Surviving Summer (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Couldn't Bodhi have come with us at least? I want you and Ari to spend some time together, it would be good for you.
Do you honestly think he wants to be around me? No, he doesn't.
Marlon! He still blames me for the accident.
He actually said that? He doesn't have to say anything.
He picked a fight with me, remember? You know Ari, I know it's been a really tough year for you, but you know, the past is the past, it's done now.
You say "Sorry", and you move on.
I have nothing to say sorry for.
All right!? Yo! When they screaming Get out, get out ♪ All I wanna hear is Get down, get down ♪ I don't even want to look at the rankings right now.
I really need big scores this weekend.
Bods, you're going to be great.
You always kill at Jackson Bay.
I just never know which board to use.
I was thinking the 6, but the 6'1 felt good the other day too.
Yeah who could tell? Big decisions.
Anyway, what's the move with tonight? Is there an afterparty or something? If by afterparty you mean Marlon's mum separating the girls and boys and sending us all to bed by 7 o'clock.
But it's cool.
We'll just hang out in our room.
Let me guess.
Give each other mani-pedis and talk about boys.
Sorry, is that what you usually do at sleepovers? No.
I don't know.
Honestly, I don't really do the whole female bonding thing.
Girls are way too much drama.
Um, have you spent any time with Ari and Marlon? Compared to those drama queens, we're chill.
You know what chills out drama queens? Big-ass parties! Ah hello, supervising adult here.
There'll be no big parties this weekend, not on my watch.
This is a getaway for you Summer, but we're here to compete.
So am I.
No, for real! I thought you just told Ari's parents that so he could come.
I did, at first.
But then I was like, whatever I may as well do it.
Wait, you actually entered the competition? What? How hard could it be? And when they screaming Get out, get out ♪ All I wanna hear is Get down, get down, yeah ♪ Yeah, no, I'm fine.
Shoulder's good.
Yeah, I will, I will.
Okay, look I've got to go, we're about to warm up.
All right, love you too Mum, bye.
Hey, you never apologise for taking the time to tell your mother you love her, all right? But you could have warned me Summer was going to surf today.
I didn't think she was actually going through with this.
She's mental.
- Marlon.
- This is ridiculous.
Can't we complain or something? He's a pain, but he's the judge! Getting angry doesn't help.
I just don't get that guy Hey, what's going on? That judge, Roberts, he doesn't like the way that Marlon surfs.
Every time, he scores me down.
Hey look, you can't control what the judges do, yeah? So just focus on what you can control.
I'm just saying if I lose today, it's not my fault.
What? No, no, nothing.
All right, all right you two.
Poppy's about to start her heat.
Let's get behind her, yeah? Let's go, Pops! La, la, la, la ♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪ Like the star Like the sun ♪ I'm gon' light up So watch me burn ♪ Hey-ey, like a drum I'm gon' bang bang ♪ So watch and learn ♪ Tetanui all power on this wave and posts another impressive score.
She's going to be hard to beat now.
Come on stupid rope.
This comp is the second round of the state championships.
These groms determined to improve their rankings and give themselves every chance to make the state team.
Hey, could you just run through the rules again? Which ones? Just, all of them.
Oh okay, you got four competitors, 20 minutes, and only your best two waves count, all right? Now the key rule is priority.
So, the first person to catch a wave gets first priority and the second person to catch a wave gets next priority.
Now, even if you don't have priority, you can still catch a wave, right? As long as you don't obstruct the person in front of you and just Hey, you know what? Just have fun out there, yeah? Hey, Pops! for heat one of the Under 16 Girls, Tetanui, Lineker, advancing to the quarters.
Now stick around because heat two's up next with a very special competitor all the way from the U.
of A.
You won't want to miss this.
It's not too late to pull out.
No one would think less of you.
You worried I might beat you or something? I'm just saying, some people might think it's disrespectful.
People train really hard for these comps.
They're serious.
Says the girl who puts on a full face of makeup before getting in the water.
Hey Sheridan.
Can she even surf? You're about to find out.
Get in my way and I will break more than just your skateboard.
I feel like I'm on one ♪ Banging onto someone ♪ Before it comes undone ♪ I'm going to eat my cake ♪ Our heat two competitors are in position.
We're just seconds away now.
Tran and Morehouse aren't wasting a second here.
Morehouse currently leading the state ranking and it's easy to see why.
I'ma take you on, it's not about you ♪ I'ma shake it like I'm Esteban ♪ On an autobahn with a cordless arm ♪ Mercer goes again just clinging to second place.
Torres in red finally makes her move and ouch, oof, okay.
I'm brash and good ♪ Torres goes head first into the soup again.
Time's running out if she wants to post a score.
It's not about you, shut up ♪ It's not about me either ♪ Hey, where'd you find her, Tetanui? Should ask for a refund.
Nice try Summer, next one's yours.
Torres, I'm told, is the daughter of the surf legend Margot Torres.
I guess I can see the resemblance.
Great ride from Morehouse there, knocking Bodhi Mercer into third.
She'll need an eight or better to have any chance of making the quarter finals.
Not so easy, is it? Not doing so well yourself, princess.
Get out of her way! Whoa, Torres with a blatant drop in there, so the score won't even count.
That's how we do it in NYC baby, yeah! Bodhi Mercer and Summer Torres are out.
Yo, I got one! Hey, good job.
Yo, what's her problem? We were just having fun.
Third place means she's out of the comp, Summer.
You just massacred her chances of making the state team.
Nice work, America.
Was that bad? It wasn't good.
Did you see him out there, though? You know, sometimes I wish I could care as little as you do.
Maybe I'll teach you sometime.
Oh my God! Now the waves are firing and the Under 16 Boys are ready to go.
Hey boys, where'd you get her from? Even for a Shorehaven kook, that chick was bad.
Let's smoke 'em.
Three finalists in the house tonight baby, let's go! - Nice brother.
- Thanks.
- Hey Poppy, need a hand? - Come dance with me.
Come on, don't let me dance on my own.
Hey, don't beat yourself up, all right? You picked the right waves, you just got unlucky.
That's one word for it.
Hey, but here's to Summer's first comp.
A little bit unorthodox, but everyone loves a kook slam, right? Hey, I do what I can.
Are you seriously sending us to bed? It's still light out.
Our finalists need their rest.
I don't want tired surfers there tomorrow and I don't want my sister-in-law's house destroyed.
You heard the boss.
Oh, and I will be sleeping in the hallway so there's no funny business.
I can't believe this.
See what we mean? Told you.
Goodnight boys, goodnight girls.
Lights out.
What, no cuddling? Maybe I should sleep on the couch then.
Sure, sounds good.
Come on man, when is this going to stop? You jumped, I didn't.
You need to get over it.
You seriously think that's what I'm hung up on? So, what is it then? Is it the Bodhi thing? Hit the lights when you're done.
So I kind of screwed up your heat today, huh? Look, you didn't help but I would have needed a pretty amazing score on that last wave anyway.
I just wasn't good enough.
Must be tough going up against Poppy all the time.
No, I love seeing her win.
Poppy's always been the big talent.
I've got my own relationship with surfing.
You mean posting body shots for internet creeps? You might think it's cheap, but my photography is my way of expressing myself.
It makes me feel good.
Plus personal branding's a huge part of pro surfing these days.
It's how people make a career out of it.
Must be cool to know what you want to do with your life.
I have no idea.
What are you two talking about? Oh, you know, just mani-pedis, boys.
Girly stuff, right Summer? Yeah, right.
Come on.
Come on, we're sneaking out.
No way, I got finals tomorrow and if I don't win, my chances of making the state team are shot.
Ari, remember I said I'd teach you to care less? This is lesson one.
Nice jammies, by the way.
Shut up.
I knew it'd be a full moon.
I could feel it all day.
It's been ages since we snuck out.
I think the last time was midnight, skinny dipping for my birthday.
Yeah, that was right before Yeah, a lot's changed since then.
Okay seriously, you guys need to talk some stuff out, because this whole 'don't mention the before times' routine is getting super boring.
Summer, this isn't New York.
We don't all go to therapy every five minutes.
What? Who said anything about therapy? I've got something way better.
It's a game I played back home.
It's called 'Shame'.
You say something like, I don't know, "I've never read the poetry Ari hides in the shoebox under his bed".
Oi, that is private.
Because I have, I write an 'S' on my forehead.
First mark of 'Shame'.
First one to get the full word on their head loses.
Who's in? You have not seen a ghost, Poppy.
I have.
All right, I've never peed during a competition heat.
Um, everyone does that.
Not me.
Okay come on guys, these questions are lame.
I want the dirt.
How about, I've never had a crush on someone on this roof.
I saw that, Poppy.
Who is it? Hey, no follow-up questions.
Is it me? I mean, I could hardly blame you, I'm like a total 10.
Yeah Summer, it's you.
Who's next? Hold on, not Ari? Come on, next question.
- Oh man, this is too good.
- It's too good.
Marlon, leave it.
What? Don't be a jerk.
Me? You're the one who's been acting like a tool ever since you came back.
Hey, come on, next question.
Yeah, all right, how about this one? I've never left a friend lying in hospital for months without once coming to visit.
Anyone? Marlon told us you didn't want any visitors.
I, I thought I can't believe you.
Ari, we would have come.
He told us you didn't want to see anyone.
Yeah well, I did.
I'm going back to bed.
Ari, come on.
Come on, man.
Marlon? I'm okay.
What on earth? What, what is going on here? Oh my God! Well folks, after some thrilling semi-finals yesterday, it all comes down to this.
Some amazing skills on display so far.
I reckon we're in for a bit of a treat today.
Look at this.
How are you going to perform today, hmm? A set of car keys have been handed in at the registration tent.
It's pretty flat out there so you're going to have to take your chances when they come, all right? And try and hold back off those big cutbacks, otherwise that wave's going to race right past you.
Guys? Look, I don't know what happened last night, and to be quite honest, I don't care.
What really gets me is that you guys are the most talented bunch of groms that have come out of Shorehaven in years.
So don't waste it guys, okay? Now walk it off and get your heads in a game.
Let's go, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
Come back when you're ready to focus.
Hey, crazy night.
You know, for someone who thinks girls are too much drama, you sure like to stir a lot of it up yourself.
Maybe it's good all that stuff came out.
You know the truth now and you can start working things out.
If Ari ever talks to us again.
So, I moved around a lot when I was younger.
It was hard to make friends stick, you know? I just think it's cool how you guys have each other's back.
I've never really had that before.
Summer, are you saying you've caught friend feelings for us? Ooh.
You don't have to make it sound so lame.
- So Ari, for real? - Oh shut up.
Yeah? Hey, rip it up, Pops.
Good surf chat, right? - Amazing.
- Yeah.
After a slow start, Tetanui's starting to build some momentum against heavy favourites Tran and Morehouse.
We speak body talk ♪ Next level body rock ♪ I'ma take it up a notch ♪ Kind of like a sneak attack ♪ If you're coming up Take the elevator ♪ Morehouse lets that one go.
Is it just me, or are the Anchor Cove girls looking a bit spooked? It be hot like a desert yo ♪ She be walking Like an animal ♪ Shake, shake, shake, shake, Shake, shake, shake, shake ♪ Can you feel it, let it go ♪ Can you feel it, Let it show ♪ Start a fire, let it go ♪ And it's official, your Jackson Bay Under 16 Girls winner is Poppy Tetanui.
On ya, Pops! Poppy's looking good for state selection, hey? Cool that she likes you.
You two would be good together.
Hopefully the ankle holds up.
Can't believe Summer made us play that stupid game.
Are you serious? Nothing's ever your fault, is it? It's always the judges or the waves, now Summer.
Nothing is ever on you.
Do you know how much it sucked being stuck in that bed? Why would you tell everyone I didn't want to see them? Why didn't you come? I don't know.
You don't know, that's it? Competitors in the Under 16 Boys final, this is your three minute warning.
Boys, you're up, let's go.
Good luck out there.
The Anchor Cove boys are putting on a clinic here today in the Under 16 Boys final.
Reigning champ Griff Temple still the one to beat.
He's been pretty unstoppable this season.
Gibson's placed at a comfortable score but Sousa's been looking a little sluggish out there today.
I don't know, man.
You can stay if you want.
I'm going to go get pitted.
Let's jump together.
Ari? Bit of a lull here.
Temple still with a narrow lead over Ahmed and the boys from Shorehaven have serious ground to make up.
I was scared, okay? That's why I didn't come.
I thought you blamed me for what happened at Stairway.
Why would I blame you? I'd blame me.
And I thought if everyone came and saw you, spoke to you, they'd blame me too.
I never blamed you for the accident.
I blamed you for disappearing, for the next year.
I'm really sorry, Ari.
I should've been there.
Yeah, you should have.
Look man, it's your priority.
You can still post one.
Go get it, go for it.
With just seconds left in the final, Sousa pips Temple for a nice three-footer.
Can he pull off a big upset here? Griff Temple takes another big step towards retaining his state title.
Marlon Sousa with a valiant second, and Gibson in third.
Son, are you okay? What happened, was it your ankle? No, my ankle's fine.
Oh, well the judging was ridiculous.
That last wave was easily a 10, that judge I'm going to put a stop to this Stop, it's no one else's fault, okay? It's mine.
All right, give it up for your champions, Griff Temple and Poppy Tetanui.
On ya Pops, nice work! That's my girl, yes Poppy! Let's go! Tetanui on the podium.
Talk about a freak accident.
Your haircut is the freak accident.
Yeah! Hey fellas, can I get a photo? Hey, do you want to ride with us? I think I'll stick with the girls.
Yo, you can go if you want.
No, it's cool, I'll come with you.
Not sure exactly Where I'll be ♪ Maybe underneath the Pale moonlight ♪ Or maybe underneath That tree ♪ Black smoke Writing in the sky tonight ♪ Everything will be alright If you let go ♪
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