Superman and Lois (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Tried and True

1 Previously on "Superman and Lois" What exactly does this stuff do? Besides make you feel like Superman? I'm just better than you, and I'm only getting stronger.
- You have powers? - For a man who likes his tequila neat, you shouldn't be getting messy with him.
The Dean campaign would pay for this info.
I know what I saw you and some woman! Why didn't you tell me that thing you were chasing was you? We're on the same side here, General.
Every day, I believe that just a little bit less.
You're the opposite of me.
- Why are you here? - To save my world.
Ally Allston will destroy everything unless you kill her first.
And that's when you arrived in the mines? Where I was stuck for days weakened by the X-Kryptonite.
And now, I'm stuck once again - because of you.
- Not because of me.
Because you killed innocent people two teenagers.
- Only by necessity.
- You almost killed my friend.
- He attacked me.
- You tried to kill me! Because I needed those visions to stop! Enough! This will solve nothing.
The pendant you came here with, what is it, exactly? It's an artifact as old as time, born when our worlds split.
Paired with its counterpart, it can elevate the possessor into godhood.
I don't understand.
You came here to this Earth to destroy it? To ensure I wasn't stopped.
- By whom? - Let's just say I'm not as revered on my world as you are here, Kal.
But none of that's of any concern to you.
All that matters is the pendant is destroyed.
- Why didn't you? - I was not able to.
I don't possess enough strength on this earth.
The yellow sun weakens me.
Perhaps with you, it could be done.
Perhaps, but there is a more certain way to end this.
Kill Ally.
- I'm not killing anyone.
- Then you have no choice.
Find the pendant, and see it destroyed.
It's the only way to make sure she can't use it to merge with her other self.
And if she does merge? What would happen? She would inherit enough power to send us all into oblivion.
Do you believe him? Do you think he's giving you the whole story? I don't know what to think.
Everything about this me is bizarre.
Huh? - Bizarre.
- Oh.
Well, maybe there's another reason he wants the pendant destroyed.
But it seems consistent with Ally's teachings fixing what's wrong, becoming whole.
By merging with your other self.
Was there anything in your Inverse Society research - about this guy? - No, but Chrissy and I need to do a deeper dive to see if we can find something that will help us understand what she saw when she crossed over.
Clark, if he is right, and if Ally's goal is to use these pendants to become some kind of a god Then I need to get it back from Anderson and destroy it.
And we don't know where this other Superman has gone? This is the last verified location we have.
That's enough.
And our Superman? We have reason to believe that he is searching for him as well.
But not confirmation.
He's still hesitant to share information with me.
I'm beginning to understand why.
- Ma'am - Over 20 years, Sam Lane never had a single problem with Superman.
Not one.
You've been here for six months, and in that time, our relationship with this country's best defense system has deteriorated significantly.
X-Kryptonite has made its way into the public domain, and an unidentified Kryptonian being took the lives of two of our assets.
Sending the Supermen of America in to fight that thing was a miscalculation.
Two soldiers died.
It was a hell of a lot more than a miscalculation.
Today you will represent the Threat Reduction Agency at the funerals of the fallen SOA members.
Then you will return here, and you will find that pale son of a bitch by any means necessary, or you will be stripped of your duties.
Yes, ma'am.
- Hey man, um - Hey.
How does your mouth feel? - What? - Is it wintery fresh? What do you what do you mean? You know, like Like your new powers.
When your cold breath comes in? I don't I mean, I don't have cold breath yet.
Well, look, if you start to hear high-pitched sounds and noises, let me know, because when your super hearing comes in, it's no joke.
For sure.
I was thinkin', um maybe we should at least tell Grandpa? Mm why? Because then we could start, like, training together.
- Together? - Yeah.
Yeah, we could even be like The Fraternals or something.
That would be pretty cool.
- What's this? - Uh, that's that's Candice's actually.
She had asthma, you know? She probably left it in my bag, to be honest.
Coach Gaines.
Yo, hey, Coach.
How's it going? Dude, you're starting tonight? That's amazing, honey.
See? What'd I tell you? You just put your head down, work hard, have a little patience, and you get your shot.
Yeah, well, Timmy's sick, so It doesn't matter how it happened, Jordan.
What matters is what your brother does with this opportunity.
Your mom's right.
Now's your chance to show Coach and everybody what you can do.
- Definitely.
- All right.
Let's talk about it in the car.
Hey, let me know how it goes with Anderson.
- Clark.
- Lois.
You might wanna check in on Lana.
I reached out to her earlier, but I think she could probably use her old friend.
Love you.
Love you too.
You sure you don't want some eggs, sweets? Mom, I don't like eggs.
Right, sorry.
Breakfast? Not really hungry.
Uh, honey, I want you to write your thank-yous and put them in the mail before the end of the week, okay? Can we just send them all back? You got a lot of presents, and a lot of thoughtful people spent time and money celebrating your quinceañera.
You're not gonna send them back, and you're gonna thank them.
I was planning on doing that in person last night that all went to hell.
It's okay.
Mommy is Daddy ever coming home again? I don't know, sweets.
But I do know that your father loves you very much both of you and he is always gonna be around, okay? Honey, can you please help your sister get dressed? Yeah.
Come on.
Heads up would've been nice.
You just missed Clark and the boys.
That was intentional, actually.
Thought it'd be better if only you were here right now.
Why? So the three of us can talk.
Now listen, this has gone on long enough.
Why are you even here? Do you think I would come here on my own? I told you this was a bad idea.
I think it's time for both of you to apologize.
This is not a both sides situation.
She blackmailed me.
This coming from the world's shadiest journalist! - Girls, please.
- Oh my God! Can you go even two seconds without acting like you're better than everyone? Ally Allston does not want to help you.
The only person she cares about is herself.
You have no idea what you're talking about Knock it off! Both of you.
I'm not spending the rest of my retirement doing this with you two.
This is the first time the three of us have gotten together in God knows how long, and we're not gonna ruin it by talking about Ally Allston.
You girls are my world And it breaks my heart to see you at each other's throats.
Please? I need my family back.
Can we at least try to make things right? I'm so sorry for your loss.
Jessie wanted to be a hero - just like you.
- She was.
She saved my life once.
I want to offer my sincerest condolences.
This is your fault.
As her commanding officer, I take full responsibility for what happened.
Where is the monster that killed my daughter? Can you tell me? Do you even know? Ma'am, you have my word.
I will not rest until Your promises are what got my daughter killed.
You're a disgrace! It's still fresh.
Spare me your sympathies.
I cannot let them have died for nothing.
That thing that killed them is still out there, and it is up to you and me to stop it.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Can we speak in private? Are you sure - it's a good idea to be playing? - Dude, relax.
It's gonna be fine.
What if you have an ocular discharge? Please don't ever say that word ever again.
- We need to tell Mom and Dad.
- No! No, okay? What is with you? It's like I kept your secret all last year, and now that I have one, you want to put me on lockdown or something.
That's not what this is about.
Okay, well, that's what it feels like.
All right? So look, can you just just give me this one? I finally feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be.
Yeah, okay.
I promise I've got everything under control.
Fraternals, right? Hey, uh, how you holdin' up? You mean after the world's worst quinceañera? Yeah, well, it wasn't that bad.
I mean, um, you know, the stuff with your dad wasn't great.
I just feel so dumb.
I mean, it's like he tricked us into believing he was this good guy All the while, he's banging some random bartender.
What? Is there anything I can do to help? No, I'll be fine.
It's just it's my mom I'm worried about.
She's been disappointed by my dad so many times.
I mean when is enough finally enough? Can we talk, please? "I'm sorry" doesn't even begin to do it justice.
I was wrong, and there's no excusing what I did.
But I need you to know that I love you more than anything in this world.
How long did it last? Six months.
Was she ever in this house? Once.
Did you love her? No.
Lana, baby, please.
I made a horrible mistake.
But I am so much stronger now.
We, you and me, we are so much stronger now.
But you know what? This guy even then, he knew that you were the one.
A lot of years have passed since then.
But that feeling, knowing that you're the only woman that I will ever love Lana, that has never changed.
Not one bit.
I can't do this right now.
I need you to leave.
Lana, I love you with all of my heart.
Is this really John and Jordan? They're giants.
Well, they're country boys now, USDA farm fed.
I can't believe how long Jordan's hair is.
That must drive you crazy.
Kids today just refuse to keep it high and tight.
I like it.
Me too.
He's so cute, especially with those cheeks.
He looks like one of those pirates in the islands movies.
You mean "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Dad's not really familiar with any movie not named "Delta Force".
Just sayin' that first one still holds up.
All right.
While you two have a chuckle at my expense, I have some business to attend to.
That excuse doesn't really work when you're retired.
I'll be right outside, peanut.
How have you been, Luce? You have got to be kidding me.
You captured your doppelganger? How could you just stand there while her mother asked me about it? Because I needed to speak with you first.
- The pendant that Tag gave you - No, no.
Not again.
What is your obsession with that thing? It's dangerous, and I need to destroy it.
That's not what you said last time.
New information has come to light.
From who? Your Kryptonian that killed my team? Why are you even talking to that thing? Because I need to understand why he's here.
A bigger threat may be coming.
From where? I still need to figure that out.
But first, I need to destroy the pendant.
Will you help me? I'll bring it up to chain of command.
- What? - I have to go.
Sergeant! Sir.
Can we talk? You guys running the spread? I know high school's more smash mouth, run it down the middle.
But from what your grandpa has told me, it would be a shame to not see you cut loose.
I mean, we run a little spread, for sure.
Are your receivers worth anything? Uh, everybody but Wellnitz.
They got speed? That Teague kid's pretty quick.
Vax, yeah, no, he's really good.
You guys go vertical with your passing game, or is it mostly crossing routes and button hooks? Some deep routes second and long, third and long That's good! That's how you win games.
Lucy? Hi, it's me, Clark.
Oh my God, he's exactly the same.
It hasn't been that long, Clark.
Well, you know, I was just Wondering why I was here? I get it.
They were just prepping me on the big game tonight.
Which you need to be leaving for soon.
Yes, ma'am.
Five more minutes.
Please? You have plenty of time.
Good, 'cause I wanna hear more about the O-line.
- Um - She's been here all day.
All day? Yeah, it's been nice.
- Have you guys talked about - Not yet.
Fair enough.
- I should - We'll see you at the game.
And? Superman was in Russia, sir.
Russia? Stopped an avalanche from destroying a small village.
He is never gonna tell me the things that I need to know.
He just doesn't trust me.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Yes, Anderson? I think I know how to bring this rogue Kryptonian into our custody.
But I'm going to need your permission to do it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
The tears won't stop.
Lana, I'm so sorry.
You know, part of me knew this was happening when it did.
But like always, I convinced myself that this feeling I had my intuition was wrong.
And now, I can't stop thinking what else was I wrong about with him? I mean, you think there was more than one? He says there wasn't.
He came over this morning and told me how much he loved me.
Were the girls there? Thank God.
Sophie asked me if he was ever coming back.
I could barely answer the question.
Honestly, because I didn't know the answer.
What am I gonna do, Clark? I have loved that man since I was 17.
I thought this was my life here the girls and Kyle.
Now, I don't know what it is.
You don't need to have that answer for them right now.
- You know that, right? - I know.
But I need one for myself.
Do you think that you would stay with Lois if she cheated on you? I guess it'd depend.
On the kids? On what actually happened.
I'd need to know the details of the situation first and then make a decision from there.
Do you think you could love her after something like that? Trust her? If I was gonna stay with her, I'd have to.
My God, you have a game to go coach.
No, no, no, no.
I am here as long as you need me.
Trust me.
There will be many more tears to come.
No, really.
You can go, Clark.
I just need to sit here and think.
Whatever you need, you call.
- Okay? - Thank you.
What can I get ya? Nothing.
I'm not here for a drink.
Bring it in, Crows! Bring it in! Six straight years, we've been losing to these stinkin' Gators.
Six years of being nothing more than Gator bait.
Well, I'm tired of being Gator bait! Who's tired of being Gator bait? I am, Coach! That's why I'm startin' the strong-armed QB tonight.
Who's ready to wrestle with some Gators? - Jon Kent.
- Yes, Coach! You ready to wrestle with some nasty Gators? - Yes, Coach! - You ready to send them - back to the swamp? - Yes, Coach! Let's get out there and kick some ass! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo You good? You nervous? Uh, a little bit, yeah.
Hey, you earned this spot.
Kay? Just do what got you here.
The rest will take care of itself.
Thanks, Dad.
I'm just gonna hit the bathroom before the game.
All right.
155! 155! Wide 57! Set, hike! Touchdown, Crows! That's a 20-yard completion by number 12, Jonathan Kent.
Yes! First touchdown of the night.
The score is: Crows 7, Gators nothing.
Oh! Kid's got my arm.
- Here we go.
- It's true.
I set Two state records my senior year.
All right.
I'm out of popcorn.
Can I get anything for my girls? I'll take a chili dog.
Make that two, extra cheese.
Come on, Dad.
The dogs aren't gonna get themselves.
I got it.
I got it.
Retirement has really softened his edges.
No kidding.
Dad was such a hard-ass with us.
Do you remember when we snuck out with his rum? I do.
That's why I don't drink rum anymore.
And we took that sketchy bus back to base only to find him waiting for us.
- He was so pissed.
- So mad.
I mean, you really were a terrible influence on me.
Hey, I was the younger sibling.
You're the one that told me how to walk along the walls so the floorboards wouldn't creak which would be very useful information for Jon and Jordan.
Don't even think about it.
Hey, I will pull out all the stops to impress my nephews.
I think they would probably just be happy to have Aunt Lucy around again.
I think I'd like that too.
Sorry if I'm a little uncomfortable.
Shot? I'm good.
Look, what happened between me and Kyle was wrong, and I am sorry.
I was stupid and naive.
Did you love him? Yeah.
Did he love you? I thought so.
But maybe that was me just fooling myself.
I really can't answer that question.
Maybe I shouldn't say this, but Kyle's a good guy.
When it came down to it, he did the right thing and chose his family.
When exactly did he break things off with you? I don't know, um, maybe two years ago? After Sarah's accident? Yeah, around then.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.
Thanks for speaking with me.
Not now, all right? I mean, the game's almost over.
I'm so sorry, but I gotta go.
I'm proud of you.
All right? Keep it up, okay? Yeah.
Hey, what's going on with your father? Uh, he's got a upset stomach.
That man seriously has got to do something about his diet.
All right, good job, defense! - You ready? - Yes, Coach.
This is your time to shine right now.
- Yes, Coach.
- You gonna show me somethin'? - Yes, Coach! - There's no time - like showtime! - Yes, Coach! You ready to make it rain touchdowns? - Yes, Coach! - All right, let's go! Crows' ball at the 35-yard line.
First down! It's so good to watch Jon play.
He's pretty amazing.
Thank you for coming.
It means a lot.
And I just want to say I am sorry for how everything happened between us.
Me too.
But it's okay, 'cause now you know the truth.
Lucy I know it was crazy at first.
But after everything that has happened, you have to agree that Ally was right.
There is an inverse to us all just waiting to make us whole.
Hold on there are still a lot of unanswered questions.
What else do you need to know? Even your partner confirmed it.
After she was drugged against her will.
Doesn't that kind of behavior concern you? Sometimes you have to show people the truth.
Do you hear yourself? That is textbook extremist behavior.
What else is she capable of? Ally's reputation was dragged through the mud.
What other choice does she have? I'm guessing anything not involving drugging or blackmail.
That is so unfair coming from you.
Lucy, I love you, but you have always been attracted to the kind of person who promises to fix everything.
Oh, so now this is my fault? I'm just saying there's a pattern here.
First, it was Ally's beliefs.
Then, it was her behavior.
Now apparently, I am too weak and damaged - to know any better.
- I did not say that.
I am just worried that you're not seeing the bigger picture.
I tried.
I really did.
But you refuse to be wrong, and I cannot be around that.
Lucy, please.
She is dangerous.
Tell Dad I'll call him later.
Touchdown, Crows! That's the ball game, folks.
Tonight's final score: Crows 45, Gators 14.
Jonathan Kent threw for 356 yards - in tonight's victory.
- Oh, well, I guess Timmy - lost his starting spot.
- Not 'cause of your brother.
Oh, you didn't hear.
Yeah, Timmy's mom caught him huffing some weird drug from the lines.
What do you mean "huffing"? I don't know.
I guess he was using an inhaler or something.
Apparently all the kids in school were doing that.
Sounds like something Timmy would do, - but, like, all the kids? - Well, I'm not doing it.
Sorry for taking so long.
Ran into Mayor Dean.
That guy's a real windbag.
Where's Lucy? Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Simply ran it up the chain of command.
My superiors agreed the threat warranted immediate action.
Well, you can tell them I'll destroy the pendant as soon as I The pendant isn't the threat we discussed.
You are.
What are you doing? What I have to.
So you finally give me what I need.
We're on the same team.
You keep saying that, but you refuse to trust me.
Well, now I've made the choice not to trust you.
Babe, that was insane.
My plan totally worked.
People are saying you may have broken some kind of passing record.
That That's crazy.
A little quiet for someone who just killed it on the field.
Are you all right, J? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
Um, is there any way I could just, like can I talk to my brother for a second? Meet me at my car after.
I parked where it's dark.
You're using X-K, aren't you? Who cares? I care.
You lied to me.
I thought you were getting powers.
I am getting powers, just not the same way you are.
You need to stop.
Why? What, can you not handle me finally getting what I deserve? No, no.
That's not what this is about.
It's always what it's about, Jordan.
Lay off.
You're not acting like yourself.
This is the new me, so you better get used to it.
I'm not gonna let you do this.
I said lay off! Boys! Jordan.
Jordan! What the hell's going on? Nothing.
Don't do this.
I don't have another choice.
I remember the first time I saw you riding in one of these.
You just finished training and insisted the boys come pick me up.
It's 'cause I wanted to show off the best looking girl in Smallville.
We stayed up all night long celebrating.
Yeah, next, uh, the next couple of nights too as far as I can remember.
We were so happy then.
Lana, it'll be like that again, okay? The thing is, we're not those 19-year-olds anymore.
The world isn't something new to be discovered.
I think it's better.
You know? We got roots.
Now we got family.
Right? That's what makes this so hard.
I spoke to Tonya.
Why why would you do that? Because I needed to hear it from her.
Now, look, whatever she said Oh, you don't have to worry.
She said you were a good guy and that the reason you broke it off was to save your family.
That's I mean, that's right.
The problem is, I can't help but wonder, would you have broken it off to save your marriage? Lana, yes, of course.
Come on, I wasn't myself back then.
Do you even know who that is? And not some version of you 20 years ago.
I mean you, today.
Yeah, babe, I know, okay? The last couple years, I've been finding my way.
But I have always loved you.
That hasn't changed.
Maybe not for you.
Lana, what are you saying? That you don't love me anymore? I'm not sure.
And until I am, I think that you need to move out.
No, Lana, please You can pick up your stuff in the morning after the girls are gone.
Just make sure my car isn't in the driveway.
Any idea what that's about? Just brother stuff, I guess.
You've probably had your fair share of sibling rivalry for the day.
I was hoping things would turn out different this time.
I'm sorry, Dad.
No, no, don't apologize.
The fault lies squarely with me.
If I'd been more attentive when she was younger, she never would've sought out somebody like Ally Allston.
I don't think that's something you can really control.
It sure feels like it.
I hate to break it to you, but being a parent never gets easier.
That could only be said by somebody who didn't have to breastfeed at 3:00 a.
Too much information.
Or change twins' diapers when they both pooped at the same time.
All right, point taken.
Maybe it gets a little easier.
It's still hard, though.
I appreciate you trying.
Anything for my girls.
I mean that.
I know you do.
Hey, Jordan, we need to talk.
Dude, come on.
I know you can hear me.
I don't want to talk to you.
Look, Jordan, I'm sorry.
What I did was stupid, okay? Tonight was supposed to be this big deal for me, and it ended up feeling really fake.
What's the point of a great game if you can't even enjoy it, you know? What, am I supposed to feel bad for you? No, I just I messed up, and it's not gonna happen again, okay? Whatever, man.
Wait, wait, wait.
How'd you find out? Timmy's mom found an inhaler.
Apparently, the police are involved.
Lois What's wrong? It's Clark.
He's been arrested for treason.
Until he reveals the location of that thing that killed our men, Superman will remain a prisoner of the United States government.
Where are they taking him, sir? To be with his brother.

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