Supernatural s10e21 Episode Script

Dark Dynasty

You ruined my life, Ollivette.
Crucianti! Is that her? Poetic justice, if you ask me.
- The Styne family.
- They've been after me since I-I dug up "The Book of the Damned.
" All the spells they used came from a book of "unspeakable evil.
" My family will never stop looking for that book.
You got to figure a way to get the Mark of Cain off Dean before it turns him back into a demon? There is a cure for the Mark in the book.
But it comes at a price.
We got to destroy it.
Maybe going behind his back ain't the best idea.
Sam! Burn it - now! And I know it's the life - doing a little bad so you can do a lot of good.
Will you help me? But sometimes the bad's real bad, and the good - it can come at one hell of a price.
Kill my son.
I'll kill Crowley.
Can you read the book? Bring me Nadya's codex, and I'll give you your cure.
We had an agreement.
You want out? Hurry up.
You must be Eileen.
I'm here for the interview.
Thank you so much for fitting me in after hours.
As, um, as you can see, I'm in good health and my eyesight is 20/20, which is important, yes? Because this is a research study on eyesight? Mm-hmm.
M- my friends and I do as many of these clinical studies as we can 'cause we're all on budgets, and the money from these things really helps with college.
Everything seems to be in order.
Let's take a peek at these eyes.
N- no! No! No! No!! Everything okay in there? What's going on?! Everything okay? Hey! Nothing? You've got nothing?! Rowena, it's been days! You said the codex would crack the code.
I am an artist, Samuel.
These things cannot be rushed.
Perhaps if I weren't chained up I'm really not at full strength.
Yeah, and you won't be at full strength.
No witchcraft.
Look, I need the cure for my brother from the book, and if you're stalling - Why on earth would I stall?! I want the Mark off your brother for my own protection! I want out of these chains and out of this pit, and I want you to hold up your end of the deal and kill Crowley.
You do remember the deal, do you not, Samuel? Believe me, I have no issue killing Crowley! The problem is, the language Nadya used in the codex is damn near indecipherable.
She was a gifted witch but a selfish pig.
Once she cracked a code, she then coded its secrets for herself.
So Now we need to break a code to break a code? Quick, aren't you? Listen, Dean gets worse every day.
Get this done.
You won't forget the grocery shopping, will you? No.
Astounding and disappointing.
There was a time, Eldon, when I would call you our most promising.
You ask your brothers and your cousins.
But clearly, you have been spoiled and overindulged, and the result is arrogance.
The utter lack of judgment.
You thought you'd take time for a little quickie with that girl before you harvested her.
Sir - And you were discovered by a witness.
We don't have witnesses! And left a body behind.
And we certainly don't leave behind bodies when we harvest.
The whole key to our success all these centuries is secrecy.
Daddy I've never done anything like this before.
I haven't been myself ever since Jacob died.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Don't you dare cheapen the memory of your brother by using him as an excuse for your foolishness.
I'm filled with regret, sir.
I doubt that.
But you will be if you are cast down to the lower echelons of this family, where you will exchange your title of son and heir for lab rat.
I made this single mistake.
It is all that holds our life together.
If it unravels, we are done.
Here's how you'll redeem yourself.
First, clean up your mess in Omaha.
Next, you will track down these Winchesters who murdered your brother Jacob, and who may now have in their possession "The Book of the Damned.
" It will be done.
Sir? Uncle Monroe? Yes, Eli? I was wondering if it was best to put such an important assignment in Eldon's hands since his judgment is so questionable.
That's very bold of you, Eli, considering your own issues.
My issues, sir? The mysterious redheaded girl that your cousin Jacob was tracking when he died - the one that stole the book - was that task not passed on to you? Have you located her? I'm trying, sir.
There's still no trace of her.
Well, if the Winchesters don't have the book,she's got it.
So if you're so worried that your cousin will fail, report in with Eldon and back his effort.
Now get out.
Well, you look like crap on toast.
I just haven't really been sleeping well.
There's a woman you haven't mentioned? A woman? Well, I'm just saying.
You weren't here when I went to bed last night.
You've been running off on your own a lot these past couple weeks.
I do that.
You actually don't.
Dean, we don't always do the exact same thing at the exact same time.
Remember when you went off and snuffed that vampire nest by yourself? Have you been snuffing vamps' nests? No, I-I What is that? What are you doing? So, those goons that were after the book, the, uh, the Stynes, well, the one that we killed said that he had a big family.
So if there's more out there, I figure we should probably get to know as much as we can about them.
And? Well, there's pretty much what we do know, that they screwed with financial markets, they helped Hitler get started, along with god knows what else - probably disco.
But you go back to the 1800s, and the trail goes dead.
There's nothing in the research, there's nothing online.
It's like the family just popped up one day.
Families don't usually do that.
No, they do not.
Hasn't been a total waste of time, though.
I think I caught us a case.
There's a mention online of a murder in Omaha.
Victim's eyes were cut out.
Janitor runs in just as the killer jumps out the window.
That's it? Well, the window was on the third story.
Look, man, I'm just trying to stay busy here, okay? Unless you have bigger fish to fry.
No, I-I'm sold.
I'm in.
All right, well, I'm gonna hit it.
You probably should, too.
We'll leave first thing in the a.
Hey, Charlie.
It is you.
Uh, in a beat-up, prehistoric subcompact.
But why are we meeting here? I could've come to the Death Star.
No, no, this is, uh this is better, actually.
We" not gonna be working in the bunker, so Uh-huh.
What is this about, again? You were kind of vague.
Okay, so, here's the thing - Dean is not getting any better.
I feel like if we don't get the Mark off his arm, it's gonna eat him up.
I get it, but what are we gonna do about it? I got ahold of a codex which is sort of a-a collection of supernatural code-breaking tools, and it should help crack "The Book of the Damned.
" That would be awesome if the book, you know, actually existed.
It does.
Uh, I, um I swapped it out right before it looked like I burned it.
Well, Dean wanted it burned, so is he pissed? Of course.
He doesn't know.
Geez! The two of you.
Charlie, he's not himself.
He's not.
He would try and stop me.
He's given up.
Look, I called in an expert to - to use the codex, but it turns out it's sort of encoded also, so I thought you might help move things along faster.
Behind Dean's back.
After Dean told us the stupid book would kick our asses if we mess with it.
I- is there any part of this that doesn't reek? Did I mention you'll be working with one of the most dangerous witches in the world? I don't know, Sam.
As far as I can tell, this is Our only shot at saving him.
If we don't take it He's gone.
I thought I was clear, Samuel.
I requested more time, not an assistant.
And I thought I was clear, Rowena.
Charlie is not your assistant.
You're hers.
And you studied your craft where? Mostly a joint called más java.
It has excellent Wi-Fi.
I have not heard of this institution, and I know all the great global centers of witchcraft.
Makes sense, 'cause I'm not a witch.
I'm a nerd.
And I know all the great centers of nerddom.
Rowena, are you done marking your turf? Listen, Charlie has tech chops that'll speed up cracking Nadya's codex.
You will spot the ancient curses and spells, and that'll put this whole mess in context.
Are you in on this, too? Hell's bells.
More distractions? What are you? Witch or nerd? Angel.
Beg pardon? Castiel has, uh, powers - spiritual muscle that'll help safeguard the work.
Safeguard it from what? You.
I can't be here full time to referee.
Whoa, whoa.
And I can? Yes.
Please do this for me.
Well, what are the rules? If I'm gonna referee, I should at least know them.
Quite literal, aren't you? Does he know that the first rule is don't tell your brother what we're doing? Wait - Dean doesn't know? Sam, this never ends well.
That's exactly what I said.
Okay, everyone take a breath.
Look, we're up against it, okay? And we've all been up against it before, and we know there are times when every choice sucks.
Now, us lying to Dean is the choice that sucks the least.
We have to make this work.
Okay, yeah.
For Dean.
Cass? Okay.
For Dean.
Barely know the man.
I hope this is important.
I have a perfect game going.
T- t-there's a problem, majesty.
Just for once, I wish you trolls would bring me some good news.
"Sire, Missouri has boils.
" Something cheerful.
It's your majesty's mother.
What about my mother? Wh- uh, s- she's missing.
What? You've heard of killing the messenger? Don't come back without news of my mother.
Shut up.
Nice grouping.
Police told me no one was allowed in.
That didn't mean the FBI, right? And the janitor came in right after the killing? Yeah, he heard screaming - maybe when her eyeballs were scooped out.
Janitor saw a man jump out the window, run down the alley.
Running? After, uh falling three stories? That's what it looked like.
Security footage? Yeah, sure.
Uh, but just one of them caught any action.
Out in the alley.
That's the guy who rented the office.
That's pretty slick for a three-story drop.
Wait a second.
Can you, uh, play it again? Yeah.
Keep going.
Okay, freeze there.
Zoom in.
Same ink as the Stynes.
How long was he renting here? Uh, just a month.
But I only saw him a day or so.
Some sort of clinical trial using student volunteers.
He didn't mention eyeballs.
Well, I guess you're gonna ask about that from now on, huh? Excuse me.
Listen, you, uh, remember anything else, give us a call.
You're quite the chatty Patty.
What'd you tell those two? Hardly anything.
I- I've got nothing to say.
I don't believe you.
Damn it.
That miraculous machine of yours hasn't solved everything by now? Overrated, I'd say.
I'm using the computer to find some pattern in the book's coding or any synchronicity with the symbols in Nadya's codex.
I'm more old-school.
I read the signs nature shows me - the forces that ruled before there was man.
Why didn't I think of that? Okay, it sounds like blood sugar is dipping in here.
I got snacks.
When I was human, I grew very fond of these pork rinds.
What do you know about the chick who wrote "The Book of the Damned"? Agnes was a hermit nun And as mad as a hatter.
Made it her business to undo curses.
Like the one that caused the Mark of Cain.
As in any struggle between good and evil, balance is required.
To cure one curse, Agnes had to know how to inflict another.
They live side-by-side in the magic world.
One cannot be without the other.
Sure, sure.
Like, uh, a binary system.
So, I got to think like a hermit nun.
Did I mention they burned her alive? "They"? A cornucopia of curses and satanic visions did not go unnoticed by the church hierarchy.
These men would not abide a rogue nun.
Poor Agnes.
Ahead of her time.
Much like you and I.
Well I actually don't see our similarities all that much.
Because you're young and good and I'm ancient and evil? Is that it? What? Let me tell you about you - a difficult and lonely childhood.
Tragedy, absent parents.
Always outside the mainstream.
Sexually progressive.
Living in your own head for solace and direction.
Yeah, but still, we are pretty different.
I read you the minute I saw you.
And I'm sure you're learning that the line between good and evil is quite flexible.
But we part company when it comes to blind devotion.
Case in point - the Winchesters.
You've made them the family you don't have.
Sam and Dean are like my brothers.
I love them.
I know.
And that steadfast loyalty will be your undoing, my girl.
So, why would the Stynes be actually up to the eyeballs in murder? What's the connection? Well, when you take a few Stynes down, more pop up.
I mean, how many are there? All I can say is, I'm glad we burned that damn book.
At least they can't get their mitts on that.
Uh, what about you? How you doing? Oh, you mean the thing? Yeah.
You know, some dark thoughts, creepy visions, violent urges.
Same old same old.
I'm happy I got a murder to focus on, though.
Cass? Sam.
No, it's Dean.
What's up? Nothing.
I'm just, uh Just staying in touch.
Like I do.
Something on your mind? No.
This call is pointless.
My ride's here.
The fridge is picked clean.
Your turn to fly.
I buy.
That's, uh, that's mine, right? Hey, uh, you talk to - talk to Cass recently? No.
Um, not for a while.
Why? I was just wondering what he's up to.
He's got to be up to something, right? Ah.
Angel stuff or I don't know.
All right, I vote for pizza.
Yes, Rowena is a handful.
Oh, mercy.
Snakes in the bed? That would set my teeth on edge.
If I owned a bed.
Or slept ever.
Look, I get it.
She's unpleasant.
She's horrible.
She has a messy workstation.
What's the dirt?! There must be something that I don't know about her, something I could hold over her as a bargaining chip.
A demon lover? You don't need to paint a picture.
Is there anything else? Really? You sure? I need a Minion! We are scouring the planet, sire, a-around the clock.
We will not rest until your mother is found.
I should say you aren't.
And I have another mission for you.
Yes, sir.
Locate this person - immediately.
I don't care what it takes.
Fail on pain of infinite pain.
On it, your majesty.
You're still here.
Surrounded by mediocrity.
It's a wonder I stay so buoyant.
All right, hold it right there.
Hold it.
I said, "hold it.
" I am doing my best, but with her criticizing, breathing down my neck, trying to sign me up for team witch - oh, oh, and moaning how the one good year for music was 1723- I - I am going crazy.
I know.
No, I mean, she is evil.
She is a wicked witch, so by definition - No, no, no, I mean something bad is gonna happen here.
Castiel, man, just spring me for two hours, one hour - anyplace quiet.
Dean is my buddy, and I cannot screw this up, but - but my mind is - is - it's a wad of gummy worms.
Here's how this works.
You're strong.
I'll give you that.
But you can bleed and hurt just like the next guy, so I'm gonna ask questions, you're gonna give answers, or it's gonna get crazy real quick.
Well, I hope you got some time.
I'm not the usual breed of cat.
Neither are we.
Did you kill that girl in Omaha? Yeah.
So, it's true.
You have the Mark of Cain.
My sympathies.
That's why you wanted the book - to remove it.
We wanted the book because that's where your power comes from.
See, our family business is putting guys like you out of business.
It's impressive.
Let me tell you about my family business.
You're in way over your heads.
The family is vast - spread over the world.
And that power that you mentioned doesn't come from the book.
It comes from intelligence and will.
The book facilitates.
Stock market dive, recession, 9/11- any of them ring a bell? Arab spring.
Didn't even break a sweat.
Why? Well, you got to be in it to win it, boys.
You see, chaos breeds fear.
Fear breeds panic, and panic breeds desperation, and there's always profit to be made from desperation.
You make a big enough mess, has to get cleaned up.
And we've been in the fix-it business for 1,000 years, and business has never been better.
Now, for the last 80 years, we haven't had the book.
With the book, we're unstoppable.
Cass, what's going on? Make it quick.
The girl you killed - why take her eyes? That whole situation - unfortunate.
We normally never leave a body when we harvest.
When you what? It's a family specialty - bioengineering.
Surgical enhancement.
And I'm not talking about nose jobs.
See? Two hearts in here.
Bunch of extra muscle, especially in the legs.
Every man in the family's had a little something.
Pretty much what you'd expect, though, given the family tree.
The Stynes? The real family tree.
The name was altered out of necessity.
You have chanced upon a lineage with a long and proud tradition And some unwanted notoriety.
One of Europe's oldest families.
The house of Frankenstein.
Let me focus.
The greatest witches of history have sought my counseling.
Yet you spurn me when I offer myself as collaborator! Oh, my God! This is - I don't think I'm making myself clear.
I've got a - I've got a situation here.
There's no way Charlie can go off by herself.
Cass, there are dangerous people looking for her.
I'll go with her.
No, you - You can't leave Rowena alone, either.
Nothing is getting done.
Then separate them, Cass.
Just do the best you can.
Frankensteins aren't real.
They're made up.
Yeah, of course.
And we never had a family acquaintance named Mary Shelley who spent a few nights in castle Frankenstein and stumbled upon our secrets, and forced us to change our name and go underground.
So, why didn't Shelley go public? She wrote a book.
Doesn't get more public than that.
But no one believed it to be true, just like no one's gonna believe you.
Well, as long as my brother and me believe, that's enough.
Yeah, well as mighty as I'm sure your little family is, mine is a juggernaut.
We're not ordinary men.
We're Spartans.
But you aren't immortal.
What we are is expendable.
I go down, there's an army of replacements behind me.
And where does this army call home, hm? Who's big daddy Frankenstein? Were you here when I mentioned that we're underground? There are secrets.
Well, I'm swell at uncovering secrets.
You give me the book, and it's conceivable that we could have a conversation.
The book? Mm.
Dude, we don't have the book.
The book was burned.
The book is protected by a spell.
It's eternal.
It cannot be destroyed.
Look, Cass, I got to get back.
Handle this.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
What are you doing? Uh Something came up.
What? It's handled.
Uh, what's going on in there? Get any more out of him? Yeah, an earful - truly.
Let me ask you something.
Oh, my God.
He ripped it off.
Alone time? Why does she need alone time? Bit of a prima Donna, if you ask me.
The girl is simply out of her league.
Without me, the work grinds to a halt.
She needs quiet.
She's under a lot of pressure, and it doesn't help that she feels like she's betraying her friend.
She'll get over it.
Once she has children of her own, she'll know all about betrayal.
You have a child? Do I have a child? The King of Hell.
That's all.
The King.
Crowley is your son? Well, that explains a lot.
I'm sure that was quite a challenge.
Well, back to it, eh? We're wasting time in here.
I'm gonna see how she's doing.
Charlie? I know where she is.
Now, I can take care of it for you, if you want.
It'd be my pleasure.
I need to handle this.
Give me the location.
Well, you got a pencil? Just spill.
A dump called the Blackbird motel.
Registered under the name Carrie Asimov.
Any sign of him? Lot of signs - just no him.
I followed the blood trail - which, by the way, was like the Mississippi - till it ran dry.
Meaning what? He bled out? Meaning that the trail stopped.
He sure must have thought he was gonna win that one, 'cause, phew, was he Gabby.
Well, I've been going through everything we have on the Frankensteins, and it's just like Eldon said.
I mean, They made a ton mopping up the black plague.
They started the 100 years war.
You know, I thought, "man, there's a lot of them Stynes.
" You know, it's like, uh, Alpha-male central.
And then I thought - and this is key - I thought, "this is bad, but it would really blow if these guys had the book.
At least they don't have the damn book.
" Yeah.
At least the damn book burned.
Right, Sam? But then, Eldon Frankenstein - he hits me with this little fun fact.
He says that the book can't be destroyed.
Says that it can't be sliced, diced, shredded, burned, drowned.
Cannot be destroyed.
Ain't that crazy? Because I know I saw something burn.
Sam, you answer that, so help me Hey.
Sam, she's gone.
Who's gone? I've looked everywhere.
Charlie is gone.
Ezekiel - seven letters.
Seven represents the seeker.
Saints represent groups of letters that represent numbers that stand for concepts represented by Oh, wow.
I might be a genius.
I know you're in here, miss Asimov.
You have it.
I want it.
I don't freakin' believe it! You got Charlie involved with this again, and now she's missing?! Charlie, where are you? Um, a - a motel - t- t-the Blackbird.
Sam, someone is here.
T- t-they think I have the book.
If you have the book, give it to them.
Charlie has the damn "Book of the Damned"?! No, I don't have it.
I just - I I just - I have my notes.
Then give them your notes, Charlie! Give them the code - whatever they want! Charlie, I don't know what the hell is going on, but you need to listen to me.
Give whoever that is whatever they want.
You understand? Charlie?! I can't do that, Dean.
So, you had the book the whole time? Dean - lied right to my face.
I thought it was our only chance to get you free of the Mark, so I grabbed it.
I made it real clear how I felt.
You ever consider that? Dean, listen - And then you pulled Cass into it.
And Charlie.
Charlie loves you, Dean.
We all love you.
You're gonna give me what's mine.
Mine and my family's.
Oh, God.