Superman and Lois (2021) s02e14 Episode Script

Worlds War Bizarre

Previously on "Superman & Lois"
She can drain and absorb
people's superpowers now?
She's become some kind of a parasite.

So now you're a superhero?
I just want to be able to help
you when the time comes.

Start by tearing this thing apart.

I am qualified to do more
than sit on the sidelines!
You merged.

And soon, you will too.

You want me to kill Superman.

What will you do in the meantime?
We merge both planets.

- His cells look normal.

- Isn't that a good thing?
It would be, if he were human.


You're back.

It's Mom and Dad.

- Hey, guys.

- Hey.

I just need to sit down for a sec.

Your dad's gonna be okay.

Oh, Dad.


I'm not getting better.

Hey, go easy on yourself.

According to the DOD, Ally
completely drained your cells
of all solar energy.

It's gonna take some time.

No, something's wrong.

The sun's not recharging me.

I need to
I need to see my mom and find out why.

Guess you'll have to fly him this time.

W wait, t-t-to the fortress?
What if I lose control
or I crash or something?
I don't even know how to land,
and with Dad like this, I
I don't know if I can do it.

Honey, it's okay, all right?
You do not have to.

We can ask John Henry.

So Ally is some kind of energy parasite.

She can absorb power from anything
she physically comes in contact with.

Well, think about it.

Your suit had no loose wires,
no effective diode,
shields were up and running.

She still absorbed your power.

Did the same thing to the hammer.

Explains how she defeated Superman.

We need to figure out
how her power works
so we can defend against it.

Maybe, or maybe the best defense
is to come up with a better offense.

Hey, John.


Come in.
Come on.

Sit down.

Really good to see you on your feet.

Yeah, well, if it wasn't for you two,
I wouldn't be, so thanks.

And thank you.

You saved my life.

The world needs Superman.

We were just trying to learn
how Ally steals powers.

That's actually why I stopped by.

I'd like to know the same thing,
and, uh, if you're up for a little trip,
I know someone who might be
able to help us find out.

Girls, we gotta get going!
Wait, you're not dressed yet?
What have you been doing?
I'm tired, Mom.

You wanna talk about tired?
This is what tired looks like.

Running around town like a crazy person,
taking care of you two
while trying to learn this job.

Now go throw on some clothes.

God, you're so cranky in the morning.

Okay, phone.

Um, glasses.

Hey, have either one of you
seen the keys?
Sweets, what's wrong?
- We are now home.

- There's a scary lady on TV.

There is just one thing
left for us to do
merge both Earths into one.

Who is that?
I don't know.

The last thing we need right now
a new computer we can't afford.

How's Superman?
Looks like he's gonna be okay.

What does that mean? Is he still hurt?
I don't have all the details.

Fine, we'll just publish what we have.

- Wait
- No, we both saw
what Ally did.
If she could do that to Superman,
what chance do the rest of us have?
She's not gonna stop
until she completes everyone
by combining them
with their counterparts
from that Bizarro World.

It's like some kind of a death cult,
except the leader happens to be
an all-powerful psychopath.

It's our job to warn people.

It's not our job to create panic.

We don't get to curate the news.

And we can't determine
how people will react.

All we can do is report what we know,
and we have to do it now.

Come on.
It's doing it again.

It's been doing it all morning.


So you've been powerless
since last night?

And you've been exposed
to the sun since then?
For a short time this morning,
but nothing's changed.

Do you know why?
I do.

Your cells have been severely damaged,
altered by whatever power
Ally Allston's inherited
from the pendant.

What does that mean?
It means until they heal,
so they can absorb energy at
the rate you are accustomed,
you will remain as you are now.

How long will that take?
It's hard to be certain.

But much like when you arrived
here as an infant,
your cells need time to adjust.

I didn't develop powers
until I was four.

There has to be a way to speed this up.

Perhaps there's one.

But it requires
- Mother.

- You could die, Kal.

Mom! Look, look!
Hey, this is Clark Kent.

Sorry I can't get to
the phone right now.

But if you leave a message
I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Any word?
Satellite data is inconclusive.

Have you heard from Lucy?
She's with a team of
analysts, fully cooperating.

Truth is she only knows
what Ally told us.

That's what I'm worried about.

Ally did this with intention.

She ripped Clark's solar
reserves right out of his body,
and now she's somehow
using his energy to do
exactly what she said she would do
merge the worlds.

And we have no clue how to stop her.

There's nothing my mother can do.

She said my powers should come
back, but it could be weeks,
months, maybe even longer.

So what does that mean?
Ally wins? Game over?
Not yet.
First step,
we figure out what's goin' on
with that red sun.

Nat and I can get up
to the stratosphere
Take some readings,
learn everything we can.

You'll have the full support of the DOD.

Whatever you need, name it.

Wait, wait, wait.

We might have a problem.

Chrissy just set a meeting with Lana.

She wants to go public
with everything she knows.

Damn it.

I knew we shouldn't have
brought her with us
when we tracked Lucy down.

Actually, I think she's right.

Lois, she'll start a panic,
and the DOD is putting out
an official cover story
- any minute anyway.

- We can't just lie
- to everyone this time, Sam.

- Yes, we can,
and until we find a solution,
we damn well better.

Shut Chrissy down.


It's gonna be okay.

But I want you two to stick together,
and I need your ears on high alert.

If you hear anything,
you tell me or your dad, got it?
The world needs my help.

They're supposed to be able to
depend on me, and I'm, what?
Just taking a sick day?
It's like you say, Clark.

There is always another way.

We just need to find it really fast.

While this phenomenon is extremely rare,
from the Department of Defense
have been clear that this
double sun, also known
as a parhelion, is caused by sunlight
refracting off
atmospheric ice particles.


Come on.
Say what you want
about the DOD, why would they lie?
You come on, Chuck.

Look at the sky.

That sun is red and square.

And none of what they're saying explains
all the backwards stuff
that's been showing up
on our screens.

- Hey.

- People are starting
to get a little riled up.

What's going on?
I don't know.

I need you to be with the girls
so I can make some calls.

- Okay.

- Mayor Lane.

You know anything about this?

I'm headed to the office right now.

If I learn anything,
I will let you all know.

Hey, I want you to stay
with your dad, okay?

Hey, listen.

Anytime something hairy
happened to our family,
you know, it was always you
that got us through it, right?
This is the same thing.

I'm gonna set a town hall
at the high school.

It would be great if you
and your team could be there
just to help keep everyone calm.

Yeah, yeah, sure.
Whatever you need.

- I mean, I got you.

- Thank you.

Oh, I gotta take this.

Hey, Chrissy.

What yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm on my way to the office right now.

Got anything, Irons?
I'm not entirely sure yet.

Sensors indicate that red sun
is putting out less than 3%
of the total solar radiance
of our normal sun.

So what we're looking at
is some kind of mirage?
No, it's real,
and the energy output's growing fast.

What does that mean?
That sun's from another universe,
one that's now
phase-shifting into our own.

If it keeps up at this pace,
we don't have much time.

How is this happening?
There has to be some clue
as to what's causing this.

We need to identify an energy source
and track the point of origin.

We're workin' on that now, Sam.

I'll give this info to the DOD.

Let me know if you find anything else.

Got you.


You gotta stop beatin' yourself up.

- This isn't on you.

- Look, Sam
And the only reason
Ally can do this right now
is because you stopped her
from killing me.

If you did anything wrong,
it was saving me.

Saving a life is never a mistake, Sam.

Especially yours.

I'll be outside.

So you're saying none of that is true?
Not a word.

- And you can prove that?
- Yeah.

But it's not exactly light reading.

This is actually happening?
Our world is combining with another?
And the people on that world
are zealots who think
they're on a sacred mission
to merge and be made whole,
and they do not take no for an answer.

Have you talked to Superman about this?
Is there anything he can do?
No, no there isn't.

- Why?
- Because Ally attacked him,
and she stole his powers.

- Is he okay?
- He will be in time.

But we can't count on him to save us.

Then why are you telling me all this?
So I can play along
with that cover story,
lie to everybody to help keep them calm?
There have been moments
in my life and in my career
where I have withheld facts from people
because I thought it would protect them
more than it would hurt them.

Sometimes that was
the right thing to do,
and sometimes it wasn't.

I am telling you all this
so that you are armed with the truth.

As mayor of this town
and all the people in it
who you love,
it's up to you to decide
what to do with it.

Hear anything?
He's just trying to recharge.

Still not working then?
His heart's just weak.

He's got nothing.

Hey, listen.


Can't even hear you.

Get inside.

Stay away from my dad.

No, Jordan!
Stop! Stop!
Take me.

Everyone okay?
We came as soon as we got the signal.

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Hey, okay.

Not too late to catch that nutjob.

I'm afraid we have bigger
problems than her.

So we have less than 12 hours
until the worlds merge?
If our calculations are correct,
yeah, that's about right.

What does something like that
even look like?
Big picture?
Everything in our world transforms
as it's melded with its analog
from the other place.

Land masses, building structures,
objects, people.

How the hell do you merge people?
Best guess is it's complete
subatomic recombination.

From a subjective standpoint,
if you merge, you die.

So how do we stop that?
You asked about a point of origin.

From the data we gathered,
there's a distinctive energy flow.

Seems to be coming
from the Shuster Mines.

Fine, then let's just drop
a few megatons
of American muscle in there.

Well, the energy trail
leads to the mines,
but we scanned the area.

There's no sign of anything
with Ally's level of power
in the tunnels.

So where the hell is she?
On the other side of the portal
in the space between worlds.

She's using the powers she stole from me
to pull the two dimensions together.

Okay, we know what's needs to be done.

I'm gonna go in there.

I'm gonna take her out.

No, we're gonna go in there
and stop her together.

What can I do to help?
Stay here.
Keep everyone calm.

Hey, you did everything
you could, all right?
We got this.

Godspeed, you two.

Oh, you look like you've seen a ghost.

- Everything okay?
- Where are the girls?
They're in the lobby.

I thought I should
I thought that maybe
we should just talk first.


That bad, huh?
What do you think is better,
knowing something terrible
is gonna happen
or not knowing and being able to live
without all that worry
weighing you down?
Wow, um, jeez.

I know.

I just
I don't have anyone else
to talk to about this.

Oh, no, no, no.
No, look.

I'm happy that you called me.
I am.

I wouldn't want you to have to
deal with this alone.

I just don't know what to do.

Well, look, I guess
I would ask who it is
that you're trying to protect
by not telling the truth,
'cause, you know, most people,
they can handle that.

But it is difficult being
the one telling the truth
- when the truth isn't good.

- Mm-hmm.

Is that why you didn't
tell me about Tonya,
'cause it's easier?
Partly, yeah,
and also because I was
ashamed of myself.

You know, I know what
I was doing was wrong.

But it's like you have this secret,
and you keep it there long enough,
it starts to feel like
it never happened,
like this lie that you
created for yourself
is somehow actually the truth.

But you had to know I was
gonna find out eventually.


Everyone always finds out eventually.


But you gotta be brave enough
to tell 'em
when it actually matters.

I didn't.

But I suspect you are.

I'm I'm sorry.

I don't even know if that helped.

No, it did.

It did.

Look, can you get the girls?
I wanna talk to them first
before the town hall.


I came as soon as I heard.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, except for
almost letting Dad get killed.

That is not your fault.

Yeah, at least you have powers to help.

Yeah, well, that almost makes it worse.

You were out there.

She totally kicked my ass.

Jordan, it is not your job
to protect your dad
from people with powers.

Yeah, well, it's a good
thing, 'cause I can't.

None of us can.

What if she comes back?
What are we gonna do?
Everyone in town is terrified.

You can see it in their faces,
that fear of the unknown.

How'd Lana react when you told her?

I think she's just trying to
figure out what to tell people
- at the town hall.

- She shouldn't have to
- be dealing with this.

- She's mayor now.

She's gonna have to make
some tough choices.

Yeah, and I'm Superman.

I'm supposed to keep people safe.


- Then do that.

- How?
What am I supposed to do?
I've never been like this.

You are more than just your powers.

People look to me to save them.

No, people look to you for hope.

That's what Superman does.

He inspires.

You inspire me and the boys every day,
and it's not because you can
fly or because you're strong.

It's because of your heart.

I don't want to give people false hope.

That's not what I'm saying.

The world needs you.

You're Superman.

Be Superman.

what I have to tell you
is hard to believe.

That red sun in our sky,
I'm afraid it's real.

So they did lie to us?
Yeah, and I don't wanna do that.

I want you all to be prepared
for the crisis that we are all facing.

As I understand it,
there is another world like ours,
an inverse world.

And that red sun in our sky
is their sun.

I know.
I know.
Just let me finish.

And there is something that wants
to combine our world with theirs.

And soon
soon, you are gonna see people
from that other world
doppelgangers, kay?
And I need you to understand
that you must avoid them at all costs.

The hell are you talking about?
It's a lot, but you have to trust me.

- Trust you?
- She's telling the truth.

Then why haven't you
published any of this
- in your paper?
- Yeah!
Because I asked Chrissy not to.

I wanted you all
to hear it from me first.

Sounds like you two are in cahoots.

We're trying to save lives, George.

Seems to me that job's best
left to Superman, Ms.

Unless unless you're planning on
flying in and saving the day.

If the world is ending,
Superman will save us!
Superman's not coming.

What's that now?
Superman has lost his powers,
and he will not be coming
to save us today.

Well, that's convenient.

I suppose that means we have to
rely on you to save us.

That is not what I'm saying.

Everyone, just let me finish!
Where do you get your information from?
Hey, hey, hey!
Can we all just give her
a chance to speak?
The problem here is obvious.

Our mayor doesn't have
any real answers
just the frightened talk
of someone who's in way over her head.

You better stop right there, George!
Why, so I can listen to more
garbage about worlds melding
and scary doppelgangers
knockin' at my door?
No, I think we've heard enough.

We need answers from
someone we can trust.

Maybe I can help with that.


- Are you okay?
- I don't know.

It's all kind of crazy.

I mean, that's Superman.

Our mom's been
investigating this for weeks.

Wait, so you knew about this?
Mayor Lang.

I hope by now you all
know me as a friend.

It's as a friend that I've
come here to assure you
that your mayor is telling you the truth
about everything,
and that does not mean that all is lost.

I saw what this town
was capable of last year,
the way you all protected each other.

And I know you can do it again.

That's starts by listening
to your leader.

Because I know she's here for you,
not to serve her own interest.

Everyone, the best thing
you can do is get home.

Surround yourself with your families.

Beware of anyone who doesn't
seem like themselves.

The people from this other
world may look just like us,
but they have a very different agenda.

Stay by the people you love,
and we will get through this together.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

All right.
X-K reinforced.

We're good to go.

Sir, shall I power up the suits?
Just mine.

Initiate protocol vapor lock.

You safeguarded my suit?
Sorry, Bug.
You're not comin'.

Dad, don't do this.

Listen to me.

I'm gonna go through that portal.

I'm gonna stop Ally, fix this,
and I will be right back.

Last time you said that,
I lost you for six months.

This time, it is different.

I'm not leaving you alone.

You got a family here
you know, the boys, Lois, Clark.

They need you.

Ally isn't gonna stop
until Superman is dead.

So you have to be there to
protect them while I'm gone.

Sir, your suit is at maximum power,
though kinetic hammer charge
will require more time.

Leave the hammer.

Arm missiles and prepare for launch.

Missiles armed.

No eyewitnesses in
the vicinity; you are clear.

Dad, please.

Your suit's on a timer.

Ten minutes, then you'll be mobile.

By then, I should be through the portal.

Help me by staying on comms
and guiding me back.

We're still a team, Bug.

We always will be.

I love you.

Well, you did it, Lana.

I mean, that entire room
was set to go off,
and you played it exactly right.

Well, I did have a little help.

You looked like a mayor to me.

Um, I'm gonna go track Sarah down,
and then let's meet at home, okay?
Yeah, I'll see you there.

- Bye, sweets!
- Bye, Mom!
I'll see you very soon.

See you!
We should get going
check in on John Henry and Natalie.

Defense systems are at full power, John.

Nat's X-K idea worked.

Let's hope it holds up
when we find Ally.

Prepare for impact in three, two
Dad, do you read me?
Roger that.

I made it, I'm
I'm in the void between the portals.

Same space you and Clark described.

She should be there.

Do you see Ally?
I do.

And we don't have much time.

All this stuff about two worlds
and what might happen,
it's just all so crazy.

You don't know the half of it.

So this is why you're all so distracted?
Some of the reason, yeah.

Jordan, why didn't you just tell me?
I wanted to,
but it's not always my decision.

Well, I can handle it.

Whatever it is, I can handle it.


Come on.
We gotta get home.

Okay, uh
Oh, my God.


What are you doing? You can't
That didn't sound good.

It's not.

You're not gonna hurt my family.

What are you gonna do about it?
You don't have powers.

Son, you don't have to do this.

You are better than this.

No, not yet, but I will be.

You know, all of us will.

Except you.

That's the irony, isn't it?
If my dad were alive,
you two could've merged.

You could've fixed him.

You could've made him whole.

But I guess since he's dead,
you might as well be too.

Talk to me.

- You have eyes on her?
- Affirmative.

I'm about to get a lot more
than just eyes on her.

Reading's clean.
Targets locked.

Try absorbing this.

You got her.

Dad? Dad, talk to me!
Come on, at least put up a fight.

Leave him alone!
What are you gonna do, cry about it?
Too slow in both worlds, Gramps.

All right, come here.

Call the DOD.

They'll never get here in time.

You people really don't get it, do you?
It's already over.
You've lost.

Please, don't hurt him!
- You okay?
- Behind you.

Please, Dad.
I know you can hear me.

Natalie, the time lock
on your suit has now expired.

But my sensors have identified
an active superhuman attack
in our vicinity.


Dad, you okay?
They took down Ally's two best acolytes,
but we still have no idea
how to stop her from merging the worlds,
and we've lost contact with John Henry.

I'd feel a lot better if we
got you to a secure location.

With all due respect, Sam,
I think we're gonna take Lana's advice.

Go home and be with the people we love.

Come with us.

DOD's got a few more cards to play,
and I can do a better job
of calling shots
if I'm in headquarters.

Be safe, pumpkin.
Keep those boys close.

They're not so bad in a fight.

You guys okay?
Relative to what?
You did real good.

It's Nat that saved us.

Where is Nat?
Found her.

That's twice you've saved my life now.

You know, when you guys
invited my dad and me to stay with you,
I thought it was a mistake.

And when we moved out, I was so stoked
to have our own place,
and now here we are.

It's the end of the world,
and I'm sitting here
because I don't know where else to go.

It's not the end of the world.

You can always stay with us, sweetie,
as long as you want.

I can't locate my dad.

His signal's lost, and
I just have this feeling
like I'm never gonna see him again.

your dad is a hero.

I know it's scary right now.

But I know that he is
out there fighting for us.

I promise you.

So you gotta believe that
he's gonna come back.

I do.

Come on.
We need to get inside.

You knew, didn't you?
You knew that Jordan had powers.

You didn't even flinch when you saw him.

His eyes, the way that he
You've known for a while.

- Sarah
- And when you disappeared
for six hours, you didn't go for a walk.

You were covering for something,
because the next day, it felt like
you were gonna tell me something,
but you just pulled away.

That's when you found out, isn't it?

Why didn't you just tell me?
Because I wanted you
to have a normal life.

That's bull, Mom.

Jordan said some of the decisions
aren't his to make.
I know him.

I know he's been wanting
to tell me something,
and this is it, isn't it?
Mom, I broke up with him!
I wouldn't if I
- you should've just told me!
- Sarah!
Tamera, we gotta be
the face of calm, okay?
It would've made a difference!
- Sarah!
- Mija, hey, what's goin' on?
Just let me handle this.

- Sarah.

- What?
We are not finished.

- We need to talk.

- No!
I don't want to talk to you!
Then you better listen.

Because that secret you learned
is important in ways
you don't understand,
and I need you to promise
you will not say anything
to anyone.

What are you talking about? I
Mom, what's what's happening?
Soph, where's your dad?
I don't know.


What happened to our home?
This isn't our home.

It's their house from the other Earth.

Greg, move your head.

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