Supernatural s11e10 Episode Script

The Devil in the Details

Dean: We did this, Sam.
We broke it, we bought it.
Sam: I unleashed a force on this world that could destroy it.
All I know is that we set her free, and we're gonna put her back there no matter what it takes.
[ "Changing Tracks" plays .]
Blowin' Cold in Chicago the sun has the blues, and it just won't shine Aah! Aah! The riffs that really move me Ohh! Aah! Make the hours and the minutes mark time [ Grunts .]
Aah! Took the blacktop to Texas aah! Stevie Ray was on my mind Ohhh! Knelt down at the crossroads can't get the devil off my mind In order to create the world, God, he had to betray the Darkness -- his sister.
[ Music continues .]
Dean: What was that? Amara: The future.
We're bonded.
You're the one who set me free.
No, that was an accident.
It was destiny.
I can't be resisted.
There's this cage in Hell, and it's where they keep Lucifer, and I've been in it, and I think God wants me to go back.
He's so Alpha.
It wasn't God inside your head, Sam.
It was me.
He's never been with you.
It was always just me.
I guess I am your only hope.
It's never gonna happen.
Settle in there, buddy.
Godspeed and help from below [ "Has Anybody Seen Kris Kringle?" Plays .]
[ Fire crackling .]
Boy, oh, boy.
[ Wrapping paper tearing .]
Has anybody seen Kris Kringle? It's getting mighty close to Christmas day Mom! Mom, I got a Sam! And I haven't heard a single little "Merry Christmas" jingle Good for you, dearie.
That's coming from his reindeer or his sleigh [ Sighs .]
[ Pound at door .]
Has anybody seen Kris Kringle? [ Pounding .]
[ Crash! .]
I really hope he isn't fast asleep Santa! he may need someone to mind him Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! if we don't get to find him Ho, ho, ho, ho! an awful lot of kids are gonna weep What'd you bring me? What'd you bring me? Oh, let's see what Santa got for you today.
Well, Mrs.
Kringle called this mornin' [ Laughing .]
She said that Kris says everything's okay [ Laughing .]
[ Groans .]
O it's time for celebratin' she said that Kris says everything's okay Kris Kringle isn't waitin' it's gonna be a happy Christmas day But I was a good boy.
[ Groans .]
[ Thud .]
[ Music continues .]
Really, Rowena.
This is what you dream about? It's more of a recurring nightmare, actually.
These don't come off.
I've been having this dream for months, but you -- you're new.
Who are you? Yeah, sorry, my manners are a bit rusty.
[ Music continues .]
[ Thunder crashing .]
[ Chuckles .]
The visions.
It was all you.
Impressive, right? And Rowena? Did as she was told.
Groupies -- they're always so eager.
So you did all of that just to To what? Jump my bones? Literally.
Well, you wasted your time, then.
'Cause, see, I know how this ends.
Oh, do you, now? Yeah.
You'll taunt me, and you'll torture me, and I'll say no, and eventually, sooner than you think, my brother's gonna walk through that door and kick your ass.
[ Laughs .]
Dean? You're betting on Dean? I always have.
[ Chuckles, sighs .]
Oh, Sam, you got me all wrong.
Yeah, I doubt that.
Oh, no.
I-I'm not here to torture ya.
I mean, I could.
I could inflict pain like you can't even imagine.
I could inflict such delicious, perfect pain.
But that was so five years ago.
No, I'm not gonna harm a glorious little hair on that glorious little head.
Then, what do you want? To make you an offer you can't refuse.
You see, Sam, you need me.
And I'm gonna prove it to you.
Recognize it? What? We're in a memory, Sam.
One of the few good ones from your childhood.
By the way, I thought I had daddy issues, but you? Wow.
Anyway, I think you recognize the dashing young beanpole over there.
That's me.
You're dead.
Please, Fergus, enough with idle threats.
[ Gasps .]
You betrayed me -- in my kingdom.
Not yours, his! Hell is his! I'm his.
So hurt me, and what do you think he'll do to you? Lucifer will never get out of that cell.
[ Gasping .]
Are you willing to stake your life on that? [ Gasping .]
On Sam Winchester?! [ Gasps .]
[ Coughing .]
How long? How long have you been working for him? Not long.
Lucifer came to me in a dream.
Not that kind of dream.
So, you're just gonna let the big, strong man boss you around? Whatever happened to the super-duper awesome coven? #girlpower? Lucifer's no man.
He's perfection.
Why do you think I let your droogs find me? Lucifer has a plan, and -- And he's the devil.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Oh, I'm a bad thing.
He's a worse thing.
The last time Lucifer went topside, do you know what he wanted? Death for you, for me, and every human, and every demon.
He's changed.
Oh, yes, of course.
All he needed was the love of a horrible woman.
[ Scoffs .]
So, and you're doing all this, why? Out of the goodness of your heart? Don't be daft.
After Lucifer stops the Darkness, he'll ascend to his throne in heaven, and I'll be by his side, a loyal follower.
A queen? Like it or not, you know I'm right.
Lucifer fought the Darkness before, and he won.
So, unless you've got the almighty in your back pocket, I suggest you sit down, shut up, and let him work.
[ Bird calling .]
[ Ringing .]
Dean: Hey, Sam can't talk 'cause he's waxing, like, everything, but leave a message and -- Sam: Dude, what are you doing with my phone? Dean.
Come on.
[ Beep .]
Call me -- now.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
[ Beeps .]
[ Ringing .]
Crowley: Thank you for phoning Crowley, king of Hell.
For demon deals, press 1.
To report a sighting of that ginger whore, Rowena, press 2.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
[ Engine idling .]
[ Coughing, spitting .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Grunts, coughs .]
Castiel: Dean.
I came as soon as you called.
Are you all right? Cass? [ Coughing .]
[ Grunting .]
You're not all right.
Ugh, what's wrong with me? Oh.
What are you doing? What are you -- Stick out your tongue.
What? Ah, are we done? No, I Let me take your temperature.
No, that's not gonna happen.
[ Coughs .]
How far are we from the event? You mean the Angel nuke? Yeah.
Ground zero's about a mile down that way.
Okay, that explains it.
You're suffering from smiting sickness.
[ Sighs .]
That's a thing? Yeah.
The Angels, what they did, it released a tremendous amount of energy, and there's fallout, so this whole area is poisoned.
You can heal me, right? No, I can't, and the closer you get to the blast site, the worse your sickness will become.
How worse? The last time there was a smiting of this magnitude, Lot's wife turned to salt.
All right, Dean, you need to go back.
Uh, no.
[ Grunts .]
No, no, we got to -- we got to go see if it worked, see if Amara is alive or dead.
We don't.
The fallout doesn't affect Angels.
I'll go in alone.
[ Gagging .]
Okay, yeah, it's -- it's probably better that way.
I'll take a drive.
I'll go check on Sam.
Hey, Cass? If it did work, and she is dead Bring her body out.
And if she's not? Run.
[ Groans .]
So, the Aztec priests, they thought if they didn't sacrifice people, the whole world would end, so they built all of these temples.
The most amazing ones are in Mexico City.
Young woman: Have you seen them? Last year, my dad took me and my brother on a trip to Mexico.
On vacation? Kind of a working vacation.
[ Both chuckle .]
Have you ever heard of a Chupacabra? [ Chuckling .]
Okay, good.
[ Chuckles .]
Look at that, Sam.
A simple girl from a one-stop-light town, and you, the worldly, handsome-ish Sam Winchester.
No, she didn't stand a chance.
You remember? Yeah.
Why are you -- Here.
Shh, shh, shh.
This is the best part.
Sam You know I didn't bring you here to study, right? You didn't? No.
I-I mean, I just think that you're smart and funny and cute.
So, I mean, if you want to make out Boom! That's it.
That's what I'm talking about right there, man.
Kissing? No, Sam.
This is the Sam Winchester that I remember.
Bold, decisive, a solid "B" on the tongue action.
What is this about? You used to be a hero, Sam.
Hell, you beat me.
Now? [ Sighs .]
I don't know.
I look at you -- I don't even recognize you anymore.
Sam! Sammy! [ Cellphone ringing .]
[ Cellphone beeps .]
You son of a bitch.
Miss you, too, puddin'.
Where are you? Where's Sam? Ah, there's a bit of a hiccup.
Your brother's in Hell with Lucifer.
Stull cemetery.
Where the title fight went down.
Hey, ass-butt! [ Glass shatters .]
[ Screaming .]
Ass-butt? I-I-I-I still don't get that.
Look, I appreciate the stroll down memory lane, but -- Sam, have I ever told you how much I respect you? What? Oh, don't get me wrong.
I don't like you.
I've never liked you.
You're -- you're sort of prissy.
But in this moment, when you stood toe-to-toe with me and won, I got to say, you had balls, kid.
It's okay, Dean.
It's gonna be okay.
[ Breathing shakily .]
I got him.
You were willing to do the hard thing if it meant saving the world.
[ Wind howling .]
No! [ Both grunting .]
[ Both screaming .]
That's not you anymore.
You've gone soft, Sammy.
[ Rustling .]
Oh! Who are you? Ambriel.
I work in birth/death statistics in Heaven.
I-I'm an -- I'm an angel.
Yeah, I know.
And you're Castiel? I've heard stories about you.
Why are you here? Same reason you are.
Heaven wants to know if the Darkness has been destroyed? Pretty much.
And they sent you? Are you gonna kill me? Is that what they say, that I kill angels? Well, that's the nicest thing they say.
Maybe we can work together, so no one murders anyone? Right.
Okay, so I've searched the east end of the forest.
Nothing weird.
Really? You know it is the middle of the afternoon.
So? So Why is it dark? Excellent question.
[ Beep .]
Hey, Cass, I know you're fighting the good fight right now, but I need you at 3rd and Pine, Kenesaw, Nebraska.
'Cause, uh, I'm going to Hell.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
[ Siren wails in distance .]
Crowley sent me, all right? Just open up.
Really? Camptown ladies sing this song Doo dah, doo dah Camptown racetrack five miles long Oh, the doo-dah day All right, just let me in.
Nice work, Bieber.
Funny for a demon.
Not a demon.
Name's Billie.
The reaper Billie? My brother says you want to kill us.
I'm just gonna make sure that when you die, you stay dead.
Subtle difference.
So what, you work for Crowley? With, not for.
It's strange days, Winchester.
Times like this It doesn't hurt to have the King owe you a favor.
For the limey.
What is it? You'll see.
All right, just get me to where I need to go.
That's the plan.
[ Whooshing .]
Billie: Watch your step.
It's a long way down.
[ Doors clank .]
Thought about what you're gonna say to him? Amelia: I've thought about it, and I've thought about it.
I still don't know.
Here's where it all changed, Sammy.
It's just all so surreal.
This is the worst thing you've ever done.
Does he know they told you he was killed in action? Really? After the Leviathans, when your brother was trapped in Purgatory, you were here with a girl and a dog.
You didn't even bother trying to find him.
You know what? Not that I have to defend myself to you, but Dean and I promised we wouldn't look for each other.
Right, and if he never came back, you'd be fine.
But he did, so you're not.
Whatever happened to the Sam Winchester who was bold, decisive, and ready to sacrifice for the greater good? Right here.
And so why did you let Dean talk you out of closing the Gates of Hell? 'Cause the old Sam never would've done that, not ever.
I didn't -- No, wait, here's my personal favorite is you doing every stupid thing you could to cure the Mark, even after you knew it would go bad.
My brother was dying.
Yes, and you'd do anything to save him, and he'd do anything to save you, and that is the problem.
Because of this, you're so overcome by guilt that you can't stand to lose Dean again, and he could never lose you.
And so instead of choosing the world, you choose each other, no matter how many innocent people die.
You're gonna lecture me about hurting people? You? You know I'm right, Sam.
You know it.
And I know that if you're gonna beat the Darkness, you have to be ready to die.
You have to be ready to watch the people you love die.
A long time ago, you could've fought the good fight, kid, but not anymore.
You can't win this one, Sam.
You're just not strong enough.
And you are? Hey, snapping necks and cashing checks -- that's what I do.
Rowena: Isn't this nice? Spending quality time.
Your tea is ready.
[ Liquid pouring .]
That does sound lovely.
How do you take it? Both: Honey and a splash of milk.
Like mother, like son.
Excuse me.
I need to go vomit.
Hurry back, dear.
I never wanted this, you know, to be hated by my own kind.
I never -- Oh, no, I don't hate you, Castiel.
Thank you.
I mean, we have a lot in common.
Our names rhyme, and that's a big one.
I look good in a trench coat, too.
And we're both expendable.
Excuse me? Uh, well, that's why we're here, right? I'm a number cruncher, and -- and you -- like I said, I've heard the stories.
You help, but Sam and Dean Winchester are the real heroes.
So, if the Darkness is still alive, and she's pissed, and she kills us, no big loss.
So, sure, maybe we're not super important, but we do the job.
You know? I think there's nobility in that.
Coming? I'll catch up.
[ Suspenseful music plays .]
Welcome to hell.
Where's Sam? Oh, don't worry about Sam.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Have you met me? I mean, Lucifer needs the moose.
He's not gonna kill him -- probably.
You versus the devil? Trust me, there's easier ways of committing suicide.
We need to focus on Rowena.
Okay, great, let's kill her.
Ah, easier said than done, I'm afraid, and we need mother to slam the devil back in his hole.
Well, is she gonna play ball? She doesn't have a choice.
[ Lock clicks .]
It's called a Witchcatcher.
Most of them were destroyed after the inquisition, but, uh, Billie came through.
Yeah, she's a peach.
What does it do? Oh, you're gonna love this.
[ Suspenseful music plays .]
[ Gasps .]
[ Dramatic music plays .]
[ Wind howling .]
What did you do to her? I consumed her.
Her Grace, her spark, her memories -- everything.
She Oh, she really hit the spot.
Seriously? I mean, Heaven brought the thunder, and it barely even scratched my paint job, but you and a shiny knife? Sure, that's gonna work.
You think I'm afraid to die? I know you are.
You reek of fear and self-loathing.
[ Grunts .]
[ Grunting .]
She's right, you know.
You are expendable and weak.
And why God took a special interest in you, I'll never understand.
My brother always did have horrible taste in men.
Just do it.
Blue eyes You aren't even worth the effort.
And, no offense, but you look a bit used up.
Plus I have a job for you.
[ Screams .]
[ Inhales sharply .]
[ Panting .]
[ Whoosh .]
[ Screams .]
[ Panting .]
[ Panting .]
[ Cup clatters .]
How's Dean? Pardon? Little tip, love.
The next time you go about making secret plans, check your pockets.
I need to go vomit.
Hurry back, dear.
You heard.
Not that it matters.
What does that mean, big boy? A little tip, mother.
Never accept a cup of tea from someone who loathes you.
[ Laughs .]
[ Coughing .]
[ Gasping, retching .]
Get this bloody thing off of me! Oh, I would, but this bloody thing makes you my slave.
[ Scoffs .]
Hop on one foot.
Please, Fergus.
I don't know what kind of Oedipal fifty shades you think you're playing at, but if you think for a second Bollocks.
All right, let's do this.
Lucifer: Now, Sam I know this is a lot to take in, so if you need to [Clears throat.]
Take some time and noodle on it, that's cool.
But, uh, the world is ending, clock ticking and such [Chuckles.]
if you follow me.
What do you want me to say? A little word, uh, starts with "Y," ends in "e-s".
Okay, you don't like me.
[ Sighs .]
I get it.
I get it.
Sometimes I don't like me, either.
But Gabriel and Raphael are dead.
God went out for a pack of smokes and never came back.
And Michael? Well, let's just say prison life hasn't really agreed with Michael.
These days, he's usually sitting in a corner, singing show tunes andtouching himself.
So you're it? [ Laughs .]
I'm it! And, hey I-I'm not the good guy.
We -- we both know I'm not, but, uh, the Darkness? She's the end of everything.
But I can beat her.
We can beat her.
You and me.
So, come on, Sam.
Make the right choice.
The big sacrifice one more time, man.
It's time to save the world, man.
So this spell is supposed to slam Lucifer back in the box.
How long's this gonna take? About five minutes.
Unless Sam says yes.
And if he does? If Lucifer finds a vessel, he'll be anchored to Earth.
The incantation won't work.
And then we're screwed.
[ Footsteps .]
I'm sorry, my Lord.
I tried to -- Cass? Oh, good, the Angel's here.
What's happened? Amara, she's -- she's alive.
She -- she sent this message.
Crowley: "I am coming"? Is that a threat? [ Breathes heavily .]
Or a promise? What do you mean, no? You heard me.
Okay, now, Sam, I got to tell you, this is selfish, man.
Everything that -- You are done.
It's over.
And you know what? You talk a good game.
You do.
Hell, you almost had me sold a few times, but then I thought, what if you're right? What if you're telling the truth? What -- what if you can beat her? I can.
Even though, last time, it took you plus three other archangels.
Oh, yeah, and capital "G," God.
Oh, okay, what, you mean the dead weight? But let's say you gank her.
Then what? I move to L.
, solve crimes.
Then you go about starting the Apocalypse again because you're an old dog, and that's your old trick.
Hey, first off, you don't know that.
Second, even if I did, that's better than what she has planned.
Is it? Really? Because this is what I think.
I think that whoever wins, you or the Darkness, everyone else loses.
So, no.
My answer is no.
[ Laughs .]
This isn't 'cause of Dean or -- or the past.
This is about me having faith in my friends, having faith in my family.
We will find a way.
[ Thunder crashing .]
I'm ready to die.
And I'm ready to watch people I love die.
But I'm not ready to be your bitch.
Plan "B.
" [ Sam grunting .]
Sam?! Don't! Hey, ass-butt! Dean.
Uh, the other one.
Welcome to the party.
[ Panting .]
Scared? Not even a little.
Moments like this, it's all about ambience.
[ Snaps fingers .]
Heaven must be missin' an angel missin' one angel, child 'cause you're here with me right now I can beat the Darkness.
Me, only me.
[ Grunts .]
Your love is heavenly, baby who are these two? They're a couple of apes.
heavenly to me, baby You know I'm right, Castiel.
You know it.
You want to play that way? Your kiss We can't win.
We don't have to win.
Filled with tenderness We' can settle this in a few minutes.
I want all -- [ Suspenseful music plays .]
[ Grunting .]
You hit like a human.
[ Grunting .]
All right, Sam.
I'm gonna make this real easy for you.
You say the magic word or your brother dies, And we both know you won't let that happen.
[ Grunts .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Spits .]
Anan avar kavak! So? Last words? [ Panting .]
You're welcome.
Anyone? Bite me.
I can make her do that.
So, what now? About the Darkness? No clue.
We'll figure it out.
Or die screaming.
This has been a horrible train wreck, so we're done.
What about her? She stays.
The rest of you lot, get the hell out of Hell.
[ Thunder crashing .]
[ Horn honking in distance .]
You all right? I think so.
I will be.
Want me to give you a lift? No, you two go on ahead.
I'll catch up.
[ Grunts .]
[ Exhales sharply .]
[ Horn honks in distance .]
[ Car door opens .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Grunts .]
Is he all right? Tough day.
Yeah, tell me about it.
You good? [ Sighs .]
I don't know.
I mean, what if Lucifer was telling the truth? You know, what if he's the -- No, dude.
Darkness is bad.
Her and the Devil? That's a nightmare.
Mother? Why do you hate me? I hate you because when I look into your eyes, I see the woman I used to be, before magic, before the coven, when I was nothing but Rowena, the Tanner's daughter.
A pale, scared, little girl who smelled of filth and death.
I hate you Because when you were born, your father said he loved me.
Then he went back to his grand wife and his grand house whilst I lay pathetic and half-dead on a straw mat, my thighs slick with blood.
I hate you Because if I didn't I'd love you.
But love -- love is weakness.
And I'll never be weak again.
[ Door clanks opens .]
Guess again.
Last words? Can you really beat her? I can.
Then, yes.
I'm back, baby! [ Sighs .]
It can't be.
You finished the spell.
But if he was already in another vessel Loophole.
Bloody hell.
Ah, ah! Ooh.
My liege.
You know What you've done for me, I'll never forget it.
'Twas my honor.
It was.
You deserve a reward.
Or some little token of my affection.
I thank you.
Just one teensy, tiny little question.
Can anyone else open the cage? Just me.
[ Neck snaps .]
[ Sighs .]
Let's chat.

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