Superman and Lois (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

The Inverse Method

1 Dinner's ready.
I made burgers.
What are you doing? I can't stay here anymore, Lois.
It's not that I don't appreciate you taking me in, because I do, but it's too much.
Luce, don't be silly.
We love having you here.
The boys adore you.
It's too much for me, being around your perfect family and your perfect life.
I know you're trying to help me, but staying here for the past few months has only made things worse for me.
- Does that make sense? - No, it doesn't, because you are a part of this family, and we love you.
And I love all of you.
But I have to build my own life, and I need to be around people who understand me and know what I'm going through.
Are you Staying with Ally for a while, yes, but only until I can afford to get my own place.
I can't let you do that.
Well, that's not your decision to make.
- Ally is my friend.
- She is a parasite.
She leeches onto people when they are at their lowest and convinces them that she's the only one who can fix them.
I'm not having this conversation again.
Lucy, you're just having a hard time right now.
I've been having a hard time my whole life! I have lost everything.
My job, my fiancé, Mom.
There is a hole inside of me, and I thought staying here with you would fill it, but it won't.
Why can't you see that? I see you.
Okay? I do.
- I see you.
- But you can't help me.
- And Ally can? - She already has.
Where is my sister, Ally? She didn't want to see you.
You mean you wouldn't allow her to see me.
Were you afraid I might get through to her? No, that's not the issue, and despite what you believe, I don't force any of my congregants to do anything they don't want to do.
Congregants? So the Inverse Society is a religion now? - Call it whatever you like.
- How about a cult? We're a group of willing individuals on a journey towards completion.
I am simply leading the way.
You're a folk hero for the misguided, brainwashing weak-minded people into believing that you're the only one who can make them whole.
Is that really what you think about your sister, that she's weak-minded? She was in pain, and you exploited that pain.
Now she's a shell of who she once was.
She's broken and broke, withdrawn from her friends and family.
Not all of her family.
Lucy calls your father regularly.
My father didn't have to pull Lucy out of a bathtub and bring her back to life.
I did.
Lucy wasn't dying.
She was ascending to another plane.
Like Heather Ackerman? Heather Ackerman was an isolated incident.
She died because of you.
She had a heart condition that she didn't disclose to anybody.
You should be in prison for the rest of your life.
You certainly tried to make that happen, didn't you? But your one-sided exposé failed.
It shut you down.
Only for a while.
I suggest you listen to our podcast tomorrow morning.
Who knows? After the world hears what Lucy has to say, maybe you'll be the one who's canceled.
Whatever I have to do, I am gonna make sure that Lucy and everyone else you have infected sees you for the absolute fraud that you are.
And then I'm gonna take you down once and for all.
I don't respond well to threats, Lois.
Neither do I.
- Lois, everything okay? - No.
You were right.
We need to find my sister.
How long are you gonna be seeing what he's seeing? I don't know, but I'm guessing as long as this guy who looks like me is still here, these visions will be too.
I mean, is there some kind of pattern or trigger or Still trying to figure that out.
That and who or what this guy is.
She's been listening to that podcast all morning.
Don't use your super-hearing on your mother, okay? Trust me.
But, I mean, since you did What'd it say? Aunt Lucy was on it.
Why don't you guys grab your stuff? Yeah.
Ally sent me a copy of the article and I was horrified by what my famous sister had done.
So Lucy was the mysterious source? Recanted a lot of her story, said I broke her trust, acted unethically, and selectively edited a lot of what she told me to push a personal agenda against Ally.
She's gone, Clark.
She's so far gone.
So find a way to bring her back.
I'm gonna try.
This is gonna be harder than I thought.
- Hammer's looked better.
- It still works.
You know, and that suit's functional.
Where do we even get the parts we need around here anyways? I'll check with Sam, see if the DOD has any.
If not, then we'll just have to order them or head to Metropolis.
Sounds like you know as much about this stuff as your dad.
- More.
- Not as much.
It's like father, like daughter, - I suppose, right? - Yeah.
Uh, Lois is driving today.
I will work on the sensor upgrades when I get home from school.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
- Coffee? - Yeah.
Yeah, let's do it.
What about a doughnut wall? Hm? Those are pretty popular nowadays, right? So is an oxygen bar, but unless the venue's next to a manure patch, I don't really see - how that'd be helpful.
- Gross.
Look, we just want you to enjoy your night, okay, mija? We're about to have the best quinceañera that Smallville has ever seen, hm? All right, let's get you girls to school.
Come on.
Okay, I got this.
Hey, Lana.
- Hi, Emily.
- Hi.
Boy, that livestream sure was a hit.
- Nice job.
- Well, I had some help.
I actually wanted to talk to you.
Some people were in here earlier asking me questions.
What kind of questions? - Secrets-in-the-closet kind.
- Dean.
I think he's trying to dig up your past and use it against you.
They were asking about Sarah too.
I'm so sorry.
I just I had to tell you.
No, um, I appreciate it, Emily.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
I have never known quiet like this.
You know, I always lived in cities like D.
and Metropolis.
Even when I was in the army, it was always noisy as hell.
My dad was in the army.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, he liked to joke that he joined the army to get a break from all the work on the farm.
Makes sense.
Yeah, I'm not sure we'll ever get this place back to what it used to be, but it's been nice showing the boys something other than the city.
Yeah, for Nat too.
She's really starting to like it here.
Look, uh, John He's coming.
Hammer! You're not wearing your gauntlet, John.
Now! Hey, you okay? Hey.
Hello? Huh.
Lois, hey.
I didn't hear you come in.
- Have you been here all night? - No.
Wait, yes.
Maybe? Well, the sun's out, so definitely yes.
I got your message.
You said you might have a lead.
Okay, so hear me out.
If the world's most famous reporter shuts down your mainstream credibility, where do you go to still be heard? I'm guessing the internet.
More specifically, the dark web, the place where the real creepers hang out, which is where I have been catfishing all night using probably my best alias.
- Penelope Collins? - Penny for short.
She's a young, impressionable blonde from Iowa City struggling to find herself.
- Screams victim.
- Exactly.
And like sad, masculine clockwork, I got hundreds of messages, most of which need to be forwarded to law enforcement, but there was also this invite.
"Please join Ally Allston as she discusses humanity's incompleteness and how we can ascend ourselves".
Wait, Ally's having a conference? Invite only, just a couple hours from here in New Carthage.
- Why New Carthage? - Who knows? But I am pretty sure that this is our best chance to find your sister.
- What do you say? - I say, "Come on, Penny.
I'll drive".
I swear, next time I see him, I'm gonna pummel that son of a bitch.
Kyle, can you just forget about Mayor Dean for just one second? What are we gonna do about Sarah? - She doesn't deserve this.
- Of course not.
But don't you think she should know that Dean is out there asking about her incident? We don't know what he knows.
If something does come out, don't you think it's better for her to be prepared? What about Dean's kid, huh? I mean, from what I hear, he's about a half an eight ball away from being an Escobar.
Maybe we do a little digging of our own, huh? No, no, we don't go after family members.
That is a line I refuse to cross.
Lana, she has come so far.
What if this sets her back? She is stronger than you think.
We're just gonna have to trust her.
All right.
You still good to go - to Denise's store after school? - Yeah.
You know, her dad basically put every dollar that family has in that store, so it really means a lot to them.
Well, then, how about you pick out anything you want, and I'm buying.
It's a grocery store, not Saks Fifth Avenue, but thanks.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Try any of that Yellow Mist yet? Shh.
Um, no.
It's, like, 10:00 in the morning.
Might make the rest of the day more interesting.
So what exactly does this stuff do, like, really? Besides make you feel like Superman? I don't know.
It's different for everyone.
Different like how? Well, for me, I mainly feel stronger, but when Kendall took it, she swears she heard her mom at work a couple miles away.
Isn't that crazy? Uh, yeah, no yes, that's crazy.
It's just, like, um I don't really know if it's my thing.
I get it.
I mean, no pressure, but just so you know, Timmy, he bought, like, five inhalers on Saturday, so he might be pretty tough to beat without some help.
Love you, J.
Look, John, I'm sorry you got pulled back into all this.
I know it's the last thing you wanted when you decided to move back here.
Nat seems happy.
That's all that matters.
The signature analysis is complete.
Send it to the monitor.
We can track him.
I mean, your strange twin.
That thing he wears around his neck that seemed to glow when you got close to him has a very specific energy signature, which we now have.
So how do we get a lock on the signature? We don't.
I'm afraid the DOD is the only one with satellites that can find something like that.
- I'll take it to Anderson.
- Wait, wait.
There's one other thing.
Look, um suit's busted.
The hammer's cracked, so when you get a hit - I can take it from here.
- No, Clark, you can't.
Not alone.
Look, I saw what that thing did to you at the mines.
It's too powerful.
You need help, and there's probably nobody better to ask than Anderson and that team of his.
Wow, this place looks amazing.
Yeah, these sandwiches are awesome.
Thanks, Cold Cuts.
I'll let my dad know you approve.
So is this why you're not doing cheer anymore? Yeah, pretty much, but also the girls have gotten, like, really weird since Candice became captain.
I don't oh, no offense.
None taken.
Jon's never had the best taste in women.
That's too bad.
He's cute.
Plus, it's just been hard trying to manage finding people to work for minimum wage after most of the town got that Edge payout Why do I have to take it? Put it in your jacket and let's get out of here.
Dude, it's not even gonna fit.
I don't know why you wear such a tiny jacket.
Bro, we're gonna get so wasted.
Hell yeah, bro.
- Hey! - Cushing, it's cool.
- Denise.
- No, look.
My dad has the whole place under surveillance.
Nothing happens here that we don't see.
Yeah, they stole a bottle of tequila from the back.
Those idiots just slipped and fell I'm so dead.
I'm so dead.
I'm so dead.
I'm so dead.
I'm so dead.
Can you tell me anything about what they looked like - or what they were wearing? - Uh, yeah, he - 5'5", medium build.
- Granddad? Why in the hell were you using your cold breath in a quicky mart? Some guys were just trying to steal some booze, and my friend Denise's family just opened up the store and they're already in debt.
I was just trying to help.
You did a noble thing.
Dumb as hell, but noble.
I actually have the security footage in the back.
You need to do something.
They're gonna look at the video, like, any second.
You mean the video I just sent you? Don't worry.
I scrambled the original.
How did you Son, I used to run the United States Department of Defense.
Cleaning this up is easier than "Candy Crush".
Thanks for doing that so fast.
I'll always help out family, even if I'm playing the round of my life.
Two over with three birdies.
Look, you shouldn't be using your powers like this, especially not to stop shoplifters.
You're not trained.
I know.
I'm sorry.
You just have to always be aware of your surroundings.
A little to the left, you would have been in a blind spot.
Got to go, kiddo.
You sure you're ready for this? They definitely didn't teach undercover cult infiltration at my journalism school.
I'll go in there, then.
No, you'd get recognized in a second.
I can do this.
All right, just go in there, look for my sister.
- If you see her, text me.
- Got it.
You are all here because something is missing from your life, right? Something elusive, something that you can't quite explain.
I bet you've looked for this key to happiness in religion, or maybe philosophy.
Maybe on a walk in nature, or just watching the big football game at home.
Some of you may have tried to find it at your jobs.
You've looked everywhere.
But, my friends, if you don't know what it is you're looking for, if you don't know what's missing, you're never gonna be able to find it.
That's why you're here today with me, so that I can show you what that missing piece is.
You cannot interfere with my objectives.
I had to.
There's a chain of command around here, Superman, and Sam Lane isn't part of it anymore.
- I needed some help.
- Then call me.
Let me help you with whatever that thing was at the mines that attacked you.
You didn't really think that I wouldn't find out about that, did you? I wasn't keeping anything from you.
- That's why I'm here.
- What's that? It's a way to track that thing, but we need to use the DOD's satellites.
- Where'd you get it? - A friend.
Guy in the steel suit.
We'll see what we can find.
You find it, you let me know.
I saw what that thing did to you.
You're in no condition to stop anything.
Your team isn't ready, General.
I have to do this alone, so please just let me know.
Let's go, Ryan! Gotta embrace the grind, people! - Yeah! Set that! Reset that! - Let's go! Let's go! Line it up! On your left, on your left! Wow, this is insane.
Nice pass! - Hey, Coach.
- Hey.
You mind if we talk about Timmy for a second? I've already made my decision on who's starting.
Oh, no, no, no, no, it's not about that.
It's just, um, seeing the way that Timmy's been bettering himself and improving, you know, I just I want to push myself the same way, so if there's a chance to get any throws in, I'd really appreciate it.
You see, that's what I was looking for, Kent.
Now, you drop that E-G-O and go with the flow.
Alternate passing drill! Ryan and Kent! Let's go! Red, ten, set, hut! Set, hike! Mark ten.
Set, hut! Good job, good job! Red 56! Set hike! Set hut! You gotta rein that in! Set hike! - What are you doing here? - We need to talk.
No, you feel the need to talk.
I never need to talk to you again.
Five minutes, please.
It's the least you could do for me after you sent Ally to meet me instead of you.
Room 452.
Never enough towel hooks, are there? Not when you start living out of a hotel.
Why now, Lucy? Why recant after all this time? Because Ally's calling is too important to allow you to interfere again.
You have no idea what it's been like for me the past few years.
I reached out to you so many times.
You wouldn't talk to me.
Because your article ruined my life.
That wasn't my intention, and you know it.
It was directed at Ally.
It doesn't matter.
It happened.
I was just trying to get my little sister back safely.
I'm never coming back.
Perhaps the biggest hole is the one left from betrayal.
Deceit, lies, distrust.
And this hole that we carry, this deep, deep pain, is one that only we can heal ourselves.
Because once the person who deceived us Gets away with it, - that pain never goes away.
- Isn't that right, Ms.
Beppo? Please don't be nervous.
I'm glad you're here, even if it is under false pretenses.
Well, it's not easy getting an invite to one of your brainwashing sessions.
So you lied.
Seems you really do take after your mentor.
Where is this anger coming from? Oh, my God, I don't even know where to start.
Actually, I do.
- You drove Mom away.
- I was eight.
You do not get to blame me for her leaving.
You wouldn't even talk about her after she left.
It was like she never even existed for you.
Because she abandoned us! She was still our mom! Not to me.
Not after that.
You can't make the truth disappear, Lois, - even if you don't like it.
- That's not what I did.
Yes, it is, with Mom, with me, with Ally.
You hide the truth to fit your own special narrative.
Lois Lane is the best reporter I've ever met.
You should meet more reporters.
I'm sorry.
That was unfair.
I'm not here to humiliate you, Ms.
I just want you to know the truth.
That you're, like, next-level banana-pants crazy? I understand your confusion, but maybe this'll help change your mind.
Your article on Ally wasn't what we agreed on.
You intentionally left out a key part of the story.
- What are you talking about? - I saw my other self.
You were overdosing.
I was connecting, just like Ally said.
Everything she promised me happened, and when I told you about it, you ignored it.
It wasn't important to the story.
That was the story! It's why I took the pills, to cross over.
You weren't in a right state of mind.
That is not for you to decide.
Why didn't you publish what I saw? Because I was trying to protect you! You sounded insane.
You were lost, and Ally Allston convinced you to almost kill yourself.
No, she didn't, and you didn't believe me because you didn't want to believe me.
Ally was right, and you know it.
She's a monster.
Sounds like bias to me.
I know that was not easy to hear, Christine but maybe it's time to reconsider what you believe.
That's all I need.
What are you doing? It's amazing what we can fit spy cameras in nowadays.
You recorded me? I just wanted everything on the record this time, something to make sure you keep away from us.
Stay out of my life, Lois.
So anything else I should know about? - You heard that? - Yeah, I heard.
Ally broadcast it for the whole room to see.
There's a lot more to this article than you first led me to believe.
You really don't trust me, do you? - Chrissy, I can explain.
- You know what? No, not right now.
We're gonna get into this car, we're gonna turn on some easy, breezy yacht rock, and not speak until I've had some time to clear my head.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What did I do? Uh, your mom and I just we have some things that we want to discuss with you.
So, honey, we found out that Mayor Dean isn't just looking into my past, but he's looking into yours too.
I don't get it.
Look, mijita, politics is dirty business, and Dean is well, he's as sleazy as they come, and he might try to take certain things and weaponize them if he thinks it might help him win.
Like my suicide attempt.
The last thing we wanted was for you to get dragged into all this.
No, Mom, it's okay, really.
Sarah, you know how this town gets - when they start talking.
- I do.
But that was a really dark time in my life.
I I needed help, and I didn't really know how to ask for it, but I am not gonna let anyone make me feel ashamed for it.
I made a mistake and I learned from it.
Shouldn't that be a good thing? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
So if that ignorant loser wants to attack me, then fine, let him.
You know what? I'd love to get up on that debate stage and tell everybody what I think about that country-fried ass.
You looked really good out there.
- Yeah? - Way better than on "Madden".
I still want a rematch, by the way.
Okay, okay, always happy to pad my stats.
You okay? Whoa! What are you doing? Thought that bird was gonna hit me.
That bird way over there? Here's something I've never asked you before.
Do you do you smoke a lot of weed? What? No, no.
Honestly, you know what? I think it's probably this new medication I've been taking.
Do side effects include being a dusted-out weirdo? Look, a little friendly advice, maybe maybe stop taking those meds.
I messed up.
I tried so hard to protect Lucy, and now she does this.
No one's ever gonna believe a word I say if Ally goes public with that recording.
Babe, you don't know that for sure yet.
Chrissy doesn't, and she's my partner.
She'll come around, and when she does, the two of you will figure out how to fix this.
Driving over there today, I honestly thought that I could save her.
So stupid.
My mom always said it's never stupid to try to help someone.
What if they don't want help? Then what do you do? Sir, we have a hit in Bolivia.
Bolivia? You sure it's the same energy signature? Yes, sir, satellites confirm.
Are you ready? You sure we don't need to alert Superman, sir? He's in no shape to fight this thing.
Bring it here.
Superman? That's not Superman.
We're the Supermen of America, and we need you to come with us.
- Clark? - Did you hear her? You're coming with us.
Clark, what is it? Clark? Anderson sent his team to stop this guy.
- Can they? - Two are already dead.
Lois! He has help, right? Not enough.
Prepare the suit! Go! Is this as fast as this thing can go? Your suit is at 10% functionality, John.
The hammer is low on energy and defense shields have been severely compromised.
Transfer all remaining energy into the hammer.
That will leave you exposed, John.
Do it! John, power has been depleted.
John, look out.
What's wrong? It's your dad.
- Natalie, I'm sorry.
- No! You're Superman.
You were supposed to keep him safe.
How could you let this happen? Natalie Just go.
Okay, just just leave us alone.
- Thanks.
- I ate way too much.
I know.
Hey! Well, if it isn't my favorite public servant.
Hey, you listen here, you smug son of a bitch.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Kyle, please.
- Hold on there, partner.
- I keep hearing about you sticking your greasy nose in my daughter's business.
Well, that's just not true, Kyle.
Okay, then can we just agree that our children are off-limits? I couldn't agree more, Lana.
I don't know what you've been hearing, but I have no intentions of going after Sarah.
I'm gonna be watching you.
Well, that goes two ways, Kyle.
For a man who likes his tequila neat, word around town is, you sure do get messy with it.
Have a nice night, you two.
Babe, don't let him get in your head.
That's just what he wants, okay? You're sober now.
That's all that matters.
Okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Is John Henry okay? He's breathing on his own again.
Doctors won't know more until the morning.
Just keep in mind, he's being looked after by the best the U.
Army has to offer.
What about Natalie? She's staying with him tonight.
I'm gonna pack her a bag and head back over later.
I'm gonna go back in the morning.
- It'd be good if you two came.
- Sure.
Think I'll head home.
Keep me posted.
Hey, Granddad, you got a sec? What's on your mind, son? Um well with everything that's happened recently, I I think I should be ready to help Dad.
I want you to train me.
But this stays between us.
Understood? All right.
Go get some rest.
You're gonna need it.
Guys, Cush is back! Check it out.
- Cush, you're back! - Yo! What's up? Cush, you owe me $25.
Vinny and the boys sure have missed you around here.
But not nearly as much as I have.
Um Yeah, it's actually what I came here to talk to you about.
Chrissy, I am sorry about today.
Can you please call me back when you get a chance? She already has.
All Ally has done is hurt you and God knows how many other people, and I'm not gonna let her do it anymore.
What does that mean? It means I am going to take her down.
Ally Allston is dangerous, and I am going to expose her for the fraud that she is.
So let me get this straight: you love me as long as I do exactly what you say.
No, but I will do anything to keep you safe, Lucy, because of how much I love you, even if it means you hating me for the rest of your life.
Whatever I have to do to stop her, I will.
Do it.
Not even you can stop the truth from coming out.
Watch me.
I was hoping you'd call.
Can you meet me? I want you to tell me the truth about Lois.

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