Supernatural s04e08 Episode Script

Wishful Thinking

I dragged you out of hell.
I can throw you back in.
You should show me some respect.
In the coming months, you will have more decisions to make.
Dean, what was it like? - What, hell? I don't know.
I must have blacked it out.
I don't remember a damn thing.
- This is Uriel, a specialist.
- Specializing in what? Both of you, you need to leave this town immediately.
- Why? - Because we're about to destroy it.
The only reason you're still alive, Sam Winchester is because you've been useful.
The moment that ceases to be true, and I will turn you to dust.
Ask Dean what he remembers from hell.
Hello? Is anybody there? Um Hello, Mrs.
It just doesn't make any sense, Dean.
Why would Uriel tell me you remembered hell? - Because he's a dick.
- He's still an angel.
Who was ready to level an entire town.
I don't know wh - Radical.
What else can I get you guys? - I think we're good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Wanna try a couple of Fryer Bombs or a Chipotle Chili Chonga? - No, no, we're still good.
- Okay, awesome.
Sam, honestly, I have no idea why Uriel told you what he did, okay? Oh.
- What? - Okay, fine.
Then look me in the eye and tell me you don't remember a thing from your time down under.
I don't remember a thing from my time down under.
- I don't remember.
- Dean, I just wanna help.
You know everything I do.
That's all there is.
- Outstanding.
Dessert time? Am I right? - Dude Listen, bros, you have got to try our Ice Cream Extreme.
- It's extreme.
- No extremities, please.
- Just the - Check? - All right, awesome.
- Thanks.
All right, so where do we go from here? Not sure.
Looks like it's been pretty quiet lately.
No signs of demon activity, no omens or portents I can see.
- That's good news for once.
- Yeah.
Just the typical smattering of crank UFO sightings and one possible vengeful spirit.
Here, check this out.
Up in Concrete, Washington, eyewitness reports of a ghost that's been haunting the showers of a women's health facility.
The victim claims that the ghost threw her down a flight of stairs.
- I can see you're very interested.
- Women, showers We gotta save these people.
Oh, Wes, you're the best.
You know I love it here.
- Yeah.
- Oh, I wanna touch you.
I'm not surprised the spirit world chose to make contact with me.
I'm something of a natural sensitive.
I can sense that about you, Candace.
That whole sensitive thing.
So, what did you say you're calling your book? Oh.
Well, um, the working title is Supernatura/.
I've been crossing the country gathering stories.
But anyways, you were telling me about your encounter.
- Yes, well, once I saw the apparition Ha-ha-ha.
that's when I started to run.
- And you said the ghost chased you? - Not just that, it knew my name.
It kept yelling, "Mrs.
Armstrong, Mrs.
Armstrong!" - And that's when I hit the stairs and fell.
- You fell? - The ghost didn't push you? - Oh, I don't I don't know.
I mean, I think it did.
Did you feel like it meant to hurt you, like it was violent or? It was a ghost.
I'm lucky to be alive.
Anyway, I was at the bottom of the stairs and that's when it got weird.
It helped me up.
- Say again? - Yeah, it helped me up.
And it kept saying over and over, "Please, don't tell my mom.
" Yeah, that's weird.
Well, you pick up anything? No EMF in the shower or anywhere else.
This house is clean.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
I kind of got the feeling back there that crazy pushed Mrs.
Armstrong down the stairs.
I gotta tell you, I'm disappointed.
You wanted to save naked women.
Damn right, I wanted to save naked women.
- Come on, guys, get him! I got him.
I got him.
Run, Forrest, run! Sorry, Dean, I don't think anything's going on here.
How was I supposed to get a look at it? It grabbed me from behind Something's going on.
I understand you got shook up, anyone would be.
But don't you think it? Don't you think it had to be a bear? I know a damn bear track when I see one.
This thing didn't leave bear tracks.
- Its feet were huge.
- Now, Gus - It was Bigfoot, Hal, the Bigfoot.
- Gus, you're not talking sense here There's a Bigfoot out there, damn it, and he's a son of a bitch! - Excuse us.
- What? - Yes, sir.
We're here about the That.
- About Bigfoot? That's right.
Sir, can you tell me exactly where this happened? Yes, I can.
What the hell's going on in this town? First there's a ghost that's not real and now a Bigfoot sighting? Well, every hunter worth his salt knows Bigfoot's a hoax.
Yeah, maybe somebody's pumping LSD into the town water supply.
Okay, what do you suppose made that? That, uh, is a big foot.
So what, Bigfoot breaks into a liquor store jonesing for some hooch? Amaretto and Irish cream.
He's a girl-drink drunk.
Hey, check this out.
He took the whole porno rack? Well, I'll say it again.
What the hell is going on in this town? I got nothing.
It's got to be a joke, right? - Some big-ass mother in a gorilla suit? - Or it's a Bigfoot.
You know, and he's some kind of a alcoholo-porno addict.
Kind of like a deep-woods Duchovny.
A little young for Busty Asian Beauties.
What is this, like a Harry and the Hendersons deal? Mm.
- Hello? Hello.
Um Could we? - You know what, are your parents home? - Nope.
- No.
- No.
Um - Have you seen a really, really furry? - Is he in trouble? No, no, no.
Not at all.
We just - We wanted to make sure he was okay.
- Exactly.
He's my teddy bear.
I think he's sick.
Uh Amazing, because you know what? We are, uh, ahem Teddy bear doctors.
Really? Can you please take a look at him? - Sure, yeah.
- Sure.
He's in my bedroom.
He's pretty grumpy.
Teddy? There's some nice doctors here to see you.
a coa/mine in southeast Ohio co/apsed today - ki/ing two peop/e - Close the frigging door! See what I mean? All I ever wanted was a teddy which was big, real, and talked.
But now he's sad all the time Not "ouch" sad, but "ouch in the head" sad.
- Says weird stuff, and smells like the bus.
- Um, little girl - Audrey.
How exactly did your teddy become real? I wished for it.
- You wished for it? - At the wishing well.
meanwhi/e, the painstaking search continues Look at this.
- series of exp/osions /eve/ed the shopping area You believe this crap? - Not really.
- It is a terrible world.
- Why am I here? - For tea parties.
Tea parties? Ah-ha.
Is that all there is? A transat/antic f/ight from Da/as to Louisvi/e, Kentucky made an unschedu/ed /anding - Audrey, give us a second, okay? - Okay.
Are we? Should we? Uh Are we gonna kill this teddy bear? How, huh? We shoot it, burn it? - I don't know.
Both? - How do we know that's gonna work? I don't want some giant, flaming, pissed-off teddy on our hands.
Besides, I get the feeling that the bear isn't really the, you know, core problem here.
Audrey, where are your parents? My mom wished they were in Bali, so I think they're in Bali.
Okay, well I'm really sorry to have to break this to you, but your bear is sick.
Yeah, he's got - Lollipop disease.
- Lollipop disease.
It's not uncommon for a bear his size.
But see, it's really contagious.
Yeah, is there someone, maybe a grownup that you can stay with while we treat him? - Mrs.
Hurley lives down the street.
- Perfect.
Yeah, good.
We'd like you to stay there for a few days, okay? - Okay.
- Oh, and Audrey where is this wishing well? Think it works? You got a better explanation for teddy back there? There's one way to find out.
- What are you gonna wish for? - Shh.
You're not supposed to tell.
Somebody order a foot-long Italian with jalapeƱo? That'd be me.
I think it works, dude.
I was pretty specific.
- The teddy bear, the sandwich - Hmm.
- I'm guessing this.
- I'm guessing that.
Oh, that definitely goes on the list.
What are we supposed to do? Stop people's wishes from coming true? - Sounds like a douchey thing to do.
- Yeah, maybe.
But when has something like this ever come without a price tag? - And usually a deadly one.
- Oh.
I don't know it's a damn good sandwich.
All right, fine.
We'll put a hold on the wishing until we figure out what's what.
- Gentlemen, I'm sorry.
We don't allow people to eat outside food here.
Well, I am certainly not gonna eat the inside food here.
Health department.
You, my friend, have a rat infestation.
We have got to shut this place down under Emergency Hazard Code 56C.
Rats? It's a typical fountain, plaster Buddha.
Nothing I can see.
Yes, nothing.
We keep a clean place here.
Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave during the preliminary investigation.
Okay? Thank you.
Oh, come on, aren't you a little bit tempted? Heh-heh.
No, wouldn't be real.
Wouldn't trust it.
- I don't know, that bear seemed real.
- Yeah.
Come on, if you could wish yourself back, before it all started.
Think about it, you'd be some yuppie lawyer with a nice car, a white picket fence.
- Not what I'd wish for.
Seriously? It's too late to go back to our old lives, Dean.
I mean, I'm not that guy anymore.
All right, well, what then? Hmm? What would Sammy wish for? Lilith's head on a plate.
What is that? Some kind of old coin.
I don't recognize the markings.
- Lift with your legs.
Gah! What, is that little mother welded on there? Hey, what is this? You are gonna break my fountain.
Now, sir, I don't wanna slap you with a 44-slash-16, but I will.
All right, thanks.
Let me see that.
I got an idea.
Oh! Damn.
- Coin's magical.
- Boy, I'd say.
I think it's Hoodoo that's protecting the well.
I don't think we can destroy this.
- All right, here.
You gotta look into this.
- Where are you going? Something just occurred to me.
- What? - Don't worry, ma'am.
I'm with the Health department.
So you can turn it on and off? How'd you know I was? You walked up to a wishing well, dropped a dime and wished to be invisible so you could spy on women in the shower.
That's crazy.
Put on some pants.
- And stay visible.
- Ow.
O Okay.
Hurry up.
- You better run! - You got a problem, mister? - What? No.
Dean? You all right? The wishes turn bad, Sam.
The wishes turn very bad.
The sandwich, huh? The coin is Babylonian.
It's cursed.
I found some fragments of a legend, but Oh I'm good.
The serpent is Tiamat which is the Babylonian god of primordial chaos.
I guess her priests were working some serious Black Magic.
- They made the coin? - Yeah, to sow the seeds of chaos.
Whoever tosses a coin in a wishing well, makes a wish, it turns on the well.
Then it starts granting wishes to all comers.
But the wishes get twisted.
You ask for a talking teddy - You get a bipolar nutjob.
- And you get E.
This thing has turned more than one town upside down.
It's even wiped a few off the map.
One person gets their wish, it's trouble.
But everybody gets their wish - It's chaos.
- Mm-hm.
- Any way to stop it? - One way.
We gotta find the first wisher.
Whoever dropped the coin in and made the wish they're the only ones who can pull it back out and reverse the wishes.
So for now, we've got, you know, a couple of nutso dreams come true but once the word gets out about the well things are just gonna get crazier.
Why? Dean, wake up.
- What? I'm up.
What? You sleep well? Tanned, rested, and ready.
Dean, come on, man.
You think I can't see it? See what? The nightmares, the drinking.
I'm with you 24/7.
I know something's going on.
- Sam, please.
- Uriel wasn't lying, but you are.
You remember hell, don't you? - What do you want from me? What? - The truth, Dean.
I mean, I'm your brother.
I just wish you'd talk to me.
- Careful what you wish for.
- Cute.
Come on, can we stow the couples therapy? We're on a job.
I wanna work.
What do you got? Please? We got teddy bear, lottery guy, invisible pervert guy.
They all must have wished sometime in the last two weeks.
But who wished first? And how are we supposed to know who else wished for what, when? Well, it helps when they announce it in the paper.
Goes back a month.
"Wesley Mondale and Ms.
Hope Lynn Casey have announced their surprise engagement.
" Ah.
True love.
Best lead we got.
- Wes, are you sleeping? - Hmm? Oh, uh No.
No, no, I was just - I was just resting my eyes.
- I thought you might want a snack.
- Oh, Hope, you didn't have to do that.
- I wanted to.
Well, no, I I had to.
Because I love you more than anything, lover.
- Hope, sit down, okay? - Yes, Wes.
Um - Hope, are you happy? - I love you more than anything.
I know.
I know.
And I love you.
Very much.
That's why I want you to start doing things that make That made you happy before.
Yes, Wes, I'll try to be happier.
I'll start right away.
No, no, no.
That's not what I mean.
Oh, Wes, please.
Please don't be angry with me.
You know, I'd just die, I'd just die.
I'd die.
No, no, no.
I'm not angry.
I'm not angry.
Then let me make it up to you, Wes.
Let me make it right.
Oh, no, I'm I'm I'll get it.
Wes, you didn't tell me that you called the florists for the wedding.
- Huh? - Oh.
You're the best.
- Wha? - Ah! - I'm gonna go get my folders.
- Okay.
Wesley, how's it going? It's Wes Ss - Aren't you from the health department? Yeah.
- And florists on the side.
- Plus FBI.
And on Thursdays, we're teddy-bear doctors.
It doesn't matter who we are.
What matters is what we know.
So a coin collector, huh, Wes? Oh, yeah.
My grandfather gave them to me.
Did you lose one of those coins lately? And by "lose," I mean drop into a wishing well at Lucky Chin's and make a wish on it? No, I I don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, now.
I have a lot of ideas.
But, you know, we don't have all the money in the world.
Wes is between jobs right now.
Means more time for me.
You know, I'm thinking a Japanesey-ikebana kind of thing.
- Yes.
I can see it.
- Yeah.
So, Hope, tell us how you two lovebirds met? - Oh, best day of my life.
- I bet.
It's the funniest thing.
We both grew up here but I never really knew who he was.
Not by name anyway.
Until one day last month, it was like I just I just saw him for the first time.
He was just glowing.
- Just glowing.
- Babe, can you get us some coffee? - Yes, yeah.
- Oh, okay.
Oh, okay.
- Okay.
- Oh.
- Okay, okay.
Would you? - Yeah.
Whoa! Wes, we know.
So tell us the truth.
My grandfather found the coin in North Africa you know, World War II, and he brought it back.
He said it was a real wish-granting coin.
But that nobody should ever use it.
Uh He was all I had, and when he died I thought: "Well, you know what? Why not give the coin a shot?" Yeah, well, now you're gonna wish it back.
Ha, ha.
- No, I'm not.
- Lf you don't stop it something bad's gonna happen.
- Something bad, like us.
We really wish you'd come with us.
I don't get it.
So my wish came true.
Why does that have to be a bad thing? Because the wishes go south, Wes.
Your town is going insane.
You're gonna tell me your relationship with Hope is functional? That it's what you wished for? I wished she would love me more than anything.
Yeah, and how is that going? That seem healthy to you? Well, it's a lot better than when she didn't know I was alive.
You're not supposed to get what you want, man.
Not like this.
Nobody is.
That's what the coin does.
It takes your heart's desires and it twists it back on you.
You know the whole, "be careful what you wish for"? - Did we just hit something? - I didn't see anything.
"Careful what you wish for.
" You know who says that? Good-looking jerks like you guys.
The ones who got it so easy because you happen to be handsome.
Easy? Yeah.
Women look at you, right? They notice you.
- Believe us, we do not have it easy.
We are miserable.
We never get what we want.
We have to fight just to keep whatever it is we got.
But maybe that's the whole point.
People are people because they're miserable bastards.
They never get what they really want.
You get what you want, you get crazy.
Just take a look at Michael Jackson, hmm? Or Hasselhoff.
You know what? Hope loves me now, completely.
And it's awesome.
Besides, look around.
Where's all this insanity you guys are talking about? Guy, no Just hit the button! - No, don't.
- What's he doing? Guys! Guys! Well, that should cover it.
Hold on! Kneel before Todd! Kneel before Todd! Stop it! Stop it! Help! I'll handle Todd.
You get Wes to Lucky Chin's.
- Right.
Oh, my - Hey, kid, can I talk to you for a second? - Get out of my way.
Hey, I can dig it, Todd.
It's Todd, right? Look, I know the score, okay? They're bullying you Every day.
Every day.
You do not know what it's like.
No, I don't.
But, you know, you're you and I'm me, so I couldn't stop them.
I couldn't do anything.
Then Audrey Elmer told me the wishing well worked.
Okay, okay.
Look Look, I get it.
They're mean little jerks, huh? But they're not superhuman like you.
You see, with great power comes great respons That That kid turned over that car like it was nothing.
Should have seen the teddy bear.
Now, come on.
Fun's over.
Time to pull the coin.
- Wes.
- Why can't we just get what we want? Because that's life, Wes.
Hope? I had to do it, didn't I? He was gonna make you wish away our love.
Hey, kid.
I didn't wanna have to do this.
Oh! You wished a man dead? - I love you more than anything.
- Stop saying that.
Stop it.
But I do.
More than anything.
More than me.
More than life.
Oh, Wes.
Don't hate me.
It'll be okay.
I'll make it okay.
It'll be okay.
Follow my lead and you won't have a problem.
Come on.
Okay, man, no more.
No more, okay? I wouldn't mess with this kid any more if I were you.
Stay back.
Hope? Do I know you? Well, the coin's melted down.
It shouldn't cause any more problems.
Audrey's parents are back from Bali.
Looks like all the wishes are gone.
And so are we.
- Hang on a second.
- What? You were right.
About what? I shouldn't have lied to you.
I do remember everything that happened to me in the pit.
So tell me about it.
I won't lie anymore.
But I'm not gonna talk about it.
Dean, look, you can't just shoulder this thing alone.
You gotta let me help.
How? You think a little heart-to-heart and some sharing and caring is gonna change anything? Huh? And somehow heal me? I'm not talking about a bad day here.
I know that.
The things that I saw There aren't words.
There is no forgetting.
There's no making it better.
Because it is right here, forever.
You wouldn't understand.
And I could never make you understand.
So I am sorry.