Superman and Lois (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

Bizarros in a Bizarro World

1 Soon I'll be able to save everyone.
You're too late.
She made it to the other side.
Then I'll bring her back.
You can't, Superman.
Not even you can make it through.
Not in that.
Ereh sdrawkcab s'gnihtyreve.
Ssertrof sih.
Kal? Did he send you? My son? Yltcaxe ton.
Not exactly.
He's gone.
Ally Allston's oblivion stone was he able to destroy it on your Earth? He tried.
I told him it was impossible, but he wouldn't listen, desperate to regain what he once had.
He was a good man but he was lost.
He was trying to make things right.
Do you know where I can find the Ally Allston of this earth? I have to before she merges She has both pendants? I believe so.
And the Ally of my world is here as well.
Then it is only a matter of time before she becomes the most powerful being on this planet.
The rest of the world will have no choice: either merge or die.
It is simply not possible for humans to coexist with beings of that magnitude.
- Jon? - We'll take this with us, all right? Ally Allston knows you're here.
How's that possible? I'll explain later.
We need to get to the farm.
It's the safest place to hide out until we come up with a plan, at least.
You can fly? Do a lot more than that.
What's wrong? It's the red sun.
It weakens me.
Let's get you inside.
You coming? - How'd you know I was here? - Well, your face is plastered on every TV in the world right now.
Ally's followers have total control of the media.
Check it out.
You must immediately report any sighting of this Kryptonian fugitive.
And remember, the ascension is nearly upon us, my friends.
And on that day, I will show the world how it feels to become whole.
How long has she been In power? A few months.
It's crazy.
Ally saw that the world was broken, and she just she took advantage.
She made people believe that there was an easy way to fix everything.
And people just willingly followed her? At first, yeah.
How do we find her? My guess is, she's still at the DOD.
- The DOD? - Yeah.
She and her people took it over.
She has both pendants and her other self.
The best place to merge would be somewhere where no one can get inside.
Except you and me.
What are you looking for? Something to help you power up.
It seems like you need it, no? I knew my dad would have some Kryptonite in here somewhere.
I'm not sure that's such a good idea.
Well you have my restraint than my dad, I guess.
I assume you met him when he escaped your Earth to be a hero again.
I did, yes.
And why didn't he come back with you? He's dead, isn't he? I knew he'd fail.
He forgot what it was to be a hero a long time ago.
I think he was just trying to fix all the wrong.
There's no fixing that, not with me.
The two of you didn't get along? Yeah, let's just say that we didn't exactly see eye to eye on some decisions I made.
It was his way or the skyway, you know? You know, sometimes, parents they, um they can get stuck in their ways.
But I'm sure he just wanted what was best for you.
Best for me? Did he even mention I existed? He didn't really have a chance.
Yeah, because he didn't care.
Yes, he did, Jonathan.
More than you'll ever know.
- He loved you.
- Enough! You should've disappeared like I told you to.
Okay, we're here.
How long do we have to stay at this thing? An hour, maybe two.
They're giving your dad a major award.
Let me guess.
World's greatest dad? Not this again.
Can we please just try to have one nice night together as a family? You know it doesn't happen often with your dad's schedule.
Yeah, whatever.
I have to get out there.
Just try to enjoy yourselves.
- It's him! - Oh, my God! It's really him! Hello, hello, hello.
- Mr.
El, please! - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Big Jim, Big Jim, it's okay.
- Mrs.
El, please! Uh, how 'bout we just get a picture for these guys? Thank you so much.
We're like your biggest fans.
Aw, well, I owe it all to people like you.
Smile, guys.
Look at him.
There you go.
Dad's definitely never met a fan he didn't like.
Wh whoa! Wow.
Looks like Jonathan finally got his powers.
- This complicates things.
- It's perfect.
He can finally see what I deal with on a daily basis.
What, are you suggesting we let our 15-year-old son be a hero? With my guidance.
And he only goes on missions with me.
That way, I can show him the ins and outs.
- You're a hero! - Can you tell us how long - have you been able to fly? - Can I get a picture with you? You really think he's ready for this? You're right.
We should call Deb.
Let's talk outfits.
I assumed he'd be wearing the same suit as his dad.
Actually, um, I mean, I was thinking of something maybe more casual, but also cooler.
Simple but stylish.
A hero for the next generation.
Love it.
Have you thought of a name for me to give the press? Oh, um What about Superboy? Seriously trying to embarrass me right now? I-I like it.
Just Jon-El.
Son of Kal-El.
It's important the world knows that the Els are a family - of heroes.
- Well most of the Els.
He's just teasing.
Your powers are gonna come in any day now.
It's great that you're carrying on the family name, but you might wanna think of a way to make yourself stand out from your dad.
Like what? Like a catchphrase? I think we can do better than that.
I'm on stage ♪ It's all an act ♪ I'm really scared that I may fall back ♪ On the abstract ♪ It'd be exactly where I'm at ♪ If you're to be the roaming eye ♪ Well, pry it open ♪ And let me tell you why it sees ♪ The harsh realities ♪ So let's begin with the past in front ♪ And all the things ♪ That you really don't care about now ♪ Okay, come on.
This way.
Where have you been? Uh, just out saving the world.
We have talked about this.
You're not supposed to do any of that without your father.
Mom, relax.
All right? It was a simple accident.
I don't need Dad's help.
That's not the point! Yeah, but it kinda is, though.
You are barely 15.
- That is not your call to make.
- Yeah, I'm pretty sure that that unicorn left the barn as soon as the world saw - what I could do.
- I am your father.
You do what I tell you to do, you understand? Oh, so now you wanna be my dad now that I have powers.
Where were you before? Don't you take that tone with me.
You know exactly where I was.
Actually, yeah, yeah, I do.
Uh, selling your shoe line and hosting the Kevins.
Oh, and the trips with President Seinfeld.
I have responsibilities, Jonathan! I thought, by now, you would understand that.
That's the thing, Dad.
It's always, always about me understanding you.
Maybe, for once in your life, you should think about how I'm feeling.
Jonathan, can we please just talk about this? Forget it.
I was supposed to meet Misty 20 minutes ago.
No, but I'm here now, Jonathan.
Well, it's not always about you, Pops.
I lick my brain in silence ♪ Rather squeeze my head instead ♪ It feels like my dad has no idea who I am anymore.
Probably not.
I mean, do you even know? - Know what? - Who you are.
It just seems like, ever since we've met, you've been trying to find yourself, like a part of you has been missing.
Please calm it down ♪ I guess maybe that's true.
I know it's true, which is why there's someone I'd like you to meet.
Brown ♪ Mutilated lips give a kiss on the wrist ♪ Of the wormlike tips ♪ Of tentacles expanding in my mind ♪ I'm fine, accepting only fresh brine ♪ You can get another drop of this ♪ Jonathan El.
It's nice to finally meet you.
You're the lady behind those uprisings in Star City.
A simple misunderstanding.
The government started the riots.
They see that Ally has a billion followers - and - Misty, please.
That's not important right now.
You are.
- Me? - You have gifts.
There's something that I would like to show you if you're open to it Something that would change everything that you think you know about yourself.
Why not? Wonderful.
Fix Jonathan a cup of tea.
Enough! You should've disappeared like I told you to.
Don't tell him anything.
He's working for Ally.
Jonathan! Now, you're gonna tell me where I can find those pendants.
'Cause I've had enough.
I can't live like this, Kal.
You can't just take our son and leave.
I tried to make this work.
I really did, but you refuse to change.
Oh, that's not true! I hardly go out anymore! I cut back on the press! You should've cut all of it! The interviews, the galas, the calendar shoots.
How many times have I told you? It's part of the job! And the Kryptonite? Is that part of the job too? - It's making me better, okay? - It's making you crazy! All you do, day and night, is fly around the world! - It never ends! - I'm a superhero, Lois! I go where people need me! We need you, damn it! Jordan and I we need you just like Jonathan did! I can't just stop saving people! That is not what I'm saying.
Kal, I don't blame you for all of this.
I am just as responsible for what happened as you are.
But Jonathan never felt heard or seen, and it turned him into somebody I can hardly recognize.
I'm not gonna let that happen again.
Everything you had was because of me, Lois.
This life! This family! All of it was me! Do you hear me? I didn't know where else to go.
You came to the right place.
I'm sorry to burden you with all this.
Nothing's more important to me than my daughters.
- Nothing.
- I know.
You've always been there for me.
But you also didn't need me showing up out of the blue, upset about the exact thing you warned me would happen with Kal, especially with all this Ally Allston stuff happening.
Don't you worry.
We're gonna get this movement of hers under control.
Dad, it's more than a movement.
She's recruiting political agitators, ex-military, people with powers.
We're gonna stop her, Lois, and then we're gonna get Jon outta that damn cult.
What's happening? It's your grandson.
- Go, go, go! - Now! Now! You move, you die.
Where is it? You're trying to keep your father from stopping Ally Allston.
Where is it? You're not getting my X-K, son.
If you don't give it to us, I will freeze all the skin off your face, General.
Jonathan, that void that you feel, the one that you think Ally's gonna magically fill by helping you become someone new that's not there because there's something wrong with you.
- Where is 4377? - We never taught you what was really important in life.
It's not magazine covers, or talk shows, or some signature move.
Last chance, Gramps.
Tell me right now.
I'm sorry I wasn't a better mother.
I know that I failed you.
I won't anymore.
Please, just come back to us.
I thought these three were smarter than your father.
So did I.
Follow me.
You son of a bitch.
If you're not gonna join us, then disappear.
Tens of thousands of Ally Allston's followers - have gathered here in Wash - I can't believe this is happening.
Ally found a portal to another Earth.
If she merges with herself No military will be able to stop her.
She'll be more powerful than any country on the planet.
There won't be any countries.
This would be the end of humanity as we know it.
So how do we get to Ally before that happens? We can't.
But I can.
What's left of me.
You were right, Lois.
I was never there when it mattered.
You are now.
Kal, Ally's got a small army at the DOD, most of which is hopped up on Kryptonite, and you're you're not as strong as you once were.
I will be.
I'll get into the DOD, take the pendant, and I'll make it to the other Earth, where I can destroy it for good.
I have to save our son if it's the last thing I do.
I have to save him.
I'm so sorry.
For everything.
You're gonna tell me where I can find those pendants.
Jonathan, no! Tell me where Anderson is now! What? Where are they? Where are the pendants? Jonathan, stop it! I don't know! Please! You're gonna tell me where Anderson is, or you're gonna end up just like my dad.
Ereh thgir m'I.
No! Em pleh.
Em pleh, esaelp.
- What is he saying? - I don't know.
But it looks like he needs help.
- Mitchell.
- Mitchell.
They did it.
He has both pendants.
What are you two playing at? Excuse me? Where is my other half? Neither of us would ever willingly give up our pendants.
Where is she? Nalp Pu-kcab a sah ehs.
It's a trick.
I want those pendants.
You didn't tell me he had powers.
I didn't know.
Ally, what do I do? Take him out! Now, Jonathan, before they merge! Take him out! Now! On! I've never killed anyone before.
He won't be able to hide for long.
Deadlines are looming! Come on, people! Hey, Olsen, any luck with that Luthor piece? Janet? Boss, I have never seen anything like this.
This guy's face is plastered across every website I've tried.
Who is he? No idea.
But he just walked in the door.
EnaL sioL htiw kaeps ot deen I.
Oh, great.
He's insane.
I think he's just speaking a different language.
sioL? Or backwards.
Lois? Um, no one's seen her since the DOD was taken over.
Miss Beppo, Ally's demanding that anyone with information On his whereabouts come forward immediately.
If she finds out that he was here and we didn't say anything, we're all dead.
You need to leave.
We need to hurry.
Thank God Chrissy was quick on her feet.
Luckily, I got to him before Ally's forces did.
He's got both pendants.
Which means Ally isn't gonna stop until she finds him.
Did he say anything about Dad? No, it's been kind of hard to understand him.
Sir, do you know what happened to my dad? He went to your world.
My dad.
Yrros Os m'I.
Dog ho.
What does that mean? Yrros Os m'I.
What does that mean? What does that mean? - What does that mean? - Jordan.
- What does that mean? - Jordan.
I'm afraid your father's dead.
Come on.
Come here.
Come here.
Can you hear that? Someone's here.
- I'll go check it out.
- Lois.
Dad, we can't survive here much longer.
We need help.
I'll be right back.
Tell me where Anderson is, or you're gonna end up just like my dad.
Ereh thgir m'I.
Give me those pendants.
Now! Anderson.
You were right.
We can't let Ally get the pendants.
When I first got here, I, um I saw the other you.
I escaped right after he was killed.
By one of her followers? By him.
They brought me here to keep the pendant safe, help me heal, but, uh I don't think that's in the cards anymore.
How many inhalers do you have left? This is my last one.
Maybe it's enough to get you back through the portal alive.
After everything that I've done, you'd still try and save me? I've told you before.
To me, everyone's worth saving.
I thought coming here would prove that you and the other Supermen were the bad guys, but instead, it was Ally and me.
How could I be so wrong? That's your family on Earth, too, isn't it? And the reason that you kept things from me was to protect them.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Let's get you and those pendants outta here.
Hmm? They're coming.
Tal-Rho, Lana, and both the Allys.
Don't let her get these.
This is all we've got.
Stay here.
Just as you said.
My brother as he once was.
Those belong to us, and you're going to give them back.
This isn't the way to save people.
And who makes that decision for us, Superman? You? The two of us, together we're gonna give everyone the power to become their own heroes.
By merging the people of this world - with those in mine? - Two halves to make a whole.
People are not halves.
You can't just eliminate a population.
We're not eliminating.
We're combining the best of both.
The pendants.
We've gotta help.
No, Dad.
They will kill you if you go out there.
She gets those pendants, we're all dead anyway.
Grandpa, watch out! You should've stayed hidden.
I said now.
Get back to our Earth.
- Now at last - We become whole.
There's something I have to tell you.
If this is about hosting the ESPYs again, - my answer hasn't changed.
- Tal.
Our jokes weren't funny, Jordan Michael's a jerk, and clearly, no one paid any attention to my rider.
Lois is pregnant.
What? Are you serious? I'm gonna be an uncle? You're gonna be an uncle.
I'm gonna be an uncle! Rest of the night, the drinks are on me.
You know, we, uh we were planning a press release, but Oh, you know how I am, Kal, always wearing my heart on my sleeve.
Proud of you, brother.
Here's to the future of the El family.
Also, Lois and I just bought a place nearby.
- Here? In Smallville? - Yeah.
It's got a barn and tons of land.
It's a total change of pace from Metropolis.
Why on square Earth would you do that? Something about this place just drew me here.
Well, you've always been the impulsive one, Kal.
I got a lot of thirsty customers taking you up on your offer.
I'm gonna need a credit card.
I promise you, I'm good for it.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
It's not like I don't know who you are, World's Most Eligible Bachelor.
Don't believe everything you read in "Persons" magazine.
I'm I'm simply a guy who hasn't found the right woman yet.
Maybe that's because you've never been to Smallville.
I'll be at the bar, waiting for that credit card.
I mean She's too good for me.
That's true.
Ugh, what was I thinking? Maybe this is a mistake.
Tal, you're just nervous.
You and Lana are the happiest couple I know.
I want you to know, this changes nothing between us.
You'll always be my brother.
And whatever you need, all you have to do is ask.
Same here.
Now let's get you married.
Those below us cannot be renounced ♪ 'Cause they're talking ♪ She's gorgeous.
And for once, I wish they'd shut up their mouths ♪ Yeah, she's too good for you.
Lock their doors and stay in the house ♪ Look at yourself.
This has gone on too long, brother.
It's only temporary.
Lois and Jordan aren't coming back.
- Once I stop Ally Allston - Kal Once I stop her and get Jonathan back, Lois will come back too.
Kal, have you ever considered that maybe Ally is right? What? Almost every person is lost at some level.
Take you, for example.
Don't you feel that something is missing? No, no.
Have you been listening to her? Jonathan arranged a meeting.
How could you do that? And Lana and I agreed there was some truth in what she had to say.
Tal, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Don't get involved with that woman, please.
She's dangerous.
Kal, I think she could help you.
No! You promised me.
You promised, if I needed something, anything, you would do whatever I asked.
- Do you remember that? - Yes, of course, but I'm asking you to walk away.
She's destroyed my family.
Give me your word, give me your word that you will walk away.
It's complicated.
Lana really believes in what she's doing.
You walk away from Ally, or you walk away from me.
Kal, please.
I'm your brother.
You don't have to do this.
Get out.
- Kal - I said get out! What is she becoming? Jon-El.
Merge with your other self.
Find my followers.
Prepare for my arrival.
Don't let this happen.
My Jonathan he's a good kid.
There's nothing to be done.
I failed my brother once before.
Seeing you here reminds me of what I lost.
Tal Save your son.
Hey, look.
Jon's home.
That's not our Jonathan.
Where's Clark? He was too late.
Is he okay? Probably not.
Why are you here? For him.
Greg, move your head.

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