Surviving Summer (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Training Day

1 [kookaburras' call.]
[soft footsteps.]
- [Summer screams.]
- Whoo, sorry, sorry! What are you doing? No, nothing, I was just seeing if [Honey.]
Ari, why are you creeping around Summer's room? Well I'm not creeping.
I wasn't creeping.
Summer, are you okay? [Summer.]
Yeah I woke up before anything terrible happened.
I was just seeing if you wanted to come for a surf.
Are you insane? What time is it? 5:18 a.
Yeah, I don't think that's actually a time.
Ari just because you want to go surfing doesn't mean that Summer does.
And she's taking me skating.
Later! Much later! I was just trying to be nice.
[Summer sighs.]
["Spring Has Sprung" by Skeggs playing.]
Spring has sprung In the summer ♪ All the girls take Off their clothes ♪ The warmer weather's So much finer ♪ Winter it goes so slow ♪ I went to have Just a little but ♪ I had a little too much ♪ I was planning on Just chilling out ♪ Now wanna have some fun ♪ I found a feeling That feels too real ♪ Nobody knows just How good I feel ♪ [phone beeps.]
Two for you, one for you.
PRAWNIE: Here we go groms, your sensei has arrived.
Hey, Pops.
You've got me on beginner classes all week.
Yeah, school holidays Pops, all hands on deck.
Excuse me? Jackson Bay is a week away, and if I don't get a result, we can kiss the state team goodbye.
All right, all right, well, we'll go out for a session at the end of the day, okay? For now, just smile.
I need to go to the toilet.
[Poppy sighs.]
[crickets chirping.]
Yeeeww! Pumping today boys.
That one's frothing aye? Hey, Ari! Ari, you coming out with us, mate? Yeah, I dunno.
Are your folks still putting a ban on you? Yeah, yeah, yeah, but hey, I was thinking maybe you could have a chat with them.
You've got so much experience with competitions, that they'd really listen to you.
Look, I've got enough going on in my own family without getting involved in anyone else's.
Jackson Bay's just going to have to wait.
In the meantime, you're not banned from training are you? Let's go, baby! [gentle music.]
Goofy, right foot on the board.
Goofy, and goofy.
Now, before we hit the water, the most important thing to remember is [Summer.]
Yo, watch this, Honey! All about getting power from your legs.
Don't surf alone.
Stick with the group.
If I can see you, I can keep you safe.
Yeah, let's go Honey.
No guts, no glory! I am a wedge-tailed eagle ready to soar! Yeah! Come on.
[skateboard crashing.]
It's all right, I'm okay.
Yeah! Took that fall like a boss! [upbeat music.]
Hey! We're doing five waves in 30 minutes.
Let's see you surf like it's a heat! ["Favourite People" by Yukon Blonde playing.]
[waves crashing.]
I feel like elephants Are riding my back ♪ There's too much Pressure here ♪ No time to relax ♪ I wander aimlessly Just breezing through life ♪ So many, I'm so jaded ♪ Not making plans to change ♪ Rihanna sings of diamonds And how brightly they shine ♪ All I see is Pressurised carbon ♪ That knows the Press of time ♪ Call me a diamond but Don't tell me to shine ♪ Don't cut me out and carve me Into straight lines ♪ [upbeat guitar music.]
All she ever talks about Is making it last ♪ Bigger, bolder, Brighter baby ♪ Make an impact ♪ But I know doctors working ♪ Mum paid a fortune for A house made of glass ♪ [upbeat music fades.]
Okay, it's a good thing we've got a week till Jackson Bay because we have got some serious work to do, fam.
Okay, so, Bodhi, you picked a beauty here, right? Oh, sick top turn.
Weird look on your face.
Yeah, but you quit too early here.
That section out wide goes begging, but we can work on that.
Next, Ari.
Let's skip ahead.
I want to take a look at that left-hander.
You're bottom turn's super weak.
Yeah, yeah, which is fair enough after a year off.
And you probably aren't turning your head enough.
Your physio gave you the all clear, right? Yeah, of course.
'Cause you're looking a bit tentative out there, brother.
Don't worry, I'll give you some tapes to watch, yeah? And I'm giving you all a workout programme.
Great session, guys.
Boards back in the rack, then go get changed.
[Honey groans.]
If you want Honey to learn anything, you can't just ignore her while you do your thing.
Why not? It's how I learned.
It's okay Poppy.
We're just having fun.
Oh wait, or maybe I could do your whole drill sergeant thing.
Super fun.
I've got another class coming.
Sorry, but you need to go somewhere else.
Who needs school to learn how to stand up on a board anyways? Super easy.
Oh yeah? Surfing takes commitment and patience.
As far as I can tell you have neither.
I could see why they made you a teacher.
So inspirational.
If you ask me, this whole operation is a con-job run by children.
Where are the adults? Dad's away.
Mum's dead.
[Ari groans.]
You made me look like a terrible person.
No you did that all by yourself.
This sounds dramatic.
Ari didn't tell Summer about Poppy's mum dying.
How is that my job to bring up? My best guess is that he's not comfortable discussing it because it triggers feelings of guilt of him missing the funeral.
But I couldn't go.
I was injured.
Yeah but your legs worked.
None of them came to visit me in the hospital.
Poppy included.
Her mum died.
Dad, do you want help with anything? Potatoes aren't going to peel themselves.
Come here.
Let's look.
Oh, we are going to need some serious antiseptic on those.
Yeah, but now I know how to grind a rail.
You can.
[gentle music.]
[soft mechanical whirling.]
That Summer girl may have some issues.
Me and Marlon are going to Farouk's, if you want to come.
Apparently they're selling vegan burgers now.
I'll probably be another 45.
Hey Bods.
Thanks for today Manu.
Aye, all good.
You did well today.
Same time tomorrow? [Bodhi.]
See ya.
Did you get out for a surf in the end? Fix up that backhand? No.
By the time I finished all my classes, it was completely flat.
Hey sorry you missed video reviews today.
We'll find time again when the swell picks up.
Yeah? Yep, whenever.
["Bring Me Home" by G Flip playing.]
I've never had clouds Follow me each day ♪ Years of sun That never went away ♪ I lie here awake but I'm not one to pray ♪ Everything's changed And now I'm not okay ♪ I'm rattled this time, Can someone lift my chin ♪ Keep my head above water Before I'm too deep in ♪ I've never had problems, Where do I begin ♪ But it's not a problem, I'm just being human ♪ Okay.
So what do we need to remember? Don't surf alone.
That's right.
Respect the ocean.
The most dangerous thing out there is being overconfident.
Thinking you know everything and ending up way over your head.
Okay, lets go have some fun.
All I can hear is my heart ♪ Okay ready? Yes, paddle, paddle, paddle.
I need you to bring me home ♪ [cheering.]
I need you to bring me home ♪ Go, go, go, paddle, paddle, paddle.
Ready? Three, two, one.
That's it! [cheering.]
I need you to bring me home ♪ [waves crashing.]
I need you to bring me home ♪ [cheering.]
Okay, ready? I need you to bring me home ♪ My life is out of control ♪ Get on, get on.
Ready? Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle.
Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle.
Go, go, go.
I need you to bring me home ♪ I told you this was easy.
[upbeat background music.]
Yes Bodhi, activate that core [bang.]
[chuckles and giggles.]
Yes Bodhi, you can do better than that.
Oi! Can you try not break the equipment please? Sorry Manu.
If you two took this as serious as Ari, maybe you'd start winning some competitions.
Who how cares how hard he trains? He's not allowed to surf.
Getting back in the water.
See ya.
[wind blows.]
Would've caught that wave without your help by the way.
Yeah, totally.
Seriously, you're a pretty good teacher.
The whole tough thing, works.
My mum was the best.
The kids loved her.
How'd she die? Lymphoma.
She had it for years, but then, about six months ago there were complications.
That extremely sucks.
You realise our mums were in Shorehaven Boardriders together? Back in the day.
Maybe your mum hated my mum as much as I do.
You're so weird.
Hey, I need help with something this arvo, and I figured you owe me.
["No More Worries (Oh Yeah)" by Bones and Jones playing.]
Take your time ♪ There ain't no rush ♪ Leave your worries behind Oh yeah ♪ Falling was fine ♪ You've seen some time ♪ But now I'm losing my mind Oh yeah ♪ Something tells me That you been walking ♪ With your feet in the air And your head on the ground ♪ That's funny.
I've got a camera just like that.
Just helping Poppy.
You can take over if you want? Nah.
She asked you for a reason.
You're all good.
[waves crashing.]
You know, mum always said she'd be a world champ one day.
She was always the optimist.
She saw the potential in people, you know.
This is pathetic.
It's called being helpful.
Somebody's got to look after it.
You're trying so hard to win their approval, it's painful to watch.
Anyway, you realise there's a much easier way to convince your parents to let you surf this competition.
Like what? Nah, nah, nah.
Summer like what!? Hey Gibsons, can I have a quick word? Course.
So I decided to get back into surfing.
What!? No! Resist! [Thommo chuckles.]
So you and Ari have been surfing together? [Summer.]
Yeah, exactly.
Ari's been teaching me and it's all been coming back really quickly, so I decided to enter this next competition - at Jackson beach.
- Bay.
Or whatever.
That's funny.
That's a good one Summer.
No you guys.
I'm not kidding.
Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but Ari says I'm kind of a natural.
Yeah, no, yeah, no, she's really good, and you wanted us to spend more time together, so we thought this would be the way to do it.
Ah, so this was all your idea? - No, no, no, no, totally not.
- This was all me.
Summer, I hate to burst your bubble, but Ari should have definitely told you, competitions are for kids who've been surfing for a long while.
No, no.
I know that.
Just, I feel like this will really bring me and my mum closer, you know? [Abbie.]
[Thommo clears throat.]
Summer, you don't need to do competitions to enjoy surfing.
There's going to be a nice little off-shore breeze in the morning at Back Beach.
Why don't we all get out there, get a wave together.
Let me see if I can find my wetsuit, you can borrow it.
I've got the perfect board for you.
Come on.
Let's go.
- You're with me.
- Yeah.
This is so disappointing.
[relaxing music.]
Here we go.
Sweet little mini-mal.
Plenty of volume.
Perfect for beginners.
- You got it? - Yeah.
This thing's heavy.
[Ari chuckles.]
What? No, no, no, nothing [bang.]
Oh! [relaxing music continues.]
Just helping Poppy.
You can take over if you want? [Manu.]
She asked you for a reason.
You're all good.
[waves crashing.]
You know Mum always said she'd be a world champ one day.
She was always the optimist.
PRAWNIE: Bruh, I keep telling you, you got to turn the sound bar on.
Oi! I'm not doing any beginner classes tomorrow.
What? What are you talking about? We're fully booked.
So cancel! I keep telling you I need to train, but you don't listen.
Me? Not listen? I've been trying to coach you for weeks.
It's in one ear and out the other.
So? Why do you care? You don't even think I'm that good.
What? I'm going to get some popcorn.
Pops, where is this coming from? "She was always the optimist.
" No, no I wasn't talking about you.
I was just trying to explain to Summer how cool Mum was.
Look, Dad's away so much.
I'm just trying to run this business, this family, the best way that I can.
I just, I need your help Pops.
When Mum first got sick, you weren't around, neither of you.
It was just me and her and we were fine.
[retreating footsteps.]
[door slams.]
Well, we're here now Pops.
What a cracker of a day, hey? Pity Summer couldn't come out.
Yeah, she's got a beginning class with Poppy.
You kids and your thrusters.
Why don't you give the fish a go? Try something different.
Maybe later.
You should take it out.
["Under The Sun" by Diiv playing.]
[water splashes.]
[wave crashes.]
[wave crashes.]
[wave crashes.]
Yes, I'll come back to you ♪ No, I won't ask Where you run ♪ Under the sun ♪ Yes, I'll come back to you ♪ Then I'll ask, What have we done ♪ Under the sun ♪ [song fades.]
[soft waves crashing.]
What are we doing? Well, I finally got a morning off, so I'm going to go surf the big stuff.
Yeah, great.
I'll come with.
Sorry, it's too gnarly for you today.
Oh, that was great mate.
I'm really glad we did that.
How's the shoulder feeling? Good? Yeah.
I was working on my layback snap, did you see it? No mate.
Bit hard to see through the back of a wave.
[birds chirping.]
You got to let me do one more comp.
I'm ready.
Well done.
Thought we were just out having a wave together.
Obviously your head was somewhere else.
I'm doing everything you're asking me to do, helping out around the house and trying to do stuff with Summer Ari, because of what you went through, maybe you feel like the universe owes you something, or that the people around you owe you something.
You keep treating everything like a transaction, mate, you are going to end up short changed.
[suspenseful music.]
[waves crash.]
[music intensifies.]
[waves crash.]
[waves crash.]
[Summer gasps.]
[waves crash.]
[heavy breathing.]
Hey! Help, Poppy! [waves crash.]
[waves crash.]
Poppy! Hang on! Get back on your board! Now don't let go! [waves crash.]
Stop, stop, stop! What? Let me out.
What is it? [Summer.]
Suggestion! You should probably tell people not to surf alone.
I should have chained you up.
Oi! What happened? Your friend just saved my life.
No biggie.
I just need a lie down.
I'm really sorry Pop.
I should have been at the funeral.
Yeah, you should have.
We did a big paddle out.
Right here.
It it was beautiful.
So is my brother whipping you into shape? Yeah, I guess.
Actually you know who he's making me watch videos of, to work on my foundations? You.
I can't leave it like this.
Sorry? I didn't even catch one wave.
I gotta get back out there.
You nearly drowned.
You're not scared are you? Come on.
Let's go.
[Summer laughs.]
Come on.
Hey, wait up.
[gentle uplifting music.]

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