Supernatural s07e07 Episode Script

The Mentalists

- Hi, Amy.
AMY: You know me.
You know the kind of person I am.
She's dropping bodies, man, which means we gotta drop her.
She's done.
Trust me.
You are what you are.
You will kill again.
What's going on with you? DEAN: You are what you are.
- What the hell are you talking about? - Whatever you're not telling me about! I know you didn't wanna let her go.
But it was the right thing to do.
So thanks.
No problem.
- You know my motto, here to help.
- Like you helped Amy? DEAN: I'm sorry.
You should just go on without me.
All right.
Yes, a spirit has gathered around us.
Are you with us, spirit? [WIND BLOWS.]
I feel something.
I have goose bumps.
Uncle Danny? We're going to make contact now.
Rest your hands on the planchette.
Let the spirit guide our hands.
O Spirit, are you the one we seek? Are you Uncle Danny? [CHUCKLES.]
I'm not doing that.
She's pushing it.
It's okay to be skeptical.
Danny, if you're with us, knock twice for yes.
Can you ask him, is he happy? [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- He is.
He's happy.
- Is Sadie with him? You're being ridiculous, Cynthia.
Who cares about Sadie? Uh.
I see, a family pet.
That's her, Sadie was a Schnauzer.
She is with Danny, chasing tennis balls in the afterlife.
Sadie loved tennis balls.
There were important papers.
No one can find them.
They weren't in the safe, can you just ask him? Of course.
I'll need you to place your hands with me on the planchette.
Maybe Maybe Danny didn't like the question.
Tell him to quit fooling around, he knows that's my money.
Can't you two stop squabbling? For Pete's sake, he's dead.
Tell him we're sorry.
Maybe if we're nice, he'Il Oh, my God.
Danny? [BOTH GASP.]
What's going on? [ALL GASP.]
Have some pride.
- Yeah.
: Makes me hungry.
You're listening to Morning Chaos with me, Bananas Foster.
- The hell I am, asshat.
- And now news of the weird.
Two very odd murders to be exact.
Mediums are dying in Lily Dale, the most psychic town in America.
So if you wanna know your future, stick to that 900 line because, is it me, or should those guys have seen it coming? Ah-whoo! [INAUDIBLE DIALOGUE.]
Oh, Spirits of the Further.
Am I going to win the Powerball? I'm gonna be rich.
First time at Good Graces? - Yes.
- We're 100 percent locally sourced biodynamic, and you get a free affirmation with every order.
- Think I'll source the taco joint.
MAN: Just a coffee, black, uh, extra shot.
You wear a suit to get your palm read? Yeah.
Not surprised you caught this one.
It's on every morning zoo in America.
You mind? So I, uh, went to the scene.
Wires, speakers, enough EMF to make your hair stand up.
Don't think about getting a reading.
Oh, and, uh, if this hadn't have been two psychics that bit it I would've just chalked this up as being, uh, dumb and accidental.
And I know, I know, whole town's supposedly calling ghosts.
But that takes some serious spell work and serious mojo.
The only books this lady had were Oprah crap.
When's the last time you actually saw a real psychic? Huh? Pamela? Missouri? Anyway, this is good.
Um, how you been? And what can I get for you? Uh - Pancakes, side of pig.
Coffee black.
WAITER: Fantastic.
You are a virile manifestation of the divine.
What did he say to me? It's funny? Yeah, no, go ahead.
Laugh it up, Sam.
- Dean.
- Oh, he speaks.
- Look - Sam We're both here.
The chance either one of us leaving while people are still dying out there: [CLICKS TONGUE.]
Might as well bite the bullet and work with me on this one.
- I don't know if I can.
- I'm not asking to open a can of worms.
I'm not asking you where you been the past week.
I'm just saying let's try and stop the killings.
That's it.
- Okay.
- Okay? Good.
- Can I help you? - You're the brothers, from the The Winchester guys on the news a couple weeks back? We get that a lot.
Those depraved killers got put down like the dogs that they were.
Us on the other hand, we're completely harmless.
Ha, ha, oh, yeah, I'm sorry, silly me.
I can see by your energies you're completely gentle.
NIKOLAl: Excuse my friend, heh.
WOMAN: Niky.
- She's excitable.
- Heh.
Sweetheart, look at them.
Hmm? They're FBI.
I'm Russian.
We can spot the law.
You must be here about the tragedies.
Oh, we're just beside ourselves about what happened.
- Yeah.
So close to festival season, huh? - Yeah.
Of course we are worried, we have no idea what's going on, huh? Nikolai.
Let me know if I can help you.
I'm highly intuitive.
- Nikolai Lishin, spoon bender? - Hmm.
World famous.
Come to my demonstration at the festival, huh? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Teach you to harness the power of your mind.
Come, let's leave them be.
So glad we decided to vacation here.
All right.
Ahem, here we go.
First death.
Second death.
- What am I looking at? - Well, see this? This is Imelda Graven.
Death number one.
- Brained by her own crystal ball.
- Bummer and ironic, heh.
- Same necklace? - Imelda gave it to Goldy in her will.
- Okay.
So cursed object, maybe? - Worth looking into.
Goldy's next of kin lives in town.
Also a psychic.
Oh, good.
I haven't had my fill.
He broke my spoon.
Melanie Golden? Hi.
Uh, got a minute? - You want me to stay? - No, that's okay.
- Thanks for stopping by.
WOMAN: Of course.
A friend.
Just heard about my grandmother.
Which is, I guess, why you guys are here.
So come on in.
Just got back.
- You were out of town? MELANIE: I work the circuit.
Hotels, conventions, you know.
No offense, but, uh, you don't seem all that psychic.
- Why do you say that? - Well, I mean, you know where's all the, uh, crystals and pyramids? I'm off the clock.
Also, not psychic.
What? It's an honest living.
- Interesting definition of honest.
- Well, I honestly read people.
It's just less woo-woo, more body language.
Like you two.
Longtime partners.
But, um, a lot of tension.
You're pissed.
And you're stressed.
It's not brain surgery.
It's why my grandma and me didn't get along.
She'd go full smoke machine, heh but she actually believed in all that stuff.
So - You don't.
- You do? I've got an open mind.
You'd be surprised.
I'm sorry, but there's a necklace of your grandmother's Everything went straight to the Emporium.
- She had a deal with the owner.
- The Emporium? [MAN MOANS.]
You're looking for something.
You're good.
- You Jimmy Tomorrow? - Mm-hm.
- We're looking for a necklace.
- Oh.
It would've come with Grandma Goldy's effects.
Yes, yes, you do know that this is the Orb of Thessaly.
We did not know.
Very powerful, very rare.
Let me guess.
Very expensive.
Worth every penny.
Well, in that case, we'll be taking the State's Evidence discount.
- What's going on? - A murder investigation that we'd like to thank you for not obstructing.
You know, I give private energetic readings.
- No, thanks.
- A loss weighs on you, you're angry.
It's complicated.
Come see me, agent.
Thanks, Jimmy, we'll see.
Bureau's gonna reimburse me for the necklace? We'll send you a check.
Went a little Mentalist on you there, didn't he? All right.
Next question.
What's an Orb of Thessaly? I know one thing.
It's made in Taiwan.
Oh, a fake, around here.
Imagine that.
Of course, that means that, uh, whatever's killing mediums is still out there.
No, no! [GRUNTS.]
Probably should've bent those with the power of his mind.
- Chief.
We met at the station.
- Right.
Morning, agent.
Uh, this is Agent Borne.
So, what happened? It's a weird one.
Chest full of cutlery.
Uh, we're gonna look around, let us know if you got any leads.
I got leads coming out of my ass.
As of 9:00, our tip line had 46 calls.
All from clairvoyants that know what really happened.
- What's the popular theory? - It's a toss up between a ghost and some ogre that only attacks Russians.
- Policing Lily Dale sounds fun.
- It was this or Los Angeles.
So these clairvoyants, did they give any details as to why they thought it was a ghost or a Russian ogre? Their spirit monkey said so.
Plus apparently this guy claims he had a vision of his own death.
Cutlery and all.
Excuse me.
- Hello? - Agent Borne? It's Melanie Golden.
- Everything okay? - You mean it when you said you had an open mind? I hadn't checked it until today.
The only person who called my landline was my grandma.
- It's okay.
Go on.
- Look, I wouldn't put any stock in it.
She was always calling me with some crazy dream she was sure was a sign, that kind of thing.
But, uh, is it true Nikolai had a real vision of his death? That's what we were told.
- Well, so did she.
The day she died.
- What'd she say? Well, you can listen to it if you want.
She said she was in a séance um, then the lights go, it's freezing.
Wait, she said that? That the room got cold? Yeah.
Why, is that important? What? What is it? - A ghost.
The real deal.
- Come on.
You're serious.
See, there's, uh, fake woo-woo crap, and there's real woo-woo crap.
Well, yeah, but ghosts? Trust me, there's a lot weirder out there than that.
So, um, the X- Files is real or you just stopped talking like an FBI agent.
Well, um, we're not FBI agents.
- I need a drink.
- I support that.
If this is a spirit, it ain't your average spook-tied-to-a-house.
- This thing is boogying all over town.
- I'm not surprised.
How many crystal balls are in Lily Dale? Somewhere between 50 and, uh, all of them.
Well, I mean, quartz can act as an antenna for spirits, right? That's why mediums started using crystal balls.
That means that every storefront in town's got a ghost satellite dish.
And this place is packed with people summoning spirits.
Most of these guys can't even call a taxi.
All it takes is one.
That's like looking for a needle in a stack of fake needles.
It's worse.
I'll bet you some of these guys got real juice.
I'm not talking kill-people level I'm saying enough to make it complicated.
I hate this town.
All right, so, what, start hitting up the Miss Cleos? I was thinking, split up and canvass.
It's faster.
Course you were.
What is it? My brother? Is he going back to prison? [IN JAMAICAN ACCENT.]
Stay away, his curse will drag you down.
Folks do turn jail into a habit, you know.
Oh, oh, oh.
No, no, don't fret.
I always say, family is a pain in the ass anyhow.
Thank you, Sister Thibideaux.
No, child, thank the spirits.
Now, will that be cash or credit? [GASPING.]
It's okay.
Like I said on the phone, he can help.
Phony lawman, huh? Yeah, because nobody can relate to phony around here.
Well, if you can do something, I don't care if you call yourself the pope.
What happened, exactly? What happened is I had a frigging vision.
Something is coming for me.
What's coming? Did you get a look? No.
But I sure felt it when it started breaking my bones.
- I don't wanna die.
DEAN: Okay.
We'll figure it out.
Vision happened in here? Yeah, by the cash box.
There any chance good looking was watching? What was that? What the hell? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Was that? An actual? Bona fide.
No offense, but nobody's having psychic visions around here.
This, uh, spirit, whoever she is, is giving them out.
And then killing people? Until we stop her.
Good news, you said you saw a clock, and it read 2 a.
That gives us a little time.
Now, does anybody recognize this chick? I swear I've seen her.
Like in a painting or something.
- A painting? Uh - No, not a painting.
In one of those old photos in the museum.
MAN: Lily Dale has long been a haven for the psychically gifted.
Tortured elsewhere, they're embraced here.
My own family has a modest natural gift.
We also celebrate our Iong and colorful history of embellishers.
Ectoplasm illusion circa 1890.
We're walking.
We're walking.
Now, as you may know, ectoplasm MAN: Never ended well for the siblings.
DEAN: Why's that? - Hm, the strain of working together.
Or maybe just being around each other all their lives.
Those two were the exception, actually, the Campbells got along famously.
That was just a stage name.
They weren't actually brothers.
That was a cover for their, uh, alternative lifestyle.
- Any other questions I can answer? SAM: Yes, uh - Who were they? MAN: Oh, the Fox sisters.
Among the founders of Lily Dale.
Kate Fox.
Quite troubled apparently, but mesmerizing on-stage.
She's said to be able to levitate objects and foretell one's death.
- That's her.
MAN: Her older sister, Margaret, perhaps not a natural psychic.
So full of crap.
Yes, well.
She didn't have her sister's charisma but she looked after Kate.
Sometimes one's true gift is taking care of others.
- What happened to them? - Lived here all their lives.
- Lived here and died here? - Yes, well, buried in the cemetery.
That was, uh, very educational.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I don't normally do this during business hours but do you know an Eleanor or an Ellen? She seems quite concerned about you.
She wants to tell you pardon me, if you don't tell someone how bad it really is she'll kick your ass from beyond.
You have to trust someone again eventually.
Heh, anyway, don't forget to visit the gift shop.
All right, hit the graveyard, dig up Kate.
- Wait a second.
- All signs point to her, Dean.
No, just hold on a damn minute.
- Enough with just the facts.
- We agreed We agreed to work the case, we didn't agree for you to be a dick the whole time.
- What? You're pissed, okay? - You got a right.
- Damn straight.
- But enough's enough.
- Says who? Look, I'll work this damn case, but you lied to me and you killed my friend.
No, I put down a monster who killed four people.
If you didn't know her you'd have done the same - I did know her.
Which is why you couldn't do it.
Look, I get it.
There are certain people, no matter how dangerous they are you just can't.
- Don't pull that card, that's bull.
If I've learned one thing it's that if something feels wrong, it probably is.
Usually, yeah.
But killing Amy was not wrong.
You couldn't do it, so I did.
That's what family does.
The dirty work.
And I would've told you.
Once I knew that this whole waving-a-gun-at-Satan thing was a one-time show.
I think it's reasonable to wanna know that you're off the high dive.
You almost got us killed.
You can be pissed all you want.
But quit being a bitch.
SAM: I get why she's killing people.
Just don't get why she's warning them.
Give them a taste of the curse, maybe? It couldn't have been ajoyride.
Here we go.
Sam! - Back off, crazy eyes.
- Listen to me why isn't anybody listening? - No.
- You don't get a vote.
WOMAN: No, stop! No! No! [PANTING.]
Nice timing.
Got it.
And Dean? Thanks.
- They took care of it.
- Heh.
So, what, just go home? I guess.
Hey, why don't you come stay with me a couple days? Thanks.
Just one more minute.
- It's fine, hon.
- Lf you had that vision you wouldn't wanna be here either.
It's okay, let's just go.
What is it? [BOTH GASP.]
Call them back.
- Melanie? - Dean? You have to come back.
What's going on? - It's still happening.
- What do you mean it's? She's still coming.
Tell me what the hell to do.
- Listen to me, calm down.
- Give me the phone and drive.
- Melanie.
Hey, get to the kitchen.
- Okay.
- Aah! - She's here! Just go.
Get salt.
It worked.
She's gone! No, she's back! [SCREAMS.]
- Out of salt! - Find iron.
Is there a fireplace? Melanie! [GRUNTS.]
Mel! Camille! Camille! Camille! No! [MELANIE SOBBING.]
Should've known that whole good-sis/bad-sis story was showmanship crap.
Oh, and turns out that Kate was just trying to warn people about her evil bitch sister.
We burned her bones.
So that's gone.
- Dean.
- What? - All we can do is go stop her.
- Not good enough.
By a mile.
I know.
Believe me.
But can we talk about this later? Hey.
How you holding up? Been better.
- Lf you need for us to leave - I need you guys to leave.
SAM: Okay, we will.
It's just that Iook, Margaret is still out there.
What do you guys need to know? Is there anything that stood out? Well, um, she barely gave a crap about me.
I mean, I was just in the way.
She was all about getting Camille.
- Good, that's something.
MELANIE: One other thing.
Um, she enjoyed it.
She was smiling.
- I feel naked doing this in daylight.
- Let's just hurry up.
All right, Mags my lighter's juiced this time.
SAM: Not good.
- Never good.
If someone knew enough to take Margaret's bones they're not kidding around.
- That's serious binding magic.
- Pfft! Great.
Psychic ghost bitch on a leash.
We gotta find those bones.
We gotta find the bonehead.
We'll call Bobby, see what it takes to harness the power of a ghost? - Yeah.
Hey, Sam, you know why I'm not going to spend my money at the annual Lily Dale ESP Festival and Hot Dog Eating Contest this year? Can't imagine.
Because all the headliners are dead.
You know, after Nikolai they asked Camille to take his spot.
I mean, heh, she's so popular.
- Was so popular.
- Okay, uh, all these people, would you Would you say that they're the, uh, top dogs in town? Well, it's not really like that.
But they were doing well.
I mean, your grandma? She wrote a few books.
And Imelda was on the Nate Berkus show twice.
So, yeah, I guess they were doing pretty well.
You think that's why she went after them? If you had to guess, who do you think would be next? I mean, I don't know.
Your grandma was headlining at the big hall.
Who do you think they would ask to fill in? Probably me.
- Hey.
- Agent.
You here with my check? I'm looking for someone who bought some things from you.
How do you know from me? I'm doubting they sell ash-wood altars at the Gas 'N Sip.
Let me see the list.
Here we go, credit card receipt.
- I assume you want the address? - That'd be great.
It's the least I can do.
I just heard about Camille Thibideaux.
Thanks a lot.
You're welcome.
You sure that'll work? That should hold her off long enough for Sam to find the bones and burn them.
- Hopefully.
- Hopefully.
Does it hurt them? Burning their bones? I never thought about it.
Probably, yeah.
Where's the altar? It's there! You're not a necromancer.
This is a Lamaze class, I swear.
I believe you.
- Om.
- Dean.
It's the pawn shop guy.
- How do you know? - He goose-chased me to the frigging pregnant yoga class.
Figure out where he put her bones.
- Aah! - I will.
DEAN: Fast, Sam.
Somehow I just knew you'd be back.
Hi, agent.
- Put the skull down.
- Okay, okay.
Take it easy.
All right.
That's enough.
- Is she gone? - I doubt it.
- But she can't get past the line, right? - Right.
- Nice binding spell.
- It doesn't matter.
- She helps me because she wants to.
- What? Damn it.
I hate when they do that.
Get the salt, go.
TOMMY: Margaret and me are the same.
We're the real thing.
But guess what, sometimes the real thing just isn't pretty or entertaining enough.
When I show people what I'm capable of, it scares them.
I can't pay my rent! [GASPS.]
DEAN: Get behind me.
- Heh.
That's as far as you go, bitch.
Margaret's happy to kill for me.
She likes the leash.
- You're sick.
- You know what else I am? A real psychic, you dickbag.
Sorry, handsome.
Where are the rest of the bones? - These people don't deserve to die.
- Are you kidding me? I live in squalor because I can't put on a show like them? Don't do this.
- They're in the bedroom.
- No.
You're not getting in there.
- Ugh! - Dean! Too bad.
No! No! In the bed.
- They were in the bed? - Yeah.
Ugh, I can't believe he was boning her.
- Dean.
- Can I get you anything else? Uh, just a refill, and if you affirmate me, I'm gonna punch you in the face.
All righty then, coffee, coming up.
I can't wait to get out of this fortune cookie.
I'm gonna go, uh, do something outside.
- Hi, have a seat.
- Hi.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
You didn't stick around so I could say thank you.
No reason to thank me.
You saved my life.
- Yeah, but not your friend's.
- Well you didn't send that ghost.
So thank you for coming to kill it.
You and Sam seem a little better.
You can tell that from the walk up? Heh, take it or leave it.
Also guessing you're not so keen to come visit here again, so this is goodbye.
Wish we'd met on a better week.
- I wish I had better weeks, heh.
- Hmm.
But, uh, hey, you never know.
It's not like you can tell the future, right? Hmm Well, answer's hazy.
Try again later.
- Hey.
- Hi.
That's your stuff? Yeah, yeah.
I figure we take one car.
Works for me.
You still wanna break my face? [CHUCKLES.]
Uh, not at this moment.
Look, you know what? Um You were right.
About Amy.
If she was just any monster, I'm not sure I could've let her walk away.
I don't know.
I'll never know.
- So, what are you saying? - What I'm saying is I get why you did it.
You're trying to make sure no one else got hurt.
But here's the thing.
You can't just look me in the face and tell me you're fine.
You're not sleeping.
You drink for the record.
- Oh, here we go.
- Look whatever, last one to preach, I know.
But be honest with me.
How are those the actions of someone who knows they did the right thing? - You want me to be honest? - Yeah.
I went with my gut.
And that felt right.
I didn't trust her, Sam.
Ever since Cass, I'm having a hard time trusting anybody.
And as far as how I've been acting I don't know, maybe it's because I don't like lying to you.
You know, doesn't feel right.
You got me there.
I've been, uh, climbing the walls.
I know how that is.
But hey, if I learned one thing from that museum, sibling acts are tough.
Pfft, don't compare us to that Hall of Crazy.
We're poster kids of functional family life compared to them.
- It's a low bar.
- Well, hey grading on a curve's got me past everything since kindergarten.
- Don't knock it.
- Whatever you say.
I still wanna know how that guy bent my spoon.
Forget it, Sam.
It's Lily Dale.

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