we could change the world.
Only months after publicly declaring their partnership, the formidable duo of Supergirl and Lena Luthor has already cleaned up National City's criminal element.
This pair is literally unstoppable! Not to mention, fashionable after Lena convinced Supergirl to cut the hair of steel, and gave her a new suit to boot.
But their next adversary is Lillian Luthor herself, and this time, their battleground is a courtroom.
Will they persevere? Mxy, can you please take this seriously? Take it seriously, because every party needs a pooper, and that's why we invited Kara.
Really? If we're gonna take the fun out of stuff, let's really do it.
And what is Supergirl's real name? I hardly see how that's relevant.
Citizens have the right to know the name of the officer that arrests them.
If Supergirl is gonna act like judge and jury, we should know her name as well.
I plead the Fifth.
Powerful testimonies in the trial of Lillian Luthor today.
But will they be undercut by Lena Luthor's refusal to give up Supergirl's identity? Well, nothing so trifling as the laws of man could stand in the way of Supergirl and Lena Luthor's divine victories! Where I once thought that true power was the Kryptonian walking amongst us, but that power is nothing compared to the might of a Kryptonian paired with a Luthor! This is incredible.
The last time Lillian was on trial, the whole world suspected Lena of working with her, but having Supergirl as a partner it gives Lena the credibility her last name never could.
- This is it.
- Yes.
This is the timeline where I truly do no harm to Lena, and the world sees her for the hero she really is.
Of course, I'm more than happy to donate.
- Miss Luthor.
- Oh, no.
Is that Lockwood? You knew my father, Pete Lockwood? You're Ben.
We were sourcing our steel from his factory, and then he abruptly closed it.
No, he didn't close it.
He converted it to a church.
The Cult of Rao.
I'm so sorry, Ben.
If Supergirl and I can do anything to help your father You can't.
Because he's dead.
My father, my wife, my only son, George, they jumped off a roof because they believed that she would save them.
And she didn't.
I'm so sorry, Ben.
If there's anything I could do to help Well, you could tell me who Supergirl is.
She parades around as a god, but she hides in plain sight as a human.
Miss Luthor, if if people knew who she was, if they knew that she bought a coffee in the morning or that she rode the bus or that she worked a job just like the rest of us, then they would stop worshipping her.
So, I have to know who she is.
And you are going to tell me.
It's never gonna happen.
And if you have issues with the Cult of Rao, I suggest you take it up with Coville.
Oh I already have.
Hiya! Thomas Coville wants you to believe that National City's resident Kryptonian is someone worth worshipping, worth dying for.
Is Supergirl a god? I'm not sure about that.
Not sure about that.
When she goes home at night, did you know that she lives a secret human life? Until today.
Until today, because today, Supergirl will reveal her identity to the world, or Coville and Miss Luthor will die.
Supergirl, don't do it! So, Supergirl, one hour of breathable oxygen left, the clock starts now.
What're you gonna do? Uh No spoilers.
I'm loving this.
Uh, I mean I can't trace the signal.
Look, some lone wolf shouldn't have the resources to thwart our trackers.
He must have powerful help.
Yeah, help spelled L-E-X.
If that's the case, then we are never gonna find her.
Stay here, I got it.
Every morning when I wake up I imagine this moment.
The moment where being Supergirl gets someone I love killed.
And I have push that fear so far down or I I can't get out of bed.
But now, here it is.
My greatest fear, just staring me right in the face.
I have to save Lena.
I I have to, but if I tell the world who I am, then I put everyone else I love at even greater risk.
Alex, J'onn, James, you.
What if one of you gets hurt? Don't worry about the rest of us, okay? We're gonna be fine.
No, Lena is the one that needs your help right now.
We can take care of ourselves because you taught us how.
We're here at National City Hall, where Supergirl is set to arrive any minute, and announce her human identity to the world.
- Oh, sorry.
- Jeez.
You're strong.
I am Kara Danvers.
Some of you may know me as a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media.
But I am also Kara Zor-El, of Krypton.
I am Supergirl.
Good stuff, my dude! But we should kill the hostages anyway, right? No.
No, we keep our word.
Send them the location.
Are you okay? Just breathe, Lena.
It's okay.
Maybe it's time the world knows.
I've always been so afraid to reveal my identity to the world, but look, it saved Lena.
Maybe Just maybe, this this is the timeline to stick with.
Let's I see why you would think that, but, um, maybe we should skip ahead to the ending? Oh, no, what happens? After Supergirl's identity was released to the world, Agent Liberty and his followers targeted each of Supergirl's friends, including her former employer Cat Grant - No.
- one by one.
There were no survivors.
- All right, all right, enough.
- Alex Danvers, Winn Schott I don't wanna see anymore.
Please turn it off, please.
J'onn J'onzz It doesn't matter when I tell Lena the truth.
It always makes things worse.
I think I've been too scared to admit it to myself, but I think Lena would be better off if she and I were never friends.
Is that the world you wanna see? No.
Please just show me anyway.
What happened? Where are we? Where your loft used to be.
Uh You know what? No thanks.
- Nope.
I don't need to see it.
- Yeah.
- Can you just snap us out of here? - Yep.
With pleasure.
What's happening? I can't feel the Fifth Dimension at all.
Without my powers We're stuck here? We should get out of here.
You think? Citizens, you're out after curfew, in defiance of Luthor Law.
This world sucks! You don't know the half of it.
Look who I found.
Oh, Kara, thank God you're here.
Who's this? Oh, this is my friend, Mxyzptlk.
- Mxyzptlk? - Yeah.
What, you thought with the new face, we wouldn't recognize the same old you? This is the guy who tried to make Kara marry him.
It's fine, Mon-El.
Because he is reformed and he's actually helping me.
Uh, no You know what? No, Mon-El is right.
Okay? It was despicable of me to pursue a woman who so clearly was not interested in me from the get-go.
I misread the room, and I'm gonna be better.
It's tough to be an imp.
And I'm gonna try for the rest of my days.
So, maybe we can let the past be the past, huh? Come on.
Okay, you won.
We'll need all the help we can get.
All right, well, look things are not as they seem, and I will explain, but First, will someone please tell me what's going on here? People of National City, I regret to inform you that the terrorist known as Supergirl - is at large.
- Terrorist? She's working with a Fifth Dimensional being, capable of mass destruction.
Robots have been deployed throughout the city for your protection.
Please, report to them any and all suspicious activity.
And remember My goal is, as it has always been to protect you from harm.
When Lena first came to National City to take over L-Corp, Lex tried to have her assassinated.
He failed, but she was seriously injured in the attack.
She disappeared for two years.
When she came back, everybody said that she was different, that she had changed.
The trauma, the loneliness it drove her mad.
She retaliated against Lex, killed him.
Took half of National City along with her.
Now, she rules what's left with an iron fist.
- Reign is her enforcer.
- And Brainy, too.
She captured him.
Aligned him.
Now, he has no emotions and does whatever Lena tells him to.
Oh, no.
This, this I have made a terrible mistake.
This world is my responsibility.
Okay, we can still fix this.
- I need my powers.
- Mmm-hmm.
But since we've been here They've disappeared.
That must be because Lena tapped into the Fifth Dimensional energy to use it to power her police robots.
And as long as she's harnessing the Fifth Dimension, then you can't access it.
I worked at L-Corp for about two years before Lena found me out.
Uh, we caught a criminal.
He didn't have a name, but he had a hat that he could pull anything out of.
Old drinking buddy of mine.
I lost that hat to him in a poker game.
That hat contains a lot of Fifth Dimensional magic.
So, if we get you the hat Get me the hat, I can make all of this go bye-bye.
Surrender the imp or die! Get the hat! We'll hold her off! Come on, I'll show you the way! And I've got your back! Brainy, it's me.
It's Nia.
You don't have to do this.
I know I don't have to.
But I think I will enjoy it.
Go to Lena, I've got Reign.
Lena? It's me.
It's Supergirl.
It's Kara.
Who's Kara? Just a friend.
You don't know me.
Not really.
But you and I want the same thing to do no harm.
Supergirl wants a world without harm.
That's rich.
Where were you when my brother blew my helicopter out of the sky? When my mother dragged my broken body to a laboratory and experimented on me instead of fixing me? Where were you when this world was ripped apart by the seams? Where were you? I'm sorry I wasn't there when it mattered.
So am I.
The hat's in this room.
I can feel it.
It's J'onn.
- He needs our help.
- No, he needs this.
Time to face justice, Manhunter.
J'onn! Catch! Dreamer, do it now! You don't know the first thing about pain.
But I do.
I can show you, make you feel what I feel.
I won't fight you, Lena.
Then you'll die screaming.
Found it.
We're home.
- Holy cow.
- Whew.
That was the most emotionally draining experience of my life, and let me tell ya, I've had some doozies.
So, it ain't over till it's over.
So, now, we've gotta find a time for you to go back and tell Lena the truth.
- You ready for one more go? - No.
Absolutely not! I realize now that it doesn't matter when I tell Lena the truth.
There will always be consequences.
Huge ones.
And if I can't go back and snap my mistakes away, I'm just gonna have to live with them.
Oh Oh Oh, boy.
I know it didn't turn out the way we expected, but you You still helped me, Mxy.
You freed me from my burden of guilt, so - Go, be free.
- Ah.
Use your magic to do whatever it is you do.
Thank you.
Um And I should say, uh Before I met you, I was, um I was pretty lonely.
You know, and in that pain, I I would tend to sort of, force myself on people, and, uh Out there with you today, saving the world, I felt like, um I felt like I was liked, for being me.
I felt like I had friends.
And, uh it's true what you said, Kara.
That magic can't be forced.
It has to be found.
I'm proud of you, Mxy.
Thanks for everything.
You're welcome.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to Mardi Gras in the '80s.
The 1780s.
Let me guess You're here to tell me once again that I should forgive you.
Or maybe that I shouldn't work with my brother? Not this time.
I recognize I made a mistake in hiding my identity from you for so long, but the past is the past, and I can't change it.
Forgive me or not, that's your choice.
Just like it's your choice to work with Lex.
I'm done blaming myself for your bad decisions.
Then why are you here? To tell you that from now on, you're accountable for your own actions.
If you decide to forgive me, I will be there for you.
But if you continue to work with Lex If you go through with whatever it is the two of you are planning, I will do everything in my power to stop you just like I would any other villain.
This is an extraordinary amount of food.
A parting gift from Mxy.
Well, I think we should have Mxy here more often.
I hear Fifth Dimensional interventions do wonders for one's perspective.
You know what? Actually, they really do.
Seeing all those alternate versions of reality made me realize, second-guessing myself doesn't do any good.
So, if I make a mistake, I just have to move on.
What is that smile? You guys.
Guys, you've been with me from the second I became Supergirl.
In my best moments and especially my worst moments.
That means the world to me.
Back at you.
"Stronger together.
" - Potato.
- Po-tah-to.

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