Supernatural s10e23 Episode Script

Brother's Keeper

Carry on, my wayward son there'll be peace when you are done lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more I will save my brother or die trying.
It's the Mark of Cain.
It's just a curse.
It can be removed.
You're their bitch.
Get out.
"The Book of the Damned" is a spell book for creating or undoing any kind of damnation there is.
I think this is in code.
Bring me Nadya's codex, and I'll break this text right open.
Once I rose above the noise and confusion just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion Dean is not getting any better.
if we don't get the mark off his arm, it's gonna eat him up.
I was soaring ever higher But I flew too high My grace, it's been restored.
Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man Find me a cure for my brother.
Then I'll kill Crowley.
I still was a mad man Thank you, Sam I hear the voices when I'm dreaming For reminding me who I really am.
There must be something that I don't know about her, something I could hold over her as a bargaining chip.
Carry on, my wayward son She's cracked the code.
There'll be peace when you are done Charlie? Lay your weary head to rest I don't want to have to hurt you.
don't you cry no more I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
Anything? LoJack on the Impala has clearly been disabled.
So a big heaping scoop of nothing.
We need Rowena to hold up her end of the bargain - now.
What? Nothing.
It's - it's just if she removes the Mark using "The Book of the Damned" What of the consequences? Which are what? Dean said - Dean guessed! Cas What are we supposed to do, huh? Just sit on our asses, do nothing? No.
We find Dean.
And then what?! The only thing that stopped Cain was death.
Do you want to kill Dean? Because I don't.
And the only way I know how to save my brother is to cure the Mark.
And, yes, I know there will be consequences, but not you, not Dean - not anybody can tell me what those consequences are.
So I'm not gonna let my brother d- destroy himself on a guess.
We save Dean.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Rose McKinley.
Raised up about three miles from here.
Nice parents, God-fearin' folk.
Well, they let her leave the house looking like a whore.
Why don't you tell me what you really think, Agent? Oh, I'm sorry, Sheriff.
My bad.
Let me tell you how we work out here, son.
That right there could be the whore of Babylon - wouldn't make no difference at all.
'Cause all I see is somebody's little girl.
And I feel like a real jerk suggesting otherwise, Sheriff.
My apologies.
Good luck crackin' the case with your eyes shut.
You worked some pretty dark stuff in your day, haven't you, Agent? Must've left quite a mark.
Oh, you have no idea.
Your partner's a piece of work, Agent.
Yeah, ain't he, though? Dean-o! Welcome to the party.
The hell you doing here, Rudy? Ah, you know, just a thing I got for dead girls.
Just - just workin' a gang of fang, you know? Just like you.
Yeah, not today you're not.
I'm gonna need you to take a walk on this one.
Uh, okay, except, uh - except I called you, so, uh, if anybody's walking, it's - Oh, you called me? No, no.
You begged me.
Just like Tuscaloosa, just like Old Lyme, we both know you're playing dress-up out here, and it's just a matter of time before you get yourself killed.
So why don't you take that walk and let the real hunters do the work? Agents! New deal.
Rose wasn't alone when she disappeared.
Friend named Crystal Thorrson was with her, and Crystal is still AWOL.
I'm heading over to interview the parents.
How about we agree you boys sit this one out? You know something? Life's too short Partner.
You know, I don't know what crawled up your ass today, but frankly, I don't care.
Regards to your brother.
Hello, boys.
Just in time for tea - u- unless something on your mind? Five things, actually.
Hollow tips filled with witch-killing brew.
How exciting for you.
Your NRA will be beside themselves with pride.
No more games, Rowena.
Do the spell now.
Or what exactly? Come on, Samuel! You and I both know that's nothing but a bluff.
Charlie may have cracked the codex, but who's going to read it if I'm gone? Not to mention handling the ingredients, getting the measurements just right - unless, of course, either of you have spent years of your life studying with the greats, mastering the intricacies of high witchcraft? But forgive me.
Maybe you have.
I know you're upset.
We all are.
Poor Dean.
Let's just have a nice wee cup of tea and negotiate.
What do you want? Oh, well, we know what I wanted.
Soiled the sheets on that one, didn't we? Let's talk about what I'll take - my freedom guaranteed and the codex.
Sam, you can't be - Do you know which spell? I do.
This is a mistake.
Rose and Crystal were friends since forever it seems.
Uh, you think that Crystal could still be in danger? We do, Mrs.
McKinley, and the fastest way to find Crystal is to find out who did this to Rose.
Did you notice any change in her behavior recently - uh, new friends, a new boyfriend, maybe a crush? Rose was a shy girl.
But you think she might know who did this to her? In Rose's case, she not only knew the person, but, uh, she was trying to have intercourse with them.
So I'm just trying to figure out whether it was a boyfriend or whether it was just some random roll in the hay.
Uh, there were no relations that we're aware of.
No relations at all.
What the hell is this, Agent? I'm just doing my job, Mr.
By suggesting my daughter was a slut? I'll admit that thought crossed my mind.
Then I came here, and I smelled the deceit and the beatings and the shame that pervade this home.
And you know what? I don't blame Rose anymore.
You shut your face right now.
No wonder she put on that skank outfit and went out there looking for validation, right into the arms of the monster that killed her.
Joe, who did this? No! Joe! Who did this? Stop! Joe.
Who did this? I don't know.
I don't know! Whoa.
What? Crystal, she's still Why? There were these guys living out by Cross Creek, said they were rehabbing a cabin out there.
Mostly, I think they just wanted a place to drink and meet girls.
And Crystal and your sister knew these guys? But you couldn't be bothered to tell the cops that when your sister turned up dead? I was sort of the one who brought them out there in the first place.
"Sumsu mimma ezebu ilu ma ikkibu Lu.
" "S-something made by God, but forbidden to man.
" Forbidden? The forbidden fruit? No.
The actual apple is the first ingredient? "Sumsu mimma ezebu Lu," da-da, da-da, da-da.
Okay, uh, what's next? "Something made by man, but forbidden by God.
" Okay, well, God forbade false idols, right? The Golden Calf.
Wasn't that destroyed? "Sumsu mimma sen arramu.
" Great.
What's the third ingredient? Oh.
What? The third ingredient, it's impossible.
What is it? Loosely translated - my heart.
It's not impossible at all.
Not my literal heart, feathers.
Something I love, the spell calls for me to kill it.
A sacrifice.
The book will grant freedom from the curse, but it wants something in return.
Well, then give it.
Bring me something I love, I'll kill it.
I want my freedom too much to make a fuss over that.
The - the problem is, I don't love anything.
What about Crowley? Happy to kill him.
Let's not call it love.
I don't believe you.
Everyone loves something.
Oskar! Czas Na kolacje! Polish boy.
I'm sorry.
Oskar? You saw Oskar? Who is he? Who was he? Uh, a peasant boy - his family helped me through some difficulties, Rudy.
What's up? Wish I could say it was good news, Sam.
I just bumped into Dean working a fangbanger case in Superior.
Dean's in Nebraska, w- working a case? Yeah, my case.
And, uh He's not playing well with others.
Yeah, Dean's not exactly in the best place right now.
You know what? Do me a favor.
Just text me the details, would you? All right.
Whatever you need.
What's going on? Cass, take this.
It's Dean's hair.
You need it for the spell.
Cass, I need you to do this for me.
Make the spell happen whatever it takes, please.
Dean-o, uh, this is Reggie.
We're just gonna talk, all right? And - and come to an understanding.
Back your ass out of the room, mister, and leave the blade.
Rudy, walk away.
No, D- no, d-Dean-o, just do what he says, okay? He's not gonna kill you.
You're his insurance, all right? Now man the hell up and walk away.
Oh, I will kill him, friend.
You keep yappin', I will.
Do it.
Dean! Back up.
Do it.
D- don't test me.
Dean, stop! You don't have the guts.
What did you do?! You're Crystal, right? Yeah, well I just rescued you.
He - you could've talked.
You just You're welcome.
He just let him die.
Just let him die.
Maybe you can tell me what in the hell is going on here.
The way the girl outside tells it is one of your boys came in hot, got his partner killed, then went some kind of samurai on that son of a bitch over there.
I knew that boy Who summons anymore? Couldn't you call? You're not in my contacts list.
What? I need your assistance to help cure Dean of the Mark.
What's the expression I gave at the office? Maybe I'd feel a little different if Sam Winchester hadn't just tried to bloody kill me! I'm afraid "no" is not an acceptable answer.
Or what? Or That's right.
Burn those eyes blue.
Spread those broken wings and destroy me! Or Do it my way.
Now beg.
What? Blast me, or beg.
King! King.
If you - if you would - if you would be so kind The three ingredients on this list.
"Forbidden fruit.
" Well, for starters, it's a Quince, you dummy, not an apple.
No problem.
"Golden Calf" Or what's left of it - check.
"Something Rowena loves"? I would've thought it would've been you, but Spare me.
I've lived it.
Well I'm in.
Dean, it's me.
Te nunc invoco, mortem.
Te in mea potestate defixi.
Nunc et in aeternum.
Don't tell me that's queso.
Yeah - yes.
Queso and, uh, taquitos, tamales.
Homemade by yours truly.
All with the bad fat.
Consider it an offering.
For? I want you to kill me.
What I find truly fascinating, Dean mmm.
That's good.
is that you and I both know that I've been burned by you Winchesters before, yet you still call.
Yeah, I know, but not this time, okay? No games, no second thoughts.
I know you know what this is.
I know you know what it can do.
I've tried to fight it.
I've tried to beat it on my own.
And I-I can't.
I got no moves left - except you.
Well, I never thought I'd see the day.
My goodness.
Dean Winchester has tipped over his king.
But I won't kill you, Dean.
You're death.
And that Mark on your arm is the First Curse.
Nothing can kill you.
Okay, well, forget killing me.
Can you get rid of it? I could.
But Creatio ex nihilo - God created the earth out of nothing - or so your Sunday-school teacher would have you believe.
What, so Genesis is a lie, eh? Shocker.
Before there was light, before there was God and the archangels, there wasn't nothing.
There was the Darkness, a horribly destructive, amoral force that was beaten back by God and his archangels in a terrible war.
God locked the Darkness away where it could do no harm, and he created a Mark that would serve as both lock and key, which he entrusted to his most valued Lieutenant, Lucifer.
But the Mark began to assert its own will, revealed itself as a curse, and began to corrupt.
Lucifer became jealous of man.
God banished Lucifer to Hell.
Lucifer passed the Mark to Cain, who passed the Mark to you, the proverbial finger in the dike.
Well, that is just fan-friggin-tastic, isn't it? So I could remove the Mark, but only if you will share it with another to ensure that the lock remains unbroken and the Darkness remains banned.
I'm not doing that not to anyone.
What if I told you I could relocate you somewhere far away, not even on this earth, where you would still be alive, but no longer a danger to yourself or to others? Dean.
I gave it a shot, Sammy.
Listen to me - whatever you're doing, whatever you've done, please Hell, I even worked a case.
I gave everything I had to beat this thing down.
I saw.
I saw Rudy.
Well, then, you saw what I did.
No, that wasn't you.
Sure as hell felt like me.
Brother, I'm done.
No, you're not.
Grab a pen.
It's time to say goodbye.
Get you a refill, Jimmy.
Fancy a story? You? What did you do? A long, long time ago, there once lived an evil bitch - sorry, witch - who was forced to flee her home and her only son because she was, well, horrible.
Starving and homeless, she threw herself upon the mercy of a peasant Polish family who took her in, fed her, and nursed her back to full strength.
This was a kindness she had never known.
She was particularly taken by their 8-year-old son who, apparently, she grew to love.
How do you know all this? A hamster told me.
Tragically the boy was terminally ill and soon to die.
But before the witch departed, she gave the boy and his family the only thanks that made sense.
She cured the boy with one spell and cast another that would take root once he was full-grown.
That lying, manipulative whore mother of mine gave you immortality, didn't she Oskar? Hey.
What is this? We need to talk.
Whatever you are thinking of doing, don't.
There is another way.
You don't need to go with him.
You don't need to die! Funny you say that.
Truth is, when I left, I thought the only way out was my death.
Well, I was wrong, Sam.
It's yours.
What? He's gonna Gonna send you into outer space? No, well, he didn't say outer space.
This is madness, Dean! Far from it, I'm afraid.
No one's asking you.
Hear him out! Our conundrum is simple, Sam.
Your brother cannot be killed, and the Mark cannot be destroyed, not without inciting a far greater evil than any of us have ever known.
What evil? The Darkness.
What the hell is that? Well, what does it sound like? Does it sound like a good thing? Even if I remove Dean from the playing field, we're still left with you, loyal, dogged Sam, who I suspect will never rest until he sets his brother free - will never rest until his brother is free of the Mark, which simply cannot happen, lest the Darkness be set free.
Then there was that time you stood me up.
You traded my life.
I'm willing to live with this thing forever, as long as I know that I and it will never hurt another living thing.
This isn't you.
This doesn't make any sense.
No, it makes perfect sense if you stop thinking about yourself for one damn minute! It's for the greater good.
Once you consider that, this makes all the sense in the world.
Why the long faces? Oh.
Let me guess.
Mother showed you her "mustn't touch it" again.
Do you have the ingredients? The Quince cost me a major I.
with a Palestinian warlock.
The gold from the calf - well, let's just say I'll be hanged under certain sexual-deviancy laws if I ever show my face in Jordan again.
And the third? Ah, yes.
All my long life, I wondered what I'd done to deserve a mother who refused to show love.
I pained over it.
I built my bloody kingdom on top of it.
Then one day, epiphany struck.
My mother was incapable of loving anything.
For the first time in hundreds of years, I felt free.
And then you showed up in my dungeon, we communed, and I began to realize you weren't incapable of love.
You're incapable of loving me.
Goodness, Fergus, save it for the stage, why don't you? I mean, fabulous speech, but you put yourself on far too high a pedestal.
The fact remains I do not, will not, and have not loved anything ever.
You were saying? Remember when we were in that church, making Crowley human, about to close the Gates of Hell? Well, you sure as hell were ready to die for the greater good then.
Yeah, and, Dean, you pulled me back.
And I was wrong.
You were right, Sam.
You knew that this world would be better without us in it.
No, no, no, wait a second.
You're twisting my words here, Dean.
Why? Because we - we track evil and kill it? The family business? Is that it? Look at the tape, Sam.
Evil tracks us.
And it nukes everything in our vicinity - our family, our friends.
It's time we put a proper name to what we really are and we deal with it.
Wait a second.
We are not evil.
Listen We're far from perfect, but we are good.
That thing on your arm is evil, but not you, not me.
I let Rudy die.
How was that not evil? I know what I am, Sam.
But who were you when you - when you drove that man to sell his soul Or when you bullied Charlie into getting herself killed? And to what end? A- a good end? A just end? To remove the Mark no matter what the consequences? Sam, how is that not evil? I have this thing on my arm, and you're willing to let the Darkness into the world.
You were also willing to summon death to make sure you could never do any more harm.
You summoned me because you knew I would do anything to protect you.
That's not evil, Dean.
That's not an evil man.
That is a good man crying to be heard, searching for some other way.
No, there is no other way, Sam.
I'm sorry.
This is ridiculous.
Do you love this man? Rowena, is it true? 'Course it's true.
Say hello, Oskar.
Even for you, Fergus, this is a new low - a cruel, shameful, disgusting low.
It's only cruel if you actually go through with it.
Though who's the cruel one then? Aah! Aah! Ohh! Okay.
That's enough.
Hey, that's enough.
You'll never, ever hear me say that you - the real you - is anything but good.
But you're right.
Before you hurt anyone else, you have to be stopped at any cost.
I understand.
Do it.
Do me the honor.
Close your eyes.
Sammy, close your eyes.
Take these.
And one day, when you find your way back Let these be your guide.
And they can help you remember what it was to be good what it was to love.
It's for family you must proceed, Dean.
To be what you are, to become what you've become is a stain on their memory.
Do it.
Or I will.
Forgive me.
You've grown so big.
Not too big to give your old auntie Rowena a hug I hope.
Hope I haven't hurt you.
Don't think about that one moment.
Everything's fine, Oskar.
Everything's fine.
Nobody's hurting anybody.
Goodbye, my sweet wee boy.
Ab manu dei Ab manu hominis.
You okay? I'll live.
You? Fantastic.
I think I just killed death.
Ab cruore cordis Mei adfusuro in aeternum.
Tolle maledictionem tuam ab hoc viro.
That sound right to you? Aah! Ah.
Manete! What is this? This is impossible.
You're not powerful enough.
To what? Control the likes of a bored king and a wayward angel? Impetus bestiarum.
I'm afraid, Fergus, that in all your long life, you've never seen what a real witch can do with real magic.
I'm terrifically pleased it's the last thing you'll ever see.
Dele malum hoc.
Do not.
Don't! Please! This is good.
Dean, this is good.
The - the Mark is off your arm.
Nothing crazy happened.
You get your baby back.
I'm sure everything's perfectly fine.
What? What did death call this? The Darkness.
Get in the car.
Let's go, let's go! Dean.
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