Superman and Lois (2021) s02e13 Episode Script

All Is Lost

Previously on "Superman and Lois"
You built your own kill suit?
Basically designed my dad's suit.

I have things I wanna
tell you, but I can't.

Then you should take this.

Are you are you breaking up with me?
It's open mic night.

Why don't you just get up there
and show 'em what you got, hmm?
Lana, there's something I've
wanted to tell you my entire life.

You're Superman.

I can't have you in my life right now.

Not just mine, but my kids'.

I don't wanna feel
like I'm lying to them
every time our families are together.

Ally Allston merged
with her Bizarro self.

That mean she's sort of God now?
That pendant gave her a lot of power.

The rest of the world
will have no choice.

Either merge or die.

- It's over.

- We haven't lost.

But without the pendant?
There are other ways.

My life has been far from perfect.

My parents died when I was young.

I've had trouble holding on to work.

Don't even get me started
about my love life.

But that's the curse of
being born incomplete.

You can be successful and in love
and still feel like there's
something missing from your life.

That's why I wrote this book.

To give people hope.

Because that void can be filled.

Who should I make it out to?
Lucy Lane.

Nice alliteration.

It's kinda my dad's thing.

My sister and I are LLs.

You're not Lois Lane's sister, are you?
That's me.
Lois Lane's sister.

Not easy growing up in
that shadow, I take it.

Skyscrapers don't cast shadows that big.

- And your parents?
- My dad is just like Lois.

He's a force of nature.

Four-star general.

What about your mother?
She left when I was kid.

Must've been painful.

I'm sorry.

I feel like I've taken
up all of your time.

I'm curious.

At what point in your
life did you decide
that you weren't special?
Just because we live a divided existence
does not mean that each of us is
not an essential piece of the puzzle.

You don't understand.
I'm nobody.

Lucy, you are somebody.

And I believe you came here today
so that I could help you see that.

Why are you leaving?
Everyone, please calm down.

Ally's been gone over a month.

She's not coming back.

- You don't know that, Meghan.

- We all know it.

It's just some of us aren't
ready to accept it yet.

Let's go!
There's no sign of Ally anywhere.

You think she went to the Inverse World?
There's only one way to know for sure.

You are not going back there.

- Lois
- You were gone a month, Clark.

You left me with two
teenage boys for a month.

Besides, Ally can drain your powers,
- which aren't as strong there.

- Okay.

We'll wait for her to come back.

In the meantime, we'll make
a plan for when she does.

And barring some other world
crisis or natural disaster,
maybe you can spend
some time with the boys
who also missed having you around.

- Where are you going?
- Track Lucy down.

Feels like now could be a good
time to try to get through to her.

Maybe she'll know what
Ally's planning next.

And also, you need to talk
to the boys about Lana.

They're gonna hate us.


She's just doing what she
thinks is best for her family.

I know.
I just
wish what was best for them
didn't mean staying away from us.

Hey, Dad, wanna grab some breakfast?
Victoria May's Tofu scramble
is surprisingly not terrible.

I'm sorry, Bug.
I gotta keep working.

Suit looks like it held
up well against Ally.

Yeah, can't say the same
about Superman or Tal-Rho.

Okay, so what, she can drain
and absorb people's superpowers now?
- Like some kind of energy vampire?
- No, not just powers.

I think she might be capable
of draining life also.

- Dad, this is bad.

- I know, which is why I need to figure out
- how the suit protected me.

- Anything I can do to help?
You know what?
I will take a breakfast burrito.

Got it.

Open up the most
recent file on the suit.

Not again.

Hedy, can you open up the most
recent file for the suit, please?
Of course, John.

Please specify which suit.

They say love is the way,
but that can't be right ♪
That voice.
Who is that?
- Oh, you know, it's me.

- Seriously?
Let me see.

Wow, honey, you shine.

And that song.
Did you write it?
I've been working on a couple.

Most are garbage, but you know,
it's really been helping
me get through some stuff.

Oh, wow.

It's like I have my
own Alanis Morissette.

Who's Alanis Morissette?
Oh, she only wrote the greatest
breakup album of all time.

You would love it.

- When was this?
- Last night.

Dad set up the whole
thing, totally surprised me,
and then just shoved me on stage.

Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't wanna bug you
with all your mayor stuff.

Oh, honey, I really wish
I could have been there.

Just breathe ♪
Wait, was this at Manito's?

But, you know, like Dad's
person, she wasn't there.

I can't believe your
father took you there.

What was he thinking?
I don't think you
Like, he didn't
No, I don't.

So we're supposed to just ignore
- the whole Cushing family?
- Yeah, Dad,
you do realize that we go
to school with Sarah, right?
I know, I know, but Lana,
isn't ready for Sarah to know
the truth about our family, so
So shouldn't that at
least be up to Sarah?
Yeah, I think she's
seriously overreacting.

Guys, Lana now has to lie
every day to protect our secret.

Is it really that wrong
that she doesn't want Sarah
to have to do the same thing?
Do you think she'll
ever change her mind?
I don't know.

But for right now, we just need to
respect her wishes
and keep our distance.

But on the bright side,
I planned a full day of chores for us
so we could spend some time together.

- Yeah, thanks.

- How is that the bright side?
Oh, come on, I used to love
helping my dad around the farm.

Come on, meet me in
the barn in ten minutes.

I wish I could help,
but this is everything I've
got from my time with Ally.

Well, you said that there
were only a handful of people
with you at the portal.

Was there any talk
about where everyone else was?
Clearly, Ally only let me know
what she wanted me to know.

Sound familiar?
- I can explain.

- Good.

Because Lana thought Clark was on
a monthlong assignment
for the "Gazette,"
and last I checked, your
husband doesn't work here.

But he wants to.

- Excuse me?
- He wants you to consider him for a job,
but he doesn't wanna get it
just 'cause he's married to me.

So the story that he's
been working on is to what,
impress me?
- Any luck finding Lucy?
- Maybe.

Got a hit on former
First Sergeant Erin Wu.

Tracked her down to a lodge
out in the middle of nowhere.

Is the DOD sending in a team?
Beppo, if my daughter is there,
I'd like to extract her before
anyone shows up with guns,
so no, it's just me and Lois.

- And me.

- This is Lane family business.

The Lanes aren't the only
people involved in this.

I drank the tea.

I watched those people
die in that portal.

I almost died.

- I am a part of this.

- She's right.

And she might be able to help.


Just don't get in the way.

Meet me in the car.

We take you now live to Paris
- Turn it up.

- Where millions of Ally Allston's followers
have gathered to hear
her address the world.

Incomplete people of the world,
as you can see,
we are now whole.

Soon we will all be gods.

There's just one thing
left for us to do.

Merge both Earths into one.

Hey, got you a fresh coffee.

When were you gonna tell me?
Today, maybe?
I only just finished it last night.

- So now you're a superhero?
- No,
I just wanna be able to
help you when the time comes.

Start by tearing this thing apart.

What? No, Dad.
Putting on a suit like this
puts your life in danger.

I know what I'm doing.

Why do you keep
treating me like a child?
Because you are 15 years old.

I've been helping you with
your suit from day one.

I'm the reason it withstood Ally,
and now I'm too young to wear one?
You can die in that suit.

I almost died in jeans
and a jacket two days ago
when Mrs.
Cushing's killer
clone tried to murder us.

- And I saved your life, by the way.

- That is not fair.

I am qualified to do more
than sit on the sidelines.

- You need me.

- I need you alive.

You gonna take this
thing apart, or am I?
I build things.

I don't destroy them.

This could be our last chance with Lucy.

What if she doesn't listen to us?
Then we'll do everything we
can to make sure she does.

Beppo, you stay here.

- Oh, I'm not staying in the car.

- I'll crack the windows.

- Dad.

- You said she can help, and she can,
as our lookout.

Standard operating procedure.

He can't be serious.

I'm surprised he let you
come this far, to be honest.

- Lois?
- Give it an hour.

If it looks like trouble, call the DOD.

- Where's my daughter?
- Lucy?
- You need to leave.

- Settle down, Wu.

I know you're only here
because of Anderson.

And he's gone.
Ally had him
killed to get the pendant.

Don't listen to her.

She's lying.


- You shouldn't be here.

- Neither should you.

It's over, Lucy.
destroyed the pendant.

Wow, you really will say
anything to get your way.

Your sister's telling the truth, Peanut.

Whatever you're waiting
for, it's not coming.

You're wrong.
Ally is coming here.

We will merge and I'll finally be whole.

Ally merged, but she's not whole.

She's become some kind of a parasite.

- Oh, please, Lois.

- What are you talking about?
She drains people's energy
to make herself more powerful.

- Enough.

- Don't you see?
This is about Ally getting powered.

It's not about helping people.

Ally is the only person
who has ever helped me.

That is why I wait,
however long it takes.

And there's nothing you
can say to change it.

What are you doing?
I'm not leaving you.
Not again.

Get these off!
Whatever's coming, Luce,
we're gonna face it together.

Your brother must be pretty upset.

You kind of banned him from talking
to the girl that he loves, so
There we go.

Think there's anything I
can do to make things better?
You really want my advice? I mean,
I'm the lying son that let
everyone down, remember?
- That's not who you are, Jon.

- Really?
Look at the other Jon.
messed up on two worlds.

No, you're just kids
dealing with circumstances
the best you can.

And it's not too late for either
of you to make things right.

You really believe that?
Anyone can make a bad decision.

The true measure of someone's character
is what you do afterwards.

And you've been putting
in the work to make amends.

So does that mean
does that mean you're
not mad at me anymore?
I was never mad, Jonathan.

It's just look, as a parent,
you care so much about your kids.

And I wanna protect you from everything,
but I have to learn to let
you make your own mistakes.

Just like everyone else.

And that's really hard.

But I promise you,
I will always be here
for you when you do.

Everyone hates me.

I'm never gonna play sports again.

- I have no future.

- That's not true.

It's gonna be fine.

We're gonna figure something
out for you and your brother.

Speaking of which, I should
probably go check on him.

About that
Jordan, now's not a good time.

It'll only take a minute.

You need to know that Sarah
means everything to me.

All that matters is,
Sarah knows that, and
she broke up with you.

Yes, but
I couldn't tell her the truth.

I was lying to her all the time,
- but now that you know, I was wondering maybe
- Oh, no.

You still can't tell her.

- But I love her.

- It's not about love, Jordan.

If Sarah knows your secret, it
puts her whole life in danger.

But I could keep her safe.

- I have powers.

- Not even Superman can keep everyone safe.

- But I
- Your mom told me everything.

I know Tag Harris kidnapped
Sarah trying to get to you.

- That wasn't my fault.

- It doesn't matter.

Sarah will never be safe if
you're a part of her life.

Please, Mrs.
just give me a chance.

To do what, Jordan?
My family is going through enough,
so think about what you're asking.

If you really love Sarah
and you wanna protect her,
you'll stay away.

S-sorry for bothering you.

Lucy, it's perfect.

More like good enough, but furnished.

Thank you, local thrift store.

It's a fresh start.

It is.

Lois and your father must be proud.

I haven't told them yet.

Why not?
I don't think they'd understand.

What's not to understand?
C'mon, you're on the
path to self-discovery.

You have a job.
You're not living
- out of your suitcase anymore.

- It's a really nice suitcase.

Come on, we've been through this.

The Society has helped you grow.

Time to show your family how much.

It's more about Lois.
still thinks she's my mom.

Look, your sister's need to fix you
is her attempt to fill
a hole in her life.

I can help her with that.

Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

Someone could get hurt.

I would never hurt you or your family.

It's more my sister hurting
you I'm worried about.

Trust me, that's not a concern.

Lois will never believe you.

She'll be a dog with a bone
trying to prove you wrong
because she always has to be right.

Your sister claims to be
a champion of truth.
this is the truth.

Certainly, she'll be able to see that.

What is wrong with you?
Search all you want.

You won't find anything.

All he has is car keys and this.

It's what they use to call Superman.

- Dad, where's the key?
- Not here.

If you want out, you'll
have to leave with me.

Lois, will you tell him to unlock it?
You forced him to do this.

You drugged him.

You lied to us.

- I did what I had to.

- To help Ally.

Why are you always choosing
her over your family?
Because she cares about me.

We care about you.
We love you.

- I love you.

- That is such a lie.

Ever since Mom left,
all I have been is a
problem in your life,
and you always make sure I know it.

Ally loves me.

She wants me around
and she's never hurt me.

- Not like you.

- Luce, you're wrong.

She's your sister.
Of course she loves.

Can you just stop trying to make
this better? Because you can't.

After today, I am done.

I don't want anything
to do with either of you.

You overheard?
Cushing is right.

I want to tell Sarah everything,
but that's what's best for me, not her.

That's very mature of you.

Doesn't make me feel any better.

I still love her, Dad.

Buddy, I know it hurts,
but you can also try
and focus on the good.

What's good in any of this?
You can do things other
people can't do, Jordan.

So what?
"So what" is, you have an amazing gift.

More amazing than you even know.

Come on, I'll show you.

I promise it'll make
you forget about Sarah,
at least for a little bit.

I cannot believe you got
those knockoff Twinkies again.

It's all we can afford,
but if Cushing's mayor wife
can increase our budget
- It's not like that.

- Dad.

- I was just looking for you.

- Hey, look.

That's my daughter, the pop star.

- They say love is the way ♪
- Please stop.

- But that can't be right ♪
- Yeah, let's leave the singing
to professionals.
Congrats, Sarah.

Thanks, T.

Dad, can I talk to you for a second?
Of course.
Um, I'll
be right there, y'all.

Hey, what's up?
Mom saw the video of me singing,
and she she recognized the bar.

I tried telling her that
you-know-who wasn't there,
but it was too late, and
now she thinks that we were
trying to keep it a secret from her.

- Damn it.

- I'm really sorry.
I just
I kept watching the video 'cause
I was really excited about it.

- I just really
- No, no, no, no.

This isn't your fault, mi'ja,
okay? It's it's mine.

Dad, she hasn't been this upset since
Look, I'm gonna go over there
and I'm gonna talk to her, okay?
I'm gonna smooth things out.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

I got this, okay?
- Okay.

- Come here.

Lucy, do you really think that
I don't love you? Because I do.

So much.

After Mom left, I
felt like it was my job
to make sure you grew up okay.

If I was hard on you,
it's 'cause I thought
that's how you raised kids.

That's the excuse you're going with?
I was a child raising a child.

I didn't know any better.

Lucy, your sister did
the best she could.

No, Dad, the reason Lois was hard on me
was because she hated me.

You blamed me for everything
wrong in your life.

That is not true.

I was the reason you
couldn't be on teams.

- Couldn't join the school paper.

- No, that's because I didn't trust
some random sitter with you girls.

No, it's not.
it didn't end there.

Lois, you still look at me
today the way you did back then.

Like I'm something you're shackled to,
a constant disruption
in your perfect life.

I am so sorry that I ever made
you feel like you were a burden.

Because the truth is,
you were my life raft.

I wouldn't have survived
our childhood without you.

And I still need you.

Raising Jonathan and Jordan
has taught me a lot about love.

You can't just say it.

You have to mean it
and you have to show it.

Please give me a chance to
prove how much I love you.

I don't know, Lois.

You can't just say some words
and expect things to be different.

- I just need some time to think.

- You're right.

And I'll give you that time too,
instead of forcing you into it.

Luce, you know the
issues between you girls
- are because of me, right?
- No, they're not, Dad.

- They're 'cause of Mom.

- Yeah.

You might not have been around,
but you never abandoned us.

Lucy, you need to come outside.

- Wow.

- This is amazing.

Oh, my God.
Are you sure I don't need a coat?
This hat's all I could
find in the truck.

You'll be fine once we get started.

Started doing what?

- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm.

All right.
Uh, what do we do first?
I spent years out here on this very ice,
perfecting how to fly.

Now it's your turn.

Dad, you've seen me.

Calling what I do
"flying" is being generous.

You can do it.

I don't know.
That's a long way down.

You just have to let
go of your fear, Jordan.

I mean, you'll catch me
before I crash, right?
You got this.

Come on.

You can do it.

You can do it.
Come on.

Come on, Jordan!
- Yes!
- Yeah! Whoo!
- He's not slowing down.
- Dad? Dad!
- That was incredible!
- You just flew!
That was amazing! That was amazing!
Oh, my God, that's,
like, 10,000 times better
- than punching feed bags.

- What?
That's what Grandpa Lane had me doing.

- Amateur.

- I know.
I know.

- Can we do it again?
- Yes, yes.

We're gonna do one of
my favorite flight pass.

- All right.

- I used to call it the Kessel Run.

What's that?
I knew you'd come back for me.

Of course we did.

We promised you.

You merged.

And soon you will too.

She can't do that anymore.

It's true.
The pendant's gone.

I saw it destroyed with my own eyes.

We don't need the pendant anymore.

We found a different way.

Luce, don't listen to her.

She's trying to turn you into a monster.

Do we look like a monster to you?
Did you see what I just saw?
This is not going to make you
a better version of yourself.

You won't be you at all.

You'll be somebody who
hurts people like she does.

Your sister's right.

Lucy, we would never hurt you.

You know that.
We don't hurt people.

What do we do next?
We finish what we set out to do.

We merge both planets.

- You can do that?
- We can, with enough power,
which is why you are going to
tell us where to find Superman.

Hedy, why can't I cut through this?
Natalie used the same
metal from your suit,
then applied a special
lacquer made from X-Kryptonite.

X-Kryptonite she stole from my supply?
She used the word borrowed.

Seems to be impenetrable.

And clearly superior to your own suit.

That'll be enough.
Thank you.

How'd did the demolition go?
You knew I couldn't destroy it.

I hoped.

You didn't really give
me a chance to test it out
before you went all aggro-dad on me.

Suit's impressive.

Are you really that surprised?
You know what I'm capable of.

Please don't be the person
who tries to hold me back.

You gotta understand
where I'm coming from.

- I'm your father.

- Look, I get it.

I really do, but
we already lost one world.

I can't just stand by and watch
while another one's destroyed.

This time, I have to fight.


Look, how about we start
with you walking me through
the upgrades on your suit,
and then we go from there?

Everything okay?
I, uh, noticed your worry leg is going.

Listen, Lana, if I'm the
cause of that, I'm sorry.

No, it's not you, Kyle.
I'm a terrible person.

- What?
- Every move I make lately
is the wrong one.

I got upset with Sarah when I
should have been celebrating her.

I yelled at Jordan Kent.

- What'd he do?
- Oh, it's a long story.

And that's just the thing.

It's like there are all
these secrets piling up,
and I am just not handling it well.

I feel like I don't
even know myself anymore.

Well, listen, I don't know
what you got going on, okay?
But I lived with you long enough to know
that you are a good person.

And hell, you are a great mom.

And you know, no matter what, you've
always got the best of intentions,
so whatever it is that you've done,
I'm sure it was for the right reasons.

Listen, why don't we pick up the
girls and do a little family dinner?
It's lasagna night at Vicky Mays.

- Kyle
- Eh, forget the carbs.
I mean,
- you deserve it.

- No, that's not what worries me.

I promise you, Mrs.
it's just a friendly
dinner with co-parents
who happened to be raising
two phenomenal young women.

They are pretty phenomenal.

But we're still gonna talk about
Sarah performing at Tonya's bar.

Yes, ma'am.

Again, where is Superman?
Could be anywhere.

After all, he's the
world's greatest hero.

We know you can contact him.

Well, it's not like I have
some red Superman phone,
although that's not a bad idea.

- Where is he?
- What are you gonna do? Kill me?
Like you did Anderson?
We didn't kill, Anderson.

Your son's other self did.

- Is that true?
- She ordered him to do it.

Lois wasn't there.

He made that choice
He's the monster.

- You manipulated him.

- The only manipulator here is you, Lois.

I never know what to believe,
and I'm sick of it.

- Lucy, don't.

- You want Superman? I can get him.

It's better.

Where were you guys?
I, uh, took your brother to the
fortress for a quick training session.

We practiced flying.

While I was here?
Yeah, well, don't
worry about the chores.

I got the whole list
done by myself, so
- Jonathan.

- I'm gonna go shower.

Lucy, this is not the way.

Peanut, please, give it to me.

Stop! Just stop!
I have to do this for me.

Call him.

- You're hurting him!
- I said call him!

I'm gonna go talk to him.

Good job today.

I'm proud of you.

Is that grandpa's ELT?
Stay here with your brother.

Well, this is gonna be an
uncomfortable conversation.

Let him go!
Please, let him go!

Oh, my God.

John, General Lane's
emergency DOD number
has just been dialed.

By who?
Christine Beppo.

Track its location.

The call came from Burnham Woods.

Lois must be there.

- I need to go.

- Dad, we need to go.

You know the suit will protect me.

- You get Superman.
I'll get Ally.

- Yes, sir.


Now we can finish this.

Dad's breathing.

Move back.

Go max power.

I got it.

Lois, meet us at the DOD.

My sister called you a cult leader.

She thinks you've manipulated
me into joining the Society.

You know me.

I would never force anyone
to do anything against their will.

That's what I told her.

She gave me a look like I was an idiot.

Now she's gonna go
back to my dad and sound
- the whole "Lucy's in trouble again" alarm.

- Be patient.

As soon as we find the
doorway into the other world,
they'll know you're right.

What else is bothering you?
It's just it's just
that whenever I don't fit
into whatever Lois has imagined for me,
I feel like I've let her down.

That must be hard.

Especially coming from
someone who loves you.

That's the thing, it's not love.

It's her judging me.

So every time she says, "I love you,"
it feels like she's lying.

I hope I've never
made you feel that way.

- No.

- Good.

Sometimes, family isn't
the one we're born into.

It's the people we choose to love.

I choose you.

And I will do everything in
my power to earn that love.

Oh, Dad.

Hey, it's okay.

Maybe not quite how I'd describe it.

They're holding you for observation.

You got pretty banged up
and you have a concussion.

Not my first.

Dad, I thought I was gonna lose you.

Oh, Peanut.

It's gonna take a lot more than
whatever Ally's become to finish me off.

This is all my fault.

We've all made mistakes.

But through thick and thin,
we've always been a family.

- Oh, I don't deserve you.

- Lucy,
I've told you a thousand times,
you and your sister are the best
thing that ever happened to me.

What about Superman?
I don't know if he's gonna make it.


- How is he?
- Still unconscious, but they're running tests.

What kind of tests? It's not
like they can do blood work.

Actually, they were
able to draw his blood.

His skin is impenetrable.

Not at the moment.

But now we can get
some answers, you know?
We can help him if we
can find out what's wrong.

What am I supposed to tell
the boys in the meantime?
I mean, you should have seen it.

They gave her a standing ovation.

The entire crowd was on their feet.

No, it was, like, ten people.

- And they were wasted, so it doesn't really count.

- No, no, no, no.

Come on.
Don't listen to her.

It was it was glorious.

I expect to be at the next one.

- Me too.

- You're too young, Sophie.

You're both too young.

There's gotta be a place
that you can perform
that you can legally enter.

I might've put some feelers out.

Sarah, sweetheart, he's gonna want 10%.

Damn right I am.

- How is he?
- Still unconscious,
but he will survive.

The thing is,
the doctors relayed that
his cells look normal.

Isn't that a good thing?
It would be if he were human.

So what are you saying?
There's a chance he might
never be the same again.

But Ally's still out there.

We need Superman.

Then until he comes back,
we are all gonna have to step up.

You want me to kill Superman?
If he isn't dead already.

At the very least, his
powers are depleted.

Then I will finish him off.

What will you do in the meantime?
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