Supernatural s04e09 Episode Script

I Know What You Did Last Summer

- Who are you? - Castiel.
I'm an angel of the Lord.
The symbol you saw is called the rising of the witnesses.
It figures into an ancient prophecy.
- What book is that prophecy from? - Revelations.
This is a sign, boys.
A sign of what? - The Apocalypse.
Those seals are being broken by Lilith.
I don't think I like you anymore.
You think of the seals as locks on a door.
- Okay, last one opens and - Lucifer walks free.
Tell me about the months without brother.
About all the things you and this demon bitch do in the dark.
Do you even know how far off the reservation you've gone? How far from normal, from human? Cas said that if I don't stop you, he will.
The raising of Samhain is one of the 66 seals.
Breaking of the seal must be prevented at all costs.
You were told not to use your abilities.
- What was I supposed to do? - The only reason you're still alive is because you've been useful.
The second you become more trouble than you're worth then I will turn you to dust.
As for your brother, tell him that maybe he should climb off that high horse of his.
Ask Dean what he remembers from hell.
Anna? Do you know where you are? You're at the Connor Beverly Behavioral Medicine Center.
Do you know why you're here? Do you remember what you did? You were hysterical.
It took four people to restrain you.
I was trying to warn them.
Warn who? Everyone.
Forget it.
It was stupid.
What were you trying to warn them about? Look.
I get it.
You think I'm nuts.
If I were you, I'd think I was nuts.
But it's all true.
It's okay.
You can tell me.
I'm here to listen.
The end is coming.
- The Apocalypse.
- The Apocalypse, like in the Bible? Kind of.
I mean, same bottom line.
This demon, Lilith, is trying to break the 66 seals to free Lucifer from hell.
Lucifer will bring the Apocalypse.
So smoke them if you got them.
Anna? Sorry.
- What were you doing? - Nothing.
Just listening.
So you were saying that there are No.
There are about And Lilith only has to break 66 of them and no one knows which 66 she's gonna break.
I see.
That's why it's nearly impossible to stop her.
And that's why the angels are losing.
That's why we're all gonna die.
Time for your meds, Anna.
Anna? What's the matter, sweetie? Your face.
What happened to your face? I know.
I'm downright kissable.
Come on, one more.
Just give me a chance to win it back.
- It's your cash.
- Excuse me.
My brother's a little sauced to be making bets.
Hey, he insisted.
You've already taken, what, two bills off him? - I'm just saying.
- Hey, shut up, Dean.
I'm fine.
No, you're not fine, you're drunk.
- Let's make it 500.
- Five hundred? Sure.
Five hundred.
- Your break.
Keep the money.
Keep the money? But Hey.
Got a lot of nerve showing up anywhere near me.
- I just have some info and then I'm gone.
- What is it? I'm hearing a few whispers.
Demon whispers.
That's reliable.
A girl named Anna escaped from a locked ward yesterday.
The demons seem pretty keen on finding her.
Some heavy hitters turned out for the Easter egg hunt.
- Why? Who is she? - No idea.
But I'm thinking that she's important.
Because the order's to capture her alive.
I just figured that whatever the deal is you might wanna find this girl before the demons do.
Look, maybe we should check it out.
- We're working a case, but thanks.
- What case? - We've got leads, big leads.
- Sounds dangerous.
Ain't goose-chasing some chick who for all we know doesn't exist, just because you say she's important.
Just delivering the news.
Do what you want with it.
Far as I'm concerned, I told you, I'm done.
Wait, this hospital Anna escaped from.
Got a name? Can I get a copy of the Missing Persons report? Great.
- Well, Anna Milton's definitely real.
- Don't mean the case is real.
- This hospital's a three-day drive.
- We've driven further for less, Dean.
- You got something to say, say it.
- I'm saying it.
This sucks.
You're not pissed we're after the girl.
- You're pissed Ruby threw us the tip.
- Right.
Far as you're concerned, the hell bitch is family.
Something major must have happened while I was downstairs because I come back and you're BFF with a demon.
I told you.
She helped me go after Lilith.
Well, thanks for the thumbnail.
Real vivid.
You wanna fill in a little detail? Sure, Dean, let's trade stories.
You first.
How was hell? Don't spare the details.
Come on! Where the hell are you?! I was wondering whether to come or not.
I mean, you shot one of my coworkers.
Don't take this the wrong way, Sam but you don't look so hot, buddy.
Guess burying your brother didn't agree with you.
Well? Let's see that special little knife of yours first.
No Devil's Traps either.
I'm not here to play games.
Well, let me guess.
You wanna make a deal.
And round and round the Winchesters go.
Sorry, Sam.
That's not gonna happen.
I don't want ten years.
I don't want one year.
I don't want candy.
I want to trade places with Dean.
Just take me! It's a fair trade! No.
Why not? Lilith wants me dead.
Just let Dean go and she can have me.
Don't you understand, Sam? It's not about your soul.
Dean's in hell, right where we want him.
We've got everything exactly the way we want it.
You wanna kill me, go ahead.
I've made peace with my lord.
Of course, I wanna help however I can.
The orderly has no recollection of Anna's escape? Apparently, she knocked him unconscious.
The blow caused some amnesia.
He doesn't even remember coming into her room.
Hell of a right hook to knock out a guy with 80 pounds on her.
We think she may have planned this.
- Waited behind the door.
- Right.
You mentioned Anna's illness was recent.
Two months ago she was happy, well-adjusted.
Journalism major, lots of friends, bright future.
So, what happened? She just flipped? Well, that's the tragedy of schizophrenia.
Within weeks, Anna was overtaken by delusions.
What kind of delusions? She thought demons were everywhere.
It's not uncommon for our patients to believe that monsters are real.
Well, that's just batty.
It's Revelations.
Since when does the Book of Revelations have jack-o-lanterns? It's a little-known translation.
Well, Anna's father was a church deacon.
When she became ill, her paranoia took on religious overtones.
She was convinced the devil was about to rise up and end the world.
I hope you find her.
It's dangerous for her to be out there alone right now.
Maybe they're not home.
Both cars in the driveway.
And Mrs.
Milton? We're from the sheriff's department.
Just wanted to ask you a couple of questions.
Demons beat us here.
Whatever the deal is with Anna Yeah, they want her.
And they're not screwing around.
All right, so, I'm Gir/, Interrupted and I know the score of the Apocalypse.
Just busted out of the nut box.
Possibly using superpowers, by the way.
Where do I go? Hey, you got those sketches from Anna's notebook? - Yeah.
- Let me see them.
Check this out.
She was drawing the window of her church, over and over.
If you were religious, scared and had demons on your ass, where would you go to feel safe? Dean.
Anna? We're not gonna hurt you.
We're here to help.
My name is Sam.
This is my brother, Dean.
Sam? Not Sam Winchester? Yeah.
And you're Dean? The Dean? Well, yeah.
The Dean, I guess.
It's really you.
Oh, my God.
The angels talk about you.
You were in hell, but Castiel pulled you out and some of them think you can help save us.
And some of them don't like you at all.
They talk about you all the time lately.
I feel like I know you.
So you talk to angels? Oh, no, no.
No way.
They probably don't even know I exist.
I just kind of overhear them.
You overhear them? Yeah, they talk and sometimes I just hear them in my head.
Like right now? Not right this second.
But a lot.
And I can't shut them out.
There are so many of them.
They lock you up with a case of the crazies when really you were just tuning in to angel radio? Yes.
Thank you.
Anna, when did the voices start? Do you remember? I can tell you exactly.
September 18th.
Day I got out of hell.
First words I heard, clear as a bell: "Dean Winchester is saved.
" What do you think? This is above my paygrade, man.
Well, at least now we know why the demons want you so bad.
They get ahold of you and they can hear everything the other side's cooking.
You're 1-900-ANGEL.
Hey, do you know, are my parents okay? I didn't go home.
I was afraid.
You got the girl? Good, let's go.
- Her face! - It's okay.
She's here to help.
- Don't be so sure.
- We have to hurry.
- Why? - Because a demon's coming.
- We can fight later, Dean.
- Convenient.
Showing up right when we find the girl with some bigwig on your tail.
I didn't bring him.
You did.
What? - He followed from the girl's house.
- We gotta go now.
- Dean.
It's too late.
He's here.
Come with me.
- Okay.
Stay in there, don't move.
- Okay.
No, Sam.
You gotta pull him right away.
- Hold on.
- Now's not the time to bellyache about Sam going dark-side.
He does his thing, he exorcises that demon, or we die.
That tickles.
You don't have the juice to take me on, Sam.
Hello again, Dean.
Come on, Dean.
Don't you recognize me? Oh, I forgot I'm wearing a pediatrician.
But we were so close.
In hell.
You're gonna have to try a lot harder than that, son.
Are you almost done? Going as fast as I can.
You know I've got a dislocated shoulder here.
I'll pop it back when I'm finished.
Give me that.
- So you lost the magic knife? - Yeah, saving your ass.
Who the hell was that demon? No one good.
- We gotta find Anna.
- Ruby's got her.
I'm sure she's okay.
All right.
Come on.
On three.
- One.
- Ah! You sure about Ruby? Because I think it's just as likely she used us to find radio girl and brought that demon to kill us.
No, she took Anna to keep her safe.
Why hasn't she called to tell us where she is? Because that demon is probably watching us right now.
Waiting to follow us right back to Anna again.
That's why he let us go.
- You call this letting us go? - Yeah, I do.
Killing us would have been no problem to that thing.
That's why for now, we gotta lay low and wait for Ruby to contact us.
- How's she gonna do that? Why do you trust her so much? I told you.
You gotta do better than that.
I'm not trying to pick a fight here.
I mean, I really want to understand.
But I need to know more.
I mean, I deserve to know more.
Because she saved my life.
Thanks for keeping this warm for me, Sam.
It's nice to be back.
Where I was, even for hell, it was nasty.
I guess I really pissed Lilith off.
Imagine my relief when she gave me one last chance.
A ticket topside.
And all I had to do was find you and kill you.
Go ahead.
Do it.
Ah! Grab your keys.
We gotta go.
You know what sounds good? French fries.
I'm starving.
And I just escaped.
Hell, I deserve a treat.
You know, a thank-you would be nice.
Who asked for your help? You have no idea what I've been through.
When Lilith gets pissed, she gets creative.
You wanna hear about the corners of hell I've seen, Sam? - No, I don't.
- And the things I had to do to convince her I was sorry, that I could be trusted.
Well, this'll definitely get you a fat Christmas bonus.
Very funny.
I'm a fugitive for you, Sam.
I took all of this risk to get back to you.
So, yeah, I deserve a damn thank-you.
- Who asked you to save me? - I'm just trying to help.
Can you help me save Dean? No.
Nothing I know of is powerful enough to do that.
Then I have no use for you.
- What? - Get out.
- Sam.
- Whose body are you riding, Ruby? What do you care? You never asked that before.
I'm asking now.
Some secretary.
- Let her go.
- Sam Or I send you right back to hell.
All right, pull it.
Who do I have to kill to get some French fries around here? Proof.
This body is 100 percent socially conscious.
I recycled.
Al Gore would be proud.
You grabbed a coma patient? You didn't want me to take a body with someone in it.
And I made sure that the spirit was gone.
The apartment was empty.
You happy? Why are you here? Look, I can't bring Dean back.
But I can get you something else that you want.
And what's that? - Lilith.
You want me to use my psychic whatever.
Look, I know that it spooks you.
Skip the speech.
I'm ready.
Let's go.
- Slow down there, cowboy.
- Just tell me what I have to do.
Look, Lilith is one scary bitch.
When I was in the pit, there was talk.
She's cooking up something big.
Apocalyptic big.
So let's kill her.
You wanna go in there and half-ass it like before? We have the time to get it right.
Let's get it right.
What do you want from me? A little patience.
And sobriety.
Promise me that and I will teach you everything I know.
So? What'd she teach you? Well, the first thing I learned I'm a crappy student.
Ugh! Not funny.
Just give it time, Sam.
It'll get better.
What, I need more practice? I'm not talking about pulling demons.
- I know losing Dean is - Hey.
I don't wanna talk about it.
You know what? Where do you get off slapping me with that greeting card "time heals" crap? - What the hell do you know? - I used to be human.
And I still remember what it feels like to lose someone.
- I'm sorry.
- Uh-uh.
I can't.
Sam, you're not alone.
What are you doing? - Sam, it's okay.
- No, that is anything but okay.
- What's wrong? - What's wrong? Where do I start? Is it because of the body? Because I told you.
It's all me inside of here.
There's no one else in here.
And it's nice inside this body, Sam.
Soft and warm.
What are you doing? Isn't it because you're really scared to go there with a demon? Because it's wrong and it's bad and we shouldn't? Sam.
Too much information.
- I told you I was coming clean.
- But now I feel dirty.
Okay, well.
Brain-stabbing imagery aside, so far all you've told me about is a manipulative bitch who screwed you, played mind games with you and did everything in the book to get you to go bad.
Yeah, well, there's more to the story.
Just skip the nudity, please.
Pretty soon after that I put together some signs.
Saying what? Lilith was in town.
And I wanted to strike her first.
- You're not ready yet.
- It's now or never.
No, we gotta wait until you get it right.
- You haven't been too successful.
- All right.
- I'll use this.
- Stop.
You can't just fly in there reckless.
We need to take the bitch out.
- Oh, I'll take her out, all right.
- You get one shot.
And you're it.
You're the only one who can do it, Sam.
So if she kills you first - What? - You don't want to survive this.
- Come on.
- It's a kamikaze attack.
You want to die fighting Lilith.
- That's stupid.
- It's the truth.
If you kill her and you survive this, you have to go on without your brother.
This isn't what Dean would've wanted.
This isn't what he died for.
- Get out of my way.
- No, Sam.
This is suicide.
Please, I wanna go home.
Lilith sends regrets.
She couldn't make it.
Take the girl and run.
Ruby, you're in so much trouble.
When we get you down in the basement, the things we're gonna do to you.
I'm okay.
Ruby came back for me.
Whatever you have to say, she saved me.
More than that, she got through to me.
What she said to me it's what you would've said.
If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here.
- Not now.
Sir, I've got clean towels.
Couldn't you just leave them at the door? I'm at this address.
I'm sorry, what? Go now.
Go through the bathroom window.
Don't stop, don't take your car, don't pass Go.
There are demons in the hallway and parking lot.
Ruby? Okay, yeah, I'm possessing this maid for a hot minute.
Sue me.
- What about? - Coma girl? Rotting on the floor at the cabin with Anna.
So I've gotta hurry back.
See you when you get there.
Go! Glad you could make it.
Yeah, thanks.
Anna, are you okay? Yeah, I think so.
Ruby's not like other demons.
She saved my life.
I hear she does that.
I guess I - You know.
- What? I guess I owe you for Sam.
And I just wanna You know? - Don't strain yourself.
- Okay, then.
Is the moment over? Good, because that was awkward.
Hey, Sam? You think it'd be safe to make a quick call? Just to tell my parents I'm okay? They must be completely freaked.
Um What? Anna.
- Your parents.
- What about them? - I'm sorry.
- No, they're not Anna, I'm sorry.
- Why is this happening to me? - I don't know.
They're coming.
- Back room.
- Come on.
Where's the knife? - About that - You're kidding.
Hey, don't look at me.
Thanks a lot.
Just peachy.
Impeccable timing, guys, really.
Please tell me you're here to help.
We've been having demon issues all day.
I can see that.
You want to explain why you have that stain in the room? We're here for Anna.
- Here for her like "here for her"? - Stop talking.
Give her to us.
- Are you gonna help her? - No.
She has to die.

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