Superman and Lois (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

The Thing in the Mines

1 Previously on "Superman & Lois" Remember that piece you wrote about Ally Allston? She was responsible for a woman's death.
Podcast says you coerced some of your sources.
Well, I disclosed that I had a personal connection.
One of your sources is recanting their story.
They are painting a target on your back! Who was it? It was my sister, Lucy.
If I hadn't found her, she would have died.
- I've been having visions.
- What exactly are you seeing? Destruction, rocks crumbling.
- No, no, no! - Joe, don't! Whatever's happening to me, some other being is causing it.
Something came through, and it's even more powerful than we hoped.
I don't know what's happening.
I tried getting into the mines to see what's down there, but as soon as I got close, I had another vision and crashed.
It's completely debilitating.
I can't do anything.
I don't understand.
Why is this thing only affecting you? Maybe it's Kryptonian.
Well, then you can't go back there.
Well, I have to do something.
If whatever this is breaks out and it's still affecting me like this How long until you think that happens? Hopefully not anytime soon.
Someone else needs to go in there, then, figure out how much time we have.
Sure, but Amertek's been shut down, and the DOD's back in charge, and I cannot let Anderson know that something down there is making me vulnerable.
I'll call my dad, see if he can get us credentials.
You don't think a surprise visit from Lois Lane might raise a few questions? It would, but not one from me.
No, helping us figure out what was causing the earthquakes was a one-time ask.
Then consider this part B.
- You promised Nat, John.
- I know.
But is there anyone else you can go to right now? Call Sam.
You got to be freakin' kidding me.
Freakin' joke.
Look at this.
Ryan just, uh posted another freshman thirst trap.
Bro, I know you think he's juicing, - but he looks totally normal.
- That's my point! I mean, it makes absolutely no sense.
Hey, look, you need to stop obsessing over Timmy.
It's not, like, healthy.
Really? Coming from the guy that was up all night, what, looking at pictures of his own girl again? I don't know what I'm gonna say to her, man.
What do you want stay together, break up? I want her to not have kissed someone else.
Care for a girl's opinion? Or not.
Didn't want to break up the bro sesh.
No, no, no.
You're fine.
Um Did she say anything to you? Just that she hated keeping that secret from you, which, I mean, maybe you can sympathize with? You know, the whole half-alien, son-of-Superman thing? I mean, that's a completely different kind of secret.
Yeah, it's several magnitudes bigger.
She's not wrong.
Look, I mean, what Sarah did wasn't great, sure, but at least she told you, all right? And if you if you want to be honest with her about your powers one day, would you want her to be cool about it, or would you want her to react how you are right now? 68% of Smallville High students say they plan on moving away after graduation.
That is up 10% from just 5 years ago.
How are you gonna get them to stay, Mommy? That's a very good question.
By incentivizing them to return.
I want to take the money from the Edge Settlement and create a zero-interest loan program for all new startups.
- Your old specialty.
- My old specialty! - Mm-hmm.
- So good, Babe! Yeah, well, you know, I just figured you got to focus on your strengths, right? You guys are sweet.
I just get so nervous speaking in public, and I've got a lot here to remember.
I don't know, babe maybe you just, ah, come off the cuff a little more.
I need to come off as professional and experienced.
I mean, I can't just wing it and get the benefit of the doubt.
I know, Lana, okay? But what's everyone been saying to us? That they're extremely excited about the fact that there is a woman running for mayor.
That's true, but that is not enough to win.
I mean, I need them to instantly see me as a serious alternative to Dean, or I'm toast.
Okay, I know, all right? But you got this.
I mean, hell, you've already met and greeted everyone - in Smallville, right? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, did, uh, we order Sarah's cake yet? No.
No, she's still convinced that she doesn't want a quinceañera.
Well, she's getting one, all right? I mean, this should be the most special night of our princesa's life, right? Yeah.
We'll be back.
You don't worry about anything, okay? You got this.
Who knows what it's like to feel unsure of yourself? Who knows what it's like to feel incomplete? Yeah.
I do.
I lived my entire life in pursuit of becoming whole.
Then something life-altering happened to me, and that's where I learned the truth.
The truth is we are all born incomplete.
We have been since the beginning of time, and there is nothing we can do to change that Except for one thing.
Hey, Dad, what took you so long to call me back? - Where are you? - In paradise.
Got onto Deer Lake this morning at 0600 hours.
Not a soul for miles except for me, the bass, and a little family of sandhill cranes.
That sounds great.
Listen, do you have any contacts at the DOD who might've been reassigned to the Shuster Mines? How should I know? I'm retired, remember.
Call my replacement.
He'll know.
I can't.
He and Clark are not on the best of terms right now, and I need to get John Henry into the mines without Anderson finding out.
Why's that? Let's go.
Let's go.
We're gonna be late.
Hey, uh, Dad um, can we talk for a bit? Uh, yeah, sure.
About what? - Uh, about me and Sarah.
- Okay.
A little while back, I told her I loved her, and I meant it.
That that's great, bud.
I'm I'm happy for you.
T-that's not really it.
Um, I-I just think it's time to be honest and tell her, you know, everything.
You mean about having powers? Yeah, like, all of it.
I can't keep lying to her face all the time! - I'll reach out to my contact.
- You're not telling her.
- See what I can do.
- Why not? - Because I said so.
- That's not a reason! Dad, hold on.
Do you realize if she told just one person, our entire family would be compromised? Yeah, but she wouldn't do that! Or she could become the target of someone in the future who wanted to know my identity is that what you want? No, but I can't keep lying to her face all the time.
Jordan, I didn't even think about telling your mother until I was an adult after I knew I wanted to marry her.
What if I want to marry Sarah? - You're 15, Jordan.
- So? So get in the car! I want to marry her, Dad! - You don't know that! - Yes, I do! No, you don't! Dad I'm on my way.
Jordan, I'm sorry.
- I'll take the kids to school.
- Lois, I I got it.
Is Jordan okay? He didn't talk much on the ride.
I think you really scared him.
I don't even remember everything that happened.
I-I know he wasn't listening to me.
He's a teenager.
That's gonna happen a lot.
Sarah's his first real girlfriend and he thinks he's gonna marry her, and he wants to tell her everything? How does he not understand how dangerous that would be? It's also the first time he's been in love.
Babe, I know that Jordan was pushing back, but your reaction was strong.
I can't think straight today, let alone handle that conversation.
I almost called you, like, 50 times last night.
I thought you would've at least texted.
I wanted to, uh, but But what? I don't know how to fix this.
- You think we need fixing? - Yeah.
Jordan, I told you, that kiss meant nothing.
I want to be with you.
I-I love you.
It's it's not about you.
Then what's it about? I don't know where we go from here.
What's DHEA? I think it's the the roid that Timmy's taking.
What? Candice, literally, it's the only thing that makes sense, okay? - He's definitely on something.
- I know he is.
- It's just it's not that.
- What? He took some stuff at Deucer Slavin's lake-house party a few weeks ago.
I didn't think it was a big deal.
What? It made him, like, stronger? I guess so.
I don't know.
But it's not even, like, a real drug.
It's, like, some crystal crap that only grows in Smallville or something.
Why didn't you tell me this earlier? I wish I didn't tell you now.
You're already freaking out.
I'm not I'm not freaking out, okay? Look, I'm sorry, okay? Just don't tell Timmy that I told you, okay? Okay.
So that's my priority making this community thrive, building a sound economy based on regional industry and agriculture, and using this rare gift we have to reinvest in us, not use it to support tax cuts for outside companies.
Lana, these zero-interest loans you're talking about they just for small businesses? Consider all family farms around here small businesses, Aidy.
So this loan won't just be for Main Street.
Just make sure y'all read the fine print - before signing any papers.
- I'm sorry? These loans they gonna be anything like those reverse mortgages you sold us all years back? You know, a lot of people lost their farms, including me.
At the time, I wasn't aware how lopsided these loans were.
But I will personally make sure nothing like this happens again.
But weren't you the one recruiting people for the man who almost destroyed this town? No one knew who Morgan Edge really was, Chuck.
Another thing you weren't aware of, huh? That gonna be your answer when everything you're preaching now doesn't come to pass? We're supposed to vote for her over George Dean, when she can't even answer a simple question? Come on.
This'll get you clearance.
Call if you run into any problems.
Look, I just got to say, if this thing is Kryptonian, regardless of what's going on with you and Anderson, you got to fold him in.
If we do, he's gonna call in his new team, and they're not ready for this.
From how it's affecting you, you may not be either.
Let me find out exactly what the situation is, and then we can decide what to do afterwards.
You sure you want to coach today? I can't do anything else right now, and I missed the last one.
I should go.
Thanks, Sam.
Always something to worry about, isn't there? What else? Clinging to people who hurt me because I thought they were what I needed.
I thought we were done with all of this crap.
Yeah, so did I, but now this podcast is having some mystery guest on who's just gonna lie and say whatever Allston wants.
Dad, I got to be ahead of this.
This isn't just me.
This could ruin "The Gazette", Chrissy - Your sister know about this? - She has to.
She probably knows who the podcast is working with.
They were all in that group at the same time.
You want me to find out for sure? I want you to get her to talk to me.
I'm not getting in between you and your sister.
- I can't go through that again.
- Dad, this is my career.
- And she's my daughter! - Damn it, so am I! Why will you never help me when it comes to Lucy? Because I don't want to lose her, Lois! You almost did, Dad.
She almost died, remember? Because you wouldn't do anything.
My God, I have never understood this with you.
After everything I discovered Ally and Lucy were doing, everything I wrote in my piece, and you still can't pick a side? You didn't read it, did you? Why do I need to? She said it wasn't like that for her.
It was like that for her.
Don't bother talking to Lucy for me.
I will do this without your help, like always.
Black, 48! Set, hut! - That's how you do it, Ryan! - Yeah! Go, go, go! Yeah! Whoo! No time like showtime! Ah! Let's go! Nice! Nice! Nice! All day! Ah! Come on! Nice! Whoo! Keep driving! Let's go, go, go, go! That's how you do it! Drive it! Drive it! Yeah! Let's go! That's what I'm talking about, Ryan! Come on in! Take five! You earned it! - Big Shaw, bring it up! - Yes, Coach.
- You ready? - Yes, sir.
You know, this is the last time that you can hit someone without getting charged for it.
- You ready? You ready? - Yes, sir.
Yes, sir! - Let's go, defense! - Don't worry, Kent.
Some of those skills might rub off on you eventually.
- Yeah? - Come on! Let's go, now! Same go for the drugs you've been taking, too? It's kind of pathetic, you know, that that's the only way that you can beat me.
So what? You gonna go nark to Gaines on me now? Whatever, man.
Oh, yeah, of course, 'cause it's your girl who's the one who's hooking me up.
What? She didn't tell you that she's selling to me? You didn't know? Which one of us is pathetic now? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Break it up! - Ooh! - Break it up! Break it up! - I'm good.
- Dad.
- Come here! - Let's go! You coming with me! Let's go! What's got into you? Come on! - Get in there.
- Dad, I'm sorry.
- What is wrong with you? - It was Timmy.
I don't care! You don't just lash out at people like that! Okay, well, I should've been the one out there! Then act like it! Dad? - Jonathan, get out of here.
- Dad? Out! Dad.
Dad, we need to go home now! Everything okay? Grandpa, we need to get Mom now.
- Lois? Did anyone get hurt? - No.
He was pissed because I got into a fight after practice.
It wasn't just that.
What's wrong? What happened to your hands? My heat vision I-I couldn't stop it.
Rage-aholic strikes again.
This was different! Oh Boys, go upstairs.
We'll talk about this later.
Now! - Clark, look at me.
- Mm.
You need to calm down.
I don't know what's happening to me.
I can't control these outbursts.
I ju I blackout! It's like I'm not even there! You think it's 'cause of whatever's down in the mines? Yes.
All this anger, i-it's not mine.
Since I went there, I-I feel cornered and attacked, but it's not me.
It's that thing.
It's trapped.
This isn't just visions.
You're feeling what it's feeling.
You are the most powerful being in this world, and if you're losing control to a Kryptonian creature, this is a national security situation.
No, it is a family situation.
Anything Kryptonian that can affect Clark can also affect the boys.
And besides, until we hear back from John Henry, we don't even know if that's what it is.
Wait, why do you need to hear back from my dad? This is highly unusual.
Normally it takes weeks to get a retrieval agent - after a collapse.
- Guess it was a good thing - I was available.
- Thank God.
My heart just breaks for the families of our missing team.
I swore I wouldn't leave till we got answers.
I can't promise a happy ending.
Then the truth will have to do.
Shall we? If we cancel the bumper stickers before they ship, we can still get half our money back.
We're not canceling anything, babe.
This was a mistake, Kyle.
I mean, what the hell was I thinking running for mayor? That, uh, now is the time for a woman to do a mayor's job.
Please, tell me I never said that.
I mean, it sounds so cliché.
Babe, you can't let what Chuck said rattle you.
It's too late for that.
Were you not paying attention? Yeah.
Wasn't that bad.
Stop trying to make me feel better.
It didn't matter how much I prepared.
I still failed.
This town is never gonna see me as someone who can win.
Now I'm gonna go take a hot bath with a lot of bubbles.
Can you please just keep Sophie from bothering me? Yeah.
You good? My dad's not answering any of my calls.
He's probably just avoiding me.
Or his cell just doesn't get reception half a mile under the earth.
That's a really annoying point.
Nat, I think your dad is just trying to help.
Well, I mean, that's fine, but he has to at least tell me.
We've been through too much to have secrets.
Yeah, I get it.
Secrets are the hardest part, for sure.
I guess you're probably used to this kind of stuff.
Not at all, but I do try to not let it get in the way of me being, like, a normal person, I guess.
And how's that working out? Well, when I found out Candice's secret today, I started a fight after practice, so not great.
I, uh, saw you guys have the new Madden in the other room.
- What, you play? - Oh.
- 'Cause I'm a girl? - Uh, yeah, sort of.
Well, now I'm gonna straight up destroy you.
- Really? - Really.
Let's go.
You need to apologize to the boys.
I can't believe they saw me like that.
Nobody expects you to be made of steel on the inside.
I don't know if my dad ever yelled at me like that.
This thing it feels like the end of the world's coming.
Now's not the time to go all doomsday on me.
Ah, I just feel so powerless waiting.
- That's what I'm here for.
- Lois Nope.
You're not leaving the house until we hear back from John Henry.
Is that blood? Oh, God.
I think you're right.
We must be close to where the collapse occurred.
The amount of power it must've taken to collapse all this X-K Do you have any idea what might've caused it? Oh, whatever it was it wasn't seismic.
It's detonation marks.
Did somebody set off explos Yeah, they did.
All right, all right, it was not that bad.
Dude, she got like five sacks on your quarterback.
- It's not that bad.
- Okay, sore loser.
- Not that bad.
- Hey, boys, you got a sec? I think that's my cue to leave with my victory chips.
Thank you, Natalie.
Well I owe you two an apology.
It wasn't really your fault, you know? - He still meant what he said.
- That's true, I did.
And my fault or not doesn't change what happened.
So I want to find a way to make it up to you both.
Easy for me just teach me how to drive the truck, yeah? Bro, that's all it takes driving the stupid truck? If you want to keep riding your bike everywhere We will start next Saturday, okay? Let me talk to your brother alone.
I understand what it's like to not be able to tell someone your secret.
Yeah, but, Dad, you don't understand the other side of it, being told the truth after being lied to for years.
That's fair.
And not telling you or your brother, that was a guilt that I had to live with every day.
But if something were to happen to Sarah because you told her your secret, that guilt would be 100 times worse.
Do you ever wish you told Miss Cushing? No.
Jordan, you have to trust me.
What you want in life can change pretty fast, especially at your age.
I don't know, Dad.
I-I love her.
I don't think that's ever gonna change.
I'll tell you what if in a year from now you still feel the same way then maybe you and I can have a different conversation.
- Really? - Really.
In the meantime, I may have something to help show Sarah that you still care.
Our timeline's been moved up.
I'm getting it out today.
- How's John Henry? - He hasn't moved in a bit.
Probably just hit a roadblock.
Lois Can we talk? About what? I just wanted you to know I read your article.
That girl did she really die because of Ally? Yeah, she did.
And if I hadn't stopped her, Lucy would've died, too.
Um I should've paid more attention to Lucy, to both you girls.
After your mom left, I blamed myself for driving her away.
It was easier just to focus on work.
There, I trusted myself.
At home, I was I felt out of my depth.
All we ever wanted you to do was just be a dad.
And I failed at that, I know.
You got to understand you girls were my world.
Even today, you're everything to me, and I couldn't bear to do anything to lose that.
It was really hard not having you around.
Pumpkin um I am so sorry.
I didn't realize how much I was putting on your shoulders.
You needed me.
Both you girls did.
We still do.
That's why I'm picking a side.
Lois, you were right.
This Ally Allstrong Allston.
Ally Allston is a bad egg.
Your sister never should've gotten involved with her Which is exactly what I told Lucy when I called her.
What did she say? Most of it I'm not gonna repeat.
But she did agree to meet with you.
Thanks, Dad.
You're welcome.
Don't, um, scare her away.
Lucy isn't strong like you.
She needs a delicate touch.
Mom, Sophie's wondering what's for dinner! But it looks like you're already busy.
Ah, I didn't want your dad to see.
He's been doing so good lately.
So your day totally sucked, too? Something wrong with Jordan? He blew me off, again.
I'm sorry, honey.
Sometimes it just takes a little while to get back in sync.
I think it might be bigger than that.
I uh, kissed someone at camp.
A girl.
I see.
- And Jordan found out? - I told him.
And I'm glad that I did because keeping that secret was too much, but I mean, I'm not ashamed or embarrassed.
It's just, like What if what if he never forgives me? Come here.
If that happens, he doesn't deserve you.
No, you've always known exactly who you were, and you've never been afraid to show that person to the world, and it makes me so proud to be your mother.
I mean, you have this strength inside of you.
I honestly don't know where you get it from.
It's certainly not me.
Mom, you're running for mayor.
It doesn't feel like me that's running.
It's like I'm playing this part.
I'm trying to be this perfect person that everyone wants, and it feels really fake.
- I have an idea.
- Oh? Yeah, come on.
Hurry up! How are things with the boys? Better.
And you? Me? Oh, I'm, um I'm feeling like a complete and utter failure.
Welcome to the world of parenting.
It's just a little terrifying to think that everything we do can have some lasting impact, like I'm gonna find a way to mess them up forever, especially right now.
I'm just not feeling like myself.
Kids are pretty resilient.
I mean, my mom abandoned us, and my dad was never around, and I turned out okay.
- I mean, "okay" might be - Tread carefully.
A bit of an understatement 'cause you're perfect.
Okay, there it is.
That's what I was gonna say the whole time.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Clark? - Get back! Get back! It's breaking out.
- I'll call John Henry.
- He won't be able to stop it.
Irons, do you copy? Irons! - I can't get him to wake up! - Wake up? Biorhythms indicate he's unconscious.
John, it's Lois! We need you to wake up! It's happening.
Wake up, John! - Lois - John, it broke out.
Send my suit! But, John, you only have a few remaining solar charges.
Just send it! Where is it? Be there in five, four, three, two, one.
So that thing in the mines, that was you? It wasn't an exact doppelganger, but, yes, it was definitely some version of me.
Any chance this could be the evil Superman from your world? Somehow got here the same way you and your daughter did? No, that wasn't, uh that wasn't the Kal-El from my earth.
Red solar flares actually affected him.
Plus, Nat didn't get here the same way I did.
You won't like this, Clark, but I got to call Anderson.
Sam, no.
There's a bizarre version of Superman on the loose.
And if he sends in those kids, - this thing will destroy them.
- They're not kids, Clark.
And even Superman needs to admit when he needs help.
He's right.
You shouldn't try to stop this guy on your own.
He won't have to.
You think the two of you will be enough? We'll find out.
You sure Sarah's looking for another grand gesture right now? No, I think she's gonna like this one.
- I hope.
- Well, good luck.
What's going on? Coach Gaines just sent out the starting lineup, and Timmy's our quarterback, so I just I don't-I don't want to ride the pines again all season, you know? Look, um, I can give this to Sarah later.
- What? No, no, no way.
- Yeah.
It's not as important.
Okay, but, yeah, it is.
And, Jordan, uh, look, I I appreciate it, but just go see her.
All right, man.
I didn't have time to tell you.
How often is this gonna happen, Dad? I don't know.
You said that coming to this town - was the way back to normal.
- I know.
But I'm not sure if normal is ever gonna be part of our lives again.
You're not Superman.
Your suit can break.
- You can get hurt.
- I know.
Then why are you doing this? Because they need my help.
I don't want you out there again not until we do something about this suit.
Thrusters are completely shot.
CPU needs to be rewired.
Ballistic shield's damaged.
We got to fix this thing.
You know, I never wanted you to have to do this for me again.
Me either - especially not in a barn.
- Yeah.
Maybe we could fix that, too.
- Okay.
- Please please go.
Please go.
Are you sure I look okay? 'Cause I know I wear this all the time, but I kind of feel like I'm in a biker gang.
You look perfect.
Will you please quit stalling? You're gonna be late.
What am I even gonna say to her, babe? I haven't seen her in years.
Just be honest.
Tell her that you've missed her.
She's still your sister, Lois, no matter what.
What if she's the one who's about to go on the podcast? You don't know that yet.
Look, I understand feeling betrayed by family, but Lucy is not Tal-Rho.
It's okay to have a little hope.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Go.
- You got it.
- Here we go.
Here we go.
We're in the car.
We're live? Hello, everyone.
Most of you know me, but for those of you that are new, I'm Lana, and this is my kitchen.
Like a lot of us here, I grew up in Smallville.
Whether or not I wanted it to, Smallville has changed.
Things are different now.
So why not do this mayoral election differently, too? As you can clearly see, I am not a career politician.
I'm a working mom, and if Smallville elects me to be the next mayor, I want it to be because you all know me and trust me.
I figure there's no better way to get to know each other than to chat over dinner.
So go ahead, ask me anything.
Ask me about Smallville.
Ask me about my Aunt Ginny's marinara sauce that my daughter's obsessed with.
Uh, just, uh, write in a comment, and I'll answer you on the spot.
Oh, wow.
My God, people are actually writing in.
- Yeah.
- Wait.
Sweets, I can't see anything.
- Glasses.
- Where are my glasses? Glasses.
Oh, perfect.
Thank you, love.
Okay, let's see.
How do I plan on revitalizing Main Street? Sarah? Hang on, Mom.
I'll be right back.
Your dad said I could come in.
Did he tell you not to run away scared this time? Yeah, he did.
Um, it was kind of intense.
So is this gonna be a good talk or a bad talk? I think you should open this first.
It's beautiful.
It belonged to my grandmother.
My grandfather gave it to her back when they were in high school, when he knew he wanted to be with her.
- And you're giving it to me? - Yes.
Because I love you, Sarah.
I-I love that you're bold a-and that you're caring and you're kind and you're honest.
And one kiss couldn't change that.
And I am really sorry if I made you feel like it did.
So you want to stay together? Yes.
For a really long time.
Jon? So I had a little chat with Timmy today about where he gets his drugs from.
- Look, I can explain.
- Explain what? How you lied to me? I mean, come on, you know that football is the most important thing to me, and you went behind my back to sell drugs to Timmy? If you're here to dump me, just do it, okay? But for the record, this is why I didn't tell you in the first place, okay? I knew you wouldn't understand.
Look where we are, Jon.
Do you think I'm doing this for fun? I'm trying to help my dad pay our bills so we don't end up on the street.
Candice, I'm not here to break up with you, and I'm not here to convince you to stop selling.
You're not? No, I just I need you to sell some to me.
Would you like anything else? No, thanks.
I'm just waiting for someone.
Hello, Lois.
Lucy isn't coming.
She thought it would be better if I came instead.
Greg, move your head!
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