Supernatural s07e11 Episode Script

Adventures in Babysitting

- What the hell? - Leviathan! Stay away from me.
LUCIFER: Your world is whatever I want it to be, understand? SAM: Leave me alone! Whoa! Whoa! Know what's real? You got away.
We got you out, Sammy.
This is real.
You need to see Frank Devereaux.
Bobby Singer sent us.
You can't stop any of us.
We can't be killed.
These are smarter.
You don't have a clue how to kill or slow them down and your plan is go right at them? Years of demons nipping at your heels.
Haven't seen one for months.
Why? - We've been busy.
- Hunting Leviathan.
Yes, I know.
You met that Dick yet? - We should be friends.
You and I.
- I'd never work with you.
Okay, you sons of bitches.
I see what you're up to.
Go, go! Page the neurosurgeon on call.
DEAN: He's not gonna die.
It's one bullet.
He's gonna be fine because he's always fine.
So maybe I'm not real, but I'm not going anywhere, Sam.
SAM: His eyes are open.
- Bobby? Hey.
Bobby? MAN: Yup.
Order up.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
You've been here a couple nights in a row now.
- What can I say? I like the ambiance.
- Heh.
Get you anything else? No, thanks.
Keep safe out there.
SALLY: Really? Ha, ha.
MAN: Yeah.
MAN: Yeah.
SALLY: Well, that's fine.
Let's see if we can take care of that.
MARLENE: Hey there, you lost? What? - Excuse me, l MARLENE: Heh, whoa.
You look a little Cabo Wabo there.
No, I'm fine.
No, you're not.
I slipped a little special sauce into your coffee while you were watching the skirt.
You do know we're venomous, right? Looks like I didn't dose you hard enough.
That's okay.
There's more where that came from.
That's for the crappy tip.
Dean, you know, um I wonder if we I mean, should we be telling people? I mean, people he knew? How long ago did I give Frank these numbers? It's been a few weeks, right? What, is he nuts or is he just being rude? Probably both.
Dean, I asked you a question.
Unless something happened to him.
He can't get to the phone because a Leviathan ate his face.
- Also a possibility.
- We should go check on him.
- Dean.
Do you wanna call Bobby's people or not? - Why is that ourjob? - Because who else is gonna do it? I'm not calling anybody.
If you want to, go right ahead.
I don't wanna call anybody.
You kidding me? [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
Well, I'm not getting it.
: Is Bobby Singer there? Uh, no.
He's, uh Uh, he's not, but I'm a friend of his.
GIRL: My dad asked me to call Bobby Singer specifically.
Well, he's not here.
Um, but, look, if you need [LINE CLICKS AND DIAL TONE HUMS.]
Who was it? Just some kid.
For Bobby? Girl Scout cookies? I think maybe Maybe a hunter's kid? I mean, she sounded pretty scared.
I have caller ID.
We should go find her.
We can check on her.
What about Frank? Dean, I think we should go find this girl first.
Frank's been working on the numbers that Bobby spent his last breath on.
And you wanna back burner that? [SCOFFS.]
You go check out Girl Scout.
- I'll find Frank.
- Fine.
Know what? On one condition.
If Frank is just spinning his wheels then you bail out on crazy and come meet me.
Thanks for drinking my beer.
I didn't touch your beer.
Mine's right there.
You probably drank it without noticing.
Hello? Um, we spoke on the phone earlier? Hi.
Um, I'm Sam.
You sounded like you needed help, and I was in the area.
How'd you find me? Your dad is in Bobby's address book.
So where is he? Bobby? He, uh He's passed away.
- Look, um - Krissy.
I get it.
You don't let strangers in.
But if your dad said you could trust Bobby then you can trust me too.
Just so you know, 911 is on speed dial.
One button.
Yeah, sure.
Note taken.
So you're a salesman too? Yup.
So your dad's on the road right now? Been gone a while? - He usually calls every night.
- How long has it been? Five days.
Just you and him, huh? Heh, I know how that is.
Look, um sometimes, on the road, crap happens.
So I'll help you track him down.
- Really? - Of course.
Did he happen to say where he was going? He said he had leads near Dodge City.
And does he have a desk or something where he keeps his stuff? Yup.
Do you mind making some coffee? Thanks.
Hey, listen.
So I think I got an idea where to start.
So I'm gonna go.
Um Can I borrow this? Yup.
Here's a number in case you don't hear from me in the next couple days.
Don't worry.
I promise I'll check in.
Don't say that.
That's what my dad said.
This can't be good.
Well, hi.
Frank, we're amongst friends here.
Okay, acquaintances.
That's just what a Leviathan would say.
Frank, I'm not a Leviathan.
Oh, sure.
You're not a Leviathan.
Dick Roman is not a Leviathan.
Gwyneth Paltrow is not a Leviathan.
- Yeah? - Trust me.
Okay, I think you've been doing a little too much research.
They're anywhere, anyone.
Who's to say this ain't the day they come for old Frank who knew too much? They bleed black goo.
Right? You wanna see what I bleed? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's take the guns out of it, okay? Okay.
See? Red-blooded American.
Unh, now your turn.
- Whoa, whoa, look, I'm obviously not Fair is fair, douche bag.
I'm glad we could share that together.
Grab your gun, come with me.
For God's sake, don't make any noise.
Why the downsize? You.
"Hey, Frank, go dig up some dirt on Richard Roman.
" That night, I was burned off every IP I had.
- Ears on my phone, eyes on my house.
- Dick's got people watching you? Do I look like I know? You think it's easy to see this deep into what's real and also be bipolar with delusional ideation? There is no pill for my situation, sweetie pop.
So, yeah, best guess, the bigmouths are onto me.
Next question.
All right, well, what's the word on the bigmouths? Ugh, their tentacles are everywhere.
I'm looking at bankers, military high-ups.
- This why you didn't call back? - Cut me some slack.
- You called me like four days ago.
- I called four weeks ago, Frank.
What? No.
Really? Days, weeks.
Quit busting my chops.
- What, are you kidding me? - Cool your heels.
I paid you 15 grand for this.
- Yeah, I get that.
- No, you don't get that.
Dick Roman is every card in my hit deck.
You understand that? Those numbers, they got something to do with him, okay? Bobby died for those numbers.
Look, I'm sorry about Bobby.
I really am.
Heh, you know, this one time, we were in Fresno, and we got stuck No, no, no.
I'm not gonna play this "this one time with Bobby" crap, all right? I'm not gonna get all warm and fuzzy with somebody who barely knew him.
- Trying to make friendly conversation.
- This is not a friendship.
- I'm paying you.
- Hey, you know what you need? - Little LSD, little shiatsu.
- I'm out of here.
Hey, you wanna know what those numbers are? Bupkis.
They're not lottery numbers, license.
I know that, Frank, thank you.
Which leaves us little else to do but probability generate.
Come again? You run most reasonable possibilities for a Levi-related five-digit number written by a dying drunk, and you come up flat.
Know when you start to wonder? Hey, maybe I'm missing a number.
- Well, how do you figure? - Oh, I don't know.
Because Bobby was dying of brain trauma.
I had a tickle there was a reason nothing was popping out.
I set up a program to run possibilities for six numbers, seven, eight.
But good news.
- Good news.
- Never had to go past six.
Because this my little lamb, is coordinates.
Are you sure? To what? A field in Wisconsin.
No, Bobby didn't give us coordinates to some patch of weeds in Cheeseville.
He gave you coordinates to a parcel recently purchased by Wellman Inc.
Richard Roman Enterprises.
- So, what do we do? - Stay away.
Or if we're stupid we go there and set up surveillance.
Matthew Havlena, found in a ditch off the interstate.
Cause of death? Missing 5 pints of blood can't have helped.
Puncture wounds, femoral arteries and carotid.
- So, what, some kind of animal attack? - Or a vampire.
That usually gets at least a chuckle.
SAM: Find Frank? DEAN: Yeah.
Those numbers? Coordinates.
Dick bought some land.
We're headed there now.
- You're just gonna drive right up? DEAN: Relax.
It's a field, not the Death Star.
Dick's at a TED conference.
It's all over the Huffington Post.
Heh, wait, wait, wait.
Since when do you read? Know your enemy.
What's going on with the girl? Don't think she knows her dad's in the life.
I got three missing truckers and one blood-free body.
Good times.
All right, well, keep me posted.
Got the equipment arranged.
Come and get your costume on.
We can scoot.
Costume? What? What is so special about this place? FRANK: I love a mystery.
Get up in that cherry picker.
Act like you're fixing something.
- I don't know how to drive that.
- You think I do? - Why do I gotta be the sap that? - This says manager.
That one says technician.
Sometime this month? Come on.
Ah Moving FRANK: Crap.
Come on down, Tarzan.
- What? - Get down here.
We need to move.
They got this place wired up the wazoo.
They're watching us? Ah, no.
They're just watching Cheech and Ed from Ma Bell.
It's gonna be difficult to set up surveillance if there's, uh, surveillance everywhere.
So we need to tap into theirs instead.
DEAN: There.
Now what? You look horrific.
When was the last time you really slept a night? - Let's just work, all right? - This is it.
We watch the screens.
I can take the first shift.
You're no use if you can't even keep your eyes open.
Dean, hey.
So I think this guy was hunting a Vetala.
Uh, dad took one down back in the day.
Silver knife to the heart, twist, they're done.
He says they're maladjusted Ioner types.
Like to knock a guy out, drag him home, feed slow.
So if Krissy's dad got grabbed, there's a chance he might still be alive.
Be nice to get this girl's dad back home to her, you know? All right.
I could use your help.
Call me.
Excuse me.
Your manager said you might be able to help me.
What can I do for you? You ever see this man? Uh, might have served him the other day.
I think he may have gone to talk to that girl out there.
Can I talk to you for a second, uh Sally? You ever see this man? - No.
- You sure? It's not safe here.
Somewhere private.
Something's happening around here.
I'm afraid I'll be next.
Tell me what you saw.
I don't know what I saw.
- How long was I out? - About 36 hours.
What? - Why didn't you wake me? - Not your butler.
Come see this.
- What? - This is where it gets good.
- Frank, you need to get out more.
- Not that.
Check out Sarah Palin.
- Who is she? - Amanda Willer.
Surprise, surprise.
Works for Richard Roman.
- What's she doing? - Being a naughty, bossy little girl.
I hate to ask for that in a non-porno version.
They're getting ready to build something.
- Build what? - Exactly.
What? - No idea.
- Well, how do we find out? We watch.
Patience, grasshopper.
Patience and me aren't exactly on terms.
Go out and kill something or whatever you kids do to blow off steam.
- Don't like my suggestion? - I don't think you're in a position to be giving suggestions.
You're one tinfoil hat away from a rubber room.
- Did I mention you look awful? - Yes.
Maybe because somebody I cared about just got shot in the head and this is like shoving a rock up a hill.
And screw you.
Here's my advice you didn't ask for.
- Quit.
- What? You wanna keep going? I want Dick Roman on a spit.
But you're gonna drive yourself into the ground first.
Good plan.
I'm not gonna quit.
It's not even an option.
- Not gonna walk out on my brother.
- Okay, then.
Do what I did.
Heh, what? Go native? Stock up on C rations? Yeah.
No, cupcake.
What I did when I was 26 and came home to find my wife and two kids gutted on the floor.
Decide to be fine till the end of the week.
Make yourself smile because you're alive and that's yourjob.
Then do it again the next week.
- So fake it? - I call it being professional.
Do it right, with a smile or don't do it.
: Dean, hey.
So I think this guy was hunting a Vetala.
Dad took one down back in the day No, no, no, Sam.
That's not right.
- What's the guff? SAM: They're loner types.
Like to knock a guy out, drag him home, feed slow.
Sam? KRISSY: No.
- Who's this? DEAN [OVER PHONE.]
: Who's this? Sam told me to call if I didn't hear anything back from him.
That ringing in your ears it's from the venom.
- Venom? - Yeah.
They hit you with some kind of knockout juice.
You seem to be handling this very well.
Yeah, well, um, I was out there looking for you.
Lee Chambers? I'm a friend of Bobby Singer's.
Krissy called.
She's fine.
She is.
She's just worried about you.
Unh, so how do we get out of here? I don't know.
They'll be back pretty quick here.
- What, just the two of them? - Yeah.
They're a tag team.
One knocks you out, the other dumps your rig or your ride or whatever miles down the road.
It's a pretty nice system they got.
They've been draining you.
Tap you three, four times, you're dead.
And let me tell you, heh you can't see you can't walk.
I thought they'd kill me right off but they don't have to.
They got nothing to worry about.
How many times they fed on you? Three.
Did Sam tell you where he was going? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
What did you tell him? - Uh, he checked my dad's room.
- There? Yeah.
I don't have time to hold your hand here.
- What are you saying? - Go wait in the living room.
Your dad may not want you to know every single thing about him.
Where is it? You mean everything about the job my dad was working? - Sam said you didn't know.
- Sam seemed competent so I figured fine, I'll do what my dad always tells me to.
Be a regular kid, don't say anything, stay out of the line of fire.
Let the adults work it out.
So much for that.
All right.
Hand it over, okay? I have had a long, long week.
All right, I get it, you're a tough kid.
But I'm trying to get Sam and your dad back.
My dad left, and he didn't come back.
Sam left, and he didn't come back.
I give you the info, you leave, you don't come back.
- I'm coming back.
- I'm coming with you.
- No.
Hell, no.
- I'm coming.
Or you're not going.
Now, hand it over.
I can't.
I burned it.
- You what? - But lucky for you I memorized it all first.
- Hey, I have a question.
- All right, here's the deal.
I'm a fun guy.
I'm actually awesome.
Okay? But right now, I'm not in the mood.
I'm neck deep in some serious crap.
If this wasn't an emergency, I would drop your ass off at the nearest mall.
What serious crap? Revenge crap, all right? Now, shut up.
Eat a cookie or something.
One thing doesn't make sense.
My dad is a pretty great hunter and your brother is the size of a car, so how did this thing get them both? Vetalas usually hunt in pairs.
Sam and your dad both assumed it was one thing hunting solo.
Why did they think that? Because they had the wrong info.
Or best available.
Our dad took down a Ioner, years ago.
Sam has his journal.
Your dad must have been going on the same facts.
And you know different because? Because I hunted one that turned out to be two, couple years back.
And you never told Sam? Wow, thanks.
How about sharing that with the rest of the class so we don't all get killed? Sam was away at Stanford, smart-ass.
Sam went to college? Thought you said your dad was a hunter.
He was.
We were.
Sam quit, went to college.
You could too, you know? Go to college.
Be a hunter-slash-pediatrician.
Hunter day at the all-you-can-eat.
How's everyone feeling? Good? Strong silent.
I don't need much entertainment with my meal.
Hey, Sally, uh, did I tell you about the Vetalas I took down in Utah? Yeah.
You remind me of them.
Except they were so much younger.
I tied them up.
Not because I had to.
More so I could take my time.
- You're lying.
SAM: No.
I want you to know how much I enjoyed cutting up your sisters.
Shut up.
You ever actually work with your dad? Sure.
Of course.
No, I mean work and not shoot cans in the woods.
I mean, I help all the time.
So no.
Well, right about now, your stomach should be pretty knotted up.
Not really.
Look, maybe this was a lot harder for you when you were my age.
Oh, you think you're a good actress.
You're not.
- What are you talking about? - Well, hate to break it to you.
It's all over your face.
You're scared.
Quit treating me like I'm some girl.
I've been prepping for this my entire life.
Training's one thing.
Doing? A whole another beast.
Wow, you've really scared me straight.
Thanks, Dean.
Why is that waitress getting into that truck? I'm not explaining the R-rated crap.
The front of the truck.
Not the back, Dean.
DEAN: All right.
What century is this? - No one fist bumps anymore.
- Come on, give it up.
Good work.
You're a dweeb.
- What the hell? - I got an idea.
How about you stay here? - Oh, you jackass.
- Well, I'm the jackass who ain't bringing a kid in there.
- Why? - I can do everything you can do.
- I'll bring them back, trust me.
They're probably dead.
- You don't know that.
- It's been days.
They're just a pile of meat.
I've seen it.
People die, Dean.
I watched my mom get torn to shreds.
Let me go in there and kill them.
- Sorry.
- You're such a hypocrite.
- How come you get to do it and I don't? - Because I'm the grown-up.
Give it to me.
- What? - Your lock pick.
I will frisk you.
Thank you.
MARLENE: Good thing we picked up a new one.
This one is about tapped out.
- You wanna finish him together? SALLY: Sure.
Love to.
MARLENE: Not so fast.
KRISSY: Dad, hold on, I got you.
No! Let her go.
Or Little Miss Sunshine here gets it.
What were you thinking bringing her here? Now drop the knife.
She's just a child.
Let her go.
Yeah, I don't think we'll be letting anyone go.
- Daddy.
- It's okay, baby.
Everything's gonna be fine.
All right, enough with the family bonding.
- It's time for you to shut up.
LEE: Unh! Daddy, no! Dean.
He can't help you.
No one can.
Guess I'll have to help myself, then.
Bad actress, huh? Yeah, I take it back.
LEE: Yeah, I was hoping you'd stop by.
I wanted to thank you.
- It's no problem.
- Well, you saved my life.
Krissy's too.
Actually, uh, heh, she kind of saved ours.
Don't thank us.
Your daughter is 14 years old.
She's already a hunter with a kill under her belt.
I'm not trying to be a dick but what do you think that does to her life span? She could still be a regular kid.
- You know, I got into this for a reason.
- I know.
Your family.
That's the same reason you should get out now.
I can't.
You ever know anyone who left the life? No.
They all get killed first.
Well, uh, we should probably let you get some rest.
Thanks for saying bye, asshat.
- Oh, what, now you're sentimental? - No.
Just wanted to tell you that you're kind of amusing for an old man.
How did you get out of them cuffs, anyway? A girl's gotta have her secrets.
Bobby pin.
- Could've gotten yourself killed.
- I saved your bacon.
My point stands.
But yes.
So guess I'm retiring.
- One and done.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
- How you feel about that? Who knows? Maybe I'll go to Stanford like Sam.
- We're so lame.
- Yeah, we are.
Take care of yourself.
You know what? Good for them.
It's nice to walk away from someone and feel like they could be okay.
How about you? How you doing? You all right? No.
I'm definitely not.
But, uh, you know, I mean, um, I think maybe I just wanna work.
Should I even ask? - I'm fine.
- Fine, meaning? You're right.
We should just work, right? Figure out a way to kick Dick Roman's ass.
But, hey, we are the professionals.
Dear Mr.
Fantasy, play us a tune Something to make us all happy Do anything Take us out of this gloom Sing a song, play guitar Make it snappy
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