Superman and Lois (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Into Oblivion

1 Previously on "Superman & Lois" Everyone, I need you to step away from your locker.
They are meeting right now to decide to have you expelled! You don't love me anymore? I think that you need to move out.
Dad calling for, like, the hundredth time.
It'd be good for you to just vent to a friend a little bit.
Maybe we could be friends again? Dean's acting like he's the family values candidate.
- What's wrong? - It's your dad.
You're Superman.
You were supposed to keep him safe.
- - Forged in Fire.
Strong as steel.
I found Kal-El.
I'm gonna kill him.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
I'm coming right back.
I love you, Dad.
Dad? Your father's not yet returned from his mission.
What's happening? Hedy? I'm detecting some sort of temporal anomaly moving through our galaxy.
It's compromising the integrity of our dimension.
- Establish a link to my dad.
- He's just left orbit.
The escape pod may not reach him before Just do it, please! - Dad! - Something's wrong.
We're losing connection to your father's ship.
Not lookin' too good, is it? - It's fine.
- Mm.
Might be a scar, though.
Eh, as long as it doesn't take away from the one on my face.
Yeah, no worries there.
Is it okay to come in? Yeah, of course.
We, uh, brought a change of clothes for the ride home.
I'm so happy you can finally come home, John.
You have no idea, Lois.
Look, all I wanna do is spend time with my two girls, you know? Dad that's not Mom.
What? She's still gone.
I know.
I know.
His surgery was over a week ago.
- Why is this happening now? - Recovery takes time.
Confusion is normal with his type of brain trauma, and temporary.
What if these new symptoms are a sign of infection or nerve or blood vessel damage? Maybe we could get another brain scan, just to be safe.
I'll put in an order.
We'll find out when he's being discharged, and, um, I'll be here to take you home both of you.
Natalie, he's gonna be fine.
You don't know that.
Girls, let's go! Have you seen my phone? It's probably in your bed.
Check between your sheets! It'll be just a second.
Yeah, I heard.
It's gonna take some time getting used to this co-parenting thing.
Um how's your debate prep comin'? Good.
Emily's been helping me.
That's great.
If you, uh, you know, if you need another opinion - or something, I - No, I'm good.
So is this our new normal? No, it won't be like this, um, early.
I just thought that maybe we could go get some breakfast this morning.
Good, I'm starving.
Good luck with your prep.
Natalie blames me for what happened.
Don't beat yourself up, Clark.
You heard the doctor.
John Henry's memory issue is temporary.
Yeah, but she's not wrong.
He got hurt saving me.
She'll come around.
They both need time to heal.
Ugh, I don't want to do this right now.
Neither do I, but we have to know what Jon knows about those drugs, Clark, or he is never getting back into that school.
Rochambeau? Boys! Get down here.
Every time.
Do I need to be here for this too? Yep, in case you ever get a bright idea like your brother.
Dad, I already apologized.
Yeah, well, Jon, an apology is not gonna be enough this time.
We have parents calling us, not wanting you anywhere near their kids.
And it's not gonna get any better when they find out football's over.
They canceled the season? We had to forfeit all the wins.
And since no one's talking about who else was using, Principal Balcomb decided it was just best to call it.
First time in Smallville history because of you.
So, Jon, whose drugs were those? I can't tell you.
You mean you won't.
No, Dad.
You don't understand No, Jon.
I don't understand.
I thought my son had a little more integrity than this.
It's your dad.
I'm sure it's about Anderson.
And perfect timing, as always.
Yeah, well, this time it actually is.
Look, I convinced Principal Balcomb to let you take classes online.
If you do your work, you hand it in on time, you won't miss a grade.
But I'm just I'm just supposed to hang out at the house all day? No.
You're gonna work at Brit & Dunn's starting today.
Be ready in 20 minutes, both of you.
Hey, man.
Why are you doing this? Just leave it alone.
Well, that is unexpected.
You stopped Kal-El? He's gone for good.
You killed him? I had no choice.
And the pendant? It's in my possession.
Both of them.
We can finally ascend.
I need you to tell her my other self Won ereh emoc.
Everything that you said was true.
I saw it all.
- I saw me.
- Mm-hmm.
That's how you become the best version of yourself, by merging with your shadow self.
Did she give you any instructions? She told me to tell you, "Come now.
" Well, then we should go And all become gods.
How long is Dad gonna be like this? I'm guessing till you tell us where you got those drugs.
- Jordan, let's go! - Why does it even matter? He can barely look at me.
It's like he it's like he hates me.
He doesn't hate you.
He's just having a hard time understanding your behavior both of us are.
Go get your brother.
Hey, Chrissy.
Ally just called, promising a once in a lifetime exclusive.
She's sending a car to pick me up.
This is what we've been waiting for.
I'm impressed.
Staying in touch with her paid off.
But are you sure? This is the woman who Drugged me? Yeah.
She cray.
But it gave me some sort of weird street cred.
She trusts me.
Chrissy, if at any point you feel uncomfortable I know.
I'll call you.
Lois, this is our chance to really figure out what's going on with Ally.
We may not get another one.
- I gotta go.
- Be careful.
Where's Ally? She's waiting with the others.
You sure you want in on this? The story of a lifetime? Absolutely.
Give me your phone.
They're in hazmat suits.
Is that a problem? Nope.
Seems totally normal.
Then get in.
Put it on on the way.
So you're forgiving your dad? I wouldn't go that far with it.
I mean, it's only been a week since the quinceañera.
But I can tell that he's trying, and that means something.
Is that what you wanted to talk to me about? Sort of.
I mean, it is why I had dinner with Aubrey.
Look, um Her parents are divorced, and talking with her is the reason why I had breakfast with my dad this morning.
So, um, you guys are just friends now? Yeah, just friends.
I was actually kind of hoping that maybe we could all hang out.
I I don't think that's a good idea.
Jordan, I want Aubrey in my life, especially now, with everything that's going on with my parents.
Yeah, but it's a little weird.
I know, which is why we should all hang out, to get rid of that weirdness.
She's really great.
It would really mean a lot to me if you would try to understand everything that's going on - You can't follow me into my school.
- Then give me my money.
- I told you I don't have it.
- Kind of need you to Jordan.
Sorry, um, let's do it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Okay, cool.
I I'll message Aubrey right now.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Those inhalers weren't free.
- Yeah, and you'll get your money, okay? - Just chill out.
- That's now how this works.
Hey! Leave her alone.
Best bring me that money tonight.
- Hey, are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Anderson's still off the grid.
Sam, he's using X-K, and he's got an armory of Kryptonite weapons.
And he blames you for ruining his life.
That's why I'm doing everything in my power to find him.
Oh, and, uh General Hardcastle sends her sincerest apology.
- For accusing me of treason? - Don't worry.
You've been cleared of all charges and formally back in the DOD's good graces, and I'm on temporary duty.
- Wish it had worked out differently.
- Me too.
Right now Let's get this pendant so you can figure out a way to destroy it.
Where the hell is it? Section 3A, clear.
I'm sorry.
That's the last of 'em.
It's time.
It's time! Thanks to John Henry, the DOD can track the pendant's heat signature.
Once they get a hit, we'll know.
You think he took the pendant as leverage, - hoping to make a deal? - It's possible, but why haven't we heard anything from him? Anderson knows about Ally.
When I was locked up with Tal, I told him to look into her.
You think he would've brought her the pendant? Chrissy's on her way to see Ally right now.
She said it was something big.
- It's Lucy.
- Same.
"I'm tired of feeling incomplete.
" "I finally see the way through.
" These sound like goodbyes.
We gotta find her.
Looks like she's at home.
You track Lucy's phone? I'll check on her.
Do you track my phone? Ally, your glove.
We're close.
Right where Kit said.
She wasn't there.
It's just her phone.
Could she have sent those texts remotely, - or maybe set a timer? - Okay.
Chrissy hasn't returned any of my calls.
Lucy's texts weird, cryptic goodbyes.
And Anderson's missing along with the pendant.
Let's say he did go to Ally.
What if they're trying to get into the inverse world? The other Superman, he came through a portal in the mines.
Do you think Lucy could be with Chrissy and Ally? The DOD has a security team there.
Let me make a call.
The time is finally here.
We're gonna merge with our other selves and become whole.
I told you, Ms.
The greatest story in human history.
No no! No! This isn't supposed to be happening.
The team at the mines isn't responding.
I don't want to! Anything? No.
Everything's so lined with lead, I can't see through.
Help us! Help us! No! No! No! No! No! No! We're the only ones that you saved? I mean, everyone just got sucked into that portal.
It was like something out of "Poltergeist.
" You're safe now.
Thank you for saving me.
Superman! Excuse me.
- Was Lucy with them? - Chrissy isn't sure.
- They were all wearing those suits.
- But did you see Lucy? No, but by the time I got here, some had already been pulled through.
Any chance they survived? Not from what I saw.
Here, let me help you, Dad.
- What? - Thanks for the ride.
I was supposed to take John Henry and Nat home from the hospital.
It's fine.
Go meet them at the farm.
Lois is gonna meet me at the DOD.
We'll deal with Ally.
I am so, so sorry.
There was an emergency It's totally fine, Clark.
It's fine.
Yeah, the complete stranger who drove us here was super nice.
I told you I would be there and I wasn't.
I apologize to both of you.
You know what? Just save your apology.
- Bug.
- No, Dad.
I'm not gonna sit here and act like everything's okay when it's not.
All of this is so messed up.
I know this must be strange Strange? You look exactly like the guy who killed my mom.
And I'm supposed to what? Just ignore that and live with you? Nat, he's not the same guy.
Then why do I worry all the time that when he's around you, you're gonna end up just like Mom? - Where are we? - We appear to be nowhere.
Nowhere? Trapped in between worlds.
No, no.
How do we get out of here? We have to get out of here.
I don't know.
I need to get to my dad, Hedy.
Whatever you need to do.
I recommend placing you in hibernation until I have answers.
Just find him.
Hey! You post anything, you're dead.
- 'Kay? - Dude, relax.
- You change? - Yeah.
I'm meeting up with Sarah and Aubrey.
No way.
Like, the girl that kissed Sarah, Aubrey? Why? Why would you do that? - Mostly 'cause of you.
- What? When Sarah asked me, I said yes, 'cause I was distracted by some townie yelling at Candice about money for X-K inhalers.
So you're gonna use your powers to rat me out to Mom and Dad now? No, man.
I'm just trying to understand.
You're doing all this for her? She's a drug dealer, Jon.
Jordan, she's doing it to help out her dad because he's broke, okay? It's just the two of them, and if they get kicked out, they'll literally have nowhere to go.
And you care about her that much? What, like you're the only one that can do something sketch to help their girlfriend? I guess you're right, but going on the most awkward date ever isn't exactly on the same level as, you know, breaking the law.
Hm mm, yeah, you're right.
Yours is way worse.
Thanks for coming over.
So what made you change your mind? I mean, I know Emily canceled, but Well, you've been a part of this since the beginning.
There's no one else that could really help, so Okay, so where do we start? Well, Emily and I made these.
We think that most of the questions are gonna be geared towards the economy, jobs Family values.
I don't have to prep for that.
Lana, that's the only thing you need to prep for.
All this stuff, you know that front and back.
Come on, you know Dean is gonna steer every question back to our broken marriage.
So I'll steer him right back.
And that's just gonna look like you're avoiding the question.
Okay, so what am I supposed to do? You stare the man in his eyes, and you answer him.
Every question.
Seven people went into those mines.
Three came out.
I need the names of the ones Superman couldn't save.
Are you asking as an officer or as a father? Okay, I'll get the ball rolling.
Lieutenant General Mitchell Anderson.
Another person you've let down.
I'm not interested in your games.
He looked up to you like a father.
Although we both know how you have struggled - to live up to that title.
- I need names.
You want one name, and she is only a priority to you now because you think she's gone.
Don't you dare speak to me about Lucy.
- Pull him out of there.
- Lois isn't the only one who's let her down in her life.
Who else was there? And deep down, deep down, you are so afraid your girls are gonna leave you the same way your wife left.
Answer the question! It's created a hole in you, Samuel, a hole that I can help you fill, the same way I helped Lucy.
- Tell me where my daughter is.
- Dad.
I won't be saying another word without my attorney present.
- Dad.
- Lucy's gone.
- There's still a lot we don't know.
- Lois, please.
Can't you just acknowledge the truth? You were right this whole time! Ally was a cancer! But I was too damn scared Lucy would cut me out.
I never pushed back.
This was Lucy's choice.
She's dead, Lois because I failed her.
Now I have to live with that the rest of my life.
So what would you say to people wondering how you'll keep scandal out of Smallville when you can't even keep it out of your own home? I'd say that my personal life is none of their business.
Well, that's not really an answer, Lana.
It's not really a question.
It's a judgment from jerks with a question mark at the end.
The moderator is Dean's hunting buddy.
Right, so judgment is pretty much the only dish she's gonna be serving.
So again, how are you gonna keep scandal I never brought scandal into our house! You did! But because I'm a woman, this is now a commentary on me.
And that's not fair, and it's all because of your stupid mistake.
- You're right.
- I know.
I know, okay? It doesn't make it okay to emotionally barf all over this room.
Well, hey, look.
Maybe you just needed to get that out of your system.
Just take a breath, and, um, back to the question.
Back to the question.
Unpredictable things happen in life.
We all know that.
The real question is how you respond to it in the face of a crisis.
Is it with honesty and integrity? Because it's what I've tried to do in my personal life and what I promise to do as mayor of Smallville.
I will never waver when it comes to trying to do what's right for my family and for this town.
Now, that's an answer right there.
Hey, uh, sorry about Nat earlier.
Oh, don't be.
She, uh, she was right.
You had good reason not to be there.
But, uh Look.
It doesn't change the fact that you did get hurt helping me, - and if any of your injuries - My injuries are temporary.
The scan came back clear.
Okay, yeah, there might be a few more moments of confusion.
But I'm gonna be okay.
What happened, that was my decision, - not yours.
- I know.
I know, but - on your world - That wasn't you.
Yeah, but he looked like me.
I mean, for all Natalie knows, I am that person.
I know the difference.
You just you haven't put in the time with her.
- You don't think it's too late? - No.
From my experience, most people want to forgive.
You're a good person, you know? Find a way to show her that.
What is it? Someone's in Lucy's apartment.
Lois? There's gotta be something here, like a book or a letter something that would tell me where she is.
Don't give me that look, Clark.
Lois There is no way that Lucy would go to another world and only send a text.
There's nothing else here.
I checked.
But she can't just leave.
Not after what our mom did to us.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
How could she just disappear like that? Why do they keep leaving me? I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere.
Why didn't you tell me about this Micky guy? You got kicked out of school for me.
You shouldn't have to worry about some dumb hillbilly too.
Candice, I understand, but he threatened to hurt you if you didn't pay him.
Wait, your brother heard that? You don't have to worry, okay? I'm gonna stay over at Kim's tonight.
Can I at least walk you there? - Okay.
- 'Kay.
- Night, Mr.
- Okay.
Good first day, Kent.
Thank you, sir.
So how much do you owe this guy exactly? More than either of us can get anytime soon.
Yeah, are you sure about that? I mean, I do I don't wanna brag, but I do work at a convenience store now.
- So - Stop.
See, this is why I love you.
Even when things are bad, you make me laugh.
You love me? Yeah.
I do.
Who's that? Get in the car, Candice.
She's not going anywhere.
I was hoping you'd say that.
All right.
You got this.
You got this.
No, Jon! Jon! No! Jon! - Let's go! - Get off me! No.
Get in there.
Come on, here.
You can get in the car.
- We're gonna go get my money.
- No! Hey.
Hey! Good luck finding those.
Now you're dead.
Ah Candice, run! Look at me.
Look at me.
Ever go anywhere near her again anywhere and I'll send him after you, you understand? Yeah, yeah.
Get the hell out of here.
Go! You good? Yeah.
You? Been better.
I gotta go check on Candice.
Gotta meet up with Sarah.
You're right, you know.
We, uh, rushed you into this life here, thinkin' it would help you, but being around me and and Lois that just kind of did the opposite.
Look, I know you're not the same guy that killed my mom.
I know that you would never intentionally hurt my dad, and yet, I look at you, and this alarm goes off.
That's no way to live.
What other choice do I have? Well, Natalie, I want you to have a choice, including whether or not you wanna get to know me, instead of being forced to live in the same house with me.
What are you saying? What's this? An old friend of mine's had a place for rent for a while.
I thought maybe you and your dad could check it out.
So this would be like our own place? Mm-hmm.
And then, maybe, you and I can get to know each other.
Let's see if we can't get that alarm to quiet down.
Think he'll show? I hope so.
Something probably came up.
How you feelin', Dad? What Ally said, about there being a hole inside of me She's right.
I'm just being honest, Lois.
That night I came home when your mother was gone I've never been the same since, and neither were you two.
And I knew I was never gonna be enough to fix it.
I just kept hearing Lois's warnings in my head, and I knew I had to get out of there.
We were wearing these suits, and it was dark in the mines.
So no one noticed.
But they took my phone, and I had to walk until that lady picked me up.
Well, you're safe now.
Ally's locked up, and she's gonna stay at the DOD for a very long time.
Lucy, I am sorry about everything.
It's okay.
You were right.
We were so worried.
I'm sorry I put everyone through all this.
No, I'm just, um, happy to see you're safe.
Can I get you anything, or are you hungry? Actually, I'm pretty wiped.
I just Dad, do you mind if I Of course.
Of course, I'll take you home.
We can pick this up, the three of us, tomorrow.
Maybe brunch? Brunch? You brunch? Yeah, he also wears Hawaiian shirts now.
Come on.
Okay, just one more question: will you ever forgive your husband? Kyle - Yeah, it was stupid.
- No, it's just that I, um Oh, God.
I'm ten minutes late to pick up Sophie.
Tell everyone at the firehouse that I said hi.
Um, I'm actually not living there anymore.
I got my own place.
It's a short-term lease.
I'm gonna pick up some extra shifts to cover it.
No, it's not about the money, Kyle.
It's just, uh wow.
- We can talk about it in - No, it's the right thing.
Thanks for helping me.
Um, I gotta get Sophie.
Uh, so I'm so yeah.
This is just the repair shop.
I'm sure the living area is better.
Natalie, wake up.
What's going on? You've been in hibernation for six months.
- Your body needs time to - Where's my dad? I was able to pick up the locator beacon for the war suit.
- You found him? - I found the suit.
The chances that your father also survived are not That is not helpful, Hedy! We need to leave now.
Follow that beacon.
Our resources are limited.
We may not be able to survive the trip.
All I need is you, Dad.
Just you, and I'll be happy.
Natalie, what would you like me to do? Get me to my dad.
What do you think? Nat? It's perfect.
You sure? - 'Cause Clark said that - Everything we need is right here.
It is.
I'll let Clark know, all right? Ooh, hey.
John and Nat are taking the place.
That's great! I would offer to cook breakfast tomorrow to celebrate, but apparently, I'm having brunch with Lucy and my dad.
A sentence I never thought I would say.
It does sound a little strange.
I'm just glad she got out when she did.
Yeah, me too.
And that we can finally close the chapter on Ally Allston.
What? What? Ally didn't have the pendant.
Then who does? Hey.
How was your first day? It was good.
Um, it was good.
Olowe was happy, so What took you so long to get home? I promised Candice I would walk her home No.
You are either at the house or at the store.
Anywhere else, you need our permission.
- Understood? - Sure.
That was a bit harsh for just walking his girlfriend home at night.
If that's where he really was.
I doubt he's lying, Clark.
You know, the problem is he's getting really good at it.
I am mad too.
But trust me, do not let this go on for too long.
Okay? Why are you back already? Look at me.
How was I supposed to explain this to Sarah? Barely snuck in here.
Look, dude, um I'm really sorry I made you miss it.
Why didn't you just tell me it was Candice, man? I don't know.
I already felt bad enough lying to Mom and Dad, and I just didn't I didn't feel that it was, like, fair to put that on you, you know? I can handle it.
I didn't wanna shut you out.
I Then don't.
Come on.
We're The Fraternals, remember? I know you love this apartment.
But why not stay at my place tonight? I'd love for you to see it.
I have a guest room.
I have fresh ice cream.
You you used to Dad, are you okay? Yeah, I'm just all of a sudden, I'm tired.
You put something in my tea.
Yeah, sorry.
I was sort of the failsafe in case things didn't go according to plan.
Why? To make sure Ally gets to the other side.
I'm sorry.
Greg, move your head!
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