Supernatural s03e04 Episode Script

Sin City

Look, Dad's gone now.
We have to carry out his legacy.
And that means hunting down as many evil sons of bitches as we possibly can.
What just happened? That's a Devil's Gate.
A damned door to hell.
How certain are you that what you brought back is 100 percent pure Sam? Tell me who you are.
Doesn't matter.
Just tell me who you are.
- You're a demon.
- I wanna help you from time to time.
- Why would you help me? - I could help save your brother.
Back in 1835, Samuel Colt made a special gun.
This gun can kill anything.
One more.
That's all for tonight, Sister.
Come on.
Let me walk you to your car.
Father? - Andy? - Father God's not with us.
- Not anymore.
- Andy, of course he is.
- Why would say that? What's wrong? He can't help us.
And if he can he won't.
Andy, wait! Hey.
- Hey, what's up? Might've found some omens in Ohio.
Dry lightning, barometric pressure drop.
That's thrilling.
Plus, guy blows his head off in a church and another goes postal in a hobby shop.
- Might be demonic omens.
- Or it could be a suicide and a psycho scrapbooker.
- But it's our best lead since Lincoln.
- Where? - Elizabethville.
It's a half-dead factory town in the rust belt.
There's gotta be a demon in South Beach.
Sorry, Hef, maybe next time.
- How's it going, Bobby? - Slow.
Man, I tell you, it's sad seeing the Colt like that.
Only thing it's good for is figuring out what makes it tick.
So, what makes it tick? So if we wanna go check out these omens in Ohio think you can have that ready by this afternoon? Well, it won't kill demons by then, but I can promise you it'll kill you.
- Come on.
We're wasting the daylight.
- See you, Bobby.
Hey, you boys run into anything, anything, you call me.
There's not much left for the insurance company.
It was a suicide.
Saw it myself.
Well, this shouldn't take long, then.
That's where Andy did it.
It's the first time I'd seen him in weeks.
He used to come every Sunday.
When did he stop? Oh, probably about two months ago.
Right around the time everything else started to change.
Change how? Oh, let's just say this used to be a town you could be proud of.
People cared about each other.
Andy sang in the choir.
And then one day he just wasn't Andy anymore.
It was like he was Possessed? You could say that.
Gambled away his money, cheated on his wife, destroyed his business.
- Like a switch had flipped.
- Father, did you know the man who killed those folks in the hobby shop? - Sure, Tony Perkins.
- Tony Perkins.
Good man.
Would you say that his personality suddenly changed one day too? I never thought about it that way but, yes.
About the same time as Andy, about two months ago.
Well, thank you, Father.
Appreciate your time.
Two months ago, we opened up the Devil's Gate all of a sudden this town turns into Margaritaville? It's no coincidence.
- I don't believe it.
- Hey, Dean Winchester, right? Yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, um.
This is my sister, uh Cheryl.
- Hi, Cheryl.
Well, you know, stepsister.
Come on in.
This is my brother, Sam.
Hey, how you doing? Not too bad.
- How do you two know each other? - You were in school.
- It was that succubus in Canarsie, right? - Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, man.
You should have seen the rack on this broad.
Frigging tragedy when I had to gank her.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
Who? Who killed her? I remember your ass was toast until I showed up.
I forgot what a comedian this guy was.
Richie, I told you then, I'll tell you again.
You're not cut out for this job.
You're gonna get yourself killed.
Talk to me.
FYI, Winchester.
Words hurt.
No, it's not a good time, baby.
So you find anything in town anyway? Oh, no, I got nothing.
Wait, you mean as in demons and whatnot? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
No, I got nothing.
- What about your sister back there? - Oh, honestly? She definitely had the devil in her.
But she wasn't no demon.
You know what I'm saying? Right.
Seriously, church guy, hobby-shop guy, they were lunch meat by the time I got there.
Maybe they were possessed, but I can't prove it.
Yeah, that's where we are too.
Let's say that demons are possessing people in town, you know, raising hell Why would demon blow his brains out? For fun? You know, he wrecks one body, moves to another.
- Like taking stolen car for a joyride.
- Anybody in town that fits the profile? - Nice guy turned douche, still breathing? - There's Trotter.
- Who's that? - He used to be head of the rotary club.
Then people say he turned bastard all the sudden.
Brought in the gambling, the hookers.
He practically owns this whole town.
- You know where we could find him? - Oh, he'll be at his bar in a few hours.
I thought this was some boarded-up factory town.
It is.
Or at least it's supposed to be.
Well, what are we waiting for? Let's do some research.
Richie, look at you.
- Hey.
- Bringing satin back.
- Oh, you like this? Try Thai Silk.
Canal Street.
You have to pay $300 for threads like these, easy.
Of course, to me? Forget about it.
- How much is "forget about it"? - Ah, forget about it.
That's Trotter over there.
- He sits there all night.
Can't touch him.
- So, what do we do now? Don't know, but I'm gonna do a little investigating with that bartender.
Me and her, we got a little something-something lined up for later.
- Yeah, right.
- Stings, don't it? All right, I gotta hit the head.
Release the hostages.
Be back in a few.
No way he gets a girl like that.
I mean, look at her.
- You could fit that ass on a nickel.
- You think so? Oh, ha, ha.
Sorry, Padre.
Knew you boys would find your way here.
They all do.
No offense but what are you doing here, Father? Like it or not, you go where your flock is.
- Plus the clergy drinks for free.
And a certain bartender owes me a confession.
Not in this lifetime, Father.
I better see your butt on Sunday.
Nickel or no nickel.
- What can I get you boys? - What's your specialty? I make a mean hurricane.
I guess we'll see about that.
- You drink hurricanes? - I do now.
- Hi, John.
- Everything okay with you? I don't know.
- I'm just not feeling myself today.
- Hey.
Help! Unh.
What are you doing? He slept with my wife.
- The bastard slept with my wife.
- Somebody call 911.
Behind your back.
- Too many cops here, I say we bolt.
- Just be cool.
Poor jerk.
Only thing possessing him was a sixer of Pabst.
So, what's the deal, then? People getting possessed or not? I don't know.
Maybe it is just what it is.
A town full of scumbags.
- Yeah, maybe.
You boys ready for your mug shots? Photographer's gonna be here in a few and take your picture for the local paper.
Be an honor, officer.
What a thrill.
Yup, time to go.
- Wait a second.
Wait a second.
- What? Where's Richie? So how's a bartender afford a place like this? My parents left it to me.
I don't come out here much.
Mostly when I wanna be alone.
Wow, this is, uh, charming.
You sure you wouldn't be more comfortable in a bedroom? Or, uh, my motel room? I mean, not for nothing.
But, you know, I got oils.
But I have toys.
Yeah, no, toys trump oils.
You don't, uh, get scared down here all by yourself? Of course not.
Not when I've got a hunter to protect me.
You do realize there's red meat within striking distance, right? How many times I gotta tell Richie he's gonna get in trouble? Dean, you're assuming he's missing.
- I mean, maybe he just bailed.
- He's a moron.
He's a sweet moron, but he's not a coward.
He wouldn't just bail.
- I gotta go find him.
All right.
Meanwhile, I think I'm gonna trail this Trotter guy.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I don't know.
Something about the way he looked at me last night.
Maybe there is something going on here.
Cute piece.
- Who are you? - Won't stop a demon if that's what you think.
- How would you know? Oh, I don't know.
Call it an educated guess.
Well, ain't I lucky, then? Found a subject for a test fire.
Luck had nothing to do with it.
But, hey, by all means, take your best shot.
Are you gonna stand there like a pantywaist or are you gonna shoot? Ouch.
This smarts a little.
What do you want? Peace on earth.
A new shirt.
Now, do you want me to help you out with that gun or not? Hmm? - Dean.
- Yeah, I can't talk right now.
- You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just meet me at the bar in 20 minutes.
Sam? I gotta tell you every woman in this place they wanna eat you up.
Well, hey.
Anybody could've tackled that guy.
And wrestled the gun away.
Prevented mass murder.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
Normally, I charge 400 a night.
Why don't we call it an even deuce and get the hell out of here? What do I look like? What do I look like? Cheapskate.
Did I just see you strike out with a prostitute? - How's that work? - Told her I had a thing for the bartender.
It was pretty easy.
Who says the bartender's available? That's a good question.
Got something going with some guy about yay tall, wears a sweat suit? - Who? No.
My mistake.
What do you say you and me grab a drink after your shift? I say, why wait when we can go right now? What are you doing here? - I think maybe you know.
Yeah? Well, I think I'm calling the cops.
- Cops? - Breaking and entering, assault.
You're in a peck of trouble, my friend.
Uh, well, I think I could probably explain.
All right, back up.
- Get back.
- Money's in the safe.
Take it and go.
I don't want your money.
I just gotta be sure.
- What kind of psycho are you? - Oh, God.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I think that this was just a minor misunderstanding.
Yeah, okay.
How about I just? I just leave, because I'll take these.
Okay, I'II, uh I'll leave this for, uh you.
Have a nice day? Looks like the maid's day off.
Everything okay? Make yourself comfortable.
Oh, I forgot to mention.
Richie was a friend of mine.
When I realized I could track the GPS in his cell phone, I swung by earlier.
Gave him a proper burial.
It's better than rotting in some skank's basement.
Isn't that a buzz kill? Sorry, sister but you're going back to where you came from.
I don't think so.
What are you laughing at, bitch? You're still trapped.
So are you.
Lose something? You demons have such smart mouths.
- It's a gift.
- Yeah, well.
Let's see if you're smiling when I send your ass back to hell.
Without your little exorcism book? Hey, go ahead.
Having a little trouble there, sport? Nice try, but I think you just ordered a pizza.
Guess you should've paid more attention in Latin class.
I don't know what you're smiling about.
You're not going anywhere.
And apparently, neither are you.
Yeah, but I got somebody coming for me and, uh, he did pay attention in class.
Oh, right, Sam.
Everyone says he's the brains of the outfit.
- Everyone? - Sure, you Winchester boys are famous.
- Not Lohan famous, but, you know.
- Well, that's flattering.
I'll be sure to let Sam know when he gets here.
If he shows up first.
What, you thought I was flying solo? Shouldn't underestimate, Dean.
It might be the death of you.
You can give me hard eyes all you want but the fact remains, we just have to wait and see who shows up first.
The cavalry or the Indians.
You look kind of tense.
You know I know a sure-fire way to relax.
Maybe later.
Excuse me? - Hi.
- What can I get for you? Um, you remember the guy I was with last night? We sat right here.
Um - The big hero who jumped on Reggie.
- Yeah, yeah.
The The big hero, right.
Um, have you seen him around at all today? - Maybe, depends.
- Depends on what? Oh, my Does everyone here have their hand out? - He left with Casey about an hour ago.
- Any idea where they went? - Her place, for Bible study.
- All right, you got an address? What's wrong with you? Think I'm gonna give you a coworker's address so can you go and get your freaky, peeping-Tom rocks off? Corner of Piermont and Clinton.
Have fun.
- Why don't you relax? - Why don't you kiss my ass? Why, Dean, you're a poet.
I had no idea.
Look, we won't have any effect on the outcome of this.
We might as well be civil.
Civil, huh? Killing Richie, that was? That was civil? - Guy was harmless.
- That knife he pulled on me didn't look harmless.
- Wouldn't hurt you.
No, but it would damage this body.
And Casey has such a fine body.
I wouldn't wanna see it ripped.
A demon with a heart.
Well, there's a bunch of dead people in town that might disagree with you.
- Hey, I didn't pull any triggers.
- You did something.
You wanna know what I did? What I really did? - I had lunch.
- Lunch? Me and Trotter.
He had a cheeseburger.
I had a salad.
And I just pointed out the money that could be made with a few businesses that cater to harmless vice.
So Trotter built it and, man, did they come.
Supposedly God-fearing folk, waist-deep in booze, sex, gambling.
- I barely lifted a finger.
- That's it? You don't get it.
All you gotta do is nudge humans in the right direction.
Some whiskey here, a hooker there.
And they'll walk right into hell with big, fat smiles on their faces.
Your kind is corrupt, Dean.
Our will is stronger.
That's why we'll win.
And that's how it ends? No, that's how it begins.
Dean? Sulfur.
So demons take over? I thought the meek inherit the earth.
According to your Bible.
It's only a book, Dean.
- Not everyone would agree.
- Because it's God's book? Do you believe in God, Dean? I'd be surprised if you did.
I don't know.
I'd like to.
Well, I don't see how you and your God have done such a bang-up job.
War, genocide, it's only getting worse.
In this past century, you people racked up a body count that amazed even us.
It's our turn now.
And we're gonna do it right this time.
Don't be hopeful, Dean.
You're not delivered.
It's only the wind.
Bobby, it's Sam.
We got a problem.
I found sulfur and now I can't find Dean.
Call me as soon as you get this.
Excuse me.
They weren't there.
I guess you gotta catch your jollies another night.
Why don't you have a drink and relax? - Yeah, I don't want to relax.
- What is it with the people in this town? - Suit yourself, princess.
- Yes? Um, could I? Can I talk to you for a sec? You're piling it pretty high, sweetheart.
I'm not sure I'm buying.
Why would I lie? - Demons lie.
- Some do.
- Some are true believers.
- Believers in what? What, you think humans have an exclusive on a higher power? - You have a god? - Sure.
His name's Lucifer.
- You mean the devil? - Your word, not ours.
Lucifer actually means "light bringer.
" Look it up.
Once, he was the most beautiful of all God's angels.
But God demanded that he bow down before man.
And when he refused, God banished him.
Tell me, Dean, how do you like bowing before lesser creatures? - Lucifer's really real? - Well, no one's actually seen him.
They say that he made us into what we are.
They say that he'll return.
Oh, yeah? And, uh, you believe that? - I've got faith.
- Mmm.
So you see? Is my kind really all that different than yours? - Well, except that, uh, demons are evil.
- And humans are such a lovable bunch.
- Dick Cheney.
- He one of yours? Not yet.
Let's just say he's got a parking spot reserved for him downstairs.
Hey, speaking of downstairs.
What's it like down there? What, hell? Yeah.
That's right.
You booked a one-way ticket with that deal.
You're not gonna like it, Dean.
And, um, judging from the trouble you've caused I don't think you'll be getting the presidential suite.
No, it's a pit of despair.
Why do you think we want to come here? So the bartender the other night, Casey.
- You know her pretty well? - Since she was in pigtails.
Well, um, she and my brother, they, uh They left tonight.
- Together.
- Ahh.
Well not that I approve, but they are consenting adults.
- Right.
- I'm sorry, you said "brother.
" I thought the two of you were insurance investigators.
Right, well, we are.
Um, it's like a family business.
You know? Anyways, um, so I went to Casey's apartment and they weren't there.
Um, I I just have this feeling that they That they might be in trouble.
- What kind of trouble? - Just trouble.
Look, please, Father, I need your help.
Is there anything you can tell me about Casey? Any place she'd go? Yes.
There is a place.
Let me get my jacket.
I don't wanna put you out.
I can do this.
Son, if Casey's really in trouble, then there's nothing to talk about.
Shall we go? Kind of funny, don't you think? You and me sitting here like a couple of regular folk.
Yeah, it's hilarious.
You know, in that apocalyptic sort of way.
You're all right, Dean.
The others don't describe you that way.
But, you know, you're You're likable.
A demon likes me.
- I don't know how to respond to that.
- You could say thanks.
That deal you made to save Sam? A lot of others would mock you for it, think it was weak or stupid.
I don't.
It's been kind of liberating, actually.
And what's the point in worrying about a future when you don't have one, huh? Still a year to live.
- You're not scared? - No.
- Not even a little? - Of course not.
So insurance investigating, hmm? You enjoy the work? Yeah, yeah, I like being able to help people.
- Ever think about doing anything else? - Like what? Hmm, anything.
You seem like a pretty smart kid.
Somehow, I see you out in front of the pack.
You could do some great things.
I don't know.
- I like doing what I'm doing, I guess.
- Well, it's your life.
Does, um? - Dean? - Yeah, Dean.
- Does he find trouble often? - Yeah.
Yeah, Dean finds his fair share.
Well, it's a good thing he has you.
His brother's keeper.
Why, Dean, if I didn't know better, I'd say that was lust in your eyes.
Well, that would be one way to spend the time.
But I don't think you'd respect me in the morning.
That's okay.
I mean, hey, I barely respect you now.
Hey, can I ask you a question? I'm an open book.
So the gate opened.
The demon army was let out.
What now? Huh? - I'm not seeing a big honking plan here.
- Honestly? There was a plan.
Azazel was a tyrant but he held us all together.
- Azazel? - What, you think his friends just called him "Yellow Eyes"? He had a name.
After you did him in, it all fell apart.
Sorry about that.
- So, what, no chain of command? - There was.
It was Sam.
Sam was supposed to be the Grand Pooh Bah, lead the big army.
But he hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate, has he? Thank God for that.
Again with God? You think this is a good thing? Now you've got chaos, a war without a front.
Hundreds of demons, all jockeying for power.
All fighting for the crown.
Most of them gunning for your brother.
For the record I was ready to follow Sam.
Dean! Looks like you win.
Dean! Check that way.
Dean! Sammy, down here! The basement caved in! Dean, hey, hold on, okay? We're coming.
- Who's "we"? - I'm here with the Father.
Sammy, be careful.
Bobby, you all right? - How did you know where we? - Go.
You heard the man.
You two? For centuries.
We've been to hell and back.
Leave him be.
Don't kill him.
Let's just go.
Sam, wait.
Well, what do you think? About what we did here.
Do you think it made a difference? Two less demons to worry about.
- That's not nothing.
- Yeah, but Trotter's still alive.
Humans ain't our job.
You think anything's gonna change? I mean, maybe these people do just wanna destroy themselves.
Maybe it is a losing battle.
- That you or that demon girl talking? - Oh, it's me.
The demon is dead.
And so is that hot girl it was possessing.
Well, had to be done.
Sam was saving your life.
But you didn't see it, Bobby.
He was cold.
- Bobby.
- Yeah.
Back in Wyoming, uh, there was this moment.
Yellow Eyes said something to me.
What'd he say? That maybe when Sam came back from Well, wherever.
- That maybe he came back different.
- Different how? - I don't know.
Whatever it was it didn't sound good.
You think? You think something's wrong with my brother? No.
Demons lie.
I'm sure Sam's okay.
Yeah, me too.
Leaving so soon? We haven't even had a chance to celebrate.
Well, you can celebrate without me.
You're not gonna get all pouty on me now, are you? Come on.
You killed two demons today.
Maybe you don't care, but I killed two humans too.
Sam, you know what happens when demons piggyback humans.
They leave them rode hard and put up wet.
Chances are those two would've died a slow, sticky death.
- You probably did them a favor.
- Did them a favor? You're a cold bitch.
Yeah, and this cold bitch has saved your ass a couple of times now.
Some respect might be nice.
Especially if you want me to help you out with Dean and his little problem.
You know, you keep dangling that, but last I checked Dean's still going to hell.
Everything in its own time, Sam.
But there's a quid pro quo here.
We're in a war.
But for some reason you're fighting on our team.
Tell me, why is that again? - Go screw yourself, that's why.
- I see.
I don't have to justify my actions to you.
If you don't want my help fine.
Then give me the gun, and I'll pass it on to someone who will use it.
Maybe I'll just use it on you.
Go ahead, if that makes you happy.
It's not gonna do much for Dean, though.
So, what's it gonna be? Hmm? Ahh.
That's my boy.
This won't be easy, Sam.
You're gonna have to do things that go against that gentle nature of yours.
There'll be collateral damage.
- But it has to be done.
- I don't have to like it.
You wouldn't be Sam if you did.
But on the bright side I'll be there with you.
That little fallen angel on your shoulder.

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