Supernatural s06e21 Episode Script

Let It Bleed

I know what I want.
But I can't have it -- not how you live.
I'm trying to get over you.
Just 'cause you love someone doesn't mean you should stick around and screw up their life.
You know you're walking out on your family, right? What do you know about dragons? Dr.
Medieval studies, S.
Visyak: Bobby Singer.
Tell him something for me next time you see him.
Actually, just kick him in the jewels.
- Raphael - Tomorrow you kneel, Castiel.
Are you proposing that I start a civil war in heaven? Ding! Ding! Ding! - Balthazar.
- Of course I want to help you.
I mean, the amount of power that it would take to mount a war -- But what if I said I knew how to go nuclear? Purgatory.
You and Crowley have been going after Purgatory together? - Just kill the Winchesters.
- No.
Then I'll do it myself.
If you touch a hair on their heads, I will tear it all down -- our arrangement.
Hello, Dean.
You are like a brother to me.
So, if I'm asking you not to do something, you got to trust me, man.
Or what? Or I'll have to do what I have to do to stop you.
I'm sorry, Dean.
I'm sorry, Dean.
Hello? Hello? Please We didn't know.
I'm sorry! Well, you know what? At least you tried.
Yeah, a fat lot of good it did.
Why did he even come, right? Well, Samuel's journals are pointless.
I mean, I'm sorry, but, uh, Jebediah Campbell has squat to tell me about how to stop Cass from cracking Purgatory.
Well, actually, it's not about the journals we have.
It's about the one we don't.
Meaning what? Well, that's the bad news.
Our pal Cass didn't stop in last night just to mend fences.
What did he do? - Stole something.
- What? The journal of one Moishe Campbell.
"Moishe"? Of the New York Campbells.
Uh, so we got to get it back, right? Or just read the copy I had already made.
Glad to meet you.
Bobby Singer, paranoid bastard.
I think I zeroed in on something.
What do you got? "Went to talk to Howard Phillips about the events of March 10th.
" That's March 10, 1937.
All right, so, who's this Phillips guy? Phillips ain't his last name.
It's Lovecraft.
Wait -- H.
Lovecraft? Let me see that.
Am I supposed to know who that is? Horror writer? "At the mountains of madness," "the call of Cthulhu.
" Yeah.
No, I'm -- I was too busy having sex with women.
Well, anyhow, there's one notion that comes up over and over again in his stories -- namely, opening doors to other dimensions and letting scary crap through.
You don't say.
Wait, so you're saying you think Lovecraft knew something about Purgatory? All I know is, Moishe paid him a visit.
You must be livin' with a four-leaf clover the number 7 running all the way through you Mnh! Oh! No! Just -- just let her go.
Okay, just -- aah! No! No! No! Ben? - There's men in the house.
- What? They killed Matt.
They got mom.
They're coming.
I hear them.
- What are they? - I-I don't know.
- Did you see their eyes? - No.
- Teeth? - No.
This is important, Ben.
I need to know.
Dean, I don't know.
- Ben, where are you now? - In my room.
Can you get to your mom's closet? I left a shotgun in there.
No! Dean, what do I do? Okay, Ben, listen to me.
Go to your window And jump.
- What?! - Any bones you break won't compare to what they're gonna do to you, Ben.
- You've got to jump.
- Okay, I'm going.
I'm coming right now.
I'm gonna get you and your mom, I promise.
You with me, Ben? Ben? Ben! Hello, Dean.
Fancy a chat? God, how long's it been since my so-called demise, yes? Crowley, let them go now.
Or I swear -- Right, right.
You'll rip me a cornucopia of orifices.
Let's get to the bit where I tell you how this goes.
Your chocolate's been in my peanut butter for far too long.
I'm going to kill you.
Oh, Dean.
Ever the wit.
I've got your -- what are they? -- Ex-ladyfriend and not-kid, and I'm keeping them until I'm satisfied that you've backed the hell off.
I'm telling you -- last chance to let 'em go easy.
You're adorable when you get all threatening.
Don't worry -- I won't hurt them, provided you and Jolly Green stand down.
Got it? Splendid.
What's the story? He said Lisa and Ben keep breathing As long as we sit on our thumbs.
You think Cass knows about this? We got to assume he does.
So what are we gonna do? I'll tell you what we're not gonna do -- sit here.
- I'm going after 'em.
- I'm coming with.
No, Sam.
You and Bobby stay on the Lovecraft thing, okay? Cass is already way ahead of us.
You got to be nuts if you think I'm gonna let you do this alone.
Bobby can take care of the case.
- No, guys.
- Bobby This is a big ball.
Okay? We can't drop it now.
Then how are you two gonna find Lisa and Ben? I'm sorry, boys.
Do I look like a manservant to you? No? No? Then quit ringing for me.
This is important, Balthazar.
I was drinking a '75 Dom out of a soprano's navel when you called.
That was important.
Crowley's alive.
Well, you've been scooped.
Cass already told me.
Well, did Cass tell you that he is Crowley's butt buddy, you smug little dick? Excuse me? Handshake deal.
Go halfsies on all the souls of Purgatory -- He fill you in on that? Well, yes, yes.
Yes, of course he did.
Oh, yes, of course.
I -- I -- We can read it all over your face.
Crowley and Cass took two people who are very important to me.
And I care about this because Because maybe there is a shred of decency underneath this -- this snarky crap.
They're innocent people, and I'm asking for your help.
I see.
Fair enough.
Son of a bitch! Look, Dean, let's just call Cass.
Maybe he doesn't know anything about -- We are not calling Cass.
- Yeah, but, Dean -- - We're not calling Cass! So what, then? You know, uh, horror -- lowbrow.
Put us in the ghetto, fine.
But H.
Lovecraft -- this guy is literature.
I mean, he -- he should be taught in schools.
He's up there with Dickens andDean R.
Well, that's -- that's definitely the angle I'm taking with my piece.
Oh, okay.
You can -- please, please.
So, I hear you have a large collection of Lovecraft's private letters.
World's largest.
You must be catnip to the ladies.
I'm in a long-term online relationship, so Well, I'd like to ask you about Lovecraft's last years -- specifically anything that might have gone down around March 10, 1937.
A-are you working on this with the other guy? Other guy? Yeah, uh, you know, trenchcoat, looks like Columbo, talks like Rain Man? Right.
W-we're Competitors.
Rival magazines.
Okay, well, um, I'll tell you what I told him.
Howard had a dinner party on March 10th.
Party? How many friends at this party? Well, six -- if by "friends" you mean co-worshippers in a black-magic cult.
They were getting together that night to perform a ritual.
Something big.
Define "big.
" Not much.
Just open a door into another dimension.
Why would they do that?! To see what's out there -- you know, maybe it's friendly.
It's never friendly! I meanI imagine.
So, did it work -- the spell? Well, uh, there was no mention of Cthulhu in the morning papers, so Actually, I do happen to have several letters detailing the dinner.
Worst thing that was reported was a hangover, so it's, uh - Got it -- - I've got them right here.
Some -- it's actually pretty interesting.
Um, and -- and they were They were -- they were right th-- they were right here.
Well, it's not like an invisible guy could just pop in and steal 'em, right? Right.
- Oh, uh, - I'll leave you to it, and, uh, you call me if you find 'em, huh? Okay, hey Thanks.
Thanks again for dropping by, huh? Lovecraft tried to Jimmy a damn dimensional door.
So, what happened? Oh, nothing much Except I dug.
And every guest invited to the hoedown -- dead or disappeared inside a year.
Um, so, where are you off to now? Have a chat with one of the guests.
Wait, didn't you just say that everyone there died? Yeah, everybody Lovecraft invited died.
Seems the maid had a 9-year-old boy.
He was there.
So he'd be, what, Same place he's been ever since the big night -- locked in a mental ward.
I see.
UmWell, keep me posted, huh? Okay.
Stay in touch.
How's things going there? You got a lead on Lisa and Ben? Well, we're making a few inquiries.
Slow going.
How's Dean? About how you'd expect.
Next customer.
Look, I don't know anything.
Yeah, we'll see.
Dean? Yeah? Look, man, y-you're running on, what, uh, whiskey and coffee and whatever else you're taking.
Yeah, and? And we're grasping at straws here, man.
Look, I kill enough of these demons, eventually one of them's gonna tell me where Crowley is.
So, we good? Well, look, you've been at it for a while.
Why don't you at least let me take over? - You deserve a break.
- No, thanks.
- Dean -- - Sam, back off.
Lisa and Ben -- wherever they are, that is 100% on me.
And if they are hurt I'll yell if I need you.
Castiel, it's Sam.
Um So, look, I don't know if you're in on this whole Ben/Lisa thing, but if you have any heart whatsoever, bring them back to us, man.
Come on.
I'm begging you.
I am begging you.
Do you understand? Smiling faces sometimes Sweetie You look tense.
You took Ben and Lisa.
I told you -- Not to touch Sam and Dean.
I've respected that.
I'm merely exploiting the obvious loophole.
As long as I have the woman and the boy, your fop-coiffed little heroes will be scouring the Earth for them -- therefore, not you and not me.
Everybody wins.
You should have talked to me first.
I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission.
Where are they, Crowley? You are not to harm them.
Do you understand me? You know what? You're maxed out on putting humans out of bounds.
I'll do with them as I please.
You want to stop me? Go find friggin' Purgatory! Call on the bat phone? Never call during business hours, do they? I'll be back.
Cass, Cass, Cass.
So good of you to come.
Balthazar, why'd you summon me here? Can I ask you a direct question? Of course.
Are you in flagrante with the King of Hades? Of course not.
Always were such a terrible liar.
So it's true.
All right, then.
Why? It's a means to an end.
Balthazar, you understand that.
Oh, absolutely.
What's the end here, exactly? You know, raid Purgatory, snatch up all the souls? Win the war.
And I can only assume that you'd be the vessel, correct? Suck up all those souls into yourself -- all that power.
It's the only way.
Or too much juice for you, in which case you explode, taking a substantial chunk of the planet along with you.
- That won't happen.
- Sure, sure.
Of course.
Just Just tell me that it's entirely risk-free.
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, but I need to know.
Are you with me or not? You know, you may be certifiable, but Fine.
In for a penny In for a pound.
How'd you hear about this, anyway? Oh, your howler monkeys, of course.
See, they're just a touch worked up about that kidnapping business, you know.
Woman on P.
System: Paging Dr.
You're sure you're not with that other reporter? In the coat? Liar, that one -- not who he says.
No, sir.
Uh, I'm not Affiliated with his paper.
I just have a couple of questions about a dinner party you were at in 1937.
Everyone's so fascinated.
Want to know about my night at the home of the great H.
Lovecraft? If you don't mind.
Well, you know the story.
They did their spell, and they all said it failed.
Do you believe in monsters? Yup.
You know, you go saying that, they'll lock you in here rest of your life.
Whatever you saw you tell me, and I'll buy it straight.
The spell worked.
A door opened, and something came through.
B-but it was invisible, so no one knew.
Except me.
How did you know, then? Because it took my mother! It went into her.
She wasn't the same.
She even smelled different.
And then she disappeared.
And -- surprise, surprise -- one by one, they all start dying.
I'm sorry About your mom.
You're the first person ever said that.
You want to see a picture? Hmm? I'll be damned.
I promise you, pal You start talking or I swear I will rip your skin off, strip by strip.
And then I'm gonna kill you.
And then I'm gonna do it to the next demon.
You hear me? Yeah.
I hear you.
So you can stop talking, you miserable sack.
Agh! I didn't ask for your help.
Well, regardless, you're welcome.
Why are you here? I had no idea Crowley would take Lisa and Ben.
Yeah, right.
You don't believe me.
I don't believe a word that's coming out of your mouth.
I thought you said that we were like family.
Well, I think that, too.
Shouldn't trust run both ways? Cass, I just can't.
Dean, I do everything that you ask.
I always come when you call.
And I am your friend.
Still, despite your lack of faith in me and now your threats I just saved you, yet again.
Has anyone but your closest kin has ever done more for you? All I ask is this one thing.
- Trust your plan to pop Purgatory? - I've earned that, Dean.
I came to tell you that I will find Lisa and Ben.
And I will bring them back.
Stand behind me The one time I ask.
You're asking me to stand down? Dean -- That's the same damn ransom note that Crowley handed me.
You know that, right? Well, no, thanks.
I'll find them myself.
In fact, why don't you go back to Crowley and tell him that I said you can both kiss my ass? Bobby? Ellie.
It's been a while.
Come in.
So, how did you find me? Well, we weren't together long, Ellie, but, uh, I know a thing or two about you.
I know your safehouses.
And let me tell you -- this one ain't all that safe.
So, did you come here just to, um, chat? I know what you are, Ellie.
You're not exactly from Milwaukee, are you? Not exactly.
And -- not that I'd have minded, but you kind of fibbed about your age, too.
Just slightly.
Okay, so, what's your game, then? Game? Yeah.
Why are you here? Eve came through and raised all kinds of hell quickly.
You been here how long? What's with the slow burn? - Well, you know, we're not all alike.
- Monsters? Okay, if it makes you feel better to call me that, fine.
You're from freakin' Purgatory.
You never thought to mention that the whole time you slept with me? I am what I am, Bobby.
And I happen to be a friend.
You want to explain that to me? I didn't ask those idiots to crack the door.
I just happened to be the thing that fell through.
And let me tell you something -- you are lucky it was me.
You're saying you're on our side? I'm on my side.
I happen to like it here.
I don't want to see this place turned into some bloody wasteland.
So you killed H.
That guy couldn't even write "hello.
" I have spent 75 years trying to keep Purgatory closed.
Why do you think I gave Dean the sword? To stop Eve.
Hell, you guys were supposed to kill the damn dragons! Look.
This all comes down to one Angel.
He wants Purgatory, and he's looking for you.
Well, thanks for the heads up.
I know him, El.
He's gonna figure it out one way or another.
Now, the only way I can stop him is to get ahead of him.
So I need to know how you open the door.
No, Bobby.
It's too dangerous for anyone to know.
If I found you He ain't far behind.
At least let me take you somewhere, protect you.
I have a couple other places lined up.
Don't worry.
You're just a man.
I'm better off protecting myself.
Drinking your feelings, Sam? I thought that was your brother's bag.
Stressful times.
Well, we need to talk.
Why? Because -- I know I'm gonna live to regret this, but I'm officially on your team.
You bastards.
And we should believe you why? Would you believe I had a shred of decency? No.
Oh, that hurts.
Okay, you're right.
It's survival.
You see, I asked Cass some questions, and I disliked his answers.
He seems awfully sure of himself for a man who wants to swallow a million nuclear reactors.
I mean, these things can get a bit Chernobyl, you know.
So, voilà.
Consider me your double agent.
Oh, and I took the liberty of searching for your friends.
Took a while -- Crowley's a clever one.
You found them? The upside is yes.
The downside is, no, I can't get them for you.
Why not? Because Crowley's Angel-proofed the whole bloody building.
I guess he doesn't trust Cass.
Seems that marriage is going swimmingly.
Okay, well, get us as close as you can.
But then you're on your own.
All right, boys, this is where I get off.
God be with you Or what have you.
All right, be careful.
Oh, Dean.
Thank God.
Still got to get you out of here.
Let's go.
The brat's not going anywhere.
And neither am I.
Crowley thought you might come.
So he had me jump this hot little piece of ass for insurance.
Can't go losing our leverage, now, can we? Ah! Another step Free appendectomy.
You know, she's awake in here -- your mom.
I can hear her thinking.
- Don't listen to her, Ben.
- What? I was just gonna tell him that you're his real daddy.
Just kidding.
Who knows who your real dad is, kid? Your mom's a slut.
You shut your mouth! Oh, what? You're her white knight now? She wishes she never met you, Dean.
You're the worst mistake she ever made! Well, second worst After keeping you.
That's not your mom, Ben.
She's lying.
Says the C-minus lay with 10 miles of mommy issues.
Whatever gets you through the night, Tiny Tim.
Back off, cowboy.
You know, she's begging me to kill you.
She says you hold her back.
Never had a lick of fun since you were born.
Ben, look at me.
Look at me.
You're gonna be just fine.
Aah! Aah! Ben, knife! What's the matter, Dean? Hit me.
Oh, you don't want to hurt poor Lisa? Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus -- Shut your mouth! Omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversii, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica, ergo, Draco maledicte -- ecclesiam Stop it.
Tuam I'm warning you.
You can go to hell, you black-eyed bitch.
You sure about that? Mom! Exorcise me now She's just a dead meatsuit.
Now, what was it you wanted to say? Secura Tibi Facias libertate Servire Te rogamus Audi nos.
- Mom! - Lisa! Lisa.
Here, put pressure on that, okay? I know, honey.
I know.
It's all right, it's all right, it's all right.
It's Sam.
Leave me a message.
Sam, where are you, damn it?! All right, Ben.
We got to get her out of here, okay? Ben.
Ben? Ben.
Hey! Listen, man, I need you to pull it together, okay? You got to be strong.
Your mom needs you right now.
Go over in that duffel bag.
Grab the salt gun.
I got to carry your mom out, so if anything comes at us, you shoot it.
But -- go.
Get the knife.
Get the knife.
All right, Ben.
Keep your elbow in, gun tight to your shoulder, and watch for the kick.
Ben! Ben.
- Ben! - Dean.
Come on! Pull it together! You want your mom to die?! Let's go.
Come on.
Dean! Sam? In here! Come on.
We got to get to a hospital.
Give the gun to him.
Sam, we need a ride.
Go, go, go, go.
She's fine, Ben.
She's fine.
She's gonna be just fine.
We're almost there.
Stay with me.
Sam, you got to go faster, man.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be just fine.
Ben, I'm sorry.
What do you want? Dean, listen.
What do you want me to say? She'll be dead by midnight.
I'm sorry.
I don't care.
It's too little, too late.
Well, regardless, I didn't come for you.
Meaning? She's fine now.
She'll wake soon.
Dean, I said I'm sorry, and I meant it.
Thank you.
I wish this changed anything.
I know.
So do I.
All else aside, I just wanted to fix what I could.
There's one more thing you could do for me.
Hey, mom.
What -- You're in the hospital.
- What happened? - We were in a car crash.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm -- I'm fine.
You hit your head pretty bad, but you're okay now.
Who are you? I-I'm Dean.
Um I'm the guy who hit you.
I just, uh I lost control for a minute.
And I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.
But I'm real happy you two are both okay.
And, uh I'm just -- I'm glad your life can get back to normal now.
We're okay, so So that's what's important, right? Yeah.
Anyway, uh I'll leave you two alone.
You take care of your mom.
Well? Well, nothing.
Dean, you know, you have pulled some shady crap before, but this has got to be the worst.
Whitewashing their memories? Take it from somebody who knows -- if you ever mention Lisa or Ben to me again, I will break your nose.
Dean -- I'm not kidding.
Sam! Carry on, my wayward son You got to promise not to try to bring me back.
There'll be peace when you are done lay your weary head to rest Sammy? Don't you cry no more You're a hunter.
Now you know your brother's out there.
I need you to go.
It's Sam.
He's different.
It's his soul.
It's gone.
I'm going to go to hell to fetch your brother's soul.
I don't remember anything.
Once I rose above the noise and confusion just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion I was soaring ever higher Finding Purgatory's important to me -- an untapped oil well of every fanged, clawed soul.
Do you have any idea what souls are worth? What power they hold? Raphael and his followers, they want him to rule heaven.
The last thing we want is to let him take over.
That little limey mook roasted months ago.
Crowley's alive.
I want to discuss a simple business transaction.
With me? You and Crowley have been going after Purgatory together? I can stop Raphael.
You have to trust me.
Don't you cry no more We're closed.
Just, uh -- just give me a second.
Sorry, pal.
We -- we open at noon.
Look, you don't understand.
Okay, I-I think I understandjust fine.
Look, I-I don't need this kind of hassle, so, seriously, just get the hell out.
Please, just give me a minute to think, that's all.
Then I'm out of your hair.
One minute, please.
What's your name? I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? I mean I don't remember.
I don't remember anything.
Come on.
You're dickin' with me.
Nothing? I'm telling you -- blank slate.
Well, you got a wallet, I.
? I wish I did.
Okay, what's the last thing you remember? Um I woke up on a park bench, cops shoving a flashlight in my face, trying to take me in.
- So you ran.
- No, I, um -- I knocked them out cold, both of them.
No, look, I didn't mean to.
It just happened really fast, you know? I-I think I-instinct or something, I guess.
Some instinct.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I mean, who even knows how to do something like that? We'll get you to the E.
the -- the quacks will hash it out.
Try "yeah.
" Look, the bats have flown the belfry.
- You need to see a doctor.
- No, I I don't have time.
Time for what? Look, it's hard to explain.
I just feel like I-I have tobe somewhere.
There's s-something I got to stop.
Oh, like a wedding? A train? No, something important, something like - Life or death, like -- - Hey, hey, hey.
Just relax.
Y-you can't poop it out.
So, just -- it'll come to you.
What is it? You a horror fan? Yeah, um, I think so.
You know, I really think so.
Something -- something about this.
Phillips ain't his last name.
It's Lovecraft.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Seriously, we are taking you to a doctor.
Have you got a computer? What? That's it.
It exists.
Look -- two towns over.
- You think you're staying in this dump? - Maybe.
Maybe you're a hooker.
I guess I'll find out.
Look, um I don't know how to say, uh -- thanks for everything.
Where do you think you're going? I'll be fine.
Says the head case that just slumped over a minute ago.
Look, is there any way I can convince you to go to a hospital? No.
Apparently, I'm stubborn.
Well So am I.
I'm driving.
Look, that's really nice of you but not necessary.
Really? Okay, look, your eggs are scrambled.
But -- But nothing.
No, I mean, I'm -- I'm just some guy.
I-I could be anybody.
You got to be nuts.
I've been called that.
Look, if I let you go off alone, I won't be able to sleep at night.
And, honestly, I'm dying to know how it all turns out.
So, uh, where do we start? Uh, ground floor, corner room nearest to the fire escape.
That's the one I'd pick -- quickest getaway.
And why do you know that? I just do.
Hey, you got a credit card? Uh Why? Are we, uh, checking in? Sort of.
Dude Who are you? Good question.
This all yours? I don't know.
I guess.
Well, I love what you've done with the place.
It's very "Beautiful Mind" meets"Se7en.
" Sorry.
I talk when I'm nervous.
Hey, well, I guess we know your name.
Nice to meet you, Jimmy Page.
And, uh, Neil Peart.
And Angus Young.
Okay, listen, no offense, but I'mreally starting to freak out.
You and me both.
Where is she? She said to meet her here.
I'll try her again.
- Elle? - Hey.
I guess I could have used your help after all.
Just be still.
- What happened? - They took me.
I got away.
Oh, Ellie.
Oh, what have they done to you? Everything.
The demon I could have handled, you know? But when the Angel stepped in I told him, Bobby.
They have enough to crack Purgatory wide open.
Tell me.
I need to know.
They need virgin blood.
That's a milk run for them.
And they need the blood of a Purgatory native.
Well, they've got plenty of that now.
Have they opened it yet? Mnh-mnh.
The moon and the eclipse.
I'm sorry, Bobby.
- No, it's okay.
- I'm sorry, really.
Just tell us where they are.
Elle? I'm sorry this had to happen.
Crowley got carried away.
Yeah, I bet it was all Crowley, you son of a bitch! You don't even see it, do you? How totally off the rails you are.
Enough! I don't care what you think.
I've tried to make you understand.
You won't listen.
So let me make this simple.
Please go home and let me stop Raphael.
I won't ask again.
Well, good, 'cause I think you already know the answer.
I wish it hadn't come to this.
Well, rest assured, when this is all over I will save Sam, but only if you stand down.
Save Sam from what? Hey, hey.
Are you okay? Sam.
My name is Sam.
So, uh, what do you remember? Well It might sound pretty strange if I said it aloud.
Oh, it -- it couldn't get any stranger.
Yeah? Don't be so sure.
Look, I-I don't know.
I mean, it's all pretty spotty, you know? I just remember I was -- I was with, uh -- with two guys.
One was, like, a male-model type, and the other was an older guy named, uh Bobby.
Well, what are you looking for? Here.
Bobby Singer.
That has to be it.
Is there a phone number? No, just an address.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
South Dakota.
Okay, uh L-listen, Sam -- - Sam, right? - Yeah.
Look, I'm really sorry, but this is -- is where I got to get off.
Oh, no.
Of course.
No problem.
Well, how are you gonna get there? I guess I'll take my car.
That's mine.
Are you sure? Oh, yeah.
Look, Sam, I don't feel right about you going off like this.
Oh, look, don't worry.
Y-you've done way too much for me already.
That's not what I mean.
What I mean is, uh I've got a bad feeling, you know, with those I.
s and that shady-ass hotel room.
Whatever you're looking for -- you might not like what you find.
What other choice do I have? You could stick around here a little bit longer, get your head straight, instead of going off, flying blind into -- What the hell was that?! Stay down.
Sam! Sammy.
Sammy?! Sammy? Come on.
Snap out of it.
Well, you've got your diamonds and you've got your Anything? I can't just sit here, Bobby.
I've got to help him.
You know, "Dreamscape" his noggin -- something.
You know what Cass did.
The dam inside your brother's head is gone, and all hell's spilling loose.
- We don't know what's going on inside.
- I don't care.
- We have got to do something! - And we will.
But right now, we got 16 hours till they pop Purgatory.
I'm down one man.
I can't afford to be down two.
Yeah, and how's that going, huh? We've got no line on Crowley.
We got no line on Cass.
Balthazar's M.
I mean, all we've got is Sam going through whatever the hell this is! You know this is exactly what Cass wants -- for you to fall to pieces.
Playing with fire Just try to think of what Sam would want.
Find Cass, Bobby.
Find him now.
Old man took her diamonds and tiaras by the score now she gets her kicks in stepney Do you smell whiskey? Okay, Sam, would you focus? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Okay, so, who shot at us? 'Cause you're playing with fire I-I didn't really get a good look.
Okay, we got to go to the cops.
Look, if we can just get to my friends, they can help us -- I know it.
Okay, you don't know if they're your friends, okay? You don't know anything about anything.
- Just turn around.
- No.
- Look, you're safer with me.
- How do you know that? You're scaring me.
Mother so don't play with me 'cause you're playing with fire so don't play with me 'cause you're playing with fire What? No way.
What was that? What do you mean? It's daylight.
Yeah? It was night, and now it's day.
It was always day.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, it wasn't.
It -- what the hell is going on here? Okay, so I am all filled up on crazy for today.
You know what, Sam? I'll -- I'll see you.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hey, hey, hey.
Get in the car.
My God.
Am I really that gawky? Howdy.
This is impossible.
Try again.
I'm, uh -- I'm hallucinating.
But see, normally, you're awake when you're tripping balls.
I'm dreaming? And someone just won a copy of the home game.
We're inside your grapefruit, Sam.
Son You've been juiced.
I-I-I don't remember anything.
Well, your B.
Cass brought the hell wall tumbling down, and you, pathetic infant that you are, shattered into pieces.
I-I have no idea what you're talking about.
Why would you? You're jello, pal, unlike me.
What are you? I'm not handicapped.
I'm not saddled with a soul.
In fact, I used to skipper this meatboat for a while.
It was smooth sailing.
I was sharp, strong.
That is, till they crammed your soul back in.
Now look at you.
Same misty-eyed milksop you always were.
That's because souls are weak.
They're a liability.
Now, nothing personal, but run the numbers.
Someone's got to take charge around here before it's too late.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
You think I'm bad? Wait till you meet the other one.
Hey! Sam! I remember who I am -- everything I did this past year.
And I remember you.
Walk away, or the girl dies.
There goes your leverage.
Didn't I tell you to turn back, that you wouldn't like what you found? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Not as sorry as you're gonna be.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Well, at least you mudfish finally got the angel-proofing right.
How's sleeping beauty? You didn't steal any kisses, I trust? What the hell took you so long? Honestly? I was having second thoughts.
About? About whether to help you.
I was thinking maybe -- maybe I should rip out your sticky bits instead.
And what did you decide? Well Cass and Crowley are there.
That's where the show gets started.
All right, well, give us a minute to pack up and then zap us there.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I don't think so.
I'm betraying a friend here -- a very powerful friend.
We all are.
So I think I've stuck my neck out far enough already.
Good luck.
Your Purgatory power shake, monsieur -- half monster, half virgin.
Thank you.
You seem even more constipated than usual.
Maybe get you some colon blow? I'm renegotiating our terms.
Is that so? What terms do you propose? You get nothing.
Not one single soul.
Can't help notice -- seems a bit unfairly weighted.
Castiel you wouldn't dare.
I brought you this deal.
You think I'm handing all that power to the King of Hell? I'm neither stupid nor wicked.
Have you forgotten that you're the bottom in this relationship? Here are your options.
You either flee, or you die.
We made a pact.
Even I don't break contracts like this.
Flee or die.
Boy, you can't trust anyone these days.
Hey! Oh.
Hi, Sam.
So? Which one are you? Don't you know? I'm the one that remembers Hell.
Time's up, Dean.
Just a second.
All right, this is where we're gonna be, Sam.
So you get your lazy ass out of bed and come meet us.
Sammy, please.
I wish you hadn't come, Sam.
I had to.
I'm here, right? Out there in the real world, I'm at Bobby's, aren't I? How do you know? This whole time, I smell nothing but old spice and whiskey.
I figured if I could get back here, back to my body, I could I don't know -- I could snap out of it somehow.
First, you have to go through me.
Why? Humpty-dumpty has to put himself back together again before he can wake up.
And I'm the last piece.
Which means I have to know what you know What happened in the cage.
Trust me.
You don't want to know it.
You're right.
But I still have to.
Sam you can't imagine.
Stay here, go back, find that bartender, go find Jess, but don't do this.
I know you.
You're not strong enough.
We'll just have to see.
Why is this so important to you? You know me.
You know why.
I'm not leaving my brother alone out there.
I'm not gonna fight you.
But this is your last chance.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
You rang, Cass? Yeah.
We have a problem.
Dean Winchester is on his way here.
Really? Oh.
How'd he even know where we were? Apparently We have a Judas in our midst.
Holy hell.
Who is it? I bet it's that bloody little cherub, isn't it? I don't know.
But I-I need you to find out.
Of course.
Um, right away, right away.
Uh, but what do you want me to do about Dean? Nothing.
I'll handle him myself.
Castiel? Are you all right? First Sam and Dean, and now this.
I'm doing my best in impossible circumstances.
My friends -- they abandon me plot against me.
It's difficult to understand.
Well, you -- you always got little old me.
I'll always have you.
Cass I count a dozen mooks, probably more.
Demons? Angels.
Well, how the hell are we gonna take out that many Angels? We don't.
We'll ninja our way in.
Awesome, yeah -- till they hear your knee squeak.
Shut up.
Oh, what, now you got thin skin? No, shut up.
You hear that? What the hell is that? T.
Rex, maybe? Holy mother of Get to the car.
Get to the car.
Never underestimate the King of Hell, darling.
I know a lot of swell tricks.
Now, I think it's time to re-renegotiate our terms.
Sweaty hands, mate.
I don't understand.
You can palm me all you want.
I'm safe and sound under the wing of my new partner.
Hello, Castiel.
Consorting with Demons.
I thought that was beneath you? Heard you were doing it.
Sounded like fun.
You know, Castiel, y-you said all sorts of shameful, appalling, scatological things about Raphael.
I found him -- her -- to be really quite reasonable.
You fool.
Raphael will deceive and destroy you at the speed of thought.
Right, right, 'cause you're such a straight shooter.
She -- he -- has offered me protection against all comers.
In exchange for what? The Purgatory blood.
Castiel, you really think I would let you open that door? Take in that much power? If anyone is going to be the new God, it's me.
He's gonna bring the Apocalypse and worse.
Hey, this is your doing, mate.
I'm merely grabbing the best offer on the table.
Now, you have two options.
Flee or die.
Ianua magna purgatorii, clausa est ob nos, lumine eius ab oculis nostris retento.
Bobby? Huh? Come on.
We got to go.
Sed nunc stamus ad limen huius ianuae magnae et demisse, fideliter, perhonorifice, paramus aperire eam.
Creaturae terrificae, quarum ungulae et dentes, nunquam tetigerunt carnem humanam.
Bit busy, gentlemen.
Be with you in a moment.
Aperit fauces eius ad mundum nostrum, nunc, ianua magna aperta tandem! Mm-hmm.
Maybe I said it wrong.
You said it perfectly.
But what you needed was this.
I see.
And we've been working with Dog blood.
Enough of these games, Castiel.
Give us the blood.
You -- game's over.
His jar's empty.
So, Castiel, how'd your ritual go? Better than ours, I'll bet.
You can't imagine what it's like.
They're all inside me -- millions upon millions of souls.
Sounds sexy.
Exit stage Crowley.
Now, what's the matter, Raphael? Somebody clip your wings? Castiel, please.
You let the Demon go but not your own brother? The Demon I have plans for.
You, on the other hand So, you see I saved you.
You sure did, Cass.
Thank you.
You doubted me fought against me.
But I was right all along.
Okay, Cass, you were.
We're sorry.
Let's just defuse you, okay? What do you mean? You're full of nuke.
It's not safe.
So before the eclipse ends, let's get them souls back to where they belong.
Oh, no.
They belong with me.
No, Cass, I-it's scrambling your brain.
No, I'm not finished yet.
Raphael had many followers, and I must Punish them all severely.
Listen to me.
Listen I know there's a lot of bad water under the bridge.
But we were family once.
I'd have died for you.
I almost did a few times.
So if that means anything to you Please.
I've lost Lisa, I've lost Ben, and now I've lost Sam.
Don't make me lose you, too.
You don't need this kind of juice anymore, Cass.
Get rid of it before it kills us all.
You're just saying that because I won Because you're afraid.
You're not my family, Dean.
I have no family.
I'm glad you made it, Sam.
But the Angel blade won't work, because I'm not an Angel anymore.
I'm your new God.
A better one.
So you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord or I shall destroy you.

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