Supernatural s03e06 Episode Script

Red Sky at Morning

Dad's gone.
He wants us to pick up where he left off.
So, what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and raise a little hell? Bela Talbot's her real name.
Which means seriously bad luck for you.
A hunter? Pretty far from a hunter.
I procure unique items for a select clientele.
I think you'll find that belongs to me.
You're not gonna shoot anybody.
What the hell is wrong with you? I'm trying to keep you alive and you couldn't care less.
Truth is I'm tired, Sam.
It's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
- It's hellfire, Dean.
- Eh, whatever.
You're my big brother.
There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
I don't care what it takes.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
- What can I do for you, Sam? - Let Dean out of his deal right now.
I'm just a saleswoman.
I got a boss like everybody.
He holds the contract.
- And who's your boss? - I can't tell you.
I'm sorry, Sam.
But there's no way out of this one.
So I've been waiting since Maple Springs.
- You got something to tell me? - It's not your birthday.
Happy perm? Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about.
There's a bullet missing from the Colt.
Wanna tell me how that happened? It wasn't me, so unless you were shooting at some evil cans - Dean.
- You went after her, didn't you? The Crossroads Demon, after I told you not to.
- Yeah, well.
- You could have gotten yourself killed.
- I didn't.
- And you shot her.
She was a smart-ass.
So, what, does that mean I'm out of my deal? Don't you think I might have mentioned that little fact, Dean? - No.
Someone else holds the contract.
- Who? She wouldn't say.
Well, we should find out who.
Of course, our best lead would be the Crossroads Demon.
- Oh, wait a minute.
- That's not funny.
No, it's not.
It was a stupid risk and you shouldn't have done it.
I shouldn't have done it? You're my brother.
No matter what you do, I'm gonna try and save you.
And I'm sure as hell not gonna apologize for it, all right? But I don't understand.
I already went over all this with the other detectives.
Right, yes, uh, but see, we're with the Sheriff's Department not the Police Department.
Different departments.
- So, Mrs.
Case - Please: Ms.
Okay, um Ms.
Case, um you were the one who found your niece, correct? - I came home, she was in the shower.
- Drowned? So the coroner says.
Now you tell me.
How can someone drown in a shower? How would you describe Sheila's behavior before her death? I mean, did she seem frightened? Maybe she said something out of the ordinary? Wait a minute.
You're working with Alex, aren't you? Yep.
That's, ha, ha Alex and us, we're like this.
Why didn't you say so? Alex has been such a comfort.
But I'm sorry, I thought the case was solved.
Uh, well, no.
No, not yet.
I see.
Anyways, we were talking about your niece.
Well, yes, Sheila mentioned something quite strange before she died.
- She said she saw a boat.
- Boat? Yes, one minute it was there, then it was gone.
It just disappeared right before her eyes.
You think it could be a ghost ship? Alex thinks it could be a ghost ship.
Well, uh could be.
Well you let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.
Anything at all.
What a crazy old broad.
Why, because she believes in ghosts? Ha, ha.
Look at you sticking up for your girlfriend, you cougar hound.
- Bite me.
- Hey, not if she bites you first.
So who's this Alex? We got another player in town? Maybe, maybe not.
Doesn't change our job.
We're thinking ghost ship? - Not the first one that's been sighted.
- Really? Yeah, every 37 years, like clockwork, reports of a vanishing three-mast clipper ship out in the bay.
And every 37 years, a rash of weirdo dry-land drownings.
Whatever's happening is getting started? - Yeah.
- What's the lore? There are apparitions of old wrecks sighted all over the world.
The S.
Violet, the Griffon, the Flying Dutchman.
Almost all of them are death omens.
So you see the ship, then a few hours later you pucker up and kiss your ass goodbye? - Basically.
- What's the next step? - I gotta ID the boat.
- Shouldn't be too hard.
How many three-mast clipper ships are wrecked off the coast? I checked that too, actually.
Over 150.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- Crap.
- Mm-hm.
This is where we parked the car, right? I thought so.
Where's my car? Did you feed the meter? Yes, I fed the meter.
Sam, where's my car? Somebody stole my car? Hey, hey, calm down, Dean.
I am calmed down.
Someone stole my Wow, Dean.
Hey, hey, hey, take it easy.
Take it easy.
The '67 Impala? Was that yours? - Bela.
- I'm sorry, I had that car towed.
- You what? - Well, it was in a tow-away zone.
- No, it wasn't.
- It was when I finished with it.
What the hell are you even doing here? - A little yachting.
- You're Alex.
- You're working with that old lady.
- Gert's a dear old friend.
- Yeah, right.
What's your angle? - There's no angle.
There's a lot of lovely old women like Gert up and down the eastern seaboard.
I sell them charms, perform séances so they can commune with their dead cats.
And let me guess.
All a con, none of it's real.
The comfort I provide them is very real.
How do you sleep at night? On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.
Really, Sam.
I'd expect the attitude from him.
But you? - You shot me.
- I barely grazed you.
Cute, but a bit of a drama queen, yeah? You do know what's going on here.
This ghost ship thing, it is real.
I'm aware.
Thanks for telling Gert the case wasn't solved, by the way.
- It isn't.
- She didn't know that.
Now the old bag's stopped payment and she's demanding some real answers.
Look, just stay out of my way before you cause any more trouble.
I'd get to that car if I were you before they find the arsenal in the trunk.
Can I shoot her? Not in public.
Hello? No, the police said that he drowned, but I don't understand how I am so sorry for your loss, Mr.
If you could tell me one more time about the ship your brother saw? Ma'am, I think this man's been through quite enough.
You should go.
- But I just have a few more questions.
- No, you don't.
Thank you for your time.
Sorry you had to deal with that.
They're like roaches.
So, uh, we heard you say your brother saw a ship? - Yeah, that's right.
- Did he tell you what it looked like? It was, uh, like the old Yankee Clippers, a smuggling vessel.
A rakish topsail, a barkentine rigging.
Angel figurehead on the bow.
A lot of detail for a ship your brother saw.
My brother and I were night diving.
I saw the ship too.
Excuse me, officers.
I'm not sure those men - Uh, all right.
Well, we'll be in touch.
- Thank you.
I see you got your car back.
You really wanna come near me when I got a loaded gun? Now, now, mind your blood pressure.
Why are you even still here? You have enough to ID the boat.
That guy back there saw the ship.
- Yeah, and? - And he's going to die.
So we have to save him.
How sweet.
- You think this is funny? - He's cannon fodder.
He can't be saved in time and you know it.
Yeah, well, see, we have souls.
So we're gonna try.
Well, I'm actually gonna find the ship and put an end to this.
But you have fun.
Hey, Bela, how'd you get like this, huh? What, did Daddy not give you enough hugs or something? I don't know.
Your daddy give you enough? Don't you dare look down your nose at me.
You're no better than I am.
- We help people.
- Come on.
You do this out of vengeance and obsession.
You're a stone's throw from being a serial killer.
Whereas I, on the other hand, I get paid to do a job, and I do it.
So you tell me, which is healthier? Bela, why don't you just leave? We've got work to do.
Yeah, you're 0 for 2.
Bang-up job so far.
Anything good? No, not really.
I mean, both brothers are Duke University grads.
No criminal record.
I mean, a few speeding tickets.
They inherited their father's real-estate fortune six years ago.
- How much? - Hundred twelve million.
- Nice life.
- Yeah.
I mean, nice, clean, aboveboard.
So why'd they see the ship? Why Sheila too? - What do they all have in common? - Maybe nothing.
There's always something.
Hey, you! Think we've been made.
What are you doing? You watching me? Sir, calm down, please.
You guys aren't cops.
Not dressed like that.
Not in that crappy car.
- Whoa, hey, no need to get nasty.
- Look, we are cops, okay? We're undercover.
We think you're in danger.
- From who? - Lf you just settle down we'll talk about it.
- You guys, just stay away from me.
Hey, you moron, we're trying to help you.
- That can't be good.
- No.
Get the salt gun.
Sam! What started out as a mild chance of breezy night is changing rapidly as a severe weather front is heading in from the northwest.
Expect heavy lightning and thunder with sudden rainfall You wanna say it or should I? - What? - You can't save everybody, Sam.
Yeah, right.
So what, you feel better now or what? - No, not really.
- Me neither.
- You gotta understand - Lately I feel like I can't save anybody.
Dear God.
Are you actually squatting? Charming.
How'd things go last night with Peter? That well, huh? If you say "I told you so," I swear to God, I'll start swinging.
Look, I think the three of us should have a heart-to-heart.
- That's assuming you have a heart.
- Dean, please.
I'm sorry about what I said before, okay? I come bearing gifts.
- Such as? - I've ID'd the ship.
It's the Espirito Santo.
A merchant sailing vessel.
Quite a colorful history.
In 1859, a sailor was accused of treason.
He was tried aboard ship in a kangaroo court and hanged.
- He was 37.
- Which would explain the 37-year cycle.
Aren't you a sharp tack? Photo of him somewhere.
- Isn't that the customer we saw? - You saw him? Yeah.
That's him, except he was missing a hand.
- His right hand.
- How did you know? The body was cremated but they cut off his hand to make a Hand of Glory.
A Hand of Glory? I think I got one of those at the end of my Thai massage last week.
Ha, ha.
The right hand of a hanged man is a serious occult object.
It's very powerful.
- So they say.
- And officially counts as remains.
None of this explains why the ghost is choosing these victims.
I'll tell you why.
Who cares? Find the hand, burn it and stop the bloody thing.
Why you telling us all this? Because I know exactly where the hand is.
- Where? - At the Sea Pines Museum as a macabre bit of maritime history.
- But I need help.
- What kind of help? What is taking so long? Sam's already halfway there.
- With his date.
- So not okay with this.
What are you, a woman? Come down already.
All right.
Get it out.
I look ridiculous.
Not exactly the word I'd use.
What? You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.
Don't objectify me.
Let's go.
Are you chewing gum? Try to behave as if you've lived this life before, yeah? This will get their tongues wagging, eh, my Adonis? Just remember, we're on business.
But sometimes business can be pleasure, hmm? Right.
You know, uh, could you excuse me for a moment? Great, thanks.
Exactly how long do you expect me to entertain my date? As long as it takes.
Look security all over this place.
This is an uncrashable party without Gert's invitation, so We can crash anything.
Yeah, I know, but this is easier and it's a lot more entertaining.
You know, there are limits to what I'll do, right? Aw, he's playing hard to get.
That's cute.
Come on.
I want all the details in the morning.
Thank you.
To us.
Private security? I don't think so.
Look at the way they're standing.
They're pros.
Probably state troopers moonlighting.
Posted at every door too.
Yeah, I don't think we're gonna be able to just waltz upstairs.
What do you suggest? I'm thinking.
Don't strain yourself.
Interesting how the legend is so much more than the man.
You got any bright ideas, I'm all ears.
Honey? Honey, are you all right? Waiter.
My wife has a severe shellfish allergy.
There's no crab in them? - No, sir.
- No? - They're excellent, by the way.
- What seems to be the trouble? Ahh, champagne.
She's a lightweight when it comes to the sauce.
Is there somewhere I can lay her down till she gets her sea legs back? - Follow me.
- Right.
Thank you.
Come on, you lush.
You think she's a pain in the ass now? Try living with her.
Thank you very much.
Maybe next time, give me a little heads up with your plan.
I didn't want you thinking.
You're not very good at that.
Oh, look at you.
Searching for a witty rejoinder.
Screw you.
Very Oscar Wilde.
Room 235.
It's in a locked glass case wired for alarm.
I'm sure that won't be a problem? Where's Alex and your friend? They're missing a great party.
I'm, ahh I'm sure they're entertaining themselves.
Ooh, naughty.
Then I guess we'll just have to entertain ourselves as well.
Oh, ahh Ha.
You know, um, Mrs.
Case - Oh, no.
- Sorry.
Case, I don't wanna give you the wrong idea.
Call me Gert.
You remind me of my late husband.
He was shy too.
Till we got below deck.
Whoa! Ahem.
You're just firm all over.
Sir? Ma'am? Everything all right? Hi.
Feeling better, I see.
Yes, much, thank you.
So if you're done with the room? Well, not exactly.
Could we have a few more minutes? Yes, ma'am.
Stop it.
That tickles.
Whoa! Sorry.
- Ahh, nature called.
- Uh-huh.
Thanks for looking after my wife.
Oh, she's being looked after all right.
- Any trouble? - Nothing I couldn't handle.
The hand? - May I? - No.
It might be more inconspicuous in my purse.
Nice try.
Just trying to be helpful.
Well, sweetheart I don't need your kind of help.
Man, this is one long song.
I hope it never ends.
How's the investigation going? These things take time.
You know, people are talking about the Warren brothers' deaths.
Do you think it's connected to Sheila's? Yeah.
Yeah, we think so.
I think they had it coming, you know, in a Biblical sort of way.
What do you mean? You know about their father.
Come here.
I'll whisper it to you.
- Ahh! - People say that the old man didn't die of natural causes.
- Then how? Rumor is the boys did it.
Nothing was ever proved but, uh, people still whisper.
- Okay, okay.
Um, so did Sheila have any connection to them? Well, none that I know of.
Did Sheila have any kind of tragedy in her life? Yes, as a matter of fact there was a car accident when she was a teenager.
- What happened? - Her car flipped over and, uh well, she was okay, but, uh, her cousin Brian was killed.
Why? Is that important? Well, having a nice time? He's delightful.
- He wants me.
- Oh.
I'm going to get Gert into a cold shower.
Great idea.
See you at the cemetery.
You stink like sex.
You got it, right? Tell me I didn't get groped all night by Mrs.
Haversham for nothing.
I got it.
Who? Never mind.
Just let me see it.
What? I'm gonna kill her.
Oh, no.
You know what? You're right.
Not gonna kill her.
I think slow torture's the way to go.
Dean, look.
You gotta relax.
Relax? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I'll relax.
Can't believe she got another one over on us.
What? I mean, she got one over on you, not us.
Thank you, Sam.
Very helpful.
Could you open up? Just let me explain.
I sold it.
I had a buyer lined up as soon as I knew it existed.
So the reason for us going to the charity ball was? I needed a cover.
You were convenient.
Look, you sold it to a buyer, just go buy it back.
It's halfway across the ocean.
I can't get it back in time.
In time for what? What's going on with you, Bela? You look like you've seen a ghost.
I saw the ship.
You what? Wow, you know, I knew you were an immoral, thieving, con-artist bitch.
But when I thought my opinion of you couldn't get any lower - What are you talking about? - We figured out the spirit's motive.
This is the captain of our ship the one who hung our ghost boy.
So? So they were brothers.
Very Cain and Abel.
So now our spirit, he's going after a very specific kind of target.
People who've spilled their own family's blood.
First there was Sheila, who killed her cousin in a car accident.
Then the Warren brothers who murdered their father for the inheritance.
- And now you.
- Oh, my God.
So who was it, Bela? Hmm? Who'd you kill? Was it Daddy? Your little sis, maybe? It's none of your business.
Well, have a nice life.
You know, whatever's left of it.
Let's go.
You can't just leave me here.
- Watch us.
- Please.
I need your help.
Our help? Now, how could serial killers possibly help you? Okay, that was harsh.
But it doesn't warrant a death sentence.
That's not why you're gonna die.
What did you do, Bela? You wouldn't understand.
No one did.
Never mind.
I'll just do what I've always done and I'll deal with it myself.
You do realize you just sold the only thing that could save your life? I'm aware.
Well Maybe not the only thing.
Do you really think this is gonna work? Almost definitely not.
Better start reading.
Stay close.
Behind you! Sammy, read faster.
You hanged me.
I'm sorry.
Your own brother.
I'm so sorry.
You should learn to lock your doors.
Anyone could just barge in.
Anyone just did.
You come to say goodbye or thank you? I've come to settle affairs.
Giving the spirit what he really wanted, his own brother.
Very clever, Sam.
So here.
It's 10,000.
That should cover it.
I don't like being in anyone's debt.
So ponying up 10 grand is easier for you than a simple "thank you"? You're so damaged.
Takes one to know one.
Goodbye, lads.
She got style.
You gotta give her that.
I suppose.
You know, Dean, we don't know where this money's been.
But I know where it's going.
Seriously? Atlantic City? Hell, yeah.
Play some roulette, always bet on black.
Hey, listen, I've been doing some thinking, um I want you to know I understand why you did it.
I understand why you went after the Crossroads Demon.
The situation was reversed, I guess I'd have done the same thing.
I mean, I'm not blind.
I see what you're going through with this whole deal.
Me going away and all that.
But you're gonna be okay.
You think so? Yeah, you'll keep hunting.
You know, you'll live your life.
You're stronger than me.
You are.
You are.
You'll get over it.
But I want you to know I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for putting you through all this, I am.
You know what, Dean? Go screw yourself.
- What? - I don't want an apology from you.
I'm a big boy now.
I can take care of myself.
- Oh, well, excuse me.
- So would you quit worrying about me? I mean, that's the whole problem.
I don't want you to worry about me, Dean.
I want you to worry about you.
I want you to give a crap that you're dying.
So that's it? Nothing else to say from you? I think maybe I'll play craps.