Supernatural s11e11 Episode Script

Into the Mystic

Sam: There's this cage in Hell, and it's where they keep Lucifer, and I've been in it.
I think God wants me to go back.
Lucifer: It wasn't God inside your head, Sam.
It was me.
Your brother's in Hell The Darkness, she's the end of everything.
We can beat her.
with Lucifer.
You want a vessel? No.
Plan “B.
” [ grunting .]
Last words? Can you really beat her? I can.
Then, yes.
Rowena: Lucifer.
The Darkness, what is she to you? You'll never hurt me.
I'm sorry, Amara.
We're bound, Dean.
I told you.
We'll always be bound.
I can't be resisted.
That feeling that you have when you're with me, just bliss.
Why wouldn't you want that? You and I will be together forever.
[ Thunder crashes .]
[ The Shirelles' “Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Plays .]
[ Fingers snapping .]
Tonight you're mine completely Padraic? Oh, what are you doing? You give your love so sweetly She loves this song.
Tonight the light It's the only thing that will put her to sleep.
of love is in your eyes Oh, besides But will you love me This is our song.
Tomorrow It's good to see you smiling, mo chuisle.
Is this a lasting treasure? I'm trying, Maura.
I'm trying.
[ Crying .]
[ High-pitched scream .]
Ohh! Do you hear that? [ Scoffs .]
That would be our daughter.
[ Crying continues .]
I hear A scream.
[ Scream intensifies .]
It's -- ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Hold on, Padraic! Just hold on! [ Groaning .]
[ Screaming continues .]
[ Whimpering .]
Get it out of my head! [ Groaning .]
[ Grunting .]
Hold on! [ Growls .]
Aah! [ Padraic grunting .]
Ugh! [ Hisses .]
Get away from him! [ Snarling .]
Oh! [ Cries .]
[ Snarls .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Growling .]
[ Crying continues .]
No! [ Groans .]
[ Fire roars .]
[ Crying stops .]
[ Thunder rumbles .]
[ Cries .]
It'll be okay, sweet.
It'll be oKay.
[ Thud .]
[ Crying continues .]
Lucifer: When your brother was trapped in Purgatory, you were here with a girl and a dog.
You can't win this, Sam.
You're just not strong enough.
You didn't even bother trying to find him.
And I know that if you're gonna beat the Darkness, you have to be ready to watch the people you love die.
How long you been up? I don't know.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Are you sure? 'Cause you haven't left the bunker in days.
[ Gun clicks .]
I'm fine.
Well, good.
'Cause I think I found us a case.
Harold Miller, 65.
A resident of Oak Park, an old folks' home, was found yesterday in his room with his head bashed in.
But get this -- the doors were locked and there was no sign of break-in.
Ghost? Demonic possession? I figure it's worth a look.
What do you think? Oh, and best part is, Oak Park is It's in our backyard.
And what about the Darkness? What about Cass? We haven't heard from them.
Okay, first of all, we've got zero on Amara.
And Cass -- Cass will be fine.
He always is.
[ Birds squawking .]
[ Children playing, laughing .]
[ Sighs .]
[ Whistling .]
[ Birds chirping .]
[ Humming .]
All the parks in the world, and I pick one with an angel in it.
I saw you.
Couldn't believe my eyes.
Well, believe them.
It's beautiful out here, isn't it? It's funny.
The things you think you're not gonna miss at all, you end up missing the very, very most.
Enjoy it while you can.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! I come in peace, brother.
I am not your brother, Lucifer.
Well, I'm not looking for a fight.
In fact, I am your only hope at beating the Darkness.
I heard you, uh Heard you kids had your big shot at the title, and you missed it.
You don't need to be afraid, brother.
I am out of that awful, awful cage.
And I'm here to save you all.
Lucifer ex machina.
It cannot be destroyed.
But you can be! [ Fingers snap .]
That's the problem with you rank-and-file angels -- no vision.
[ Johnny Mathis' “Wonderful! Wonderful!” plays .]
Sometimes we walk hand in hand by the sea and we breathe in the cool, salty air ahh, ahh, ahh you turn to me with a kiss in your eyes and my heart feels a thrill beyond compare seriously? This place is an old folks' home? Looks awesome.
Then your lips cling to mine it's wonderful, wonderful Maybe we ought to make a reservation.
[ Chuckles .]
Yeah, we should be so lucky to live long enough.
Arthur: As I told the police, I was walking by Harold's room, and I heard a loud banging noise.
And then I heard Harold yell from inside of his suite, “Get it out of my head”" so I knocked on the door and called to him.
And when he didn't reply, I used my pass key to get into his room.
That's when I saw him.
He was on his back.
His skull was, um Well, there was a lot of blood.
[ Whirring .]
Dean: And nobody else was in the room.
The windows and doors were locked.
I even checked the security logs.
Nobody was in or out of Harold's room all night.
I don't really understand what could have happened.
Hey, Mildred.
Oh, good morning, Arthur.
This is Mildred, one of our residents.
Good morning.
Um, do you always work late at night? I've been, uh, staying here, actually.
My wife left me.
Via text, if you can believe it -- a whole series of emojis.
What did you do? Oh, I didn't stand for that.
Fought fire with fire.
Sent her the poop emoji.
Well, that's one way to fly.
I should have sent the heart.
I can be so stupid.
I just wish she'd call me back.
Oh, no, no, I think you did the right thing.
Um, hey, listen -- since you've been staying here, uh, a lot, uh, have you noticed any strange Sounds, smells, uh, cold spots? What? Uh, no.
Why? Oh, just routine questions.
Um, what about enemies? Harold have any enemies? Actually He had quite a few.
[ EMF detector whirring .]
[ Pill bottles rattling .]
What the hell? [ Rattling .]
Turns out Harold was stealing the other residents' Viagra.
I know.
A real dick move, huh? [ Chuckles .]
So I got an EMF hit in his room, but I got an EMF hit on pretty much every floor in the building.
How many people died in this place? Arthur, the, uh heartbroken manager, he gave me access to all the residents' files.
This is everyone who has passed here.
Now, uh This guy, Jake Townsend, had beef with Harold, but it wasn't over blue pills.
Jake filed a formal complaint against Harold? Yeah, apparently Harold was stealing his pension checks and cashing them for himself.
Now, when Jake died, his family filed a civil suit against Harold, but it just got caught up in the courts and never went to trial.
So maybe Jake stuck around as a vengeful spirit, took matters into his own hands.
All right.
So where's Jake Townsend buried? [ Grunting .]
Dude? Hmm? Oh, you got this.
You got it.
You're doing great.
[ Panting .]
So no retirement, huh? Hey, you're the one who's always wanted to go out blaze of glory style -- preferably while the Bon Jovi song is playing.
I'm a candle in the wind.
Yeah, but the way you said it, it was like that blaze of glory was gonna happen sooner rather than later.
Are you okay? No, I'm not, actually.
Not at all.
Being so close to Lucifer again, that Brought stuff up.
Stuff I thought I forgot about.
You want to talk about it? No.
Well, look.
Lucifer is never getting out of that cage, ever.
And you are never going back, period.
SoCase closed.
[ Clank .]
And so is this one.
[ Hinges creak .]
Kind of nice being back on a case, huh? Get your mind off of things.
Let's burn the bones so we can go home.
See you then.
You up to some trouble, young lady? [ Chuckles .]
Always, Arthur.
[ Chuckles .]
[ High-pitched scream .]
Ohh! Do you hear that? No.
Are you all right? [ Electricity crackling .]
It's okay.
We've got backup generators.
[ High-pitched scream .]
Ohh! Really? You can't hear that? No.
It's sounds like someone's screaming.
Ohh! [ Growling .]
What is that? I don't see anything.
[ Groaning .]
Get it out of my head! Arthur, I-I don't hear anything! Tell me what to do! [ Screaming .]
Oh! [ Groaning .]
Oh, my God! [ Grunting .]
Arthur! [ Screaming .]
Arthur! [ Screaming .]
Arthur! [ Gasps .]
[ Crunching .]
[ Hisses .]
[ Screams .]
[ Indistinct conversations .]
[ Camera shutter clicking .]
Arthur said he heard something, like a scream.
And did you hear anything? I didn't hear a thing Except the sound of Arthur bashing his head through that window.
He just wanted that noise to stop.
He said, “Get it out of my head.
” Hmm.
Did you notice anything else, a drop in temperature? No.
But the power went out.
And when I looked through the broken window, I saw something.
What did you see, exactly? [ Sighs .]
You're not gonna believe me.
They certainly didn't.
But I know what I saw.
This isn't my first brush with something like this.
I saw a ghost 10 years ago.
Nobody believed me then, either.
We believe you, Ms.
Oh, Agent Osbourne, thank you.
I feel so much safer knowing the FBI is looking into this.
Well, that's I'm just gonna need my hand back.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Chuckles .]
Baker, what did you see? [ Sighs .]
It was a woman.
Long, flowing hair, blood-red robes, sunken eyes, and -- and she was Voice breaking.]
Feeding on Arthur's head.
I'm so sorry.
Um, excuse me one second.
Oh! Please don't leave me, Agent Osbourne.
No, no.
We're not going anywhere.
Excuse me.
Ma'am? Ma'am? Sorry.
Uh Marlene, Special Agent Butler, FBI.
Do you know anything about what happened with Arthur last night? Sorry.
I wasn't working last night.
Um Were you working the night Harold Miller died? All right.
Um Thanks.
It's, um “thanks.
” right, of course.
Uh, sorry.
I-I only know a little.
I-I took some back in college, but that was a while ago.
Most people don't know any.
I appreciate the trying.
I should probably, uh, get back.
Uh, thank you.
Witness? No.
So, apparently, not a ghost.
Ghosts don't feed on busted-open heads.
All right, I'll check with the coroner, see if, uh, anything was missing from our first vic's brain.
Fingers crossed it's zombies, and we can get our “Walking Dead” on.
Yeah, I got it.
Okay, thanks again.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
So, according to the coroner, part of Harold's frontal lobe was missing.
And that tracks with Banshees.
Banshees? I thought Banshees were good.
The ones tied to fairy lore are.
They cry out as a warning to a victim's impending death.
But these guys are malevolent Banshees -- total dick bags.
They use their piercing scream to drive their prey crazy.
Forces the vics to crack open their own eggs, and then the Banshees feed on the yolk.
Oh, and he only people who can hear the Banshee's scream are the vics.
Well, that would explain why Mildred didn't hear anything.
Oh, and they, uh, travel through mist, which explains how they got into Harold's locked room.
And they only prey on the vulnerable.
Harold did just have hip replacement surgery.
And Arthur's wife just left him.
Broken heart.
That's a kind of vulnerable, I guess.
They hunt the same place until it's picked clean.
And they only hunt at night, so that just gives us a few hours to figure out who's next.
Then how do we kill it? Gold blade.
I don't have any in the trunk, so I got to head back to the bunker and grab a couple.
You stay here and figure out who in this place is vulnerable.
[ Door opens, closes .]
[ Clattering .]
[ Gun cocks .]
[ Clattering .]
Hey! Cass? What the hell are you doing, man? Hello, Dean.
Right, yeah.
We don't hear from you for days, you show up, you start wrecking the joint.
[ Sighs .]
I'm sorry.
W-what are you doing? Well, I'm Looking for a spell, something to draw Amara out, but there's There's nothing.
I had her in my sights.
She was hurt.
I should have ended it.
What? How? Well, I don't know.
But there has to be something.
And how many more chances are we gonna get? Yeah, I know.
Saying you're gonna kill is one thing, but Actually doing it's something totally different.
What do you mean? I've had two shots at Amara.
I struck out both times.
What are you talking about? I don't even know where to start.
Dean Tell me everything.
[ Knock on door .]
Come in.
[ Gasps .]
Oh, Agent Butler.
Well, please, do come in.
Where's that partner of yours? Oh, he, um -- he'll be back soon.
Is this you? [ Chuckles .]
Yes, that was a long time ago.
Before I got so good-looking.
Please, have a seat.
[ Clears throat .]
Like some tea? Uh, no, thank you.
Baker? Mm.
Please, Mildred.
I need to be honest with you.
My partner and I, we're not really FBI.
We're brothers, and we hunt monsters.
[ Chuckles .]
I knew it.
I knew it! I -- you two are too cute to be FBI agents.
And I knew that damn ghost I saw years ago was real.
Does this, um [ Clears throat .]
Does this look familiar? Oh, my God, yes.
It's a Banshee? It is.
Banshees scream at their victims, getting them to harm themselves, and then they feed on their -- Brains.
Now, Banshees prey on the vulnerable, so I checked out all of the residents' medical records, and you have an atrial fibrillation, which can be treated with meds.
But it means that -- I'm vulnerable? Am I next? My brother and I aren't gonna let that happen.
[ Chuckles .]
We're gonna protect you, okay? Yeah.
Now, Banshees only hunt at night, so you're safe right now.
And we really need you to try and get some rest while you can.
We'll be back.
One more thing.
Do you know a housekeeper named Marlene? She's deaf.
I think maybe you got your names mixed up.
There is one person on staff named Marlene, but she's on vacation.
Agent Butler, my granddaughter is deaf, and I could really use some practice signing.
So if there is a staff member that's deaf, I would love to talk to them.
So would I.
Marlene: Hey! Ohh! [ Grunting .]
[ Grunts .]
Dressing up as FBI to cover up your kills? It's almost clever.
Never met a Banshee that could blend in.
What? I read your friend's lips.
“It's feeding time”.
No, no, no, you're mixed up! You're mixed up.
W-we're not Banshees.
We're hunters.
It's my brother.
W-we're all hunting the same thing here, a-a Banshee.
In -- in blood red robes, right? I swear.
Look, test me.
Test me, please.
Ohh! Ah.
See? Whoa.
Wait a minute.
[ Breathing heavily .]
My name is Sam Winchester.
Eileen Leahy.
The Banshee you're hunting it killed my parents.
[ Crying .]
Maura: Oh, God! [ Growling .]
[ Screaming fades .]
[ All sound ceases .]
Eileen: A hunter found me in my crib, ears bleeding.
Lillian O'Grady, this was hers.
She'd been tracking the Banshee.
Never found it, though.
So Lillian raised you.
More like trained me.
She died when I was 16.
On the job? Cancer.
And you've been on your own ever since? I prefer working alone.
Trust issues.
I know.
So, was your mom a hunter or a witch? No.
Her father was part of this secret organization.
It's defunct now.
The Men of Letters? Yeah.
How'd you know? My brother and I We're like you.
We're legacies.
Dean: I tried to kill her.
Well, the two of you are connected somehow by the Mark.
Yeah, no, it's, uh It's more than that.
Attraction? Oh, Dean.
I know.
I know.
Okay? Whatever it is, a Attraction, connection I got to tell you, man, it scares me.
I don't know that I can stop it.
I don't know that I can resist it.
Hey, it scares me, too.
But we will find out what this is, I promise.
In the end, it may help draw her out.
This could be a good thing.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
[ Beeps .]
Sam? Sam: Dean, look up Edward Durbin II.
What? In the Men of Letters' files.
Oh, son of a bitch.
She ain't lying.
According to the Men of Letters' records, Edward Durbin II was inducted in 1939, part of a small delegation that was sent to Europe.
Yeah, her father had just lost his job.
He had a nervous breakdown.
So, he was vulnerable.
And her mom only knew some basic spells.
She used one to banish the Banshee, saved Eileen's life.
[ Chuckles .]
Dean, the Banshee we're hunting is the same one that killed Eileen's parents.
All right.
What's the plan? Well, we're gonna use the same Celtic spell Eileen used to trap me.
When the Banshee comes for Mildred tonight, we trap it.
And we hit it with gold.
I don't like using Mildred as bait.
Are you worried about her? So does this mean she has a shot? Well, I always did have a thing for Blanche on “Golden Girls.
” Seriously? Hey, don't judge what you don't understand, Sammy.
No, I'm -- I'm not judging.
I-I just always had a thing for Sophia.
Yeah, I could see that.
Look, I don't like using anyone as bait.
But this is all we got.
I'm on my way.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
Cass, I got to get back to Sam.
Listen, about what we talked about, let's just keep that between you and me Till we know more, okay? Dean, that's not -- Cass, justtrust me.
[ Sighs .]
All right.
But the next time you face Amara, you won't be alone.
Thanks, Cass.
Not bad.
All right.
I guess all we have to do now is, uh Wait.
Eileen? You okay? I'm nervous.
If this really is the Banshee I've been looking for Eileen, in my experience Revenge is not all it's cracked up to be.
Killing this Banshee is not gonna bring your parents back.
I never met them.
They're just pictures to me.
But They're family.
My family.
I understand.
Believe me.
But after you get your revenge, then what? I have no idea.
My mother was a lawyer.
Be nice to follow in her footsteps.
[ Chuckles .]
I was studying law at Stanford when my brother came and got me so we could get our revenge.
You've been hunting together ever since? Yeah.
I-I wouldn't do this without my brother.
He's had my back every step of the way.
Even when I let him down.
[ Door opens .]
Eileen, this is my brother, Dean Winchester.
Dean, this is Eileen Leahy.
Eileen, it's good to meet you.
So you're a a legacy, too.
I guess so, yeah.
Uh, right, well.
Uh Let's see here.
There's one for you.
And I'm guessing you already have one.
Uh, guess we got an extra one for Mildred.
Where's Mildred? [ Door opens .]
Agent! Oh! I'm glad you're back.
I feel safer already.
UmCome here.
I want to show you something.
[ Chuckles .]
Well, come on and sit down.
I'm not gonna bite.
Never really was my thing.
I have the same view from upstairs.
West-facing rooms, they cost extra.
You know, you got to pay for the view.
It's not bad.
Not bad.
Honey, it's almost as gorgeous as you are.
Ha! [ Chuckles .]
You know, tell me something.
When's the last time you watched a sunset without waiting for something to go bump in the night? Hmm.
You should try it sometime.
I just hope this one isn't my last.
I mean, does this stuff really work? A Banshee shows up and you cut your hand and slap it on one of those things, and it gets trapped.
I mean, is this actually something that happens? Yep.
And then it gets one of these.
Mildred Everything's gonna be fine.
Okay? Tell me something.
What did you do before you retired? [ Laughs .]
I was in a Patsy Cline tribute band.
I'm deadly serious.
[ Chuckles .]
You ever miss life on the road? Nah.
Nah, I had my fun.
You want to know the secret to living a long and happy life? Actually, yes, I do.
Follow your heart.
You do that, all the rest just figures itself out.
I did that.
I followed my heart.
Traveled the world, made people smile, forget about their problems for a while.
And then my heart said, “Well, you're done”.
I had my fill and And I retired.
And I love it.
Hey, you know, this place isn't what I expected.
Oh, life here is great.
I'd just like to enjoy it a little more.
And you will.
I promise.
Your hand is still on my knee.
I could move it up.
[ Laughs .]
That's -- I'm gonna [ High-pitched scream .]
Do you hear that? I don't hear anything.
Do you? Sam? [ Screaming intensifies .]
Dean?! [ Groans .]
Oh, Sam, it's what happened to Arthur.
Hey, hey.
[ Screaming .]
Dean, look at me.
[ Screaming continues .]
Sam, it's here! [ Growls .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Screaming continues .]
[ Grunts .]
Oh! Eileen! [ Groaning .]
[ Sizzles .]
-[ Screaming .]
[ Grunting .]
[ Groans .]
[ Grunting continues .]
Dean, stop.
Mildred! Stop.
[ Screaming continues .]
[ Snarling .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Sizzles [ groaning .]
[ Screaming stops, all breathing heavily .]
You okay? [ Groans .]
So How do you feel? It felt like Just another kill.
It didn't bring my parents back.
Nothing will.
What now? Law school? No.
This is my life.
Feel free to drop a line if you ever need anything Or even if you just want to hang out.
You can't call me, though.
[ Chuckles .]
I mean, you could call, but I won't answer.
So you boys hitting the road, huh? Yes, ma'am.
Well, it's for the best.
It wouldn't have worked out between us anyway.
Why not? [ Chuckles .]
Darlin' If there's one thing I've learned in all my years on the road, it's when somebody's pining for somebody else.
Oh, don't try and hide it now.
Follow your heart.
Remember? I don't know who the lucky lady is, but I am damn sure jealous.
Well, I'm single, and I am ready to mingle, so Well, then you know where I live.
[ Chuckling .]
All right.
You boys stay out of trouble.
That's not gonna happen, Mildred.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Sighs .]
[ Car doors open .]
[ Car doors close .]
Wow! [ Laughs .]
[ Engine starts .]
Is Cass gone? Yeah, I guess so.
What was he doing here anyway? He was looking for lore on the Darkness.
Something a little off about him, too.
Something always seems a little bit off about Cass.
[ Scoffs .]
Yeah, you know, being so close to Lucifer probably wasn't easy for him, either.
We'll just keep an eye on him.
You were right, by the way.
Getting back on the job, it It helped.
Say that again.
The -- that part about me being right.
[ Chuckles .]
You're an idiot.
Dean When I was with Lucifer, he, um He showed me things.
It was like a highlight reel of my biggest failures.
Yeah, he was messing with you.
That's what he does.
Give me a sec.
[ Sighs .]
I should've looked for you.
When you were in Purgatory, I I should've turned over every stone.
But I didn't.
I stopped.
And I've never forgiven myself for it.
Well I have.
That's in the past, man.
What's done is done.
All that matters now, all that's ever mattered, is that we're together.
So Shut up and drink your beer.
You gonna be able to sleep tonight? Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
What about you? Well, I still got some ringing going in my head, but nothing some good music can't wash out.
[ Knocks on table .]
You know I still can't figure that out.
I mean, Banshees go after the vulnerable, right? So why did it go after you? You're overthinking it.
It was going after Mildred, it saw my gold blade, acted out of self-defense.
You're probably right.
I'm always right.
Yeah, yeah.
[ Warren Zevon's “Prison Grove” plays .]
An icy wind burns and scars rushes in like a fallen star through the narrow space between these bars looking down on prison grove some folks have to die too hard some folks have to cry too hard take one last look at the prison yard goodbye, prison grove shine on all these broken lives shine on shine the light on me come on oooh ooh, ooh, ooh