Superman and Lois (2021) s02e07 Episode Script


Previously on "Superman & Lois" You are what this town needs for mayor.
I know what I saw You and some woman.
I think that you need to move out.
- You're using X-K, aren't you? - You lied to me.
I thought you were getting powers.
It's not gonna happen again, okay? Timmy's mom found an inhaler.
Apparently the police are involved.
It's real.
A different dimension, a parallel universe, if Ally's goal is to use these pendants to become some kind of a god Then I need to get it back from Anderson and destroy it.
An unidentified Kryptonian being took the lives of two of our assets.
Why didn't you tell me that thing you were chasing was you? It's not me.
You captured your doppelganger? I need to understand why he's here.
You will find that pale son of a bitch by any means necessary, or you will be stripped of your duties.
Until he reveals the location of that thing that killed our men, Superman will remain a prisoner of the United States government.
Look what the wind blew in.
What is this? Your jackbooted friends brought you in last night.
Or was it this morning? Time loses all meaning in captivity.
I wonder, brother, what you possibly could've done to wind up in here? Presumably you've been on the rough end - of a rather vicious betrayal.
- Enough.
I don't need to hear it from you right now.
There's been a misunderstanding.
One I'm very anxious to hear about.
You need to let me out.
Actually, I don't.
I've been given full command of this operation.
Your arrest was sanctioned by General Hardcastle herself.
And given that you're actively harboring a monster who's killed American soldiers, I think the consequences are appropriate.
Once I destroy the pendant, I will bring him in so he can stand trial.
I don't care about a trial and I don't trust you to keep your word, so tell me where he is.
You can rot in here with your brother.
There's a greater threat here.
Her name is Ally Allston.
She's a cult leader.
Whatever brought your suspect to this world, she knows more about it than anyone.
She's dangerous, and she needs to be stopped.
If you don't believe me, then look into her for yourself.
Whoever this woman turns out to be, it changes nothing.
When I return, you will give me the location of my suspect.
Well, brother, now that we're all alone, why don't you spin me a tale and tell me all about this new monster you're after.
Clark is where? The same offsite prison where I sent Tal-Rho.
Is he being questioned or punished? And how long do they intend to hold him? My contact didn't know but they're charging him with treason.
Treason? That's that's insane.
He's Superman, for God's sake.
Yes, I know, but here we are, and it doesn't sound like this is gonna get resolved anytime soon.
Well, then I will resolve it myself.
Lois, you can't just barge into the DOD and demand Anderson release Superman.
Let me make some calls.
Dad, you have been making calls all night.
We need to get him out of there.
I'll head to the DOD, raise a little noise, see if I can get a face-to-face with Hardcastle.
Any updates on Dad? Uh, not yet.
We're working on it.
Why don't you, like, write an article about how Superman was taken to prison by the DOD? Trust me, they would just deny it.
You guys are gonna have to keep yourselves busy after school, okay, until your grandfather and I figure this out.
So, whatever's going on between you two, I suggest you figure it out.
Is this the last of Dad's stuff? Honey, you shouldn't have to do that.
I didn't really want Sophie to see.
Well, I didn't want you to see.
Well, this is what's got to happen, right? Might as well just get it over with.
I never wanted my daughters to know what it felt like to have a broken home, especially coming from one.
I am so sorry to put you and your sister through this.
Mom, you're not putting us through anything.
Dad is.
None of this is your fault.
None of it is yours either, okay? All right, honey, we got to go.
Okay, I'll go get Sophie ready.
- Thank you.
- Sophie, school! Hey.
You heading to first period? I don't know yet.
- Did you sleep last night? - Not much.
I just found out my dad's moving out.
So - L-l-like, forever? - Probably.
- Maybe - I don't know, Jordan.
Sorry, it's only been one night, and it's just so hard seeing my mom cry all the time.
I-I can imagine.
I don't really know if you can.
Hey, babe.
Still thinking about how sexy you were on the field.
I did have a little help.
Yeah, and it worked, so I, uh I brought you some more.
That should last you awhile.
- Candice - Oh, don't worry.
I'll hook you up with a good price.
No, no, that's not It's not about that.
It's just Honestly, I think I'm done.
Jon, are you out of your mind? I can't.
I can't do that anymore.
Jon, you're starting quarterback, okay? You can't just stop.
This this is what helped you get there.
Everyone, I need you to step away from your lockers.
Oh, my God, that's the police.
- Drug dog - It's for the X-K.
I can't get caught with this stuff, Jonathan.
The people my dad works for, if they find out about this, - we're gonna lose everything.
- Shh.
No, you won't.
What are you doing? I'll dump it.
I'll dump it, okay? I'm a good kid.
There's no way they're gonna check me.
And if they do, then No, Dad, I will not hang tight and let you do your thing.
Well, then go to Hardcastle's office and kick in the door, because if you don't, I will.
Call me back.
Are you okay? Now Dean's acting like he's the family-values candidate? Seriously? I know.
It's absurd.
But, yeah, that seems to be the strategy they're going for, and, unfortunately, his campaign can print whatever message they want.
I have to fight back.
How much did he pay for this? - $3,000.
- I can't afford that.
If it was up to me, I would run your ads for free every single day up until the election, but I'm afraid that would violate every campaign finance law imaginable.
So what do I do? I mean, Dean's got the power of his office and the town gossip all working in his favor.
But you have the truth.
Don't underestimate that.
There's still plenty of time to beat Dean.
You just have to catch him off guard.
One sec.
Hello? He was caught with what? I pity you, brother.
I mean, after everything you've done for humanity, - to find yourself here - Do you ever stop talking? Cast out, imprisoned.
- It's humiliating.
- Yes.
Well, the real punishment is having to listen to you.
Now, that is unfair.
I'm on your side.
Have you so quickly forgotten the aid I provided last time we met? You attacked my son! An overreaction, I admit, but no harm came of it.
And did I not bring you face-to-face with our mother? For that good deed alone, I deserve at least some credit.
You got what you deserved - To be locked up in here.
- With you.
Last chance, Superman.
Where's my suspect? I asked you to look into Ally Allston.
If you did, then you know what we're up against.
If you didn't, then I need to speak to General Hardcastle.
I told you, I'm in command now, and I want that thing that killed my team.
But if you won't tell me where he is Maybe he will? I beg your pardon? You Kryptonians must have so many secrets.
Maybe my suspect's hidey-hole is among them? Assuming that were true, what would you offer for my cooperation? Simple I'll make the pain stop.
Stop, stop! Hey.
Do you know anything about Jonathan Kent taking this drug from the mines? Whoa, can you let me put my stuff down first? - Sarah, this is serious.
- I know.
I was there when the sheriff came in.
No, I didn't know anything about it.
Thank God.
Jordan's freaking out.
Please just promise me Not to smoke space drugs? Yeah, I'm not that stupid.
What is it? It's just dad calling for, like, the 100th time.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
I just feel like I can't talk to Jordan about everything.
I mean, he's sweet, but the biggest problem he has with his dad is the coach shorts that Mr.
Kent likes to wear, and he just has a lot going on with his family right now.
He doesn't need another thing.
You know, it might be good for you to just vent to a friend a little bit.
Is there anyone else you feel comfortable talking to about this? 20 X-K inhalers? - 20.
- I was getting rid of them.
Do not lie to me, Jonathan, not today! This family is going through enough right now, and I am trying so hard to keep it together.
So I'm gonna ask you, and you are gonna be honest with me.
- Are you selling drugs? - No.
Mom, I promise.
And it's not even technically drugs, right? The sheriff's not even pressing charges.
Tell that to the school, Jonathan.
They are meeting right now to decide whether or not to have you expelled! And regardless of how you classify experimental space narcotics, what the hell were you doing with so much of it? I can't tell you that.
If you ever want to leave this house again, you better.
Mom, people are gonna get in trouble.
Yeah, drug dealers.
Mom, I understand that you're upset, but I cannot rat.
Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in? What, do you just think, "Oh, my mom will just talk my way out of this"? I am so pissed.
And, trust me, Jonathan, your father will be, too.
Were you involved in this? I, um I found out the other night.
The other night? Jordan caught me using X-K, and he called me out.
And I haven't used it since.
So you were using this stuff? For the last couple weeks, yeah, 'cause Timmy was using it, and I just I didn't think that I could beat him without it.
Who are you? You know what? I have had enough disappointment for the day.
So get upstairs right now, both of you.
Tell me where he is before the Kyptonite destroys you.
Anderson, you don't understand what you're asking me to do.
That suspect has knowledge we may need to stop something terrible! I don't care.
You willing to die for him? The man who put you here in the first place? Brother, please.
Enough, enough! He's at 76.
2 north longitude, 100.
4 west latitude.
Take it off! Thank you for your cooperation.
Hey, I am sorry to show up out of nowhere, and I know how much you're going through right now, - but I really just need to talk.
- Of course.
Do you really think Jonathan was selling X-K? He claims it wasn't his, but who knows if he's telling the truth? He didn't even admit he was using until his brother outed him.
That's awful.
What did Clark say? He doesn't know.
I'm afraid that when he finds out he's never gonna forgive him.
How did I miss this? I had no idea this was going on.
You cannot blame yourself.
Kids that age are are pretty good at keeping secrets - from their parents.
- I know.
I just didn't know the boys had these kinds of secrets.
Why would he do something like that? You know after Sarah's suicide attempt, I kept wanting her to tell me why she did it because that's what I needed to hear to make myself feel better.
But when we did finally talk about it, I realized that the best thing I could do was just listen, even if the answer wasn't what I wanted to hear.
It let her know that I was there for her no matter what.
And sometimes that's the only job as a mom To be there for you kid when they don't have anyone else.
I think that Mayor Dean made a big mistake bringing up family values.
I'm pretty sure I still have a husband that cheated on me.
But you are a great mom, and accusing a good mom of being a bad one is terrible politics.
Yeah, you're right.
I just need to call him out, take the fight to him.
What? Is that you're supplier freaking out? Shut up.
Well, I wasn't the one selling drugs to the football team, so Hey, hey, for the last time, okay, I was not selling drugs.
Okay, then why'd you have that bag full of vials? Look, I thought that I could get rid of it, and I-I whatever.
I thought that if I got caught, it just it wasn't a big deal.
I thought I'd be in a little trouble.
- A little trouble? - Yes.
Come on, was it someone on the team? - Was it Wellnitz? - No, Jordan, no! It was Wellnitz.
Please stop.
I don't know why you'd get in all this trouble if it was someone else's, though.
Look, I made a dumb decision.
You were right, I'm a terrible brother.
Can you please just leave me alone? Yeah.
You would let them torture me? I'm a prisoner here, same as you.
Yes, but you can secure your own release.
My fate here is of a more permanent nature.
Unless Unless what? Well, I happen to know a few of your little secrets, don't I? Delicate matters that I might very well use to my advantage.
We are approaching the target.
Proceed with caution.
If that thing is in there, it's extremely dangerous.
Appears to be empty, sir.
Damn it, he lied to me.
Don't threaten me! You're not the one being brought to heel by some barbarous Kryptonite collar.
Perhaps I might extend my leash by shining a light on all your many lies.
That's enough! Is it, brother? I think not.
Sir, we found something.
Any idea what this is? It's that thing's suit.
Superman must've warned him that we were coming.
They're working together.
This whole time Superman's been lying to me, and there's the proof.
Move, move, move! Prisoners, back away from each other now! I gave you an order! Let him go! Prisoner, back away, or my soldiers will open fire! Of course.
My apologies.
Sir, General Hardcastle's on line one.
Says she's been trying to reach you.
Hold her off until I have something to report.
What the hell is going on there? Is he breathing? He's Superman.
I'm sure he's fine.
Check his pulse, soldier.
Those are Kryptonians.
Get the men out of that cell! Sir, say it again? Do not approach that prisoner! Fall back, fall back! - Don't shoot me.
- Tal.
Come, now, little brother, I played my part.
At least let me have a little fun.
I've missed this feeling.
Oh, look, here comes the cavalry.
I think I'll take that as my cue.
Satellite has prisoners on course for the Badlands.
That's where Superman fought Tal-Rho.
You really believe they've been working together this whole time? How else do you explain what we've seen? We have to presume that everything is a part of some plot.
Good luck getting the brass to give a damn.
I need a chopper ready to go ASAP.
But, sir, General Hardcastle She's gonna take over my command if I don't prove that I'm right.
The best way to do that is to finish this.
What are you gonna do? Simple I'm gonna kill the bad guys and bring Superman back One way or another.
Tal claims the two of you escaped a prison and have joined forces.
- I had no other choice.
- It was glorious, Mother.
Two sons of Krypton vanquishing their human oppressors.
You'd have been proud.
It's fascinating.
He's like some warped version of you.
And he babbles like an idiot.
His words flow backwards.
Unless - This man betrayed my family.
- Sounds familiar.
Uh, I'm sure there's more to it than that.
Well, were we always at odds on your world? No.
We were inseparable.
The closest of brothers.
What droves us apart? Greed? Power? Your wife tried to kill me.
My wife? My wife? Thank you.
Aubrey, hey.
Uh thanks for coming.
I-I know that it's It's a long way.
It wasn't that bad.
Clover's only, like, a two-hour drive.
So I know that I shouldn't have ghosted you after camp.
I get it.
You have a boyfriend.
You didn't want to make it all weird.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't rude.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Well, then apology accepted.
But that's not the only reason why you texted me.
Well my life is kind of falling apart.
My dad cheated on my mom, and I feel like you're the only person who might understand.
Um, well, child of divorce to the rescue.
Just so you know, I'm, like, totally here for you, but can we please order some fries? 'Cause I'm literally starving.
And now he just won't stop calling.
Do you want to talk to him? No.
Kind of.
I mean, it it just doesn't seem fair to my mom.
But it's not about her.
It's about you.
Look, after my parents split, I froze my dad out for, like, almost an entire year.
And you know what? It didn't fix their marriage.
It didn't make me feel any better, and if anything, it just made me angry and mean.
You, mean? I got into, like, two fights that year.
Look, I actually chipped my front tooth.
- It was so stupid.
- That's insane.
So maybe spare your teeth, and if you want to see your dad, see your dad.
You're right.
You're awesome.
- I'm gonna hold you to that.
- Shut up.
Oh, it's also later than I thought, so I should probably get going.
I got it.
Um Okay, um I was wondering maybe we could be friends again? I was hoping you'd say that.
- Um - Bye.
What now? I just wanted to say I'm sorry about what happened.
Okay, well, thank you for saying that.
And also, I-I don't think it was Jon selling those drugs.
I know he was carrying them, but you got to believe me.
I think he was just trying to cover for somebody else.
I hope you're right.
But you're still in trouble for knowing about this.
Yeah, I know.
Let's try this again from the beginning.
Well, I found out that Timmy was taking X-K, and so I got some, and I started I started taking it to keep up with him.
And and you're right.
It was really stupid.
But I just I really, really wanted to start this season after everything that happened last year.
I don't know I feel like everybody in this family is great at something.
And I just I wanted to be great, I guess.
That doesn't justify what I did, not at all, but it's the truth.
And just so you know, I would never sell drugs.
I believe you, sweetie.
I do.
But I'm still incredibly disappointed in you.
Taking drugs like that is just something I never even thought you would consider doing.
I'll make it up to you, okay? I promise.
Then start by telling me where you got the X-K.
Jon, Principal Balcomb called me again on the way back, and unless you can prove that those inhalers were not yours, the school board is gonna expel you.
I can't ruin someone else's life.
What about your life? Honey, I know that you think that what you are doing is right, but sometimes in life, there are mistakes that we cannot take back, and I assure you this is one of them.
Please just tell me.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
I can't stop thinking that I had a wife on your world.
She must be a goddess.
Any idea where I might find her on this earth? Can we please focus? Well, at least let him tell me her name.
- How long's that gonna take? - Kal.
Something is coming.
It's a missile.
Superman! You will stand down, or I'll open fire.
You don't have to do this.
I'm bringing you in, all of you, by any means necessary.
You killed my team.
I kill anyone who gets in my way.
Let him out of the cage.
I'm not gonna do that.
I'll rip him out of there myself.
I don't appreciate intruders in my home.
Tal! Help my sons.
What? Mother! Kryptonite fragments have pierced several of his vital organs.
You must disintegrate them.
Be precise, Kal, or you will kill him.
You did it.
The Kryptonite fragments are destroyed.
No, no, he's not healing.
All that time in prison under the solar lamps I see you brought me back to my proper place.
You knew I could never let you go free.
What a shame.
We could've conquered the world by now.
You should feel better in a couple days.
My father used to say, pain was just a way of reminding me I was alive.
Quite the German.
And you? Am I to assume your misunderstanding with the humans has been resolved? More or less.
They will no doubt apologize for their oversteps, and you will go back to trusting them.
And Anderson? Escaped but I'll find him.
What of the other you? He's dead.
Could've been me tonight if you hadn't done what you did.
Well, what are brothers for? Thank you.
Tell your son I'm sorry.
You know, maybe someday you can tell him yourself brother.
A warrant has been issued for Anderson's arrest.
He went AWOL, stole government property, weapons from project 7734, vials of confiscated X-K.
And he blames Superman for ruining his life and career.
The sooner we get him behind bars, the better.
I want you to know, I offered to lead the manhunt myself.
That's not your responsibility, Dad.
- You retired.
- Yeah.
But I'm the one who recommended him for the job.
Long day.
Long day.
All I want now is some Chinese food.
A glass of red wine be with my family.
What? You've always got to know what's going on in your family because that's what this town is.
We are all family.
Hell, Chuck and I We went to St.
John Vianney together since first grade.
Aidy, we sing next to each other every Sunday in the choir.
Now, let's be honest Aidy's beautiful voice drowns me out, but I'm trying.
I'm trying.
But my point is this if you can't keep control of your own family, if you don't really know what's going on in your own home, how are we supposed to trust that you'd know what's going on with all of us? Because I love this town, George, and everyone in it.
Well, Lana I just can't be sure, given your current situation, if we can be sure of that.
Well, I guess I'll just have to make it clear to everybody during our debates.
But what should really be in question here, George, is what kind of person you are Someone so willing to attack a member of this family during one of the most painful moments of their life.
Does that sound like family values to you? Dad.
Can we talk? Yeah.
You're back.
Yeah, I am, and you know what? I was not expecting to hear what your mother just told me.
- Dad, I can explain.
- Jonathan, no! Your mom gave you multiple chances to tell her the whole story, you chose not to.
- I'm sorry.
- What were you thinking? I just I-I wanted to be better.
By taking drugs? Have we taught you nothing? Have not heard a single word that either of us has ever said to you? - Yes.
- Then, damn it, act like it.
Tomorrow you will go, and you will apologize to Principal Balcomb.
Then you will apologize to Coach Gaines, and after that, you will apologize to the entire football team.
Your mother and I are gonna figure out how you're gonna finish out the school year, whether it's in the next town over, online, or somewhere else.
And after all that, Jonathan, you and I are gonna have a long talk about all the important things I thought you already knew so that you don't ever misrepresent yourself or this family again.
Do you understand? Yes, sir.
Ally Allston.
Yes? I'm Mitchell Anderson, formerly of the United States Department of Defense.
I heard about you from Superman.
From Superman.
He thought you were dangerous enough that I should look into you and I have something that he wants, but I think it belongs to you.
Can you Can you tell me what this is? That That is the way to change the worlds.

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