Surviving Summer (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Big Plans

1 Just like a comet Through the sky ♪ Just like an avalanche Down the mountain side ♪ It's our getaway car Our rocketship to Mars ♪ You hit me at The speed of sound ♪ Oi! What was that? That was you almost taking my head off.
Go swim between the flags tourist, or next time I'll run you over.
I thought surfers are meant to be chill? Hey! Was that yours? So sorry.
It's finals day at the Shorehaven Pro Juniors, and things are heating up.
Five minutes left in this quarter final and it's been the local boys Gibson and Sousa right from the start.
The other two competitors just outgunned.
Gibson started strong but Sousa's had him in a tractor beam all day.
Gibson just can't find space out there.
Gibson likes the look of this one but again, Sousa, right on his tail.
Really?! Come on! Bit of a wobble there for Gibson.
And boom! Executes a pop shuvit.
Oh, hey.
Sorry I've got a heat coming up.
Just checking, do you think your brother's too busy for that ride to the airport? I don't know, Manu's pretty flat out, but Prawnie, can you drop Summer to the airport later? Yeah.
As long as she's into Baker Boy and she's ready to go by three.
Okay done.
Everything okay? Yeah, once I get on that plane, everything will be fine.
Oi! I didn't touch you man.
Oh sure.
It must've been a passing dolphin or something.
What are you complaining about? You got through.
You really want to do this, Gibson? You know what? Whatever.
I'm not fighting you.
You're injured.
Is this a mystical surf ritual I don't know about or a stupid boy fight? Stupid boy fight.
I don't have time for this.
Manu! You guys stop, this is really unhealthy.
- Hey! Hey! - Fight back! Get up! Get up! Look, if you want to get disqualified, you keep doing what you're doing, all right? What's going on here guys? Sorry, we were just goofing around.
Yeah Well, let's keep it chill from now on eh? No worries, hey, thank you mate.
Um, I was thinking we could hit the rock pools? Might help get you grounded.
I don't need to get grounded, I need to eat though.
Get up here.
See this is why you compete with your friends, and not against them, yeah? We're not really friends anymore.
Fair enough.
But why are you sabotaging your chances of state selection? You know this counts, right? Mate, look, I don't know if you've heard, but I'm running Shorehaven Boardriders now.
Coaching the groms, Marlon, Bodhi, your little sis.
Now if you want to get serious about it, I want to get you involved, okay? Look, it's a solo sport brother, but it's a lonely road without a crew.
Trust me.
That was pretty pathetic! Right? Even worse than his surf.
Yo! Remember me? You owe me a new skateboard.
If you're going to leave it lying in a carpark, it's not my fault it gets busted.
I think $200 should cover it.
Oh, and that's U.
by the way.
How about a couple of onion rings? Sheridan! Hey.
Can I talk to you about something real quick? Is she a friend of yours? Yeah, it's recent.
Hey Pops, nice job making the quarters.
Just 'cause you didn't make many finals last year.
Thanks for the support, Griff.
Come on.
Let's go.
Who are they? Anchor Cove Boardriders.
They've all got massive tickets on themselves.
Just ignore them.
Are you kidding? We needs to get payback.
I'll get payback in the water.
Still here, America? Early days in this quarter final and it's neck and neck, Shorehaven's Poppy Tetanui and Anchor Cove's Lily Tran.
Tetanui might be too late to catch this one.
No! Hold up, she's all over it.
Tran, of course, from the formidable Anchor Cove Boardrider's Club, and that place is just a champion factory.
But Tetanui isn't giving up, she's going buckets out there.
Tetanui's looking so powerful on her home break.
That should be enough to seal the win.
Whoo! Smoking Poppy! Will you keep it down? I'm thinking we'll just break one of her boards.
Dude, how about instead of revenge, I take you for a ride on my jet ski? I mean, unless you hate going fast and having fun.
Don't you have a girlfriend? Yeah.
So? Okay, wish me luck.
Hey Manu, how are you mate? Yeah not bad Thommo.
What's up? Manu, have you seen our American? She's gone AWOL.
Uh, no I haven't, sorry.
- See you in a bit.
- Okay, thanks anyway.
So where's that jet ski at? Sorry, I'll just be a second.
No, no, no, no.
Take your time.
You got to build the brand, right? And hey, your posts are really well-written.
Oh, thanks.
I mean like I read a couple of them recently.
But hey, when's your semi-final? Um, not 'til later, but it's better to give Poppy space on comp days.
Once the headphones go on, she's not to be disturbed.
No, it definitely feels like everything's gone up a notch.
Try to get away when I can.
Find some Zen, you know? You should try it next time you feel like punching someone.
Sorry about that.
I've got Marlon's stuff if you want to join? Nah, nah, I should um, I should get back and get ready for the semis.
Okay, cool.
I mean I could probably hang for a bit.
Sounds great.
I get what you're going through.
When I first moved here from Brazil, super homesick.
I didn't know anyone, barely spoke the language.
Australian's a tough dialect.
Very slow.
But seriously, why would you want to go back to New York? It's cold, all concrete.
Is there even a beach there? Everything in the world is there.
I'm just saying, you're in a beautiful place, hanging with the coolest guy in town.
Maybe your mum did you a favour.
Less talking, Brazil.
More jet ski.
This is the world's slowest getaway.
We are the ones who own the world ♪ We won't stop till the Sun comes up again ♪ Gonna leave it all behind ♪ Everything that we Don't want to find ♪ It'll be just you and me ♪ Dancing till we see the sun ♪ Acting like we've Only just begun ♪ Open up your eyes and see ♪ Welcome to the Time of your life ♪ We are the ones Who own the world ♪ We won't stop till The sun comes up again ♪ I saw an octopus under this rock shelf the the other day.
Follow me down? Yeah.
Are you okay? I turned around, you disappeared.
I swallowed some sea water.
It's not your lungs.
Is it? Sorry, I just heard they were damaged or something.
One of them was.
But it's sweet now.
Hey, so, um, how was your year? Ola! Do you hate him now? What happened.
No, I don't hate anyone.
Well, I'm sure you guys will work it out.
Bodhi! Why aren't you back at the beach? I've got time.
You always think you have time.
Come on, I'll take you back.
Yeah but, snap Oh, there you are! We thought we lost you.
Not yet.
Hey Summer, I don't know if you remember but there used to be a big frill-necked lizard live in the rocks over there, you named her Lizzie.
I don't, but cute.
So are you guys going to stay and watch Ari or? Oh, my domestic schedule's pretty full today.
Yeah he's not into competition.
Anyway, I got to go get changed.
I might stay and watch some of the dope surf stuff, so.
Trust me, it gets very dull very quickly.
All right, you just get a ride home with Ari, okay? So I guess this is goodbye? Yup.
Yo, yo! If it isn't the Prawn.
Yo, are you ready to go? I got to leave.
All right, cool.
Just let me grab my stuff.
Sheridan Morehouse dominating this Under 16 Girls semi-finals so far with five minutes to go.
This hot shot from Anchor Cove is a strong contender for state selection.
High hopes for local girl Poppy Tetanui, especially after her last performance, but her wave selection hasn't been the best.
Tetanui goes for it.
Oh! Just runs out of room there.
Come on Pops.
That's why you got to do your homework, girl.
Hey look, I don't know about you boys but it'll be nice if someone from Shorehaven actually won something on our home break for once.
How about we try to start working together as a team, eh? And Sheridan Morehouse takes it out comfortably.
Local hopefuls Bodhi Mercer and Poppy Tetanui knocked out of the competition.
Next up, the first of the Under 16 Boys semi-finals.
Pretty soon, we'll find out who will be battling it out for that trophy.
Here we are, together again.
I don't know, man.
Man, you can stay if you want.
I'm going to go get pitted! Let's jump together.
- On three? - Yeah.
- One, - One, - two, - two, - three.
- three.
Hold up.
Just a minute.
Yo, I've got to go, no joke.
Summer! Are you okay? What happened? Is this some kind of joke? Are you epileptic? Diabetic? Is this something your family really should've told me about? I said wait! Should I go get help? No, no, no.
Please stay.
I can do that.
Just try to breathe normal.
In Out Hey, nothing's going to happen to you.
You're in a safe country, in the world's most boring town.
Everything's going to be okay.
What is it? Nothing.
Don't worry about it.
This ever happen to you before? Nah.
Pretty sure you're having a panic attack.
My last school was full of high-achieving rich kids.
Happened all the time.
And a 6.
2 for Marlon Sousa puts him in second place Hey.
You're meant to be out there, right? I can't.
You want me to get a surf nurse or whatever you've got? No.
What if it's just a one-off? It's not.
We're also thinking, we're making a trip down to the Mentawai's, so I don't know how you're placed but we'd love you to come along.
That sounds amazing, I love Mentawai.
Here he goes again.
Reigning State Champ, Griff Temple, has been absolutely cooking.
Marlon Sousa goes with the big 360 and oof, can't pull off the high risk manoeuver.
Griff Temple continues his dominant run, as he takes out the semi-final.
Yo! Watch out! What the? What's going on? Oh my God! Did she do that on purpose? My board! She's a monster.
Oh is that yours? So sorry.
You have one new message.
Summer, it's your mother.
I woke up to an alert from the credit card company.
You just had to book business class.
Did you seriously think I wouldn't find out? Anyway, I've told Abbie everything, so expect a chat.
Summer I know you're angry at me, but please don't take it out on them.
These are good people and Shorehaven's a good place.
I was happy there.
Believe it or not, you can be too.

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