Supernatural s10e22 Episode Script

The Prisoner

A wise man once told me, "Family don't end in blood.
" One of Europe's oldest families.
The house of Frankenstein.
But it don't start there, either.
The whole key to our success is secrecy.
Family cares about you.
Dean thinks the Mark of Cain is his fate.
Not what you can do for them.
You're no king, not anymore.
You're their bitch.
Family's there.
Through the good, bad.
So you had the book.
Lied right to my face.
And then you pulled Cass into it.
And Charlie.
All of it.
The agreement stands.
Find me a cure for my brother.
Then I'll kill Crowley.
But until then They got your back Oh, wow.
even when it hurts.
Someone is here.
Give whoever that is whatever they want.
I can't do that, Dean.
That's family.
Charlie? I got it.
Hey, man.
Hold up.
What? Me and my boys - we got a bet.
How much of a virgin are you? What? I mean, you ain't never got laid before, obviously, but you seen a boob, right? I don't mean on "Game of Thrones.
" I'm talking about in the wild, you know.
Is this a joke? I look like a comedian to you? Answer the question.
You look like the kind of dude who wants people to think he's hood, but, no.
See, the $100 haircut, the hybrid keys? I'd say you grew up in a white-bread wonderland.
Your dad's probably a dentist, your mom's mostly Botox, and they both bang the pool boy.
Oh, and you like rap, but you're scared of black people, even Will Smith.
Hey, you got a mouth on you, little bitch! I'm gonna kick your ass.
There a problem here? No, man.
All good.
Well, I wasn't asking you, dick bag.
Cy, we got a problem? No, it's fine.
Let's go.
Cherry Berry.
My favorite.
Yo, man, I got no beef with you.
You put hands on my cousin.
What about you? You gonna let it go? Never.
That's my boys.
I gotcha.
You can go wherever you wanna go Go wherever you wanna go fly up to the moon and say hello now you can go wherever you wanna go I forgive you, Dean.
I'm so sorry, kiddo.
You don't ever have to go to war no more never have to go to war no more wear them boots and swim that icy shore now I love you.
you don't ever have to go to war no more I know.
Charlie We're gonna miss you.
You were the best.
And I'm so sorry - Shut up.
You got her killed.
You don't get to apologize.
We were trying to help you.
I didn't need help.
I told you to leave it alone.
What was I supposed to do, just Watch you die? The Mark isn't gonna kill me.
Maybe not, but When it's done with you, you won't be you anymore.
Dean, you're all I've got.
So, of course I was gonna fight for you, because that's what we do.
Listen, I had a shot - Yeah, you had a shot.
Charlie's dead.
Nice shot.
You think I You think I'm ever gonna forgive myself for that? You want to know what I think? I think it should be you up there - not her.
This thing with Cass and the book ends now.
Shut it down before somebody else gets hurt, you understand me? What about you? Oh, I'm gonna find whoever did this, and I'm gonna rip apart everything and everyone that they've ever loved, and then I'm gonna tear out their heart.
Is that you talking or the Mark? Does it matter? There you go.
Dude, you still coming to L.
? Hope so.
It's just my family.
If they found out I was moving, they'd kill me.
My folks are, like, weird.
Scary weird.
Your father wants to see you.
So, as I understand, you didn't get the book, and you lost an arm.
Not what I call a win, son.
And you know what we do to losers.
Yes, sir.
That's why I brought you a present.
I found a stash of magic like you wouldn't believe.
Try me.
The Winchesters draggeme to their Clubhouse That's filled with folklore, artifacts, maybe even "The Book of the Damned.
" Now, you give me a few guys, and I'll make the biggest score this family's ever seen.
You're gonna need a new arm.
My boy! It's a special day.
It is? Eli told me about your little scuffle, and I thought to myself, "Well, now, this - this is a teachable moment.
" You see, men like him - well, trash like him - now, they're only good for one thing - spare parts.
You're gonna carve him up.
I can't.
Sure, you can.
It's easy.
That's not what - I don't want to - What? Be like us? That's not what I meant.
Because that - it's your legacy.
You will not turn your back on this family.
Now, you've always been soft, Cyrus.
But you're the baby.
It's natural.
But that ends now.
See, either you're gonna do this, or I'm gonna butcher that boy, and then I'm gonna put you up on the table and go to work.
You understand? Okay.
There you go.
This is who you are, son.
Rudy, I just sent you some security-cam footage of a black sedan.
I need you to run the plates.
Yeah, can do.
Just give me a sec here.
Uh, the v-vehicle's registered to Eldon Styne out of Shreveport, Louisiana.
But there's no street address.
This guy got something to hide? Yeah, big time.
I'll fill you in later.
Yeah, s-sure, but isn't that what Sam's for? Uh, he's busy.
Stop looking at me.
I'm sorry.
You're just fascinating.
An angel that rejected heaven.
That's like a fish that wants to fly or a dog that thinks he's people.
Well, I'm a lot like people.
Keep telling yourself that, dear.
Well, about bloody time.
Where's Charlie? Oh, no.
I should have gone after her.
I What happened? Me.
The Stynes - uh, they caught up with her, and Dean's going after them.
So he knows.
Well, what now? I'm shutting this down.
I promised Dean.
Eh, hello? Anyone want to tell me what's going on? No.
What about her? Guess.
I'd be happy to kill her.
She just called me a fish.
What about Dean? We, uh - we should be able to track him.
I low-jacked the Impala a few weeks back just in case.
Is this what I think it is? That little minx.
She's cracked the code.
Can you read "The Book of the Damned" with this? Every last word.
We can cure the Mark of Cain.
Cass, go find Dean.
Make sure he doesn't go too far off the reservation, okay? What are you doing? I'm saving my brother.
You told Dean - I know what I told Dean.
Cass, look, I've been the one out there messed up and scared and alone.
And Dean - He did whatever he could to save you.
I mean, it's become his thing.
I owe him this.
I owe him everything.
Look, I know he pretends that he can ride the Mark out, but you and I know the truth.
You know what happens if we don't cure him.
We both know where that road ends.
Black eyes and blood.
Find him, Cass.
Keep him safe.
Ooh, I do love a bit of intrigue.
Less talk, more translating.
About that - I said I can read the book, I never said I would.
We had a deal.
Oh, we did, we do, and it's time you held up your end.
I want my son Dead.
After - Now.
Once I cast the spell - and you need me to cast that spell - who knows what will happen? I don't have time for this! Right, you don't.
Your brother's a walking freaking time bomb, and the clock, she's a-ticking, so you will kill my son, and you will do it my way now! Well done.
You know, in the old country, they'd make you eat your first heart.
But I like to think we're a little more civilized.
How's it fit? Like a glove.
Can I go? No.
You're coming with me.
Problem, officer? License and reg.
Ashley J.
Williams, huh? Uh, you can call me Ash.
Uh, out of the car, Ashley.
Well, I wasn't speeding, I'm sober - mostly sober - so what's this about? Blinker's out.
Hey! That's a violation.
Two blinkers out.
You son of a bitch.
And attempted assault of a police officer.
Looks like we're taking you down to the station, boy.
Oh, I ain't your boy, Cletus.
Right now you are, so you best settle, or you're gonna get an ass-whuppin' instead of a phone call.
Everything all right? Fantastic.
That is the best cup of coffee I've ever had.
Roast the beans myself.
Really? Oh, yeah.
Learned how to do it when I was living down in Ecuador.
You've been to Ecuador? I've been all over.
If you can fry up a decent burger, you can get work anywhere.
Man, I'm dying to head to Asia.
It's just a dream, you know? Funny.
I'm in the business of making dreams come true.
Yello? Hey.
I need your help.
What? Dean? Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Freddy Mercury.
I mean, they said you were a pro, but, uh Who said that? I'll ask the questions here.
Like, for example, you got 17 fake I.
s and a trunk full of guns, knives, freaking ninja stars.
I mean, who are you, man? I'm the guy that's gonna get out of here in about Yeah.
Real mature.
Keys now.
He was driving a '67 Impala, just like you said.
Can do.
Who you talking to? I Nobody.
Nobody? That's for lying to me.
And that is for my baby.
Now Who were you talking to?! Monroe Styne.
He said if I saw you, I was Supposed to bring you in And then call him.
Any relation to Eldon? His daddy.
Where can I find him? Oh, you can't take on the Stynes.
They own this town.
They're practically Gods around here.
Well, I kill Gods.
Dean? Dean? Devil's trap bullet.
Shooting me from behind - Poor form, even for you.
Where's Dean? Not here.
He called me.
Did he? Hey.
I need your help.
Ah, aren't you a clever kitty? Does he know you're doing this? I only ask because your brother and I are such close friends now.
Friends? You're the reason Dean has the Mark of Cain.
Everything that's happening - all of this - it's your fault! So, this Hmm.
You've had this coming for a long time.
You really think I'm frightened of that toothpick? I don't care.
A hex bag? By the way She said to tell you she should have taken the three pigs.
Mother? Dean Winchester! Welcome to my humble abode.
I thought you were the smart one.
Working with my mother.
Are you insane? You actually trust her? Of course not.
Not even a little.
Then why? What has she got over you? Will you just die already? That's what I get.
What? I said That's what I get for trying to be the good guy.
Wait a second.
So, you're the good guy? Do you have any idea what I've been at for the past year? The changes I made to hell! Am I supposed to be impressed by that? Yes! I thought If I did better I might actually feel something again that it might matter.
It doesn't matter.
You know, maybe everybody else forgot about all the bad you've done, but I haven't! I have watched you kill people, Crowley - innocent people, people I cared about, people I loved.
So, yeah, you - you have the accent and the - and the suit and the snark, but at the end of it, you are a monster, just like all the rest of them.
And I'm gonna watch you die screaming, just like all the rest of them.
You're right.
I am a monster.
And I've done bad.
I've done things you can't even imagine - horrible, evil, messy things.
And I've loved Every Damn Minute.
So, thank you, Sam, for reminding me who I really am.
Powerful magic.
Might have worked on any other demon.
But me? Please.
I could kill you.
Snap my fingers.
Easiest thing in the world.
From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you're alive is because I allowed it.
And I want you to deliver a message.
You tell that ginger whore that I gave her a chance to walk away, and she spat in my face.
So, now She'll never see me coming.
Ah, mornin', Sunshine.
Monroe Styne.
I'd shake your hand, but, uh Hmm.
Well, I have to say I am impressed the way you charged in here all guns blazin'.
I'd buy tickets to that show.
You didn't think that was really gonna work, did you? Usually does.
Then, I guess you know what comes next.
You're gonna play "Operation.
" It is my favorite game.
Don't do this.
Well, uh, son, we are - we are past the bargaining stage.
No, the - the Mark on my arm means that I can't die.
I'm not bargaining.
You flatline me, I will come back, but I'll come back with black eyes.
And then you'll all die.
And we'll let you go, then what? You'll just mosey on down the road? No.
But I will be human, so maybe a few of you live.
You make a compelling case, and, uh, I-I hope you're right.
Because a man that doesn't die, well, now, that is a perfect lab rat.
All right? Let's crack this piñata.
You took someone from me.
Now I'm gonna take everything from you.
It's too late.
Your home Your family They will Hello?! Anybody in here?! All right, then.
Take whatever looks interesting.
And burn the rest.
It didn't work.
W- what do you mean? I mean that juiced-up hex bag you gave me - Crowley set it on fire.
Looks like you're not as tough as you thought you were.
Uh, but you still have him trapped.
Not so much.
Bloody hell.
What am I supposed to do, Rowena? How am I supposed to kill him? Oh, I'm sure you'll figure something out.
What? You've got a job to do, Samuel.
Get it done.
Yeah? It's me.
Did you find him? Not yet.
But I'm - I'm at the Styne estate in Louisiana, and Dean was here.
You sure? I'm sure.
How bad is it? There are three bodies down here and more than a dozen upstairs in the main house.
He killed he killed everyone, and brutally.
All right.
I'm on my way.
Don't bother, Sam.
The GPS says he's headed north.
Where? Home.
Dean's coming home.
This isn't a damn library.
Yeah, it is.
No reading.
Box it or burn it.
Come on.
Dude! I know this is your first rodeo, but man up, okay? Now I'm gonna go check out their sex dungeon.
You stay here and finish up.
So, this is what I know about Dean Winchester He's got crappy taste in music got a hot mom And he loves flannel.
All right.
Let's light her up.
Eldon, wait.
We don't have to.
I know, Cy.
We get to.
Roscoe? Well, there he is.
I hope you brought marshmallows.
Been looking for you.
Oh, yeah? Why's that? Oh, wait.
You're not still sore about, um What's her name? Charlie.
Her name was Charlie.
Yeah, well Chucky - she got what she deserved.
Want to know how I did her? It's a kind of funny story.
Shut up.
Straight to it then? I respect that.
See, you got lucky before.
This time, I'm sporting some new upgrades.
See, my old man - Your old man's dead.
They're all dead.
So you can save me the speech on the, uh Three hearts, the two spleens, the seven nipples, for the ladies, or the fellas.
I don't judge.
But even with all that, you still only have one brain.
So? No, no, no, no, no! Don't! don't.
Why not? You're one of them.
No, I'm not, okay? I hate my family.
See? Look.
No stitches.
I'm not like them, I promise.
Oh, you are like them.
There's bad in you.
It's in your blood.
Now, you can deny it, and you can run from it all you want, but that bad will always win.
I'll do anything you want, okay? Please.
You don't need to do this.
I do.
Dean! What have you done? You killed him.
I took down a monster because that's what I do.
And I will continue to do that until Until you become the monster.
You can leave now, Cass.
No, I can't, because I'm your friend.
Really? Well, let me ask you something - you screw over all your friends? Sam and I were trying to cure you.
We still are.
Like hell.
We can read the book now.
Oh, so, what? So, you might find a spell that might take this crap off my arm? Well, even if you do, what's it gonna cost? 'Cause magic like that does not come free.
No, it comes with a price that you pay in blood.
So, thanks, but I'm good.
No! You're not.
Maybe you could fight the Mark for years, maybe centuries, like Cain did, but you cannot fight it forever.
And when you finally turn - and you will turn - Sam And everyone you know, everyone you love - they could be long dead.
Everyone except me.
I'm the one who will have to watch you murder the world, so if there's even a small chance that we can save you, I won't let you walk out of this room.
Oh, you think you have a choice.
I think the Mark is changing you.
You're wrong.
Am I? Because the Dean Winchester I know would never have murdered that kid.
Yeah, well That Dean's always been kind of a dick.
Dean I don't want to have to hurt you.
I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
No, Dean.
Please You and Sam stay the hell away from me.
Next time, I won't miss.