Supernatural s07e12 Episode Script

Time After Time

Those things from purgatory.
They're like Shapeshifters.
Only a lot more into eating folk.
And they bleed black goo.
I believe you know Sheriff Mills.
BOBBY: Dick freaking Roman.
- Who the hell is Dick Roman? I'm gonna eat you, Bob.
Bobby, come on.
Come on, come on.
Go, go! Hey, Bobby, your hat.
Oh, God, Bobby.
Hold on.
Did you come here to finish the job? We're coming for you.
And not just to hurt you.
To kill you.
Hey, Bobby, hey.
Thanks for everything.
Bobby? Hey.
All right, let's do this.
Move fast.
Wait, wait, wait.
What's the plan, exactly? Don't die.
He's heading downtown.
Take the street, I'll take the alley.
Meet you in the middle.
Son of a Dean.
Don't give me the dirty diaper look.
I ain't calling you.
- Hello? - Sam, it's Jody Mills.
I wake you? SAM [OVER PHONE.]
: Sheriff.
Uh Yeah.
I mean I got something that smells like you boys.
A body turned up in Canton, Ohio.
Local P.
Is trying to bury the story and the body.
- So, what's up with the body? - Well, when it went missing it was a normal grad student named Charles Durbin.
When it turned up, the thing was mummified, minus the wrapping.
This is the second body found like this in the last couple of weeks.
Sound like a song you tap to? Well, yeah, yeah.
That's our kind of number.
Hey, question.
How does a sheriff in Sioux Falls get wind of a case in Ohio? I'm just that nosy.
After everything I've been through with you boys and And with Bobby.
Something like this pops up on the wire, catches my ear.
- What can I say? - Well, we'll look into it.
- Call me after, okay? - Yeah.
Sheriff Mills, she caught us one.
I feel bad, we didn't get her anything.
I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I hope you're watching cartoon smut.
Because reading Dick Roman crap over and over again is just self-punishment.
It's called anime.
And it's an art form.
Well, this looks nice.
Check around the back? Well, there's a semi-functioning bathroom and one unrancid bedroom.
Define semi-functioning and do not use the words "hole in the floor.
" How does paper beat rock? It's stupid.
SAM: Kids playing hide-and-seek found the body.
- Wow.
Very King Tut.
- Yeah.
So this is where the eyewitness to the assault lives.
- Cops are calling him unreliable witness.
- Because? Let's find out.
DEAN: Special Agent Smith.
This is Special Agent Smith.
No relation.
Do you mind if we? My mom's sleeping in there.
So how can l? Yeah, we had questions about the incident you witnessed in the alley? - You're gonna laugh at my story like the rest of the suits? - We're not gonna laugh at you.
All right, well, I'm on the steps, medicating when I hear fighting.
So I look, there's my neighbor Durbin.
And some dude dressed like my grandpa has got him by the neck, right? What do you mean looks like your grandpa? Uh Snappy shoes, suit.
One of those Justin Timberlake hats.
- What, you mean a fedora? - Aha.
Did you see anything else? This red, like, energy passed through Durbin to Hat Guy.
Even my watch stopped.
Durbs he aged before my eyes.
He looked like a raisin.
Oh, we believe you.
Thanks for your help.
Thank you officer Officers.
Nothing that turns dudes into a crypt keeper.
You? Well, greater Canton turns out, kind of a hot spot for weird dead bodies.
- You don't say? - Yeah.
News archives.
Not exactly reporting mummifies but still, 1928, three deaths, cited as spontaneous combustion.
Body is, quote, "Shriveled despite no signs of fire.
" - A little stretch, but okay.
- '74, three bodies found with leathery decay.
'57, three more.
Severe dehydration.
But this time, one made the front page.
Girl named Terry Cervantes found a corpse near her church.
- Any pattern other than the location? - Random vics, random years.
But they seem to drop in threes.
That's two down, one to go.
- Let me drive for a sec.
- You gonna Iook at more anime or are you strictly into Dick now? [TYPING.]
DEAN: Hmm.
- Are those local feeds? - Yeah.
- How did you do that so fast? Little tutorial from Frank.
Don't worry, we'll pretend this never happened.
Now, mummy numero dos was found at the Gas n' Sip near Main Street.
All right.
Well, here's all the cameras around that store.
You need to teach me that trick.
Hey, check it out.
Wait a sec.
Can't let me bask in glory for one second.
Shut up.
DEAN: He hasn't aged a day, has he? All right.
Well, if he's been popping up for decades now then somebody's bound to know who he is.
Is there any chance that Terry is still local? WOMAN: It's so pretty in the spring.
Everything is blooming.
That's why I walked home that way.
To see the flowers.
Instead, I found that body.
I still have no idea what could've done that to that person.
Do you recognize that man? Yeah.
I mean, he lived on my parents' street.
Where'd you say your parents live? [THUNDER CRASHING.]
So, what is this thing? Some sort of vampire who got too sucky? No.
Coroner's reports said there was blood in both bodies.
Three-hundred-year-old blood, but blood.
Dude, dude.
A fedora dude.
All right, let's do this.
Let's move fast.
What's the plan here exactly? Don't die.
He's heading downtown.
Take the street, I'll take the alley.
Meet you in the middle.
Son of a [GRUNTING.]
Hey! Hey! Hey! [CHATTERING.]
Hey, you.
Drop the gun.
Put it down.
Drop the gun.
All right.
- Okay, can I just? - Don't.
- Listen to me.
- Hey, if you tell me you're from the Bureau one more time, I'm gonna air you out myself.
Got it? [PHONE BEEPS.]
"No signal.
" - What are you, some kind of Jerry spy? - Jerry who? [SCOFFS.]
And a terrible one at that.
This badge was issued Ace work, kraut-muncher.
'44? I'm stuck in 1944? We're all stuck in 1944, you bunny.
MAN: Take a powder.
OFFICER: Yes, sir.
I don't even like frigging sauerkraut.
So just skip past What happened in the alley? And paint me a real picture.
All right, well, I'm Twelve-Monkeyed no matter what I say, so here goes.
I was chasing this dude, I just seen him mummify a guy.
So I jumped him he lights up red, poof, we're in 1944.
Tell me more about the red light.
- Are you seriously asking? - Want out of this jail you're gonna tell me everything you can about that man and the so-called light.
I saw it and then we were here.
Would you say that it was all around you or that more that it came from inside this fella? You believe me.
Are you? You're a hunter.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Demons, ghosts, shifters.
Hey, I've killed them all.
And you're the same.
Just 68 years before me.
Huh? Huh.
And your name is? Dean.
Eliot Ness.
- Dean.
- No.
Why? Where's Dean? The thing that's been mummifying people took him and disappeared.
You guys get that a lot? - Yeah.
More than most people.
- Well, I got you into this, so - No, you didn't.
All you did was - Shut up, Sam.
How can I help? Well how do you feel about driving and lifting boxes? [DOOR OPENS.]
I gotta tell you, Untouchables is one of my favorite movies ever.
- What? - Must've seen that thing 50 times.
- Seen it? What? I'm in a? - You don't even know.
- Oh, you are Pfft! - Okay.
Wait, wait, wait Just slow it down, okay? Now, time travel.
Is that something you find up a lot of sleeves in the future or? No, no, no.
It's not normally on the menu.
I'm as surprised as you are that I'm here.
So we're hunting the same thing? Just in different centuries.
Two bodies.
Few days apart, just a little over a month ago.
One witness said that she saw an assailant light up red after sucking the life out of a man.
How does that fill you with awe? Look, Dean, this thing, it kills - In threes.
- In threes.
But you already know that.
He's two down.
You're coming with me.
We gotta get this thing before it grabs the last one.
So wait.
Uh Ahem.
Does Does this mean that I'm an Untouchable now? It means we gotta get you new clothes.
You look like some kind of bindle stiff.
Stiff your brin Bin What? ELIOT: Mm.
EZRA: What's the rumpus, Eliot? - Ezra Moore.
Dean Winchester.
Who's he? Some farmer clown? He's from the future.
DEAN: Yeah.
Gas costs 4 bucks and you can get cheese out of a spray can.
The president is a black guy.
I could go on.
Paint me impressed.
I assume you need some clothes.
- Hey, let me help you with those.
- No, I got these.
- You go get the other 20 in my truck.
- Seriously? Yeah.
I think Bobby may have had a slight hoarding issue.
I could barely get the door open on that locker.
And I'm pretty sure something's alive in at least three of those boxes.
- Awesome.
EZRA: Awesome? You some religious kook? No, he just likes saying that.
So spill already.
What bucket of syrup did you two idiots step into? [CHUCKLES.]
EZRA: Something funny, sweetheart? No, you just kind of remind me of someone.
Okay, Ezra, we need your help.
It seems we're hunting a time traveler.
Got it.
Is that a ring on his finger? Uh Yeah.
I know that symbol.
It's the Infinite Hourglass.
That's a symbol I saw on his ring.
- Yeah.
That's the mark of Cronus.
- Who? - The god of time.
MILLS: That's crazy.
Thing is with the old gods, once upon a time, they were just short of invincible.
Got their mojo from worshippers, people feeding them.
- These days not so much? - They're not what they used to be.
They make up for lack of power with being twice as pissed and a lot more hands-on.
- Okay.
So why is this god killing people? Could be he's killing folks for his time juice.
Well, how the hell am I gonna ride him back to 2012? Well, you could let him grab you.
If you don't mind him using you for gasoline.
How do we get Dean back? How do we find this Cronus? Best stab? Find a way to summon a god.
Let's stick to what we know.
Ezra, see if you have something in all this junk that will kill a god.
No trouble at all.
Come in a few hours, see what I can scrounge up.
Say, you said you fellas found his house.
Let's go see if it's been built yet.
And then let's kill that bastard.
- Because that - Is the Chicago way.
Chicago way? Who talks like that? Sean Connery.
Come on.
I'll never watch that movie again.
DEAN: It looks empty.
You got a lock pick? ELIOT: Sure.
Take a look around.
Where's he getting all the lettuce to support this? He's using the Biff Strategy.
- Using the what? - Cronus is betting on races he already knows the outcome of.
Look at this.
- He spent a lot of time in '44.
- Yeah.
What's LY? It's not a what, it's a who.
Lester Young.
He lays bets for a lot of flunkies in town.
Let's go pay him a visit.
Hey, easy with the jacket.
Hey, I ain't talking.
I'm no stoolie.
I learned it from watching you.
Look, you seem like a swell guy, Lester, and I wanna help you out.
I do.
But my partner? He just got back from the war.
And he spent the last two years kicking in Nazi skulls.
If he doesn't kick in a skull every couple days he gets real touchy.
DEAN: Lester.
That a German name? Hey, yeah, okay, okay.
There's no need to snap your cap.
Who you looking for? Fella by the name of Snider.
What? That guy? I mean, bum never missed a bet.
But he gave me the heebie-jeebies so I cut him off.
- Where'd you meet him for the payoff? The Early Bird, the dive on Haggerty.
Practically lives in the joint.
- Damn it.
- That's it.
- Yours sounds better.
You first.
- It says people could summon Cronus to compel him to tell their futures.
And I've got the spell to do it right here.
So why the "damn it"? Because calling Cronus isn't the problem.
It's making sure we summon him when Dean is right there.
Literally, with his hands on the guy so he can surf him back.
That's not automatic? More like we need to get the time on their end right to the exact second.
Or we get an angry god, but no big brother.
And he's trapped forever.
MILLS: "Fine, you ass, you win for once.
" - Who's R? - Rufus.
- A family friend.
- Ah.
- Wonder what they were betting over? - Whatever it was Rufus sure was a sore loser.
It's weird, huh? It's like their life's a big puzzle.
You just keep finding pieces of it scattered all over the place.
We should drink this.
He'd want us to.
Am I wrong? It would be rude not to.
- That's him.
ELIOT: Mm-hm.
Kind of puny for a god.
Thought you were Mr.
Why do you think I went after Capone? The guy had the best hooch in Chicago.
So who died in your life and made you a hunter? Who died? Nobody died, you morbid son of a bitch.
I started doing this because vampires were turning folks in Cleveland.
- Then you caught the bug.
- That's when I got the bug.
Sometimes you just wanna punch through the red tape with a silver bullet.
Hunting sets me free.
Isn't that why you hunt? I used to do it because that's what my family did.
- Hmm.
- But they just seem to keep dying.
Tell you the truth, I don't know why I'm doing much of anything anymore.
Cry me a river, you nancy.
Tell me, are all hunters as soft as you in the future? Everybody loses everybody.
And then one day, boom.
Your number's up.
But at least you're making a difference.
So enjoy it while it lasts, kid because hunting is the only clarity you're gonna find in this life.
And that makes you luckier than most.
Hello, nurse.
DEAN: Hey.
Sweet merciful awesome.
ELIOT: Well, thank you very much.
Good night.
Well, everything's coming up us, kid.
Talk to me.
I am.
The owner of the house, Miss Lila Taylor, age 20, lives alone.
Head back to Ezra's, see what she's got.
I'm gonna stay and keep my peepers on the Sheik and the Sheba.
That's it? That is a thousand-year-old olive carved by vestal virgins and dipped in the blood of you-don't-wanna-know.
Pulling this together wasn't easy.
You and Ness both owe me, smoothie.
You can have whatever you want as soon as we gank this thing.
- Yeah, yeah.
Take your twig, wise guy.
But how does it work? You stick this end in his heart.
Miss, he has you for supper.
Make sense? Wait.
If I kill Cronus, I'm stuck here? You just now realized? Oh, come on.
1944 ain't so bad.
Yeah, head over to Europe, punch Hitler in the neck.
Oh, there's lots of ways to pass the time, sugar.
That's for luck.
Because I'm lucky.
Back to the Future III.
Need to borrow some paper.
Ness, I presume.
Can I stop by the station to take care of that hunter who rode me here? Heard you took him out ofjail.
Thought I might see you again.
LILA: Ethan? There you are.
Can't take the trash out without the trash, silly.
SNIDER: Sorry, honey.
I don't know where I left my head.
Be right there.
Sweetie, I want you to pack a bag.
Excuse me? Well, you're always asking me where I go.
Come with me, tonight.
Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's perfect.
You're perfect.
I need you to pack a bag and I'll explain on the way.
- But the diner - Forget about them.
We'll call them tomorrow, okay? - Just go, pack.
: Victory Gardens eve, tonight, after the barn sale.
MINDY SUE: I'm Mindy Sue and it has been just very difficult [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- Can I help you, son? - Yes, sir.
I am Special Agent Costner with the Department of Homeland Termite Invasion.
- Termites? - Yes, sir.
There's been an outbreak all over this area and I just wanna do an inspection.
Make sure that the perimeter is secure.
Yes, of course.
- You better come in.
- Okay.
MINDY SUE: I can do my part.
I am part of the effort.
MAN: Our food is fighting.
- Is everything okay up here? DEAN: What? Uh Yeah.
No, no.
Not to worry.
Because I'm going to install something that will protect this house forever.
You are toast.
I'll keep pushing.
You go get some shut-eye.
That's okay.
I can Do I have to use my mom voice? [SIGHS.]
All right, you asked for it.
Young man "Sammy, turns out Snider is Cronus.
" - Wait, this is from Dean? How? - Just read.
"I rode him to 1944.
Am working with Eliot Ness.
Yes, that one.
Tracked down Cronus, he's banging some chick named Lila Taylor.
We got a weapon.
We're going after him.
Take care of yourself, Sam.
" Look at the top.
November 5th, '44.
So now we know the exact date Dean had hands on Cronus.
- We need the exact time.
- Which we get how? Hoping.
We ask someone who was there.
MILLS: Miss Lila Taylor? Can you get the Sullivan Show? I wanna watch that Frankie Valli.
Actually, we're with the police.
Oh, is Michael in trouble again? I told him not to read those comic books.
No, no, no.
He's fine.
We wanted to ask you some questions about this man.
That's Ethan.
Do you remember the last time you saw Ethan? Of course.
November, 1944.
The night the clocks stopped.
The clocks stopped? Eleven thirty-four.
Every clock in the house.
Ma'am, can you tell us anything else you remember? Ethan said awful things.
And then he strangled that poor man.
What poor man? Two policemen came to arrest Ethan.
Ma'am, was this one of them? Ethan choked the life out of that man.
LILA: Ethan.
Let's talk.
SAM: Here.
Break this.
- Don't hurt her.
- Ethan, what's happening? - Yeah, Ethan.
What the hell? - Lila, I'm sorry.
Everything I said to you is true.
He might've left a few details.
He tell you he's a monster jumps through time? - I'm a god! Look, I'm not a monster.
I'm the opposite.
Don't forget about the people you murdered along the way.
- What? - It's not like that.
I do it for you, Lila.
I don't understand.
Well, he's not as strong as he used to be.
Ain't that right, Ethan? You know, you gotta go out and suck people dry.
- It takes three kills to juice you up.
- Sacrifices.
And I can control when and where I land.
But once I get there, it's never for long before I'm tossed through time again.
That's my life.
All I want is to get back here.
Because you just love the clean Canton air.
Because I love her.
I lead the worst existence you can imagine and then I found you.
After you killed Tyler Crosby and Cathy Porter Lila was gonna be victim number three, right? Don't act like you never killed a soul before, pal.
Something tells me you used to kill three saps just for a change of scenery.
- Yes, I did.
- Back down.
I used to wander.
But now I have you.
I knew Cathy.
She used to come into the diner every day.
- Lila, please.
- You are a monster.
No, Lila, please.
Untouchable! Dean.
No! You! You destroyed everything! SAM: Hey, Cronus.
Was that the best you got? [CRONUS GASPING.]
You wanna know your future? I know your future.
It's covered in thick, black ooze.
It's everywhere.
They're everywhere.
Enjoy oblivion.