Superman and Lois (2021) s02e15 Episode Script

Waiting for Superman

With the authorization of
the Department of Defense,
today I can relay to you,
not only is the merging
of the planets real,
it is happening,
and Ally Allston, or whoever she is
now that she and her Bizarro
self are one, is responsible.
If Ally succeeds
in merging these two worlds,
each of us will be forced
against our will
to merge with our other selves,
turning us all into
I don't know what.
And I can also confirm that
for the first time in 20 years
we can't wait for Superman to save us.
Our world's hero is now powerless
because of this parasite twin.
So I urge everyone watching this video,
please stay home,
be with your loved ones,
and pray for a miracle.
Hi, it's Lois. Leave a message.
Where are you, Lois?
Hey, it's Cush.
He's still not answering.
Soph, did Dad say where he was going?
He was there, and then
he was just gone.
Yeah, he was talking to
Tamara, there was probably
some emergency that
he had to rush off to.
Come on, let's go look for him.
Mom, wait, you said to everyone
that the best way to protect
ourselves is to stay at home,
lock the doors, and
Be with the ones that you love.
Which is why we're gonna
go look for your father.
Come on.
How do we get back to our Earth?
I don't know.
So in all your time with Superman,
you've never experienced
anything like this,
like world suddenly changing?
Nothing like this.
What matters is that we're all together.
that's from our kitchen.
A lot of this stuff is.
My tablet.
I'm gonna try to connect with my dad.
Maybe being on this world
will help somehow.
That flickering when we got here
it must be what happens when
the worlds start combining.
But it seems totally random.
Some things blipped over,
and other things stayed
exactly where they were.
Well, my guess is it'll keep happening
until the two worlds become one.
And then what? Everyone just merges
with their other selves until
they become monsters like Ally?
It'll be a whole world
full of parasites!
Hey, we're not gonna let that happen.
You're right.
We're not gonna let that happen.
We just need to figure out how.
Hey, Nat, anything?
Hey, look, just 'cause your tech
can't reach him doesn't mean
he isn't out there.
That's just it though.
When I was stuck
where my dad is right now,
I was able to connect to his suit.
It's probably just the two Earths.
It doesn't matter! It should work.
Look, when my mom died,
I wasn't with her.
She was out reporting to people
on how to defend themselves.
I love you both.
And I never got to say good bye.
I didn't get to tell her
how much I loved her
or how proud I was to be her daughter.
I didn't get to say any of that.
And now I'm not gonna get
to say that to my dad either.
I'm gonna I Nat
- Dad?
- bug
- to time
- Dad, can you hear me? Dad!
John Henry's still alive?
We think he's still in
the void in-between worlds.
What about Ally?
It's hard to say.
My dad kept breaking up.
All I could make out is that
he needs my escape pod.
Then we have to figure out
a way to get it to him.
Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
- Tal?
- Believe me, I was
just as surprised to be transported
to this godforsaken place
as you all were.
But, given the worlds have
gone to pot and you, brother,
are in no shape to do much
about it, seems my return
though I'd hoped otherwise,
is necessary.
We're back. We're back on our Earth.
Where's Mom?
Clark! Boys!
Oh, no.
- Dad!
- I was on my way to the farm
when the sky started to flicker
like a strobe light.
Thank God I pulled over and got out
'cause next thing I know,
my Jeep is vanished
and I'm wherever the hell this is.
Clark and the boys
are still on our world.
We have to get back.
Not quite sure how we're gonna do that.
Well, we need to figure something out.
I can't just abandon my family
while the entire world is ending.
You didn't abandon anyone.
I need to be with them.
Lois, I promise, we'll
do everything possible
to get back to them,
but we can't do it from here.
- We need help.
- Yeah, well, the problem
is everyone on this world seems
to want Ally to succeed.
There's got to be someone around here
who hasn't been totally brainwashed.
Clark said that Chrissy helped Anderson
find the Bizarro version of me.
That's a start. Let's go.
Dad, Mom's nowhere in the house.
She must not have blipped
back when we did.
This is madness.
Someone's coming.
Is that Lois?
I'll take that as a no.
I'm Nat
get bug
Hey, whoa, whoa. Nat, Nat, Nat, Nat.
- Where are you going?
- To get my suit.
Right now? Our Bizarro mom
just magically appeared.
Which means I'm running out of time.
Gonna go try save your dad.
Look, your dad said it himself.
We need to figure out a way,
so that's what I'm gonna do.
Okay, but I think you're
missing the we part.
I mean, there's no way
you can go through
- that portal by yourself.
- Who else is going to?
Your dad doesn't have powers,
and we both know
your shady uncle's not
a big fan of my dad.
- I'll go.
- No.
- There's only one suit.
- Nat.
Both of you stepped up
when your dad needed it.
It's my turn to do the same.
Besides, you need to
stay with your family.
You're our family too.
I really liked having brothers.
Tell your dad I said bye.
Dad, you're really scaring us.
Please just give us a call
whenever you can.
You left, and we just don't
know where you a
Sarah, that person talking
on the radio's scaring me.
Okay, okay, Soph,
I'll turn it off in a second.
Dad, just please,
we're at Brit & Dunn's.
Just call us back.
Just tell us where you are, okay?
Mr. Olowe hasn't seen him
since the townhall.
Please call us back.
Yeah, Dad's not answering
any of my calls either.
It's happening again.
Watch out, watch out!
Oh, my God! Mom!
Wait, sweetheart, be careful.
Come on.
There's no one in here. Where'd they go?
I don't know.
Where'd they go? They were driving
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, it will be okay.
We just have to go find
your dad, all right?
It's fascinating.
I think Lois's whole "Corpse Bride" look
rather works, actually.
Can we just focus on this situation?
How do we stop Ally?
Well, brother, we aren't
going to stop her.
I am.
Tal, she drained me of all my energy,
nearly killed me.
I don't know that you alone
is gonna be enough.
Perhaps, but what other
choice do we have?
Brother, for years I've watched you
do things no other hero is capable of.
It's rather inspired me
to have a go myself.
So this time last year,
you were trying to destroy the world,
and now you're fighting for it.
I'm not fighting for the world, Kal.
I'm fighting for you.
You and your family.
The only people on this planet
that truly matter to me.
I hear him screaming.
Dad, Ally's gonna kill him.
Not if I help.
You help Tal, and you get out of there.
You understand? Go.
You saved my life, nephew.
I'm forever in your debt.
Did you guys do anything to stop Ally?
I was foolish to face her.
No being can defeat whatever
thing she's become.
You're wrong, Tal.
There's still one person
who can stop her.
And who, pray tell, might that be?
Dad, you don't have any powers.
Not yet.
Your cells aren't absorbing
the sun's energy.
Well, then I have to jumpstart them.
Take me to our sun.
- You can't be serious.
- It worked for you.
Because I was the Eradicator
and even then,
it took weeks of me floating around
outstretched before the sun.
Which is why you're throwing me into it.
- What?
- Dad.
I know it sounds crazy,
but when I was at the fortress,
I'm pretty sure that's what
my mom was trying to tell me.
- Pretty sure?
- What does that even mean?
I couldn't hear everything
she was saying.
She was cutting out, but it could work.
- Or it'll kill you.
- It won't.
Then Ally will.
Maybe she will, but I have to try.
Unless anyone else has a better
idea, we're out of time.
Tal, I've come to trust you
as a friend and a brother
and now, I'm asking you to do the same.
I need you guys to trust me too.
This is why I was sent here.
To be Superman.
You're starting to sound like Mom.
That's because she's the
smartest person in our family.
I just wish there was
something we could do.
There is.
Don't lose hope.
I love you guys more than anything.
- Love you.
- Love you, too, Dad.
There's just, uh, one thing I need.
Don't worry. It's gonna work.
I know it will.
Don't lose hope.
The odds of this journey
being successful are nil.
I'm doing this, Hedy.
You need to get on board.
Of course, Frau Irons.
How would you like to proceed?
First, I need you to sign
in to my escape pod.
Then use the pod to
follow me into the mines.
We'll fly up into the portal
Through the space in-between
and arrive back into the void.
And once we have reached
our destination, what then?
We find my dad.
Come on, Soph, give me your hand.
Hey, have you guys seen Kyle?
He never showed. Same
with Mitch and Fuller.
But we can't find him anywhere.
Soph, it's okay. We're gonna find him.
I'm sorry, Lana, but from what the news
is saying, he's probably
on that other world.
Lana, I hate to ask you this,
but you being mayor and all,
what do you want us to do?
You guys have done everything you can.
Right now, the most important thing
is that you go be with your families.
Ally's followers.
A bunch of whack-a-doodles.
They're waiting to merge.
They think she's won.
Not yet, she hasn't.
Let's go find Chrissy.
No, the other one.
Feels like we just licked the toad
and woke up in Candy Land.
What are you talking about?
DOD had this off-the-books
program using bufotoxin.
It's a psychedelic these toads secrete.
Now can you understand me?
Will that work for me?
Yes, it should work both ways.
Oh, my God, he just
straight up disappeared.
Please, I'm scared. I don't want to
Lois! Lois, is that you?
Thank God.
I got called into the station
and I went there
and the whole thing was gone.
And then I go home, and no one's there.
I know.
Where's my family, Lois?
I need to find my family.
Being with you, it's meant everything,
and I wouldn't change a thing
if it meant not being your dad.
- Don't say good bye just yet.
- Nat-bug?
You came and you got my message okay.
We need to hurry.
How much X-Kryptonite
were you able to bring?
- X-Kryptonite?
- In the pod,
so we can pull up the portals.
I didn't get that part of the message.
I thought the pod was to bring you back.
No, it was to bring X-K,
so we could explode it
inside the portals.
It's the only way we can
stop them from merging.
I'll go back.
Your defense shields are too banged up.
You wouldn't be able to return.
I'm so sorry. I didn't know.
It's okay.
I just wanted to save you.
And you did.
Being with you
it's all I ever wanted.
You sure this is gonna work?
I've never been more unsure
about anything in my entire life,
but I have to believe it will.
Well, you always were the impulsive one.
Should this be our final farewell,
I, uh
Well, I want you to know
I love you too.
Good luck, brother.
The Earth is lucky to have you.
We can't let this happen.
What if we transfer the power
from the X-K in our suits to the pod?
It should be enough to disrupt
what's being used to merge the planets.
- Bug
- Dad, if I don't do this,
there won't be a planet
I want to get back to.
You came here to save the world.
It's the only way.
If we don't act now,
billions of people will die.
Billions of dads.
Billions of daughters.
We can't let that happen.
Hedy, transfer all the remaining
energy from my suit to the pod.
Mine too.
You believe in Karma, Lois?
Cheating on Lana,
destroying my family
there's a reason that
I'm not with them right now.
This is not your fault.
All I want is to see them
just once more,
and I can't.
I deserve this.
Kyle, no one ever deserves to be alone.
Neither do you.
Sophie, Sarah!
- Grandpa.
- Grandpa.
- Our mom's still not here.
- I was just with her
on the other world
she's gonna return.
Tal-Rho took our dad to the sun.
He literally took him
to the freaking sun, Grandpa.
Then that's what he needed to do.
- They've been gone forever.
- He's probably gonna die.
- He's not gonna die.
- Yes, he is.
- He doesn't have any powers.
- It's literally Dad!
- He's not gonna freaking die.
- Boys!
I've been working for
the DOD for a long time.
I've seen things you would not believe.
Glimpses of other worlds
and the leagues of superheroes
they have on them.
And even though we only have
your father on this planet,
thank God that we do,
because he's the finest of any Earth.
So don't go losing hope yet.
I sure as hell haven't.
Your mother hasn't
and I guarantee you,
neither has Superman.
Energy transfer complete.
I must remind you both,
remaining here without power
We know.
Hey, don't talk.
Save your oxygen.
It worked.
You have disrupted me for the last time!
Dad, what are we gonna do?
No. Bug, I need you to close your eyes
and just listen to my voice.
No, Dad, you listen to me.
I need you to hear this.
I've always been so proud
to be your daughter.
And ever since I was a little
girl, you were my hero.
You've always been my hero.
I love you, Dad.
I always will, and I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you, too, Bug.
- Dad.
- No!
- Dad Dad!
- No!
Boys, we got to get to cover.
It's Dad.
It's Clark.
It's Superman.
Take some more.
Keep them apart.
Friends, celebration ♪
Today, people all over the world
stand together in gratitude.
Our differences pale in comparison
to the things that unite us.
We strive for truth, justice,
and a better tomorrow.
And we are grateful to the hero
who exemplifies those ideals,
so join me on this Miracle Monday
as we express our thanks to
the Man of Tomorrow himself,
our world's hero,
- That's great.
- Thanks, Judy. Thank you.
Hi. Thanks. Thank you.
Congratulations, Mayor.
On the speech, on the events,
on being exactly the kind of leader
you have always wanted
this town to have.
Thank you. It means
a lot coming from you.
I wish I'd been there.
To vote for you, to help
with the campaign,
to be there when things were hard.
You were busy.
And as a trade-off,
you did save the world.
Would've been kind of rough
dealing with Armageddon
my first week as mayor,
so let's call it even.
That's fair.
I just hope we can find a way to
Clark, after you told me everything,
I just needed space.
I guess a part of me thought
that I could protect my girls
from all this craziness,
which was naive.
But even if Sarah didn't know,
it would be tough
getting through this life
without you in it.
I promise, from now on,
I will always be completely
honest about everything.
Yeah and that scares me.
But at least we will
all be in it together.
You done?
I was kind of hoping
we'd publish before
the band got started.
It's ready, there's just something
I wanted to talk to you about first.
This about Clark?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Well, I did check him out,
and it looks like
Clark's really only worked
at the "Daily Planet".
- Chrissy
- No, I know.
I mean, it's a great paper
mainly because you
made it a great paper.
Just listen to me.
Clark is
Yeah, your husband,
Clark Kent he's Superman.
And you're not kidding.
I'm sorry. I'm kind of overwhelmed.
I know it's a lot.
I had been dating him
for months before I found out.
Do other people know?
Outside of my family,
less than a handful.
Well, then why tell me?
Because you are my partner
and you are my friend,
and I am tired of hiding
the truth from you.
You deserve better.
This is the biggest secret
anyone's ever told me.
I mean, this is pretty much
the biggest secret in the entire world.
I'm getting kind of emotional.
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
do I need to swear like an oath
of secrecy or something?
Just not telling anybody
else would be great.
Oh, my God!
I want you to know that
I never wanted to lie to you.
All this stuff that I've learned
about you and your dad,
I mean, looking back,
it makes so much sense.
It's the biggest secret in the world,
and you have to really trust somebody.
I do trust you, Sarah.
I know, and I never said sorry
for betraying that trust
this summer at camp
when I kissed Aubrey.
We already talked about that.
But I didn't say I was sorry.
You trusted me, you were
faithful to me, and I wasn't.
I should've just apologized.
Instead, I came at you
with all of things that
I wanted from a relationship
and I never really thought about
what you were going through
or what you needed.
And, Jordan, I'm really sorry.
Well, I guess I never told you.
I'm not great about
opening up about how I feel.
I want to be, but I'm not.
And I'm gonna try
to be better with that.
Maybe that's just it.
Maybe we just kinda need to reset,
be honest, talk to each other,
and say how we feel.
All right, let's start
from the beginning.
Remember when those poles
fell on my brother and I?
That was the first time
I used my powers.
I didn't even know it yet.
Hmm, you know what?
I think the rhubarb pie was
worth the drive after all.
I think so too.
You okay?
With you around always.
Shall we?
She's been looking at me
like that all day.
Yeah, we're gonna have to work on that.
Excuse me, Mrs. Mayor.
Um, hey, listen, I know
this might be a bit forward,
but given the spirit of the day,
I was wondering
if you might like to dance.
Hey, you okay?
Kyle, I know that you're trying
and I know that you want to fix things,
but I'm not there.
I'm not over what happened,
and I don't know that I ever will be.
I know, okay? And look, I'm sorry.
Lana, I am so, so sorry.
But you know, you and the girls,
y'all are everything to me.
And I don't doubt it,
but somehow that just
kind of makes it worse.
But listen, no matter what happens,
whether we're married or not,
you're always gonna be in my life.
But this us
it'll never be like it was,
and I don't think it's fair
to either of us
if you think it will.
How about our last dance then?
You okay?
Yeah, I just wish
I wish everybody could be
as happy as I am right now.
You never stop trying
to help people, do you?
I love you
- She wants to know
- What I want.
Now that neither of you has powers,
I guess I wanted to know if there was
ever actually a moment
when you felt complete?
There was a moment
just after we started
to merge where I felt
That's not the same thing.
No, it's not.
And it quickly turned
into something else,
something darker.
You became a parasite,
but if that's not what you wanted,
why didn't you stop?
Why try and force that
on the rest of the world?
Because we couldn't survive that way.
We need others. We can't be
Guess now you won't have to be.
Jon, don't forget your
Work apron. Dad, I got it right here.
Any idea what that's about?
Can I help you?
Yeah, do Jonathan and
Jordan Kent live here?
That's us.
Well, these are for you.
- Are you serious?
- No, no, no, they're not.
I'm sorry. There must be
a misunderstanding.
Does that say who these are from?
Just says, "Uncle Tal".
- That mean anything to you?
- No, way. Absolutely.
- He got us trucks?
- Hey, Jonathan.
Bro, these rims are sweet.
- Jonathan.
- It's okay, Dad.
Dad, I'll write him
a thank-you note. Don't worry.
No, no, that's not what I meant.
I mean, I did save his life.
Yes, you did. It does not
mean you can keep the truck.
Yo, Jordan, you got to see
the sound system on this.
Maybe this is his way of apologizing.
Yeah, his very misguided
and irresponsible way, Tal.
Yo, guys, it has a heads-up display.
It's holographic. Look at this.
Where do you think he went anyways?
Hello, weird Smallville.
Through might and mettle,
I have traversed worlds
that I may join your ranks.
And to celebrate, the drinks are on me.
Surprised you'd come in here
after all the trouble your wife caused.
Yes, yes, she was
a naughty one, wasn't she?
Tell me, what was her name again?
John Henry Irons.
John Diggle. You and I met last year.
From A.R.G.U.S. You
brought the solar flare.
To kill Superman, yes.
Glad that didn't work out.
Yeah, me too.
You mind if I have a seat?
Wanted to, uh, talk to you
about Bruno Mannheim.
That name ring any bells?
No, can't say that it does.
The head of Intergang.
Money laundering, illegal
weapons, human trafficking.
Dude has his hand in pretty
much all the wrong pies.
Yeah, I can see that.
What's that got to do with me?
With you? Nothing.
But from what I can tell,
on this planet,
Bruno Mannheim is the person
that killed John Henry Irons.
What I'm trying to figure out is why.
- That'll do it.
- Call me when you get there.
I'm not going to the other
side of the world, Lois.
I just want to make sure you're okay.
Don't worry.
I'll get her there safe and sound.
Thank you for everything.
That's what sisters are for.
I'll see you soon.
You guys have a good trip.
- Love you.
- Love you.
- Bye, Lucy.
- See ya.
Bye, guys.
It'll be nice having
Aunt Lucy in Metropolis.
We can take the trucks and go visit her.
I think we'll work our way up to that.
So what's this big trip you
have planned for us anyway?
It's nice.
Although when you said ocean adventure,
I was imagining cabanas
or drinks with teeny umbrellas
or at least a beach.
Just give it a minute, you'll see.
- Jordan's seasick.
- No, I'm not.
So what's this big plan of yours anyway?
Are you gonna try to build
another fortress or something?
Yep. Only this time it's for all of us.
A place where we can
all find some solitude.
Probably more for the ones
that can fly though.
No, we're doing this as a family.
And just so you know,
my mom, she's been wanting to meet you.
She has some pretty cool
Kryptonian technology
you might be interested in.
- Really?
- Yeah, you can ask her
about it yourself, but first
Think the crystal might've
expired or something?
This is incredible.
It's only the beginning.
Greg, move your head.
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