Surviving Summer (2022) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [surf sounds.]
[magpies warble.]
["Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap playing.]
Sweet disposition ♪ [city sounds.]
Never too soon ♪ Oh, reckless abandon ♪ Like no one's watching you ♪ [skateboard sounds.]
A moment, a love A dream, a laugh ♪ A kiss, a cry Our rights, our wrongs ♪ A moment, a love A dream, a laugh ♪ A moment, a love A dream, a laugh ♪ Just stay there ♪ 'Cause I'll be coming over ♪ While our blood's still young ♪ It's so young, it runs ♪ Won't stop 'til it's over ♪ Won't stop to surrender ♪ [young man laughs and whoops.]
[Young men.]
Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it! [Security.]
Hey, stop right there! [Security.]
Down! Now! [Young woman.]
Whoooo! Won't stop to surrender ♪ [waves crash.]
Getting expelled from one elite private school! Hey, it happens.
Getting expelled from two, that takes talent.
Summer, can you see why your mother's upset? I told her months ago I didn't like it there.
Pardon my French, but the kids were garbage.
As opposed to the criminals she spends time with now.
She doesn't even know them.
I know that you are the only one who got caught.
Maybe it's time you faced reality Margot, school isn't the best environment for me.
Well you're in luck there because there's no decent school that's going to take you.
And to do this to me, now! Oh did Margot tell you the good news? Our award winning photographer over here got a gig in the Middle East.
West Asia! It's more accurate to say West Asia.
Thank you.
It's exciting.
I'm sure and what's going to happen to Summer? [phone rings.]
Abbie? Ahh, yeah.
Holy cow Abby, it's Margot.
Margot!? You're still on the same number? Yes, same number at the same house.
How are you? [Margot.]
Good, great, yeah I mean you know me, too much on my plate but ahh how's Thommo? It's been forever.
About a decade I'd say.
No, has it really been 10 years? What do you think you're doing? Can't put me on a plane if I don't have any clothes.
Seriously, do not.
Hey! Whoo! So, you're going to think I'm crazy but I need a huge, huge favour, and you're the first person I thought of.
You're the last person she thought of.
So anyway, what are you guys up to for the next couple of months? Read my lips Margot.
There is no way that I'm going to live with virtual strangers, on the other side of the freaking world.
["The Mother We Share" by CHVCHES.]
Never took your side Never cursed your name ♪ I keep my lips Shut tight ♪ She looks extremely cool.
We've come as far As we're ever gonna get ♪ Anything look familiar? I left when I was four, not a lot of memories being formed.
Summer darling, what do you need first? Food? Shower? Sleep? I'd settle for a signal.
I have zero bars.
You only get signal at Reception Point.
Honey, black-shouldered kite.
[Honey sighs.]
How do you feel about bird watching? It's surprisingly cool.
So there's a big competition here this weekend, Summer.
That's why Ari couldn't be out at the airport to meet you.
Are you into surfing? - Uh-uh.
- Yes! That's all anybody talks about in this town.
["The Mother We Share" by CHVCHES continues.]
Things are about to kick off here at the Shorehaven Pro Juniors.
Over the next two days, the very best young surfers on this circuit will battle it out as they start their quest for the selection on the state team.
[ukulele music.]
The sun's poking through and Huey has delivered clean, three foot swells.
So, it is on! Hey, Marlon.
Sorry about your heat.
Up against Ahmed.
He's definitely going to smoke you, but no offence.
I mean, you've been out for a year.
I don't know.
Rehab's been pretty intense.
Heaps of upper body work.
Just, no surfing.
He doesn't know the break like I do.
But the break's changed, man.
The bank moved.
It works at a high tide now.
Everything's different.
But hey, good luck.
Did we bring any bags? [Honey.]
I put them in the boot.
Ah thanks, love.
[car door shuts.]
With any luck, Ari's going to be finished by the time we get back from the shops.
See you soon.
So, Reception Point.
Big hill, end of the car park.
I don't know if you remember, but I used to take you and Ari there when you were little tackers to whale watch.
We can all go together.
Yeah, that sounds great, but I'm just making some calls.
Back soon.
[suspenseful music.]
[women giggling.]
[women chattering.]
[board thumps.]
Sorry! Sorry! Are you okay? Maybe if concussion doesn't take me in the night.
You're American.
Yeah, I've been consigned here, like an old timey, British convict.
Staying with this family I haven't seen since forever.
Wouldn't be the Gibsons? It's a small town.
Everyone kind of knows everyone.
Well, from what I can tell so far, the mum is strung tighter than a violin.
Daughter's from outer space, and the dad reminds me of the homeless men who talk to pigeons in Central Park.
Haven't met the son yet, but on the evidence, he'll definitely be somewhere on the loser spectrum.
Attention heat three, 15 minute warning.
That's me.
I'll see you around, Summer.
Hey, how do you know Ari? Oh, crap.
[waves crashing.]
The swell has just picked up in time for the Boys Under 16.
Heat three is Casey, Phillips, Ahmed, and Shorehaven's own, Ari Gibson.
[horns honk.]
Gibson's gills are dry after a year out with injury.
First competition back.
Let's see what he brings to the party.
[water rushing.]
[intense electronic music.]
Here we go.
Phillips in red, makes the first move.
This guy has technique to burn.
[intense electronic music.]
Gibson in gold, Ahmed in green, yet to post scores.
[suspenseful music.]
Gibson does well, he's in the right spot.
Ahmed pounces.
Gibson's just wrapped that up in a bow and given it away.
[water rushing.]
[suspenseful music.]
[water rushing.]
Gibson's not looking very comfortable out there.
Hope it's not that injury troubling him.
So how long you staying? Well according to my mum, about six weeks.
According to the flights I'm about to book with her credit card, 24 hours.
But do the Gibsons know you're leaving? No, no, it's one of those secret evil plans.
That's pretty weird.
Poppy, it's not weird.
It's like the journey she's on.
Anyway, every second I stand here is a second I'm not in New York, so.
Hey, if you're only staying one night, there's a party at Poppy's place.
Bod, she just said she wants to leave.
It'll be fun.
And Ari can come to.
If he wants.
Oh, I get it.
You're using me to get to him.
No, he's just a really good friend of ours.
But, he's been keeping to himself lately.
Well, I'll probably be super jet lagged, but thanks for the invite.
Got to go climb a hill.
Good luck.
If the wind's right, you should get 4G.
Well, if I never see you guys again, have amazing lives.
["Push Up" by Brother Leo playing.]
Excuse me baby girl ♪ I can tell You're giving me signs ♪ All of my friends are gone ♪ I'm alone, Alone in your eyes ♪ [Commentator.]
Casey takes off, upping the speed.
Oh, great precision on that top turn.
And oh, sticks the landing.
Let's see what the judges have to say.
8 for Casey.
Puts him into second place behind Ahmed.
Only the top two surfers in the heat will advance to the next round and there's barely a minute left on the clock.
[suspenseful music.]
Gibson with priority, but he is being very chosey out there.
Looks like he might let this one go.
[people cheering.]
[emotional music.]
But no, Gibson, the dark horse, has come to claim it after all.
[water rushing.]
Gibson's found himself the best wave of the set, and he really needs to nail this.
[intense music.]
[people cheering.]
[waves crashing.]
Do what you need to do? Totally.
Oh uh Summer, this is my brother Ari.
Think you're pretty clever, don't you? I have my moments.
Was my room.
Now your room.
The bed's more comfy than it looks and the sheets are new.
Well not new, but you know, we washed them.
Oh, actually I was going to take that down, but she's actually a really good surfer.
Bet she's super talented.
Definitely not.
We said one competition and that is it.
I've already missed a year.
If I miss another one, I'll never catch up.
Half my friends are already sponsored The same friends who stopped coming around when you couldn't surf anymore.
[Ari sighs.]
Summer? Go to bed.
What's up? Mate, why don't we just keep free-surfing? All right, keep it simple.
Comps, sponsorship, all that stuff can wait.
It can't.
If I want a career, it can't.
This is about my future.
Your future is exactly what we're thinking about.
A whole season of competition is too much strain for your body.
What's Summer going to do, just follow you around from beach to beach? Why not? She might be into it.
Has anyone thought that Summer might want to hang out with me instead? Summer.
Hey, come on.
Off to bed.
- All right.
- Come on.
Maybe just a quick nap.
We'll sleep on it.
That means no.
It means we'll sleep on it.
[crickets chirping.]
[Summer yawning.]
[calm music.]
I'm finished.
Yeah, no rush.
[crickets chirping.]
[wheels rolling.]
Oi! Wait up.
What are you doing? Checking out this party, your friend Bodhi invited me.
You too actually.
Bodhi specifically said I could come? Except she wasn't frothing at the mouth like that.
What about my folks? Did they say we could? I don't need permission from your parents.
But you're a good kid who does what he's told, even when his dreams are being crushed.
So you should stay.
[wheels rolling.]
Just wait, wait.
Let me get some pants.
[ukulele music.]
[wheels rolling.]
Oh, okay.
I can work with this.
[girls chattering.]
[girls laughing.]
Okay, thanks.
[people chattering.]
Because of course you have a crush on the wannabe influencer.
Oh, you barely know her.
All right, go on then.
Show us your moves.
Summer, you made it! Amazing.
[Summer laughs.]
Hey, hey, yeah.
Hey Ari, sick comeback today.
Nah, I just got lucky with that last wave and [ukulele music.]
Yeah, so that happened.
Hey, I have to show you something.
Your mum is Margot Torres.
You didn't tell us you're from surfing royalty.
[Summer laughs.]
Don't get too excited.
Anyway, is there anyone who could give me a ride to the airport tomorrow? The airport? Pretend you didn't hear that.
No one else from Shorehaven has ever gotten on the tour.
She's kind of a legend.
And you should never meet your heroes.
Why do you need to go to the airport? To go back to New York, dummy.
So I don't have to follow you around everywhere.
Anyway, this is a crazy boring conversation.
Do I need to teach you people how to party? Come on.
[Summer laughs.]
["Couch Party" by Skegss playing.]
Sitting here on the couch And I don't want to go ♪ There's a party On my lounge ♪ And I don't want To leave home ♪ Don't care About your friends ♪ And I don't want To meet them ♪ Don't care about your food ♪ And I don't want to eat it ♪ It's a party ♪ If you consider you And me watching TV ♪ To be a party ♪ ["Cloud 9" by Baker Boy playing.]
[people cheering.]
They see you really humble ♪ Don't ever change, You might crumble ♪ [people cheering.]
Can't stay much longer, okay? I've got finals in the morning.
I don't.
Got to do what Baker Boy, Young man, not a boy ♪ You can't control me Like a toy ♪ I'm a human being, Just like you and me ♪ We are family, Stop the jealousy ♪ Come with me now, Break it down ♪ North side of town, Stop being the clown ♪ [people cheering.]
[hands clapping.]
Do not try this at home.
[people cheering.]
Yeah! Let me hear you! Come on, let's go! [Summer hooting.]
Yeah, make some noise! Come on! Let's go! Yeah, let's go.
Oi! What're you doing? Oh, off the balcony, into the half pipe and then finish with a sick 540.
It's easy.
No, it's insane.
Look, if you want to get on a plane tomorrow, whatever, but if you break your neck tonight, I'm grounded for life.
And how would that be different to your current situation? Yo! If she wants to do it man, let her do it.
[crowd cheering.]
Let's go! Yo, give that back.
I will if you promise not to jump.
[crowd booing.]
Right now.
[horn honking.]
[crowd exclaiming.]
Sneaking out on Summer's first night here, I can't believe you've put me in this position.
I'm sorry, you're grounded.
Mum, I'm in the quarters tomorrow, I have to be there.
You should've thought about that before you snuck out.
Summer's here all by herself, she doesn't know anyone.
You need to set an example.
I didn't ask her to come.
Well she's here now, so deal.
I'm going to bed.
[door slams.]
[emotional music.]
[waves crashing.]
Okay, looks like you've got it covered.
Got a plane to catch.
You're not seriously going through with it, are you? Here's the thing, Ari.
I always go through with it.
What about your big finals thing? Huh? You're not going? That's what grounded usually means.
Just copy and paste my plan and sneak out.
And being a massive rebel has worked out so well for you.
At least I don't just roll over when something gets in my way.
At least I try.
[gravel crunching.]
Hey Dad? Shh! It's a New Holland honeyeater.
Hey um, my shoulder was hurting yesterday.
I just thought I'd let you know that when I finished my heat, it was hurting.
But then the physio said it might always hurt, and that it might just be something I have to get used to.
I appreciate that.
And I'm sorry that your mum and I aren't as relaxed as what we used to be but you almost died a year ago, mate.
Okay? You can't expect us to just forget that and move on.
No, and I don't.
But when I was in hospital going through rehab, this is all I thought about.
Getting back in the water, competing again.
That's what got me through it.
Awe! [Thommo laughs.]
Ah, well.
We did promise you one comp so, may as well make good on it, hey? ["Midnight City" by M83 playing.]
Welcome to finals day people.
Huge day ahead, so do not leave town.
[upbeat electronic music.]

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