Supernatural s03e05 Episode Script

Bedtime Stories

Look, Dad's gone now and we have to carry out his legacy: Hunting down as many evil sons of bitches as we possibly can.
Back in 1835, Samuel Colt made a gun for a hunter.
This gun can kill anything.
Only four bullets left.
Without them, this gun is useless.
Only thing it's good for now is figuring out what makes it tick.
Cute piece.
Won't stop a demon.
- How the hell would you know? - Call it an educated guess.
Do you want me to help you out with that gun or not? That deal you made to save Sam.
- A year to live.
- Been kind of liberating, actually.
You're not scared? - Of course not.
- How certain are you that what you brought back is 100 percent pure Sam? Think something's wrong with my brother? Demons lie.
I'm sure Sam's okay.
Yeah, me too.
You're the brick guy, I'm wood.
That's the way it's always been.
I need someone to pick bricks.
Emmett, that has gotta be you.
Not my responsibility.
- Hey, what was that? - I don't know.
A dog, maybe? - That's a hell of a dog.
- Okay.
We got a crew coming in the morning.
Look at this wood, huh? Look at it.
It's crap.
- Where'd you order it from? - Same place as always.
Should've used the cinder block like I wanted.
- Here we go again.
You're not in charge.
- You know, you're a bunch of girls.
Look, it comes down to this, okay? One gust of wind and the whole place is gonna blow over.
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
- Did you hear that? - Hear what? Kyle, come on, let's go.
- Okay, I'm gonna go warm up the truck.
What the hell has got him? Jack! Jack! I don't understand, Dean.
Why not? Because I said so.
- We got the Colt now.
- Sam.
- We can summon the Demon - We're not summoning anything.
force her to let you out.
- We don't know that'll work.
We'll shoot her.
If she dies, the deal goes away.
We don't know if that'll work.
You're pitching me a bunch of ifs and maybes and that's not good enough because if we screw with this deal, you die.
- And if we don't screw with it, you die.
- I'm not gonna have this conversation.
- Why? Because you said so? - Yes, because I said so! Well, you're not Dad.
No, but I am the oldest.
And I'm doing what's best.
You're gonna let this go, you understand me? Tell me about the psychotic killer.
Come on, Sam, tell me about the psychotic killer.
"Psychotic killer: Rips victims apart with brute-like ferocity.
" Okay, any mention of his razor-sharp teeth or his 4-inch claws, animal eyes? No.
The lunar cycle's right.
If it is a werewolf, we don't have long.
Moon's full Friday.
That's the last time he changes for a month.
Two days, no sweat.
I'm Detective Plant, this is Detective Page.
We're with the County Sheriff's Department.
Yeah, uh, been expecting you.
- You have? - All morning.
You are the sketch artist, right? - Um - Absolutely.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
That is exactly who my partner is.
And the things he can do with a pen, ha.
But, listen, before we get started on that, I wanted to ask you uh, how'd you get away? L I have no idea.
I was hiding and he found me.
He was coming right for me and then he just stopped.
Stared at me with this blank look.
After that, he just took off running.
Um I'm gonna need as much physical detail as you remember.
Uh, yeah.
Uh He was about 6 feet tall.
- Six - Uh, dark hair.
Um, what about his eyes? What color eyes did he have? Maybe blue? - It was dark.
- Blue? - Did they seem, uh, ahem, animalish? - Excuse me? What about his teeth? You notice anything strange about them? No, they were just teeth.
What about his fingernails? Okay, look, he's just a normal guy with normal eyes and teeth and fingernails.
- Look, sir, it's okay if No.
Those were my brothers.
This guy he killed my brothers.
How would you feel? Humph.
Can't imagine anything worse.
I know this isn't easy, but if you could remember any more details There was one more thing.
He had a, uh A tattoo on his arm of a cartoon character.
Uh Oh.
It's the guy who He was chasing the Road Runner.
- Wile E.
- Yeah, that's it.
Kyle? - Dr.
- How you holding up? - Okay, considering.
- You're, uh, Kyle's doctor? - Yes.
Can I just ask you a few questions? Sure.
Don't I get to see it? Uh Ha.
Yeah, yeah.
Um Yeah, it's a, you know, work in progress.
It's It's really Huh.
Boy, this is a piece of, uh, art.
Yeah, like you could've done it better.
What did the doc have to say about Kyle's brothers? Not much.
They were DOA at the scene.
He did give me the coroner's report.
- Let me guess, their hearts were missing.
- Nope.
But chunks of their kidneys, lungs and intestines.
That's just gross.
Yeah, also definitely not werewolf behavior.
So, what, a demon? Attacker could've been possessed.
Why would a demon stop halfway through an attack? I think that Uh - Could it? I got nothing.
- Me neither.
Okay, I am starving.
- Wait, where are all the PowerBars? - You ate them all and we're lost.
We're not lost.
The path is right here.
Look, there.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Thank God.
Are you two doing okay? - Hi.
Actually, we're - Lost.
Oh, it happens.
The trail gets twisty and my house is the only one left up here.
Um I could point you in the right direction but I'm afraid it'll take a while to get back.
You're really deep into the woods.
Nice work, Ken.
Um Would you like to come in and rest a bit? Um, yeah.
Thanks, but we should head back.
Oh, come on, honey, she offered.
She's a harmless old lady.
What could happen? You sure you don't want more? No, thank you.
It's, uh Um I'm full.
- We should go.
- Mm-hm.
We really can't thank you enough.
Ken? You What's going on? You? Are we? Did you drug us? Julie, run.
Please, you have to stop.
Don't worry.
Everything's fine.
You just hold still now, dear.
Stop! Stop, please stop! Why are you doing this? No! No! Please.
We need to observe you.
The drugs may be in your system.
I have to go.
I have things to do.
- Arrangements I need to make.
It can wait.
Now you need to rest.
Be back in a few minutes.
- Detectives.
- Dr.
What the hell's going on here? My whole town's going insane.
We'll let you know as soon as we do.
Watson? Hi.
We just need to ask you a few questions.
Do we have to go over this again? - Now? - We'll try to be brief.
Watson, can you tell us how you got away? I didn't eat as much as Ken did so I wasn't as out of it.
And when the old woman was carving up Ken I shoved her and she fell.
Cracked her head on the stove.
She's dead, right? L? I killed her? Do you have any idea why she did this to you? No.
One minute she's just a sweet old lady and the next, she was like a monster.
Can you remember anything else? Um, yeah.
Did you find a little girl there by any chance? A little girl? At the house? I thought I saw her outside the window.
She She just disappeared.
Just vanished into thin air.
- It must've been the drugs.
- This disappearing girl what did she look like? - Does it matter? Yes, every detail matters.
She had this dark, dark hair and really pale skin.
She was around 8.
She was a beautiful child.
It was odd to see her in the middle of something so horrible.
Well, there's no sulfur anywhere.
How about the EMF? Yeah, it's going nuts.
But only over here by the window.
There was definitely a spirit here.
Who stood outside the crime scene and watched.
- Looks like.
- What the hell do you make of that? Actually, I do have a theory.
Uh, sort of.
- Hit me.
- Well, thinking about fairy tales.
Oh, that's That's nice.
- You think about fairy tales often? - No, Dean, I'm talking about the murders.
A guy and girl hiking through the woods an old lady tries to eat them.
That's Hansel and Gretel.
Then we got the three brothers arguing over how to build houses attacked by the big bad wolf.
- Three Little Pigs.
- Yeah.
Actually, those guys were a little chubby.
Oh, wait.
I thought those things ended with everybody living happily ever after.
No, no, not the originals.
See, the Grimm brothers' stuff was kind of like the folklore of its day full of sex, violence, cannibalism.
Then it got sanitized over the years turned into Disney flicks and bedtime stories.
So you think the murders are, uh, what, a reenactment? - That's a little crazy.
- Crazy as what? Every day of our lives? Touché.
How's the creepy ghost girl involved? Um, well, she must've been here for a reason.
I'm willing to bet you top dollar she was at the construction site too.
We gotta do research now, don't we? - So? - Checked every record they had.
Found the usual amount of violent childhood deaths for a town this size.
- Okay.
- Know how many were girls with black hair and pale skin? Zero.
You wanna know how many girls with black hair and pale skin have gone missing? Right again: Zip, zilch, nada.
Tell me you got something good because I've totally wasted the last six hours.
Well, you ever hear of Lillian Bailey? She was a British medium from the 1930s.
- She got a thing for fairy tales? - No, trances.
See, she'd go into these unconscious states where, um Get this: Her thoughts and actions were completely controlled by spirits.
- The ghost Puppet Master.
- Yeah.
Think that's what this kid is doing? Sending Wolfboy and Grandma into trances, making them go kill-crazy? - It could be.
- Phew.
You know, kind of like a spirit hypnosis or something.
Trances I get, but fairy-tale trances? That's bizarre even for us.
Yeah, you're right.
That's completely normal.
All right, maybe it is fairy tales.
Totally messed-up fairy tales.
Tell you one thing, there's no way I'm kissing a damn frog.
Hey, check that out.
Yeah? It's close to Halloween.
You remember Cinderella? With the pumpkin that turns into a coach and the mice that become horses? Dude, could you be more gay? Don't answer that.
Well, who knows? Maybe you'll find your fairy godmother.
Help, I'm in here.
Hey, hey.
Don't worry, it's okay.
We're here.
We got you.
- Help me.
She's a lunatic.
- What happened? My stepmom, she just freaked out, screamed at me beat me, chained me up.
- Where is she now? I don't know.
Sam? Who are you? Paramedics picked up Cinderella.
- That's good.
So little girl, shiny red apple.
I'm guessing that means something to you.
I think it's Snow White.
Snow White? Aw, I saw that movie.
Well, the porn version anyways.
There was this wicked stepmother, phew.
She was wicked.
There is a wicked stepmother and she tries to kill Snow White with a poisoned apple.
- But the apple doesn't kill the girl, right? - No.
Puts her into a deep sleep.
So deep, it's almost like she's dead.
No, sorry.
We don't have any comatose little girls.
- Are you sure? - Totally.
It's mostly old guys.
And, well, Callie.
She's been around since before I started here.
- Callie? - Yeah, it's so sad.
And poor Dr.
Garrison, he just won't give up on her.
Was Callie one of his patients? No, his daughter.
Ah, here we are.
"'Just press the latch,' called out the grandmother.
'I'm too weak to get up.
' The wolf pressed the latch and the door opened.
He stepped inside, went straight to the grandmother and ate her up.
" Oh.
Oh, thank you so much.
" The huntsman stepped inside and in the bed lay the wolf.
So the huntsman took a pair of scissors and cut open the wolf's belly.
" Detectives, can I help you? We just heard that Callie is your daughter.
And we wanted to say how very sorry we are.
Well, um, thank you.
If you'll excuse me.
Oh, we're heading this way, we'll walk with you.
How long has Callie been like that? We don't mean to intrude.
We can't possibly understand how hard it must be for you seeing her like this.
Yeah, it's not easy.
She's, uh, been here since she was 8 years old.
- That's when she was poisoned? - Yes, swallowed bleach.
Never figure out how she got her hands on the bottle.
My wife found her, brought her to the ER.
Here, and I was on call.
Your wife was, uh? Was that Callie's stepmother? Actually, yes.
How'd you know that? Lucky guess.
Well, Julie was the only mother that, uh, Callie ever knew.
My wife passed away last year and, uh it's just my daughter and me now.
She's all I got left.
X- ray tech, extension 2407.
Um, excuse me, I've gotta get back to work.
Well, you're right.
It's Snow White in spades.
Stepmom poisons the girl, puts her into a deep sleep.
What's the motive, you think? Could be like Mischa Barton.
- Sixth Sense, not The O.
- What? Hey, you know fairy tales, I know movies.
She played the pasty ghost.
You know, remember the mom had that thing, you know where you keep the kid sick so you get the attention? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh, M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy.
Huh, could be.
So say all these years, Callie's been suffering silently because nobody knows the truth about what Mommy did.
And after all this time, her spirit just gets angrier until it finally just starts lashing out.
Meanwhile, she has to listen to Dad tell her these deranged stories about a rabid wolf or a cannibalistic old lady.
- It's enough to drive anybody nuts.
- Okay, but how are we gonna stop her? Callie's stuck here.
Her father's keeping her body alive.
- It does make it hard to burn the bones.
- You think? Coming in.
You got it? - Hey, what's her status? - Seventy-two-year-old female.
Sustained multiple lacerations and puncture wounds.
BP is 80/40 and falling.
Sinus tachycardia.
Is that a bite? It looks like she was mauled by a mad dog or maybe a wolf.
What was the last story Dr.
Garrison was reading Callie? Little Red Riding Hood.
Excuse me.
Was she the only victim? She was found by the side of the road, barely alive.
We need to find her next of kin.
- Uh, she has a granddaughter.
- Do you have an address? - Thank you.
- Thanks.
You find a way to stop Callie, all right? What about you? I'm gonna go stop the big bad wolf.
Which is the weirdest thing I've ever said.
- Hey, Grandma.
- Grr.
Garrison, I need to speak with you.
- Detective, what can I do for you? Well, um - It's about Callie.
- My daughter? What about her? - Maybe, could we sit down for a minute? - No.
What about her? Okay, well, um All right, doctor, this isn't gonna be easy.
What happened to Callie was not an accident.
- Excuse me? - I'm sorry but it's true.
You have no idea what happened to my daughter.
There are things you don't know, doctor about your wife.
- My wife? Doctor, your wife poisoned Callie.
Why would you say something so horrible to me? Because I need your help.
You stay away from me and from my daughter, you understand? Doctor, this isn't Please, if - I'm calling security.
- No, I don't have time to do this gently.
If you don't listen, more people are gonna get hurt.
- Because Callie is going to hurt them.
- What are you talking about? You're gonna think I'm crazy, but just understand me.
Your daughter, Callie, is still here.
She's a spirit.
So you've seen her too? - Are you okay? - Yeah I sensed her.
Her presence, her scent.
I even saw her standing at the foot of my bed, but I never believed it.
I thought I was dreaming - It wasn't a dream.
She looks like she did when she was 8.
White dress.
Red ribbon in her hair.
She's been trying to talk to you.
- You're not a cop, are you? - No.
Then who are you? Someone who knows a little about this kind of thing.
But what you said about my wife poisoning Callie, that Sir, Callie told us.
- What? Not in so many words.
But in her own way she told us.
My wife loved Callie.
So how is that possible? - I don't know, but it is.
- No.
No, I don't believe you.
Look, Callie is killing people.
She's angry, she's desperate because nobody will listen to her.
So you have to listen to her.
Please listen to your daughter.
Callie? Callie, it's Daddy.
It's me, Daddy.
Is it true? Did Mommy do that to you? I know I wasn't listening before, but I'm listening now.
Daddy's here.
Please, honey.
Is there any way you can tell me? Doctor.
Is it true? Oh, I'm so sorry, baby.
But listen to me.
You gotta stop what you're doing, okay? You're hurting people.
I know everything now.
I know the truth.
It's time for you to let go.
It's time for me to let you go.
Whoa, stop, stop.
Whoa, stop.
Oh, where am I? What's going on? X- ray tech, extension The girl's okay? So it's really over.
All thanks to you.
Callie was the most important thing in my life but I should've let her go a long time ago.
See you around, doc.
I sure hope not.
You know what he said? Some good advice.
Is that what you want me to do, Dean? Just let you go? Well, little Sammy Winchester.
I'm touched.
I mean, your brother's been to see me twice, but you I never had the pleasure.
What can I do for you, Sam? You can beg for your life.
We were having such a nice conversation.
Then you had to go and ruin the mood.
If I were you, I'd drop the wisecracks and start acting scared.
It's not my style.
That's not the original Colt.
Where did you get that? Ruby.
Had to be.
She is such a pain in my ass.
She'll get what's coming to her.
- You can count on it.
That's enough.
I came here to make you an offer.
You're gonna make me an offer? That's adorable.
You can let Dean out of his deal right now.
He lives, I live, you live.
Everyone goes home happy.
Or you stop breathing.
All this tough talk.
I have to tell you, it's not very convincing.
I mean, come on, Sam.
Do you even wanna break the deal? What do you think? I don't know.
Aren't you tired of cleaning up Dean's messes? Of dealing with that broken psyche of his? Aren't you tired of being bossed around like a snot-nosed little brother? You're stronger than Dean, you're better than him.
- Watch your mouth.
- Admit it.
You're here, going through the motions.
The truth is you'll be a tiny bit relieved when he's gone.
- Shut up.
- No more desperate, sloppy, needy Dean.
You can finally be free.
I said, shut up.
- Doth protest too much if you ask me.
- All right, I've had enough of your crap.
You let Dean out of his deal right now.
Sorry, sweetheart, but your brother's an adult.
He made that deal of his own free will.
Fair and square.
It's ironclad.
Every deal can be broken.
Not this one.
Fine, then I'll kill you.
- Lf you're gone, so is the deal.
- Ha, guess again.
- What? - Sam, I'm just a saleswoman.
I got a boss like everybody.
He holds the contract, not me.
He wants Dean's soul, bad.
And believe me, he's not gonna let it go.
- You're bluffing.
- Am I? Shoot me, if it'll get you off.
But the deal still holds.
And when Dean's time is up, he's getting dragged into the pit.
Then who's your boss? Who holds the contract? He's not as cuddly as me, I can tell you that.
Who is it? I can't tell you.
I'm sorry, Sam but there's no way out of this one.
Not this time.